Spirit of the Golden Calf

  • Is there a Significance as to where Tel-Dan was located?
  • Where did the 'Spirit of Rebellion' come from?
  • Is there a Cydonia, Mars Connection to this occult center?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Furthermore, the Altar that was at Bethel and the High Place which Jeroboam the Son of Nebat, who made Israel Sin, had made, even that Altar and the High Place he broke down. Then he Demolished its Stones, ground them to Dust, and burned the Asherah. Now when Josiah turned, he saw the Graves that were there on the Mountain, and he sent and took the Bones from the Graves and burned them on the Altar and Defiled it according to the Word of the Lord which the Man of God proclaimed, who proclaimed these things.’ -2 Kings 23:15-16

The purpose of this study is to examine the very Ancient Site of Tel-Dan that appears to have the Cydonia, Mars Triangulated Pattern, based on the Pyramid Complex there. As the studies of such Ancient Sites suggest, this Triangulation goes far beyond the mere Pyramid Structures of Mars but perhaps a Star Alignment and the very Dimensions of Heaven itself is some sort of way. What is fascinating to consider is that Tel-Dan has a rich connection to Biblical Archeology and the Storyline of the Bible with its Patriarchs, such as Moses, Abraham, a Grandson of Moses, the Apostasy and Division of Israel, etc. Then there is the Son of King Solomon, Rehoboam that further led to the Division of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Then there is Jeroboam who was chosen by YHVH to be King and was given the 10 Northern Tribes to be called Israel but were eventually Exiled.

What this study suggests is that with the Triangulated Pattern, it is often the case that it is directly associated with the Martian Theme of a ‘Rebel King’, Ala-Lu and a Luciferian and/or Satanic Cult Center. Thus, this site at Tel-Dan is very suitable for what occurred there and why such Events and People all were interwoven at this Place as they are described in the Biblical Record. Such a Sacred Site at Tel-Dan speaks of a ‘Star-Gate’ where Counterfeit Worship was received by a Rebel King, a False Temple, a False Altar of Sacrifice, etc. The place of Tel-Dan is very interesting and unique in many ways. As a background for Information, the following Knowledge of the site will be given. It is at Tel-Dan that one of the 4 Primary Sources of the River Jordan originate from, thus Jor-Dan.

The largest of the 4 Sources of the Jordan River, the Dan Spring emerges at the base of Mount Hermon next to Tel Dan. The Water Source comes from Mount Hermon, the Star-Gate Sacred Site of another Rebellion; that of the 200 Watchers that came down from their Starry Abodes and/or Stations they abandoned during the Days of Enoch. They are the ones that started the Hybridization of the Human Race through Human Women that resulted in the Races of Giants among other Genetic Perversions. In terms of why Jeroboam built the False Temple and Altar there at Tel-Dan was to deliberately draw away the True Worship and Worshipers from YHVH in Jerusalem as YHVH had prescribed. It is believed that the Rebel King Jeroboam fashioned his Temple much like Solomon’s with the 2 Columns, an Altar of Sacrifice and a Golden Cow.

A Cultic Center
Interestingly, the Temple is exactly 90 Nautical Miles from the False Golden Calf Altar at Tel-Dan to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It is also interesting how Jeroboam wanted his Temple at Tel-Dan to mirror that of what is understood in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament to have, a Water Source. There is a source of Living Water that protrudes out of the Throne of the Temple of YHVH, that being Himself. This is depicted as the ‘Sea of Sapphire’ in Heaven for example. The Rebel King Jeroboam was mimicking the River protruding out of the Temple of YHVH as it will be the case in the 4th Temple of Ezekiel during the Millennial Kingdom. This Star-Gate Site at Tel-Dan is much older than what was built upon by the Tribe of Dan that took over that area at the Time of the Conquest of the Promised Land by Joshua.

Why Tel-Dan? The Name was not Tel-Dan which means the Hill of Dan but was an Ancient Canaanite Center of Cultic and Satanic Rituals. There ‘was a God there’ as one Inscription was found commemorating a Religious vow during the Greek Period. Surely, it is a Demonic Stronghold as it is essentially at the foot of Mount Hermon and just 2.33 Miles to the east is the Sanctuary of Pan. This is the place Jesus went to with His Disciples on 1 occasion and expounded on the Spiritual Nature of the Gates of Hell. Some even believe that it was on Mount Hermon where the Transfiguration of Jesus took place. From the Sanctuary of Pan to the Summit of Mount Hermon is 12 Nautical Miles. There is currently a U.N. Observation Station there. From Tel-Dan, it is 16 Miles to the Summit of Mount Hermon and exactly at a 45 Degree Angle as is the ‘Triangle’ within the Tel at Dan given the Cydonia Triangulation Overlay.

Thus, Tel-Dan is a Focal Point or a Star Gate of the AntiChrist Energies, Demonic Centering of the Spirit of the Golden Calf of Mount Sinai, that even has a recorded Connection with Moses’ Grandson, Jonathan. He was from Bethlehem but was essentially a Priest-for-Hire. The Cydonia Triangulation at Tel-Dan is much older than King Jeroboam, as the center of the Hexagram construed by the Cydonia Triangulation Pattern had an earlier structure, dead center along with the Canaanite Gate that was built before the Days of Abraham. It is believed that it was Abraham that walked through such Gates to Rescue his Nephew, Lot that was captured by the Danites. In terms of some of the approximate Measurements of this Martian Triangulation Pattern of the 3 Main Structures, the following are suggested for Tel Dan Sacred Site.

The 3 Main Structures at Tel-Dan are the ancient Canaanite Gate to the East. Then there is the Temple to the Golden Calf to the North and the City Gate complex to the south. The Canaanite Gate corresponds to the Face of Mars or that of the Rebel King Ala-Lu. Thus, as People entered the ‘Gate’, it is as though one would be entering the ‘Mouth’ of the Beast, the Rebel King. Then the Temple to the Golden Calf corresponded to the Giant D&M Pentagon. Lastly, the City Gates complex to the South would correlate to the Pleiades Star Cluster Pattern. In terms of some Measurements, the following are presented. From the Altar of Jonathan, Grandson of Moses, to the Entrance of the Canaanite Gate is 365 Yards. This perhaps suggests a Solar Year Measurement that was also often associated with such Distances and Placements, Topographically of the Sites. Then from the False Rebel King Temple of the Calf to the City Gate complex is 1000 Feet or approximately 333 Yards.

Spirit of Rebellion
Amazingly, it is the same as the 333 Degree Heading of the D&M Pentagon Pyramid has of Mars. It is also measured as 180 Smoots, suggesting a Half Circle of Time and Degrees. This goes to show just how integrated the measuring was done and how Sacred Geometry was fused into the very fabric of the Layout that was not and never has been of a Random Choosing. Then from the City ‘Stat’ Gate Complex in the South to the Ancient Canaanite Gate is approximately 666 Feet to the Gate entrance. As to some Historical Background, Tel-Dan was a fertile Weigh-Station; a Stopping Point on the Ancient Caravan Route from the far Eastern Lands of Persia and Mesopotamia to Egypt. Tel Dan’s location was prime as it was fed by one of the 4 Tributaries of the Jordan River as mentioned that came from Mount Hermon.

According to Research, the city of Dan was only named so when the Israelite Tribe of Dan conquered it based on the account in Judges 18. However, that area was not originally allotted, as it is inferred that the Tribe of Dan was not Faithful in Driving-Out the Canaanites but wandered around for a Time. It is understood that the Danites were unwilling to Fight the Philistines who inhabited most of the Land and whom YHVH had given the ‘Eviction Notices’. They rather sought-out an easier way and site to overrun instead. The Danites eventually traveled North and conquered an undefended and ’Complacent’ City called Laish/Leshem and renamed it Dan. In Ancient Times, Laish was already known as a Cultic Pagan Center, ‘Star Gate’. However, the City became prominent only after the Death of King Solomon when Israel was divided into 2 Kingdoms and King Jeroboam made it one of his Capitals.

He thus erected 2 Golden Calves for Israel to Worship. As in I Kings 12 records, the Rebel King Jeroboam upped one over Moses, as he had 2 Golden Calves made. He placed one in Tel-Dan making it his Capital and the other at Beth-El (Beit-El). Although YHVH sent many Prophets to Warn the Rebel Kings of the 10 Northern Tribes, the succession of Rebel Kings and Apostasy continued and got worse. The next Israelite Kings, Omri and his son Ahab, rebuilt the battered City, and re-erected the Gates and a huge Podium at the North end of the Tel. This all leads into the specifics about the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation. The study of Tel Dan, starts with the Middle Bronze Age Gate referred to as the Canaanite or Abraham Gate. This is what this study strongly suggests correlates to the Face of Mars of the Rebel King, Ala-Lu.

It is said to be the only Bronze Age arched Gate that has survived completely in the entire Middle East. The Canaanite Gate was uncovered in 1979. It is almost 4,000 Years Old and made of Mud Brick, set on a Foundation of large Basalt Stones. Presently, a Metal Canopy is over the Gate to preserve it from the Humidity and the Elements that would have eroded the Structure to the ground by now. It features 2 Towers and a Horizontal Structure linking them below the Arches. Thus, the Arches are found to be used much earlier than what was believed to be the case as it is supposedly a Roman ‘Invention’. The Style of the Gate is typical for this Period whom others have named it a ‘Syrian Gate’. It has 3 pairs of Piers and 4 Chambers, like those found at Megiddo, Shechem and Gezer that, not surprisingly, also have the Cydonia Triangulated Ley-Lines on Mars, Coincidence?

House of David

The Canaanite Gate, which in Ancient Times stood 7 Meters tall, has been restored to its Original Height by the Israeli Archeological Department. How the Biblical Patriarch Abraham is connected to Tel-Dan is that in the Bible, it records that the People of Dan took Abraham's Nephew Lot as a Prisoner. Abraham then came to Dan to rescue him. Thus, most likely Abraham had passed through the Gate as that was the Main Entrance to the Tel at the time. Eventually the Tel grew and there was a need for other Entrances. The City Gate Complex to the South was later believed to have been built for this Accommodation. This Structure, pertinent to the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation appears to correspond to the Pleiades City Pattern. It is believed that it was King Ahab who built the Gatehouse that is part of a series of Gateways discovered leading into the core of the Tel-Dan City Area.

It is in this area that the discovery of the Dan Inscription which mentions the ‘House of David’ was found. It was in the Main Square of the Israelite Gatehouse that the Inscription belonging to a Large Basalt Slab was found in 1993. It is unique for several reasons because it is the very first time that the ‘House of David’ is mentioned in a text outside the Bible. It is believed to have been Inscribed as a Commemoration only about 150 Years after King David would have Reigned. The Slab numbers 13 Lines. It tells a larger story in which it describes the Victory of King Hazael of Aram-Damascus, Enemy of the Ancient Kingdoms of Israel and Judah (House of David). This is corroborated by History in that it was at the beginning of his Reign that he killed 70 Kings, among whom King Yehoram of Israel and King Ahaziahu of the House of David, etc.

These events correspond to the Bible Story in II Chronicles 22, but according to II Kings 9, these specific Israelite Kings were Murdered by King Yehu of Northern Israel. What is Astronomically Significant about the Southern City Gate complex is that where the Judgment Seat was situated, appears to correlate to the Pleiades Star of Alcyone. This is the prominent Star that rules the ‘Flock’ as it were Spiritually Speaking. Thus, to have this Seat be at this particular location suggests that the King, when Sitting there was the Preeminent One, ruling the Affairs of that City and/or Kingdom as a type of ‘Alcyone’. This was the general idea of the Ancient World in how most Cities had the Judgment Seat at the Gate. However, it was also a Place where the Preeminent Idols or Images of the City God(s) or Goddess(es) were also placed. Some examples of this are recorded in 2 Samuel 18 and 2 Kings 23.

Then there is the Elevated Podium Platform that was the Foundation to the Temple dedicated to the Golden Calf. This is the Site that corresponds to the Cydonia, Mars D&M Pentagon. However, this study suggests that there was a prior Structure before the Rebel King erected the False Counterfeit Temple. In front of the Temple was the 4-Horned Altar of Sacrifice. In essence, the Rebel King Jeroboam just followed in the long succession of Cult Leaders, administering on behalf of the Fallen Angels and their Demons, housed at that Sacred Site, or ‘Star Gate’. It was a Demonic Stronghold, a ‘Fortress of the Fallen Angels’. It was a Cult Center in which the Bible records that, ‘the Children of Dan set-up for themselves the Graven Image’, as noted in Judges 18:30. The Golden Calf emanated the Spirit of Rebellion against YHVH as other ‘Gods’ were also Worshiped there.

The Departing
One God, in particular that the Danites worshiped was the God, Bes. It is the Gnome with a Long Beard. Where did this inclination to Spiritual Apostasy and Departure from YHVH’s Precepts occur and come from? It can start and start with 1 person. Tel-Dan can be linked to the False Prophet Micah. He was from the Tribe of Ephraim and set-up his own Private ‘Religion’ and Altar along with a Personal Priest. This Priest-for-Hire was the Grandson of Moses, Jonathan no less that would not have made Moses proud. Then the Connection continued at Tel-Dan with the Rebel King narrative and Spirit as Jeroboam, basically institutionalized this Apostasy that led to the Downfall and Exile of the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel. Jeroboam was Anointed King over the 10 Northern Tribes called Israel by the Prophet Ahijah in 1 Kings 11.

It is believed that no King in both Kingdoms of the Hebrews caused more Spiritual Destruction to the people of YHVH than Jeroboam. Jeroboam banished the Levitical Priesthood and replaced it with Men of the Lowest of Character and the ‘Priesthood for Sale’, according to 2 Chronicles 11. The story behind the Idolatry at tel Dan is very intriguing and disturbing at the same Time. The Context is dealing with YHVH’s supposed ‘Chosen People’ and how far they had departed from the Faith of Abraham, Moses and Joshua. As mentioned, the Apostasy of the Northern Kingdom of Israel started in the South with Micah's Idolatry as Judges 17 states. In Conjunction, the Dynastic Pagan Priesthood of Jonathan, the Son of Gershom, the Son of Manasseh in the Apostate Service to King Jeroboam lasted for over 600 Years until their Destruction at the Hands of the Assyrians.

Jeroboam's Beth-El Altar was finally Destroyed by the Judean King Josiah. So Evil was the Tribe of Dan in leading all Israel into Idol worship, that they are not listed as 1 of the 12 Tribes constituting the 144,000 nor of the Foundations of the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation. The Spiritual Lessons of Tel-Dan are ones that reads full of Rebellion, the Spirit of AntiChrist, Deceit, Conspiracy and Apostasy of the worst kind. It deals with the Spirit of Rebellion, of the Spirit of the Golden Calf, etc. It is the Rebel King Jeroboam that sets the Standard for how the future Wicked Kings of Israel would be measured against. It is in keeping with the same Rebellious Spirit of Nimrod. Nimrod started to ‘Activate’ his ‘Star Gate. It was called the Tower of Babel. But ultimately the Rebellious nature of Lucifer, his Fallen Angels and sadly, those Humans that choose their same lot as King Jeroboam.

It was during the Days of the Judges where Israel seemed to have lost its Moral Compass and way and, ‘Did what was Right in their own Eyes’. Such is the Spiritual Condition now, Israel as a Nation and the Church Body of Jesus Christ in general in these Last Days. The Root Cause of such an Apostasy starts in the Heart. This can be attributed to the source that started with King Solomon, of the ‘House of David’. It was as a direct Consequence of his Rebellious spell that King Solomon came under. This Disposition came about to a large part, by the Marrying of his many Wives for Economic and Political Reasons. It helped lead Solomon into Apostasy and eventual Rebellion that cost him the Division of the Kingdom. As part of his Judgement, YHVH ordered the Anointing of one of his base appointed Servants, Jeroboam to be the King instead.

What is the Spiritual Lesson? The Departing of the Faith results in a Division. This is the Spiritual Law and Consequence. Nonetheless, King Solomon clung to his Desires and Wives. As a result of this ‘Rebellion’, the Northern 10 Tribes that constituted Israel were taken or ‘Divided’ from Solomon. What a missed opportunity for both King Solomon and King Jeroboam. YHVH took a seemingly insignificant Man, Jeroboam with Immoral Associations given the Nature of the Work of his mother to be King. Jeroboam could have chosen the ways of YHVH and prospered. Instead, he Departed from the Faith. Jeroboam chose to Depart from the faith in YHVH and take the 10 Tribes with him in such an Apostasy or Departure.

These Rebel Kings thus took on the Mantle of the Spirit of AntiChrist instead. It is a Sober Warning to YHVH’s People in these Last Days as well. It is one thing to Rebel and Depart from Jesus Christ, but another is to drag others into the same Pit, is beyond what Jesus accepted. This is the complaint Jesus had of the Rebellious Religious Leaders of Judah. Jesus exposed their Apostasy as they not only would not go through the Door, metaphorically speaking but would hinder others from going through. The False Religious Leaders of Jesus’ Day like Jeroboam wanted to avoid the People of YHVH to make Pilgrimages to the Temple in Jerusalem and to Jesus, all the same.

Interestingly, it will be in the Last Days that Israel, during the coming Tribulation Period will have a similar Showdown with the coming Rebel King, the AntiChrist and YHVH’s Prophets. There will be a similar Episode with the coming of the 2 Witnesses that many believe 1 will be Elijah as it was in the days of Ahab and Jeze-bel. There will also be an Inference of another Type of Golden Calf, the Image of the Beast that will be Animated by the Last Rebel King, the AntiChrist much like Jeroboam that will seek to draw Worship away from YHVH unto himself. And like the Rebel King Jeroboam, he will introduce this ‘Image of the Beast’ to Israel and declare, ‘Behold Israel’, your God that has delivered you’.

The History of Tel-Dan was 1 of the Darkest Chapters of Israel’s History and unfortunately, it will repeat itself. However, the 10 Northern Tribes never Repented of their Apostasy and as a Judgment by YHVH, they were taken Captives by the Assyrians. During the Time of the Judges, there was a Spiritual Vacuum whereby Worship and the True Adherence to the Word of YHVH was not implemented nor regarded. To such a degree that the Satanic Connection with Tel-Dan and the Tribe of Dan to a Star-Gate has left them out of not being listed in the Privileged selected of the 144,000 to Evangelize on behalf of Jesus during the Tribulation Period. What a Missed Opportunity as Rebellion leads to Division.



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