Blueprint of Israel’s Reconciliation

  • What is the Olivet Discourse and is it important for Last Days?
  • Is there a Prophetic Pattern that will occur for the Tribulation?
  • When does the 'Keys' or Pattern start and what are they?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Jesus came out from the Temple and was going away when His Disciples came up to point out the Temple buildings to Him. And He said to them, Do you not see all these things? Truly I say to you, not one stone here will be left upon another, which will not be torn down. As He was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your Coming, and of the end of the Age?’…-Matthew 24:2-3

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the 3 ‘Keys’ of Biblical Prophecy as stipulated in the Olivet Discourse ‘Blueprint’. This Prophetic ‘Blueprint’ pertains to the Temple, Jerusalem and Israel in that Precise Order, as Jesus spoke about each in the Context of His 2nd Coming. As it was stated, it was the Order in which the 3 Factors were Destroyed. But as this study will show, they will be Restored in Reverse Order. This Current Generation has seen the 1st 2 Biblical Prophecies fulfilled; that is the Return and Rebirth of Israel and the Unification of the Old City of Jerusalem, to include the Temple Mount. What remains to be Prophetically Fulfilled, based on this Olivet Discourse Blueprint is the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple.

It was at this Place and Time, on the Mount of Olives, overlooking Herod’s Temple or the 2nd Temple built by Zerubbabel’s after the 2nd Diaspora from Babylon, that Jesus Outlined the Context of the coming Convergence of all Biblical Prophecy and Restitution, of not only Israel but the whole World for that matter. These 3 Factors would have to be in place before His 2nd Advent, specifically related to Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple.

This Prophetic Blueprint or Framework was given by Jesus Christ in Luke 21 as a Discourse to the Disciple’s Question about the 2nd Temple that stood during their Day. Christ specifically linked it to the Time just prior to the Final ‘Restoration of All Things’, as foretold by the Prophet Daniel at the End of Days just before Messiah’s return. It was in this Context, that the 3 ‘Prophetic Keys’ were divulged in the Discourse. It was given by Jesus to His Disciples. These 3 Keys will Unlock the Sequence and Timing of such a Prophetic Time that references the Sun, Moon and the Stars as Sign-Posts of their Prophetic Time.

Specifically, the 3 ‘Prophetic Keys’ Messiah mentioned during the Olivet Discourse, have to do with the very Temple they were gazing upon that would be leveled to the ground by the Roman Armies. 4 Legions would surround Jerusalem. Then the Diaspora would occur thereafter or Exile from the Land of Israel. The Time Frame for the beginning of this All-Encompassing Restitution of Israel and the World for that matter, would be signaled by the Ominous Day of the 9th of Av, that was in 70 AD and the giving of the Fig Tree Metaphor for a Future Miraculous Re-Budding of the Nation inferred by the Fig Tree Allegory. This study strongly suggests that the Fig Tree in turn, would constitute the Prophetic Start of the Countdown in which the 3 Restitutions of Israel, Jerusalem and the 3rd Temple would be also corresponding to the Tetrads Sequence of 1949-50, 1967-68, and 2014-15.

Prophetic Timing
Such a Reconstitution will be completed before Messiah’s Return. This is the Context and Premise for the Tetrad Template Theory presented in this study as well. The 3 ‘Prophetic Keys’ will be shown that these 3 Factors of the Prophetic Restitution are correlating to the last 3 Lunar Tetrads to the Blueprint of the Olivet Discourse outline given by Jesus. But here is the Technicality about them. The Order of Restitution would occur Before-During-After the 3-fold Tetrad Pattern. Based on this Celestial Template, it would appear that the Year 2025 would be when the Daily Sacrifices commence. 

There can be no denying that since 1948, with the Rebirth of Israel, before the Blood Moon Tetrads appear to directly Correlate Prophetically to the Sequence of the Olivet Discourse in how the Temple, Jerusalem and Israel have started to be Restored, but in Reverse Order, as noted. The 1st 2 Restorations have been in-step with the last 2 Tetrads since the Jews returned to the Land of Israel and forged a Nation in 1948, as foretold in Isaiah 66.

Thus, this study, based on in the Context of the Olivet Discourse Pattern, Postulates that the 3rd Tetrad of 2014-15 since 1948 will be in step with the Restoration of the 3rd Temple. It will occur After, in some Mysterious and Prophetic way, yet to be determined. What did occur after the Tetrad of 2014-15 was that in 2018, the Altar of Sacrifice was Re-Dedicated. It was a Prelude. Thus, this Prophetic Blueprint of the Olivet Discourse will be correlating to the Biblical Restitution of the 3rd Temple of YHVH. One Conjectures that it will be a 10 Year Countdown from 2015.

The Altar is an Extension of the Temple. Essentially, by Re-Dedicating the Altar, the Temple was also, by Proxy. To many People, the 3rd Temple is required to fulfill the Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation as it will necessitate the Stage to be set for the coming AntiChrist and the eventual Return of the King, Jesus Christ. The 3rd Prophetic Reconstitution of this Temple is yet to occur. However, the Rebuilding of the 3rd Temple, if it follows the Sequence, will ultimately lead to the Reconciliation of Israel with Jesus. As it correlates directly with Prophetic Time, one suggests, that the Blood Moon Tetrad Sequence commenced this Restitution.

It began with Israel becoming a Nation in 1948 and then with the Recapture of Jerusalem in 1967. This study thus, strongly Argues that the 3 Tetrads are Prophetically Signaling the remaining Restitution based on the Olivet Discourse Prophetic Blueprint. It will ultimately lead to the coming Convergence of all Biblical prophecy, the return of Jesus, along with the ‘Great and Dreadful Day of the LORD’. The following is a Menorah Pattern that graphically denotes this Tetrad Template theory of the 3 ‘Prophetic Keys’ that Christ gave in the Olivet Discourse.

Olivet Discourse                                 Menorah Pattern                    Tetrads
Temple   >>  Jerusalem   >>   Israel    (DIASPORA)    Israel   >>  Jerusalem   >> Temple
destroyed    surrounded          exiled                            reborn          restored          rebuilt
   Key 1             Key 2              Key 3   (Church Age)    Key 3             Key 2            Key 1

Cosmic Convergences
The Jews are also eagerly Anticipating the soon Appearance of the Messiah. They missed Him the 1st Time. To the Luciferians, it is the Time when their AntiChrist is to be Revealed sometime as well. Will such a Convergence lead Israel to accept the wrong Messiah? Yes. Instead of Jesus Christ, it will be the False Christ or AntiChrist.

As it pertained to this ultimate fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy, what still remains to be fulfilled, as noted is the Rebuilding of the 3rd Temple, as some interpret Eschatology. What this study also suggests is that the 3rd Temple is tied to the AntiChrist by a ‘Confirmed Covenant’ made with Israel and the ‘Many’.

The AntiChrist will be the Key Player in the Temple’s Sanctioning, Governorship and ultimate Defilement. Based on the Olivet Discourse Outline, the 3rd Temple is the Last ‘Prophetic Keys’ left to complete the main condition needed to set the Stage for the coming AntiChrist and the Return of Christ.

Based on one’s Eschatology, the Construction of the 3rd Temple undertaking and Revealing of who will be the AntiChrist has to occur once the Rapture Event happens. This Rapture Event is the Supernatural Removal of Jesus’ True Followers. This 2nd Coming of Messiah is Prophetically and is and will be Associated with the Sun, Moon and the Stars. A careful Examination into such Celestial Signs, as the Blood Moon Tetrads in the Heavens, in these End Times, will only enrich one’s Understanding of this 3-Fold Reconstitution, that is on Schedule.

The aim of this Book is to help in such Discernment of it. To reiterate, the 3 Keys or Prophetic Restitutions, as it pertains to Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple are tied to the Sun, Moon and Stars. For example, each Celestial Type of Heavenly Body with its corresponding Color of Gold, Silver and Diamond or White correlates presently to the 3 Primary Structures or Domes on the Temple Mount.

Based on a prior study entitled, The Gates of Orion, the 3 Main Domes on the Temple Mount correspond to the end Times Structures that will also be present once the AntiChrist is Revealed. Each House will be Allotted to the 3 Abrahamic Faiths, False Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Note that the Size of the Domes corresponds to the Size of those Religious False Communities of the World.

Construction                Color   Celestial          GOD-Head
al-Aqsa Mosque          Silver   Moon               Father 
Dome of the Rock       Gold    Sun                  Son
Dome of Spirits           White   Stars                Holy Spirit

It is rather Interesting and Amazing how the prior Temples of YHVH were glistening ‘White’, as a Polished Diamond from the White Stones, etc. It also spoke of the ‘Light’ and the Shekinah Glory Illumination it was to have provided not only for Israel but to have it be as a Beacon of Light and Hope for the Nations. Sadly, the 3rd Temple will eventually be usurped by the Luciferians.

Their ‘Great Work’ has always been to Commandeer the Temple of YHVH and make it into the Temple of the Snake, the ‘Shining One’, Lucifer. Per the Olivet Discourse the 3rd Temple has certain allotted Time of Days. 2520 Days. Many believe that as such a Physical Temple is to exist on Earth, it presupposes that the current ‘Spiritual Temple’ being constructed with Living Stones by Jesus is about to be Completed and will not coincide with the ‘Earthly Temple’.

This speaks to the Conclusion of the Church Age, in how the Witness of the Gospel of and to Jesus Christ is about to be Transferred back to Israel’s Handling. This Transference will occur as the Bride of Christ is ‘Translated’ as in the Rapture. The whole Church Age ‘Witness’ was also a ‘Royal Commission’, is about to End and Transferred back to the Witnesses of Israel. Who?

This Witness will be comprised of mainly the 144,000 Jewish ‘Evangelists’ and the 2 Witnesses in particular. Now, to the 3 Tetrad Template Theory. They are also perhaps the Factors that can help determine the actual Timing of the Rapture. The Olivet Discourse occurred on the very Spot on the Mount of Olives as disclosed in Zephaniah 14, where Jesus is to ‘Touchdown’ at His 2nd Coming.

It was the Spot where Jesus gave those ‘Prophetic Keys’ to End Time Prophecy to His Disciples. Since 1948, many believed that the Rebirth of Israel was the last Prophetic Sign, and that the Generation would see the Return of Jesus Christ in 1988. Why? People just added 40 Years, as a Biblical ‘Generation’ to 1948.

But it was not Discerned in full, as Israel does not have Full Control over the Temple Mount. The Recapture of the Old City of Jerusalem along with the Temple Mount would only be accomplished in 1967 during the 6-Day War Blood Moon Tetrad. This was the ‘Middle’ Event of the Tetrad. Jesus stated that this Sequence of ‘Prophetic Keys’ were to be ‘turned’ to fulfill their Prophetic Purpose.

And when the 1st started, it would be that ‘Terminal Generation’ alluded to in Psalm 150. And that all of the 3 Factors in Question, the Land, the City and the Temple had to be Reconstituted. As to Biblical Prophecy being tied to Celestial Lunar Eclipses? Consider that the Jews operate on a Lunar Based Calendar in general, and thus some of the YHVH’s appointed Feast Days or Moeds will inevitably fall on the Blood Moons, which are Total Lunar Eclipses.

The point being, is that to have a total Lunar Eclipse on one of the Jewish Feast is not that Extraordinary in itself. However, out of the various Tetrads that have occurred, those that have the 4 Consecutive Feast Days of YHVH are Peculiar. Such a Celestial Occurrence are Biblically based ‘Sign’s and should be Examined and not Dismissed as Happenstance or Biblically Insignificant. Most have now forgotten about them. One just stresses that the 3 Fold Tetrads are ‘In-Play’ still as the 3rd one Corresponds or will with the Timing of the 3rd Temple, etc. Some Peculiarities about Prophetic Timing will be addressed in the following Section. The Primary Reason why Biblical Prophecy is correct to be ascribed to Celestial Signs, in part, is because it is Biblical to do so.

Prophetic Sequencing
These Total Lunar Eclipses ‘Mark’ a Point in Time and are for Prophetic Signs according to the Protocols of Creation given by YHVH directly in the Book of Genesis. Passages in the Bible like Psalm 19, Joel 2, Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Acts 2 amongst others, emphatically connect Biblical Prophecy with Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple to the Sun, Moon and Stars.

The Bible speaks of a ‘Star’ that will come out of Israel or Jacob. The City of Jerusalem is often associated with ‘Gates’ or as in Star Gates and Alignments to the Constellations like Orion. The Temple can be associated with the Stars and Light due to the Holy Presence or Glory that resided in the Holy of Holies.

The Temple’s Holy of Holies contained the very Presence of YHVH and radiated the ‘Light of the World’, as bright as the Glory of the Light itself. This Celestial Association to Biblical Nuances has the Direct Innuendo of how Jesus stated of Himself, that He is the ‘Light of the World. He is the exact Image and Reflection of the Father, etc.

Although there have been numerous Celestial Signs since the Time of Jesus, the last 3 Tetrads in particular, 1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15 are said to be Prophetic and perhaps a Countdown. What is Significant about these last 3 Tetrads is that unlike all the others since Christ, such are in Phi Ratio Segments of Time to each other.

They have occurred or will since Israel has become a Sovereign Nation as the Fig Tree has Budded and Branched-Out. All the prior Tetrads before Israel became a Nation occurred during the Diaspora. The Diaspora is a Term used to describe the Time and Condition when the Jews were scattered around the World since the Destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD.

One suggests that Israel ‘Matured’ in its 70th Year. The Destruction of the Temples of YHVH on Earth were a direct result of Judgment against the Nation of Israel by YHVH for the People’s Unbelief, Abandonment, and Rebellion against YHVH. This particular Date of 70 AD will be one of the Major Time Markers or Bench-Marks in considering the Mathematics of the Tetrads and Year Counts leading-up to Israel’s Anniversary since 1948 and 1967.

For example, there are 1,948 Years, rounded-off from 70 AD to the Central Blood Moon of July 2018. The Day of the Destruction of the 2nd Temple, as it was for the 1st Temple, occurred on the 9th of Av and so on. This Date is considered to be very Evil or a Bad Omen for the Jews, as it commemorates the Bad Report that the 10 Spies gave to Moses about the Promised Land during the Times of the Exodus.

As a Consequence, Israel had to Wander in the Wilderness for a Generation of 40 Years before the Israelites could then proceed to the Promised Land. The Biblical Number of 40 is always associated with a Time of ‘Testing’. Biblical Prophecy will End when Jesus returns, as Prophecy is all about him according to Revelation 19:10. And Prophecy is nothing more than Events in a Future Point in Time not yet Realized.

This is why Jesus can say, ‘I AM the Beginning and the End’. And one is just linking Prophecy with other Variables like Astronomy and Sacred Gematria. For example, the Celestial Signs are Markers only and not the event itself of the Biblical Prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled. Thus, based on the Fig Tree Analogy of Israel given by Jesus at the Olivet Discourse, Israel is disclosed as a Factor of Prophetic Time that was to ‘Come Alive’ in the Last Generation.

Time is marked-off Prophetically by Israel’s Rebirth and Existence. It is a Countdown. To not have Israel would be tantamount to not having Biblical Prophecy. Both are thus just as much intertwined with each other’s Time-Piece and Prophetic Purpose of YHVH. Both are marching on, simultaneously from their Beginning in 1948 and to their Prophetic Fulfillment. This same Principle of Prophetic Time is a Factor with the Church Age and how it will be completed with the Rapture.

According to the Prophecy of the Books of Revelation and Daniel, the Dimension of Time and having to have a need to Mark ‘Time’ will cease, only after the Millennial Kingdom of the 1000 Year Reign of Jesus Christ on Earth is completed. This Millennial Age will commence at Jesus’ 2nd Coming. The Bible states that the Dimension of Time will come to a close when the Prophecy of the Gog-Magog War 2 culminates in the eventual Final Judgment of Lucifer that will result in his being cast into the Lake of Fire once and for all.

It will be at this ‘Time’ when Time will Expire and a New Heaven and New Earth will commence, void of the Dimension of Time according to the Book of Revelation. There will be no need for such Celestial Bodies to Mark Time as it is currently with the Sun, Moon or Stars, etc. Eclipses and even the Day and Night will not be needed as the Bible discloses that the ‘Light of the Lamb’, the Messiah will be so Bright, that there will be no Shadows to be found anywhere in the New Jerusalem, for example.

As a side note, what is Fascinating about one of the Properties of Prophetic Time, is that it has a Factor of Resonance or Sound at its Core. Frequency and Vibration become the Existence within Space and Time. The whole Universe hinges on this Divine Frequency of ‘Sound’ or The Logos. This ‘Logos’ is Jesus. He is what the Bible calls the Word… ’And the LORD said, Let There Be’ as the LORD spoke it into Existence, etc.

Time was ‘Vocalized’ into Existence as one of the many Dimensions created according to the Creation Account in Genesis that exists at a certain Frequency and Resonance. It was Manifested out of ‘Nothing’, into Existence from that which came-out of the Mouth and Breath of the Creator GOD, Jesus Christ and for Christ according to Colossians 1:16. For example, the Earth’s Resonance or Frequency operates around ~7.8 Hz.

This very Frequency is the Frequency also found within Humans. The Human Body Resonates at 7.8 Hz and the Alpha and Theta Brain Waves both border the Frequency of 7.8 Hz. The point being is that Time and Matter are set to a Mathematical Phi Ratio and so is Biblical Prophecy. This is one’s other Working Hypothesis.

Phi Ratio Pattern
When the Resonance of an event ceases, it is because its ‘Time’ has Expired, etc. In other words, when a Human Dies, it is because its Resonance has run its Course. A Man and a Woman are but a ‘Breath’, as if a Musical Note coming from YHVH.

The Spirit was bestowed upon the Human Creation to return to its Creator. In Genesis, the connotation of when the ‘Spirit Moved upon the Waters’ infers a Vibration that occurred. This was as a direct result of the Spoken Word, the Logos that decreed it out of Nothing. And? The Tetrads, as part of the Eclipse Patterns do demonstrate this Mathematical Frequency and Symmetry Pattern.

Eventually they are set as Precursors for the fulfilment of Prophetic Events that have to be fulfilled during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, as outlined in the Books of Revelation and Daniel. This study does subscribe to the Theological Notion that a Prophetic Week of Years, that being 7 Years is yet to be completed as the last Sabbatical Cycle of Time before Jesus is to ultimately Return.

These Celestial Signs have already started to occur, especially since the Rebirth of Israel in 1948 as Israel is analogous to the Fig Tree given in the Olivet Discourse. This Convergence is basically a Prophetic Countdown to Messiah’s 2nd Coming. To go beyond the scope of a 50 and 70 Year-Generation since 1948, in the context of the Olivet Discourse is to lose any Prophetic Significance and would Invalidate and the very Word of Jesus.

Meaning, that for the Purposes of this study, the Year 1948, that saw the Rebirth of Israel on May 14th will be considered the starting point to the Culmination of all Prophecy that will not exceed 80 Years, thereabouts. The Primarily Reason for this Assertion is because of how 1948 is tied Mathematically to the Celestial Signs such as the Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

For example, there were approximately 1,948 years from the Central Blood Moon of 2018 from 70 AD, when the 2nd Temple was Destroyed. Nonetheless there are 3 Main Dates to consider when determining the actual Start Date of the Prophetic Countdown; it is subject of much Debate. Is it the Year 1947? 1949? 1952? In 1947 the Palestinian Mandate by the UN, gave Israel a De Facto Birth.

In 1948 the Declaration of Independence of Israel was made by Ben Gurion on Pentecost. In 1949, Israel was Officially Admitted as a Member State by the United Nation. For the purposes of this study, the Fig Tree is Israel and Prophecy of the Last Days will be considered to be from when Israel ‘Budded’ was in 1947 and has ever since.

The next Factor is how long is a Biblical Generation. This ‘Last Generation’ could suggest a Clue of how to Measure what Type of Generation the Bible is using. This Time Sequence, in turn could thus be applied to the Tetrad Template Theory, since Israel’s Rebirth to Ascertain the Nearness of Jesus’ 2nd Coming.

Many Bible Students have studied this subject and it depends. By some Calculations of Genealogies, a Biblical Generation can even be 52 Years and even up to 72 Years, aside from the 80 Years that Psalm 90 alludes to. Nonetheless, to have Decades of Time go beyond the Tetrad of 2014-15 without a major Biblical fulfillment past 2025, would go beyond the Timeframe of the Generation that saw Israel Reborn in 1948.

It would go against the Timely Completion of the Parable of the Fig Tree itself. At most, a 5-Year Time is given from Luke 13. In that Parable, Israel as a Fig Tree would be given 5 Years Total, before it would be ‘Cut Off’ for not bearing Fruit. Jesus Promised that the Generation that would see the Jews Return to the Land of Israel would be the Generation that will see His Return.

This ‘Return’ to Israel, ‘Eretz Israel’ from the Final and 3rd Diaspora, according to what YHVH Prescribed to Ezekiel, would be in conjunction with Messiah’s Return also. Thus, based on the ‘Prophetic Keys’ of the Olivet Discourse, this study stipulates that according to this 3 Tetrad Template Theory, the singular Biblical Prophetic Event is scheduled.

What is next, to be fulfilled, will be when the Jews of Israel will dedicate the 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount next to the Dome of the Rock and most likely within the 2025 Year period. Many who believe in the pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Bride of Christ argue that the Church Age cannot be present when the Temple even begins to be constructed. Also, many within the Christian Community do not ascribe to a Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

Consider that there was an overlap after Christ was raised from the Dead all the way to the Destruction of the 2nd Temple Christ. The Temple Sacrifices were still being performed up until 70 AD, some 40 Years later. In one Scenario, the Temple could possibly be started as the Church is still on Earth during a short overlap.

But one does not agree. Why Not? It is because the AntiChrist is who grants Permission to the Jews to start the Construction. The Bible is very clear that the Bride of Christ cannot even be Present to know who the Revealed AntiChrist will be, etc. On the other Hand, it goes to show just how close the Rapture truly is in light of such a Biblical Fulfillment of the last ‘Prophetic Key’ of the Olivet Discourse Blueprint.

Other Christians believe that the Rapture will occur sometime after the Tribulation Period. Regardless of the Rapture timing, if the Rapture is to occur before the Animal Sacrificial Worship System is implemented, then it means that the Rapture has to take place before the Confirming of the Covenant with the ‘Many’.

The ’Many’ that agree, will also allow for the building of the 3rd Temple in the 1st place and will be the occasion to reveal who the AntiChrist will be. Essentially, the 3rd Temple will be the Tribulation Temple of the AntiChrist. If the Rebuilding of the 3rd Temple is indeed the last ‘Prophetic Key’ of Jesus Christ’s Olivet Discourse Blueprint, then this Assertion has a Profound Ramification for Israel.

Keys of the Olivet Discourse
The Tetrad of 2014-15 may have unlocked the Mystery and Timing of the Conditions that would have to be in place then right before Christ’s 2nd Coming. How or Why? This Assumption to thus Postulate to occur after the Tetrad based on the 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle Theory. As mentioned in brief, the Cycle is tied to the Jubilee Year Cycles and Openly Declared by Jesus in the Fall of 28 AD.

Knowing this Time Marker, the next Sabbath Cycle starts in the Fall of 2022. But this did not turn out to be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. Why not? There is a 3.5 Year Transition or 'Ga’', in one’s estimation. Let us compare Israel in Jesus’ Day to the Israel of today, spiritually. The Olivet Discourse gives one the Sequence of these ‘3 Prophetic Keys’ that have to be in place to ‘Turn’ and ‘Unlock’ the Mystery and Culmination of the 3rd Temple’s Prophecy and Timing.

Presently, the very Conditions and Circumstances surrounding the 2nd Temple, the City and Ancient Israel in general, now mirror the Conditions in Modern Israel as they were then when Christ gave the Personal Discourse to the Disciples. During the Times of Jesus, the Exiles of Israel were back in the Land from the 2nd Diaspora in Babylon with ‘Sovereignty’.

Yet certain aspects of the Jews’ Authority was curtailed by Rome, the World Superpower at the time. It is the same case Today; the Exiles of Israel are back in the Land of Israel from the 3rd Diaspora after World War 2. Israel now has Sovereignty. Yet Israel is often dictated to or curtailed by the Superpower and/or the U.N.

The USA is the Successor of Roman European Heritage. Even Washington DC is called the New Rome, etc. The United States has the Greatest Number of Jews living outside of Israel. The Strong Evangelical Support and Understanding of Israel’s Role in End Times Prophecy, a Favorable Position toward Israel has been enjoyed.

This is no longer the case. This Relationship, however, has been increasingly Eroded due to Political Correctness and a General Apostasy of the Christian Church in America. In the Days of Messiah, Jerusalem was in the Control of Israel. But Rome had their Governors and ‘King of the Jews’, the Edomite Herod with a Standing Army overseeing his Administration. So too soon after the War of Independence for Israel in 1948 and 1967, Jerusalem had UN Peacekeepers as Buffering Agents between the Jews and the Muslims, etc.

Even Today, there are certain portions of Land between Israel and Jordan, known as in the Jordan Valley that are ‘No-Man’s Land’ that Israel is seeking to Annex, for example. Currently the Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be designated the Capital of the Palestinian State. However, if the Covenant between Israel and Many comes to pass, there will be no provision for a State of Palestine. A major Point of Contention will be the very Temple Mount as it is part of the Old City and whom the Palestinians covet as being part of East Jerusalem. Then there is the very Temple that stood during the Times of Jesus.

Jerusalem Temple
In Jesus’ Israel, the Sacrifices of Animals at the Temple were permitted by the Romans, but with Reservations. However, the Romans did not allow for the Jews to carry out any Capital Punishment. This is why the Jewish Sanhedrin had to give Jesus over to Pilate for Execution. This was a befitting way for the Religious Ruling Council of Israel to ‘Wash’ their Hands of their Sin and Betrayal of their Messiah. This Act of Betrayal was very much how the Jewish Brothers dispensed with Joseph, sold into Slavery for Silver as Judas did with Jesus.

Today, the Administration of the Temple Mount, on which the Holy Temples stood, is Deferred to the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf or Trust. This is the Current Reality, even though Israel Recaptured the Temple Mount during the 6-Day War in 1967. It was Moshe Dayan that Deferred the Administration of the Temple Mount to the Islamists, as a ‘Good-Well Gesture’ after the 6-Day War.

In essence, the King of Jordan is the ‘Overseer’ of the Temple Mount. Presently, the Islamic Waqf denies the very notion that a Jewish Temple ever existed on the Temple Mount. The Jews since then have been restricted in praying until recently but the laws of the Israeli Supreme Court are not enforced, practically but the Jewish Presence on the Temple Mount is growing. Oftentimes, Jewish and Christian visitors have to be escorted by Police and are sometimes followed or shadowed by Muslims.

It is becoming very Problematic for the Islamic Waqf and it has become a Flash-Point for Intifadas or Up-Risings in the past. Only the recent thawing in Gulf Arab States and Israel are providing a ‘Circle of Peace’ as a Counter-Weight against Shi’ite Iran. So, the next Section will focus on how the World Empires have Dealt with Israel. To this End, the study further stipulates that based on the Elements relating to the World Empires as depicted in Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream. It was of a Metallic Man. Each World Empire has a Metal and an Animal Motif. They start with the Standard of Babylon and will end with Rome.

The Point is that, as Rome was in Power during the Time of Christ. And? so will Rome’s Successors be in Power, still at the 2nd Coming of Christ. The Prior World Empires that correlated to their particular corresponding Metals of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron were distinct and conclusive as were the Empires or Kingdoms; one succeeding upon another. According to Daniel the last World Empire will come out of the Roman Lineage. The Last World Empire will be the Last New World Order.

The present World Empire is one made-up of the Europe-American permutation and has been clearly recognized as being a continuation of Rome. Rome has been the longest continuous ‘Empire’. It morphed from the Imperial Roman Empire that initially came after the fall of Greece to the Roman Catholic Church in the West and the Orthodox Church in the East. This fall of Rome in the West and the East is depicted by the point at the knees. It is in Human Body Proportions of the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream that is also in Phi Ratio. This ‘Statue of History’ displays what Power will exist in the End.

Heritage of the AntiChrist
Thus, the distinctive attribute of the Last Empire to Rule the World will involve a specific timing also. The Last Vestiges of the Roman Empire will be a ‘Mixing’ with the prior Rendition that could possibly involve the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches with Islam. They will somehow be Mixed with some Element that allows for their continued function but with an Added Element.

To some, the Argument has been from Islam to an Alien Genetic Alteration of Humanity’s DNA, etc., is the Mix. As to what the ‘Clay’ will be is still to be determined. Regardless, the vision of Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream of the Metallic Man of World Empires is concise. It can thus not be attributed to a 10 World Regional Empire but one that is regionalized around Europe and the Mediterranean.

Ultimately this Last World Power or ‘New World Order’ will have Dominion over all the World as all Power and Authority will be given to the AntiChrist by Lucifer. This Last World Empire will be Luciferian and part of the condition that this study strongly suggests has to be in place and  ‘Roman’, as it was when Messiah Jesus Christ 1st came into the World. This Empire will have the same Spirit that infused the prior AntiChrist Kingdoms and were Empowered by Lucifer.

It will Mirror that which was, is and will be as Ecclesiastes 1 extols, ‘What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again.’ The same Luciferian World Power that Rome was and is will morph into the ultimate World Confederation. It will consist of the 10 Toe New World Order just before Christ’s 2nd Advent. Perhaps there may be 10 Spheres of Influence around the World. This ‘New Age’ Luciferian Order to come, will be led by an up and coming ‘Prince’ of Rome, as was Titus.

This coming Prince or AntiChrist will eventually Usurp the Messiahship of Jesus, with the help of the False Prophet. This is based on the ‘Metallic Man’ Statue Pattern of Nebuchadnezzar. The same Empire that will exist at Christ’s 2nd Coming was the same at Christ’s 1st Coming. In the Time of Jesus, there was the Roman Caesar that Proclaimed himself to be the ‘Son of God’. In Christ’s Day, Caesar Augustus was deemed the ‘Son of God’.

So too in the Last Days, will there be a Man that will claim to be the ‘Son of God’. This will be the AntiChrist, the upcoming Prince False Messiah or World ‘Caesar’. He will Present himself and be accepted by Israel as their long- awaited Messiah and the Successor to the World Roman World Empire System. As it is the ‘Learned Elders of Zion’ did Pledge their Allegiance to Caesar as they did in Jesus’ Day. It was not to Jesus Christ but to another King, Caesar according to the Gospel account of John 19:15-16.

Son of God
‘It was the Day of Preparation for the Passover, about the 6 Hour. And Pilate said to the Jews, Here is your King! At this, they shouted, Away with Him! Away with Him! Crucify Him! Shall I Crucify your King? Pilate asked. We have no King but Caesar, replied the Chief Priests. Then Pilate handed Jesus over to be Crucified, and the Soldiers took Him away.’

Back then, there was Herod who proclaimed himself to be the ‘King of the Jews’. As the ‘Refurbisher’ of the Temple, he saw himself as the sort of Pseudo Priest or Prophet of Israel as much. Nonetheless, he was a Type of the False Prophet that likewise will be in place at Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming, the 2nd Beast. The Bible foretells that the False Prophet will guide all the World in Worship to the AntiChrist, the 1st Beast through a Mark of the Beast System.

Perhaps the Jews will accept this ‘Messiah’ coming in his own ‘Name’ because this figure will be the one that will Sanction the rebuilding of the Jewish 3rd Temple and allow for the Animal Sacrificial System to commence. The coming False Prophet will be as Herod was to Cesar Augustus, in so much as Herod, the False ‘King of the Jews’ had Direct Dealings in Sanctioning the Renovation of the Temple and its Sacrificial Jurisdiction during Christ’s Time.

It must have been Heart-Breaking for Jesus Christ as He wept over the Condition His Nation, His City and His House, the Temple. Jesus Christ was and is the Rightful Heir, Prophet, Priest and King. Yet His House, City and Nation were utterly Usurped by a Luciferian False Kingdom, Prophet, Priests and King. Such were the Conditions then as they will possibly soon be now. There will be in Israel a False ‘Prophet’ and ruled over by a False ‘King’ sanctioned by a False ‘God’ of Rome.

It will be no different in the Last Days as the Biblical Events depicts a Time when the False Prophet will direct all Temple Worship to the Antichrist. This ‘Unholy Trinity’ will eventually attempt to Destroy YHVH’s People, both Jews and those that become Christians during the Tribulation Period. At some point, according to the Words of Jesus from the Olivet Discourse, the AntiChrist will command the Daily Sacrifices to Cease from the Temple as Christ referenced the Prophecy of Daniel in this Account.

The False Prophet will facilitate the False Messiah entering where, ‘he should not be’, the Holy of Holies of the rebuilt Temple. This coming False Messiah of Israel will stand and thereafter sit himself upon the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant to proclaim his Divinity and demand Worship from Israel and the World. Both will be in Conjunction with Lucifer, the ‘Unholy Trinity’ to oversee the Daily Sacrifices and Holy Libations of the 3rd Temple.

They will seek to funnel Israel and the World’s Worship and Adoration to the Beast or Lucifer by Proxy. For such deeds will both the AntiChrist and the False Prophet be thrown Alive into the Lake of Fire at Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming. Why this Condition will be accepted by Israel and the World, in part will occur because of the Lie that will be believed after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ at the Conclusion of the Church Age, when that takes place with the Resurrection-Rapture Event.

However, it will only be at the Mid-Point of the Confirmed Covenant that sanctioned such Practices of the Daily Sacrifices, that many Observant Jews will realize the Luciferian Conspiracy and flee to Petra. Then the Disappearance of Millions of Christians, might be used as a ‘Sign’ for Israel.

In part it will no doubt, be used as an Explanation due to the Spiritual Void left in the World. It will be met by the False Prophet and AntiChrist that will Replace the Spiritual Void with their Luciferian Religion. It will be brought out in the Open as Albert Pike Predicted. The other Reason is that the Days on Earth just prior to when Christ will come back will be characterized by a situation that was present also amongst YHVH’s People during Jesus’ Ministry.

This Condition was characterized by Spiritual Blindness, a Falling Away, Political Division. It may be the case that before the above Scenarios can possibly occur, the Convergence of Prophecy involving the 3rd ‘Prophetic Key’ of the Olivet Discourse has to come to pass. It is the building of the Holy Temple that has to happen sometime after the Rapture. Jesus in the Olivet Discourse did actually say to ‘watch for these 3 specific ‘Prophetic Keys’ in relation to the Heavenly Bodies.

If one takes the precept that the Bible discloses in that the Creator was Jesus Christ, then this Statement is true from the very beginning of Creation. YHVH in Genesis declares that the Sun, Moon and Stars are for ‘Signs’ and for Appointed Times or Feasts. These Signs thus confirm ‘prophecy’ and Jesus’ very own Words by the mere fact that they come from the Celestial Schedule of the Creator. YHVH’s Prophetic Time Marker: Israel Jesus Christ reprimanded the of Israel’s Religious Rabbinical Leadership as being ‘Blind Guides’. Such were able to discern the Sky but not as it relates to the Prophetic Time of the coming Day of Jesus Christ’s 1st Visitation.

This would be a Dire and Tragic Mistake to be repeated by the whole Body of Christ if the Heavenly Signs of the End Times are Ignored. But for the most part, they will be. Followers of Jesus Christ cannot afford to miss the ‘Signs’ of YHVH, as they pertain to the Sun, Moon and Stars. They are as a Secondary Witness to Biblical Prophecy. The People of YHVH will truly ‘Perish for lack of Knowledge’. Such are not Awake and Aware of what the ‘Prophetic Time’ it is, or the Season. They could by Watching the Heavens for Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars.

Although the Message and Discourse of Christ to His Disciples on the Mount of Olives was to Israel, much can be inferred by Omission concerning the Church, the Body of Christ. There is much Confusion in the Body of Christ regarding the Olivet Discourse as it has been made to ‘fit’ a Rapture Paradigm and Schedule that ‘No one knows the Day or the Hour’, etc. For one, Christ is addressing Israel, not the Church in the context of His 2nd Coming.

The ‘No one knows the Day or the Hour’ clause is not about the Rapture. This was the very Reason for the Discourse in that the Question was prompted by the very Admiration of the ongoing Renovation to the 2nd Temple that led to the Question of when the Kingdom would be established. As it pertains to the Olivet Discourse, one of the specific Questions the Disciples asked of Jesus was when would the End of the Age be. Christ Responded, in part by referencing the Sun, Moon and Stars, in the context of Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple.

It follows then that Jesus’ Answer to them presupposes and involves such an understanding of the Times by taking note of the Celestial Signs in the Sky. This ‘Watching’ of the Celestial Schedule was specifically given to Israel to be in Tandem with the 3 ‘Prophetic Keys’. Israel was to have been part of the Vigilance as a Watcher in Anticipation of Jesus’ 1st Advent. The 2nd Advent should be no less with End Time Disciples.

Thus, Key Celestial Events like Comets, Tetrads, Eclipses will correlate, in part to Spiritual and/or Political Events in regard to Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and are of utmost Importance to take note of and to Investigate. Tetrads have occurred throughout the Centuries since Jesus Christ and History has occurred regardless of their Relevance.

There might be possible Prophetic Significance, much less ‘Biblical’ Implications as far as Israel is concerned. However, in terms of Biblical Prophecy, some Amazing Events are about to happen in this Last Generation in reference to such Celestial Signs. According to Jesus’ Account from the Olivet Discourse, the coming Point in Time regarding the Biblical Convergence of Prophecy will be a Culmination of various Unprecedented World Events.

In part, the Olivet Discourse even described the Earth as entering into a State of Convulsion with ‘Roars of the Waves’, Earthquakes, leading-up to Jesus’ Return etc. When these events start to happen, it will be like Birth-Pangs of a Woman in Labor about to give Birth. At times, these events will be so Horrific that it will be on a Global Scale that they have not been seen before by Human Beings.

Although many aspects of Biblical Prophecy are in dispute as to when they are going to occur or have or will is mere Conjecture; the Premise still remains the same. This Premise is that Israel is at the Center of the World’s Eye of the Prophetic Storms coming upon Earth; Jerusalem is a Cup of Trembling as Isaiah 51 states and the Temple Mount is the most Contested Piece of Real Estate on Earth. Nonetheless, the most notable up-and-coming Biblical Prophecies to occur are the Rapture, the Psalm 83 War, the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple, Ezekiel 39 War and the Battle of Armageddon.

The Exact Timing and Sequence of these Events are not given but certain Clues and Signs were laid-out by Christ Himself as to the Circumstances and Composition of the 3 ‘Prophetic Keys’ given to His Disciples during the Olivet Discourse. The Reemergence of Israel on the Map of the World is the most Profound Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy in Modern History. This was a Prophetic Fulfillment, in this Generation no less corresponding to the 1st ‘Prophetic Key’ of the Olivet Discourse.

As it pertains to November 29, 1947, this day was when the U.N. after World War 2 passed and adopted the Palestinian Partition Plan. It was Rejected by the Palestinians but nonetheless, this in effect established Israel as a De-Facto State. Then about 5 Months later on the Shavuot Sabbath Evening of May 14, 1948 the Infant Nation declared its Independence to make good on the UN’s Resolution.

Prophetic Warnings
Not less than 1 Day Old, Israel’s Birth as foretold by Isaiah 66 had occurred, Israel had to Fight for her very Existence. Israel defended herself against 7 well-equipped Islamic Armies that came upon her. It was as if they were the 7-Headed Red Dragon of the Great Sign of Virgo in an attempt to ‘Abort’ the Man-Child.

This Regathering of the Exiles of Israel back to the Promised Land is the Center Piece and fulfillment of the Fig Tree Prophecy. This sets in motion the ‘Turning’ of the 3 ‘Prophetic Keys’ for the final foretold Restitution of Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple that in turn corresponds to the Tetrads of 1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15. This last In-Gathering of the Exiles constituted the 3rd and last Regathering before the Advent of Jesus Christ.

Messiah’s 1st Coming
1. For your People and for your Holy City      Passover                     Christ as the Lamb
2. To finish the transgression                          U. Bread                      Christ crucified
3. To make an end of sins                              First Fruits                   Christ resurrected

(Church Age)

4. To make reconciliation for iniquity              Pentecost                    Body of Christ

Messiah’s 2nd Coming
5. To bring in everlasting righteousness         Rosh HaShanah         Christ as the Lion
6. To seal up vision and prophecy                  Yom Kippur                 Christ anointed King
7. And to anoint the Most Holy                       Sukkot                         Christ sets up Temple

This Last Regathering of the Jews is part of the 7-Fold Fulfillment of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years Blueprint given in Daniel 9:24. It is a Prophecy that pertained to Israel and related to the rest of the World. What this means is that the Rebirth of Israel as a Nation in 1948 will have Israel in the Land to never be Exiled again. The Prophecy that is yet to be completed as outlined in the Prophecy given to Daniel is about to be completed within this present Generation. The Prophetic Outline given to Daniel is as follows. A 70 Weeks of Years have been determined. It can be seen as the Menorah Pattern of Prophetic Time based on Daniel 9:24.

In the Olivet Discourse of Luke 21, Jesus instructs His Followers on what ‘Biblical Prophecy’ is. Biblical Prophecy is founded upon and should be referenced to Christ’s 2nd Coming. To reiterate, the Prophetic Parameters pertain to watching the Nation of Israel, the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. This is the Tetrad Template Theory in the exact Sequence but in Reverse Order.

The 3 Blood Moon Tetrads since 1949 are Mirroring the Restoration of all things according to Christ’s Prophetic Pattern disclosed to Daniel in Daniel 9:24. The Olivet Discourse was a Warning to the Jews to be ready to Flee when such conditions became a reality such as Armies surrounding Jerusalem. Again, the Discourse was given to Israel and not to the Church.

This is one Reason why the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is Pre-Tribulation. These Judgments fell upon the Nation of Israel because of Unbelief. Israel did not accept Jesus as Messiah and as a result, Great Judgment came upon YHVH’s People, the Jews of that Time. This same Scenario will occur with the AntiChrist. It was the Christians that ‘Took Flight’ and were led ‘up’ to the Hills when the Roman Armies surrounded Jerusalem in 70 AD. YHVH promised in His Mercy and Unconditional Promise to Abraham to always leave a ‘Remnant’ and Re-Gather the Exiles back to the Land of Israel.

Jesus thus gave His Followers the Prophetic Clues that would start with the Destruction of the Temple but start the fulfillment of Daniel’s Prophecy when Israel was to ‘Bud’ again in the End. This Re-Gathering occurred as the State of Israel was Resurrected out of the Valley of Dry Bones after the Holocaust and Near Extinction of World War 2. As Nazi Germany was Systematically Eroding the Civil Liberties of its Citizens through False Flag Incidents, Wars, Patriot Acts, and Gun Registrations, YHVH’s People in particular the Jews were the intended Victims.

It is the same today for the Followers of Jesus. They had their Perception of who they were changed by the Controlled Media who portrayed them as public ‘Enemies of the State’ in preparation for the ‘Final Solution’. This is now happening to the Christians, Gun Owners and Constitutionalists, etc. The Warning Signs were all around as some took heed and were able to leave Germany. Many stayed because either they could not or would not. The same Blueprint is being presently Orchestrated for a coming Worldwide Christian Holocaust.

It should serve as a Warning to the Body of Christ that in the Last Days. As the World seeks to do away with ‘Christmas’ The Rapture will play a part in the Collapse of the Society, the Economy and Government of the USA in particular and the World. As a major Concentration of the World’s Christians are in the United States, the Rapture will also create, not only a Spiritual Vacuum but a Political and Economic one as well.

The successive Presidential Administrations, especially since 9-11 have escalated a Fear-Mongering Agenda using a False ‘War on Terror’ to eventually initiate their New World Order, Police State and New Beast System Economy. How much faster will it be if the Restrainer is removed to allow the Spirit of AntiChrist, Full Dominance?  In the U.S., Christians are now Categorized as ‘Terrorists’ by the Pentagon. Street Preachers are now openly harassed by the Local Police and Arrested and on and on.

Any Public Moral Stance on such issues as the Definition of Marriage or Sexual Orientation is scrutinized by the Luciferian Globalists owned and controlled Media and Hollywood. Persecution of Christians in the USA has gotten to the point that School Age Children are banned from giving Biblically Inspired Essays or Presentations at their Schools. Private Business Owners are now being ordered by the Courts to Render Services to People that go against their Religious Stance and Convictions. In California, University Religious Clubs are Un-Recognized, etc.

Preludes to Persecution
In the USA, the objective of all the Jesus Haters is to Disarm and Silence Christians by nullifying their Constitutional Right to Freedom of Religion and Free Speech. Such Laws are neither Moral nor Constitutional. The eventual intent of the current Political and Social Satanic Ploy, especially in the US,A will be to set-up the Christians of the World for a coming Persecution.

The Persecution will be geared towards anyone for not going along with the AntiChrist’s New World Order Agenda. Bible-believing Christians are already seen as those that hinder ‘Progress’, like with the Implementation of Agenda 2030 or ‘Global Warming’, etc. The Confiscation of Personal Property or Guns is inevitable.

Like the Jews in Nazi Germany, slowly but surely, Christians will be isolated and targeted to the point that even the whole Nation will turn on them and blamed them for a False Flag Event and deemed them ‘Enemies of the State’. It will not be ‘Politically Correct’ to be a Christian or Preach Sin anymore in the USA or the World.

The Media is being used for this purpose. For example, Christians are portrayed as ‘The Problem’ by Hollywood that is controlled by Luciferians, Masons and Atheists. They are nothing more than Bigoted Racists holding fast to a Discredited System of Beliefs. A Biblically Based Stance or even Opinion on Morality in America is now contrary to what they dictate as the ‘New Morality’.

This Re-Definition of Morality is taught through their ‘Programming’ of the Education System and Media. They foster Main-Stream Decadent Morality that has been designed to implode the Family and Traditional Marriage, for example. The current top 10 Shows glory Witchcraft, Perversion and Lawlessness in the USA.

Like in Rome’s Fall, when the Family Unit disintegrated, so did the Nation’s Morality and the Society thereafter. What is sad is that the vast majority of the Body of Christ, at least in the USA is currently asleep in Wealth and Prosperity or have left their ‘First Love’ in comparison to most other Christians of the World. This is mostly the case in the West as many Christians in the 3rd World are being Systematically Tortured indiscriminately.

Statistically, most Christians in the 3rd World are being Murdered at the Hands of so-called Peaceful Loving Muslims who proclaim to believe in ‘Isa’ or Jesus also. As it pertains to the Main Body of Concentrated Christians within the USA, to be paying attention to the Heavenly Signs as the Olivet Discourse prescribes could Wake-Up the Church and serve as an Alarm.

But these ‘Signs’ are just as much subject to Scrutiny because of Decades of Secularization of the ‘Church’, the Body of Christ. In general, such Knowledge has not been taught in the Church and as a result, the Church is not Sensitive to such Knowledge and Discernment as the Bible exhorts. Christians in the USA, on the whole are being Swept-Up along with the Citizenry that is too Preoccupied, too Distracted with the Cares of Life and Alternative ‘Gospels’.

Like the Laodicean Church, this Present Situation of many Christian Churches is currently the Last Condition of the Body of Christ just before Jesus’ Return. It is one of Total Blindness to the True Spiritual Need and is operating in a Christ-less Form of Christianity. In Nazi Europe, YHVH’s People, the Jews suffered a Great Persecution to the point of Near Extinction because they did not take the ‘Change’.

The Government presented a False ‘Hope’. It is all Façades and a Serious Warning and a Wake-Up Call to realize that those in Power were bent on their Destruction. It was too late by the Time the Jews woke to the Deception that nothing changed, in fact they got more of the same and there was no Hope for them. There is coming a Convergence of Agendas, Christ’s and the AntiChrist’s upon the Unsuspecting World.

Perhaps as the Luciferians are about to build their 3rd Temple, Christ is about to finish His, the ‘Spiritual House’ built of Living Stones. The Stage is almost set for such a Building, as in the West, the current set-up is playing-out now for the Christians of America, as Presidents are bent on winning the ‘War on Christmas’. It is one thing to be opposed to Christians, but the Spirit of AntiChrist seeks to Destroy its Witness.

Many Christians in the US in particular are not paying Attention to what Time it is Prophetically, much less being Prepared to be found Worthy of Escape through the Rapture from the coming Wrath of GOD and of the Lamb. This same Attitude was prevalent in the Days of Jesus. It was the National Rejection of Jesus Christ as Messiah by the Elders of Zion, the Sanhedrin that YHVH’s People were Judged for their Unfaithfulness and Spiritual Blindness.

Such Self-Proclaimed ‘Wise Ones’, of the Jewish Ruling Council were not Looking where they could have, like the Wise Men of the East, in the Stars. The Magi came and followed the Stars of the Christ that appeared in the Sky, Jupiter’s Conjunction with Venus led them to the True Messiah and King of the Jews in Bethlehem. The Sign in the Stars then pertained to Jupiter’s Stationary Period just before starting its Retrograde in the Skies over Bethlehem. The Significance of this event was the Physical Birthing of the King of the Universe; the Creator and All-Powerful LORD YHVH took on Human Flesh.

Jesus as GOD the Son, dwelt among Mortals for the sole Purpose and Mission to become the Last Adam as 1 Corinthians 15:45 states, to make a Payment for Sin. The Mission of the Messiah was to Die to Redeem not only Israel, as promised to Abraham, but for the whole World. The Wise Men of Persia or Magi, from where ‘Magician’ comes from were of the Legacy of the ‘Prophetic School’ of Daniel in Babylon. They understood the Times like the Sons of Issachar.

In the case of the Magi, they were guided by Astronomical Coordinates that led to Jesus, Israel’s Messiah. And this is the point, such ‘Signs’ as the Blood Moon Tetrad do point to Jesus’ 2nd Advent as a possible Prophetic Countdown; they did at His 1st Advent. This is the difference in that Biblical Astronomy is Christ-Centered and Luciferian Astrology is Man-Centered.

Prophetic Blindness
As far as the Sun, Moon and Stars are concerned, such Sequences of The Tetrads do declare the ‘Glory of GOD’. This Type of Astronomy presented in this Book, will corroborate with the Biblical Prophecy and will hopefully lead one to Christ like the Magi did. Because Israel missed Readings, such a Celestial Sign, caused Israel to also Reject Jesus Christ as the True Messiah. This resulted in the Diaspora that lasted just over 1900 Years. Precisely it was 1948 Years since 70 AD, on Israel’s 70th Anniversary. Israel’s Spiritual Blindness and the ‘Bad Report’ of Jesus Christ, in their Estimation, were no different.

It was like that of the Bad Report by the 10 Spies of the Promised Land during the Time of Moses in the Exodus. Israel, in like manner, experienced another Prophetic ’40-Year’ Testing in the Wilderness Journey amongst the Nations of the World, but not before the 2nd Temple would first be Destroyed. Jesus thus emphatically Admonished His Disciples through the Olivet Discourse to ‘Watch’….to Watch and see Israel as a Fig Tree in particular.

It was in their Generation of Jesus and His Disciples that the ‘Fig Tree’ was ‘Cut Off’. Due to Israel’s Spiritual Blindness and Sin, it allowed for the Grafting-In of the Gentiles. This was also foretold would happen and the way YHVH used the Circumstances to bless the Nations as promised to Abraham. Thus, it has been in this Present Generation that it has come Alive again.

Christ admonished His People to Watch Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount in the context of the Signs given in the Sun, Moon and Stars. It will be for these specific Reasons of Treason, Unbelief and Unfaithfulness that Christ Jesus will deal with Israel during the Tribulation Period or as it is alternately referred to as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

Christ will deal, there and then with the Blindness and Unfaithfulness of His Nation, Israel as did Moses and Elijah during their Ministries. In many respects, the Body of Christ is in much the same Condition Spiritually as Israel was to have them miss the similar Celestial Signs of their Day.

The Church of Christ needs to realize the Closeness of the End of the Church Age and the coming Wrath of the Lamb. The Tetrad series since 1949-50, was a ‘Sign’ for these Last Days. Many Christians would argue that those looking toward the Tetrads are no better than those that are seeking a ‘Sign’ and are thus of an ‘Adulterous Generation’. Here is the answer.

During the Church Age, the 2 primary ‘Witnesses’ have been the WORD of GOD, the Bible and the Empowering of the Holy Spirit Indwelling Individual Followers of Christ. The Sun, Moon and Stars are Tertiary ‘Witnesses’. It is important to emphasize that Biblical Prophecy that is referenced to possible Celestial Occurrences should be measured against the Primary Source which is the Bible. It should go Hand-in-Hand with the Discernment of the Holy Spirit.

Celestial Witnesses
And also, Followers of Jesus Christ have the Mind of Christ per 1 Corinthians 2:16. This Spiritual Decrement is very important because Christians need to Understand that the coming AntiChrist will himself be accompanied by Counterfeit Witnesses of ‘Signs and Wonders.’ These False Witnesses will thus also involve the Heavens and possible Celestial Bodies like the very same Sun, Moon and Stars. For example, the Bible states that the AntiChrist will cause ‘Fire’ to come down from Heaven as Elijah did.

The False Prophet will cause a Dead Statue of the AntiChrist to be Animated and Speak even from the Temple. It is important for the Body of Christ to have a Discerning Mind and Heart as there has been a lot of Disinformation put out to Confuse and Discourage Christians that are led Astray by False Signs that are not Biblically based. Any other Extra-Biblical Nuances as Signs and Wonders should only confirm the Bible.

For the Jews in the Last Days, the Bible speaks of how the LORD will send the 2 Witnesses to deal with this very issue of Israel’s Spiritual Blindness and Unfaithfulness. If the 2 Witnesses are possibly Moses and Elijah, as some purport, such will validate the 3rd ‘Prophetic Key’ of the Olivet Discourse in that their Ministries will be centered on the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. They will perform the same 10 Miracles or Judgments upon the AntiChrist as the 10 Plagues came upon Pharaoh in Egypt.

This is one of the Reasons why in Revelation 11:8 Jerusalem is referred to as ‘Egypt’ as the AntiChrist will be treated as Pharaoh was during the Time of the Exodus. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble or the Great Tribulation can be seen as YHVH Witnessing against Israel’s Spiritual Blindness and Unfaithfulness. YHVH’s Converging Prophecies are in a sense, a Witnessing that will conclude as some interpret the Biblical Sequences, when the LORD calls Israel and all the Nations to the Valley of Jezreel.

This place is in Northern Israel where the 2nd to the Last Battle for Planet Earth, the Battle of Armageddon will take place. It will be much like when Elijah summed all of Israel and the World for that matter to the ‘Valley of Decision’ to Battle the False Prophets of Jezebel in 1 Kings 19. It was a Time and Place where a Spiritual Showdown of the Universal Forces of Good and Evil occurred; to ‘Witness’ which ‘God’ was GOD.

To this end YHVH will again summon all of Israel and all the Nations of the World to this very Valley of Megiddo for the very same purpose, once and for all.It will be at this Time and Place when the Jews will see Jesus Christ, the ‘One whom they have Pierced’ as the True Messiah and LORD as Zechariah 12:10 states. Jesus’ Return will be a physical one, on a White Horse with the Armies of Heaven behind Him that is the Glorified Saints or the Bride of Christ.

At that time, all Prophecy will Converge as the Son of GOD will come to Wage War and take His ‘Vengeance’ upon all those in Allegiance with Lucifer and his AntiChrist and False Prophet. It was at the Ascension of Christ that Angels appeared thereafter to Witness and confirmed to the Disciples that in the same way Jesus went-up or was Raptured, would come back down.

Prophetic Signs Converging
But not before Jesus will have His Vestments dipped in the Blood of those gathered in the Valley of Armageddon as Grapes gathered for the Wine Press of His Divine Wrath. This ‘Touchdown’ will be on the very Spot on Earth, on the Mount of Olives across the Temple Mount to the Eastside where Jesus Prophetically gave the Olivet Discourse. But until then, there are still some Major Prophetic Events yet to take place 1st.

Such Prophetic Events are the Rapture, the 3rd Temple, the Psalm 83 War, the Gog-Magog War I, and the Battle of Armageddon as some interpret the End Times, etc. These Events are leading-up to that Climax Point of the 2nd Coming of Christ. The events leading-up to this Day of the LORD might be explained in so much as the Tetrad Template Theory is part of such a Prophetic Sequence. Even so, the Prophetic Signs in the heavens surrounding the aftermath of the Blood Moon Tetrad Series since the 1949-50 Time Frame appear to be Converging.

The emphasis is on the year 2025, as that is when several Timelines converge. The Decrement of when the actual 7-Year Week of Years per Daniel does appear that a culmination of Biblical Prophecy is about to Converge regarding the 3rd ‘Prophetic Key’ of the Olivet Discourse Blueprint for the many Reasons. This will be the coming 3rd Temple from where the Daily Sacrifices will once again be initiated and performed and not seen since 70 AD.

The Rapture will be the Signal of the End of the Construction of the Spiritual Temple. The Synchronized Time could thus result in a Beginning of another Time to be building the Physical Temple. There are at least 10 Extraordinary Prophetic ‘Signs’ or Reasons that this study presents to support why the Tetrad Template Theory is singular amongst any prior Tetrad Series since Christ. The 10 Prophetic Reasons presented in this study are based on various Astronomical Calculations and Biblical Patterns.

The Prophetic Signs presented in this study support the Notion that there is relevance to the Celestial Signs since 1948. It pertains to the Biblical Prophecy concerning the building of the 3rd Temple. This study proposes that the Tetrad Sequence, in particular, was a Key Factor in the Prophetic Countdown to the Rapture event and perhaps the start of the construction for the 3rd Temple.

Perhaps the Year 2025 will see a Convergence of a tangible Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled. Based on the 10-Year Countdown from the last 3 Tetrads of 1949-50 and 1967-68. This study Postulates that after the 3rd Tetrad of 2014-15 will correspond to the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple that will occur 10 Years later. Why 10 Years? The Number 10 Denotes ‘The Law’ as in the 10 Commandments.

In one’s Prophetic Assessment, this is what is the Covenant that is to be ‘Confirmed’. It will be the Mosaic Law as that is what Israel will then be under. And for the Gentile World? There will be the Noahide Laws. And the 1stt Commandment is to have, ‘No other Gods and God is 1’. This means that for those Christians that believe in the Trinity, that will be a Death Sentence, punishable by Decapitation.

Israel: 1st Key of the Olivet Discourse

It is in the Books. So, when will the 3ed Temple be rebuilt? This is to possibly occur within a 7-Year Span of Time based on the Sabbatical Cycle. But not on a Shemitah Count. One believes there is a 3.5 Year offset. So, the Reconstitution of the 3rd Temple will be based on the Event that occurred in 2018. This was the Rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice that all but assures the construction of the 3rd Temple will follow. This next Segment of this study will elaborate on the 3 ‘Prophetic Keys’ of the Olivet Discourse that specifically corresponds to Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple.

This study strongly suggests that the Conditions in Israel in the Last Days will be as they were during the Olivet Discourse given by Jesus Himself of the 1st Century when the 2nd Temple stood. In particular, the 3rd Prophetic Key corresponding to the 3rd Temple is the Prophecy that is yet to be completed and required before Jesus can return. This study suggests that this 3rd Aspect of these Conditions has to exist at the Time of the LORD’s 2nd Coming as it was when they existed at Jesus’ 1st Coming. As to the 1st ‘Prophetic Key’ of the Olivet Discourse Framework, the End of the Diaspora and return to the Land of Israel, Eretz Yisrael was accomplished with the U.N. Partition Plan of November 29, 1947. This led to Israel’s Declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948 on Pentecost as some calculate it.

The U.N. Admittance of Membership of Israel into the Community of Nations occurred on November 5, 1949, in the Year of the Tetrad. The 2nd Prophetic Key dealing with Jerusalem’s Destruction occurred in the 6-Day War when the Jews captured the Old City to include the Temple Mount on which the Temples stood. Since 1967, Israel has yet to construct its 3rd Temple. The Jews returned from the 3rd Diaspora to their own Legal and Sovereign Nation’s Name of Israel after World War 2. This was no less the 1st Prophetic Key of the Olivet Discourse that was ‘Turned’ Metaphorically and fulfilled.

The Tetrads of 1949-50, 1967-68 and 2014-15 should be seen as Prophetic because Israel since 70 AD did not ‘exist’ as a Sovereign Jewish Nation until after World War 2. This Prophetic Milestone is the Budding of the Fig Tree and is the most important Biblical Fulfillment in Modern Times or the ‘Last Days’ as some would rather describe it.

This Rebirth of Israel as foretold in Isaiah 66 has set the Stage for the Inevitable Convergence of the next 2 ‘Prophetic Keys’ that correspond to the Tetrads of 1967-68 and 2014-15. Jesus foretold of His People’s Diaspora of Israel in the context of the Olivet Discourse. The Messiah described how Jerusalem was to be Surrounded and Destroyed. Also, that none of the Stones of the 2nd Temple would be left unturned.

This is specifically pertaining to the Temple Platform. There was to be a coming Judgment and Destruction and eventual Expulsion of the Jews from Judea and Samaria. The Romans would later set-up a Temple of Jupiter on the Temple Mount and call the lands of Israel, ‘Palestina’ out of spite for the Jewish Uprising against Imperial Rome. Like the Assyrians and the Babylonians before the Romans, a Remnant of Jewish Settlers would always be allowed to remain to inhabit the Land to a minimal extent. It would consist of those too Poor, Sick and Old to travel.

Jerusalem: 2nd Key of the Olivet Discourse
This was the Judgment of Israel for having Rejected Jesus Christ as the True Messiah and having been Sold as Joseph was by his very own Brothers. The 2nd ‘Prophetic Key’ that has also been turned corresponded to the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. However, the Old City would eventually be recaptured during the 6-Day War on Pentecost, as some have calculated it in 1967.The 2nd ‘Prophetic Key’ thus correlates to the part of the Olivet Discourse in which Christ foretold that Jerusalem would be surrounded by Armies.

In this context, the manner in which Jerusalem was Surrounded during the Siege of 70 AD provides some interesting Correlations Astronomically and Militarily. Perhaps such a pattern could very well be Prophetically Repeated with the Armies of the AntiChrist that are to come when such an Army will again be surrounding Jerusalem during the Tribulation Period.

This 2nd ‘Prophetic Key’, of Jerusalem corresponds to the 2nd Tetrad of 1967-68 Pattern as Postulated by this study. It follows the Sequence of how the Romans 1st Destroyed the Temple as they were camped across on the Mount of Olives in 70 AD. Prophetically this Military Campaign was initiated from perhaps the very same Spot Jesus gave His Olivet Discourse of the Prophetic Keys and Blueprint for Israel’s eventual Restitution and Reconciliation with Himself as the Builders rejected the ‘Stone’ as the Messiah of Israel.

Spiritually Speaking, this is the Mode of Operation of Lucifer as he seeks always to Usurp the Place of Prophecy and Revelation. Lucifer and his ‘Builders’, in League with the corrupt Synagogues of Satan filled with the supposed ‘Learned Elders of Zion’ will seek to overrun, overtake the Hallowed Ground that rightly belongs to all this Sanctified and Consecrated for the Witness of YHVH and His Christ.

There were 4 Roman Legions surrounding the Walls of Jerusalem, the Walls were eventually breached on the 9th of Av as the Romans converged from the Anatolia Fortress that was adjacent to the Temple Mount. It was from that point and time that the Roman Legions ransacked their way to the Temple and City thereafter leaving no Stone of the Temple Mount upon another.

It is speculated that the Roman Army wanted to Plunder all the Gold of the Temple. In an attempt to maintain the Integrity of the Temple for Spoil, in haste a Torch was nevertheless thrown into the Holies that melted the Gold into the very Crevasses of all the Temple Platform Stones. Thus, to get at the Gold, no Stone was left upon another by the Roman Army.

More than that, the Romans wanted to Symbolically Drive a ‘Knife’ at the Heart of Jewish Resistance and Symbol of Sovereignty and what little they had to do with the Temple Worship Services. The Romans were plagued with Jewish Revolts and Attacks since 66 AD and wanted, once and for all deal with the Jewish Symbol of Sovereignty. Titus, the Prince of Rome at the Time surrounded Jerusalem with 4 Legions.

The most prominent one was the V (5th) named Macedonica to the North, then the XII (12th) named Fulminata in the West, the XV (15th) named Apollinaris on the Southern side and the X (10th) named Fretensis on the Mount of Olives to the East. This Layout has Echoes of how the AntiChrist, the ‘Prince that will also come’ at the End of Days will likewise maneuver his New World Order Armies and make his Encampment in the ‘Beautiful Land’ per Daniel 11:40.

It is Prophetic in how the Spirit and Connotations of the AntiChrist were employed even in the very Standards of the Roman Legions that bore their Names. As it was with Nebuchadnezzar, the destruction of the 2nd Temple of YHVH on Earth was allowed by YHVH because of its ‘Abomination and Desolations’ at the Hands of His People. YHVH’s People, the Jews failed to maintain it and Honor it as told to the Leaders of Israel by Jesus of the Parable of the Wicked Husbandrymen in Luke 20:9.

YHVH allowed the Armies of Rome, as He will with the Armies of the False AntiChrist Messiah, to Encircle and Encamp around His Sanctuary. This by the way Mirrors the same Luciferian assault on Heaven as described in the Book of Revelation chapter 12. The Future Encampment of Jerusalem will be because of the coming Abomination of Desolation the Prophet Daniel speaks about will occur with the AntiChrist after the Temple is rebuilt.

The Roman Legion Configuration surrounding Jerusalem exemplifies this Spirit of AntiChrist that is even now at work in and through the ‘Sons of Disobedience’, as the Bible states. This Event will be orchestrated by Lucifer in collaboration with one of his Mighty Fallen Angel and/or Strongmen of Lucifer. Then Demonic Entities will be allowed to Rise once again from the Bottomless Pit as foretold by Revelation 9:2.

His Name is Apollyon or Apollo that is currently in Chains in the Tartarus. This Demon General is believed to be one of the Titan ‘Kings’ or Fallen Angels that left their 1st Estate during the Time of Enoch. He will be released to summon the Armies of the Nations to surround Jerusalem once again, as the Romans did and perhaps in the same Astronomical Configuration. The Roman Legion’s Standard or ‘Ensigns’ Configuration around Jerusalem are as follows.

1. NORTH - Macedonica V (5th): Eagle
The Standard of the Macedonian Legion encamped to the North of Jerusalem was the Eagle. The Preeminent Legion was named after the place in Macedonia where Alexander the Great came from. Alexander the Great was a type of the AntiChrist to come with its Symbol of an Eagle. Rome adopted this Ensign as its Imperial Ensign. Alexander the Great was considered a ‘god’ and Reincarnation of Apollo and Died in Babylon at the Age of 33.

2. SOUTH - Apollinaris XV: Man (Griffin)
The Standard of the Apollinaris Legion encamped to the South of Jerusalem was a bust of Apollo, the Man. Apollo was considered to be more than a mere Man but the ‘Son of the Gods’. His other Emblem is the Griffin. This other Emblem was also used to denote a Beast with Wings as an Angel. The Bible describes the AntiChrist as a Beast as is Apollyon, a Fallen Demonic Angel that will devour as such, the Destroyer.

3. WEST - Fulminata XII (7th): Lion (Lightning)
The Standard of the Fulminata Legion encamped to the West of Jerusalem had a Lightning Rod as its Emblem. It represented the Power of the ‘King of the Gods’ Zeus as in Royalty of a Lion, the King of the Beasts. Or it represented the Power of Fire and thus, the Giver of Fire to Mankind - Apollo as the Light Bearer, Lucifer.

4. EAST - Fretensis X (10th): Bull
The Standard for the Fretensis Legions encamped to the East of Jerusalem was the Bull, the Symbol of Venus. In this case it is ascribed to Lucifer, the ‘Morning Star’ of Apollo.


Prophetically, the Encampment of the 4 Roman Legions Mirrored the 4 Celestial Quadrants of how the Hebrew Encampment was laid out around the Tabernacle in the Wilderness during the Times of Moses. This amazing Configuration in turn was a copy of the layout of the very Throne Room of YHVH in Heaven itself and Reflecting the 4 Celestial Points and the 4 Living Creatures, etc.

The 12 Tribes of the Israelites had their Divisions designated around the Tabernacle of Moses by sets of 3 in the same Prophetic and Military Pattern. Like as the Throne of YHVH in Heaven, the 4 Sides of the Tabernacle of Moses Mirror the 4 Living Creatures and the 4 Standard Bearers of the Tribes of Israel. The 4 Roman Legions Mirrored the 4 Living Creatures and the Hebrew Encampment around the Tabernacle of Moses with the Exception of the East-West Axis being Reversed.

The Prominent Tribe bore the Standard that corresponded to the 4 Celestial Astronomical Signs in the Heavens, the Lion, the Bull, the Man and the Eagle. The Standards or ‘Symbol’ of each Tribe of Israel Grouping are as follows.

Direction       Motif             Tribe
1. North        - the Eagle:   Dan
2. South        - the Man:     Ruben
3. West         - the Bull:      Ephraim
4. East          - the Lion:     Judah

Could the Future Scenario also play-out with the New World Order Armies of the AntiChrist in the coming Encirclement of Jerusalem? The 4 Celestial Points of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth are as follows. The difference is that the East-West Axis is Inverted; As Above, So Below.

1. North           - Scorpio or Eagle guards Golden Gate or of God
2. East             - Aquarius the Man
3. West            - Leo the Lion
4. South          -Taurus the Bull guards the Silver Gate or of Man

As the Romans were the Successors of this ‘Spirit and Power of Apollo’ or Apollyon, as in Alexander the Great’s Army and Empire, the Western Europeans and the USA in particular are the successors to the Roman Military’s Protocols and Structure. Army Infantries could be incorporated as Players under an AntiChrist led U.N., NATO or New World Order ‘Super Army’ that eventually 1 Day will be led by the coming Prince

It will be as Titus did and surround Jerusalem as the Olivet Discourse foretells. So, perhaps a future 4 Army Division could possibly be either used or incorporated in the very similar Configuration when the Armies of the False Messiah Prince surrounds Jerusalem and the Temple as disclosed by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse. Note that as to the Destruction of the 2nd Temple in AD 70, about 4 Years prior to that event, Comet Haley was in the Sky as recorded by the Historian Josephus and others of the day.

It was reported to have appeared like a ‘Sword’ and over Jerusalem. Many were keen to observe that event and were able to discern that it was a clear Harbinger of a Bad Omen the signaled a coming Bloodshed and War. What came to pass was that around 66 AD, (66.5 + 3.5 years = 70) the Jewish Revolt started and a Countdown to the Destruction of the 2nd Temple culminated on the 9th of Av, 70 AD.

Many speculate that Comets, in a similar fashion have been Heralding a Mirrored Pattern for the coming Temple’s Reconstruction, as a Comet might ‘Accent’ the Rebuilding of the 3rd Temple, perhaps. Perhaps there is a 3.5-year countdown like in 70 AD would put the time frame of the possible Rededication of the 3rd Temple as Comet Haley was for the 2nd Temple in its destruction. Interestingly, 666 days from the Perihelion of Comet ISON on November 29, 2013 corresponded to September 25, 2015, right in between Yom Kippur and Sukkot in 2015.

The last of the Blood Moons of the Tetrad of 2015 also occurred on September 28, 2015. It was on a Super Moon and marked the End of the Triple Tetrad Pattern that began in 1949. As to 1947, the first lighting of the 8 Candles of Hanukah started on December 7, 1947. It was 8 Days after the UN voted on the Partition Plan that created Israel as a De Facto Nation. This Date was on November 29, 1947. The Number 8 in Biblical context always denotes New Beginnings.

The Partition Plan was never implemented as the Muslims rejected the Conditions. Thereafter the Israel declared its Independence on May 14, 1948. This was exactly 333 days, excluding the End Date from the Tetrad of April 13, 1949. This particular 1st Blood Moon of April 13, 1949 happened to be a Central Blood Moon meaning it also could be seen from Jerusalem. It also occurred on a Wednesday, Mid-Week.

Moreover, from when Israel was officially recognized and admitted into the Family of Nations by the UN on November 5, 1949, it was exactly 29 Days from the 2nd Blood Moon Tetrad of October 7, 1949. And? It was the same as 1 Lunar Cycle of difference. Thus the 3rd ‘Prophetic Key’ of Restoration that of the 3rd Temple is what is left to be fulfilled.

The Rededication of the 3rd Temple based on such Tetrad Patterns could be such an Association, in one’s Interpretation of such 3 Tetrads. What is fascinating is that the Temple Institute is ready to go with all the Holy Utensils for the Priestly Services. Such have been Highly Trained and are ready to start the Animal Sacrificial Worship System once again. All that is needed is the Ark of the Covenant and the Temple to house it.

Temple Mount: 3rd Key of the Olivet Discourse
In reality, all that is needed is the Altar on the Temple Mount. With this, the Daily Sacrifices can technically commence. There is no need for a Temple or Ark of the Covenant necessarily, however they are the Signets of Israel’s Lost Glory and will be re-implemented as such. These 2 items, if brought together by the coming New World Order leader ‘Prince’ would be Heralded as the ‘Messiah’ indeed.

As Celestial Signs, Comets, Blood Moons, and eclipses have occurred, this study postulates that the Temple is to be dedicated perhaps on the proclamation of a specific Feast Day of YHVH. This Scenario would come along with the possible Designation of how such a Prophetic Time would have to correlate to a new 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle.

And as noted, the Year 2022 would started the new Sabbath Cycle. However, one believes there is a 3.5 Year Gap, from 2022 to 2025. Nonetheless, this means that the Rapture Event has to occur prior. Eventually, the World Political and Religious Situation in the Middle East will be such a possible Biblical Event, that the Muslim World will 1 Day wake-up to see the 3rd Jewish Temple.

This event could thus facilitate the eventual Construction of the 3rd Temple. It could be as a result of the Rapture, the Economic Collapse, a War or Treaty that would allow for the Secular Nation of Israel to afford such a Religious Undertaking that is sensitive to the Islamic Dome of the Rock. This Assertion is not dogmatic but only a possible probability based on the Olivet Discourse 3 ‘Prophetic Key’ Patterns. Many Jews associated with the rebuilding efforts of the 3rd Temple state that, in one estimation, the Temple will require only several Months to rebuilt.

This would then allow for a waiting Period in how the Ashes of the Red Heifer have to be Procured and then Applied to the entire Temple Mount. It would only then be allowed for the construction and Ritualistic Purification before the Animal Sacrificial Rites and Ordinances can begin. This Time-Frame in itself constitutes a 6-6-6 Numerical Factor derived from the 18-Month Time Period.

Nonetheless, the Aspirations of various Jewish Organizations bent on Preparing all that is necessary to build the 3rd Temple like King David did with Solomon is Admirable, Prophetic and Exciting to Witness in this present Generation. One thing is for sure, the Facilitation to construct the 3rd Temple will be taken advantage of. The Religious Jews will do all that is possible to have a functioning Temple in place to start the Daily Sacrifices. However, all of Temple Mount and Israel have to be Consecrated for the Daily Offerings to be ‘Kosher’.

What most likely will happen regarding the 3rd Temple is what happened to the Jewish 2nd Temple under the rulership of King Herod. This False ‘King of the Jews’, Descendant of Esau took over the Jurisdiction of the Temple Worship, by way of refurbishing of the 2nd Temple. When the 3rd Temple goes up, a Time will follow when Secret Society Entities that have a Luciferian Agenda such as the Kabbalists, in league with Freemason and the ‘Synagogues of Satan’ will usurp Sovereignty.

Rebuilding Efforts
The Jurisdiction of the 3rd Temple will not be Legitimately administered by the True Adherents of YHVH. Realize that Abbas, Netanyahu, Putin, etc., are part of the ‘Many’ and are all alleged to be Masons, for example. Their Diabolical Purpose and Plan will be to eventually give all Power to the Beast and present the Temple of ‘Light’ to their Prince Light-Bearer, the False ‘Messiah’ which will be the AntiChrist of the Bible.

Perhaps then in 2025, if that will be the start of the Tribulation Period in the Fall. One Conjectures that a Major Regional War will provide the Geo-Political Leverage and Determining Factor of Events that will have paved the way for the completion of the 3rd ‘Prophetic Key’ of the Olivet Discourse. This coming False Messiah, the Prince that, ‘Will come in his own Name’ will Defile the Holy of Holies as he will Sit on the Ark of the Covenant and Proclaim himself to be ‘God’ as 2 Thessalonians 2:4 states.

This AntiChrist will cause the Daily Sacrifices to Cease at the Mid-Point of a 7 Year ‘Confirmed’ Covenant as interpreted in Daniel 9:27. What is interesting is that the Oslo Accords mandates the Treaty to be 7 Years. Politically, the Oslo Accord Protocols have been in place since 1993 with such a ‘Covenant’ that just needs to only be ‘Confirmed’. This Accord has slowly been advanced in long drown-out increments over the Years.

Nonetheless, at some point, a possible Peace Agreement between the Muslims and Israel could be signed as a result of some War yet to be determined. Realize that if a major War broke out in Israel, over the Temple Mount, the ‘Confirming’ of the Covenant would then not be between the Palestinians and Israel, but with the Many to exclude the Palestinians. The apparent Convergence of Celestial and Economic Cycles may also play a major role in such a Covenant as the Luciferians will use them to usher in their New World Order.

What better Time than to commence with a New World Reserve Currency, and a New Savior ‘Messiah’ with his ‘Temple of Light’, the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Did the World see this Coming> Has the Professing Church? Not really. Such Celestial ‘Signs’ like the Tetrads Series since 1949 have become a Blind Spot of the Church much like it was with the Sanhedrin of Ancient Israel for not recognizing the ‘Signs in the Heavens’.

Jesus admonished the Religious Leaders, the Blind Guides and Shepherds of Israel to at least take note of. One thing is for sure, the Work of the Luciferians is presently setting the Stage for a Confirming of the Covenant. Certain Markers are already in place. Soon after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ occurs, and the AntiChrist False Messiah is revealed. It will be from that Time that Israel will have Total Control of the Temple Mount. And? This will facilitate the Construction Efforts of the 3rd Temple.

Not since the Destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD has Israel had Sovereign Control over the Old City that encompasses the Temple Mount. The Jewish year of 1966-67 was precisely when the Old City and Temple Mount were Liberated. This fulfilled the 2nd ‘Prophetic Key’ of the Olivet Discourse Prophetic Sequence of Restitution.

Central Blood Moons

This study strongly suggests that the 3rd ‘Prophetic Key’ of the Divine Plan of Israel’s Restitution demands the building of the 3rd Temple. If such will be the case, then the 3rd Temple is about to begin, according to the 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle Theory and Blueprint given by the LORD from the Olivet Discourse that is supposedly based on the Triple Tetrad Pattern since 1949-50. The Central Blood Moon of 2018 is also another very important Time-Marker pertaining to the Tetrad Template Theory and the Signs related to the Sun, Moon and Stars. According to NASA, only 33 Central Blood Moons or ‘Bulls Eye’ Lunar Eclipses have occurred in the Last Century.

Only the one that started the 1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15 Tetrad Series on April 13, 1949 has ever occurred within a Tetrad. This is Extremely Significant as if it appears to ‘kick-off’ the Final 3 Tetrads that this study Postulates corresponds directly to the Time-Frame of the 3 ‘Prophetic Keys’ of the Olivet Discourse Restitution Sequence. The Central Blood Moon on July 27 of 2018 was exactly 1947 Years, 11 Months, 16 Days from the Destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. It was also the beginning of Israel’s Exile known as the Diaspora. In terms of a possible Prophetic Countdown, it is 70 AD - 2018 = 1948.

This is exactly Mathematically within the same Time as Israel’s 70th Year. The Year 1947 was when the U.N. Ratified and Passed the Partition Plan for the creation of the State of Israel and the State of Palestine for that matter, after World War 2 on November 29, 1947. Ironically, the Palestinians Rejected the Patrician Plan 2 State Solution they seek now to establish. On the 66th Session of the U.N., the Palestinian Authority submitted an Application for Admission as a Member of the United Nation. This U.N. Session occurred, on Rosh HaShanah on September 28, 2011. On November 29, 2012, the Eve of Sukkot the UN recognized the State of Palestine by deeming it as a ‘Non-Member’ State.

These are but some examples to have an Appreciation Mathematically regarding such Relationships revolving around the YHVH’s Feast Days and Blood Moons. Consider that from the ‘Bull’s Eye’ Central Blood Moon of April 13, 1949 to July 27, 2018 was 69 Years, 3 Months, 15 Days. This Count was just within the 70-Year Time-Frame of a Biblical Generation. Thus an Important Reason why the Lunar Tetrad of 2014-15 was especially Prophetically Significant is that it was exactly in-between the 2 Central Blood Moons of 2011 and 2018 that are in line with the Temple Mount and is just over 7 Years apart.

These 2 Central Blood Moon were ‘Bookends’ as if they were identifying the Year of the coming Convergence of Prophecy that will fulfill the Olivet Discourse Outline of the Prophetic Restitution. And? If a Sabbath Cycle of Time is ’In-Play’ from 2018, then the Year that results in, is 2025. Will this be then the Year that the Tribulation starts? This Pattern of 7 Years from the Central Blood Moons of 2018, exemplified the Length of Time that the coming Tribulation Period will be as well based on Daniel’s Week of Years. It Will be a 7-Year or a 2520-Day Period Division or 1260 days for a total of 42 Weeks, respectively.

This is assuming a Jewish reckoning of Time with a 360-Day Year of 30 Day Months, etc. Specifically, it could correspond to a Feast of YHVH. According to the Olivet Discourse pattern, the 3rd Temple will be Reconstituted as it will be the last ‘Prophetic Key’ to unlock the Mystery of when Jesus Christ will return. Such a Feast could be the Feasts of Trumpets. This means that if one then Reverse Engineers the Day Count of 2520 Days, the Start Date would be on Simchat Torah. This Scenario would be a Possible Outcome.

What better Time to initiate the Light Bearer’s False Messiah Prince, that will also initiate the New World Order or ‘Age’ starting off with a New Temple perhaps. The ‘Great Work’ of the Luciferian Synagogues of Satan is about complete. How befitting to have a Convergence of the 3rd Temple, the Ark of the Covenant, and the ‘Messiah of Light’ all come together at this precise Place and Time.

And why at Simchat Torah? This is when the Kings of Israel ‘Confirmed’ the Covenant, of Moses. It very well might be the Time in Israel where and when as a Nation, Israel will be Acclaiming her newly Revealed ‘Messiah’ Prince. However, Jesus of Nazareth that proclaimed that this Imposter would come in his own Name.

The Nation of Israel and the World will accept him, per John 5:43. This Scenario will come to pass because this Luciferian False Messiah will have given Israel the Permission to rebuild the 3rd Temple. The Religious Jews believe that only the Messiah can Order that. He will also give Israel the Legal Jurisdiction to commence the Animal Daily Sacrifices. This will not sit well with Animal Rights Activists of the World. Nonetheless, Celestial Sign will Accompany Prophetic Events.

There are several Scriptures in both the Old and New Testament to support the Olivet Discourse, alluding to Celestial Signs corresponding Prophetically to Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple. In Acts 2, the Apostle Peter referenced Joel 2 as validating the Out-Pouring of the Holy Spirit on the Pentecost Feast of New Wine.

The popular Joel 2 chapter does give, however, a Prophetic Account, describing a Sun-Moon-Stars Correlation with the Temple did Herald the coming of the Holy Spirit. With respect to the Pentecost of Acts 2, the World was never the same from that Time forward. The Holy Spirit was to Forever Seal, Empower, Indwell and Enable a Believer in the Risen Jesus Christ. Can it be also in reference to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ? This ‘Divine Power’ would enable a Follower of Jesus Christ to walk in Holiness and Obedience before YHVH.

This ‘Age of Grace’ is currently the Divine Order until the completion of the Church’s Commission and the Age of Grace Ends. If either there will be a Pre, Mid Or Post Tribulation Rapture, most would nonetheless agree that the End of the Age of Grace would be Triggered by the Blessed Hope. This Scriptural Inference is subject to much Debate as well as many Christians also believe that the Church will still be present during the Tribulation Period and not ‘Caught-Up’ until Christ comes in the Clouds and then does a ‘U Turn’.

But perhaps when the Church Age, the ‘Age of Pentecost’ is completed, a last ‘Pentecost’ will also correspond to the Heavenly Signs. They might appear as well and perhaps also Synchronized to such Phenomena as the Tetrads and the Jubilee Year, for example. It is interesting that at Pentecost the coming of the Holy Spirit was associated with the Heavenly Signs by the Apostle Peter.

Nonetheless, Pentecost was the fulfillment of Christ’s promise to His People and the start of the Church Age with Sabbath Cycles of Time, thereafter, to count-off of. Joel 2 was a Prophetic Fulfillment of Pentecost. It was only a Partial Fulfillment. The 2nd Part is yet to be realized. It is the Progressive Restitution of ‘All Things’ according to Daniel 9:24. And the 2nd Part is specifically associated with the Signs of the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Earth disturbances that are to announce the 2nd Coming of Christ.

Perhaps the ‘Age of Pentecost’, the Parenthetical Time in-between the Prophetic Spring Feasts and the Fall Feasts of YHVH will see the Closing of the Church Age to coincide with the events surrounding the 3rd Temple. The Supposition is that as the Spiritual Temple of YHVH is completed, the Earthly Temple will commence. In the Language of the Bible, before the return of Jesus, the Sun is described as turning Black as Sackcloth and the Moon Red as Blood. The Bible is not specific if they are involved with Eclipses or if they are Consecutive Eclipses or if there is a Time Gap, even between them, etc.

This build-up has to do with the Birth Pangs of the World and during the Joel 2 Prophetic Sequence, like an Earthquake affecting the whole World. Perhaps only a possible Celestial Body can block-out the Sky, that even the Stars will be seen during the Day. This Scenario did not happen with the Tetrad of 2014-15. Perhaps it was a Foreshadowing and a Time when other Prophetic Convergences will come to pass, mainly the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, 10 Years later.

The overall arching Premise is Prophetic in that the Last Blood Moon of the 2014-15 Tetrad set the Prophetic Countdown of 10 Years to the Rapture ‘Escape’. Could this very well be the ‘Timer’ that Jesus promised an ‘Open Door’ to the Church of Philadelphia? Is this the Time where the Saints will go through at the Resurrection and Rapture? Paul teaches that the Last Generation will not see Physical Death.

But that the Bride of Christ will meet Jesus Christ in the midst of the ‘Silvery’ Clouds of the Air. The Charts will illustrate the 4 Celestial Coordinates that also correspond to the 4 Heavenly Directions. These Directions emanate from the very Throne of the LORD according to Biblical Accounts. Each Direction is associated with the Seraphim’s that are stationed there as Heavenly Sentinels in YHVH’s Throne and Merkavah.

YHVH does have a 4 Wheeled Celestial Chariot that is mounted or pulled by 4 Living Seraphim, which literally means ‘Burning Angels’. This is where the notion of the Quadriga or ‘Gods being pulled by 4 Creatures, mostly Horses in the case of Human Renditions. This Fiery Chariot of YHVH is how He appeared and met Ezekiel within the Old Testament. The Luciferian Occult, with their ‘Secret Societies’ mystify this prominence of Dark Wisdom that has been taught by the Fallen Angels.

4 Celestial Coordinates
They have divulged Forbidden Dark Secrets to Mortals like knowledge of Numerology and Sacred Geometric Wisdom. The purpose serves to lure Mortals into joining their Satanic Rebellion against a Holy Creator. So Timing, Heading and Location are Key Factors, not only in YHVH’s Plan and Purposes for Humanity and Planet Earth, but also for Lucifer’s. It is for this very Reason that the Number 33 is Sacred. But it is misused by the Occult to Profane Jesus’ Majestic Design of Creation and Name.

The ‘Wheel within the Wheel’ that allows the Chariot to move in any Direction is called the Ophannin. This Phenomenon is actually the basis of where the Zodiac Circle is derived from. The Zodiac is then perhaps just a Mirror of Heaven itself with the 4 Prime Cardinal Points of Direction that can thus be determined for the whole of the Known Universe. The Prime Celestial Points of North, South, East and West will be shown on the Charts that are associated with the 4 Key Cardinal Symbols.

This is derived from the Universal Directions but mirrors the 4 Living Creatures that are Stationed there and the 4 Gospels of Christ. To highlight these Celestial Reference Points, each Prime Direction that correlates to a certain Sign of the Zodiac will be marked by their corresponding Star. Also, based on the Tabernacle of Moses, the Ensigns that represented the 4 Main Tribes of Israel are as follows. The North corresponds with Scorpio or the Eagle, having Antares as the Cardinal Star. The East corresponds with Leo, having Regulus as the Cardinal Star.

The South corresponds with Taurus, having Aldebaran as the Cardinal Star. The West corresponds with Aquarius, having Fomalhaut as the Cardinal Star etc. To reiterate, these 4 Cardinal and Universal Directions and Signs in a Biblical context correspond to the very Make-Up and/or Model of the Throne of GOD the Creator, YHVH. Furthermore, the very Name of the LORD, ‘YHVH’ represents, in itself, the 4 Basic Tenets that are stamped as His Signature in every aspect of His Creation; it is one of His Universal Laws. This Creative Signature is perhaps the very ‘Unifying Law’ of all things that Scientist seek but that the Apostle Paul ascribed to Christ alone.

‘For by Him all things were created, both in the Heavens and on Earth, Visible and Invisible, whether Thrones or Dominions or Rulers or Authorities-- All Things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before All Things, and in Him All Things hold Together’. -Colossians 1: 17-18

What are some examples of this Universal Law? There are the 4 Universal Sounds, the 4 Seasons with 2 Equinoxes and 2 Solstices, etc. YHVH’s Throne is sustained and cared for by the 4 Living Creatures that are seen in both the Old and New Testament. In the Throne Room of YHVH, the 4 Living Creatures are as follows. There is a 1) Ox or Bull, 2) Man, 3) Lion and a 4) Eagle. Why this aspect of Cosmology is pertinent is that as Eclipses occur in such Signs, they could thus provide a Prophetic Clue. Of what? Tetramorph displaying the 4 Gospels or Aspects of Christ. A Clue as to their Significance and possible Interpretation as they relate to aspects of the Gospel that perhaps Christ Jesus is wanted to emphasize to the Church Israel and the World.

Closing Church Age
These are the very Symbols that YHVH instructed Moses to Station the Nation of Israel during the Wilderness Journey. The 4 Major Hebrew Tribes had their Banners of the Lion, the Eagle, Bull and Man as their Standard Insignia. Subsequently, the 4 Gospels of the New Testament are themselves associated and symbolized by these 4 Living Creatures. Each of the 4 Evangelists are ascribed a Creature.

This is known in Christianity as the Tetramorph. It is the Union of the Symbols of the Gospel from the 4 Living Creatures derived from the Book of Ezekiel. Matthew, corresponds to the Man or Aquarius depicting the Humanity of the Messiah. Mark is associated with the Lion or Leo depicting the Kingship of the Messiah. Luke is associated with the Bull or Taurus depicting the Servitude of the Messiah. John corresponds to the Eagle depicting Christ’s Divinity.

From a purely Biblical Metaphorical Perspective, the Church Age started on Pentecost with ‘Pisces’ currently reflective of the Present Age. It has come to an End. These Symbols are indicative of the Work of Jesus Christ through His Church presently, that has Labored and has gone out to ‘Catch the Souls of Men with the Nets’ of the Gospel for all the Years since 32 AD.

Christ Commissioned His Church to spread the ‘Net’ to the 4 Corners of the World; to have His Disciples ‘Catch Men’ during this Age of Grace Dispensation. Then according to Christ’s own words, the ‘Church Age’ will End some Day. Each of the 4 Tetramorphs emphasizes the Work of Christ Jesus that in turn has reflected a particular era of Church Age History. The 4 Depictions of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ has not been ‘Lost’, contrary to how some so-called ‘Christian Churches’ proclaim.

So if this postulation is valid, the last Church Age segment will culminate in the Gospel of John or with the emphasis on the Divinity of Christ, which happens to correspond to the Eagle or Scorpio. Coincidentally, it was in 2013, that Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer became the 13th Sign of the Zodiac and is attributed to the coming Messiah(s). The Luciferians also await their own False Messiah as do the Muslims, Hindus, and New Agers.

Are these Zodiac Patterns Prophetic in the sense that perhaps the Tetrads since 1949 are also Chiming the Church? Prophetically Speaking, the Church Age has been made-up of ‘Fishes’ and ‘Virgins’. Perhaps their catch is about to be pulled in. Is the Church Age about to End as such possible Astronomical Omens could be depicting the last ‘Signs’ to Ascertain and Discern?

Will the Church of Jesus, His Bride that will be ‘Harvested’ from it be found worthy of the Great Escape, regardless of the Timing; like Rahab? Rahab secured her Great Escape by a ‘Sign’ of placing a Red Chord on her part of the House that was on the Edge of the Walls of Jericho. Does the Bride of Christ have that ‘Red Chord’ that speaks of the Blood of the Lamb applied to her Household out of the Proverbial Window ever Vigilant of the coming Judgment to this World, this 'City Of Man' that is a Type of Jericho?

The Economic and Moral Walls of the Mighty City ‘Come Tumbling Down’. Realize that all the Walls of Jericho came crumbling down, except Rahab’s Portion of the Wall. The Bible states that she lived on the Edge of the Wall. In the Ancient Time, such Positions were the least desirable as it served as the 1st Line of Defense and would be attacked 1st. Only the very Lowly, Poor or perhaps Outcasts like Rahab because of her Profession could afford such Accommodations.

The Rich and Powerful lived in the Center of the City as any Invading Enemy first had to go through many Barriers. Perhaps the Escape of Rahab, or as in the Bride of Christ that Jesus came to Redeem such Sinners from out of the World will occur during these Eclipses corresponding to the Signs of Virgo or Pisces is the Clue. May the Bride be ‘going up’ through the Wall as they will be falling down, in the World and she takes hold of the ‘Celestial City’ prepared for her above.



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