End of the Adamic Dispensation and the New Order

  • Was there an Ark of Noah and the reason it was built?
  • What was the reason the worldwide Flood came?
  • What did Jesus say about the Last Generation?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear; prepared an Ark to the saving of his house; by which he condemned the whole world.’ -Hebrews 11:7

The purpose of this study of is to show that this current period of time may well correspond to the modern counterpart of the time when Noah witnessed the Deluge came to judge the then known world. Jesus Christ warned His Disciples that the main characteristic of the season just before His Return would be like that of the Days of Noah. There will be several points presented that can lend credence to the possible timing of the coming Judgment of YHVH and who is being judged and also the deliverance from it i.e., the Rapture of the Church. The theories presented will be taken from a Dispensationalist timeline point of view and from Hebrew Scriptures; book of Genesis 7 and 8 primarily. The information presented will only emphasize Biblical prophetic patterns and types. Jesus Christ attested to the Deluge account as being a fact and not fiction in Luke 17 as do most world civilizations that have a Flood story.

The world from Adam to Noah ended a prophetic dispensation. Christ also declared that before His 2nd coming, the world would be as in the ‘Days of Noah’ and on the verge of the LORD’s ‘New World Order’ that would be characterized by genetic engineering on one hand and the issue of what is defined or redefined as marriage on the other. It took Noah approximately 120 years to complete the Ark. This numerical confident could be the factor of how long such a dispensation was and will be, assuming a 120 year count itself. Some researchers calculate that Noah was born in 2006 BC; it could correspond to 2006 AD when in the Middle East, many Muslim, Jews, and Orthodox Christians celebrated the coming out of Noah as the Ark rested and the ground dried up.

YHVH judged the pre-Flood world due to the corruption that ensued with the mixing of Fallen Angels and Humanity, genetically and for a redefinition of what marriage was. Because of this, the Judgment of the Deluge came upon multiple entities as follows. The judgment or wrath of YHVH came down on Lucifer’s work. He and his cohort of Fallen Angles genetically produced the Nephilim. This interbreeding resulted in the Giants or human hybrids throughout the World. The genetic manipulation was an attempt to thwart the Plan of Redemption that stipulated that a human descendant of Eve would ‘crush Lucifer’s head’ as foretold in Genesis 3:15. In another attempt to derail such an outcome, Lucifer redefined marriage. This would introduce such levels of sabotage upon the family unit that no human could be morally qualified to be the ‘savior’ of Humanity. According to the Bible, history will be repeating itself.

Times of Noah
The same conditions are not upon the whole world, wholesale just yet. At some point however, there will be full disclosure of the ‘Aliens’ that will appear to arrive to save the day and provide Humanity a false Gospel. In reality, the judgment that fell on the Anti-Diluvium world will reoccur. So too it will in the future Tribulation that Jesus Christ will judge Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. Christ will unleash the 7-7-7-fold Scroll Judgment upon the AntiChrist and False during the Tribulation Period. Lastly, such a time will be used of YHVH to affect national Israel for discipline; for the purpose of turning their hearts to the true Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Some Bible researchers contend that based on some computer models, Halley’s Comet and others were in the ski during the construction of the Ark as a Prophetic Sign of pending doom. Many believed that such a Heavenly Sign or Signs would also appear in these Last Days to likewise signal the end of the Church Age by the return of such comets. As to the timing, there is a clue in the Bible that YHVH gives; this is a 120-year time limit that has been note already as a possible code and clue. Many have interpreted as being the reduced amount of literal years a human life span was to be after the Flood, but others see this 120-year count as prophetic ‘Years of Jubilees’.

Using a year-for-day count, the 120 Years could = 120 months from 2006 to have something prophetic occur. This pattern could reveal when the countdown to the Judgment would possibly start or that possibly it could be related directly to the other Biblical ‘box’, the Ark of the Covenant. This other Ark could also then be corresponding to the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem that would house it. The year 2006 also happens to be the commemoration of when Noah stepped out of the Ark and there were many celebrations across the Middle East to this affect. This is not to say that 2006 was when the ‘Age’ ended but when certain events and people would be in position to initiate the countdown. Many Bible scholars attribute the year 2015/2016 with the Year of Light as in 5776 and the precursor to the coming 3rd Jewish Temple. Perhaps something prophetically significant will come about this directly dealing with Israel and the Temple.

2006 + 120 months = 2016 + 1 Sabbatical Cycle of 7-years =

Others speculate that it was a prophetic milestone to the start of the Tribulation Period as it coincides with the judgment of Noah’s Flood. Another 120 numerical code clue would then be to correlate the time it took Noah to build the Ark. It was said to have been 120 years. Thus, if you use the year-for-day count, you have a 120-month count from 2006 possibly. About 10 years prior to the Noah 2006 anniversary, 2 comets appeared in the sky that had some peculiar location and date repetitions. These 2 intersecting comets of 1996 and 1997 could have been the confirmation of a cosmic countdown to the beginning of the ‘Season of Noah’ in these Last Days. According to how some interpret End Time scenarios; the Tribulation is the start of the Seal Judgment initiated by the breaking of the Scroll Seals by Christ after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. What did occur prophetically in retrospect from the Jewish Year 5776 or 2015 is that it could have been the 7year last countdown Sabbatical Cycle to then start Daniel’s 70th Year.

Comets of a Coming Calamity
Contrary to popular belief, the Seal Judgments, not the Rapture starts the Tribulation Period, regardless if it’s 7 or 3.5 years in length or not. Most Christians will agree that it is the Rapture that thereafter will identify and reveal who the AntiChrist will be. To reiterate, according to some End Times Biblical researchers, the Prophetic Signs have already occurred to announce the beginning of the Days of Noah. This is in regard to the 2 comets, Hyakutake of 1996, and Hale-Bopp of 1997. Both comets crossed the same Star Algol in the constellation Perseus exactly 1 year apart on April 11. Both comets crossed precisely over the ‘Evil Eye’ of the Star Algol. Algol is referred to as the ‘Ghoul’ or ‘Ras-Shaitan’ (Head of Satan) as in Medusa’s head that was cut off by Perseus. The meaning of the name attributed to the comet Hale-Bopp is also interesting. Hale means, ‘to be strong and to drag forcibly’, Bop(p) means, ‘to hit’.

1)         120-month x 30 days = 3600 days/356 = 9.8 years
2)         9.8 years + 2006 = 2015.6 PASSOVER corresponding to the Tetrad Blood Moons
3)         2015+ 3.5 YEARS = 2018 Rededication of Altar of Sacrifice
4)         1997 = 7+7+7 or 21 years = 2018 (1997 is when the 1st comet appeared)

This comet’s meaning could allude to the ‘Head of the Serpent’ or Lucifer in Genesis 3:15. This was YHVH’s promise to Eve after the Fall that her physical descendant would destroy Lucifer, crushed by Jesus the Messiah to come and has. Consequently, Lucifer is thus destined to be cast out or X'd out figuratively speaking from Heaven due to the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary. These assertions may have a profound prophetic implication in terms of when the timing of this coming Judgment will commence. Nonetheless, Lucifer has been placed on notice of his demise. During the Tribulation Period, he will literally be running around like a ‘chicken with its head chopped off’ or in this case, a serpent without its head. This ‘dragging’ down of Lucifer to the Earth as Revelation 12 depicts will not only coincide with the consummation of judgment of Lucifer, but of the World and of national Israel as well.

The final judgment of Lucifer will not happen until after the 1000-year Millennial Reign of Christ. Many believe that the Virgo Sign of Revelation 12 that occurred on September 23, 2017 which was the end of the Feast of Trumpets signaled the approaching of this time, astronomically. This coming time will be when the casting down of Lucifer from the ‘Judicial Courts of Heaven’ to the Earth occurs. Lucifer’s judgment is in a progressive downward spiral that will eventually carry him to the Lake of Fire for all Eternity. Regardless, in terms of the coming Judgment of YHVH, there could be a gap or some time in-between such events of the prophetic Seals Judgments of Christ are opens up.

The initiation of the Daily Sacrifice upon the Altar of Sacrifice is what will initiate the 2520-day count and the breaking of the Seal Judgments. But the Bride of Christ cannot be on Earth as the Church is a witness to such breaking of the Seals as it is a judicial fulfillment in the Court of Heaven. These ‘breaking of the Seals’ amount to a reading of the Will or a verdict that both the Accused and the Accuser have to be present, thus the Bride, the Church being the Accused has to be ‘summonsed’ to this proceedings. The double comet phenomenon is an important cosmic clue to the possible timing of when this scenario could possibly happen. When? Some possible clues follow.

’X’ Marks the Spot

This possible scenario/sequence and repetition on Passover, of this Cosmic Omen could be sounding the alarm that on a future Passover season or date the Rapture could commence or a prelude to a Pentecost season. This theory basically ascertains that the Rapture is in fact a ‘judgment’ in itself; sealing the doom of Lucifer, the AntiChrist, the world and a ‘Sign’ to Israel. As in any prelude to war, Ambassadors of respected country are called home. According to Jewish oral traditions, 3 days before the death of Methuselah, a comet appeared (Hale-Bopp or Halley’s) in the month of April in the constellation of Pisces. Will this repeat? According to some current scientific authorities who have done some orbital calculation models on Hale-Bopp, the comet last appeared in our solar system around 4,210 years ago.

1-The comet Hale-Bopp crossed the star Algol on the ‘Passover of Zachariah’ in 1997.
2-Exactly a year later on Passover, April 11,1998 the comet Hale-Bopp exited the skies.

According to the ancient Jewish text Seder Olam-Rabah, the comet corresponded approximately to the same year that Noah began building the Ark. Having Hale-Bopp appear again in 1997 can possibly then signify the counterpart modern-day start of the ‘Season of Noah.’ If this is so, then it was and is the beginning of a final countdown to YHVH’s Judgment to come before His 2nd coming in Glory. Interestingly, the comet Hale-Bopp was discovered by two Jewish men; possibly foreshadowing the 2 Witnesses needed in establishing a matter with Jewish testimonies and to echo the 2 Witnesses to come on the scene during the Tribulation Period in Israel –yet in the future. What is the ‘Season of Noah’ or ‘As in the Days of Noah?’

According the very words of Jesus, it was a time of great violence, murder, same-sex marriages, Transhumanism in the sense that Fallen Angels were inter-breeding with humans to produce hybrids that became the Giants and the demigods of ancient mythology as in the Titans, etc. The world population perhaps reached 7 billion as today, it is no different with a world full of violence, murder, supported deviant sexuality and genetic engineering to name a few attributes of what constituted ‘As in the Days of Noah’. According to the Bible, Shem, from where the Semites come from, was alive for about 10 generations after the Flood. Abraham, the 9th Generation from Shem was alive for 150 years before Shem died.

Also, Abraham's son Isaac was alive for 50 years before Shem died. The entire direct line from Noah down to Abraham's father was still alive up until Abraham was 50 years old. What is interesting is that Shem did not die until Jacob (Israel) was 50 years old. These numerical coefficient is often not noticed, and the overlap could be another very important clue in the number ’50-Year’ pattern of Pentecost perhaps. The point being is that the story or account of the Dimensions of Paradise was derived from 1st hand accounts of people that lived prior to the Flood and perhaps even were able to at least see the ‘Gates of Eden’ that were closed, and Sentinels stationed to impede any to venture into the path that led to the Tree of Life in the midst of the Garden of Eden. Jacob, the Father of the nation of Israel could be yet another clue. He could be somehow connected with this 50-Year Pentecost pattern from the death of Shem.

Royal Entourage
The Jubilee Cycle of years could have a relation to the re-birth of the nation of Israel in 1948. Many Biblical scholars believe that this 50-year pattern is associated with Jacob as to the modern state of Israel. What is fascinating to consider is that on the 50th year anniversary of Israel being re-birthed in 1948 was 1998, the exact year that the comet Hale-Bopp departed on Passover. So, there is the Jacob ‘Sign’ at the 50-year mark and Israel, the nation was ‘birthed’ also at the 50-year mark. Thus, at a ‘certain time’ from Israel’s 50th Year anniversary could possibly correspond to when the scenario and events tied to the Days of Noah, the Judgment is to come? The next 50-year Pentecost pattern will occur in 2017 when 50 years are counted off 1967 when Israel for the 1st time since 70 AD had control over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

To reiterate, Israel’s ‘rebirth’ was solidified in 1948 when Jacob’s ‘50-year’ pattern is added to this time frame with Israel, the end year count corresponds to a possible equation of some sorts. It could be that if the 50th year since 1948 is 1998, then the generation count from 1948 is the benchmark of the Olivet Tree Prophetic Sign the LORD Jesus gave to His Disciples. Also, of profound prophetic significance is that Abraham is believed to have been born in 1948 BC, a mirror of when Israel gained statehood in 1948. Since Noah was the 10th Generation or the ‘Terminal Generation’ per Psalm 150 as in last Patriarch from Adam at the time of the Flood, will the Judgment then happen at the ‘Last Generation’ from Israel’s rebirth in these Last Days?

Using Psalm 90’s definition of the length of a Generation as being 70 years, then the count would correspond to 2018. Many attribute this year as being significant for the beginning of the Tribulation Period. How so? The rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice. The year 2018 also coincides with the Triad of Blood Moons in which the Central Blood Moon on July 27, 2018 coincides with the one 7 years prior in 2011. As it has been noted, the year 1998 corresponded to the Jewish year 5758. When converting the number 5758 to its equivalent in Hebrew letters, it translates to the ‘Season of Noah.’ Thus, here is another powerful clue to suggest that the founding of Israel –as with Jacob, has indeed started the final countdown to this pending judgment of Lucifer, the world and Israel. It might seem too simplistic but perhaps; as to when the Rapture could then take place could be seen as a type of Noah’s Ark. This analogy is used only to illustrate that a provision was made to secure YHVH’s Elect.

It is dully noted that many contend that the type of Noah’s Ark lends support to those that argue that the Bride of Christ will go through the Tribulation Period, in part if not the whole. If this was the case, then the Ark metaphor for this scenario would be just as faulty as during the Tribulation, those coming to Jesus during that time will be beheaded for their Faith and the AntiChrist will be given power over the Saints. This would amount to having the Ark be full of leaks due to un-patched holes. Another type of the Ark can be seen in King Solomon. In Song of Solomon, he came to his Beloved in a lifted-up type of ‘Ark’, a Merkavah chariot. As the Ark of Noah was used by YHVH as a vehicle to deliver Noah, his family and the animals from the Flood judgment, the Rapture could be likewise taken as the ‘Ark’ figuratively as Christ comes to meet His Beloved and gathers His Bride in the air like Noah, his family were gathered to Noah’s Ark.

Cracking the Rapture Code
This analogy is not ascribing to the notion that a ‘UFO mother ship’ will appear as some have erroneously suggested to explain away the Rapture. It would not be too far-fetched to ascertain the notion that Lucifer and his minions will be all too prepared to use this opportunity to exploit the Rapture event. Many do believe that the Rapture will coincide with Lucifer’s disclosure of an Alien presence. The AntiChrist could use the Rapture as a UFO alien explanation of the Anunnaki ancient ‘creators’ arrival and thus part of the ‘Lie’ that will be believed by the masses once the Rapture does take place.

Like Solomon, Christ at the point of the Rapture comes to meet His Beloved with an entourage to be escorted into Glory forevermore in preparation for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. Realize that there was a 7-day waiting period before Noah could disembark into the ‘New Word’. So too, possibly, this could allude to the 7-year period the Bride of Christ will be waiting in Glory and then only comes out from the Bridal Chamber to accompany the LORD Jesus at His Return at Armageddon. In Luke 17:24-36, another important clue about the timing and sequence of how it all will come down is given by the LORD Himself. Christ, in the same breath spoke of the following.

1)         The Glory,
2)         The Judgment
3)         The Rapture

This Scripture sequence appears to be in reverse order. A Rapture, a snatching away happens before the judgments and the judgments then happen before the glorification of the Son of Man. So, this other clue also lends support that the Rapture is a type of ‘Ark.’ This Scripture portion from verses 24-36 are incredibly intertwined but it does not take intense discernment to ascertain the sequence of events. It appears to be in reverse order from how the events are to take place as presented by the prophet Daniel and the book of Revelation, Ezekiel, Zechariah etc. A Rapture, a snatching away happens before the judgments and the judgments happens before the glorification of the Son of Man.

It would follow then that the Rapture’s timing is foretold then by the very words of Christ. So, it would appear that the Rapture as a type of ‘Ark’ will happen as people will be ‘taken’ out before judgment falls and before Christ’s 2nd coming. Then as the Rainbow was given as a ‘Sign’ after the Judgment of the Flood, then when the Rapture does take place, it will be that ‘Sign’ before the judgment is to come to Lucifer, the world and Israel. This study argues that the start of the Daily Sacrifices itself is the start of the Judgment of Jesus Christ. It will be the ‘Sign’ that the LORD’s Seals Judgments will have begun anew as with the Deluge. It could be in tandem with the Rapture also.

The following is the section of the passage from Luke 17:Noah was the last of the antediluvian Patriarchs. Noah’s name is related to the Hebrew word to rest (nûaḥ). It is believed that Noah was the 10th Generation and last from Adam. Noah is said to have born in the year 2006 from Adam at the age of 950 years. It is speculated that the Flood occurred in the year 1406 when Noah was 600 years old. This is subject to dispute and alternate theories.

Days of Noah
Regardless, the point is that the Bible states that Noah lived 350 more years after the Flood in the New World; ‘the rebirth.’ YHVH commanded Noah to build an Ark. The purpose of the Ark was to act as a vehicle of deliverance from the Judgment of the Old World Order due to the level of wickedness of Lucifer’s work, Nephilim and mankind that YHVH decided to destroy the world except for Noah and his family. Noah and his wife had 3 sons Japheth, Ham and Shem along with their wives, 8 souls in total.

And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage and into different types of marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all. ‘It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying, and selling, planting and building. But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed. I tell you, in that night there shall be 2 men in 1 bed; the 1 shall be taken, and the other shall be left. 2 women shall be grinding together; the 1 shall be taken, and the other left. 2 men shall be in the field; the 1 shall be taken, and the other left.’ -Luke 17: 24-35.

A total of only 8 people were only saved by YHVH. It is interesting that most ancient cultures have a Flood story; from the Hindus, Samaritans, Mayan, etc. For example, the word for ‘boat’ in Chinese is a character combining a vessel, the number 8 and people. It was not until Moses pinned the details given to him from YHVH Himself on Mount Sinai of the Flood account that one see the cause and effect to some degree of what really happened from YHVH’s perspective and accounting.

It is said that the flood waters covered the tops of the mountains. Realize that the Earth before the Flood was very different and perhaps not as big or as high as in mountain ranges as these denote cataclysmic upheavals. The continents were all together and named ‘Pangaea’ by today’s Anthropologists and Geologists. It is also speculated that there was a protective ozone layer called a ‘water canopy’ that blocked the Sun’s radiation thus people and animals grew taller and lived longer. The Earth was much smaller also in comparison to today‘s circumference that facilitated this in terms of breathing, etc.

The water canopy watered the Earth from above as there was no rain, or weather patterns or seasons; it was one big greenhouse. Thus, the mountains one thinks of may not have been that high as some are now. When the Deluge started, the water canopy collapsed the water from above and from below the Earth added to the overall volume needed to cover the Earth entirely. The account also tells that all the volcanoes were erupting at that time –as one is now seeing in the Earth an alarming increase in the frequency of volcanic activity all over the globe today. The Earth, seemingly is going into labor pains of sorts with all the earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and something is about to be ‘birthed’, etc. There are actually several types of ‘Arks’ referred to in the Bible. Most of the Ark types are associated with water and facing East to some extent. The main and original One is in Heaven at the Throne Room of YHVH.

1) Ark in LORD’s Throne
This is the original that is best known to exist. It is resting on the Sea of Glass of Sapphire that is bluish in color before the very Throne Room as in the House of YHVH. There are numerous Scripture accounts of this place as seen by many Prophets like Ezekiel, Isaiah, John, etc.

2) Ark of Noah
In terms of mathematical dimensions, the Ark was little over half as large as a modern U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. It had only 1 door said to be on the east side – the direction from which Christ would appear at His 2nd Coming. It had 3 levels. Its construction appears to have taken about 120 years. The Genesis account places the Ark’s resting place in the land of Ararat which is the region where Turkey, Iran and Armenia border each other.

3) Ark of Moses
The Biblical word for this ark or container is tebah. This type of ark was made of bulrushes as stated in Exodus 2:3. The Ark lacked a keel or rudder or means of propulsion as Noah’s. Moses, as a babe was found by an Egyptian Princes on the Nile River to provide deliverance for the Israel out of the waters if you will. Moses means ‘drawn out of water.’ Interestingly, Moses and Messiah originate from the same Hebrew root word.

4) Ark of the Covenant

This golden ‘boat’ or chest/throne chair that is also referred to as the Mercy Seat was constructed of shittim wood like Noah’s Ark. According to Exodus 25:10, the Ark could only be transported on the shoulders of the Levites. This Ark that Israel had was a facsimile or a copy of the one in Heaven. This Ark is tied into Moses. The Ark contained a copy of the Law, a jar of Manna and Aaron’s Staff that budded.

5) Tabernacle Tenons

The Tabernacle of Moses had 48 Tenons or boards overlaid with gold that made up the structure. This Tabernacle housed the Ark of the Covenant that accompanied the Israelites in the wilderness. Interestingly, the Tenons had the same dimensional proportions and an opening groove at its center much like that of the door on the side of Noah’s Ark had.

6) Argo Ship Carina

This constellation in the Heavens or Cosmos is ascribed to be ‘Noah’s Ark’ in the stars. The constellation used to be 1 whole depiction but has since been divided into several parts. There is the Stern (Puppis), a Compass (Pyxis), the Sail (Vela) and the Flying Fish (Volans) or ‘dove’ in some renditions. It is interesting that this ‘Celestial Boat’ is next to Centaur piercing the ‘Victim’ Lupus that is crucified at the Southern Cross. This constellation is referred to as ‘Noah’s Ark’ in the Havens taking the Pilgrims safely home sailing on the Milky Way ‘River’. This ‘Celestial Boat’ is next to Centaur piercing the ‘Victim’ Lupus that is crucified. This is how one is qualified to be on board the Ark, through the crucifixion of Jesus–the Ark of Salvation.

7) Body of the Messiah

The physical body of Jesus Christ is said to be a type of an ‘Ark’ according to St. Augustine and others for sure. The side door of Noah’s Ark corresponds to the wound Jesus received on the Cross by the piercing on His side, through rib cage and through the heart. It was as if an open door was made through His actual flesh; where water mingled with blood flowed out to atone for humanity’s sins.

According to the Bible, Noah had no control over the door of the Ark being shut or open. He just had control over the small window that was made. In the Creator’s timing, relative to the present awaiting of the coming Judgment, YHVH only knows when the ‘door’ will be shut but and when the Rapture of the gathering is to take place. The Church had been called to be patient as Noah was. Noah did have control over the window though. So too does the Church, so far as it is given to see a glimpse of what is happening or about to happen from this vantage point from this world, prophetically. How so? Noah tested the ‘timing’ with the various type of birds. So too is the Church or should be ‘testing’ the prophetic times to see when it is time to ‘venture out’ into the New World Order.

It may not be known what is the ‘day nor the hour’ of the Bride’s Rapture or evacuation but the Church knows that the LORD Jesus commands her to be at the little door and watch …at the window figuratively to keep testing the waters with doves of peace that eventually will come one day. Jesus did promise the Church of Philadelphia and ‘Open Door’ of escape and expect the Bride of Christ to be looking, waiting, and preparing herself. Metaphorically, when the animals start to converge on the Ark, then know that the time is at hand. It is rather interesting that since 2010, there have been massive deaths of animals all over the world. Perhaps such a sense of change and convergence of a coming prophetic event is at the door. If in fact the Seasons of Noah started in 1997-98, then its 120-month time frame coincides with a possible culmination of the last 7-year warning in parallel to Lamech’s death and then Methuselah’s from the Jewish year of 5776 or 2015-16.

If the Flood is to be used as a type and pattern for the coming Wrath of the Lamb, then the question remains of what will be the timing of the Rapture, in relation to Noah’s timeline of events. Will it be at the closing of the ‘Door’? Or at the beginning of the ‘Flood’ after the 7-day waiting period? Will it be at a prophetic end of the 40-day rain count? At the end of the additional 7-day count? Was it after the land had dried out? Or when YHVH actually told them to disembark? Regardless of such speculation there was only one door to get into Noah’s Ark; just one way to board this ship of deliverance and that is with Christ Jesus. It is that one can only enter and be saved. Jesus came to save Humanity and bring mankind to the New World/Kingdom of God in the restored Dimensions of Paradise at will soon occur because the Days of Noah are here.

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