Andrews Air Force Base, June 22-23, 2001

  • What is this War Game about and was the result of the exercise?
  • Who put the exercise together and who benefited from the event?
  • Is there a nefarious hidden agenda behind the outcomes obtained?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to compare the 2001 War Game called Operation Dark Winter that simulates a virus pandemic in the USA with what is actually occurring presently with COVID-19. This study will strongly suggest that the War Game has gone live. And that it goes hand-in-hand with the Rockefeller LOCK STEP 2010 scenarios that essentially compliment their 20-year old plan. Interestingly enough, in the fall of 2019, there was an Event 201 that was hosted to simulate a similar scenario of a virus pandemic. In this case, it pertained to the entire world or basically at a higher frequency and capacity that would involve every Nation on the planet. Every government would essentially be ‘run’ by the dictates of the UN World Health Organization guidelines.

And such would be the keepers of ‘truth’, fact and data. But primarily, such would be the ones who dictated the ‘official narrative’. Any private Citizen or worse, a qualified Doctor or Nurse having a ‘2nd Opinion’ and contrary narrative would be censored, suspended or fired. In some countries like in Germany, Doctors have now even been arrested. It is also very interesting to note that in the 2001 Virus War, it was done under the auspices of the U.S. Military and the John Hopkins University. These are the same ones that now, have partnered-up with the World Health Organization, the Center of Disease Control and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to do far worse. As then, they now have become the designers, implementers and managers of the planned ‘Virus War’.

However, this Event 201 model would put the Operation Dark Winter to shame as severe measures have been introduced that has all but essential cancelled-out the Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties of those in the USA, for example. A ‘Purge’ has begun on the People. They have imposed draconian measures of what distance people are to be apart, and for how long, etc. And where people can meet in public and for what purposes. Masks are mandatory, even in one’s own home and the strictest of overreach regulations impose fines and police action to enforce them. The War Game in 2001 resulted in the breakdown of the USA. This study suggests that the lessons learned from Operation Dark Winter is how to completely collapse the USA and world.

It is at this point in time that the UN intervenes and seeks UN Troops in an attempt to restore law and order in the streets of the USA. This is the ‘Endgame’ and the way the Globalists will achieve this. It is exactly through their manufactured COVID-19 plandemic. And it is working. It is brilliant in how they have used decades of visual programming. The masses have been conditioned to trust their corrupt government who is married to powerful companies. They have profit as motive and not a person’s health, well-being, much less a promising and healthy future. The pretext for the ‘War Game’ simulation was that due to chemical war agents being used in the Middle East, mainly during the Iraq-Iran War and by Saddam Hussein using them against the Kurds. Thus, interestingly, the Pentagon embarked on this War Game on the heels of the 9-11 attacks in the fall of 2001. The operational ‘War Game’ was called Dark Winter.

A Live Exercise

The U.S. Department of Defense wanted to test its readiness in such a national  emergency. The War Game was to look at the effects of a large pandemic event and its effects on the ‘Continuity of Government’. The scenario was dramatic, and the model depicted millions of lives lost. In this case, the contagion was a Smallpox outbreak that centered primarily in the State of Oklahoma. However, it was estimated that by that December of 2001, only approximately 16,000 infected cases resulted. Ironically, much like in the present ‘War Game’, the COVID-19 real death numbers have been found out to be no worse than the regular Flu season. What has instead been used, is that the hysteria has been the cause for government to overreach its authority in manufacturing their desired response, total power and control. And how was that done in 2001?

On one hand, the War Game was designed to evaluate the response of the government and its ability to communicate with the public. What is telling is that the operation included real live Fake News reporting. The War Game called for quarantines and Martial Law. The exercise revealed that in such a ‘State of Emergency’, the government would no longer be the government based on the Rule of Law or Constitution. And this was one of the outcomes. An overarching ‘Central Emergency Command’ had to be established to pull this off. Thus, a FEMA type of structure had to be devised as the sole U.S. President declaring a total State of National Emergency would transfer power to it. Why? The Executive Office could not sustain such an endeavor nor was designed to. As that is what occurred in the USA with President Trump as result of COVID-19.

Every State thereafter declared ‘Emergency’ and the power, authority and rule was legally then transferred to the FEMA governance. The 2001 report showed that the people had to change how they saw their civil liberties and the role of the Military. How it was to be more interrelated with the civilian world. And is this not the case with the U.S. President>|? He has invoked National Guard units from various States. Has assured that the coming COVID-19 vaccine will be administered and delivered to ‘every American’ by the Military. In 2020, they called this War Game, Operation Warp Speed. Operation Dark Winter modeled a scenario where there were tens of millions of deaths. No commerce, no airline travel. This is essential what has occurred now in the heels of a 9-11, 2.0. going ‘live’ as an exercise. The model thus called for ‘Lockdowns’ that are really only used in the prison system to handle and subdue Inmates, not Citizens.

However, it so happened in 2020, that in many States, it was the Criminals that were released. Why? To destabilize society and at the proper time, those resisting or not consenting to the ‘New Normal’ and mandatory vaccination for COVID-19 will be placed there instead. It was Rick Bright, a former top vaccine official that spoke before a U.S. Congressional Committee and painted a dire consequence of the COVID-19 plandemic. In his statements, he referred to the term, ‘Dark Winter’. He gave his statement in May of 2020 and projected a dire and bleak ‘winter’ if no orchestrated plan would be in place to avert ‘millions of death’. This of course has been found to be a falsity based on erroneous data. What is occurring in actually is ‘Operation Dark Winter’ going live, with successive waves of ‘Lockdowns’ continuing. The aim is to lead the country into such a scenario of civil unrest, fear and panic so that the Military will eventually be involved.

The Endgame
Why the Military? It is because, as mentioned, it is a Virus War. One not being waged against COVID-19 for such are the ones that have invented it, patented it and released it. The War Game is against the People. Operation Dark Winter did not end well and that is exactly what they planned for this real one. Back in the 2001, they actually did use U.S. government officials that played the various top Executive Branch positions. Since then, the outcome of the War Game has not been widely distributed nor known and with good reason. It concluded with a total collapse, across the board during that national health emergency scenario. What the Operation Dark Winter did was to provide the government with an excuse to secure total power and control instead. This outcome was not anticipated by the U.S. elected official. Not the case for Event 201 and others, such as Dr. Fauci. He himself stated in a conference back in 2017 that ‘he knew’.

He stated that for a fact, a ‘surprise pandemic’ was going to occur in Trump’s Administration. How could he have foreseen that? He knew at least 3 years in advance. Why? It is because such have been instrumental in such War Games. The Plandemic scenario of Dark Winter essentially then established the need for the excuse to use their supposed data and medical expertise to dictate the terms of governance thereafter. It was noted that based on the 2001 model, the entire national hospital capacity to handle the infected and outbreak would overwhelm the health system. Yet, in this present COVID-19 scare, the hospitals are virtually empty. It should be noted that a Corona Virus does exist and certain ‘hotspots’ had/have been affected disproportionately.

But that the type of patients most vulnerable to the released virus are those that have had preexisting conditions, have compromised immunity or are advanced in age. The outcome of Operation Dark Winter also established the need to enact censorship. The excuse was to curtail what the government deemed ‘misinformation’. Like what is going on in hospitals. Or what others would consider a cover-up, conspiracy. Or those just offering a counter medical and health expert assessment that went or goes contrary to the ‘official narrative’. Since the Operation Dark Winter report stated that based on the exercise model, there would be civilian and social unrest, rioting, Military intervention would be needed. In 2020, the Military was mobilized but not really needed. And that to help ‘slow’ the plandemic, ‘social distancing’ would need to be in play? Why?

This would curtail significantly the ability of Citizens to organize, protest and converse in dealing with the supposed plandemic. Has it not now been the case that social distancing is enforced and with mask-wearing? So, no need for the Military yet. Why? People capitulated, virtually ensuring a constant ‘state of fear’. The fear should not so much be of the virus itself but at what the governments are doing to its People, of not only the USA are doing but those of the world. In countries that have limited respect for civil liberties, a draconian iron-fist has a stranglehold now on its People. The Operation Dark Winter model suggested that the government needed to do all it could to convince all its People to self-quarantine, to ‘slow’ the spread of the contagion. For this to occur in this present manufactured pandemic, a constant barrage of news sustaining the ‘Fear Factor’ would have to be in place. Effects? Due to the manufacture fear, there would be a run on grocery stores and the scarcity of some products and/or produce would occur.

In 2001, the War Game depicted that the plandemic would trigger a domino effect that would then affect the economy primarily due to the self-quarantine measure that would then lead to unintended consequences. The Operation Dark Winter lasted for 2 days. It was comprised of 3 sessions and the outcome was overwhelming as the models took a life of their own. Needless to say, there was no viable outcome or solution given the scope of the model. In 2001, what was then learned from the shortfalls, other simulated scenarios followed to perfect the shortcomings to ensure the goal of such a War Game. Thus, the occasion of Event 201 was essentially the ‘perfection’ of such work in one’s assessment, enough so to then immediately go live. And that is exactly what has occurred. Noted, Operation Dark Winter was not intended to predict the future. No.

Inconsequentially, its purpose was to know how to maintain power and control during a national State of Emergency. As it pertains to the present COVID-19 conspiracy, the purpose is not to help alleviate the suffering of the People but to instill it. It would appear then that based on the assessment of many, governments have been mandated to secure total law and order, a ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’. And on an international level and scope. Meaning that the end goal is world government -total power and control to be then centralized by way of a ‘greater FEMA’. For whom? Operation Dark Winter simulated a need to close borders and restrict the travel of the People. This would occur at the national level between States or Territories as well as amongst Nations.

What it would mean on the ground, is that checkpoints would eventually become ‘chokepoints’. In essence, the control of the movement of the People would be key as well. If Operation Dark Winter in 2001 gave a glimpse of what would occur in a manufactured pandemic, it would be a cause to collapse the American form of Democracy. And that is the point this study argues. That it is if someone or something wants that to occur. It is well underway. Why? In order for the worldwide ‘FEMA’ to emerge, the sovereignty of Nations have to be capitulated. And how that looks like is mandated distancing, mask-wearing, curfews, censorship and arrests. In other Nations aside from the USA, there are worse Lockdowns being perpetrated like in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. And as reported, Canada is building their ‘Detention Centers’ for those not consenting to a mandatory quarantine and/or forced vaccination.

Why would a vaccination be forced? It would be one thing if the pandemic were real and that millions are dying. But given the data and statistics from the WHO and the CDC, it has no way approached the level of a worldwide pandemic. The aim is to control and overpower every human on the planet. And the perfect pretext is to use a plandemic to accomplish this effort to control and overpower every human being on the planet by way of a vaccine. It will be no ordinary vaccine. But one with the necessary technology to do just that. It is part of the Reset methodology and objectives of those that want to centralize world power and control of all people and resources. The key to having a successful outcome of achieving total control and power, and now at the world level, is to sustain and prolong the effects of their fake Virus War. As there is now signs of the ‘Virus War’ fatigue. What will eventually need to happen is a nexus or pivotal point. Thus a ‘False Flag’ type of event. How about a highly contested U.S. elections?

Community Guidelines
People are getting weary and tired of the prolonged Lockdowns. Many are starting to question the veracity of the situation and calculations of their governments. Many have ‘waken up’ to the reality that the plandemic is actually an ‘Operational War Game’. This is exactly what was stated by Secretary of State Pompeo when he perhaps slipped in saying, ‘this is a live exercise’. Which is the point and is now the reality, albeit a fakery. It is a fake crisis. This manufactured COVID-19 health crisis is not about the health of the People of a Nation or the world. Again, Operation Dark Winter is about governments not only maintaining power and control but acquiring total power and control. And using a national/international health emergency is the ingenious way to achieving it. It is a War Game. And in war, the objective is to destroy or be victorious over one’s enemy. This plandemic has been a ‘war’, not against the virus but against Humanity.

It is designed to dismantle the current or existing power and control institutions. They have to be demolished or dismantled first before total power and control can be successfully achieved at a global level. The narrative as to why it has gone global and international in scope is that at this point and time, the power and control needs to have a global world government. This is the endgame, their post COVID World Order. Mission accomplished. As to media censorship, some countries do have far better Civil Liberties than others. Case in point was the USA, at least in theory set-up by its Constitution to protect Free Speech. But what is occurring, is that the ‘Public Square’ is being shut down. Such platforms where a free expression and exchange of ideas existed are no longer tolerated on the ground of either ‘Hate Speech’, Fake News, or ‘misinformation’.

Such platforms like Blogger, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and others are censoring what they deem is an ambiguous definition of ‘Violating Community Guidelines’. It was a bait-n-switch operation to have the masses plug into such a ‘Matrix’; billions around the world which is amazing to consider all the information they on people. In the USA, there are millions exchanging daily conversations, free ideas, but they cannot have that anymore. No doubt some A.I. and/or people are flagging certain words or phrases. One realizes that at some point, any voice contrary to the ‘official narrative’ will get tighter and outright banned. The days of free fellowship and free-thought conversations in the USA are over. And this coming from a Nation that has championed ‘Free Speech’ and the Constitutional Amendments.

Imagine how it is in other Nations that have less than an ideal or respect for Freedom of Thought? Eventually any type of discussion will be pulled entirely in any format. Online sites, along with political, social or any religious content that is not abiding by the ‘official narrative’ will be ‘Against Community Guidelines’ -that is the COVID World Order. And what the ruling governments, be it city, municipal, state or national levels are just implementing is what resulted, thanks to Operation Dark Winter. They realized that in order for the fake pandemic to succeed in acquiring total power and control, any alternative narrative challenging the implemented measures needs to be silenced. And that is what is occurring in now. When the world rulers come on the scene to take that total power and control, no way will they tolerate being exposed or opposed.

So, such online mediums to use to have a free exchange of thought are gone. Until it is completely overpowered and controlled, one should enjoy the last vestiges of a falling Republic, much like Rome while one can; to expose, reach others, open eyes and minds and lead many to Truth. And it all began with Operation Dark Winter, on the heels of 9-11 in 2001. It was about a simulated virus outbreak and response. It has essentially led to the fine-tuning their ‘Endgame’, how to secure a ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’. That is why Event 201 was named that, after 2001. It was/is Operation Dark Winter 2.0 on steroids. And as one contents, the present ‘War Game’ is a 9-11 2.0 in a slow magic motion type of broadcasting.

What is happening is, that thanks to the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act, the present ‘State of Emergency’ has allowed for censorship to occur, legally under the cover of the COVID plandemic. And realize that under Operation Mockingbird, CIA plants were placed as Editors in Chief of all major newspaper outlets, radio, TV and movies. Thus the ‘Predictive Programing’ one has seen, literally for decades now. In the USA, this the CIA at work. This is the stuff of which the Nazis and the Soviets did to their People. So, in the USA and other places in the world, it will only be getting worse.

The manufactured plandemic has accelerated the conglomeration of the government-corporation relationship in seeking to have ‘Total Spectrum Dominance’. It seems they are constructing a central hub or ‘bee-hive’ circuitry to monitor and surveil all human beings on the planet. This is to a large extent thanks to A.I., Elon Musk’s satellites, Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Bezos’ monopoly in buying/selling and the Gates’ vaccine. It is all being interconnected. So true what is attributed to Francis Bacon, Mr. New Atlantean World Order that coined the phrase, ‘Scientia Potentia Est’. Knowledge is Power. And they are consolidating their power and control. Again, to achieve this, it seems they want a ‘Purge’ style or type of response from the People so they can respond in kind. They are. As if to weed-out those not sheeple enough to comply. People will get desperate. And that is the plan for the Dark Winter has arrived.

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