A Prophetic Turning Point, War and Alignments

  • Is the Cardinal Cross related to the Crucifixion?
  • How is this Alignment related to the Ark of Noah?
  • Does this Configuration signal a coming Change?

by Luis B. Vega

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By Faith Noah, being warned by YHVH about things not yet seen, in reverence prepared an Ark for the Salvation of his Household, by which he condemned the World, and became an Heir of the Righteousness which is according to Faith. -Hebrews 11:6-7

The purpose of this study is to illustrate the Cardinal Cross that reached its Zenith on April 23, 2014. This Cardinal Cross, in comparison to most others, is very peculiar in several ways. It occurred right after the start of the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-15. It occurred in-between the 1st Blood Moon and the accompanying Solar Eclipse. It occurred at precisely 13 degrees from each of the Cardinal Signs. The Planet Alignments of Mars-Pluto-Uranus-Jupiter were ‘Squared’ or at 90 degrees of each other. According to some who study Astronomy, the Cardinal Cross coincided with the Grand Cross.

This was rare since it has not happened since a full Precession of the Equinox. Lastly the Tetrad and Cardinal Cross coincided with the start of Pluto’s Retrograde on 4-14-14. According to Astronomy, the 4 Cardinal Signs are Libra-Capricorn-Aries-Cancer. These Cardinal Signs are not to be confused with the Celestial 4 Cardinal Points of Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius-Taurus that are also corresponding to the Biblical ‘Sentinels’ before the very Throne of the Creator in Heaven as depicted in the Bible.

To those in the Christian Community in particular that believe that YHVH has prescribed Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars, the Cardinal Cross is yet another Confirmation and Emphasis of just how profound the Cardinal Cross was and still remains to be seen. The effects are speculated to negatively impact Israel, the Middle East and the World at large. The Celestial Sign was like a Time Marker of a coming Event. Even the Esoteric Community and those bordering on the study of Astrology, took note of the Cardinal Cross as a sure Sign that Negative ‘Energies’ were believed to be released.

This would then affect the Earth in a Negative manner due to the Retrograde of Mars, the ‘God of War’. The difference is thus the Interpretation of such Signs as the Cardinal Cross that to some are Omens of Doom, to others just a factor of Cosmic Energy Forces that affect Earth and Mankind. Apart from the Bible, such Signs are mere Symbols that ensnare Humanity to its past as many seek to anticipate a connection and a possible Foretelling of the Future. There have been many Military Generals and Armies that have waited to consult the Stars to wage War, for example.

Celestial Interpretations

Such a Dependency to what is about to happen, independent of the Precepts of the Creator. Humans do seek to know the Future, but apart from the Divine Revelation already given the YHVH in the Bible. Although there is much Discussion of the Mechanics of the Cardinal Cross Alignment, most have ‘Missed the Boat’ of the profound Focal Point the Cross Alignment is Signaling – that the ‘Ark of Deliverance’ is Ready. This Cosmic Sign is not immediately recognized or seen unless one has an intuition to realize what is depicted ‘behind’ the construct of what is apparent during the Zenith of the Cardinal Cross Alignment.

What is also needed to be perceived, is that since Alignments such as the Cardinal Cross in Conjunction with Blood Moons are for Prophetic Signs and Divine Appointments, the various Alignments thus have Prophetic Meaning and purpose to YHVH’s People. In terms of possible Interpretations of such Celestial Blood Moons and Grand Crosses, the Evidence is profound based on prior Patterns that have already impacted Israel, the Middle East and the World at large, as foretold by Biblical Prophecy. By some Estimation, this Cardinal Cross has been a scheduled Heavenly Sign to Israel in particular that War is coming, and Judgment is pending on the World.

What is Ominous about this Cardinal Cross is the Number 13. The Cardinal Cross was at 13 Degrees to the Cardinal Points, thus the Name. Also, Pluto, the 13th Celestial Body, per some counts in the Solar System began its Retrograde on the Passover Eve of the start of the Cardinal Cross forming. According to the Bible, the Creator has positioned the Celestial Bodies in Motion to be a Time-Piece that functions like a ‘Mechanical Clock’. When such Celestial Bodies Configure or Align at certain Degrees or occur in proximity to Holy Feasts or Eclipses, then they are not a Random Occurrence.

Yet some Secular Scientists would prefer to reason-away any NOTION of a possible Creator being involved. Those within and without the ‘Scientific’ Community scoff at the Notion that such Celestial Movements that configure on precise Holy Jewish Feast Days and Celestial Cross Alignments have to do with any Divine or Prophetic Omens or Messages, are but ‘Mere Coincidences’. What many fail to realize is that upon an Examination of the Prophetic Cross Alignment history, such will corroborate with the Cycles of Disasters, War, Famine etc., to a degree.

If the Cardinal Cross that has formed on Jewish Feast Days are any indication of what is possibly the Cycle of its culminating Pattern, then War, Death and Change is coming on a scale not considered Normal. It is about a coming Transition in the World. This is based on the prior Cardinal Cross  that occurred, when Israel was in a State of War that affected its very survival. The message of the Cardinal Cross is that there will be an Inevitable Change coming upon Israel and a ‘Turning Point’ i.e., a ‘Cardinal’ of the whole of the Middle East perhaps. Based on other Research, this Cardinal Cross will be related to the possible rebuilding of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem and the rise of the AntiChrist, Pluto the ‘God of the Underworld’.

Focal Point - Argo

As the World has gotten increasingly Interdependent, such a Drastic Change in the Middle East of having a Jewish Holy Temple will have reverberations across the Muslim World. Such an assurance of this event that is predicted to occur sometime after the Cardinal Cross might be also a victim of a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. That is, if most are talking about and expecting War in the Middle East or a 3rd Temple in Jerusalem, then it will more likely occur because of the Anticipation. Nonetheless, these Speculations of an ‘Ark of Deliverance’ as in the Rapture of the Bride of Christ and the rise of the AntiChrist have been the theme of prior Celestial Events and hinted at even through the Illuminati Luciferian Hollywood Scripts with such Movies as Argo and Noah for example.

Some in the Christian Community that are anticipating the Rapture are excited that perhaps sometime during such a Cosmological Alignments and Sequences is perhaps when the ‘Blessed Hope’ or the Call will occur due to the ‘Change’ ensuing. As noted, based on Astronomy, a Cardinal Cross Alignment always signals a ‘Turning Point’ as in a Change. If the Rapture and the AntiChrist would materialize during the span of such Celestial Signs, the World will be in for a certain Change. The Bible does teach that the coming of the AntiChrist will be accompanied by such Celestial Signs in the Heavens.

There was a Frenzy and Talk about the Tetrad of 2014-15 and this accompanying Cardinal Cross formed, exactly in-between the 1st Lunar and Solar Eclipses. This study strongly suggests that the Cardinal Cross is all about the ‘Ark of Deliverance’. It is a Sign of a soon coming Deliverance from this present Evil World that has overtones of the Biblical Storyline of Noah’s Ark. This is depicted when one realizes what the Celestial Focal Point of the Cardinal Cross is centered on. This Center Point is Argo, the ‘Celestial Ship’ when configuring a Stereographic View of the Cosmos from Earth’s Perspective.

Argo is associated with the other Signs of Cancer, which means ‘Messiah's Redeemed Possession Held Fast.’ There is also Ursa Major, the large Sheepfold and Ursa Minor, the smaller Sheepfold. Argo the Ship is referencing ‘The Pilgrims Safe at Home’. Argo is a Depiction of a Celestial Ship or Ark that is made up of multitudes of Travelers or ‘Pilgrims’. It has 64 Stars in the Constellation. The Brightest Star is near the Keel and is called Canopus which means ‘the Possession of Him who Cometh.’ Other Star-Names are the following listed.

Sephina           The Multitude or Abundance
Tureis              The Possession
Asmidiska        The Released who Travel
Soheil              The Desired
Subilon            The Branch

Many who study Biblical End Times may very well see the Prophetic Parallels with this Depiction of the Ark or Ship that is to carry the ‘Pilgrims’ to Safety as the Ark did for Noah and his Family. In the case of Noah, once the Door was shut by YHVH, Noah and his Family were safe as the Waters of Indignation covered the Globe.

Celestial Precedence

They were not physically Removed from the Earth but were Hidden as if they were in a ‘Chamber’ and they stepped out into a New World Order, a ‘Paradise’ anew after the Flood. Such will be in Parallel Fashion once the Rapture of the Bride of Christ occurs but in mirrored fashion, perhaps. A Verse in Isaiah is often attributed to this possible Scenario. Isaiah 26:20 states the following. ‘Come, my People, enter thou into thy Chambers, and shut thy Doors about thee: Hide thyself as it were for a Little Moment, until the Indignation be overpast.’ At the time of the Rapture, the Bride of Christ is to be Removed from Earth and be kept Hidden in the ‘Marriage Chamber of Christ’ in Heaven while the Seal Judgments of Revelation of Indignation are poured-out on the World and the AntiChrist that will be Revealed.

In comparison to Eternity, it will be a ‘Little Moment’ as the Bride and Jesus, come back at the Battle of Armageddon to set up Jesus’ New World Order. Like Noah and his Family, the Raptured Saints upon the ‘Snatching Away’ will likewise step out into a New World upon their return to help set-up Christ’s Kingdom to Co-Reign with Christ on Earth for 1000 Years. If the Tetrad and Cardinal Cross are indeed marking this coming Turning Point in Human History and specifically as it pertains to Israel, then the Rapture is perhaps at the Door, Prophetically.

There are many correlating Signs such as the disclosure of Pluto, the God of the Underworld, Poseidon, the God of the Waters and Earthquakes. It was Nimrod who 1st opposed YHVH after the Flood. A 2nd Nimrod type will soon be revealed. To reiterate, the Cardinal Cross is demarking Argo, the Ark in the Celestial Star configuration that depicts the Grand Celestial Ship that takes the Pilgrims home according to the work of E.W. Bullinger. What is unique about this Tetrad is that the Grand Cross adds another layer of Prophetic Overtones alluding to the Days of Noah.

The Message of the Cardinal Cross being so near to the Passover that year was that the ‘Ark of Deliverance’ is ready and available and perhaps a ‘Last Call’ to get in. Perhaps there will be a Final Boarding Call as the calls to board trains often occur in comparison as trains are about to depart. Metaphorically, Jesus Christ was that ’Ark’ during the Passover on which He became the Sacrificial Lamb to take away the Sins of the World at another Cross, that of Calvary in Jerusalem.

Could the Cardinal Cross be so clear of a Sign for Israel to occur after its Passover to have the Jews take note and look at a Celestial Cross and perhaps see YHVH which means, Behold the Hand, Behold the Nail? This study strongly suggests thus that YHVH is announcing that the ‘Ark’ is ready; the call is to be proclaimed to enter in through the only 1 and Narrow Door, Jesus Christ. In an analogy of Noah to the Rapture and Passover, YHVH’s Judgment ‘Passed Over’ those that were under the Blood of the Lamb. It was as if the Water of Judgment passed over the Ark of Noah. Many in the Christian Community will ascribe this Focal Point of Argo designated by the Cardinal Cross as an emphasis that the ‘Deliverance’ is about to occur, i.e., the Rapture.

Last Hours’
This study is insinuating that the literal Rapture Event might take place at the very time that a Feast of YHVH or an Astronomical Event is to take place. It remains to be seen as other Feast Days like Pentecost come to mind. The Signs are perhaps just to put the Church ‘On-Notice’, of when such Deliverance could occur but that such incredible Signs as the Cardinal Cross have reached their Climax and Prophetically, the People of YHVH should be on High Alert Spiritually in these ‘Last Hours’ Prophetically. The Tetrad of 2014-15 was very unique in that not only did it kick-off with this Cardinal Cross Alignment, but it ended on a Sabbatical Cycle and on a Super Moon.

It started then the next Sabbath Cycle that ended in 2022. Will this 7-Year Countdown lead to Daniel’s 70th Week of Years? It is not beyond the Realm of Probability. This was especially true when the Variance of Degrees to all the Cardinal Points was 13 Degrees and the start of Pluto’s Retrograde started on the Eve of Passover. During that Time, Mars was the closest to Earth in several Years, that Signaled an intensification of Global War. It is no coincidence that the Cross Alignment is called the Cardinal Cross because it is in reference to it being as a Hinge, like a Door, as the Crosses in Astronomy and Astrology are attributed to corresponding to Dramatic Turning Points in Human History.

Yet the Rationale behind the hype about the Blood Moons, is that the prior ones that fell on Passover and Sukkot had a major ‘Historical Change’ and ‘Turning Point’ for the Jews. Israel was inducted into the UN Membership when the 1949-50 Tetrad occurred. Israel recaptured Jerusalem for the 1st time since it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD during the subsequent Tetrad of 1967-68. Many are speculating that this 3rd Tetrad will signal the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple due to the War that will break out after  10-Year Countdown from the Tetrad of 2014-15 has passed. This Creator is making a Statement, to the Jews in particular and Humanity, to take notice of these Signs.

The point is that the Tetrad Blood Moons centered on an ‘End’ of a Sabbatical Cycle of 7-Years. And the next ‘Tetrad’, was in 2021-22. But 3 out of the 4 were only Total Blood Moons. So, what ‘Event’ will happen to end on the beginning of the next Sabbath Cycle? Most speak to the technical aspect of how a Cardinal Cross comes about but most if all are not aware or have ascertained its Specific Message other than a Speculation of Doom and Gloom. Pardoning the pun, but many are ‘Missing the Boat’ in that the Cardinal Cross Alignment was referencing the Ark; that the Pilgrims are going to be shipped-out to a ‘Glory that should follow’ and that the Messiah’s ‘Redeemed Possession’, His Bride will be held fast’, per the interpretations of E.W. Bullinger.

At the same time, the workings of the Dark Lord, Lucifer is hard at work ready to Birth his New Phoenix and his New World Order. It is in Anticipation for the AntiChrist to take Possession of it and later-on, for Lucifer to possess him. This will require the Implosion of the Old World Order to bring about his ‘Nimrod’ whose Spirit will be that to oppose YHVH and YHVH’s People and stand as the ‘Christ’ instead of Messiah Jesus. He demands exclusive Allegiance and Worship. Perhaps it has come to such the Season of Change and of this ‘Turning Point’ that is to come years after these unique Cosmological Phenomena.

Cardinal Cross

With respect to the Cardinal Cross that began to reach its Climax on the 23rd of April in 2014, exactly 7 Days after the 1st Blood Moon of the 2014-15 Tetrad, it reached 13 Degrees from the subsequent Mazzaroth Signs. For example, Mars was in Virgo, 13 Degrees on the Sun’s path was in Libra; 13 Degrees from Pluto’s Alignment was Capricorn, etc. The Reason it is also called the Cardinal Cross is that this 13-Degree Demarcation falls precisely on the Cardinal Points of the Heavens which, are Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Gemini. The Number 13 at this place in Time in the History of Humanity and Israel in particular is very Significant and possibly will speak as to the Characteristics of this possible Change to come.

A Celestial ‘Cross’ is observed when the 4 Key Heavenly Bodies are said to be ‘Squared’ to each other. The mere fact that the Cross Alignment occurred dead center in-between the start of the Tetrad 1st Blood Moon and its accompanying Solar Eclipse is statistically against the odds to have been a Random Coincidence, as some would say. To reiterate, exactly in-between the 1st Blood Moon of the Tetrad on April 15, 2014, and the accompanying partial Solar Eclipse of April 29, 2014, the Cosmos formed the Cardinal Cross configuration. This is not to be confused with a Grand Cross Alignment. Did it have to do with Biblical Prophecy?

The Cardinal Crosses occur frequently but it is interesting and spectacular that for the first time in a Cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes, spanning nearly ~26,000 years, the Cardinal Cross will Align with the Grand Cross. Other factors are enhancing this ‘Sign’ and period of Time as Mars, the ‘God of War’ and Pluto, the ‘God of Death’ are in Retrograde. The Retrograde of Mars also occurred during the prior Prophetic Tetrads of 1949-50 and 1967-68 when the Blood Moons occurred on Passover and Sukkot.

To have a Context and General Understanding of the Mechanism of a Cardinal Cross, several Points will be presented to have a better understanding of what is occurring during this Time. There are ‘Fixed Crosses’ in the Heavens like the Southern Cross in the Mazzaroth Sign of Centaur, for example. Pertaining to the Planets, a ‘Cross’ occurs when 4 Planets are at 90 Degrees to each other, that is ‘Squared’ and approximate a ‘Cross Alignment’. This Cardinal Cross began its slow movement of Planetary Alignments on Christmas Eve, 2013 and reached its Zenith 7 Days after Passover on April 22-23, 2014. The 4 Celestial Points correspond to the 4 ‘Galactic Sentinels’ of the Mazzaroth and Throne of YHVH.

Matthew     Lion               KING                  King of the Jews from Judah
Mark          Bull S             ERVENT            Lowly servant to carry burden of sin.
Luke          Man               HUMAN              GOD-MAN, the incarnate Creator.
John          Eagle             GOD                   WORD of GOD. The Almighty.

Meaning of Numbers: 13
The 4 Celestial Cardinal Points depict the Multi-Faceted Nature of the Messiah, Jesus Christ and His Work of Redemption on the part of a Fallen Humanity. This study suggests that the Creator, at this Point in Time, has chosen to start the Cardinal Cross as a ‘Message of Change’ within the Context of the Meaning of 13 since the Cardinal Cross is at the 13th Degree marker on the Mazzaroth. The Number 13 in itself is neither Good nor Evil, as any Number is merely ascribed an Attribute and Represents a Count. Biblical, the Meaning of the Number 13 is Symbolic of Rebellion and Lawlessness.

It is attributed to the Rise of Nimrod, a Type of the coming AntiChrist that as Nimrod, will seek to be the Mighty Hunter (Orion) 'Before the LORD'. This literally means that he tried to take the Place or Throne of YHVH, according to Genesis 10:9. In essence, Nimrod wanted to be ‘Christ’ just like the Sinful Nature of Lucifer as an ‘Anointed Cherub’ was a Little ‘Christ’. Also, Nimrod was the 13th in Ham's Line who was one of Noah's 3 Sons who survived the Flood.

The Number 13 represents a Government created by Men, but inspired by Lucifer, in Rebellion against YHWH. In other Aspects, the Phrase 'Valley of Hinnom' occurs 13 Times in the Bible. This Valley was where Abortions were performed to the Pagan Owl God Molech. Molech was worshipped through the Sacrifice of Newborns that were placed on the red-hot Arms or Lap of the Idol to be Burned Alive. Lastly, the Red Dragon, a Symbol for Lucifer the ’Shining Serpent’ is found 13 Times in the book of Revelation.

And a Cardinal Cross? When Planets are Opposite each other in the heavens, they are said to be in ‘Opposition’. Mars was in Opposition to Uranus and Pluto was in opposition to Jupiter during this Cross Alignment. When the Planets are in Opposition, most likely they will be at an approximate 90° Angle to each other, thus this positioning is called Squared. The 4 Planets that made up the Cardinal Cross were Mars-Pluto-Uranus and Jupiter. The following table depicts how they were associated to the Cardinal Points.

PLANET          IN SIGN            DEGREE       TO CARDINAL SIGN
Mars                Virgo                13                   Libra
Pluto               Sagittarius       13                   Capricorn
Uranus            Pisces             13                    Aries
Jupiter             Gemini            13                    Cancer

The purpose of this study has been to illustrate the occurrence of the very unique Celestial Alignment of Planets in the Solar System that comprised the Cardinal Cross Alignment of 2014. Mars-Pluto-Jupiter-Uranus were Squared with each other to construct a ’Cross Alignment’ called the Cardinal Cross. While many Astronomers and Astrologers were excited as were some Christians about the start of the Tribulation, many others are sounding the Alarm that perhaps this Cosmic Alignment was alluding to a ’Doom and Gloom’ Scenario. It should be noted that the possible implications may not be seen until the Near Future. Such Signs may also just be Announcers or Precursors.

Ark of Deliverance
Many in the Religious Community, to include Evangelical Christians are labeled ‘Superstitious’ for believing such a Notion of considering Astrological Charts and Planetary Alignments to determine possible Prophetic Nuances. What most will miss in observing such a Celestial Alignment is the Encrypted Depiction the Cardinal Cross was actually ‘Marking’ a Change. Upon an Observation, using the Stereographic View of the Solar System, it can be easily ascertained that the Message of the Cardinal Cross was alluding to the Ark, the ‘Celestial Boat’ that is built for the ‘Deliverance of the Pilgrims’, according to the Work of E.W. Bullinger in his Research entitled, the Witness of the Stars.

To reiterate, Metaphorically and Biblically speaking, the Ark is ready to be Boarded. This study strongly suggests that the Cardinal Cross is marking the Focal Point which emphasizes Argo or the Ark. Such Signs by YHVH are perhaps meant to be taken notice of, during this Celestial Sign of the Cardinal ‘Cross’ in the Heavens that are perhaps a ‘Call’ that a Turning Point is about to occur in the World and that the Ark is about to Depart with the Bride of Christ. Perhaps the Time soon after the Cardinal Cross will witness this Change and ‘Departing Scenario’. It does not mean that such an inference or interpretation requires it to be fulfilled that very Moment or Year. As the Sign alluded to the Number 13, could it be Signaling a 13-Year Countdown?

The Sign could be inferring that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ could occur, as a type of how the World was removed from Noah so as the Bride is to be removed from the World. If the Message and Timing of the Cardinal Cross was that of a Turning Point and Departure, it would line-up with what many who study End Times are interpreting from the Bible is to take place, per the Books of Daniel and Revelation. After all, the Cross of Calvary on which Messiah was Crucified on was that of Death, Judgment and a Turning Point in Human History occurred because of it.

Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary meant Mercy, Forgiveness, Liberty and Eternal Life as He was suspended between Heaven and Earth for those that took heed of the Sign of Jonah and have placed their Trust and Faith in the Risen Savior. Jesus Christ will 1 Day personally Escort His Bride to Glory to Protect her in the Hidden Chambers or Ark until His Wrath upon the World and AntiChrist will pass. This will be the ‘1 Hour of Trial’ coming upon the World.

As the Creator has fashioned the Sun, Moon and Stars for Signs and Appointments, so too has the schedule of when certain Alignments are to occur and perhaps to Alert to the pending Prophetic Fulfillment of what is being Highlighted in the Heavens, like the Cardinal Cross. If this was a Sign from YHVH concerning the leading-up to the coming End of the Church Age, then the ‘Ark of Deliverance’ is about completed and perhaps there is a Final Call to enter the Ark as the Door is about to be shut; pending the World-Wide Judgment to come. The context of this worldwide ‘Trial’ will be the New World Order. The Cardinal Cross or Celestial Door to this Ark is shutting and perhaps it was a Cosmological Message of the ‘Final Call’, Metaphorically Speaking, so as to not ‘Miss the Boat’. His Name is Jesus.

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