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by Luis B. Vega
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‘Then what was spoken through the Prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled: A Voice is heard in Ramah, Weeping and Great Mourning, Rachel Weeping for her Children, and refusing to be Comforted, because they are no more. After Herod Died, an Angel of the LORD appeared in a Dream to Joseph in Egypt'. -Matthew 2:17-19

The purpose of this write-up is to continue in providing one’s Political Science and Military Perspective on the Hamas Invasion of Israel and its Aftermath. It is becoming clear that any Legitimate Criticism of Israel’s Actions, especially as it pertains to the entire ‘Quarantine’ of the Gaza Strip after the Hamas Invasion of Israel on October 7, 2023 is seen as ‘Anti-Semitic’. This is a Problem. Although both sides, that of the Muslims Palestinians and the Jews are using the Media as leverage to espouse their Narrative, clearly Israel’s Version is not being believed by the World.

Where Jewish Babies beheaded? Where is the Evidence? Even if Israel provides the Facts, it is not nor will it not be ‘Convincing’. On that Front, the Propaganda War has already been lost by Israel. But perhaps that in itself is part of the Scheme? But as one that provides a Commentary on World Events through the Filter and Lens of the Bible, as in an Evangelical Interpretation, Israel to such a Community is a ‘Sacred Cow’, Pun intended. It seems Israel can do ‘No Wrong’ or be Wrong’, despite how it treats Christians, both within Israel as Israeli Citizens and those Christians that are Arab.

For sure, there is enough Deceit and Sin to go around. It cannot be denied that what Hamas was allowed to do to Israel was Savagery. Even some Moderate Muslims have broken Ranks and have Condemned the Barbarism of the Muslims. But they are only adhering to what their Book instructs them to do. To such Muslim Organizations like Hamas, their Charter forbids them to Recognize Israel as they seek to Possess all the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. That is their stated Objective.

‘Judgement Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews. The Jews will hide behind the Stones and the Trees, and the Stones and the Trees will say, oh Muslim, oh Servant of Allah, there is a Jew hiding behind me — come and Kill him’. - Book 54, Hadith 103

As one can sense, the Sensitivity on the part of the Jews is warranted. They are facing a Muslim Menace that is specifically aimed at their Total Genocidal Annihilation. One is categorically against such Religious Irrationalism. But that is the Point, that the West lacks Perspective and Understanding. One will be arguing the Points that in the wake of the Muslim Attack, at the core of the Contention is a Spiritual or Religious one. And that the Solution will not be, cannot be a Geo-Political one, but a Religious one.

War of Words
And that is exactly what the Bible teaches and is unfolding before the entire World, as planned. The GOD of the Bible, YHVH is to have a Divine Rendezvous 1 Day. That Day will be Armageddon, a World War involving ALL the Nations of the World is coming against the Promised Land, to surround Jerusalem and take the Temple Mount. It will be at that Time and Place when Jesus returns, as Promised.

But until then, it seems that because of this Hamas Attack, any Legitimate Criticism of Israel and its Policies are Verboten. This is a Tactic used for COVID, that absolves Israel from any Consequences of its Actions. Any Criticism is automatically labeled ‘Anti-Semitics’ and this is Wrong. One believes in Free Speech and even if those Words or Ideas go against one’s Position and/or Beliefs. Israel should not be propagating the Cancel Culture just as much. Consider the following Sources of labeling any Criticism of Israel as Anti-Semitic.

‘People here [In the USA] are called Anti-Semitic [when they criticize Israel. What is your Response as an Israeli Jew?’

‘Well, it is a Trick. We always use it. From Europe, when one is criticizing Israel, then we bring-up the Holocaust. When in this Country [USA] are criticizing Israel, we call them Anti-Semitic’. -Shulamit Aloni, Former Israeli Minister


Speaks about using Anti-Semitic Label to silence Opposition or Criticism from a C-SPAN2 Recorded Presentation.

‘Now I know what they do, because we asked them to do it. When I was in the MOSSAD, we had a Guy that gave us Problems in the U.S. And he was Speaking-Out. And he was Talking, like Pete Talked and once he said, Israel is Bombing Lebanon with Cluster Bombs. We say, hey, who is that Guy? You Know? And before the whole thing starts, you know, the Guy is labeled an Anti-Semite. Because that is what we say he is’. -Victor Ostrovsky, Former MOSSAD Agent


As one has stated before, the Hamas ‘Invasion’ was intentionally allowed to occur. Of course that mere Assertion is considered ‘Conspiracy’ and ‘Anti-Semitic’ if one even suggests that. One has argued before that this latest Hamas Attack is just the next Piece in the Proverbial Chess Board to be moved in the Sequence. Sequence of What? To What? It is the Sequence of Biblical Prophecy coming to a Head as it is unfolding right before the very Eyes of the World. It is to usher-in the Next New Luciferian World Order, and it will be ‘Jewish’. What? But such Events are correlated to exact Geo-Political Maneuvering that will engulf the entire World into World War because of Israel. Specifically, the 3 Major Luciferian Maneuvers have been the following in Recent Years.


It is Biblical Now
Consider how one is particularly impressed that many End Times Students of the Bible are using the following Date Count, specific to the 1290 Day Factor of Timing mentioned within the Prophecies of Daniel. It has to do with that recurring 7-23 Numerical Value that keeps recurring in one’s Research of the End Times. Consider the Day Count from when the Plandemic was ‘Officiated’, back in March 11, 2020. When one adds that 1290 Day Count, to include the End Day? Why?

March 11, 2020 COVID Plandemic
+ 1290 Days Prophetic Time Factor
= September 23, 2023 (723)

Also, many End Time Students of Prophecy are starting to realize or recognize that the Church Age is in a ‘Gap of Time’ Transitional Period. It is what one has also been alluding to. However, one’s Gap Time is a 3.5 Year, specific to Passover 2022 to Shemini Atzeret-Simchat Torah Feasts of 2025. It is the Sequence that one has mentioned about those 3 World Wars as described by the Luciferian Albert Pike’s Letter, etc. And as stated before, the Planet Mars entered the Celestial Motif of Israel, that being Virgo on September 23, 2023 (723). That also happened to the completed 6th Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign that appears as a Prelude of the Rapture, celestially back in 2017.

Then beginning just after the 13th Day from that Date, was October 7, 2023. That was when the Hamas Attack commenced. That Sabbath's Sunset then started the subsequent Day in the Jewish Day Reckoning of Time, the 8th, thus in the 7th Month of Tishrei, and the 23rd Day, (723). And usually around the Fall is when many also correlate the Rapture Event to Noah’s Flood of Chavan 17. It is interesting but based on one’s Interpretation of the End Times Scenarios, it would not follow one’s Logic in terms of the Rapture following, more so, a Summer Wheat Harvest Typology, etc.

One could be wrong, of course. One is not denying the possible Prophetic Implications of these Date Anniversaries. The other implications, why one who has been in 2 Militaries, as a Reference Point of Understanding, is that like many having been in the Military, one doubts this ‘Intelligence Failure’ on the part of Israel. But even questioning the COVID Narrative, as then, now anyone that does of Israel’s Official Narrative is considered Verboten, Anti-Semitic if one even suggests this.

As to the Hamas Attack being connected to the 3 Series of Orchestrated ‘Chess Moves’? True to Form, just like with the Official COVID Narrative, any Tweet, Internet Posting, Protest against Israel will get a Person and/or Professor Fired from their Job. And as to the IDF ‘Intelligence Failure’? Any Evidence? Yes, although Circumstantial. The following is from Pastor James Kaddis’ YouTube Channel. He interviewed Monkey Werx and discussed this very issue. Of course, Reading between the Lines, they ‘Inadvertently’ confirmed what one knows, in terms of Military Capabilities and one’s Assessment that there was no ‘Intelligence Failure’ for the following Discussion.

‘Just that area they are also Scanning to the North when you start talking about Israel. You are only talking 300 Miles Tip-to-Tip, right?

Yeah, that is right. And so, if you take something like an R135, which we just had an R135 in there Yesterday (October 17, 2023) that was going Back-and-Forth over the Mediterranean, and then to the North then, when you see that.

(15:17 Minute Marker)

That Aircraft has the ability to Track an Object the size of a Soccer Ball from 300 Miles away. So, goodness. They are Mining everything, all the way probably into Saudi and all the way, you know… as far North as probably, well into Syria, well into Lebanon. Probably as far North as Beirut; all the way down past the Suez Canal and into Egypt…’


James Kaddis


Here is one’s continued Argument in regard to this. The U.S. Military has a Military Pact with Israel. Both the U.S. Defense Department and the IDF share Intelligence Gathering Assets and Outcomes. One of which is exactly as Monkey Werx alluded to, being Ex-Military and working as a Military Contractor. His Assessment was right-on, in that the US has been Surveying the Airways and knows exactly what is going in and out of Israel.

To say that the IDF was ‘Caught Off-Guard’ and did not Know about the Impending Hamas Attack when all the Chatter about it was being communicated and Intercepted by the U.S. and IDF Intelligence is the Official Narrative being Pushed, like COVID. The other Assertion that also showed the Hand of the IDF’s Capability in Reconnaissance and Interception of Enemy Communications came when the IDF Intelligence Branch released publicly the detailed, Word-for-Word Transcript of how the Hamas Fighters realized the Mis-Firing of 1 of their own Missiles that hit that Hospital Parking Lot in Gaza.

IDF presents Evidence misfired Gazan Rocket caused Hospital Blast, slams Hamas ‘Lies’
by Emanuel Fabian and Michael Bachner on October 18, 2023

Every Call in the World is ‘Intercepted’ now. This is thanks to Orchestrated Events like 9-11, the Patriot Act, Bombings, False Flag Operation, etc. How were the Israelis able to hear that single, simple Communication between Operatives of Hamas, but not see the Civilians and Construction Bulldozer hemorrhaging into its Gaza Border from Border Drones and Military Spy Aircraft that can see a Soccer Ball’s Logo from 300 Miles away? And that being the entire Topographic length of the entire Nation of Israel?

It is All Part of the Plan
On 1 Level of Intent, is that as even Monkey Werx assessed correctly, Israel was on the brink of Serious Civil War as Mass Demonstrations were scheduled that very Weekend of October 7-8th, etc. As he also rightly alluded to, from a Military Perspective, War is Money and Political. Whenever a Nation is Divided and its Economy is collapsing, go to War.

And as a Sister in Jesus that wrote in JD Farag’s ‘But GOD’ Testimonies, she being a Jewish Believer and living in Israel ‘Saw the Light’ about what is going on ‘Behind the Curtain’. She shared how she is in correspondence with several other Messianic Believers in Israel. And after hearing and Seeing Pastor JD Farag’s Assessment of the Geo-Politics concerning the Hamas Attack, what she said was stunning.

She stated, in general, that what should have been an Elected Leader’s 1st Priority of its Citizens, is to Protect them. But no, she stated that Netanyahu’s 1st Priority was not to Protect his People as he always Self-Righteously evokes any Public Opportunity he can get and does. No, this 1st Priority was to Secure and Defend his Government.

JD Farag
Why Israel Why Now?
October 15, 2023


One is not saying, not to ‘Support Israel’. One is making the case that Supporting Israel has or should have a Delineation about it, that many Followers of Jesus are blurring between the Biblical and the Israeli Secular Geo-Political Lines. This is just one's Observation and Opinion. There is the Biblical Notion of Supporting Israel, Spiritually and for what it has been given, is and will be.

One does not support the Israeli Secular Government, nor the Jewish Orthodox that are clearly Anti-Jesus and just as Hostile as Hamas and given the chance, would Eradicate all Christians from Israel. They have said that too. When one served in the Sar-El of the IDF in Israel, one did not have to look over one’s Shoulder for ‘Muslim Extremists’. No, one had to do that from the Jewish ones who would just as easily cut one's throat-out.

'Extreme and Unacceptable'
CBN News

A Secular State
What is rather Ironic, is that what has allowed for Christian Missionary Activity is the fact that the Modern State of Israel is Secular. Realize that most of Israel’s Modern Leaders were Left of Center Politically. As a Founding Democracy, they espoused the Western Notions of Liberalism. The Leaders mostly came from Eastern Europe where Communism was King. Their longing for a Jewish State afforded the Universal Rights of Humans to be Free as it relates to one’s Inalienable Right.

Those rights are to have Free Speech, Assembly, to Bear Arms, etc. However, this Narrow Window of Time since 1948 will soon be closing. 1 Day, the Religious Sanhedrin of the 70 Elders will take full control of the Government in preparation to receive their Long-Awaited Messiah, their Prince. At that Time, as the Prophecy of Daniel foretell, this ‘Solomon 2.0’ will seek to change the Laws and Times. It can be in regard to the Feasts of YHVH, for example. But at the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation, the AntiChrist False Messiah will demand Full Compliance with his Laws and Mandates. There will be no more Secular State. It will be a True Theocracy and Lucifer, by way of his Proxy AntiChrist will be at the Panicle of their Worship Pyramid Scheme, literally.

In one instance near the Damascus Gate, one had to get off the Bus full of Jewish Orthodox, and fast because out of all the Time one was in Israel, that was the only Time one felt my Life was in Real Danger. The Point is that both Sides, the Muslims and the Jews are coming from a Religious Stance that is based on an ‘Eye for an Eye’ and a ‘Tooth for a Tooth’, etc. If the Orthodox Jews would have a Charter like Hamas, it would say exactly the same thing, only changing ‘Islam’ or Muslim for Rabbinical Judaism and Israel. The Orthodox do not recognize Israel as a Secular State nor do they Serve in the Military.

They despise the Christians as Pagan Trinitarian Polytheists, Idol Worshipers, which some Denominations are, etc. But they do have a Charter, if the ‘Conspiracy’ is True of them. Part of it can be surmised by Pieces of the Puzzles found in their Extra-Biblical Book, such as the Talmud and the Zohar. And realize that to the Orthodox Jews, the Oral Law supersedes the Written Law and the Prophets. This was and is 1 of the Major Contentions Jesus had and has with this Jewish Sect that has essentially Hijacked all that pertains, religiously for the Jewish Nation since Jesus and the Apostles of the 1st Century, etc.

Thus, there is the Political Aspect of ‘Support Israel’, that can and should be Questioned, as in any Elected Body of any Nation. When 9-11 hit the USA, anyone Questioning why the USA was Invading Iraq because of it, was deemed Un-Patriotic for even asking. The Total Non-Questioning Allegiance was demanded, just like with the COVID Plandemic. One is just making the Event Correlations and Equivalencies, that the same People who told us to ‘Trust’ in all their prior ‘Events’ and ‘Science…are the very same ones that are saying for us what to 'Trust' and Think now about what occurred with the Hamas Attack and Israel’s Response.

Does the Bible say that ‘Those that Bless Israel, YHVH will be Blessed’? Or that ‘Those that Curse Israel, YHVH will Curse them? One will just be sharing one’s Interpretation and Understanding about this Biblical Idom that one believes is a Mis-Interpretation of Scripture. It is akin to those other American Idioms that most believe are in the Bible. ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’. ‘GOD Helps those who Help Themselves’, etc. The Reason why one is Pointing this out is based on the Geo-Political Context of Israel’s Reaction to the Hamas Attack of October 7, 2023. It appears that Israel’s Actions cannot be Challenged nor Questioned. To do so, would then have one be those that are ‘Not Blessing Israel’. And the Converge has to be then applied that the ‘Cursing’, rather than the ‘Blessing’ would be received, implicitly.

1. Nowhere in the Bible does YHVH state that whomever ‘Blesses or Curses Israel’ will Reciprocate the same. Can anyone please find that Verse? it is not to be found.

2. The Condition is to Abraham Personally, at that Time and Place. Sure the Bible may not specifically identify the exact Outcome but leaves it for one to Infer. From Genesis 12, can you or any other here tell us which Nation YHVH referred to? He does not.

3. So, the Notion that the ‘Descendants’ of Abram are to have this Spiritual Decree passe do. No Problem. But here is the Problem. Where in Genesis 12 doe YHVH infer, Implicitly or Overtly that this Blessing/Curing is to be transmitted to his Descendants? He does not.

4. If that be the case, ben see below how also the Bloodline of what has become primarily the Arabs ar to also be given this Provision. Realize that YHVH also made Ishamel the Prince of 12 Tribes, just like Jacob, etc. So, if the Logic follows, ‘Anyone who Blesses the Ishmaelites will be Blessed, and anyone who Curses the Ishmaelites will be Cursed.

5. Then consider that Abraham continued having Wives after Sarah Died. 1 of them was named Keturah and they had 6 Additional Sons, half of the 12 Tribes that would become Israel, i.e., Jacob. So, again, following the Logic, because they came from the Seed of Abraham, they too, in one’s Opinion would have to be extended the Divine Decree of the Blessing and Cursing.


Again, this is if one Argues from the Stance that it is the Descendants of Abraham is what the Verse is implying. One argues that it does not... that the Decree is to be Applied to on only Abraham at that Time and Place. Sure, it is clear that the 'Covenant' made with Abraham was to be continued through the Bloodline of Isaac and then Jacob. In this case, specifically what are now the Last Surviving Tribe, that of Judah, ergo, the ‘Jews’.

YHVH promised not to Wipe them all out due to the Promise He made to King David. Now you or other might say... See that Blessing-Cursing Condition is handed down by the Covenant that only is pertaining to Abraham. But realize that the Covenant is later made in Genesis 15. Lastly, if one is of the Interpretation that indeed the Descendants of Abraham are to be Blessed/Cursed and in so doing one reaps the same?

Realize that as with all the other Descendants of Abraham, before the Covenant, we, the Body of Christ fall within that Protocol, just as much. This is to say that 'If you Bless a Brother/Sister, you will be Blessed. If you Curse a Brother/Sister, you will be Cursed. The following is the Biblical Scripture that clearly states that that the ‘Blessing and Cursing’ was pertinent to a Single Person, that being Abraham. Then in the New Testament, that Descendant Argument is cleared-up when it is explained, that Prophetically the ‘Seed’ talking about that would come from Abram, would be Jesus.

Who is the Seed of Abraham?
So, the Proper Biblical Hermeneutic Interpretation of the Mis-Interpreted Idom is that those that come to Jesus to be Saved are Blessed, and those that Reject Jesus are Cursed. Thus, this is why Israel, as a Nation that YHVH has returned, in a 3-Fold Succession of Factors, the Promised Land, the Capital City and the 3rd Temple yet to be built is Curses still. It is still Partially Blinded by those Scales over their Eyes that fell on them for Rejecting Jesus as their True Messiah, etc.

19 But YHVH replied, Your wife Sarah will indeed bear you a Son, and you are to Name him Isaac. I will establish My Covenant with him as an Everlasting Covenant for his Descendants after him.

20 As for Ishmael, I have heard you, and I will surely Bless him; I will make him Fruitful and Multiply him greatly. He will become the Father of 12 Rulers and I will make him into a Great Nation.

1 Now Abraham had taken another Wife, named Keturah,
2 and she bore him Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, and Shuah.
3 Jokshan was the Father of Sheba and Dedan. And the Sons of Dedan were the Asshurites, the Letushites, and the Leummites.
4 The Sons of Midian were Ephah, Epher, Hanoch, Abida, and Eldaah.
All these were Descendants of Keturah.
5 Abraham left everything he owned to Isaac.
6 But while he was still alive, Abraham gave Gifts to the sons of his Concubines and sent them away from his Son Isaac to the Land of the East.

Thus, the Genesis 12:2-3 Passage, is being limited to Abraham alone at that Specific Time and Place. However, many others have always believed the Passage applied to Individuals and more importantly to Nations' attitude toward and support of Israel, Unconditionally, No Questions Asked, etc. One believes that this Idom has  been misapplied to the Modern Secular Nation of Israel. However, one does think a Case can be legitimately made for an Indirect Application to the Nation of Israel. It has been said and even a Book was written about how Disasters strike those Nations who go against Israel.

 Are they mere Coincidences? Or do Nations possess Technologies that can induce Earthquakes, Floods and Weather Modification? Those Technologies do exist and are very real. However, the Bible does describe Israel as the ‘Apple of YHVH's Eye’. Israel is inferred to as the ‘First-Born’ from among the Nations, etc. And realize that Jesus will Judge the Nations based on how they treated His Earthly People, being Born a Jew, in the Flesh. But Jesus will also Judge the Nations for how they treated His Bride, and that includes what is now the Modern State of Israel. 



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