New World Order Explorer Coming to Jerusalem

  • Why is there a art-sculpture of Columbus in Jerusalem?
  • Why is there an Aztec God motif in the bow of the ship?
  • What is the prophetic significance or overture about?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘All the Inhabitants of the Coastlands are appalled over you. Their Kings are aghast. Their faces contorted.’ -Ezekiel 27:35

In March of 2021, a very peculiar Article was posted in Israel365 News that reports on issues and/or events of Biblical significance and even Biblical Prophecy. The Article was about an Art-Sculpture display that raised some eyebrows in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Artwork was of a Sculpture of Christopher Columbus sailing on the Santa Maria bound to discover the New World. Or was it and will it be now of a coming ‘Columbus’ Figure into the New World Order? Nothing by itself would seem out of the ordinary aside from the fact that it was placed in a popular Shopping Mall walkway in the Jewish Quarter of Old Jerusalem.

But this Artwork-Sculpture had been a bit too close to the Temple Mount for some. And also, that the Yearly Commemoration of Columbus coming to the New World of the Americas is not until September of each Year. It is when, ‘The Day of the Race’, the Hispanic Race is celebrated, mostly in Spain and in Latin America. What was rather odd or significant and perhaps even Prophetic is that the Artwork-Sculpture of Columbus sailing for the New Word in the Santa Maria had a prominent Motif of the Aztec God.

But this ‘God’ was/is no ordinary God. This is the famous ‘Feathered Serpent’ God, Quetzalcoatl. What is this Aztec God of the New World doing in the bow of Columbus’ Ship? Or is it really also the God of the Old World coming back? According to his Mythos, this ‘Wise One’, like Columbus, set sail in a Vessel of Snakes. It is said that he was/is like the Jesus Christ Figure. He came to the Americas to be a Teacher, Preacher, Healer.

He was betrayed by a close Friend and was wrongfully killed; ultimately dying on a Cross and then raised on the 3rd Day. If this Artwork-Sculpture is somehow conveying such a coming ‘Columbus’ and Quetzalcoatl Figure, that would be in line with what the Bible teaches Jerusalem and the World is to be expecting fairly soon. It is the coming of the ‘Shining Wise Teacher’, corresponding to a New World and its Order to build a House, the 3rd Temple and then to defile it with its ‘Abomination of Desolation’ Idolatry.

Based on the Article, it was stated that the Sculpture was created by the late Artist, Frank Meisler, a Polish Jew who was born in the Free City of Danzig. There are only 4 Art-Statues like it in the World; one in Lisbon, Madrid, Granada, and Gerona. It was stated that the Art-Statue was still not fully done and would only be completed after Passover of 2021. What is suspect is that the Iconography of this image of an ‘Explorer’ coming to Jerusalem is what was intended. But which kind of ‘Explorer’? According to the Article, the Statue was entitled the ‘Columbus Panel’, featuring at the base of the structure of the Aztec Serpent God. This Aztec God is known as Quetzalcoatl. This name means  ‘Serpent of Precious Feathers’, the ‘Shining One’.

Lucifer at the Ramparts

It can also be translated as the ‘Wise One’. The Author of the Article alluded to how there appears to be some inference and echo to the Garden of Eden in how the ‘Wise Serpent’, the Shining One is who deceived Eve. It was Lucifer that fooled them into partaking of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Lucifer is called ‘that Old Serpent’ in Revelation 12. Surprisingly, the author did go 1 step further Prophetically in asking the question, ‘Is there a Deeper Message?’ One would say yes. The Author did interview a Rabbi about this Artwork-Sculpture appearing in March of 2021 just before Passover in Jerusalem, no insignificant Timing.

Amazingly, it was Rabbi Asor who told Israel365 News that the Sculpture was definitely related to the ‘Cabal’ and represents as he put it, ‘Pirates Kidnapping the Earth to enact the New World Order’. He further stated that the Serpent represents the ‘Illuminati’ and the Shadow Government ruling on Earth. He went on to say that ‘They are fighting against Humanity to take over’. This was very Eye-Opening and one would concur but to say and pinpoint that this Columbus Artwork-Sculpture is broadcasting the coming of the AntiChrist as a Columbus and Quetzalcoatl Figure. Interestingly, this inference to an AntiChrist Figure was further alluded by the Rabbi.

He stated that as to the Ezekiel quote, it is referring to Tyre or the King of Tyre. Christian and Jewish Scholars recognize that this Allegory is inferencing none other than, not only the AntiChrist to come but to Lucifer himself. Yet, the Rabbi coincided it to, ‘Represent the ‘Jesus’ of the Ancient Freemasons’. It is more of the ‘Jesus’ Iconography/Motif. This has a Measure of Truth and validity as Hiram Abib, from Tyre is whom they venerate as being the foremost Freemason and Christ Figure Savior. But in many Deeper Degrees, he is associated with Lucifer, his ‘Energies’ and Power, etc.

According to the Rabi, 1 Version of the Lore is that the King of Tyre was ‘Resurrected’ from the Dead after 3 days following his Suicide. To the Freemasons, he was Murdered, etc. But what was astonishing is that the Rabbi did make a clear Judgment about this Columbus Icon in that it represented a Bad Omen, a coming Transition for Israel. He stated in part that because of this ‘Idol’ in the midst of Jerusalem, it was as if ‘Lucifer is being projected on the City’s Ramparts.’ One would agree. Behind the Image of the Columbus artwork is a ‘Halo’ Effect. Thus, it is how many see this Art-Sculpture as an ‘Idol’, there is the passage of Ezekiel 27:35 written in Hebrew, English and Spanish.

It says, ‘All the Inhabitants of the Coastlands are appalled over you. Their Kings are aghast. Their faces contorted.’ One can only imagine why this particular Passage was chosen but if it is broadcasting the coming False Messiah of the Bible that the Jews will accept as their Messiah, then it makes perfect sense. Indeed, the World, especially the West will be in bewilderment. The study will now delve deeper into this Columbus Christ Figure that is coming to ‘Order’ a New World to ‘discover’ and what that means Prophetically. Christopher Columbus himself has been ‘Christ-ified’ in many ways. His very Name means, ‘of the Christ’. Columbus is one of the Deities ascribed to the Americas from Libertas, Columbia and for which, for example the U.S. District of Columbia is named after.

The Statue of Columbia is also adorned atop the Capitol Building and is the icon of many Radio and TV Broadcasting Networks like CBS, Columbia Pictures, Columbine, etc. Could the Ship Columbus sailed in, the Santa Maria be a veiled Crypto-Columbia in which this coming AntiChrist has been ‘Incubated’ as in a Vessel, a ‘Womb’ perhaps about to be Birthed? Even countries and territories have this name association like the country of Colombia and the Province of British Columbia, etc. What this study is thus strongly suggesting is that there is a Predictive Level of Programming going on here. How so? Consider that in the Year 2022, it will be the anniversary of when Christopher Columbus set foot on the New World of the Americas.

1492 to 2022 was the 530th Year Anniversary

That date was October 12,1492. Could the Year 2022 been then a Prelude to the one in which another ‘Explorer’, that of the AntiChrist is preparing to come to Jerusalem with a New World Order as a ‘Savior’, a ‘God’? Will this coming Columbus Figure be the embodiment of the ‘Shining One’, Lucifer as the Quetzalcoatl Motif on the bow of the Columbus Ship implies? It is intriguing to consider. And why the Debut of the Art-Sculpture in March?

It was 7 Months to the October 12, 2022 Day Commemoration. What about some of the Number and Calendar Days when considering this Time-Span? To start with, depending on the place of Columbus’ Departure Point, there is some discrepancy. There is the point of Columbus leaving from the Iberian Peninsula and then from the Canary Islands.

This is why there is a Discrepancy in the Time it took Columbus to cross the Atlantic. There is the 2 Month Count if one counts from where Christopher Columbus started his voyage from Palos, Spain in early August of 1492 with 3 Ships: the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. He arrived at what is now the Bahamian Islands that he originally had named San Salvador on October 12, 1492. And here is another inference of how Columbus is tied to a ‘Savior’ Complex and that which Quetzalcoatl and the coming AntiChrist personage will be too.

August 6, 1492 to October 12, 1492 = 60 days

The other count is that of 1 Month, if the Day Count is from when Columbus departed from the Canary Islands off the Coast of Africa on September 6th, 1492 and spotted land on October 12th, 1492.

September 6, 1492 to October 12th, 1492 = 30 days

What if one adds these 2 Coefficients and projects from the Spring Equinox for 2021? Why the Equinox? It is when the Sun is equal to the Day and Night and technically how one from this point or time marker determines the New Year. So, if March 20, 2021 + 90 days what?

March 20, 2021 + 90 days = June 20, 2021 including end date

Serpent Ships

Interestingly, on June 20, 2021 was the Summer Solstice and if counting from the Astronomical New Year, it corresponded to the 50th Day from the 1st day after the Sabbath, after the Passover on April 27, 2021. This means that it falls on Shavuot. Was this a coincidence or chance? The Iconography of the depiction of this Art-Sculpture of Columbus coming to the New World as a ‘Savior’ type and that of a ‘God’ with his Motif of ‘Shining Serpents’ suggests that the AntiChrist is likewise coming to Jerusalem as one. When? And perhaps inasmuch a time that it took Columbus to traverse to the New World.

Will this be the case? Could this Statue been set-up to ‘Signal’ when the ‘Revealing’ is to occur of this coming Savior, the ‘Wise One’? What is also very intriguing is that in conjunction to this ‘Idol’ being erected near the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, it seems to foreshadow the coming ‘Idol’ that will be erected on the Temple Mount next to the 3rd Temple. This ‘Idol’ will be the ‘Image’ of the 1st Beast or that of the coming Savior ‘Columbus’ that will be giving Power to rule the New World and its Order after their ‘Reset’, etc.

It will be the 2nd Beast that will amazingly animate the ‘Idol’ to make it speak and even breathe. Truly a work of Sorcery, Bio-Computing and Artificial Intelligence, A.I. What also occurred during this time in California, is that a legislative measure was passed to have an Ethnic Race Requirements be mandatory to be taught in the California State University System. This System is the largest in the World. What was telling is that such courses like studying the Aztecs would be 1 such fulfillment of the Mandate. Many pointed out that as it has already been implemented in other Chicano/Latino Studies courses.

One component of a course has Students participate in a Religious, Ritualistic Incantation of Invoking and Worshiping the Aztec Pantheon of Gods, to include primarily Quetzalcoatl. Seems interesting but a Double-Standard as those that would and do Biblical Religious Studies are not allowed to. For example, Students cannot observe the LORD’ Prayer or rehearse the LORD’s Supper. As to Quetzalcoatl, it is further understood that according to his Mythology, this ‘Shining One’, Wise One came from the Planet Venus. And here again is the connotation to the Christ and AntiChrist figures. How so?

In the Book of Revelation, Jesus describes Himself as being the ‘Bright and Morning Star’. This is Venus. Yet, to the Luciferians, Venus is ascribed to the Shining Serpent, the ‘Wise One’, Lucifer, etc. What is also amazing is that the Mythos of Quetzalcoatl is one in which he Promised to Return, just like Jesus. Quetzalcoatl had a ‘Serpent Ship’ much like the Art-Sculpture of Columbus implies that a ‘Columbus’ Figure will be returning, but this time to Jerusalem. Thus, in some mysterious way, perhaps some Principalities and Powers of Fallen Angels did come from Venus in ‘Serpent Ships’ as part of the Cohort who had ‘Left their 1st Estate’ to come to Earth. And such, were treated and worshiped as ‘Gods’. Think of Mars and Apollo, etc.

House of the Serpent

Consider that according to the Myth, this Feathered Serpent God came to the New World of the Americas, in particular to Mexico, aboard a ‘Boat’ Craft of Fire that made a Thunderous Sound and was powered by Serpents, just like the Columbus Art-Sculpture depicts, in its elemental expression. These ‘Serpent Ships’ are actually depicted, carved-out in rock and found in both Mexico and Egypt. This God came with many Black Giants and helped give ‘Civilization’ to those People prior to the Aztecs populating the Mexico Valley. The City that he founded was Teotihuacan, which means ‘City of the Gods’.

This City is the famous and amazing Ancient Megalithic City that has the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon. But here is also the House of the Shining One. If one does a Star-Map comparison of the City Layout to the Stars, one will see that it is mirroring the Pyramids of Giza and the 3 Stars of the Belt of Orion. The trajectory of the layout also marks the Conjunction of the Hyades of Taurus, all the way to the Pleiades. This Line, or Ley-Line Astronomically corresponds to the ‘Avenue of the Dead’ of the City. Many believe this area of the Cosmos is a reflection of how the ‘Avenue’ of the City of GOD or YHVH in Heaven is actually also construed.

Any Biblical Evidence suggesting this? Yes. In the Book of Revelation, there is a detailed DEPICTION of the New Jerusalem, the City of the Gods. This City will one day come down from Heaven to make its Fusion with the Dimensions on Earth. And then there will be the House of YHVH. It will be of the True Creator, YHVH. He is the True ‘Shining One’, the ‘Wise One’ and as the ‘Serpent’ that was needed to be lifted-up by Moses. What is happening here is that Lucifer is appropriating the Divine Motifs that are ascribed to YHVH and Christ in some mysterious way.

One only has the Echoes of such Iconography infused in the Ancient Mythos of many Civilizations of the past to include the Aztecs. For example, since Teotihuacan is being insinuated that it is mirroring the ‘City of GOD’ in Heaven, the 3 Pyramids corresponding to the 3 Belt Stars of Orion are also represented on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. There is the Silver Dome of the al-Aqsa Mosque that used to be a Crusader Church. This represents the Moon. Then there is the Golden Dome of the Noble Sanctuary or the Dome of the Rock that corresponds to the Pyramid of the Sun.

Then there is the White Dome or Capula to the North where many believe stood the White Marbled Temple of YHVH or of the ‘Shining One’. In what sense? Consider that the ‘Glory’ that radiated in-between the Cherubim of the Ark of the Covenant within the Holy of Holies was described as the ‘Shekinah Glory’. Or the Shining GOD, etc. This was then the House of the Shining One or the ‘Wise Serpent’ as was the smaller 3rd Pyramid complex in Teotihuacan called the House of Quetzalcoatl or the Shining Serpent. Nonetheless, one sees here the ‘Sun, Moon and the Stars’ ascribed to the Divine Layout. And here again, one is not insinuating that Jesus is a ‘Snake’ or Draconian or Pleiadian but as mentioned, Jesus Himself allegorized His work on the Cross of Calvary as the Bronze ‘Shining’ Snake that Moses was instructed to lift up in the Wilderness.

And conversely, all those Followers and Disciples of Jesus are likewise metaphorized by Jesus as needed to be, ‘As wise/shrewd as Serpents but as gentle as Doves’. So, here one has this Motif of those having ‘Snakes’ follow Jesus but as a type, much like His Followers are also allegorized as being Sheep, etc. But it will also have a Center Avenue just like that of Teotihuacan. In this case, not an Avenue of Death but of Life. It speaks of how there will be a River flowing down the center from the Throne and will have the Tree of Life on either side. These Trees will serve for the ‘Healing of the Nations’, etc.

What is rather astonishing is how there is some credence to how Lucifer and the Fallen Angels know of the layout of the Heavenly City and the House of YHVH. Consider the following comparison and amazing correlation regarding this House of the Shining One in Teotihuacan to that of Ezekiel’s 4th Temple. One is given the specific Dimensions of the coming 4th Temple, which is called Ezekiel’s Temple in the Book of the Bible by that Name.

Astonishing, if one Superimposes those Precise Dimensions and Measurements onto the Temple of the Shining One of Teotihuacan, it corresponds Precisely. Is this Coincidence? Chance? No. This study does not think so. What this study strongly suggested then is that such Fallen Angels and Lucifer that fell from this Heavenly abode and Metropolis, know exactly where such things lie and are configured.

So, much so that they replicated this Heavenly City layout on Earth. They know of this Avenue, not of the Dead as on Earth but of the Living in Heaven and of one day also on Earth due to Jesus’ work on the Cross of Calvary. This work affords Humanity to partake and live within such a City of the GOD’s and to even enter the House of GOD, of YHVH. This is why this Columbus Art-Sculpture is more than that as it is broadcasting that the soon 3rd Temple of the coming Greater Columbus, the Feathered Serpent will make its way into the House of GOD or YHVH.

Lucifer will Defile it with the Idol and then with himself entering in ‘Where he ought not be’. But as many prior studies have conjectured, Lucifer cannot do that in Heaven in his Failed Attempts. The closest he can and ever will get at Usurping the very Throne and House of YHVH will be on Earth, in Jerusalem and in the House of YHVH, the 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount. Suffice to say, the ‘Greater Columbus’ is coming to Jerusalem or ‘Returning’ much like Quetzalcoatl promised and Jesus. 

There, this ‘Savior’ will lead the New World in its ‘Order’ and will build a ‘House’ on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It will be as it was dimensioned in Heaven, even in the City of the GOD’s in Teotihuacan. It was the House of the Shining One, the Wise One, Quetzalcoatl that astonishingly is the same dimensions as Ezekiel’s 4th Temple.

When will this happen? Will it take as long as it took Columbus to cross the Atlantic? Is this what the Art-Sculpture is broadcasting? Or will it take 7 Months till the Fall in October or soon thereafter? Regardless, a Greater Columbus ‘Savior’ and ‘God’ is coming to the ‘Ramparts of Jerusalem’. Perhaps he is already there.

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