Learned Elders of Lucifer’s Master Plan for America

  • What are the Protocols of the Elders and are they legitimate?
  • Can the effects of the list be found to be true when applied?
  • What is the overall goal of the Protocols and why?

by Luis B. Vega
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'And to the Angel of the Church in Smyrna write: The First and the Last, who was dead, and has come to life, says this: I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a Synagogue of Satan. Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the Devil is about to cast some of you into prison, so that you will be tested, and you will have tribulation for 10 days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.’ – Revelation 2:8-10

The purpose of this study is to consider the Check List of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and how particular interpretations of the List might possibly affect the subversion of nations on a global scale in preparation for the near Masonic apocalyptic future. In this context for the USA, several aspects of the goal of the ‘Elders’ will be highlighted and inferred to from the Check List of the Protocols. The inferences are a result of notable interpretations throughout the centuries of how the Elders take over a nation, if true. This study is based on the publication by the same name taken only from what has been already been made public and published about the different meanings of the terms Zion, Zionism and the Protocols of Zion, fictional or factual.

The definition of what Zion is has different references of what Zion and Zionism was, is and will be according to the Bible. The Protocols of Zion is said to be a hoax by some and accurate by others. The Protocols may be true or not, but all one has to do is to study its goals throughout history to see if they are true or valid. One has to only ascertain if the goals of the  Check List of the ‘Protocols’ have come to fruition or not in  a nation such as America and/or if they are being orchestrated right before one’s very own eyes, if one has eyes to see such Protocols at play. The litmus test will be the USA to see if the Check List will yield an affirmative result. It is no big secret that Luciferian entities operate within secret societies of the world have taken and twisted certain aspects of the meaning of Zion and Zionism for their diabolical goals.

For one, such secret societies have consolidated almost all power and resources on Earth for a purpose. This purpose is to co-opt a nation based on the Protocols. This study will highlight the Check List in the case that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion where to be true. Given the current political and spiritual condition of the USA in particular and the world in general, it appears that their Protocols which are Luciferian have now all but compromised the USA in preparation for their last Luciferian Order. According to this interpretation of this Luciferian Zionist theology, it is required to usher in their False Messiah that is to rule their last Masonic Order. In the spiritual dimension, the Elders of Zion on Earth are frantically frustrated because only Protocol remains unattained for America and that of the Rapture Event.  

Spirit of Satan upon the Land

Lucifer knows that the Rapture event is to soon take place where he will be summoned to the Judicial Court of Heaven to face the adjudication of the Bride and be sentenced to his expulsion from Heaven. Lucifer, the ‘father’ of the Elders seeks all the arsenals to amass an assault against the very gates of Heaven. As the gate, portal or door was opened up for the Philadelphian Church, a euphemism for the universal and collective number of followers of Christ during the Church Age, so too will a gate, a door or a portal be opened thereafter where the Fallen Angels that have been kept in the chambers under Earth are to be loosed, but not before their time. These are the Fallen Ones of the days of Enoch and Noah who left their 1st estate and bred with Humanity. YHVH sentenced them to prison on this planet until the Last Days for a purpose.

These are the Titans of ancient mythology that Lucifer is eager to employ amongst his ranks. As it is, the rise of Satanism in America in particular, a once ‘Christian nation’ as declared by Obama has established a beachhead now overtly. Never before until July 26, 2015 had a public statue been unveiled and celebrated in America as it was with the Baphomet being raised by the Satanic Temple. Such an organization falsely assert that their freedom of religion is exercised, which is valid, but they mock and slander specifically Christ and Christianity, not Hinduism, Islam, etc. They use the Christian symbols as their antithesis. Such evil and demonic forces have now surfaced unabated as the Empire State Building on August 10, 2015 was lit up with the various Hindu gods. One such ‘god’ in particular was Kali, the Lord of the Ring, of the Dance, the Destroyer.

Evidently the Spirit of AntiChrist is now positioned in anticipation on this side of the Bottomless Pit to receive those legions of demons and their long-awaited Apollo, Apollyon, aka Kali, ISIS to come forth from the dimensional portal. According to the Bible, the Elder’s false Messiah or AntiChrist will come out of the great ensuing chaos that will bring about this New World Order for their AntiChrist to rule over. This spirit of Satan was prevalent in ancient Israel where the Elders also entrenched themselves and usurped the Seat of Moses to implement the same Check List. They caused Israel to sin and idols like the Baphomet were raised upon the land. This can be attested to the idolatry in YHVH’s House found in Ezekiel 8. The last restraint for America on the Check List that the Elders still need to accomplish is total gun confiscation.

At this point due to the acceleration of prophetic time and convergences, an event has to occur to warrant the mass confiscation of guns in America. Perhaps a coming event will cause the complete takeover of the USA, that may usher in this Luciferian New World Order. It might be based on a past mathematical pattern of the phi ratio of World Wars, 1914-1939-2015. Given this mathematical premise, perhaps the prior World Wars have been planned and synchronized mathematically and converge at a specified time, prophetic even. This is where the USA fits into prophecy as it emerged as the mighty Phoenix out of the ashes of Europe. The same mathematical phi ratio has also coincided with the implementations of world governance by way of the League of Nations in 1919, the United Nation in 1945. If this phi ratio theory is valid then the 3rd World War and the subsequent world governing body will occur in the year 5776. This is the ‘Year of Light’ or of Lucis, Lucifer that most likely be as a result of economic chaos.

A Compromised Citizenry

To accomplish the New Order, the current World Order Phoenix of America must be imploded, brought to a point of chaos so that the Elder’s Protocols can usher in the last Luciferin World Oder. The USA and the Check List shows that the USA is the current Luciferian Order that has been totally compromised by the Elders and positioned to be imploded; to have the mighty Phoenix fall in preparation for the New World Order to rise. What is in the way is the last ‘restraint’, the 4th Amendment and Bible believing Christians, as in the Rapture. What is yet to be fully coopted is the taking of the over 300 million pieces of firearm types from Americans as guaranteed by the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This provision was instilled in the covenant of government made by the Founding Fathers of America and the Creator.

This is what is different from other civil constitutions of other nations. It was a stipulation to guard against the very Luciferian protocols of the Elders that gradually subvert the governments by way of the economy, education, military, and gun confiscation, and so on. It is no wonder why the government has stepped up false flag incidents involving mass gun shooting and bombings. The psyops is to produce a change of mind and condition the sheeple of American to turn in their guns as Senator Feinstein stated needs to happen. Such do not realize that the criminals who do not obey the law, case in point Chicago. This city has the toughest gun control legislation in the country and yet is the murder capital by way of guns. It is the government that only wants to have the guns and as every government of the world has done before, they will use them against the people at the bequest of the Luciferian Elders.

This leaves mostly the law abiding, the most vulnerable defenseless without personal protection, primed for slaughter. The reason the Luciferians have not totally checked off all the 24 Protocols of the Elders in America is that this one last impediment has been the hardest. As noted, the Bible speaks that there is a Retainer in play against these Satanic Protocols of the Elders. Many believe that it is the Holy Spirit and specifically during this prophetic intermission of Daniel’s week of years that the Church containing the Holy Spirit made up of individual Followers of Jesus are such that are restraining the full-on evil of these Luciferian Elders. There are other interpretations that the Retainer(s) are actually Angelic hosts that checkmate the full effect of Lucifer’s Protocols as implemented upon the nations.

One cannot imagine the level of evil that will be unleashed once the Restrainer is removed according to the Bible. If this event correlates with the Rapture Event, then the Tribulation is to follow. The prelude is already seen in the genocide of Christians at the hand of the murderous Elders as documented in Soviet Russia and the Ukraine during the communist takeover. Currently they are allowing the Muslims abroad to do the same and with Obama’s ‘War on Christmas’ at home. Obama promised ‘change’ brought to America has been accomplished. Obama and the spirit behind him have further compromised America to the point that it is unrecognizable. He has successfully divided the nation, impoverished 1 out of 3 children, legalized immorality, redefined marriage, made treaties with enemies and made enemies of former allies.

Complete Subjugation

The Elders who appoint the U.S. Presidents have further destabilized the Middle East with his foreign policy of the Elders of aiding and abating the Arab Springs. They have armed ISIS that has slaughtered Christians wholesale, decimated the ancient Christian communities with war crimes and genocide. For example, under Obama he had indebted the nation more than all the combined former U.S. Presidents. Concerning the last restraint of the 24 Check List of the Elder’s Protocols, that of gun confiscation, President Obama stated a particular point about Americans. In paraphrase, Obama stated that the problem with America is not the 70 million murdered babies that are chopped up alive and sold for body parts. It is not the immorality and deviance away from the core institution that makes a nation great, a healthy family and heterosexual marriage.

To Obama, the root problem of Americans is that ‘they hold on to their Bibles and their guns’. The hypocrisy cannot be more evident as Obama arms ISIS that slaughters Christians. His Attorney General ran the Fast and Furious covert operation that supplied guns to the Mexican drug lords that in turn murdered thousands of bystanders and even American Drug Agents. Yet all the while Obama seeks to implement this Elder’s Protocols to disarm those that need to be defended the most. Thus, this issue of gun confiscation is elevated to a spiritual dimension as those that seek to preserve their alienable right to bear arms are usually those that want to uphold the U.S. Constitution that was covenanted with the Creator. For such a reason top undermine the last ‘restraint’, the Patriot Act was passed to use against the Patriots.

Only by such Luciferin subversive ways, bit by bit will eventually the spiritual condition of America be brought so low that the last Protocol of the Luciferian Elders completely subvert America when the confiscation of guns will be achieved. Those that resist will be as they are now labels ‘terrorists’, ‘extremist’, ‘Constitutionalist’ and enemies of the state. To help accomplished this last Protocol for the total subjugation of America, the Elders in power in Washington and the world economic powers have declared the Homeland, America as a legitimate 'battlefield'. Thus U.S. citizens are suspect now of being enemy combatants. This has echoes of how the Soviet communist revolution, mainly led by Zionists took over Russia. During World War 2, glimpses of these Protocols were experienced in the USA. Americans of Japanese ancestry were rounded up and sent to internment camps in the guise of ‘protecting them’.

It is for such reasons that new technological military operations such as Jade-HELM have been implemented to ‘master the human domain’ of America in preparation for the coming orchestrated collapse. This is the other facet of how the Elders will check off the List of confiscating all guns; through an event that will demand a national Martial Law implementation. This amounts to having YHVH’s People defenseless as in the days of the Judges and Gideon. Such was a time that the Testimony of YHVH’s People became weak due to spiritual complacency and compromise and allowed the Philistines ‘Elders’ to lord it over Israel. Their main pursuit was ‘gun confiscation’. No Israelite was allowed to forge weapons. As such, the Philistines subjugated YHVH’s inheritance. This is what Lucifer’s Elders seek to accomplish for America by way of their Protocols.

Brood of Vipers

What is the issue of having the Luciferian Elders usurp the name of Zion? For one, the Bible declares that YHVH placed His very Name in Zion, so it is Holy. Thus, the city and word Zion represent all that YHVH is; His authority, reputation, character, etc. It is to be a City set on a Hill as the true Zion of YHWH is, on the Mountain of the LORD on the Sides of the North in Heaven. The following is the Check List of the Learned Elders of Zion Protocols pertaining to the Destruction of the United States. If the Protocols were actually true, then the following is seen.

Protocol I                    Dis-inform so that the Protocols are a conspiracy theory
Protocol II                   Divide the masses by classes into the 1% and 99%
Protocol III                  Divide and conquer through immigration and racism
Protocol IV                  Replace Christianity with materialism
Protocol V                   Funnel and concentrate all power to the Executive Branch
Protocol VI                  Implement national health care, force vaccinate
Protocol VII                 Initiate World Wars abroad, False Flags at home
Protocol VIII                Co-opt State and Local Governments
Protocol IX                  Control schools to re-education by Common Core, Gay Agenda
Protocol X                  Concentrate all power, confiscate arms through gun control
Protocol XI                  Militarize the Police against the domestic Populace
Protocol XII                 Control the Press and discredit Alternative Media
Protocol XIII                Use media to foment distractions through entertainment
Protocol XIV                Assault Christianity, morality and disintegrate the family
Protocol XV                 Induce ruthless political suppression through the Police State
Protocol XVI                Initiate brainwashing through food, vaccines and psyops
Protocol XVII               Abuse legal Authority to implement the Protocols
Protocol XVIII             Arrest Opponents, use crises to suspend the Constitution
Protocol XIX                Separate the Rulers from the People
Protocol XX                 Control the printing of money, set up a Central Bank
Protocol XXI                Control the masses by bad loans and credit
Protocol XXII               Undermine the value and power of Gold and Silver
Protocol XXIII             Instill Obedience through patriotism and wars
Protocol XXIV             Install puppet Rulers and appoint the Presidents

What remains in the way of a total subjugation of America by way of the Protocols is that restraint of carrying out total gun confiscation and perhaps the Rapture Event itself. With all the constant barrage of the orchestrated media propaganda of instilling the warped and autistic mind of the populace now is that ‘guns must be illuminated’. It is estimated by the government’s own CDC that by the year 2025, just 10 years away, 1 in 3 children will be ‘lobotomized’ or autistic by forced vaccination. This condition is by design of course as one of the Protocols of the Elders despite the people’s opposition. This is just another form of ensuring a total subjection of the populace to control and exterminate, Nazi style more easily.  It has been well documented that it has been the CIA for example that boards terrorists on to planes with the aim of blowing up airliners in a pretext to go to war, implement domestic spying and suspend Constitutional rights. It has been the CIA working with other secret agencies that have orchestrated the mass shooting and bombing of the likes of the Oklahoma, Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, the Aurora killings. All these affairs have an element of government psyops involvement.

A Systematic Rebellion

The City or the Heavenly true Zion with the 24 Elders seated around the Lamb of YHVH, the resin Jesus is described to be like a Burning Torch. Lucifer the ‘light-bearer’ falsely portrays himself as Prometheus who gave his ‘burning torch’ of illumination and wisdom to Mankind in anticipation of an allegiance and alliance against YHVH. As a token of this brilliance, Lucifer bestowed so called ‘light’ or illumination to help a fallen Human Race become ‘god’ in his version of Zion. It is the Elders that gladly receive this false light because with it comes total economic and political control of nations that Lucifer still has dominion over. The Secret Societies, Illuminati, occult, etc., thus worship Lucifer as the Supreme Light Being because he is also a ‘Christ’ as in the ‘Anointed Cherub’. The quest of Lucifer and the Elders is to replace YHVH’s Zion with Lucifer’s counterfeit Zion, in Heaven itself, as it is on Earth; at least for the moment.

The Bible is very clear that Lucifer knows that he has but a short time left, and he has 1 New World Order left up his leave sort of speak. It is Lucifer that wants to overthrow the true Zion of YHVH and create it after his own likeness due to his lust and pride. These Luciferians Elders see Jesus Christ as being the evil one hindering the godhood of Humanity and seek justice for their Master Lucifer because he was expelled from YHVH’s Zion. The problem with this ‘Zion’ is that their Protocols, their Check List is only to kill, steal and destroy. The Elders worship Kali the Destroyer whose ultimate goal is to eradicate Humanity and especially followers of the true Christ, Jesus of Nazareth. Since Genesis, Lucifer has taken this conflict over Zion and his argument to Humanity ever since the Garden of Eden. As this Angelic War has raged on, the Human Race has been involved in this celestial conflict for Zion, on both sides.

It was Lucifer who convinced Adam and Eve of his version of Zion where one could be ‘like God’ etc. For example, the Satanic Temple organization that set up the Baphomet in Detroit has as their slogan, ‘It is better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.’ Such have a twisted affirmation and faith toward Lucifer’s lie of a promised dominion. Such do not realize that it is the opposite; Jesus astonishingly declared that Adam and Eve already had total dominion over Earth. Even now after the fall of Humanity, Jesus seeks to co-share His dominion, His rulership, His kingship with those who overcome as the book of Revelation stipulates by His salvation and work on the cross. It is the Elders who in pride also lust for absolute power and knowledge through their Lucifer’s Protocols. They can only be implemented systematically by check off their list as they usurp every nation on Earth through their Protocols; ‘by deception they make war’.

Lucifer like YHVH has positioned key Elders in positions of power. This promise of Zion by Lucifer to his Elders has come with delegated Satanic powers at the highest levels in all human institutions; this power is used both for good and/or evil. America has gone down the same path as Lucifer seeking lust and power. For example, the Jewish Menorah is allowed to be displayed in public government places, such as the White House but no Christian Cross is allowed to be place in like manor. What was Earth’s the last bastion of faith, love and hope, the USA has now been 99% subverted by these Protocols of Lucifer’s Elders. What are yet to be accomplished are total gun confiscation and the Rapture.

Fall of the Phoenix

There is a double standard when it comes to America and the Protocols of the Elders. For example, various military units, such as bands commemorate Jewish feasts days like that of Purim are celebrated at U.S. tax paying expense and yet no Christmas program can be sanctioned now by the U.S. Military as it was before. Most Americans and those of other nations whom the Elders have ‘checked-off’ do not realize that they are just being used as a means to an end. The inevitable aim of Lucifer through the Protocols Check List of his Elders is to totally deface and eradicate the authority of Christianity in America. To this aim has Lucifer strived to eradicate Christians and their Biblical morality and cannot wait for the Rapture to occur if it is the ‘Retainer’ that is alluded to in the Bible. As the Heavenly Conflict in the true Zion occurred in Heaven in Eternity Past according to the Biblical narrative of several Books of the Bible so too has this battle been ragging in America.

A Luciferian rebellion against the Holy and Sovereign LORD of Zion as described in the Old and New Testament happened. Most Americans do not realize that spiritually, their souls are in the balance in this war, and that of the nation for that matter. The Elders and their Protocols are a declaration of war. For all intents and purposes, Heaven or Zion has been and is in a state of war ever since Lucifer’s rebellion. This Angelic Rebellion was led by Halliel (Hillel), or Lucifer. The name Lucifer is where the root word ‘hallelujah’ or praise is obtained from. As noted, his name also means the ‘Light Bearer’ that describes Zion in appearance like a light or lamp set above a table or a city on a hill. Because of this rebellion in the Heavenly Zion, there is now a total opposite meaning ascribed to the word and meaning of Zion thanks to Lucifer wanting to re-define it as he has done with marriage in America.

He has misinterpreted and distorted what Zion or Zionism really is. This celestial war for Zion by Lucifer and his Elders against the true Christ from Zion and his Elders has reverberated right down to the political and cultural Earthly battles for Humanity’s soul. To this end, Lucifer is still convincing many of Humanity in each successive generation of this re-definition of Zion made in his likeness and that it should also be Humanity’s objective. He is using the same false promises that an eventual victory over the true Zion of YHVH and His People can be obtained. Perhaps one reason why the mighty USA is not specifically mentioned nor seen in the Last Days of the Bible narrative is because of the Elder’s Check List.

America will be completed co-opted to the point that it becomes marginalized, subdued like the other mighty world powers and empires that turn their back on the founding Covenant that was the U.S. Constitution. As a possible World War 3 looms over the prophetic horizon and lawlessness reigns in the streets of America, the average citizenry has been conditioned to not tolerate Christianity anymore. Even now such religious contention is blamed for the wars that Humanity has had to endure. The Elders do have a religion of their own, the ‘pure doctrine of Lucifer’. It is to be instilled by the Check List and will be happy to introduce their ‘religion’ based on ‘reason and consciousness. Humanity is at this stage where it will beg for an AntiChrist to take over and restore ‘Peace and Security’ once their orchestrated collapse of America occurs.

A Prophetic Parallel

Who are the Elders? They are Masons, many are Jews with a strong political Zionist bent, some are so called Christian, etc. They are mostly the ones that seek ultimate power and are involved with Kabbala. In this context most Elders have more in come with wizardry and magic than with the holy Torah but the Luciferian Talmud. These were the very ones that conspired against Jesus and tried Him on 3 different occasions as a set-up to dispose of Him. It was Jesus who exposed them for having usurped the nation of Israel in general and took over the ‘Seat of Moses’ as judges. This alludes to the total economic, political, education and moral authority over the nation. This was accomplished by the Check List of the Protocols. What the Protocols accomplished was to nullify the Word of YHVH and instead replace it with the Traditions of Men as Jesus called it.

This was the objective of the Check List for Israel, to have the People turn away from the Covenants made with YHVH as they have done now with America. Such Elders may pay lip service to the Torah but in actuality supplant its precepts with their Luciferin Zohar, Talmud and other books that are totally contrary to Jesus Christ and the Torah. When the Kingdom of Judah was exiled to Babylon many of the Elders brought back the Babylonian Kabbalist secrets and doctrines have been infused in the current rendition of Judaism. In terms of labels, the people of YHVH originated as a race based on the lineage of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob. It was at the place and point on Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem that after the wrestling of Jacob with the Angel of the LORD and the subsequent opening of celestial doors or portals, of the Ladder to Heaven.

It was at this place and time that the Jacob and his name was transformed to Israel. Thus, Israel is the name specifically attributed to the 12 Tribes regardless that the 10 northern tribes that comprised the kingdom of Israel were exiled to Assyria. The southern 2 tribes of Judah and Benjamin composed the Southern Kingdom and although the name was Judah, they technically were still Israel as a whole because they came from Jacob. Thus, it is false to assert that the 10 Northern Tribes composing the Kingdom of Israel were not ‘Jews’. Also consider that the tribe of Benjamin was eclipsed by the tribe of Judah and in terms of nationality, they were ‘Jews’ but Israelites nonetheless still. YHVH left one tribe, that of David’s because YHVH had promised to David that out of his loins would come a ruler to sit in David’s Throne and rule not only the whole Israel, the 12 Tribes for all eternity but the nations.

This prophetically speaks of Jesus, the descendant of David and the promised Messiah of Israel. As it is, the current practice of Judaism forbids this theology to even be debated by Jews. Prophetically YHVH promised to bring back to the land in the Last Days for a 3rd and last time the ‘remnants of His People.’ This includes all the Tribes, all 12 of them as only YHVH knows from where they were scattered to and has kept inventory. As it is the 10 Northern Tribes as in the case of Southern Tribes, were not all completely exiled. Some were allowed to remain and tend to the land, but it is the case that the Assyrians and the Babylonians introduced race mixing to ‘water-down’ and corrupt the ‘Seed of the Woman. Thus, one result of this mixing was the hybrid race of the Samaritans in the north and the Edomites in the south. 

After the Flood

Shem----Abraham----Isaac----Jacob----Judah---Yeshua (Jesus the Messiah) Son of David
Ham     (Hebrew)                  (Israel)    (Jews)

Jacob's twelve sons were the Israelites.

NORTHERN KINGDOM (ISRAEL) Exiled to Assyria about 10% allowed to stay

Hybrid race became the Samaritans

01. Reuben     - see a son
02. Simeon      - he that hears
03. Levi            - associated with Him
04. Dan           - a judge or judgment
05. Naphtali     - that which struggles
06. Gad           - a troop
07. Asher         - happiness
08. Issachar    - a reward or man of hire
09. Zebulun     - dwelling
10. Joseph      - fruitful or addition

SOUTHERN KINGDOM (JUDAH) Exiles to Babylon about 10% allowed to stay

Mixing of Arabs brought in

11. Judah        - praise
12. Benjamin   - son of the right hand

Judah was the last tribe the YHVH allowed due to His covenant with Abraham and David to ensure the Messiah would be birthed and specifically from the line of King David. The last 2 remaining tribes foreshadow the credentials of the Sonship of the Messiah. In Psalm 16: 10-11 it says. ‘For You will not abandon my soul to Sheol; Nor will You allow Your Holy One to undergo decay. You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; [Judah] In Your right hand [Benjamin] there are pleasures forever.’ Technically thus based on the pedigree bloodline, the Jews of Judah to include Benjamin are Israelites and subsequently Hebrew of the line of Shem, Semites. The other Semites are the peoples like the Arabs and the varied lineages Abram also fathered with other women of the land. In the last generation, YHVH will take once again of all the 12 tribes, 144,000 that He will anoint to dispense the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the nations.

To YHVH, the Tribes are not lost. Many believe that the difference with the past ‘Orders’ of the Elders had to do with the technology of today. At no other time such as depicted in the book of Revelation could such a technology allow the marking of every human on Earth or have all the planet see the death of the 2 Witnesses instantaneously. This generation of Elders has finally arrived to where their Satanic Protocols will be carried out due to modern technology. They will accomplish what Hitler and other AntiChrist types had failed to do and only dreamed out, not only on a nation but the world. Ultimately these Globalist Zionists believe their Luciferian Messiah will usher in the Golden Age once again in which Lucifer, the Fallen Angles and their prodigy, the Nephilim reign over the world with an enslaved human race.

State of Israel

What is significant is that according to some prophetic End Times estimations, if the birth of the modern state of Israel is that which occurred on May 14, 1948, then it is the Israel that YHVH promised would be led back to the land for the 3rd and last time. Realize that if this modern state of Israel is not the phenomenon of what the Bible has predicted to occur, it will not occur beyond this generation as the timing of the Blood Moons and the recapture of the Temple Mount are all synchronized to 1948. Any significant time elapsing beyond the 50 year and 70-year mark of time since 1948 does not correlate as precisely with the plethora of celestial signs that are converging now specifically for 5776. Realize that the Bible predicted that a veil has come upon Israel, much like Moses to the Jews at Sinai.

The Elders and Builders rejected Jesus on Israel’s behalf. Now the Jew do not see Jesus much like Moses because Jesus has become ‘veiled’ to them due to unbelief; it is Jesus who is the promised ‘greater than Moses shall come’. Because of this condition, the return to the restoration of Jacob has been progressive, as it always has been in the Bible and particularly for the life and times of Jacob himself. The Bible states that it is only when a Jew comes to Christ that the veil is lifted, and they can plainly see that it is Jesus behind the veil. It will only take the 2nd coming of Jesus as Zechariah declares that at that time is when all of Israel will gaze upon ‘him whom they have pierced’. This is the purpose of the last Sabbatical Cycle 7-year week of Daniel, to purify Israel and complete her judgment for having the Builders reject the true Capstone, Jesus that to them is a ‘rock of offence’ to this day even. But all this is about to change as Jesus will instill in His righteous Kingdom the true Protocols of Zion.

Until then, Lucifer will raise up a Nimrod in the Last Days to finish the interrupted work that YHVH halted at the Tower of Babel. This is even depicted on the Reverse Seal of the USA with the break in the truncated pyramid having the Capstone, Lucifer yet to complete the union. This Nimrod to come will have a One World Bank, Religion, Government, a New World Order in which all is standardized related to Humanity’s economy and spirituality. It was America that perhaps has been designed since its beginning in 1776 to initiate this last Order with the seeds of its own destruction. By such means, Lucifer will be able to totally control the New Order that emerges once the 3rd World War ignites and the evil Order is birthed thereafter. It is the very Protocols of the Brave New World blueprint for America.

Many enemies of the modern nation of Israel assert that the Protocols of the Elders are an evil master plan designed and implemented by Globalists Zionist bankers or Money Changers as they were referred to in Jesus’ day. Such seek to rule the world by any means and thus many associates that aspiration with anything having to do with the modern state of Israel and all Jews regardless. But which race on Earth has not, does not aspire to do the same and has? Perhaps there is an element of envy because the Jews have done it the best. One has to consider that this modern state of Israel is not officially proclaimed as a ‘Jewish state’. Furthermore, there are other ethnic groups, primarily Arabs and Christians of numerous ancient and modern denominations.

Brave New World

As a secular nation, Israel does not espouse to the tenants of the religious observance of the Torah nor does it have a 3rd Temple, yet. But all this is about to change. The enemies of YHVH’s Earthly People have this excuse that the Jews of the modern state of Israel are not the real ‘Jews’ of that of Judah, much less the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Today many who call themselves ‘Jews’ are really coming from these mixed bloodlines and are the very ones that have usurped the whole of who is to be constituted a ‘Jew’ and allowed back into the Land of Israel or even marry.  Such are the ones whom Jesus in the book of Revelation tells that on Judgment Day, He will force those that those that say they are Jews but are not to bow before those Followers of Jesus and who Jesus will confess that loved them. According to Jesus, there does exist a ‘real Israel’. This was said of Nathaniel as he was meditating under a tree and the LORD saw him.

When Nathaniel was summoned by the Disciple to come see the Messiah, Jesus said of him that he was a ‘true Israelite’, yet in the Roman province of Judah still. There is also the spiritual notion of the True Israel of YHVH. One is a member, a citizen of this celestial Zion by a circumcision done by Christ in the heart of hearts at the point of conversion to Jesus as the Messiah. Yet many use the argument that the ‘Jews are not Jews’ to instill an anti-Israel and anti-Semitic world views against the ‘Jews’ as a whole; meaning the entire Jewish race regardless of ethnic background or religious degree in observance to the Torah. All are blamed collectively for the failings of the world to achieve peace, especially when it comes to the Palestinian issue due to the wars of the re-conquest.

This is not to say that the modern state of Israel is not above reproach or criticism. It does not get a free ‘pass’ just because it is ‘Israel’. As it is, certain segments of the Jewish population are just as hostile toward Christians as are the Muslims. Laws have been passed to forbid the proselytizing of Jews aimed primarily at Christians. There are watch groups against Christian missionary work. In the guise of witnessing to minors or converting for prophet, the laws in the books of a so called ‘democratic’ secular state of Israel clearly discriminates against Christians. Many Palestinians are Christians and during the wars and even in some instances even now, the IDF has desecrated the ancient Christian churches If only the Jews knew how the true Christians treated them during their exile, primarily in the Americas.

They were freely able to worship and share their faith with others. Many were saved during the World Wars by Christians, etc. This treatment on the contrary by the Jews is a reactionary measure as Jews in Israel see their numbers demographically dwindle and the populations of non-Jews swell up. Often the government authorities look the other way when Messianic Jews are harassed or discriminated against in housing, education, or employment. To Israel’s shame they are doing what they themselves have outcried during their exile among the nations. In the days of Christ on Earth, very position within Israel’s education, commerce, the Temple Priesthood, the military, and the Sanhedrin were filled with Lucifer’s men.

The aim of this study has been to compare the Check List of the Protocols to that which the USA has become. The Protocols have arguably come to pass. It is said to be a fabrication but if one is a careful student of history one can discern that all the objectives from the Check List have been met, just about now for America. Even if it is a forgery, the Protocols are a conspiracy, Jesus Himself stated that there is a conspiracy of having certain Jews usurp the Seat of Moses and call themselves Jews but are not. While on Earth, Jesus confronted these so-called Elders with their Protocols that made their way up to the highest positions of power in Israel as they do now and in every nation and have in America. Currently it is no different now in how the Luciferian Religious-Political Elders of Israel treat the masses during the days of Jesus on Earth for which Jesus harshly rebuked them. Such is the case now and will be the case again in the days of Jesus’ return.

To reiterate, the Protocols of Zion are the strategy to take over the world by the Luciferian Masons and Zionist affiliates. The aim of these Luciferian pseudo-Zionist has been to systematically over time erode the moral fiber of America by infiltrating every aspect of a nations’ resources, wealth, and people through the control of the economy, media, politics, education, military and religion. The Protocols Check List has just 1 last Protocol for American left by some estimations. It is total gun confiscation and a World War for the world to finalize their last New World Order evil kingdom to come. America has gotten to the point now where the Elders have total control as it has been successful at fostering and inculcating their filthy new morality which immorality and idolatry. This spiritual condition of America will thus easily facilitate the fall of the last Protocol, gun confiscation very soon. The other event could be the spiritual and prophetic ‘Check List’ of the Rapture itself that will contribute to this condition.

The Elders have been preparing America for this designed accelerated implosion. The Protocols of the Elders, despite being called a hoax can be seen that behind the scenes, the secret cabal is busy at work implementing Luciferians Protocols for the nations. Lucifer is attempting to establish his Zion on Earth and is using any means possible, which has only been done through war, death, plagues, murder, rape, destruction, chaos to reach this goal. Foremost, Lucifer’s goal is to establish his image of Zion on Earth with a Humanity re-created in his image and likeness. On the contrary, YHVH wants Humanity to see what His version of Zion will be like also, it is called the Bible. YHVH is inviting any and all of Humanity to be part of this true Utopia that is to come on Earth; all-expense paid by the gracious substitutionary atonement of Christ on the cross. Jesus Christ is the only ticket and door to get in.


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Jewish Antiquities
Protocols of the Zion



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