Echoes of the End of the Age?

  • What is the prophetic significance of the lost city of Atlantis?
  • Why wsa the Shuttle Program stopped ?
  • Is there a typology of when the 5th Age of Atlantis is to come?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to examine the possible significance of the last voyage of the Shuttle Atlantis that occurred on July 8th, 2011. This last flight closed off the Shuttle Program in America. There seems to be some correlations amongst the possible meaning behind the last voyage symbols, flight number and name. This is in reference to an Astro-Archeological point of view and the history of the ‘Lost Continent of Atlantis’. It is interesting and unusual that the Shuttle Program ends with the name ‘Atlantis’ and its last flight number was 33. There are those that attribute the association with the signaling of the possible transition of the current Age of Pisces to that of Aquarius that is directly associated with Atlantis. The Age of Pisces is considered to be that of the Christian Church Age that began with the ministry of Jesus Christ over 1980s ago.

Many believe that astronomically, the current Age is about to conclude, and a New World Order is about to be birthed along with Atlantis’ once famed ruler, Lucifer. Some see America/USA as the successor to Atlantis of the pre-Diluvian Age. Perhaps the Shuttle Atlantis is a time marker of things to come and the end of America as well based on parallel connotations and occult symbology. Could an Extension Level Event (ELE) help usher in a ‘New World Order’ for a post-American ‘Age’ as it did after Atlantis was destroyed? It is mythology that the destruction of Atlantis was caused by a supposed fly-by of planet Nibiru by some estimates. If it is assumed that the Planet X in question does indeed have a recurring orbital cycle, not only would it place the Flood Event at around the Biblical timeframe of Noah’s Flood. The last book of the Bible, Revelation describes such a scenario due for a rendezvous with Earth again in the coming years. The name Atlantis comes from the Greek, Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος, ‘Island of Atlas’. It was a legendary island first mentioned in Plato's Timaeus and Critias, written about 360 BC.

Atlantis was said to have been an advanced community outside the Pillars of Hercules, or the current markers of the Straits of Gibraltar between Spain and Morocco. It was believed to have been inhabited by an advanced race of demi-gods or what the Bible in Geneses 6 describes as Fallen Angels, called Nephilim that mated with humans to produce hybrids or the Giants called Raphaim. It was said that this advanced civilization was perhaps made up of beings that pre-dated the Garden of Eden creation of humans and whose ruler was Lucifer, aka Poseidon, etc. Many names were attributed to this personage as being one in the same as Neptune, the god of the waters and underworld. Atlantis is described to have possessed technology of flight and even inter-stellar travel for example to weigh-stations in Mars and other moon around the Solar System. Plato wrote that he had heard the story from Solon, who heard it from the Egyptian Priests.

Historical Atlantis?
The Priests attested that the knowledge and secrets of Atlantis were transferred to Egypt before the cataclysm destroyed island continent. It is believed that a great portion of the secret knowledge and advanced technologies that were housed in some sort of ‘sacred library’ in Atlantis were transferred to be safeguarded in subterranean hidden chambers under the Sphinx at Giza. It is said that violent earthquakes shook the whole Earth and caused giant waves and thus the city and continent sunk under the sea possibly due to a Planet X flyby. It is said that the continent-nation was established by Poseidon, the ‘god of the sea’, aka, Lucifer, or Leviathan. The city was described to be set in concentric circular rings of canals. At the very center of the Atlantis was a hill and temple to Poseidon. Inside was a gold statue of himself driving winged horses of Victory or the Sol Invictus.

According to the legends, Atlantis became very corrupt and greedy, as Genesis 6 describes the condition of Fallen Man to the point that the Creator YHVH pronounced Divine Judgment even after that Atlantean Age. To many researchers, this is where the Gap Theory of Genesis might have some validity. This theory stipulates that Earth became ‘formless and void’ before YHVH created the first humans, Adam, and Eve. This is perhaps due to some celestial conflict or battle of some sorts that many Bible scholars attribute to the Rebellion of Lucifer in some fashion. The fall of Atlantis echoes the level of evil, sin and the later forbidden sexual exchanges between Fallen Angels that contented for power in the celestial realms. Later on, such Fallen Angels are one in the same that intercourse with human women and spawned a hybrid human race of Giants for example after the re-creation of Earth.

Interestingly, the Bible also describes that this genetic manipulation also occurred with all other flesh and species of the air, land, and water. As part of the Cosmic Conspiracy, Lucifer with his Fallen Angels took on a deceptive presentation to Humanity as being those lost ‘Atlanteans’ with superpowers coming from other worlds or Stars. They presented themselves as ‘Astronauts’. In the Lost Book of Enki, for example there are 4 major Astronauts or Fallen Angels that first came from the Planet Nibiru according to the interpretations of Zacheria Sitchin. These were the following crew members. 1) Alalu, 2) Enki, 3) Enlil and 4) Ninmah, in all 3 male and 1 female as in the last crew of Atlantis.  Ninmah was the ‘1st Science Officer’ much like Spock of the Star Trek TV episodes. She was instrumental in genetically creating humanity based on ‘Sumerian Creation’ scrolls.

NASA’s final Atlantis shuttle mission had the following crew: Rex Walheim, Chris Ferguson Doug Hurley, and Sandy Magnus. Interestingly, few shuttle crews have just had 4 Astronaut crews. Could this duplication have been happenstance or a deliberate commemoration to ‘those from Heaven who came to Earth’? As to the modern Atlantis Shuttle, the last mission of the STS-135, Atlantis the 33rd was scheduled to last 12 days. Touchdown was expected at the following time at 7:06pm or 6 hrs 60 min 6 min which denoted an encrypted 6-6-6. The crest of the last shuttle was ironically an Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End. Although it takes its saying from the famous Bible line attributed to what the risen Jesus Christ proclaimed to the Apostle John in the book of Revelation, it is not honoring Jesus Christ but the False Ones, the ‘Atlanteans’.

Precession of the Equinox
Many in the New Age movement believe that the Atlantean Lord Poseidon is to be coming once again very soon on the scene to re-initiate and rule the 5th Age. He, Lucifer was at the ‘Beginning’ and will also be coming back in the ‘End’ just like Jesus promised He Himself would at the ‘End of the Age’ What Age? The Church Age. Since around 1 AD, the Earth has been in the Age of Pisces. This is the astrological ‘House’ that the Sun resides in for an average of about 2000 years as it traverses through the constellation of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth. The time it takes the Sun to travel throughout the 12 Houses is called the Precessional Year. The total 12 House count is called The Great Year. The Precessional Cycle is caused by the drag from the Earth's rotation by the gravitational pull of the Sun, Moon, and other planets. It is manifested in a slow changing of the Pole Star over a period of approximately 26,000 years.

Precession is an astronomical term referring to the ‘wobble’ in the Earth's rotation. This causes the stars to change their apparent positions relative to Earth by 1 degree every 72 years. As a result of this gradual rotation of the sky as the Sun rises in a particular constellation and appears to move over one ‘House’, or ‘Age’ every 2,100 years. The next Age or ‘House’ of the Zodiac is Aquarius. Many around the world and especially the ‘New Agers’ as they are called wait for a corresponding transformation of Humanity. Such believe that this coming time of transition will be of an ‘Ascension’ and of a new Age. Evangelical Christians would call this the Rapture phenomenon. It will soon mark the dawn as it was at the first ‘Age of Aquarius’ with Atlantis before the Earth and the Cosmos became ‘void and empty’ due to some ‘Heavenly Conflict’. In other words, such believe and hope to resurrect the Golden Age of Atlantis.

In the book of Enoch, there is an identical account of the Biblical depiction of Fallen Angels stationed all over YHVH’s Universe. Some are noted to have left their ‘First Estate’ as they joined up with the Rebellion of Lucifer/Satan. For example, in the book, Semjâzâ the Angelic leader is the same one in both accounts of the book of Enoch and the Lost Book of Enki. These Fallen Angels of the book of Enoch are part of the first 120 Fallen Angles that landed in Mt. Hermon at 33 degrees latitude. The Lost Book of Enki is the attempt by Lucifer to give his account of the Creation chronicles of Mankind on Earth. For example, Enki took 40 days as well to render his version of Creation. This is more or less like how YHVH dictated the Torah to Moses for 40 days.

Enki commanded the human Scribe to put the ‘Tablets’ of the records in a ‘golden box’ much like the Ark of the Covenant Moses made, etc. The book of Enoch, which is referenced by Apostle Paul categorizes the Fallen Angels and not a human race as the ‘Sons of God’ in Genesis 6. As in the Days of Noah, so it is now with extra-terrestrial galore are the Fallen Angels deceptively going about to make direct disclosure at some point. The Bible foretells a time when there will be a mixing of clay with iron in the Last Days that will be genetically to some degree as it was in the Days of Noah. By some interpretation, the root word, it can allude to a mixing at the genetic or DNA level. As such, there is general consensus that alien abductions all have one thing in common, sexual experimentation and genetic altercations.

There will also be cataclysms to come as the book of Revelation describes on Earth, which will echo that of the destruction of Atlantis. There are striking parallel events of the coming Apocalypse of the book of Revelation. There is mass death, hail mixed with fire, plagues, darkness of total eclipses, asteroids falling, men seeking to hide in caves, a pole shift, etc. In the near future, the conditions will be such that the Fallen Angels along with their Poseidon, Lucifer’s will attempt to battle to replicate their lost utopian Golden Age of Atlantis with the coming New World Order. This coming new Age is really an ‘old age’ that is part of the universal conflict and deception to usurp the power and prerogatives of the Creator, Jesus Christ and enslave Humanity down here on Earth. Why will the last conflict occur on Earth?

Lucifer seeks to continue his celestial war against Jesus Christ and against His crowning creation of Mankind because Jesus Christ chose Mankind to be His Consort and rule over the Angels. More so, ‘ascended’ humans found in Jesus Christ will even judge the Angles as it says in the Bible in the coming Age. The Bible foretells a battle at the end of the Age where the lines will be drawn on Earth. It will be the last stand because according so some interpretation, it is speculated that Lucifer at one point had total dominion of Earth and as such will not relinquish it to mere humans without a fight. According to the Bible, such efforts to reestablish Lucifer’s lost Atlantean Age’ and kingdom will be short lived.

Instead, the followers of Lucifer’s AntiChrist will find their kingdom destroyed once again in similar fashion as Atlantis was, first astronomically with all the calamities as foretold by the book of Revelation that also correlated to the Seal Judgments of the Lamb, the risen Jesus Christ. The ultimate demise of this coming Luciferian Age and Neptune will be by the appearing of the rightful King of Earth, Jesus Christ at the 2nd coming. Realize that the Angelic Conflict that has been raging on for perhaps billions of years will come to a head on Earth at the Battle of Armageddon and subsequently after the 1000-year Millennial Reign with the Gog-Magog World War II, perhaps in this very generation and lifetime.

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