The Queen of Heaven’s Throne on Earth

  • Are there astronomical correlations to Mars and Orion?
  • How does the constellation of Orion overlay look on Rome?
  • What is the significance of such motifs and their application?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Give back to her as she has done to others; pay her back double for what she has done; mix her a double portion in her own cup. As much as she has glorified herself and lived in luxury, give her the same measure of torment and grief. In her heart she says, ‘I sit as Queen; I am not a Widow and will never see grief.’ Therefore her plagues will come in one day—death and misery and famine—and she will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the LORDGOD who judges her.’ -Revelation 18:6-8

The purpose of this study is to strongly suggest that the layout of ancient Rome and that of modern Rome is configured to the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex pattern and overlaid also with that of the Orion Belt Stars. In prior studies of the same topic have shown, Rome has a multifaceted layer of encrypted ley-lines that configure the celestial patterns of Orion, Sirius, Taurus and the Pleiades, etc. There are also many other city ley-lines that also configure various forms of the All-Seeing Eye truncated pyramid, the Luciferian Masonic Compass and Square motif and the like. As the Vatican is the present seat or ‘Throne’ of the Roman Catholics of the world, the ‘Basilica’ which means throne is whose ‘Throne’?

It is not the ‘Throne’ of Jesus Christ but the ‘Harlot’ of the Bible that YHVH exposes in such books as Jeremiah and on through the last book of the Bible, Revelation. In fact, it is in Revelation that the true nature and purpose of this ‘Woman’ is revealed and also her final demise. This ‘Throne’ is the seat of Lucifer currently as one of his prime capitals on Earth. He uses this ancient religious system that had its rendition codified since their 1st archetype of their King or AntiChrist, Biblically speaking, Nimrod attempted to establish their First World Order. In prior studies of this Cydonia, Mars association, it was shown that Rome has at least 3 overlaying permutations of the triangulated pyramid complex as seen on Cydonia, Mars.

The triangulation of the Martian Motif, as it has been called in these studies is comprised of the famous Face of Mars, the giant D&M Pentagon and the 7-Pyramid City of the Pleiades. This Martian Motif is just a small fraction of the vast array of pyramids that once existed on Mars at one time, contrary to the denial and suppression of such a narrative and archeological evidence that is increasingly substantiating such claims. For example, in one prior depiction of such a Cydonian motif existing in Rome, the one point that has been constant is the D&M Pentagon that is easily correlated with the Fortress of the Angels just to the east of the Vatican. It is a massive structure, the largest in both ancient and modern Rome. The triangulation with the 7 Hills of Rome to the southeast that centered around the ancient Roman Forum constitute the 7-Stars of the ‘Pleiades’.

The Throne of the Queen
Then, in another triangulation the 7-Star Pleiades pyramid city corresponds to a ‘track’ within the sporting/park complex to the northeast section of the city. However, a 2nd rendition is more clearly defined and used as the same Fortress of the Angles, Fallen Ones, no less is again the constant variable in this Martian Motif. In this case, it is the Roman Coliseum that corresponds to the Face of Mars, Ala-lu and the Pleiades Pyramid City corresponds to the various nexus points that happen to correlate to ‘portals’ that enter the city as with Porta Pinciana and other buildings and/or Piazzas. From an aerial view using Google Earth, one can see a clear outline of the Pleiades orientation, angle and depiction. What is also very telling is that the rendition of the hexagram upon the heart of Rome has at its center the Parliament Building. In fact, the entire core of this area is construed in a ‘Star’ or pentagram design as the ley-lines of the streets of Rome in this case stretch-out in such 5 directions.

Another layer of the celestial kind is that whenever there is a Cydonia, Martian Motif that emphasizes the Pleiades, there will inevitably also be an Orion motif. This is also the case with Rome. As the Martian Cydonia pyramid complex has the triangulation that configures a hexagram, there is also an Orion Belt Star alignment. This alignment in Mars is configured using the Face of Mars and the D&M Pentagon fortress that has then a middle pyramid structure that is heavily eroded. However, if one superimposes the Orion Belt Stars of Alnilam, Alnitak and Mintaka, it is a perfect match. Thus, this same layout occurs in Rome that by coincidence, is adjacent the ‘Field of Mars’ leading up to the Vatican. With respect to the Roman Orion Belt Star alignment, the 3 structures that comprise this amazing depiction are the Roman Colosseum, the ancient ruins of Ferel Feline with its circular colonnade and then with the Fortress of the Angels.

What is telling is that such an Orion Belt Star alignment then matches the relative sizes of the Roman structures to that of the Orion Belt Stars. The Roman Colosseum, which is the smallest would correspond to the smallest Orion Star of Mintaka. This is the same relative size of the Face of Mars in comparison to the others. Then the largest Orion Star, Alnilam would correspond to the massive Fortress of the Angels, etc. Perhaps the most startling and amazing correspondence that Rome has with the celestial motif of Orion and Cydonia, Mars has to do where the Vatican seat or ‘Throne’ is situated. It is no accident of where the Romans put their most sacred buildings as they had and must correspond precisely to the celestial coordinates on Earth, as they are in Heaven.

The supposition is that if in fact the ancient and modern city of Rome, as it was and is the same case with other world capitals have this ‘Orion’ motif layout, then the corresponding area known as the ‘Horse Nebula’ to the south of the biggest Belt Star, Alnitak corresponds to the ‘Throne’ of the Vatican, thus the Basilica. One would argue that this ‘Horseshoe Nebula’ M17 has been intentionally misnamed as to not attract attention and discernment as to its connotation. It should be named the ‘Dragon Nebula’ as it is depicted by a profound form of a ‘Dragon Head’ with outstretched wings. This motif has been shown in other studies that many ancients sites that incorporated this Orion Belt Star motif attributed temples to the ‘Winged Dragon’. This is the folklore of the ‘Flying Serpent’, that of the ‘God’ of the Americas, etc.

Celestial Star Gates
It has also been shown that in other depictions of this Orion area, it has been and is associated with a ‘door’ or ‘portal’, in essence a Star Gate of sorts. What  is rather amazing is that it is associated also with a ‘Key’. Thus the ‘Keys’ that the Vatican usurps as master of that can open and shut such ‘Star Gates’ perhaps. In the Bible, there is a ‘Key’ to ‘Dragon’ association as in 2 cases, there is the instance with a ‘Key’ is given to an Angel to have the Bottomless Pit open to let loose ‘Apollyon’ or Apollo of old. Such will then traverse through some sort of ‘portal’ to the Earth where they will be used as instruments of judgments against a rebellious and wicked human race. Then there is the ‘Key to Dragon’ association when Lucifer himself, depicted as the ‘Red Dragon’ is bound for 1000 years and a ‘Key’ is placed over such a pit to be kept locked-up, etc.

Thus, could this place on Earth correspond to the energies of a ley-line that is a nexus wherein a ‘Star Gate’ opens in correspondence to magical chants and spells? Is not the ‘hocus-pocus’ of the Roman Catholic ‘chants’ and sayings doing just that? Is not the ‘Basilica’ of the Vatican said to have subterranean chambers wherein secret Luciferian rituals are performs that have been leaked by those that witness such events? In other studies of this Vatican-Star alignment has been shown that the Star of Sirius directly corresponds to the Basilica which would corroborate that this ‘Throne’ is that of the ‘Queen of Heaven’ that is none other than that of Lucifer. How can this be? For example, the plaza in front of the Basilica building from a to view can be construed as a ‘pregnant’ woman as the Church is anthropomorphized as being a ‘woman’ and giving birth to the ‘Christ’. In this case, it is not Jesus but the AntiChrist that has been ‘gestating’ and awaiting his ‘birth’, prophetically speaking.

Consider that the original Transvestite is Lucifer. He is the original ‘Cross-Dresser’ in that Lucifer became enamored with his beauty and in his pride, became warped as to his appearance. Is it no coincidence that some of the Papal coat of arms have been that of a Red Dragon? In the case specifically of Gregory XIII who is perhaps one of the most evil men that have ever existed. It is he, among the Roman Catholics that attempted to crush the Reformation and those that believed in Jesus, the Biblical Jesus. The Bible is very clear in that the coming AntiChrist and those that have come before as archetypes have been given their power and authority by the ‘Red Dragon’. According to the Bible, Lucifer is ‘The Serpent of Old’, that is the Devil, which is the same as Lucifer despite those that believe that Satan and Lucifer are different ‘Beings’.

Thus, based on this Cydonian, Mars and Orion overlay, it would appear that the authority and power behind the ‘Throne of the Queen’ that sits upon the Nations of the world is given its power not by Jesus Christ but by the ‘Red Dragon’ himself, that being Lucifer. The Roman Catholic Church and its religious orders, both overt and secret are not truly ‘Christian’ although they masquerade as such. The Bible clearly teaches that in the Last Days, the last Pope will be the False Prophet that will funnel all worship and admiration of Humanity towards the coming AntiChrist that will seek to sit on the Throne of YHVH on Earth by way of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. This is foretold will happen as Lucifer, by way of proxy through the AntiChrist will enter the Holy of Holies and sit there.

The Keys to the Kingdom
As there is nothing to be sat upon except the Ark of the Covenant that was designed as the ‘Throne Chair’ of YHVH to have been place there. One can reasonably deduce that such an article will exist at that time. Consider that such studies and supposition that throughout the ancient and modern landscape of the Earth, there existed a spiritual understanding of dimensions, ley-lines, vortexes and points of energies. The Secret Orders know how to ‘tap’ into such powers as they have been taught by the so-called ‘Light Beings’ that say they come from such places as Cydonia, Mars, the Pleiades and Orion for example. Such know how to transmit and crossover inter-dimensionally as they are spirit and have abilities to do so. Such physical configurations said before as nexus points where the spiritual and the physical realms can and do merge.

This takes a special knowledge and means by which humans know how to ‘operate’ such ‘Keys’. Consider that the very coat of arms of the Vatican has 2 keys, a golden one and a silver one. The ‘official’ explanation is deemed a Biblical one in that the Roman Catholics interpret the ‘Keys’ given to the Apostle Peter by Jesus as the authority to loosen and bind on Earth. The Orion motif would depict such a rendering as the ‘Key’ that the Vatican is outlined with is to the ‘side’ of the Orion Belt. Yet, a far more accurate and truer rendition is that such a body, ecclesiastical one at that on Earth is really usurping such power and authority from Jesus Christ as they claim universal power and authority within the domain of the Sun, Moon and the Stars. How so? Consider that the ‘Keys’ are in essence the Golden Gate and the Sliver Gate of the Cosmos with Orion and Ophiuchus as there Sentinels. Thus, the giant motif of Orion upon the entire city of Rome reflects this supposition.

If one would be astonished or doubtful that such a spiritual grid of coordinates exists, consider that the present physical world has such a grid and system of coordinates in place. There presently does exist such a ‘grid’ that humans use now on a daily basis and how in fact such a Martian Motif ‘template’ has been found and ‘decoded’. This is the grid of the latitude and longitude that is measured by GPS and are ‘invisible’. Every location on Earth has a specific ‘number’ and/or address. And thanks to modern instrumentation and technology, the whole Cosmos is likewise coordinated by such measurement. Is it then hard to believe that the Angelic realm do not have such a similar notion of a ‘grid’? So too, thus are the ‘invisible’ coordinates in the Spiritual realm that such ‘Beings’ are aware of and know how to navigate within.

It is postulated that most likely such information has only been revealed to certain ‘initiated’ humans of the ‘Priestly’ classes that replicate such precise celestial coordinates on Earth to ‘interface’ with such ‘Beings’ and dimensions, etc. The questions still remain, why Orion? Why the Pleiades? Why Cydonia, Mars? Consider that in the ancient lore of the origins of Humanity, it was and still is believed by many that such ‘Light Beings’ came from such places and ‘seeded’ the Human race. It is believed that ‘Heaven’ is a literal place although in a spiritual dimension or ‘frequency’ that such Beings exist. The Bible does corroborate this in that in certain glimpses of what Heaven is like, it does describe for example the New Jerusalem. It is depicted with 12 Portals or doors and it has streets and structures.

The Estates of the Fallen
As spectacular as that seems, it would mean then that there are ‘Abodes’ or homes where such ‘Beings’ lived and live and conduct their affairs, etc. As humans have been in contact with such Beings, the replication of such patterns has been incorporated on Earth, as they are in Heaven. For example, Jerusalem on Earth has had 12 Gates or ‘Portals’ with streets and a Temple for the ‘Light Being’, etc. In other studies, one has made the case that Jerusalem is in fact conscripted in the Orion constellation pattern. Perhaps the area of Orion is just one of the main ‘entrances’ or Gates, Star Gates that leads into Heaven itself. After all, the Silver Gate is there that Orion is ‘Guarding’ and said that it is the ‘Gate’ between the ‘Gods’ and the mortals of Earth, etc. Then there is the notion of the New Jerusalem that is to come down from Heaven at the end of Time and Space wherein the dimensions appear to overlay and fuse into one as YHVH makes His Throne and Abode on Earth. Amazing.

The speculation then could be that such ‘Light Beings’ that came from such places as Orion and the Pleiades where the ones that ‘left their Abode’ and ‘abandoned their 1st Estate’. Perhaps  such were ‘stationed’ there as the ‘Guardians’ and Sentinels as the ‘Watchers’ over Humanity. However, their intrigue and subsequent allegiance to Lucifer was too much to overcome as they too have Free Will. Such are perhaps the ones that the book of Enoch states left their Heavenly Abodes and descended to Mount Herman, etc. Was it from such places that the Fallen Angels came from when they joined Lucifer’s rebellion against the Creator, YHVH? Consider that many believe that in some sort of fashion or condition, the way to such a Heavenly City and/or Throne in Heaven is though Orion. Many believe that the form of Orion, that of a ‘man’ is the standard of measure, ‘image’ and ‘likeness’ of what YHVH is and uses to measure all things.

Although the Bible teaches that YHVH is ‘spirit’, He has a form and as Mankind has been created in the ‘likeness and image’ of YHVH, thus He has 2 eyes, a mouth, a nose, 2 ears, a neck, a torso, 2 arms, 5 fingers in each hand, legs and feet, etc. Then there is the question of the reproductive organs. If YHVH is the Creator, thus He is also that of sex and reproduction. Such are questions that will only be answered once Jesus returns. Also consider this comparison and disposition. There are countless of people that subscribe to the alternative narrative of how such Light Beings, ‘Aliens’ have been the ones that ‘created’ Humanity and are and will be involved once again in the direct affairs of Humanity, especially in the Last Days.

This is partly true. However, there is a whole gamut of ‘races’ that are said to exist from the ‘noble’ and benevolent Nordic Pleiadians, to the Vegans, then the Reptilians or Draco’s to the tall and short grey Alien types. One thing is for sure, ALL such entities and/or ‘Light Beings’ fail at this one litmus test, who is Jesus. The Apostle Paul warned the Followers of Jesus that there would be Angels and/or other ‘Beings’ that would be propagating a ‘different Gospel’. This has been, is and will be the case. In fact, the Bible foretells of the ‘Lie that will be believed’. In part it will be the great deception in that an ‘Alien Savior’ narrative will be believed after the Rapture occurs. It has been the case in every case that all such Beings dispel the Biblical narrative of Jesus Christ being the only Savior of Humanity.

The Celestial Gospel
Such Beings sound like ‘Muslims’ as that is the religion specifically invented to negate the Sonship of Jesus. Instead such ‘Beings’ instead ‘preach’ world peace, unity, harmony, universal brotherhood, etc. Such seem and are higher forms of ‘frequency’ and truth, but they intentionally deceive in that all such conditions can only be found and realized in Jesus Christ. Thus, this is the test to which the Bible in 1 John 4 that sets the standard. If any of these ‘Spirit Beings of Light’ deny Jesus as the Son of GOD come in the flesh, then they are of the AntiChrist spirit, dominion and purpose. Consider that in essence, the true Gospel of Jesus and Jesus Himself is ‘extra-terrestrial’ in nature. Technically, Jesus came from out of this world literally, as an ‘Alien’. In fact, Jesus came from beyond the Stars, that He made as Creator in Heaven. Jesus came with a ‘message’ of the Gospel or ‘Good News’ that salvation of Humanity is now paid for through the blood atonement of GOD the Son.

This is amazing to consider because it means and requires that this ‘GOD’ becomes human to be able to ‘shed His blood’, etc. The Biblical narrative is not something new or unheard of. Most ancient civilization had and have this ‘Son of God’, Savior complex. The error most have is that the critics of Christianity or the Biblical Jesus argue that it has been the ‘Christians’ that have stolen or are just part of the ‘Cosmic Christ’ narrative, etc. Such also argue a ‘time’ relevance in that ‘Moses and Jesus’ came ‘later than the ancient understanding of such knowledge and ‘Messiah’ figure. Realize that all such prior narratives have only been the archetypes of what was, is and will be fulfilled in Jesus Christ. It is actually the other way around. The Christ-Savior complex and narrative was understood since the fall of Adam and Eve and the giving of the proto-Evangelium of Genesis 3:15 to Humanity by Jesus Himself as the Theophany before His incarnation as it was understood from that point forth.

In fact, such a notion of a GOD-Man Savior for Humanity is ‘eternal’ as mysteriously the New Testament teaches that in 1 Peter 1:20, ‘Jesus’ was known to be the ‘Lamb’ before Earth was created. And it is confirmed in Revelation 18 that Christ died before the foundation of the world. This universal ‘Truth’ of a coming Savior was thus known and understood as it permeated though the various cultures and civilizations. However, it was not until the arrival, at the appropriate and appointed time that Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of such a decree. Thus, all such ancient narratives pointed to Jesus. In the Bible, there are confirming witness of GOD the Father upon the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan. He ‘testifies’ that ‘this is the One’, Jesus. And then there is John the Baptist who at seeing Jesus come to be baptize, prophetically proclaims, ‘this is the One’. ‘This is The Lamb of YHVH’. None other before or after Jesus can be or will be legitimate despite the unchanging and deceptive alternative narratives that are being given by the ‘Light Beings’ said to come from Orion, the Pleiades, or Vega, etc.

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