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Omens of National Judgments

by Luis B. Vega
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‘The Men of Nineveh shall rise up in the Judgment with this Generation and shall Condemn it: for they Repented at the Preaching of Jonas; and behold, a Greater than Jonas is here’. -Luke 11:32

The purpose of this study is to illustrate how several Locations named ‘Nineveh’ were highlighted along the Path of the Moon’s Shadow that crossed the Continental USA, during the April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse marked the 3rd in the Sequence that started on August 21, 2017. The 2nd Great American Eclipse occurred on October 14, 2023. One will illustrate the Path with such ‘Nineveh’ Name Association, to ascertain their possible Prophetic Significance.

If one believes Solar Eclipses are ‘Celestial Signs’, then this Last and 3rd Great American Eclipse was the ‘Conclusion’. It was of the Divine Sign, that spelled a Dire Omen of National Judgment. It was about a Spirit of Division cast upon the Land and People of the USA, as it was also Pending for the Once and Great Land and People of Ancient Nineveh. One provides this Assessment based on several Inferences that included, even the Topography and Length of the Eclipse.

One was 1st Alerted of this ‘Nineveh’ Association along the Path of the Moon’s Shadow by a fellow Brother in Christ named Jeová. He is from Brazil and is a Pastor of a Local Congregation there. One was contacted with the following Summation and Assertion surmised by other Researchers about these Nineveh Localities along the Shadow of the Eclipse. The main Assertion was that there were 6 Localities in the USA, in or near the Path, that were named, ‘Nineveh’. However, one will demonstrate that there are a total of 7 such Locales called Nineveh in the entire Continental USA. And that their Association with the General Proximity of the Moon’s Path was Subjective.

Nonetheless, one has argued, in one’s Research that has spanned over a Decade, that the 3 Great American Eclipses that have traversed the States of the American Union were Prophetic. Based on one’s Interpretation, they have even been Biblical of the likes of, precisely, that of the Ancient Empires of Egypt and Nineveh. In this 3rd and Last Case, the Eclipse traversed at a Diagonal from the Southern Texas-Mexico Border to the Maine-Canada Borders. However, if the Number of Locales named ‘Nineveh’ are 6, 7 or 8, that is Subjective as one will see. One argues that it is really only 2 such Nineveh Locales that were in the Direct Path of the Moon’s Shadow of the Last Eclipse.

It is About a Call to Repentance

Depending on the Proximity of the Localities, there were 4 Nineveh Locales that were not within the Direct Shadow of the Moon during the Eclipse. And 2 Nineveh Locales were within 250 to 230 Miles from the Shadow’s Limit that in itself ranged from 120 to 100 Miles wide. One has written about these 3 Great American Solar Eclipse and how they Spelled Doom and Gloom for the USA. In the End-Notes, there will be Links to the Book and other Articles directly associating this Phenomena with National Judgment, a 40 Day Dependence, a New Religious Year and a Division of the Land and its People.

From: Brother Jeová
Path of Sites named ‘Nineveh’ during the April 8, 2024


Matthew 12:39- An Evil and Adulterous Generation seeks after a Sign: and there shall no Sign be given to it, BUT THE SIGN OF THE PROPHET JONAH!

Jonah 3:9-10- Jonah arrived in NINEVEH and urged the People to REPENT, otherwise the City would be Destroyed.

Biblical Scholar Donald Wiseman speculates that an ECLIPSE took place when JONAH arrived in NINEVEH to warn the People to REPENT.

Exodus 4:8 (April 8th) - If they do not believe the FIRST SIGN (08/21/2017), they will believe the SECOND SIGN (04/08/2024). This April 8th 2024 eclipse goes directly through 6 Cities with the Name NINEVEH!

1 Nineveh, Texas                               Latitude: 31.383512 | Longitude: -95.806067            
2 Nineveh, Indiana                             Latitude: 39.362272 | Longitude: -86.084714             
3 Nineveh Township, Ohio                 Latitude: 40.250340 | Longitude: -83.000180             
4 Nineveh, Pennsylvania                   Latitude: 39.961463 | Longitude: -80.307843             
5 Nineveh, New York                         Latitude: 42.194246 | Longitude: -75.602407             
6 Nineveh, Nova Scotia                     Latitude: 44.486219 | Longitude: -64.807320

Marantha King Jesus  
The information came from RevelationWatchman777 and Mark Allison 88 on YouTube.


One was convinced that the 3 Great American Eclipses had Historical Inferences to the Divisions that brought about the 1st U.S. Civil War. And in fact, one will contribute to this Conversation a most peculiar Civil War Association. This Historical Association speaks of what is to come and will be inevitable for the USA, Civil War. Why? As opposed to Ancient Nineveh, it was spared of its National Judgment because they Repented.

It is About the Graveyard of Empires

The USA has not Repented, given its 6.66 Year Countdown since 2017 and Time to Repent. How so? Was it no Coincidence that the 1st of the 3 Great American Solar Eclipses started in the Jewish Month of Elul 1? And? That is the Start of the 40 Day Season of National Repentance. Does one now see how that Divine Sign was and is directly associated with the 40 Days of Jonah Preaching Repentance to the Land and People of Ancient Nineveh? And how that Nation and People, starting from the Top, from the King all Repented of their Corruption, Wickedness and Secret Sins? Thus, did this ‘X’, mark the Foreshadowing of the coming U.S. Civil War 2? And what is that U.S. Civil War Correlation one wishes to Contribute to this Research?

One only wishes to add to the Conversation, as a Contribution of how the very Year the U.S. Civil War started, in 1861 was the exact Ground Length of the Path, in Nautical Miles. This is based on when the Shadow entered and exited the Continental USA. The following is the Information associated with Scripture about how the Biblical Account of the Pending National Judgment of Nineveh was averted. Will it be the case for the USA? Before one delves into one’s Interpretation and Civil War Assessment of these Nineveh Localities, a Historical and Biblical Background will be provided for Context.

According to Research, Nineveh Hebrew: נִינְוֶה; Akkadian: Ninua, Ninâ was built by Nimrod. It was Sennacherib that made Nineveh the Capital City of the Assyrian Empire. It would eventually be Sennacherib that would Destroy and lead Captivity the Northern 10 Tribes called Israel. Up to that Point in Time, Ancient Nineveh was the largest City in the Known World. It is believed that the Population of Nineveh during the Rule of Sennacherib’s, -704 to -681 BC was around 300,000. Its People were famous for their Military and Cruelty. Nonetheless, Years before that occurred, YHVH sent a reluctant Jonah there for 40 Days to deliver a Divine Warning of Pending National Judgment.

He was to warn Nineveh to Repent of their Wickedness. Astonishingly, the People of Nineveh Fasted and Repented. This is attributed to how a Great Solar Eclipse occurred just as the Prophet Jonah arrived at the City. The People, in those Ancient Times had a much Deeper and Meaningful Appreciation about, All Things Spiritual, Religious and Astronomical. They were and are all Inter-Connecting Factors, etc. As a result of their National Repentance, YHVH spared His Judgment. Nineveh is an example of how Archeology has proven the Bible to be True.

Nineveh did exist, Historically and as it was essentially buried under Rubble. However, it was believed to have been a Mythical City by Modern Historical Liberals and Bible-Deniers, etc. Nineveh was very much ‘Real’ and now fully Excavated, without a Doubt. It is located in Modern-Day City of Mosul, Iraq. However, with the advent of the Muslim Terrorist ISIS Groups, the Last Vestiges and Archeology and Artifacts of Ancient Nineveh have been deliberately Destroyed. Nineveh stood on the Banks of the Tigris River. The portion that bordered Nineveh is now filled with Silt. It is believed by some Historians that it was Original Home to the famous Hanging Gardens. In one of the Articles noted in the End-Notes, a Study about the City’s Layout will show how it was constructed in the Outline of the Constellation of Orion, along with its ‘Star-Gates’, etc.

It is about a Time of Separations

Ancient Nineveh had 7 Main Gates and its Perimeter was Triangulated to what one calls the Martian Motif. This is the Pattern that is found, astonishingly, in the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex. This Cydonia, Mars Motif Triangulation is what is found replicated in all other Ancient Sites around the World, etc. Nineveh was surrounded by massive Walls that were 4.3 Miles or 7 Kilometers long. Despite its Magnificence, Nineveh was captured in -612 BC. It was Destroyed by the Neo-Babylonians in a Coalition with the Medes of what is now North-Western Iran. It was eventually abandoned as the Babylonian and then the Medo-Persian Empire ‘Eclipsed’ its Magnificence and Prominence.

 The Ruins of Nineveh were discovered in the Mid-19th Century. Because of its Historical Significance, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although that did not do much ‘Good’, as it fell into the Terrorist Hands of ISIS that demolished the remaining Ruins. The City of Nineveh is mentioned in the Old Testament Books of Jonah and Nahum. It is from this Account and Perspective that one draws Prophetic Parallels as to its Pending National Judgment and Repentance. And that Point is that it is about a Process of Separation, of a Division. It is about an Invasion and the Fall of a once Great and Mighty Nation and People that became a Ruinous Heep in the Graveyard of World Empires.

It is with such a Biblical Backdrop that one and others have clearly seen the Nineveh Prophetic Association with the USA, presently. And now, as to the 6, 7 or 8 Nineveh’s that the Shadow of the Moon’s Path will Highlight during the Last and 3rd Great American Solar Eclipse, as some have surmised? Based on one’s Research, one presents the following Verification. The exact Number of Localities named Nineveh, associated with the Path of the Moon’s Shadow or in Proximity is Subjective, as noted. In actuality, there are only 2 Locales of Nineveh that are within the Path of the Moon’s Shadow during the Eclipse. The following is the list of Locales in the USA named Nineveh is a community that may or may not be Incorporated.

1. Nineveh, Texas                               Approximate to Path
2. Nineveh, Indiana                           In Direct Path
3. Nineveh, Missouri                           About 250 Miles out from Path
4. Nineveh Township, Ohio              In Direct Path
5. Nineveh, Virginia                            About 230 Miles out from Path
6. Nineveh, Pennsylvania                   Approximate to Path
7. Nineveh, New York                         Approximate to Path
8. Nineveh’s, Nova Scotia (2)             Not in the USA

Here is where one’s Observations begin. It is amazing how the 1st Locale named Nineveh is where, precisely, the Solar Eclipse had its Apex occur, when considering the Ground Length from Texas to Maine. That place was Nineveh, Indiana. The other Locality within the Direct Path was Nineveh, Ohio. Thus, in one’s Assessment, there are really only 2 Places named Nineveh that were directly associated with the Eclipse. The other Places called Nineveh were just outside the Line of Eclipse. In Texas, Pennsylvania and New York, the Nineveh’s were approximate. Aside from these 2 core ones and the 3 outside ones, there were 2 other Nineveh’s that were ‘Out-Lining’. These were in Missouri and Virginia.

It is About a Beginning and an End

From the List, the 1st 7 Nineveh Locales are within the Continental USA. The Last 2 Nineveh’s are in Canada, as noted. The Order is given based on the Introduction of the Eclipse that comes over the Southern Border, beginning in the Southern Texas Border with Mexico. So, subjectively, there can be 2, 5, 6, 7 or 9 Locales named Nineveh that are pertinent to the Path of the Eclipse. As to the Nineveh’s in Nova Scotia, Canada? And upon further research, Nova Scotia actually has 2 Locales that are named Nineveh.

Here again, as the Eclipse Typology pertains to the USA, exclusively, the Nineveh’s in Canada should not really be quality, in one’s Opinion. The Canada Nineveh’s are being included as noted by the YouTube Channels called Brother Victor726, RevelationWatchman777 and Mark Allison 88, as noted. Now, as to the possible Nineveh Prophetic Implications? One will start with a recap of the prior Great American Eclipses that have contributed to this 3-2-1 Countdown of sorts.

One is more convinced that YHVH had given the USA, its People, like the People and Nation of Nineveh, a Time to Repent to avert National Judgment. Note the exact Time Duration from August 21, 2017 to April 8, 2024? It is a 6.66 Year Span of Time. It is thus directly associated with a ‘Mark’, an ‘X’ as that is what constitutes the 666 Mark of the Beast during the Final 7 Years called the Tribulation Period. The 666 Numerical Confidence speaks of Total Allegiance and even Worship of a GOD other than the True GOD, YHVH.

    Eclipse 1                                                                                          Eclipse 2               Eclipse 3
August 21, 2017                                                                            October 14, 2023        April 8, 2024

            |------------------------------------- 6.66 Years ----------------------------------|-------------------------| 

Consider the following Amazing Inferences to the Biblical Account of the Sparing of Nineveh, due to the Preaching of Jonah. The initial Eclipse of 2017 started on Elul 1, which starts the 40 Days of Repentance, as observed by Religious Jews. The Eclipse occurred 33 Days before the Great Sign in Heaven of Revelation 12. The Path of the Eclipse started in the 33rd State, Oregon and exited near the 33rd Latitude of South Carolina. It had Connotations of the Civil War and how it was also determined that there were 7 Salem’s in that Eclipse Path of 2017.

It was a Connotation of not to instill ‘Peace’, but to withdraw it from the Land and implement a Division. That is what occurred in all Sectors of the American Society: Religiously, Politically, Economically, Militarily, Culturally, etc. Then connecting the 2nd Great American Eclipse of 2023 with the 3rd Eclipse, its Combined Paths of the Eclipse Shadows produced an ‘Alef’ and a Tav’ Pareidolia Effect.

One called that 2nd Eclipse, the ‘Body of Christ’ Eclipse as it exited-out of the USA precisely over the City of Corpus Christi, Texas, etc. Nonetheless, one has interpreted these 3 Great American Eclipses, as having the USA been ‘Put on Notice’, like Nineveh. It was given a Call to Repent on Elul 1. This ‘Divine Call’ to National Repentance, had a Beginning and an Ending with the concluding Eclipse of 2024. And that Eclipse of April 8, 2023 was precisely Nisan 1, the Beginning of the Jewish Religious Calendar.

It is About Prophetic Parallels

Thus, one surmised that the Combination of these 3 Great American Eclipses spelled-out the Hebrew Word, ‘Emet’, which means ‘Truth’. And? It is in the Backdrop of how the USA, the Leader of the ‘Free World’ and Head of the Nations has perpetrated Lies. It has perpetrated Lies of COVID, Money, Media, Culture, Gender, Marriage, Abortion, Politics and Religion, etc. To this extent, it is why one has attributed a lot of the Ancient Biblical Nuances of Ancient Nineveh, Egypt, and Israel of the Bible to the USA.

The Modern-Day Association of the same Sins are apparent and even more so. The Dire Warning is even given by Jesus Himself in how on Judgment Day, the People of Nineveh would Rise to Condemn them for not Repenting. And the USA, as all other Nations now have Jesus, the Greater Jonah. And Jesus has given the Jews and the World its Sign, ‘3 Days and 3 Nights’, etc. The USA has had a lot in Common.

See Articles below for Reference and Interpretation of how the Eclipses, also are possibly signaling the Timing of the Rapture. It is about the Bride of Christ and its ‘Birthing’ as in its ‘Exit’ from Planet Earth that will close-out the Church Age, in one’s Prophetic Estimation. This is an Assertion and Theory. One is not claiming it to be True, as the Hypothesis will have to be proven by Time.

Is it a ‘Wedding Ring’ Motif in Virgo’s Left Hand?


A Marking, Exiting and Birthing before Judgment

As one can assess, there are a lot of Biblical Parallels of how the Pending National Judgment of Israel, Egypt and Nineveh are striking. And more frightening, is that the Divine Call to National Repentance has fallen on Deaf Ears. The National Division of the Land and its People appears to have come to Pass for the USA. In her case, she has not Repented and will not Repent to avert YHVH’s National Judgment, one is convinced of this. As to one’s Research Contribution to this Nineveh Association regarding the 3rd and Last Great American Eclipse? As mentioned, it has to do with the Division of the USA that is on the verge of a 2nd Civil War.

Even the Mainstream Media has alluded to this possibility in various Articles and News Spotlights. And with the National Elections for who will be the USA’s next President chosen in 2024, there is clear Descent, especially at the Southern Border with Texas and Mexico over Illegal Immigration. And it is precisely beginning with Texas, at Eagle Pass that the Eclipse begins for the USA. Can it get any more Surreal in that the Locale is named for the very National Motif and Bird that depicts the Mighty USA? But it is the Sun that is not only crossing its Borders, but Hoards of Illegal Immigrants.

It is About a Civil War

Then consider that from the moment the Moon’s Shadow crosses the Southern Border in Texas, to when Moon’s Shadow 1st starts to Exit out in Maine, there is a unique Numerical Facture in terms of the U.S. Civil War. How so? That distance, at ground length, is exactly 1861 Nautical Miles. And? That is the exact Year that the 1st U.S. Civil War started. Will there be a U.S. Civil War 2? Some People are convinced that the U.S. Civil War 2 has already begun.

And that the 3 Great American Eclipses, spanning exactly 6.66 Years from 2017 to 2024 have been Broadcasting this Divine Call, like what occurred with Ancient Nineveh. But there is a National Difference. One is more convinced that there will eventually be a National Judgment, due to the USA and its People not Repenting as Nineveh did. And as a Result, the Division of the Land, even Topographically, will be a sure Judgment to come, if it has not already begun. It is because the USA and its People, as a whole, have crossed the Line of No Return, No Repentance.


 Start of Entrance                                                                                                     Start of Exit
  Eagle Pass, TX                                   Continental USA                                    Monticello, ME     
1861 Nautical Miles --------------------------------------|

U.S. Start of Civil War 1861

What also characterized the 3rd and Last Great American Eclipse was how it marked that ‘X’ across the Heart of the USA Heartland. That Region is called ‘Little Egypt’ and it is where the Moon’s Shadow passes directly over Makanda, which Means the ‘Star of Egypt’. In the prior Research into these 3 Eclipses, one has presented the Mathematical Proportion of how the ‘X’ occurred precisely at the Phi Ratio of how the USA is laid-out Topographically on a Map. This Section patricians the entire Continental USA with the Mighty Mississippi River that can be likened to the Nile River, etc.

And with that Biblical Connotation, it is the 10 Plagues of Egypt that essentially Destroyed the Nation for their Sins during the Exodus ‘Separation’. It was the Sin of the First-Born that did-in the Egyptians as they plotted to Kill all the Jewish First-Born Males. And the Proudful Pharaoh prevented the Exiting of the Israelites, etc. One is convinced that the End of the Church Age will in some Fashion, also be tied to the Timing and Meaning of these 3 Great American Eclipses. It is how the Rapture Event can be likened to the Exodus from that World, that ‘Egypt’. And how the Nation that had Persecuted the People of YHVH will be Judged for their Plotting and Conspiracies.

The Ruler and Nation of Nineveh, in that Ancient Account was Sennacherib. The Name is a derivation of a Cherub, of which Lucifer is of that Angelic Class and Rank, having 4 Wings, etc. But it was Sennacherib that taunted Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple of YHVH during the Reign of King Hezekiah. It was this King of Judah that went before the Temple of YHVH and Supplicated for a Deliverance. And the Key to YHVH granting that Petition was because of who YHVH is and has done. In this case, because of Jesus.

It is in a similar Prophetic manner that the Greater Sennacherib, Lucifer is taunting the People of Jesus and the Heavenly Jerusalem and the Spiritual Temple of the Bride of Christ that is nearing its Completion while still on Earth. And it is not because of the Comportment of the People of Jesus that merits their Deliverance. But it is because there is a ‘Shout of a King’ amongst her and the Reputation of Jesus is that is really being taunted and attacked. The solution in these Last Days as to what the Body of Christ is to do, is to do what King Hezekiah Commanded.

The Victory was assured through Worship. King Hezekiah literally orchestrated a Parade of Praise. He proclaimed that Victory that had already been won in Christ. This is the Key during a Time of National Judgment that is sure to come, has come. But so has the Time for the Bride of Christ to ‘Exodus’ out of Egypt, out of ‘Makanda’ Land and head the Warning of Jonah and live by the Sign that Jesus gave of His Guarantee that it is eventually He, a Person that is how one averts Judgment.  



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