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  • What is a Solstice and why is it Important?
  • What does the Orion Constellation have to do with?
  • Is there a certain Imagery or Motif it is Portrayingt?

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‘He who made the Pleiades and Orion, who turns Darkness into Dawn and Darkens Day into Night, who summons the Waters of the Sea and pours them over the Face of the Earth— the LORD is His name’. -Amos 5:8

What does the Sky look like on the Summer Solstice? The Summer Solstice is either June 20 or 21, depending on the Year and Time Zone. It is the Longest Day of the Year, so from this point onward, the Days will be getting shorter. It is almost at the Mid-Point of the Year, that being July 2. But the Summer Solstice signals that there is 1 more Month to go to then start the Summer Wheat Harvest in the Northern Hemisphere.

In one’s Compilation Book, ‘Orion Star Gates’. The Theory is a ‘Strange’ Teaching one has that the Sumer Solstice is tied to Orion and Astro-Archaeology. It has been a Research Theme over the Decades, studying this Topic. Orion is in the Bible, several times. But one’s Main Thesis is that Heaven, wherever that is, is configured, some way, somehow with the Layout of Orion. And in fact, Triangulation was found in Cydonia, Mars as well.

One is not saying YHVH is a ‘Martian’, but that the Triangulation of these 3 Temples, corresponding to the 3 Stars of Orion, is Mirrored in almost every Ancient Sacred Site on Earth, as it is in Mars, as it is in the Heavenlies or Cosmos and ultimately, as it is in Heaven. It is because it is a direct Reflection of what Heaven is configured to, perhaps. So, this is basically one’s Conjecture. We do see such Heavenly Blueprints given to Moses to make. But here is the Line of Reason for the Mirroring of the Divine Pattern of Orion.

                                               Planets like Mars-------->

One has just Conjectured that there is a possible Reverse Engineering of the Pattern. So, the Evidence is Circumstantial, but I have seen enough, thanks to Google Earth, to make this Statement with a Measure of Confidence. It is that in all my Astro-Archaeology Research, the most Prominent Centers of Power on Earth, have this same Layout, there is a Grand Avenue and 3 Temples, a Large one, a 2nd Large one and then a Small one. And they then are configured to match the Celestial Ley-Lines of such Constellations and/or Stars as Orion, the Pleiades, in particular.

Guardian of the Silver Gate

The Book of Revelation does also describe that the Jerusalem of Heaven that will be coming down, has this same make-up, of a Grand Avenue, etc. So, if one is interested in the ‘Secrets of the Universe’, take a look. Below this Articles, a Chart of what the Summer Solstice looks like, and behold it is of Orion with the Blazing Torch. I also included the Names of the Stars in Orion, that Infer to Jesus.

Truly the Heavens Declare the Glory of YHVH but Lucifer has Usurped this Motif for himself as the ‘Light Bearer’, not the Light of the World, etc. The Torch Motif is made when the Sun is exactly at the Silver Gate on the Summer Solstice and this is Proof that the Universe is not some random Goo. It has Design. Even all the Constellations are in Phi Ratio Proportion, which is impossible to have occurred ‘Randomly.

The following is taken directly from E.W. Bullinger’s’ Book, the Witness of the Stars, in relation to the Biblical Interpretation of the Constellation of Orion. This will be an Abbreviated Take, with some of the Words updated to the Modern English Vernacular and with Emphasis added. As one will Attest, this Celestial Motif is of the Christ, the True Light of the World, that Jesus ascribed to Himself, but so does His Nemesis, Lucifer, the ‘Light Bearer’, etc.

This picture is to show that the ‘Coming One’ is no mere Animal, but a Man: a Mighty, Triumphant, Glorious Prince. He is so Pictured in the Ancient Denderah Zodiac, where we see a Man coming forth pointing to the 3 Bright Stars (Rigel, Bellatrix, and Betelgeuse) as his. His name is given as Ha-ga-t, which means, ‘This is He who Triumphs’. The Hieroglyphic Characters below read ‘Oar’.

Orion was anciently spelt ‘Oarion’, from the Hebrew Root, which means Light. So that Orion means, ‘Coming forth as Light. The Ancient Akkadian was Ur-ana, the Light of Heaven. Orion is the most Brilliant of all the Constellations, and when he comes to the Meridian, he is accompanied by several adjacent Constellations of Great Splendor, because the Equinoctial Line (or Solstitial Colure) passes nearly through the Middle of Orion.

It contains 78 Stars, 2 being of the 1st Magnitude, 4 of the 2nd, 4 of the 3rd, 16 of the 4th, etc. The picture presents us with, ‘The Light of the World’. His Left Foot is significantly placed upon the Head of the Enemy. He is girded with a Glorious Girdle, studded with 3 Brilliant Stars; and upon this Girdle is hung a Sharp Sword.

Its Handle proves that this Mighty Prince is come forth in a New Character. He is again proved to be, ‘The Lamb that was Slain’, for the Hilt of this Sword is in the form of the Head and Body of a Lamb. In his Right Hand he lifts on high his Mighty Club; while in his Left he holds forth the Token of his Victory—the head and skin of the ‘Roaring Lion’. We ask in Wonder, ‘Who is this?’ and the Names of the Stars give us the Answer.

The Brightest, α (in the Right Shoulder), is named Betelgeuse, which means, ‘The Coming of the Branch. (Malachi 3:2) The next, β (in the Left Foot), is named Rigel, or Rigol, which means, ‘The Foot that Crushes’. The Foot is lifted up, and placed immediately over the Head of the Enemy, [Lepus the Hare] as though in the very act of crushing it. Thus, the name of the star bespeaks the act. The next Star, γ (in the Left Shoulder), is called Bellatrix, which means, ‘Quickly Coming’, or ‘Swiftly Destroying’.

The Names of the 3 Stars in the Belt, carries us back to the Old, Old Story, that this Glorious One was once Humbled; that His Heel was once Bruised. Its Name is Al Nitak, ‘The Wounded One’. Similarly the Star κ (in the Right Leg) is called Saiph, ‘Bruised’, which is the very word used in Genesis 3:15, thus connecting Orion with the Primeval Prophecy. Like Ophiuchus, he has 1 Leg Bruised; while, with the other, he is Crushing the Enemy Under Foot.

Other (Arabic) Names relate to His Person: Al Giauzâ, the Branch; Al Gebor, The Mighty; Al Mirzam, The Ruler; Al Nagjed, The Prince; Niphla (Chaldee), The Mighty; Nux (Hebrew), The Strong. Such is the Cumulative Testimony of Orion’s Stars, which, Day-After-Day, and Night-After-Night, show forth this Knowledge. The Prince of Glory, who was once Wounded for the Sins of His Redeemed, is about to Rise-Up and Shine forth for their Deliverance. Their Redemption draws near.

This is ‘The Glory of GOD’ which the Heavens constantly Declare (Psalm 19:1). They tell of that Blessed Time when the whole Earth shall be filled with His Glory (Numbers 19:21; Isaiah 11:9); when ‘The Glory of the LORD shall be Revealed, and all Flesh shall See it Together’ (Isaiah 60:5), as all See now the Beauty of Orion’s Glory.

But side-by-side with the Glory which the Coming Light of the World shall bring for His People, there is ‘That Wicked’, whom the LORD ‘Shall Destroy with the Brightness of His Coming’. Hence, as in the concluding chapter (4.) of the 1st Book (of which this 3rd Book is the Expansion) we had in Lyra (The harp, VEGA), as Praise Prepared for the Conqueror; and in ARA (the Burning Pyre), as Consuming Fire prepared for His Enemies: so in the 1st chapter of this Book, we have in ORION, as Glory Prepared for the Conqueror; and in ERIDANUS, as the River of Wrath prepared for His enemies.


Orion Supernova Timing
Regarding the Constellation of Orion in Astronomical News? It has been reported that Betelgeuse, the Brightest Star in the Array, may go Supernova much sooner than anyone thought possibly, within the next 10 Years or sooner! In reality the Star is approximately 724 Light Years from Earth. And that is how long it has taken the Light f the Supernova to arrive. It means that it has already gone Supernova.

The Question is, when will this Event be seen from Earth with the Naked-Eye? Connecting to Bible Prophecy, because it is the Sign of Jesus, will it coincide with his Return then? As one has suggested, Wouldn't that be something if the ‘Supernatural Event happened at the time of Jesus' 2nd Coming (2022 + 10 Years = 2032).  There are many Articles on the Subject.  They pretty much all say the same thing, but one caught my attention in the way it was phrased.

‘Betelgeuse approaches its End of Days’.

One also came across one website where a Person actually calculated when the Supernova would be visible to the Naked Eye on Earth. This is what he stated,

‘The lag for the light delay should arrive sometime in March of 2025’.

So, that is about 7 Months from the Fall in October that one’s 2025-2032 7-Year Tribulation Timeline is presently at. Seems that the Tribulation Period might very well begin with a Celestial Bang! And at Jesus’ Return, would not be surprised if the Cosmos ‘Explodes’ with Radiance.

After all, it will be no Ordinary Day, as was His Birth and Crucifixion. So, if the Constellation of Orion is His ‘Sign’, at that Time and Place, it would make sense. Both Dates were accompanied by Great Celestial Signs. It will be the Day of the LORD when Jesus Returns. One will be glad to be Riding behind Him and would hate to be anyone in front of Him, that Day. 

Main Sources
E.W Bullinger
The Witness of the Stars



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