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  • What is The Chosen about and why so Popular?
  • Is the Series True to the Gospel Accounts?
  • What do Ex-Mormons say about such Associations?

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One received a Question from a Reader wanting to know one’s Opinion or Take on the TV Series regarding ‘The Chosen’. Since one does not have a TV or Streaming Services, by Choice, one was at a loss to initially offer an Objective and Researched Reply. One’s Exposure to the Series about the Life and Times of Jesus has been from what one has Heard and Read from some of the Reactions of People who have seen or do see the Series, etc. And as usual, there is a Spectrum of Opinion and Critique.

After a careful attempt at Researching this Topic in a non-Bias way, one can Conclusively Deduce the Series as nothing more than a Biblically Themed Entertainment, at best. It is an attempt at persuade Evangelical Women, in particular to take it as ‘Gospel’, which it is not. Allow one to present one’s Rationale in the following Critique. The Chosen is an American Religious Drama Television Series Created, Directed and Co-Written by American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins. It is the 1st Multi-Season Series about the Life of Jesus of Nazareth. But here lies the Problem. It is not.

Jenkins, the Series' Creator, wanted to create a Series about Jesus that could be, 'Binge Watched’ as he put it. According to Research, he hoped to distinguish the New Series from previous Portrayals of Jesus by crafting a Multi-Season, Episode-Based Storylines. But here is the Problem. They are not based on the Gospel Accounts. Officially, Jenkins' intentions are said to focus more deeply on the People who Encountered Jesus and to show Jesus, ‘Through the Eyes of those who met Him’.

This is pure Speculation and will have a lot of Poetic License to essentially just invent Characters and Situations that are based then on his Perceptions and Suppositions. That is a Problem in one’s Assessment. According to his Objectives, moreover, he wanted to present a Jesus that is more, as he put it, ‘Personal, Intimate, immediate’, etc. But this is the Problem. Most who have seen the Series or are will say, ‘Come on, it is just a TV Series. What is the harm? You are being too Dogmatic and Rigid’, etc.

Jesus taught that one could render the Type of Work and Objective by the Fruit a Tree would bear, in Time, Metaphorically. This is the Key. And that at Tree could be Judged by where it Roots are founded on also. Thus, allow one to make a case for one has concluded by looking into The Chosen’s Roots and Fruit. But why this Apprehension? It is precisely because it is appealing to Extra-Gospel Narratives based on pure Emotion and Feeling. This is why it is targeted, at whom? Women. Evangelical Women. One likes to compare it to Lucifer coming to Eve in the Garden. ‘Oh come on, that is Absurd’. Really? Here is why The Chosen is like the ‘Apple’ or Fruit Lucifer deceived Eve with.

The Gospel According to Soap Operas

If one wants a Supposed ‘Gospel’ Based a Soap Opera, fine. But here is the Problem. Most, most Evangelical Women do not read the Bible anymore to Discern such ‘Gospel’ Soap Operas that are tugging at their Emotions and Feelings. And? This Gospel Soap Opera is becoming the Gospel, and not the Gospel Accounts of the New Testament themselves. Allow one to Develop this Argument further. According to Research, The Chosen has used Innovative Methods to Finance its Production and Stream the Series.

The Show is distributed by Angel Studios, Mormon Owned and Financed via Crowdfunding. The 1st Season was the Top Crowd-Funded TV Series or Film Project of all Time. Viewers contributed $40 Million towards its Production. The Series is Free to watch. Viewers are asked to ‘Pay it Forward’ by contributing whatever Financial Amount they wish to fund Future Seasons. This Marketing is Brilliant. And Viewing Contributors may receive Perks such as appearing as an Extra in the Series, for example.

It is a Way and Method of directly having the Viewers Personally Invested in the Outcome and continued Broadcasting of the Series. The Chosen also generates Revenue through Licensing to other Streaming Platforms and TV Networks, Video and Merchandise Sales. According to Research, The Chosen has been Translated into 62 Languages and Distributed Worldwide. It is estimated that over 100 Million People have seen 1 Episode since the beginning of 2022. The following will be the ‘Roots’ of where this Idea was targeted, to Evangelical Woman as they stated, in particular. Take Note.

The Chosen was initially or ‘Targeted’ as a Premier in Partnership with Harvest Bible Chapel. It is an ‘Evangelical’ Christian Megachurch in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Founded in 1988. It grew to 7 Campuses in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. It was led by Canadian-Born James MacDonald. In Years Past, Harvest Bible Chapel is the Church that basically asked James MacDonald to step down from Impropriety of Handling Funds and Church Politics, etc.

There was a Spat between its Elders that had Spoken-Out Publicly about their Concerns. They alleged that the Church had a ’Puppet Elder Board Culture of Fear and Intimidation'. These Allegations, that turned out to be Proven in 2013. Indeed, the alleged History of Financial Mismanagement and Authoritarian and Abusive Leadership, turned-out to be True. Even Chicago Radio Personality, Mancow Muller, who described himself as a Harvest Attender and a Friend of MacDonald, publicly criticized McDonald.

According to Research, on February 12, 2019, James MacDonald was Fired from Harvest Bible Chapel after Recordings were released. They were of MacDonald making Comments that were Recorded. In the Recordings, obtained by Mancow and aired on his February 12 Show. MacDonald Joked about Orchestrating a Plot to Blackmail Harold Smith, the CEO of Christianity Today, by planting ‘Illegal Child Pornography on Smith's Computer’. This is Very Serious. The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability suspended the Church Accreditation. Why is one even bring-up this ‘Dirty Laundry’ into the Argument regarding The Chosen? It is because this is where it was decided to have it be targeted for Release…within a Dysfunctional ‘Evangelical’ Church.

Speculative Conjectures

It is a perfect Platform where there is Division and Strife. If one was Lucifer attempting to interject a ‘Gospel’ Soap Operas that would replace the Gospel, one would start with such Divisions in the Evangelical Camp. It is working. Why? The Script. It is not about the Gospel Accounts stated and Taught in the New Testament. No, it is about pure Emotion and Feeling. This is something mostly Women would and will Succumb to. One is not being Sexist here. It is just the Mental Wiring YHVH created the Sexes, as having a Dominant Disposition. For example, for Men, they are wired Visually. This is how they get Stimulated. This is why there are Strip Joints, Pornography, etc. For Women?

It is Feeling and Emotion, a Romance Novel, Story-Telling and that is conveyed through Soap Operas and Literature. Guess who buys and sustains the Romance Novel Multi-Billion Dollar Industry? Women, not Men. And this goes back to the Garden of Eden. How So? ‘You are being Ridiculous’. Note in Scripture. When Adam was alone and created 1st, there was no ‘Help-Mate’. YHVH put Adam under a Deep Sleep. It states and from Adam, YHVH took the Material of Adam to Fashion Eve. When YHVH Presents Adam with Eve, it states that Adam ‘Saw’ her. When Eve was Deceived by Lucifer to Disobey YHVH’s Command, Lucifer 1st used Logic and Reasoning, Wisdom.

That is how Women are Wired for. Eve wanted to Know, not See necessary. This is one’s Argument how The Chosen is like the Fruit of the Forbidden Tree that Replaces the Commandment or in this case the Gospels. And they do not go beyond what is Written. How So? It is through such Series that the Feelings, Emotions and Knowledge of such Ulterior Narratives, loosely tied to the Gospel Accounts that will become the Gospel. Why? One would argue that most have not read the Gospels or are familiar with them. They are Helpless or even Clueless to see that they are in fact having a ‘Replacement Theology’ being pulled over their Eyes. Again, if one wants to watch The Chosen, at best, it is just a Soap Opera loosely based on the Gospels.

And therein, The Story-Lines of The Chosen are purely Speculative and Contexture at best. But knowing Human Nature, such Narratives will become Reinforced ‘Truths’ and even more familiar than the Gospels themselves. That is the Point. But Mission Accomplished, in one’s Assessment. Is there Evidence of all that one is Arguing in raising-up some Red Flags, as they say? Yes. Consider the following. The Chosen gives Back-Stories to the Major Characters in the Gospels while their Producers and Writers stated that they remain ‘Faithful to Biblical Texts’. No, they do not.

Jenkins admitted that he consulted on the Scripts. Great. But who made-up that Panel? It was with an Ecumenical Panel composed of Dr. Doug Huffman, a Compromised Evangelical Christian teaching at Biola University; Fr. David Guffey, a Catholic Priest; and a Jewish Rabbi named Sobel, who is said to be a Messianic Jew. But this is the Problem. Did Jenkins go to the Gospels themselves that GOD the Holy Spirit wrote? No. Here is an example of why this is just a Biblically Themed Soap Opera then, at best. The 1st Episode opened with the Statement that read, ‘All Biblical and Historical Context and any Artistic Imagination are Designed to Support the Truth and Intention of the Scriptures’. This is a Lie. The Chosen does the Opposite. It is not Historical.

Days of Deception

Would Jenkins ever engage in Deception and Deceiving his targeted Audience, Evangelical Christians and Women in particular? Yes. He did just that. According to Wikipedia, here is what Jenkins, did but got caught.

‘In 2022, as part of the Producers' Easter Marketing Campaign, 48 of the 70 Billboards for the Show Nationwide were changed to appear as having been Defaced or Vandalized with Phrases like …The Chosen is boring and …Chosensux.com. The URL directed Users to a Website called The Chosen is Not Good, which depicted Satan as a Character trying to get People to not watch the Show. As a result of the Campaign, many Fans of the show were concerned that the Defacement was Real, and in April, Jenkins Apologized to Fans for having not mentioned anything about the Campaign’.

As the Reception of The Chosen? Many of the Actors, to include Jonathan Roumie, the Actor who portrays Jesus, was Nominated for many of the Christian Television and Movie Awards. These included the Epiphany Prize and the Grace Prize, etc. Then Rotten Tomatoes gave The Chosen a Positive Review based on 9 Reviews, with an Average Rating of 7.80 out of a 10 Point System.

By August 14, 2021, it was reported that it had crossed 300 Million Viewers Worldwide. So, why is The Chosen so Popular? In one’s Opinion and Assessment, it is because it goes beyond the Gospel True Narratives and relies on tugging at one’s Feelings and Emotions that the Present Culture has succumbed to, Cultural Relevance. And? It is at the Expense of staying True to the Message of the Gospels and of not going beyond the Gospel’s Story-Telling themselves. This is one’s Assessment after seeing the Episodes.

Again, to reiterate. If one wants to be Entertained by 1st Century Biblical Entertainment, sure. But if one is consuming these Series just as much as the Gospel or more or instead of, they are becoming the Gospel. No. Then one has crossed-over into the Wide Path where everyone one watching The Chosen as the ‘Gospel’. Evidence? Consider the Following. According to Wikipedia, in 2021, The Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers Christmas Special sold $1.5 Million Tickets during the 1st 12 Hours of the Sale. The release was expanded to 10 nights across 1,700 theaters. Why?

One can comment, based on one’s Research into the ‘Exodus of the Church’ by Christians, especially what is happening in the USA. In part, it is because the Preachers behind the Pulpits in Evangelical America have been Compromised. They do not Preach the Gospel anymore but have replaced it with Sermonettes, Feel Good Stories and Prosperity Gospel wrapped in a Rock Concert Entertainment Package.

There is no more setting for an Hour being Taught and Studying the Life of Jesus in the Gospels to Exegesis Biblical Truth. The Chosen does not do this. And the Culture of Today has been so Psychologically Primed to just be Entertained. Thus, they crave such Series as The Chosen instead. That is it. That is the Argument. Narrow and Few are those that see for what The Chosen has become and why. And this is not to speak of the more than half of the ‘Profession Protestant’ Church that has ‘Gone Gay’ already. So, let us now get into the Fruit of The Chosen and see what that looks like.

Beware of the Wide Road

One’s Investigation and Assessment are based on 2 Episodes that one can see for Free. One did read an Article by the Website, Now-The-End-Begins that is extremely critical of it, and for Good Reason. But the following Evidence will give the Reader one’s Assessment as to why one would agree with that Critique. Then one will Highlight another Source that will be from an Ex-Mormon Woman that offers her Critique about the Series. As a Researcher into ‘All Things’ Luciferian, what is Paramount to Ascertain is 1st Hand Witnesses of those that have experienced the Factors in Question.

In one’s Estimation, such Sources are very Credible and Primary to consider seriously. In this case, the Ex-Mormon Woman’s Critique and Research confirms the ‘Mormon Roots’ and Roman Catholic Links to this Luciferian Attempt at Deceiving the Eve’s out there in the Evangelical Church. And it is by Design, as stated in their own Words as noted in the Video. So, does anyone have an Objective Critique of the Series? Has anyone done some Research, Behind the Scenes, if there is an ‘Agenda’ or what is the ‘Real Message’ perhaps behind The Chosen? Here is the note one received for Context along with Link to confirm the Sources. Formatted for Write-Up.

‘I am a Big Fan of The Chosen Series, but there are more than a few Fellow Watchmen (see the figtreeministries Latest Video) that Hate the Series mainly because of their ‘Perceived’ Affiliation with the Mormon Church. This Issue has been brought up many Times by other People, but that is not the way I am viewing the Series. Personally, it is the best Faith-Based Series on the Life of Jesus and His Disciples that I have ever seen!‘ But the Problem is that the Writers of the Series are going beyond what is Written in the Gospels, precisely. How do they know or can justify their Narrative and Story-Telling that is still True to the Gospel Accounts? They cannot. It is Pure Fiction.

That is the Point. And? But the Producers and Writers of The Chosen state that the Series are based on ‘Truth’ and Biblically Sound? Ok, let us Test that Truth Statement. One will Demonstrate, as others have, that it is a Lie. And by Design. It is a Deception. It is the Fruit being Exchanged for the Truth, the Gospel that YHVH had already Taught Adam and then to Eve and down through the Gospels. They have targeted the Eve’s with Knowledge, Feeling and Emotion. And to Reiterate, if Evangelical Christians want to see The Chosen as a Biblical Soap Opera, fine. But its ‘Fruit’ is Rotten at the Core.

Why? Most are taking it in as ‘Gospel’, and the effect, the Outcome? One is only arguing that there is an Agenda to replace the Gospels and weaken their Authority and Power. A Question was posed in an Online Blog about this. It went like this: ‘What do you know about the Series The chosen?’ This was the Reply: ‘I have a Very Good Friend who is trying to get me to watch this Series and I told them to be very careful because of the Days we are living in and that they should be Discerning. This came from the Article below that one mentioned was extremely critical of The Chosen.

Gullible Laodicean Christians Watching Series ‘The Chosen’ Are Being Led To ‘Mother Rome’ And Praying To Mary By Catholic Actor Jonathan Roumie


Points of Objections
The Article included a Good Discussion about varying Degrees of Reactions to The Chosen. There is also a Video of that Ex-Mormon Woman mentioned who Exposes the Behind-the-Scenes Agenda. So, where is the ‘Evidence’ one is presenting? Just from the 1st 2 Episodes was enough for one to have Red Flags come-up with the following Observations. They are Contrasted and Compared to what the True Gospels Teach. Let us see this Story-Telling ‘Fruit’ that states they are ‘True to the Biblical Gospel Accounts’. No they are not.


False Narrative. It is more probable that it was Jesus that cast-out the 7 Demons from her.


False Narrative. In the Jewish Lore was the 1st Wife of Adam who was later cast out of Eden, Mated with Lucifer the Serpent and had the Serpent Blood-Line. And whose Spirit walks/roams the Earth to Kill Babies in their Sleep as she wails for hers? 


False Narrative.. It was at the Wedding of Cana. The Series is already not Biblical.


Blasphemy. The Gospel Accounts start with the Messiah, His Birth or of the need for Repentance with John the Baptist’s Work or of how Jesus was GOD come in the Flesh, etc.


Blasphemy. That is consistent of an Overt Innuendo of both the Mormon and Gnostic Gospels of how Jesus was Secretly Married to Mary Magdalene and Fathered the Merovingian Blood-Line. It is from where the AntiChrist will come from and present himself as the True Messiah to Israel. To say to a Woman in the 1st Century, ‘You are Mine’ was a Betrothal Decree, not in the Context as a mere Disciple but as a Wife. That is exactly what they intended to insinuate.  


Targeting. It is no different than how Lucifer Targeted Eve at a time where she was not truly Covered nor Protected by her Husband, Adam. And this due to Adam’s Complacency that one can then parallel the Last Days Church Age. The Writers of The Chosen are Targeting the most Emotional and Feeling-Minded, the Young Evangelical Women for this very Reason, Deception.


Deception. Yet, they stated the Opposite that 95% of their Story-Telling would be ‘True to the Gospel Accounts? Wake-Up Eve. Only 5% of their Invented Narrative is Biblically Based.

Deception. Here is just another Example of the ‘Fruit’ this Bad Tree of The Chosen is producing, Idolatry. It is a Campaign, a Luciferian one of a Diversion of Prayer and Worship from Jesus.

Remember Plato’s Cave
What is most Sad is that from the Comments, supposed ‘Born Again, Spirit-Filled’ Professing Christians say they see ‘Nothing Wrong’ with The Chosen. And they say, they Enjoy it. Of course. They are Drinking the Kool-Aid. On a Hot Summer Day, drinking an Ice-Cold Kool-Aid feels really Good. Well, not surprised as the Last Generation of the Church Age is living in the Matrix. Lucifer and the World know that People will prefer a Cold Iced Kool-Aid and be Entertained in Plato’s Cave. Most People and Professing Christians do not want to get ‘Un-Plugged’ from Lucifer’s Matrix.

And this is evident when ‘Christians’ rather see contrived Extra-Biblical Story-Telling applied to Jesus. They rather not read their Bibles to realize that they are being Deceived just like Eve. But that is their Plan and Agenda of Lucifer, diminish the True Account and go beyond what is Divine Revelation to the ‘Traditions of Man, if not the Doctrine of Demons. But as in the Matrix Movie and the Cave Allegory, those that seek to Shine the Light or Speak Truth are Vilified. Those supposed ‘Christians’ that like and are seeing the Series accuse those that are Warning them about it, even from an Ex-Mormon Woman who exposed the Luciferian Agenda are Mocked as ‘Sanctimonious’.

That is the Psyop desired, in that the Slaves be conditioned to ‘Love’ their Enslavement. Enough so, to want to go back to the Cave and just see The ‘Chosen’ all Day rather than the Gospels. Or not be bothered to want to be ‘Un-Plugged’ from the ‘Matrix’. All this is expected and foretold by the Apostle Paul. That in the Last Days, the Church would turn from the Word to Fables and Doctrines taught by Men and Demons. And that they would prefer to have their Itching Ears’ Scratched by the Prevailing Facilities that are contrary to what the Bible Teaches and Jesus said, Commanded and Expects.

It is basically Spiritual Adultery, Unfaithfulness, running after other ‘Lovers’ in one’s Honest Assessment. A Sad State of Spiritual Affairs. That is why the End of the Church Age is at hand. And? One finds it Problematic that the Production and Ownership of the Series is Mormon and the Actor is a Practicing Roman Catholic. Well, one can argue that a Jewish Man and Woman played Superman and Wonder Woman. Or that in The Passion of the Christ, Mary was played by a Jew. That is because Mary was a Jew.

The Issue for some is that this ‘Mary’ Figure, then did not Design and sell her Prayer Beads to have Prayers Channeled through her. Or Mel Gibson did not target Evangelical Single Young Women with only 5% Bible Truth. It is one’s Assessment that The Chosen is using the same Mode of Luciferian Propaganda, in that Truth is being mixed in with Lies to Deceive the Masses by taking over the Narrative of the Gospels. 

This is what ‘The Chosen’ has done and is doing as one sees it. To those who are Novice in all things, Biblical, especially the Gospels, The Chosen will seem, is being a ‘Harmless’ Biblical Narrative. That is the Problem. It is pure Biblical Fiction. To those that are Seasoned Bible Students of the Gospel, it is nothing but. The Chosen is nothing more than Biblically Themed Entertainment based on an admitted 5% of the Truth targeting Evangelicals. It relies on False Premises that one deems are even Offensive to the Gospel, mainly of Jesus and His Disciples.

There are Serpents in Eden. Lucifer seeks any and all Modes of Communication to Deceive the People of Jesus Christ, especially in these Last Days before the Rapture Event. Lucifer seeks to use Series like The Chosen, in one’s Estimation, as a Reinterpretation of YHVH’s Word. Did GOD Really Say? Can it be more obvious that the Producers themselves stated that only 5% of the True Accounts of the Gospels in the New Testament are being used or ‘misused’ to Reinterpret the entire Gospel Narrative? Wake-Up Eve.

Through Emotions and Feelings are the Ploy that Lucifer has used since Eve and is still Employing, with much Success. One is Hoping the Eve’s within the Evangelical Church not Succumb to this 5% Biblical Soap Opera of Truth that is Reinterpreting 95% of the Gospels. The Chosen is Interjecting a Replacement Morality based on Mormon, Roman Catholic, Mystic Jewish and Gnostic Interpretations and Biblical World Views. Wake-Up Eve.

These are the very Agencies and False Spirits Jesus and the Disciples warned about, precisely in the Gospels, in the Epistles and the Book of Revelation, in the Last Days. One has presented the Evidence of The Chosen’s Roots and Fruit. It is the Gospels that now, in the Professing Church, most Supposed Pastors will not Touch nor Teach in these Last Days that are precisely the Days of Deception.


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