Fall of the American Phoenix

  • What is the 4th Reich and where did arise from?
  • Will this 4th Reich actually be the New World Order?
  • Will the 4th Reich require the fall of the America?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.’ -Ecclesiastes 1:9

The purpose of this study is to draw attention to a seemingly parallel historical blueprint of Nazi Germany that led up to a World War 2. The parallels of the Politics, World Economy, Stock Market and Balkanization of countries that will also lead to World War 3, necessary to usher in the Luciferian New Phoenix will be examined as part of the countdown to the Battle of Armageddon. It is becoming apparent that the United States as the current Phoenix is strikingly headed for such a parallel blueprint as Nazi Germany with a police state and designed implosion for world war to help usher the coming last Luciferian Masonic Empire.

The U.S. is poised to help usher in the next ’Reich’ or New World Order (NWO) given the current political, economic, and moral underlying symptoms of America and the world for that matter. The key vital signs for America are not good at all given the current condition of the country. The U.S. is on the brink of political, social, economic, and moral implosion as was Germany before Hitler came into power and just before world war broke out. There are 2 parallel timelines that are used to illustrate this parallel. The benchmark years used for both timelines are the Market Crashes of 1929 and 2008.

The Crash in the U.S. of 2008 seems to echo the same scenarios that played-out in Nazi Germany soon after the 1929 Crash. The events that transpired in Germany in the timeline presented are factual and documented. The U.S. timeline presented in part is speculative and not a 1-for-1 direct parallel. Nonetheless, for the U.S., history is appearing to repeat itself because some key dates and trends are remarkably and shockingly similar to both Germany and the USA. Given these parallel timelines, unique patterns do emerge that correlates to specific and monumental occurrences. This study seeks to illustrate the corresponding events of both Germany and America that could be the workings –if by design of a blueprint for the next New World Order.

It will be at the expense of the USA as it is currently being taken down as the leaders allow it to happen and the average citizen or person too brain-washed to notice or care. This New Age is to be ushered once the implosion of the USA occurs as it did with Germany after its destruction at the end of World War 2. In the case of Germany, the events that led up to a World War enabled the transference of the New Order, the New Phoenix to America in fact.

Germany: How the Nation was Co-Opted

It appears that the U.S. is headed that way also as the Phoenix has reached its lifespan. This next version of the NWO could be the forging of the anticipated ‘last’ regional super-state of Daniel’s End Times 10-Toe Confederation of the AntiChrist’s Empire domain. The Nazi Germany scenario could potentially involve the nations that would encompass the ‘New Europe’ having a core of 5 nations. This transference of power could occur after the collapse of the Euro and then subsequently the Petro-Dollar or the reverse.

As it has been noted, the 5 European nations would be mingled with 5 core nations of North Africa in a loosely forged confederation of Iron mixed with Clay due to Islam involved in the mixing of Catholicism. This mixing of a political and religious coalition of nations would possibly come about by having a new hybrid religious order called ‘Chris-lam’. It could serve possibly as the prophetic ‘cement’ for unifying force for the world due to a moral vacuum coming from such a monumental event as the Rapture.

The time span from the rise to power of Hitler to the start of World War 2 involved 7-years. The value of their currency was dramatically devalued, there was hyper-inflation, mass unemployment, despair, etc. Then in 1933, Germany ‘elected’ new leadership that brought Hitler to power. He caused ‘craft’ to prosper and he promised ‘Change’. Hitler enabled Germany to get back on its feet economically and militarily. Then the ‘False-Flag’ burning of the Reichstag parliament building occurred.

Hitler was made Führer as a result with exclusive executive authority. Civil liberties were eroded due to a perceived ‘terror threat’ as domestic terrorists’ were identified and gun registration and eventual confiscation was implemented. Certain population groups were targeted and marginalized as ‘Enemies of the State’. All dictatorial concentration of power was given over to Hitler. A ‘New World Order’ or 3rd Reich was declared to last 1000 years. A disproportionate amount of the national budget went to military buildup and arms. Germany’s Christian soul and heritage sold out as it went along with the policies of eugenics and extermination of undesirables.

Hitler made a pact with the predominant religion of Europe. This is not to point fingers but stating historical fact as many nuns and priests were hauled off to the concentration camps for their personal aid to Jews as conscientious objectors to the Reich. As the first concentration camps started opening up, Jews were assigned to forced labor. They were tattooed with a number on the arm and for eventual extermination later on as they were to be shipped off.

Then 3.5 year before the start of World War 2, the Jews were stripped of their civil liberties by Legislative ‘Acts’ to ’protect the Homeland’. A year later, the Gestapo apparatus was made the highest law of the land trumping the German Constitution. Hitler through ‘peace’ destroyed many; Austria, the Rhineland, Sudetenland, and then Czechoslovakia were taken over. A New Europe was reconfigured; a New Order, etc. The End Game plan was to implode Germany as the Masonic Phoenix to usher in the true New World Oder after World War 2 in the United States of America.

The United States

For Germany, at the end of the 7-Year span, Germany initiated another false-flag attack at the Polish Border that brought the Nations of the world to war. The U.S. sadly, by design is being used as Germany to usher in the next stage of the Luciferian New World Order through its orchestrated implosion and World War 3. Through ‘Order out of Chaos,’ the parallel to what happened in Germany is a blueprint of what has and is currently happening to America. The value of the Dollar is being devalued, inflation is going up, high unemployment, despair is on the rise, etc.

Like in Germany, in 2008, the U.S. ‘elected’ new leadership with a similar slogan of ‘Hope and Change’. Many believed that the change would be for the better. Barack Hussein Obama promised to be the ‘Transitional President’. He could not have been more right than that. The transition was from a Constitutional Republic to a tyranny of the Executive Branch. Many even believe now that in some way, the current U.S. President will morph into the head of the next world government that could be in association with the ‘One’ that might be made to rule a New Europe-Middle East confederation called the Mediterranean Union perhaps. This is but one supposition amongst many.

There might be a turning point or event that will change the demeanor and concentration of how the U.S. President is today. To many in America and the world at large, Obama was expected to bring such ‘Hope and Change’ to the world but has not delivered on his promises. He is seen as a weak and indecisive leader with no real experience in foreign affairs, diplomacy, or economic policy. As with Ronald Reagan, it took an assassination attempt to turn around his demeanor and from that point on was a new ‘President’. Will it be no different for the current President that at some point, an attempt on his life will occur?

It might be the case that at that time the orchestrated attempt on his life will be blamed on the ultra-conservative Christian movement to confiscate guns, detain, or quarantine mass groups of undesirables as Hitler did. Such will be the scapegoats for an excuse to target and control such movements. Based on such a transformation that also occurred with Hitler in Germany, the coming New World Leader will cause ‘craft’ to prosper according to the Bible. It is strongly suggested that as the U.S. Petro-Dollar is the world reserve currently, more nations will be opting out of using the Petro-Dollar for trade. America’s economy that is now surpassed by China will be imploded because of this and in turn tailspin the rest of the global markets.

This will allow for the New World Order’s monetary grid to be set up and transferred to a new digital monetary system that will eventually lead and be called the ‘Mark of the Beast’ within the new Luciferian Beast Empire. Perhaps a series of ‘False-Flags’ on U.S. soil like the inside job of 9-11 might occur that will either be nuclear and/or biological in nature. This will be the justification for interning millions of US Citizens who will oppose this New World Order as they did to U.S. Citizens of Japanese descent during WW2. In the U.S., FEMA concentration camps have been prepared since the 1980s that will intern U.S. Citizens someday for such a purpose.

Dissection of Tyranny

They will be led into forced labor and will be tattooed with a number on the arm or head and eventually exterminated as in murdered like in Germany. The new NWO electronic currency will dictate what one can buy or sell and who…or for eventual execution for being labeled an ‘Enemy of the State’ and/or ’Domestic Terrorist.’ From the anticipated coming economic crash of 2015, it might take a 7-year span to implement such a scheme. It will coincide with the nationalized Obama Care health system.

The time in America is fast approaching that the U.S. Citizens will be stripped totally of their civil liberties guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, in part due to the Legislative ‘Acts’ and excessive Executive Orders. The following are but some examples of how the Luciferians have orchestrated the pending implosion of America; of an Old Phoenix needing to be killed out of chaos to birth the New Phoenix into an Order. This is the same game-plan of the Protocols of Zion that has been used throughout history to 'Divide and Conquer' the Nations by such Secret Societies and ‘Shadow Governments’ given over to the rule of Lucifer himself.

Like Hitler of pre-World War 2, the ‘change’ and transition promised for the USA has been gradual, constant, and implemented through the legitimate judicial system, or through legislative laws such as The Patriot Act. This Patriot Act came about as a direct function of governmental orchestrated terrorism much like in Germany with the burning of the Parliament building. The Patriot Act, which in essence is to be against the ‘Patriots’ of America, has not been put in place by the Luciferians who buy, steal and appoint the men and women in power in Washington DC for nothing. As it has been noted, the U.S. has already interned its citizens of Japanese ancestry during World War 2.

They used many for cheap labor during that time as the current prison industrial complex uses inmate labor for similar purposes and prophet. The U.S. Military has been given the authorization to be in charge and operate the camps. In 1977, FEMA was created for the sole purpose of aiding the U.S. population during natural disasters. Due to 9-11, FEMA was put in control of Homeland Security (DHS). The sole aim of FEMA is to protect the “Homeland” from Domestic ‘Terrorists’ and/or ‘Dangerous Citizens’ to ensure continuity of government -not to protect its citizens. The following is just a short list of what is in place now.

The following are some key ingredients that will ensure that like Germany, the U.S. will be led to the slaughter. The Builders of Lucifer in the USA are getting ready for the last stage of the next imminent False Flag attack on America like 9-11 to implode the nation. It will most likely deal with the Dollar/Stock Market that are on their dying stages. As rioting and mass looting will ensue, the average citizenry will plead to have the federal government deploy the Army on the streets with Martial Law as Kissinger predicted. At some point the FEMA/NSA apparatus will be made the highest law of the land. There is already a FEMA Federal Police, much like the corrupt ‘Federales’ of Mexico. Such an organization will be trumping the U.S. Constitution like the Gestapo of Nazi Germany. As the Bible states, through ‘peace and safety’ many will be destroyed.

Finally, sometime during the next 7-year span, America will cease to be the world leader as it is currently. The USA will be relegated to a regional 2nd rate prison-planet that will see the extermination of millions per the eugenicists agenda as publicly disclosed on the Georgia Guidestones. This is the philosophy and agenda for sterilizing and murdering millions as Prince Phillip so desired to come back as a microbe to infect millions to rid the Earth of the human parasites. Such are the Turners, Buffets, and Gates of the world, etc., that have publicly advocated for forced vaccination for one. If the following protocols are followed by the Federal Government against the people of the USA, then the Luciferian Zionists have achieved their goals for the USA.

Readiness Exercise / 1984 (REX 84)
This act allows the US Military to detain U.S. Citizens in case of civil unrest or national emergencies in detention centers. The perceived threat is relative as any U.S. Citizen that can be labeled a ‘Domestic Terrorists’. A ‘Domestic Terrorist’ can be anyone that opposes the ‘current political and social order’. Currently there are over 1 Million US Citizens on the Federal Terrorist watch list. The primary categories include Christians, returning military Veterans, gun owners, pro-lifers, those that home-school, etc.

US Patriot Act
This act, that Obama extended, allows law enforcement and the military to detain U.S. Citizens without pressing charges. It allows search and seizure of personal property and possessions without any probable cause. It allows permanent incarceration of U.S. Citizens that are labeled ‘Enemy Combatants.’ It allows U.S. Citizens to be identified as ‘Domestic Terrorist’ and as ‘Enemy Combatants’ can be detained indefinitely without access to judge or jury, family, or lawyers. Moreover any U.S. Citizen can be targeted for assassination in other countries.

Project Megiddo 1999

This mandates law enforcement to identify suspected U.S. Citizens protesting against the government.

Presidential Order 51 in 2007
This order allows the Federal Government to take-over all forms of existing rule of law and government and have it consolidated to the office of the President in a national emergency or in times of ‘civil unrest’.

The Civilian Inmate Labor Program

This is Army Regulation 210-35 that in 1986 allows public prisons to hand over inmates to be used for labor in US Military installations in times of ‘civil unrest’.

National Emergency Centers Establishment Act

This act (HR 645) allows US Citizens to be rounded-up and interned in US Military facilities.

HR 5122

This legislation in 2006 allows the nullification of Posse Comitatus by the President to have US troops stationed in the US outside military bases at any time and for any purpose. Up to 40,000+ troops coming back from Iraq/Afghanistan where they have run the prison/detention centers will constitute the 3rd Brigade of the Homeland Bridge program.


Battlefield USA

The U.S. is now considered ‘Battlefield USA’. This means that the Federal Government sees its very own citizens as potential enemies. Like Germany prior to World War 2, the U.S. government has already in place the apparatus to intern millions of its population to exterminate them. As it has been noted, this treatment of U.S. Citizens has already occurred during World War 2. The Wars Powers Act allowed U.S. citizens of Japanese ancestry to be interned easily due to the census records.

The U.S. is now poised to intern and decimate its dissenting populations that will mostly be composed of not only political but religious objectors when the proverbial ‘switch’ is turned on and the literal implosion occurs likewise easily. This orchestrated ‘crisis dynamic’ by the Luciferians running America in the shadows that appoint the Presidents as mere puppets has changed America by design.

All the mechanisms are in place to subjugate the U.S. Citizenry much like it was for the German citizens in Nazi Germany for religious and/or political dissent. All that was needed to have such a horrific apparatus implemented was to have an event called a false flag like the burning down of the German parliament building that will trigger and usher in the full force of all these apparatuses. Germany after the market crash of 1929, as the U.S. after the market collapse of 2008 has had the symptoms of an imminent economic collapse.

This coming economic collapse mirrors Germany’s timeline leading to 2015 based on the Stock Market crash cycles and America’s vital signs. The ‘vital signs’ for America show specifically the percentages of the national debt, unemployment, the incarcerated, war spending, foreclosures, household debt, chronic diseases, moral failure, societal decay, etc. The graphs for each category are off the charts. A nation has never been able to sustain these levels and continue to be a ‘Super-Power’ and world leader.

Given the current figures from the U.S.’s own government data, the USA is in deep trouble and very ill; some speculate beyond hope and recovery, just in time for a ‘New World Order’ to take its place. Many believe that all these outwardly symptoms are but the effect of the true spiritual and moral breakdown of the once collective ‘Christian’ consciousness and morality the US once abided by and had. When a patient goes to see a doctor for a check-up or an ailment, the doctor first, in the traditional sense, looks for the vital signs of a given patient: the heart beat/pulse, lungs/breath, eyes, ears, throat, tongue, etc.

So too has the Great Physician, Jesus Christ in Revelation 1-3 performed an evaluation on His Church, His spiritual nation. Biblically speaking, Christ performs a check-up of the spiritual and moral condition of His Church or a nation for that matter. How the USA is linked to this spiritual evaluation is that many believe that the Philadelphian Church alluded to the young American nation that started in the 1700s was the one that sent missionaries around the world and is known for its love. The nation was a beacon of true ‘Hope and Change’ from the status-quo of tyrannical religious and political oligarchies of the Old World and Orders.

Coming Apocalypse
Sadly, the USA has spiritually embodied the condition of the last Church Age, that of the Church of Laodicea. Yet, Christ faithfully assesses the condition of each growth stage or Church Age. He makes diagnoses and prescribes the remedy. For the USA, metaphorically speaking, at some threshold, ‘they’ as in the Luciferian Globalists that are going to pull the plug on this once great nation of the USA, but the LORD will never do that with His own. He is faithful because by ‘His stripes we are healed’ and ‘a smoldering wick He will not snuff out’.

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse have always had historical overtones in world events since Christ -as with Germany and perhaps now with the coming implosion of the USA. As this study suggests, the actual literal events, as part of the initial ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ Seal Judgments are not opened until the Bride of Christ is removed as many understand the events in Revelation to happen. The Elders which are a picture of the Redeemed Bride are seated in Christ, with Christ in Heavenly Places.

This study suggests that the Bride of Christ is the ‘Witness’ to the Seal Judgments. These Seal Judgments come upon Lucifer’s New World Order and Leader for the duration of the 7 years of Daniel’s prophetic Week of Years blueprint. Once the Seal Judgments are broken and the Horsemen are unleashed, it will be the start of God’s Wrath that will ultimately lead the nation of the world led by the Masonic AntiChrist to gather for the final Battle at Armageddon. Many believe that much of the onslaught of this pending timeline may come to pass in part due to the ‘setting-aside’ of the Restrainer of Evil, the Holy Spirit indwelling in YHVH’s People.

This removing event, the Rapture could be that ‘Event’ that may spark the chaos and judgment for the U.S. and world at large to begin as the Luciferian transition the world into their New Masonic Empire. In the world today, one of the highest concentrations of Christian Believers is in the USA. The Blessed Hope is that Jesus Christ will remove His Beloved beforehand as promised.


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