What is not being divulged, by Celeste Solum

  • What is exactly in the ingredients of the COVID-19 shots?
  • What are the long-term effects of taking this type of mRNA shot?
  • What are governments and Big Pharma not telling the people?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to present the list of 10 ingredients found in the COVID-19 shots as discussed by Celeste Solum, March 2, 2021 on the David Icke BitChute channel. Who is Celeste Solum? Celeste grew up in a military and governmental home with her father who worked for the Naval Warfare Center and managed public lands. Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activations include 9-11, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA Certified and has received extensive training. Celeste also has worked in Allopathic and Environmental Medicine, Agriculture, and Genetic Research. Celeste has dared to go public with relevant and practical news and information that the unassuming public does not know or is not let to be known.

She is sounding the alarm about the dangers of the COVID-19 Gene Therapy inoculations that have 10 dangerous ingredients in them. In her research, Celeste has quoted many qualified doctors on the subject of this supposed ‘pandemic’ due to the SARS CoV-19 such as Dr. Tom Cowan. He is one of the leading opponents to the official narrative that COVID-19 is a ‘pandemic’. And that the shots are dangerous, experimental and do indeed constitute a Gene Theory process from a DNA-RNA-Protein Cycle. In the professional and medical opinion of Celeste and many Doctors like Dr. Cowan, the inoculation agenda is nothing more than a culling tool. They ask a simple and reasonable question, that if food by law must have all ingredients listed, how come these types of ‘vaccines’ do not list all the ingredients in their totality?

Sure, the manufacturers of the salient will list several items that the shots will contain, but that is not all-inclusive. What they do not list is the dangerous elements for if they would, they would go to jail for administering poison to the people. To this end, Celeste investigated the patents and read  technical papers of these so-called vaccines and what she found was shocking. There are 10 dangerous ingredients found in the OCVID-19 shots that need to be exposed and made public. She also offers a possible explanation and scenario as to why the Power-That-Be are allowing this type of poison to be injected directly in the blood of all humans on the planet as that is their mandate apparently. One possible reason is seen in how the privileged Elite of the world that rule the world see the people. They see Humanity as nothing more than ‘Useless Eaters’ that need to be exterminated like insects. And how? Through a virus. They have succeeded now with the new technology that has come about. Consider what the very words of the husband of the Queen of England said on this account.

Too Many People?

Prince Philip is known for many things. He’s the longest-serving consort in British history, the Royal Family Patriarch, and very outspoken. While he’s no stranger to putting his ‘foot in his mouth’, his comment about a Killer Virus is something he probably wishes he could have taken back now as it is making headlines around the world due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) plandemic. Back in 1988, the Duke brought-up over-population when being interviewed by a German news agency, Deutsche Press Agentur. The question posed was about reincarnation. This is what he said and is very telling. ‘In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a Deadly Virus, to contribute something to solving over-population,’ And this is not a sole opinion of 1 person but the ‘religion’ of the Globalists, the Kabbalists that are Luciferian at the core.

In 2008, he said he believed it was one of the biggest challenges facing Humanity and he offered his ;Final Solution’ on what should be done about it. And prior to that, the Duke of Edinburgh told People Magazine, ‘Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. We are in for a major disaster if it is not curbed–not just for the natural world, but for the human world. The more people there are, the more resources they will consume, the more pollution they will create, the more fighting they will do…If it is not controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation, and war.’ And to this end, this is what they have imposed upon a helpless and clueless population.

The issue is not over-population but over-crowding and the hording of natural resources that they control. They control the production of virtually all food, oil, gas, minerals, farmlands, forests, business, money, education and the military, etc. It is they that inflect pain and suffering with perpetual wars and pollute the world with their geo-engineered everything and the chem-trailing of the sky. And now their latest ‘Deadly Virus’, COVID-19 and their solution? You must take their shot. Celeste asserts that the ‘vaccine’ is inserting a Platform as a form of ‘scaffolding’ that is being set-up inside the body that is preparing it for further high-tech functions. The official reason given by the vaccine manufacturers is that the shots will enable the body to be a perpetual vaccine ‘Bio-Reactor’. This will give the body the ability to produce ‘vaccines’ perpetually as new strains are no doubt going to be also released.

However, this is but a cheap imitation of what the Creator has already bestowed on the human body, its Immune System. What the COVID-19 shots do is essentially bypass the natural human Immune System to act as a counterfeit one as it bypasses it. This Gene Therapy has never been tested for its long-term effects. Note that the animals that had been subjected to this type of Gene Therapy had all died. This was the reason no such COVID shots or true vaccines where ever made in the past 30 years because they were too dangerous to be subjected to human trials, until now. Thanks to the Emergency Acts, governments have ‘temporarily’ given authorization powers to companies to manufacture the shots. This is even though the shots have not officially been approved nor can they be sued for damages or death. Consider that the World Economic Forum announced in January of 2021 that it wants this same ‘Bio-Reactor’ Platform in all of the food supply.

An Operating System
The issue is that same GMO technology is now being transferred to humans. And the means of justifying it has been through the false plandemic psyop spell over the masses. What it really is or will become is the New Economic World Order. It will be predicated on an ability to digitize all living matter and cells, to include humans and primarily humans down to the DNA level. The Platform will not only be set-up to deliver ‘medications’ but information. What is alarming and occurring, according to Celeste is that the ‘triggers’ to enable the functions to operate such processes can not only be initiated by radio frequencies, but now by light, and the pH of the body, etc.  An example given was how if a person refuses a forced prescribed medication by a government, having the Platform ‘scaffolding’ already within the body will allow the transmission of the medication to be ‘downloaded’ or information to be uploaded.

This will ensure 100% compliance or in other words, it is ‘downloaded’ automatically like on a computer, without ant consent. And this is exactly how they will view and treat humans. This is how the likes of Bill Gates sees Humanity, like his Microsoft Computer Platforms. And is it any wonder that the 1st Computer Virus ever invented was from Bill Gates. This is why the Power-That-Be, want as many humans possibly taking the COVID-19 shots. The false ‘pandemic’ is just a cover as they are using the Media they own and the Politicians they buy-off to hype the fear and terror of the masses into compliance. In fact, the Moderna webpage explanation for their COVID-19 shot specifics that it is like a computer ‘Operating System’.

If one would think that this notion is ludicrous, consider what words are used and how they view the COVID shots. Moderna compares the mRNA Science in its ‘vaccine’ to an ‘Operating System’. However, the phrase is defended as being used in a metaphorical sense, not a literal one. It says, ‘Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the ‘program’ or ‘app’ is our mRNA drug - the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.’ But this is exactly what they meant. Perhaps it was a ‘Freudian Slip’, but it is now out.

The coercion comes in the form that if people will not be willing to take these shots, that the society has now been so distraught, demoralized and brainwashed that it has psychologically forced the masses to capitulate to the pressures. As the governments have been used to unlawfully close down people’s livelihoods, they are on the verge of starvation and will be dependent on the government for food, shelter and employment, if at all. As it is, millions across the world have lost their livelihood and means of providing for themselves. With the forced lockdowns by governments, it has been the plan to essentially strip all the people from being self-sufficient. And society has been closed and only to reopen upon the conditions of being ‘vaccinated’ to return to a semblance of normalcy. Despite the low mortality rate of COVID-19 and that by inflated numbers, the Fear Factor has been a psy-op job to make people take the COVID-19 shots, that based on the findings of such Researchers like Celeste Solum, the shots are proven to be for another reason that is nefarious.

‘Platform’ Scaffolding
The following section is from a Department of Homeland Security’s document that Celeste procured entitled, ‘Master Question List, COVID-19 (caused by SARS-CoV02)’. It was from the DHS Science and Technology Directorate, Mobilizing Innovation for a Secure World that was cleared for public release. The document starts by presenting a picture of an average family of 4 but having different forms or strains of the COVID-19 ‘viruses’. The new Platform Scaffolding within the body would enable the downloading onto each individual person in the family the ‘particles’ or ‘codes’ or ‘software’ medication. The shots would deploy to address each symptom and alarmingly would be also custom tailored, dependent on age, race and sex for example. In the analysis of the document, Celeste has had to state a disclaimer that the information presented was not for medical advice but for ‘medical entertainment’.

It was noted that most Doctors, Scientists and Researchers are not aware of the ramification of this ‘Platform’ scaffolding that the Globalists seek to construct in the physical body with. And that if it be the case, most are going along with the program to avoid losing their medical license, practice and livelihood after investing a considerable amount of time and money. And for which most still own Student Loans to pay back. It also jeopardizes any grant funding for potential research, etc. Celeste testifies from firsthand experience that in the 1990s when research was done on environmental impacts of medicine and GMO’s, many Doctors were raided and killed according to her for not going along the official governmental/corporate narrative and messaging.

Celeste also believes that this COVID-19 Shot Agenda has a nefarious element that is tied to the mythical ‘Gods’ of antiquity. They are actually real entities that influence and steer such agendas as this COVID-19 so-called ‘pandemic’ that has a 90% recovery rate and extremely low death rate relatively compared to the seasonal Influenza. Yet, according to Celeste, there are over 600 new vaccine therapies in the pipeline, and each will be sort of like ‘plug-ins’ utilized to update computer applications. And this is now Moderna exactly explained their COVID-19 shots. In really, the New World Order will have humans be treated like a computer and vaccines will be no different than downloading an App. One may ask, but what is wrong with this new and great technology? Nothing if it did not have a nefarious end goal. And what is that?

The goal is to merge mankind with machine. This is at the core and goal of Klaus Schwab’s 4th Industrial Revelation. The result will be that humans will be relegated to non-human ‘Products and Services’ being totally, branded, edited, surveilled and controlled like GMO cattle. What will be coming next is the needle-free injection, such as a Quantum Dot Array Patch that will deliver the inoculations. It will not require refrigeration and the application will be self-administered. Celeste also stipulated that the plan is to have continual testing called Ubiquitous Sequencing. For example, test kits would be mailed and would have to be self-administered and returned before one could leave one’s home. The test results would then be sent to a data center, etc. This will now be a reality in the Los Angeles Unified School District of California. Students will need to have a smart phone to download an app to have daily testing required to attend school in person.

‘Gods’ of Mythology
The shots will have Minimally and Non-Invasive Infection Detection capabilities. This would be done through the Nano-Bots delivered to the body by the shots to have continual body monitoring in real time. The paper also touched upon having a worldwide Public Health Data System that will be the repositor of all information collected on every human being on the planet. The concluding points where that in the coming years, there would be more, ‘biological attacks, increased biotechnology, and the increased likelihood of accidental release of pathogens’, etc. Celeste mentions that the aim of the Globalists is to re-engineer all life forms, down to the cellular level and then re-engineer them. It is essentially the Mythology coming true of the few becoming ‘Creator Gods’ of the likes of Genesis in the Bible at the expense of the world population.

The point was and is that the Platform scaffolding of the human body that is now being constructed worldwide through the COVID-19 shots will require A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to oversee it. This was not possible until now with the aid of Quantum Computing methods and technology. However, this is where the dimensions cross-over and the notion of the ‘Gods’ of Mythology come into play. So why A.I.? It is because Humanity has gotten to the point that A.I. has, out-thought Humanity in its collective intelligence. What is alarming is that it will get access to the body and the brain. It will monitor Humanity but will also have the ability to kill it too; of who gets treatment, and who gets to die. Think of the movie, The Terminator and its Sky-Net. It is becoming a reality. Is not Bill Gates and Elon Musk launching their rockets to set-up a literal Sky-Net of satellites to ‘provide internet access to connect every human on the planet?’

This is why all medicine, now going forward will require blood samples and genome evaluations. It is all about the human genes as that will be the epicenter of the new Humanity 2.0, they envision in their Brave New World ‘Reset’. How is this related to the Mythology of the Gods? One can look at this way, every blood sample given is as or will be as ‘blood offering’ made to those Entities that are really behind the scenes orchestrating all this with the help of naïve human collaborators. The cover will be that the New World to come must be about ‘Sustainability’ but in reality, what that means is that everything will be or will be made to be edited. It is an issue of coercing all of Humanity to give up one’s GOD-given genetic construct of what it is to be ‘human’ to change that into their ‘Image and Likeness.’ This by the way, was what Jesus said characterized the Days of Noah and how they would be in the Last Generation.

It is also an issue of being coerced to consent or to be taken from. It will be one or the other. At this point, the majority of the entire world is acquiescing and complying. This has been successful because of the Fear Factor and decades of psyop that have conditioned of the masses for this takeover and ‘Reset’ of Humanity 2.0. It has not been reported but a large part of the Elderly that have taken the COVID-19 shot have died of its adverse reactions. Yet, any comment attributing a death due to taking a COVID-19 shot will ban one’s YouTube channel for even suggesting a possible correlation. And it was the Elderly that died because they have the weakest Immune Systems. And what Governor Cuomo of New York did was to place the Elderly in Nursing Homes where they would be the more susceptible in contracting the virus and died. That was the plan.

Murderous Eugenicists
Likewise, what occurred in Italy was that it has the highest rate of Elderly in Europe presently and some of the highest rates of complicating health issues. As the Elderly have the weakest Immune System, this is why the death rate was particularly high there and used as their talking point to induce fear of how ‘millions would die’ if a forced lockdown of all Nations was not made. Reports now show that 94% of those that died in Italy had contributing health issues. This projection of 30 million dying was based on a faulty model from the UK that was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Any wonder? Then the World Health Organization, without concrete facts nor an accurate death rate, declared a ‘Pandemic’.

This gave the authority for the governments of the world to enforce the lockdowns. And who was instrumental in having the head of the WHO be chosen? Bill Gates. In fact, Bill Gates has ‘Sovereign Immunity’ and a Nation Statues with the WHO. Incredible. And this coming from a family of murderous Eugenicists. Bill Gates’ father was on the Directorate of Planned Parenthood that sells aborted baby parts. And approximately 200,000 aborted babies are murdered each day in the world. Thanks to his computer software fortunes, he is the man that controls the World Health Organization. He is not an Engineer. He never finished college. He is not a Doctor nor an Epidemiologist.

He is not a Virologist. He is un-elected. He owns Corona Virus Patents and the Vaccine Companies. Does one think there is a conflict of interest here? And his Polio Vaccination Programs have been found to have been purposely sterilizing girls in Africa and India. And that the Polio shot intentionally gave polio to hundreds of thousands of children in India. He is worse than a War Criminal against Humanity. As of March 2021, not more than a total of 3 million people have died from the COVID-19 ‘Virus’ out of a world population of approximately 8 billion. This is not even close to pandemic proportions. COVID-19 is a farce. The following are the 10 dangerous ingredients found in the COVID-19 shots according to the research of Celeste Solum.

Number 10.
Xenotransplantation of cells from Chimpanzees.
This is a process that can kill you. According to Celeste, everyone in the study had died. A large part of this research had been done at Duke University where gene splicing with animals are conducted in experiments. Nonetheless, this process and cells are in some of the COVID-19 shots. This is why it is important to know and ask the type one is considering, if one is considering taking the shots at all.

Number 9.
Spy Catcher and Spy Tag Systems
Developed around 2014 as a method for Protein Ligation. It is based on a modified domain from a Streptococcus Pyogenes surface Protein called the (SpyCatcher). It is basically the process and ability for the shots to add additional Proteins to the body. It recognizes a cognate 13-Amino-Acid Peptide known as SpyTag.

Number 8.
GRAj-COV2 is based on a novel replication of infected Gorilla Feces
This is what is inside some of the COVID-19 shots.

Number 7.
Reading the Neanderthal Code Under the DARPA Chaperone Proteins
They got the human cell line from:
-Homo Sapiens (human)
-Homo Sapiens Neanderthalenis (Neandertals)
-Homo Sapiens Subsp.‘Denisova’ (Denisove Hominin)

Number 6.
Fusing human Cells with Tartigrades from DARPA
Known as the Little Water Bear. Why this is being placed in the COVID-19 shots is that as the Earth is experiencing man-made Climate Change, such elements can help humans adapt to changing climates, like severe cold or heat that appears to be the new normal on Earth..

Number 5.
DogTag Peptide (to add a gene) Medicago and GlazoSmithKline Proficia CoVLP
The COVID-19 shots may include genetic material from: bacteria, mammalian cell lines, insect cell lines, yeast and plant cells. These are particles that can be traced even by satellite to determine who has taken the shots or not. It is to also add genes.
-Lipoparticles (Hydrogel)
-SpyTag / SpyCatcher / SnoopTag / SnoopCatcher
-DogTag Peptide (to add a gene)

Number 4.
Norovax Subunit Vaccines
The COVID-19 contains Assembly Cell Nanoparticles from a Moth having Sub-Units. These are a Protein Sub-Unit vaccine, which means that it uses a lab-made version of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein. They use a Bio-Reactor containing genetically-modified Moth Cells. The researchers harvested the Spike Proteins from the Moth Cells and assembled them into Nano-Particles. This is the essentially the same Platform that GMO crops (Geneticallt Modified Organisms) were engineered to produce its own ‘pesticide’. However, in all those cases, the seeds became sterile in which no continual seed was produced. This will now be occurring in humans to render them sterile.

Number 3.
Norovax uses in the ‘Proprietary’ Viral Chimeras
The COVID-19 contains Matrix-M that uses Viral Vectors or Viral Chimeras. Proprietary means that the Pharmaceuticals that produce COVID-19 shots are not legally required to divulge what is in the shot.

Number 2.
Ethnically-Derived VERO Cells
This is an alternative to those not wanting aborted human cell lines injected into their bodies. But instead, the shots will have an African Green Monkey cell line. The actual color of the liquid that will be injected into a person is green. These are called Immortalized Cells African Green Monkey that are replicated perpetually. The Vero Cells are interferon-deficient: unlike normal mammalian cells, they do not secrete interferon alpha or beta when infected by viruses. It is used as host cells for growing other viruses.

Research strains transfected with Viral Genes: Vero F6 is a cell transfected with the gene encoding HHV-1 entry Protein Glycoprotein-H (gH) These are also Beta-Propiolactone used as a Chemical Warfare Agent and with Beta-Propiolactone readily polymerizes that makes plastic. This is what is being injected with the COVID-10 shots that will essentially turn the body into ‘plastic’. Why plastic? Since the goal is to reduce everything down to the molecular level, what is needed to restructure and put it all together is a glue. This will function as that glue. It will be a Carcinogen and an excellent sterilizing and Sporicidal Agent. The ‘Vero’ lineage was isolated from kidney cells taken from an African Green Monkey. This lineage was developed on March 27, 1962 at the Chiba University in Chiba, Japan. The original cell line was named ‘Vero’ after an abbreviation of Verda Reno, which means ‘Green Kidney’ in Esparanto, while ‘Vero’ itself means ‘Truth’ in Esparanto.

Number 1.
AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson aborted stem cells
And others use in the development and production of their vaccines

Human embryonic kidney-derived epithelial cells from a baby girl aborted in the Netherlands in 1972. It is arguably one of the most widely used cell lines in cell biology research.

An ‘Immortal Cell’ line from Henrietta Lacks. A cell line grown from cancer tissue taken from a poor black woman without her consent. These HeLa cells are cancerous. These are the ‘Genes that never Die’. It is not that farfetched of a concept. For example, in the book of Revelation, it specifically states that at a certain point in time, all those that receive the Mark of the Beast will break-out in painful boils all over the body as a reaction to the genetic manipulation of the Mark. The other side effect if by design or consequence is that people will not be able to die for 5 months. But of course, this has been the plan all along in how these ‘Mad Mengele’ type of Scientists and Doctors seek to find the secrets to Immortality and live forever as a ‘God’ to rule on Earth as such.

ATCC Human Cell Lines
Alphanumeric has 1477 human cell lines for experimentation.

Swedish, aborted human, used lungs.

Aborted human.

Additional Additives
-Quantum Dot
-Sterilization Chemicals
-Drug Cocktail to combat No-Communicable Disease (NCD)
-33 Classifications of Robots
-‘Golden Gate Bridge’


10 Things You Must Know If You Are Considering a Shot (Vaccine)

1. Name
2. Manufacturer
3. Country of Origin
4. Ingredients
5. Platform
6. Professional or Physician Insert
7. Cursory Understanding of how it works
8. Ideology of Manufacturer
9. Results of clinical trials (beware of ‘too good to be true’ trials)
10. Spiritual Implication of treatment

The reason they use male aborted cell lines in the COVID-19 shots is that the cell lines are easier to edit. They also cross the blood-brain barrio much easier to go directly to the brain. Celeste noted that in a research paper she came across, the Hydrogel will grow in the body and will feed off of the body’s moisture. It will render the body dehydrated and will eventually cause death. She mentioned one woman that DARPA was experimenting this Hydrogel with and died. It was Dr. Ben Carson that did the autopsy. Her Brain, Spinal Column and Nervous System were all taken over by the Hydrogel. It will harvest the body’s moisture and causes one’s body to wither as it grows. Dr. Carson had commented that every ‘Nook and Crevice’ was perforated with this glue’ but it was the Hydrogel.  

The best defense for the COVID-19 virus is to have a strong Immune System. The body will naturally fight off the virus as it is no more than a severe flue although in this case, bio-engineered. The best supplements are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, NAC N-acetyl Cysteine Selenium, Corsatin Quercetin, etc. So, this is what the COVID-19 shots have in them. These shots are being forced, coerced, and mandated in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code, the Human Rights Act, the Equality Act of 2010, data protection. Then the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act of 1984 specifically states that members of the public should not be compelled to undergo any mandatory medical treatment, including vaccinations. And Article 6 of the UNESCO 2005 Statement on Bioethics and Human Rights elaborates the same.

There is a hidden agenda to control all of Humanity and gene edit it. Celeste concluded that if the majority of people do not wake up soon, resistance to these psychopaths will be fragmented. She further mentioned that the fake Covid Swab Tests are to get one’s DNA. So, gathering that, will give the A.I. DNA information, to hack and control each specific frequency of individuals when it becomes necessary. It will be like hacking into the human Immune System to then access one’s own will, consciousness, spirit to be controlled through their ‘Beast System’. But the bottom line is that this agenda is not about finding a cure or treatment for COVID-19. It is about not being able to ‘buy and sell’ without the mask and eventually without the shots despite the poison that is in them. This will also affect ones’ ability to travel, go to school and/or hold a job and provide for one’s family.

Contrary to the official narrative and Dr. Fauci that knows better, the COVID-19 shots will change one’s DNA as mRNA is precisely engineered to procures a Genetic Expression. The goal of the Globalist’s ‘Reset’ is a ‘New Humanity’ to become ‘one’ with the Quantum Computer as a ‘Node’ in the Internet of Things. The goal is to become a Hybrid Biological-Synthetic Entity. It is about the loss of ‘Humanity’ created in a Divine Image. The COVID-19 shots will facilitate the crossing over or breach of the Blood Brain Barrier and is presently constructing the necessary Platform scaffolding for this evil design to take place in one’s body. Whatever the cost, including death, do not take the COVID-19 shots for any reasons or excuse. One’s genetic humanity is at stake.

Main Sources

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Former FEMA employee Celeste Solum with David Icke

Article on the Gorilla Dung

Sources for the Vaccine Ingredients

DHS COVID-19 Document

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