A Critique in the Theory and Error that Watchers
of the Rapture Event Keep Making

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And when the Day of Pentecost was Fully Come, they were all with One Accord in one Place. And suddenly there came a Sound [Trumpet] from Heaven as of a Rushing Mighty Wind, and it filled all the House where they were sitting’. -Acts 2:1-2

The purpose of this Commentary is to circle back on a prior write-up, #637 The Great Apostasy. The main reason why one made that Info-Graphic that accompanied the Study was to illustrate just how bad it is with the Spiritual Condition of the Professing Protestant Church. And that the 3% that would be considered the Watchers in these End Times, because it is the End Times, is also in ‘Bad’ shape, Spiritually Speaking. How so. One would say that they do not have a sound footing or understanding of Prophecy. In part, it is because it does take a lot of Years of Study and the differing Concepts, Premises, Conjectures, Speculations of what the ‘Teachers’ present as potential Timelines, Rapture Dates, etc., are not critiqued as they should be based on Scripture. It is not that one has ‘Figured it Out’, but the point is that Character Counts.

The issue one has, is not that Speculative Rapture Dates are presented and come and go. That is how the Church is to Watch, Wait, and Test the Evidence and the Hypothesis, etc. It is about Character. Even though in one’s opinion, it has been a ‘Broken Record’ Syndrome, as far as the Rapture Dates are surmised. It is because the same Premises keep being used in the Calculations. And the same Errors are made. For example, once the June 15, 2022 ‘Pentecost’ Day of the Rapture came and went, the natural direction is to now go to the next Jewish Feast, that of Yom Teruah, or what many presume is the Feast of Trumpets. And this solely because it is the ‘Last Trumpet’ and that is when the Rapture will happen as the Apostle Paul alludes to. Right? No.

But if that be the case, then that is the Time, Place and Feast that should be then solely focused on without wavering and ‘Record Skipping’ the gamut of all the Feasts of YHVH, starting from Passover, every Year. The point is that what one finds disturbing is, again, not that Watchers, who Watch and Report of the possible Rapture Dates, but it has to do with the Watcher’s Character. How so? As one would place oneself in that Community of the 3% that seeks to Watch, Discern, Hypothesis, Conjecture, Suppose, etc., when such a Premise of a possible Rapture Date is given, i.e., on a 99th Day from a Nisan 15 Date, being True Pentecost and perhaps the Rapture event, if that comes and goes for a given Year, one will say, ‘I was wrong’. As for me, this has been one’s Arching Argument, of a Double Count and that Pentecost is a Summer Feast, etc.

Do Not Drink the Kool Aid

In one’s Estimation and Understanding, the Rapture event is pegged to Pentecost, but at a Summer Wheat Harvest Season and past the Summer Solstice. The Point is that for the most part, the Watcher-Teachers that have insisted on a prior Watch Date, like June 15, 2022 do not allow Critiquing Comments on their YouTube Channel to be posted. But worse is that they still insist that, ‘They were Right, but’…Even worse is that out of the 3% that supposedly are the Watchmen Community, they too are jerked-along with the ‘Rapture Psychosis’. Here is a sample of this Madness in how they are ‘Drinking the Kool Aid’ that makes one run out the Door screaming.

It is not that one is ‘Right’, rather that others are ‘Wrong’. But how Honest Critique is not accepted. Sure, it is easy, in Hind- Sight to Critique, but one was presenting the evidence well ahead of such Dates for how it is ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ to have a Rapture, if pegged to a Summer Wheat Harvest before the June 20-21 Summer Solstice. Here is my Point, in just how bad it is. It is not just those who believed, for example, that June 15, 2022 was going to be the Rapture, up to a 99% Level of Confidence, but that the 3% Watcher Community also believed it too and are drinking their ‘Kool Aid’. Here below is a Point made by a Commenter on the Unsealed.com Facebook Thread by a Rhonda R.

‘I was watching/listening to the countdown to the Rapture with George at The Return of the King and want to share some thoughts. Right now for me it’s getting close to 1:00 AM in the wee hours of the morning of the 15th of June. We are still here obviously. I think George was still correct in his timing but not in the Rapture itself but the countdown of the 7 days prior to the Rapture. Remember in the account of Noah and Jesus said this time would like Noah’s time. God gave Noah a 7 day warning before the flood started!!!

Noah knew the flood was coming all those years but God told him exactly when only 7 days before it actually started raining. So, George is not wrong in his calculations I don’t believe, he just forgot that mankind was going to get that last 7 day warning and the 153 fish were that. Plus, the Song of Solomon chapter 2 tells of a spring time Rapture and 7 days added to the 14th brings us to the summer equinox. Jesus said the Rapture would happen when summer is almost here. Maranatha’.

What this person basically said is that although the Rapture Date that was supposed to have happened, did not occur, it was ‘Right’ all along, but really only 7 Days off now.  And that the Rapture, being like a type of the Song of Solomon, is to take place in the Spring, but in the Summer Wheat Harvest. Are these People out of their minds? Do they not read what they are writing? It is called Plausible deniability.

This is, to a degree, pure Rapture ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ and a Mental Dystopia going on here. One is not mocking or ridiculing, but just pointing out the absurdity of just how Potent the Rapture Kool Aid can be. And the point is that so long as the Watcher Community is not versed in Prophecy and the Bible, which would dispel all these ‘Record Skipping’, a lot less Blind Following would result. And in another aspect, the 3% of the Watchers would not be subjected to more ridicule and Resentment.


This Resentment comes from within and without the 3%. But it is why the 97% of the rest of the Professing Protestant Christians, much less those outside Christendom do not even bother. One would not blame them. But as it is not just about pointing out the Faults or Errors, one always, as a Responsible Critic, will share the points, one believes why it is IMPOSSIBLE for the Rapture event to occur on a Yom Teruah, or how some mistakenly attribute that time to Rosh HaShanah for the Tribulation Period to Begin.

1-In Prophetic Time, the Feast of Pentecost is in the Present Tense. It is still occurring, as it began on Pentecost in 32 AD and will not end until the Church Age Commission comes to a close with the Resurrection-Rapture event. To have the Rapture that is pegged to the Feast of Pentecost, to then have it occur in another Feast of YHVH, that being Rosh HaShanah, as the proponents of the Failed June 15, 2022 Rapture Date now has determined that Yom Teruah will be the Day of the Rapture, is absurd. If one studies the Passage in Acts 2, there was a ‘Sound of the Trumpet’, correcting it to the events, similar to those that occurred on Mount Sinai.

2. This same Watcher who now says that the Tribulation Period will start on Yom Teruah, because it is the Rapture is false. Where does he get the Information, Evidence or Scripture that the Rapture has to now occur on Yom Teruah? Where does he get the notion that the Rapture starts the Tribulation Period? What starts the Day Count of the Tribulation Period, being 2520 Days or 2 Halves of 1260 Days, or 42 Months is the Daily Sacrifices commencing. This is determined in how the Scripture states that at the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period, that corresponds to the Revelation 12 Passage, thereafter, the Woman, that being the Remnant of Believing Israel, will be protected for 1260 Days. And for the Daily Sacrifices to begin, the Jews need the Altar. And for the Altar to be Consecrated, they need the Red Heifers. So, one can see, no flippant Declaration of Rapture on Yom Teruah will occur, guaranteed. 

3. The Church Age Period is an ‘Intermission’, meaning that it has no Prescribed Time, necessarily announced as to how long it will last. Consider when Jesus read on the Day of the Jubilee Year from the Scroll of Isaiah. It has been rightly noted that Jesus stopped at the point where it stated, ‘And the Vengeance of our GOD’ portion. Jesus basically put a Comma in-between the entire phrase. And how long has this ‘Comma’ lasted? Nearly 2000 Years. The Point is that the Spring Feasts were fulfilled by Jesus in a matter of 1 Week, in the Spring. The Fall Feasts, is when Jesus comes back at Yom Teruah and will be fulfilled in a matter of  Weeks. But Pentecost? It is the Summer Feast that will conclude Pentecost, as it is still in motion and unfulfilled. It will be fulfilled when that Last Gentile is saved by Jesus, etc.

4. The Church Age is associated with Pentecost as that is when the Disciples, being gathered as it was their Custom, at the Temple ‘House’, in how the Holy Spirit came down and they began to Speak on Foreign Languages. Why? It was because on Pentecost, it was 1 of the 3 In-Gathering Feasts were all Jewish Males of Military Age were to be presented before YHVH at the Temple, etc. This meant that the Jews came from all the Nations they had been taken to in the 1st Diaspora by the Babylonians.

It foreshadows the connection to the Nations as that is what has characterized the Prophetic Pentecostal Intermission. And to reiterate, that the Feast of Pentecost is presently in play, and not done. It will NOT, cannot be completed in another Feast of YHVH, in this case Yom Teruah. It is Impossible and absurd to think so.

But if the 3% of the Watchers that are left, Watching the End Days want to continue ‘Drinking the Kool-Aid’? One is only pointing out the Counter Arguments and one is not asking for anyone to be convinced otherwise or to have to believe in what one is Arguing. But Character Counts. Thus, to reiterate, one is not faulting a Watcher/Teacher for considering possible Future Rapture Dates as seen in the Feasts of YHVH. One is engaged in the same Supposition and has presented one’s argument, etc. What about Character?

For example, if one’s July 23, 2022 Pentecost Date comes and goes, and the Rapture does not take place at that time, one will admit the Year was not then 2022. One is only highly suggesting that it could be a High Watch Date. And that is as far as one can say. As to Character, even so, if the Rapture event does not occur then, one will be the first to say, one was WRONG. And this is my point, I am disappointed that Fellow Watchmen and Watchwomen do not have the Character enough, and to Honor the LORD Jesus, to admit that they were ‘WRONG’ and carry on. No, instead they Double Down and worse, they insist that they were Right’.

And worse than that, all those that believed and believe the Kool Aid still believe he and other like-minded are ‘Right’. Well, I find that to be so WRONG. And it is not that such Watchers and Teachers are accountable to this Critic, but they are to, not only the 3% of the Watcher Community, but to the entire Professing Christians or Body of Christ, and ultimately to Jesus Himself. One welcomes an Honest Critique of one’s Work and Counter Arguments for a Rapture Date needing to occur on a Summer Season Wheat Harvest and on the 99th Day after a Passover, Nisan 15 Day Count.




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