Ancient Astronomical Pleiadian Star Map

  • Is the monolith fortress built by the Giants of Genesis 6?
  • The fortress appears to be pegged to astrological coordinates.
  • The complex is patterned also after Taurus and Stonehenge.

by Luis B. Vega
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May YHVH bless you and keep you. May He cause His Face to shine upon you and show favor. May Adonai lift His Face towards you and give you Peace.’ –Numbers 6:26

The purpose of this study is to suggest some possible amazing correlations that associate Stonehenge in the plains of England to some other very ancient motifs in Meso-America and Mars. The Martian motif has already been applied and configured at Stonehenge as other researchers have discovered this correlation and pattern. Stonehenge is probably one of the most studied human monuments ever build next to the Pyramids of Giza, which by the way are its contemporary. The Martian motif of Cydonia pyramid complex on Mars has 3 main components. The 1st motif comprises the Face of Mars. The 2nd Martian motif is the 7-star cluster Pyramid City complex. The pyramid-like structures configure the Pleiades alignment with a hexagram core.

The 3rd structure of the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex is the D&M Pyramid. The D&M Pyramid is a massive 5 sided structure that configures a pentagon. These 3 main structures produce a hexagram with amazing symmetry and mathematical precision. This Martian motif pattern is found in ancient pyramid complexes around Earth. This pattern could have been replicated before the Flood of Noah perhaps. The Martian motif is also incorporated in modern city layouts of the major world capitals of which the Luciferians control. They usually involve a fortress type structure, a financial banking center and a mausoleum or monument of some sort. These 3 aspects of the Martian motif pattern found in Stonehenge are a clue as to who currently rules planet Earth.

Such minions control the military, financial and social aspects of the world that seek only to enslave the masses. It is by their secret knowledge handed down by the Fallen Angels of Lucifer that conspire against YHVH and His People. What is unique about this Martian motif is that there are several layers of additional phenomenon that this study seeks to further develop and expound upon related to the circle monoliths of Stonehenge. The 1st correlation suggests that the Stonehenge circle of monoliths depicts the Face of Mars that is located in the plains of Cydonia on the red Planet. The 2nd correlation suggests that the Stonehenge circle is actually the embodiment of the Aztec-Mayan Calendar. The 3rd correlation of this study suggests that Stonehenge is depicting is the constellation of Taurus with the prominent Avenue leading to a Pleaides star pattern complex.

Interestingly on the Summer Solstice the ley-line of the Sun is aligned with the Heel and Slaughter Stone but also with the place in the Pleiades grove hear Larkhill that corresponds to the star Atlas. As to the 1st Martian correlation, it is comprised of the Face of Mars; that of the famous astro-explorer Alah-lu that is said to have come from the planet Nibiru or ‘Vulcan’ and seeded the human race through geo-engineering. The theory goes along the lines of the recent popular notion of the ancient alien connection of how the human race was created. Apparently, there was a direct connection, communication and commerce occurring between Mars and Earth. This time was perhaps before Mars lost its atmosphere and experienced a traumatic cosmic cataclysm that ravaged its surface and civilization.

Perhaps this was caused by a cosmic war of the Angelic kind or the flyby of Nibiru with its mini solar system. Perhaps it could have been the time of the ‘Men of Renown’ and the demigods that the Bible speaks about as a result of Genesis 6. The Face of Mars is amazingly spoken of in the writings of the ancient Sumerian scrolls that chronicles the exile of Alah-lu from Nibiru; then from Earth to Mars and is memorialized by a mausoleum constructed in his image and honor. This theory is well discussed in the works and writing of Zecharia Sitchin. Based on the top view of the monolith circle of Stonehenge it appears to outline a configuration of the ‘face’. This study suggests that this configuration of ancient monoliths configures the outline of the headdress or ‘helmet’ that is characteristic also of the Face of Mars. A clue to this supposed correlation is that the circle of Stonehenge has a semi-circular array of monoliths that do appear to outline a dimension of a face. Could this be the face of Alah- lu?

The angle is rotated 90 degrees from the one in Mars to face the direction of the rising of the Sun in reference to the composition set on Mars. The illustrations associated with this study will show the superimposed face that approximates the circumference of the inner arch of the circle monoliths of Stonehenge. What is also amazing is that the angle of the Avenue from Stonehenge to a grove configures the Pleiades pattern. As noted, the angle of the Sacrificial Stone and Heel Stone are aligned to the North from where the Sun rises. It is as if the Sun rises to shine on the face of this personage or being within the core of the monolith circles of Stonehenge. If this supposition is valid, then in essence, the rising of the Sun brings the rays of the Sun to the Stonehenge circle or the Face of Alah-lu most prominently. Who is this person or being? It is reminiscent of the Biblical verse in Ephesians 5:14 that states, ‘Therefore it is said, “Awake, you who sleep, and arise from among the dead and The Messiah will shine on you.’

There is another Biblical verse that comes to mind as well. It is the ancient Jewish Priestly blessing that states that the ‘Face of God’ can shine peace and bestow favor. Clearly from a Biblically interpretation and application, the Glory of YHVH, the Creator is encapsulated in His Christ, Jesus. It is Jesus who is the radiance of the image and ‘face’ of the Creator, as Creator as 2 Corinthians 4:6 that states, ‘For God, who spoke that light would shine out of the darkness, has dawned in our hearts that we would be enlightened with the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Yeshua The Messiah’. It is Jesus who is the Bright and Morning Star as Revelation also states.

To the occult and the Luciferians, they have twisted this truth and strain to apply it to their Alah-lu, their Muslim Allah that is the Shining Serpent of old, of the Garden of Eden even. This study suggests that the Face of Mars is none other than the embodiment of Lucifer whom the Druids of Stonehenge worship and sacrifice humans to. To such perverted, Stonehenge welcomes every new dawn the ‘Son of the Dawn’, Lucifer who is the Light Bearer that brought the so called ‘Light’ to Humanity. According to Jesus, Lucifer on the contrary is a murderer, a thief, and a liar from the beginning. The Bible states that Lucifer masquerades as an Angel of Light…of the dawn and so do his ministers of inequity, as in the Synagogue of Satan among many other bodies of secret societies. As it is, Jesus attested to the present fact that the ‘title deed’ to the Earth is in the hands of Lucifer. It was Lucifer that swindled this out of the dominion of Adam. However, presently the condition is that Jesus’ work on the cross has recovered this dominion that will be acquired at His 2nd coming. Until then, the kingdoms and dominions on Earth are controlled by Lucifer and his decrepit high priest and priestesses.

This study however further suggests that there is a 2nd correlation that the Stonehenge circle perhaps incorporates the Aztec-Mayan calendar composition based on cosmic ley- lines and angles. It has been shown that Stonehenge was and is an astronomical clock that tracks the Equinoxes and Solstices and constellations for example. It tracks the stations of the Sun, Moon and the Stars, etc. The Aztec calendar also functioned as an astronomical clock of time. In fact, it chronicles the prior 4 destructions of the Earth, the last being by water, as in the Flood of Noah. The various ‘crosses’ are also associated to the cardinal stars that rule such quadrants, that being Regulus in Leo, Antares in Scorpio, Fomalhaut in Aquarius and Aldebaran in Taurus.

These by the way are the template of the 4 Living Creatures that guard the Throne of the LORD YHVH in Heaven. The ‘Avenue’ that is protruding from the Stonehenge monoliths is in the direction of the North ~39 degrees. The orientation of the Aztec-Mayan calendar with the North being at the bottom position. This is where the 2 serpents meet. It is rather amazing that at Stonehenge, there are 2 serpents that also meet around the circumference of the circle of monoliths. This meeting point of the 2 serpents are at the juncture in-between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This is in actuality a depiction of the Galactic Center or the Ouroboros.

This convection is at a 33-degree arch of the circle of monoliths from the North direction at Stonehenge or 1/3 of its circumference. As the Aztec-Mayan calendar is superimposed upon the Stonehenge circle of monoliths, the celestial cross and the cardinal cross and points match the orientation of the Meso-American calendar and who the center face is of. At the center of the Aztec-Mayan calendar is the LORD of Time, that of Saturn, Quetzalcoatl. He is said to have come from the East and was a teacher with blond hair and blue eyes, a ‘Pleiadian’. He taught peace to Humanity and had 12 disciples. He was betrayed and crucified on a cross. He rose on the 3rd day and promised to return at the end of time to save Humanity from itself.

Some Distances from Stonehenge

From Stonehenge to Teotihuacan
= 8800 km
= 80° map length

From Stonehenge to Giza
= 1943 nautical Miles
= 32° map length
= 320° heading

From Stonehenge circle to Star ’Alnath of Taurus pattern

= 3.22 miles

From Stonehenge circle to ‘Pleaides’ grove
= 1.88 km or 6160.61 ft or 1.01 nautical miles

Length of ‘Taurus’ pattern over Stonehenge

= 6 miles

Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex 40°44’33.60N 09°27’40.29W

@ ~13,00 ft elevation Pyramid Complex

Stonehenge Martian motif pattern

= 180º inversion with ~90° rotation

From the Circle of Monoliths with The Avenue to ‘Pleiades’ grove
= ~39°

Aztec Cosmic Calendar

12ft = (12 x 12 ) = 144 inches diameter Teotihuacan means the City of the Gods

The 3 Pyramids incorporate the ORION belt star pattern (Sun, Moon and Stars)

1 Pyramid of the Moon
2 Pyramid of the Sun
3 House of the Shining One

The Teotihuacan pyramid Orion star pattern also incorporates the Taurus constellation as it is at Stonehenge. The 3 main cosmic motifs are present; the Pleiades, Taurus and Orion are mirrored at each site and apparently originate from a single knowledge base.

The Avenue with direction to the ‘Pleiades’ 7 hills
= 72°

Difference of the 2 angles of the ‘Avenues’
= 72° - 39° = 33° 

This study suggests that based on the theory that the correlation of the Stonehenge circle monolith is that of Alah-lu, the Meso-American Lord Quetzalcoatl is none other than the masquerading of Lucifer as an imposter ‘Christ’ figure in a quest to deceive Humanity. However even in Humanity’s fallen and corrupt state of evil and darkness ruled by Lucifer and his demonic and deceived humans fooled into believing that Lucifer will prevail in the end, it is YHVH that raised up and casts down Kings and Princes. Moreover, the Restrainer as many Bible students believe is the Holy Spirit acts as a restrainer to total evil. It is the Bible that declares that Lucifer, the ancient Shining Serpent, as in ‘Quetzalcoatl’ will be cast in the Lake of Fire at the end. Jesus said that He came to destroy the works of Lucifer and witnessed the fall of Lucifer like lightning. Jesus further stated that, ‘now is the Prince and Ruler of this world judged’. Until such a time of eventual redemption, many deceived humans blindly give their allegiance to Lucifer thinking he is the Prometheus that has given Humanity ‘light’.

The 3rd aspect about the correlation of the Stonehenge circle monolith pertaining to the Aztec-Mayan connection has to do with the angles and constellation of Taurus. From an aerial view using Google Earth, the plain of Stonehenge is laid out in such a celestial composition that mirrors the stars of Taurus as it is in Teotihuacan. The illustration will show that there is nearly an exact correspondence to Stonehenge and the various surrounding landmarks to the outline of Taurus in the Cosmos. There are 2 most amazing further correlations pertaining to this notion that Stonehenge mirrors the Taurus constellation. For one, the Avenue or ley-line that protrudes from the face of the Bull, Taurus to the Pleiades is precisely connected to the Stonehenge circle monoliths.

This ‘Avenue’ leads to the ‘Pleiades’ star complex that corresponds to a grove. At one time it had a prominent hexagram design with an extension that clearly represented the Pleiades star cluster in the town north of Stonehenge called Larkhill. Amazingly this angle and ‘Avenue’ produces a 33-degree difference from the 72-degree angle of the ‘Avenue of the Dead’ in the ‘City of the Gods’, Teotihuacan. When the two depictions of the Taurus constellations are pitched side by side, that of Stonehenge and Teotihuacan, the one from Mexico is at a tilt of 33 degrees from the North and in reference to Stonehenge. The Avenue of Teotihuacan as Stonehenge also has leads to the 7 hills at a distance that represent the 7 Pleiades. This study proposes that the Taurus constellation pattern as depicted over Stonehenge is directly associated and mirrored with the similar Taurus constellation layout of Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Both motifs have ‘The Avenue’ that leads to the Pleiades star cluster pattern. In both cases, the Avenues are orientated to the North from the rays of the Sun first brakes forth in every new dawn of a day. In the case of Teotihuacan, The Avenue spans the breath of Orion’s belt with the 3 main pyramids corresponding to the size and layout of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt but in reversed order and angle. The very shadows from the rising of the Sun against the Pyramids of Giza produced the square layout of Teotihuacan. Thus, the Taurus ley-lines of Teotihuacan approximate the topography of the Orion and Taurus constellations. The Bible has a euphemism that prophecy is related to time and the heavenly bodies, as in the ‘Sun, Moon and the Stars’. There is a color attribute that also goes along the respective size and importance of the pyramids. The Pyramid of the Moon is silver, the Pyramid of the Sun is gold and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl is white.

Lastly this study presents a further Luciferian correlation of the All-Seeing Eye and Pyramid as depicted in the Reverse Seal of the Masons. This unfinished pyramid has 13 steps or segments of ‘time’. This study suggests that in fact there are 3 cryptic pyramids associated with an All-Seeing Eye pyramidion. To the occult, the All-Seeing Eye is that of Lucifer and of his corrupted religious motifs. In one explanation of the pyramid being ‘unfinished is commemorative of the interruption of the Tower of Babel. It was YHVH that interrupted the construction in an attempt to stop the madness and wickedness of Nimrod in his plan to invade Heaven through such a ‘Stargate’.

He was the 1st Mason and AntiChrist personage after the Flood of Noah. Based on the triangular landmarks of the Martian motif, the 1st of the 3 All-Seeing Eye pyramids is configured. This pyramid configuration is slanted at a 13-degree angle and the pyramidion meets-up at the Stonehenge circle monolith that represents the ‘Eye’. The pyramidion is at the apex, and the Stonehenge circle monoliths serve as the ‘All Seeing Eye’. The 2nd All Seeing Eye pyramid that is construed is when the actual ‘horns’ of the layout of the Taurus ley-lines configure a pyramid. This place of the circle monoliths corresponds to the Eye of the Bull. It is the Star Aldebaran at this precise location that depicts the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer.

The 3rd pyramid configuration of the All-Seeing Eye of Horus is configured within the D&M Pyramid that corresponds to the Lake Group Barrow area. There appears to be a ‘triangle; or pyramid configuration pointing north with an apparent capstone and circular spot that would pass for a possible All-Seeing Eye pyramid. What these pyramids thus could also be insinuating is that they correspond to the 3 pyramids of Giza and Orion. This study thus suggests that the designers of the whole Stonehenge complex and surrounding ley-lines had an amazing occultic understanding as those an ocean apart in Teotihuacan and Giza. Such knew of the astronomy, mathematics and knowledge of the energy ley-lines and sacred Gematria that perhaps even came from a Mars civilization.

Such high priests knew of the cosmic times and esoteric angelic motifs meaning that no doubt the demented wizards of Alah-lu received from the fellow Fallen Angels if not from Lucifer himself. Thus, there appears that the New World of the Meso-Americans to include the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas most prominently had direct contact with those of the pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge. It would appear that the same source of knowledge and of the Martian motif and cosmic calendar were understood. There still remains to be seen what such astro-ley-lines, cosmic motifs, pyramid and ancient monoliths really signified or will. What this study sought to do is to contribute to the wealth of hidden knowledge concerning the amazing and mysterious structure of Stonehenge as it appears to be connected to the motifs of Teotihuacan and Mars.


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