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  • Will the new COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory for everyone?
  • Why are the Doctors sounding the alarm being censored?
  • What effects does this vaccine have that Doctors are concerned?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this article is to provide a transcript of a YouTube interview of a Dr. Northrup on VAXXED TV. October 1, 2020. The Doctor has exceptional expertise and medical credentials that are very important. The interviewer’s comments will be italicized for differentiation. Certain words will be colorized for emphasis.

This is a very important interview because we have with us an incredibly brave amazing Doctor and I’m going to ask you to introduce yourself please and thank you so much for doing this. My name is Dr. Christiane Northrup. I am a board-certified OB-GYN physician trained at Dartmouth Medical School, Tufts New England Medical Center. I am a former Clinical Professor of OB-GYN at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. I am the author of 3 New York Times best-selling books including Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, the Wisdom of Menopause and Goddesses Never Age. I have done 8 highly successful public television specials. I was on the Oprah Winfrey show 10 different times and all the numerous TV shows like Dr. Oz and Rachel Ray and NBC Nightly News and all of the rest. Kind of straddling the world between holistic medicine and conventional OB-GYN.

And my entire career really has been about teaching women everything that can go right with their bodies and how to make that their experience amazing. So, for anybody who says we are talking now to someone that is not medically qualified, you can forget it. That is an amazing list of qualifications so thank you so much for that. Now one of the reasons and many of you also have seen you recently in the Unity Video thank you very much for doing that. What I want to speak about is very important. I am very, very passionate about educating other people because I was a mother who did not have that education and you are very kindly and bravely have this knowledge and we want to talk. Let is start off by talking about
this vaccine that is coming.

I want to get a background on you, but I think. Let us go straight into it. This COVID covert vaccine, can you tell what we do know about it and what you, from your experience causing fear for the people that may take it?
Yes, there has never been a vaccine like this. It is an RNA Vaccine it is what is called a Trans Infection.
It will fundamentally change people's DNA and what I do not like about it even more than the usual thing about the toxic metals that are in vaccines that make our bodies literally into an antenna with 5G. This one has the usual non-human DNA like you know, monkeys maybe fetal cells, pigs whatever. And so, it begins to make us what is called chimeras c-h-i-m-e-r-a in introducing non-human DNA into our bodies. What is worse though is that there is a patent and work that they've done at MIT to make a dye.

And the patented dye is called
Luciferase and under a light you would be able to see who was vaccinated who was not. And the deal is to store your biometric information because this vaccine will have Nanoparticles, Nano-Crystalline Particles that are actually little robots. And they are like little antennas and they will have the ability to take your biometric data and not only your vaccine record but your breathing, your heart rate, your activities, sexual activity. The drugs that you are taking, where you travel… all of that and then take that data and store it in the Cloud. What is even more concerning is that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on March 26, 2020 applied for a patent. Patent number 06-06-06 to take that biometric data, give you a Bar-Code and connect each of us to cryptocurrency so that we would become literally slaves to the system like everything. It would be the end of privacy.

The end of freedom because who gets the data? Who uses the data and what do they do with it? So, this patent to connect the vaccinated to cryptocurrency, making all humans a commodity is extremely concerning. And everyone should be concerned given that this is a virus from which
99.9% of people recover. So, I would ask, why do we need anything like this because it goes far beyond those pandemics of old like smallpox and so on. This is very different. The plan here is to vaccinate the entire world. And the narrative that we are being sold is that things will not go back to normal until everyone is vaccinated. Vaccinated with a transfection thing that we have never seen before and by the way, once those Nanoparticles go in, there is no detoxing from them. There is no getting them out of there. They combine with your DNA and you're suddenly programmable. And with the proposed 5G networks, the body would be an antenna where you could be controlled from outside of yourself. That is kind of worst-case scenario.

So, that is what bothers me about the vaccine and so far in the initial Moderna trials,
100% of the people who got the high-dose vaccine -and remember these were very, very healthy people, very healthy. The kind that they are very few of since we now have a planet and at least in the United States where 54% of all children have a chronic disease. So, 100% of those people had side effects, severe side effects. And in the lower dose, 80% of people had side effects. And as my colleague Bruce Lipton says, these are not side effects, these are effects. And some of them have this thing called Transverse Myelitis, which is essentially Polio. So, those are my concerns about everyone lining-up to get this vaccine. And that has also been fast-tracked there.

There have been animal studies in the past when they have tried to do this kind of vaccine in animals. The animals appear to be fine initially. And then after a while when their bodies came into contact with the germ they were vaccinated for, they had what is called Pathogenic Priming. That somehow,
the vaccine did something to the Immune System so that they got very sick later when they were actually introduced to the Pathogen. So, we do not know whether or not that would happen. So, a few questions are coming in on this vaccine, We can just break it down a little for the average person like myself who maybe does not even know what a Nanoparticle is, I do but say some people do not even know what an Nanoparticle is.

But the other question coming in is that the press and the other side are saying, ‘oh do not listen to these Doctors and these nonsense people, these quacks that say there is Nanoparticles, there is
Hydrogel. There is this Luciferase in that. It is nonsense, so they are face lying to the public. Yes, they are and if you like, I could send you the papers from MIT where they are talking about this. You know, so that you have the references. It is fascinating that in my opinion, now as a Holistic Physician for years, everything that I always thought was a good idea like Vitamin C has been demonized. You cannot patent a naturally occurring substance and so for my entire career, many of the things that I thought were a really good idea and that I saw were very highly effective various herbs homeopathic medicine.

This sort of thing that was very actively is downplayed. And a lot of that is from in 1920 the Flexner Report of John D. Rockefeller where he invented the word ‘Quack’ and went after all the Naturopathic Medical Schools. The homeopathic medical schools and so on. So, there has been a very active and on-purpose vilification of Natural Medicine and the human's ability to be healthy. I think this is the thing that what we are really looking at is a paradigm shift from the Germ Theory of disease. You are sick because of germs to the Terrain Theory. Let me put that very simply, all right, the Germ Theory is you have a fish tank, the water is dirty -vaccinate the fish. That is the Germ Theory. The Terrain Theory is, clean the water and the fish will remain healthy. There you have it now. Okay let us go back to this COVID vaccine.

There is a lot of questions about that, so this is the vaccine that they want you to have, the Flu Vaccine. Can we talk about that for a second? Yes. The Flu Vaccine. The problem with the
Flu Vaccine is that it is well-known has 4.4 times the increased risk of being more susceptible to other respiratory viruses. And there is some data that those who get the Flu Vaccine are far more likely to get COVID, to get sick from COVID. Remember that the vast majority of us have already because of the way viruses are. This is the work of Dolores Cahill. Because of the way viruses spread, we have already seen that virus. It spreads through the population very, very quickly. And in fact, I think the World Health Organization, the CDC website downgraded COVID to nothing more than the Flu in April. So, I do not know why suddenly places like Massachusetts have just mandated a Flu Shot for everyone. From 6 months old onward for daycare or schools when we know that getting the Flu Vaccine increases your risk of another respiratory virus.

Now the other thing about the Flu Vaccine is that it has never been a 100% effective. It might be effective if they got the right strain that year. But it is always a kind of a gamble, as you know -are we making the right vaccine for this year's Flu? In any given year, the best they have ever done is 40% effective. So, they are pushing the Flu Vaccine. And a lot of people are taking it because the Media are saying, ‘we have got to keep the hospitals free.’ ‘You have got to do your bit.’ As a British person or as an American you have got that. ‘You have got to help out.’ So, people are flocking. There are lines in Britain of people lining up for their Flu Vaccine to do their bit for Britain. And then so that is one thing, but I really want to get across to everybody and you describe this so well. But I am sorry to make you.

Could you just do it one more time, this COVID vaccine is like nothing we've seen before? Am I correct in that that is correct? Nothing we have. No experience with this at all. A Nanoparticle is a tiny, tiny, tiny robot that collects your biometric data, your heart rate, your breathing, your relationships, whether you have had sex, what drugs you are on, where you are going, who are you going with and sends that data up to the Cloud. And then they want to use that data to, at the very best, you know sell you stuff. Like they know your every move so that they can send you emails to get whatever product. But at the very worst, this one about
connecting you to cryptocurrency so that we have a cashless society, facial recognition, the ability to control a whole population. And there are aspects of this that are very nefarious. Which is that with 5G then rolled out, which is being rolled out in some places that is 60 gigahertz.

And at that vibration the radiation can literally
adversely affect the Hemoglobin in our bodies making it very hard to be oxygenated. And that looked like what was happening, by the way in China at the beginning. And also New York City where people would come in unable to, you know unable to get enough oxygen. And then they were put on respirators and killed that way because that was not necessary. This Luciferase, that is what they call it, because Lucifer means ‘light’. But you know we could get into the Luciferian Agenda, but I would rather not. It is very scary, and it is very dark, and this is probably not the place for it. But if you wanted to get into that, there are certainly resources available. I am not real happy about the um Bill and Melinda Gates patent 06-06-06. In the book of Revelation, this is the Mark of the Beast.

And according to those who have studied this kind of thing, there are many symbols that are associated with this agenda, including
masking everyone so that we can't see each other's faces. And then in the UK now no more than 6 people can get together at the same time. Why 6 people, 6 feet apart? 6-6-6. I think that there is something else going on other than ‘Public Health.’ That is what I would say and having testified at the vaccine mandate hearings in our state. I can tell you that one after another, parent went and testified about their vaccine injured child. And what had happened when they went in for the routine vaccinations. And almost to a person, the Doctors in my profession acted as though this was not happening. That they would say, all vaccines were safe and that side effects are 1 in a million.

My career is based on the fact that I actually listened to what my patients told me because we have the ability to know you. As a mother, you have the ability to know. I know that this is what I did to my child. As my colleague Andy Wakefield says maternal intuition is the whole reason that the human race has survived as long as it has. And I think we need to listen to that Maternal Intuition right now. For instance, my profession is vaccinating healthy pregnant women against Flu.
I do not understand it when we are vaccinating 99% of all our infants with Hepatitis B vaccine which contains 15 times more Aluminum than is recommended by the FDA. We now have an entire generation of infants who have been injected with the Toxic Heavy Metals and the poisons that are in vaccines at a time when their brain is not even fully developed yet. I do not understand it. And I do not see how you can do it. And quite frankly I would like to, you know say I believe this is a crime against humanity.

So, you are talking about the mother's gut instinct and we all had that when we took our children in to be vaccinated. And then of course the Doctors or the Media, all of the things that are still going on today.
They put the fear into you and then you override your gut instinct which is happening right now with the COVID. We have seen it already and so I really do feel that fear is the biggest evil of all here because we are all living by it. Do you? You are a Doctor. You are sitting here. You are telling the truth. Why are your colleagues not doing it? There are a handful of Doctors around the world. And of course, the German Doctor who got arrested in Great Britain this weekend from just standing on the podium, did not even get to speak. So, it is that fear again in the Doctors. It is fear.

I can tell you that now in our state, to give a vaccine, you know to clear someone, so they do not have to get the vaccine, they are terrified of this, an exemption. A medical exemption. It is so bad that we in one of the cases I heard was of a young man who has 1 year left to graduate from college. He is very, very allergic to some of the ingredients in the
MMR vaccine. But in order to graduate from college, he needs this vaccine. Here is what the Doctors told him. ‘To then make sure that you get the shot in the Emergency Room in the event that you have an Anaphylactic Reaction so we can then resuscitate you.’ That is insanity. I do not see how you can hold down a baby and give them multiple shots when their Immune System is not even entirely developed.

I think because maybe we could say, from years of
fluoridation, everyone's Pineal Gland is calcified. They cannot see it now. I have to say to you, I was radicalized a bit before I went into Medical School. I had members of my family sign out of the hospital against medical advice and do well at home. So, I have an enormous amount of faith in my body's ability and in the human body's ability to heal. Because I have seen it over and over. I have seen people reverse Cancer. I have seen them reverse just about every known disease and we have data to prove that. But the fear is the lowest vibration we can possibly have, and it is incredibly powerful at controlling people and controlling the masses. And the minute each of us finds the courage to stand up, then we find our true power as human beings made in the image of GOD.

Now you talk about the incredible way a body can heal itself and I am with you a 100%, but…this is not your opinion. I am going to ask for your opinion on this. I am so concerned about this vaccine. I do not think people cannot recover from it. And I think it is suicide to take the COVID-19 vaccine. I am just going to say it from what I hear about everything and that is my opinion. Do you think you can detox from the COVID vaccine…with what we know that's going to be in it now? That is the best possible question because there are 2 things that I would say in the three-dimensional world. No, we cannot. We can only detox from that if we get a direct connection with our Divinity. I work with Robert Fritchie of the World Service Institute who teaches people how to heal with divine love, GOD’s Love. This is not religion folks and so therefore to me it is a possibility that we can heal anything. But I would say why even take the chance. I would never take the chance. Why would I put my body through that? I am with you. I…was doing an interview with Mary Holland recently and she was telling me that what was concerning for her is the letters that she was receiving.

About them coming after the vulnerable. And we all know the vulnerable people like my children who are already very injured from vaccines. So the big question everybody is asking you and we do not expect you to have all the answers, we are just incredibly grateful for you telling us the way it is how can we stop them from coming to our doors and vaccinating our children. How can we stay away from this vaccine because as mothers, we will do anything to protect our children from this vaccine? So, how do we do it? What can we do? The first thing that we all need to do is we need to reach out to each other and form pods, ‘Freedom pods’ all over the planet. there are very few of them. Let us remember, this is an agenda put forward by very, very few people. And if we all stand up and say we are not having it! And i would start now.

One of the things that we are noticing in the United States is the number of people who are now homeschooling their children as a result of the vaccine mandates. In the state of Maine, in the state of New York and so on. So ,we are finding women in particular creating these ‘sisterhoods’ where we are educating our own children. Let us remove ourselves from these top-down authoritarian people who tell you, ‘you need them to live as we say’. Begin to move at this time through what I am calling the Great Awakening where enormous amounts of ‘Light’ this has been prophesied by the way of many Seers for centuries. This is the time now. The Great Awakening. But we must bond together and so for instance, I have become a Single-Issue Voter. Every single Politician that I am going to vote for, I asked him 1 question.

How do you feel about Mandated Vaccines? If their answer is, ‘I am not sure’, then I go, ‘next’. I want someone who is going to say to me, ‘I stand for sovereignty and medical freedom.’ then I will vote for them. And we are finding that there are movements all over the planet. Dr. Pam Popper, Peggy Hall. People all over the planet, the New Earth Society…many, many people all rising together. If there is anything that is going to bring us all together, it is this. And I listened to Kevin Jenkins of the Newark Urban Health League. And he said as a black man, ‘I understand slavery. This vaccine is a gateway to enslave all of Humanity.’ And what they are doing in Newark is they are standing up to the narrative.

‘Black people are vulnerable to COVID. Let us vaccinate the black people first.’ And in Newark, what they are doing is holding a rally every Monday and the Politicians are now saying, ‘please stop that.’ Because what they are saying to the Politicians, to the Public Health Officials, ‘you take the vaccine first, we will watch you for a year. Then we will consider it because we as black people remember the Tuskegee Experiment. We remember what has been done to us in the name of Public Health. You go first.’ Now if enough of us did that, then we would find that it would all end. And that is why I am standing up at this particular time. I feel like I was born for this. My whole career has led me up to this. And we are so grateful to you! You are getting so much love it is unbelievable. And people are so grateful to you. And one of the big questions is how can they follow you? How can they find you? Do you have a newsletter or is there anything that you can tell them? Yes, I have a newsletter and I would recommend if you could please sign-up for my e-news. So that if I get de-platformed…you can still be on my list. You just go to www.drnorthrup.com.

That is for the e-news and my website and then every day on Facebook: Dr. Christiane Northrup. I do a little ‘Great Awakening’ like a 10-minute thing, you know whatever we think we need to know. Like here is a group meditation we are doing on Instagram as well those other things and Twitter. I go a little rogue. I tend to put the things like what I am telling you now on Twitter. So, that is my place. Just to spell your last name, n-o-r-t-h-r-u-p correctly. And so, to go to Facebook and follow her. It is every day, Monday to Friday or every day? Oh, every day. Every day, I just feel like, you know here is the way it is. I learned how to stand by while women give birth, and you all know who have been in labor birth can be very painful and very messy. So, I see myself as ‘midwifing’ those of us who are interested during this particular time. And right now, we are at about 7 to 8 centimeters. We are not ready to push but we are right in the middle of it.

I love that analogy and just asking for a little bit of advice. A lot of parents, mothers particularly and I say mothers because you are such an expert on women's health with very injured children stuck at home. That mental health is not great because they have not got anybody helping them. And there is a lot of talk of people like, do I want to go through this? How do I get through this? I have no help. I have nothing. Do you have any advice for people suffering with loneliness, despair, exhaustion and given up? I do. I do thank you. Okay, this is where you know it is always darkest before dawn.
I want you to get down on your knees and say, ‘GOD, help me I don't know what to do, help me.’ And that is what I would do and ask for help. And then wait, because you know, when you ask, it is given.

Peggy Hall just sent out to the www.thehealthyamerican.org. And I know you are all over the world but thehealthyamerican.org tells you the exact way that you form a ‘meetup group’ in your area. One of the things that is happening as a result of my daily Great Awakenings is that people are finding each other all over the world. ‘Oh wow, I am not the only person who believes this is not okay.’ Could you send me a private message? So, we have you know from South Africa. We got the Netherlands. All over the world people are finding each other. They are realizing that they are not alone but really it is the end. I think of the self-sacrifice of women. We have done it for so long. And the feminine and women's intuition has been degraded for so long. This is now being birthed into more and more power.

So, ask for the help and generally it will be given, but you cannot do it on your own steam. We have to ask our higher power. My whole career…the universe, your higher power. I think GOD works. Let us just go with that. I will answer that. People, again so very grateful for your talking about this but one more question. Please, to see again, where they can follow as some people not catching quite yet. Where can they follow you? In fact, do that now before we forget. So how they can put on Facebook and Instagram? So, it is Dr. Northrop n-o-r-t-h-r-u-p dot-com and then Facebook is Dr. Christiane Northrup like the religion with an e on the end, Dr. Christian Northrup. And also, Instagram, Dr. Christiane Northrop. And I do the same thing on Facebook and then I post it to Instagram and then I also have stuff on Twitter. But where I am talking to people, my group we call ourselves the ‘Warriors of the Radical Light’. Somebody coined that and we all decided we are going to stick with it.

A lot of people are going to be coming over and joining you. A question on how you deal with being attacked so obviously the more you speak out about this, the more you are going to be attacked. We all know that, so again people wanting to help you but more interested in how you deal with that and why you do not seem to have any fear. Mainly because I have been attacked for 40 years. However, I also have loved my colleagues. I mean when I see people running around with masks on, you know completely healthy people. I do not understand why they are doing it. Seems you… wow, you cannot see it can you? And the answer is no. They cannot but I love them anyway. I just have this great love for Humanity. And I have a much thicker skin than I used to when I would get a letter that I was not helping people very well. It would take me 2-3 weeks to recover back in the 80s.

It was so painful to me but then I did the research for a book called Dodging Energy Vampires. And I realized that about 1 in 5 people has a personality disorder. And right now, the Globalists that are running the planet are all sociopaths. And once I understood how they work and the fact that people like me empaths were their target, that every empath I know has been in a relationship with a narcissist or with a sociopath…every one of them and I have had my share. Because we just cannot believe that people are as bad as they are. We have blinders on. We cannot believe that a Doctor would say this or that. A government official would say this, so I have had to learn that indeed there is evil on planet Earth. And right now, it is all coming up. It is like you pick up a rock and all these creatures scurry to go hide.

Vampires do not like light. What happens with vampires when they come in the light? Their skin starts to crack. Right so, that is what we are doing. We have enormous amount of light within us. And I also will tell you, I have found people all over the internet who I follow. It is almost like there is this global uprising finally happening. I follow Charlie Ward and Charlie Freak and Lori Ladd and Phil Good. These are people who are Planetary Teachers at this particular time. So, that is very uplifting to me. It is almost as though for the first time in my life, I feel that I have support that I never had before. Because I have been kind of a voice crying in the wilderness. And now there is a lot of us, you know. There are all the people who are on the Unity Video that you helped us make.

So, I am not alone and when I testified in front of the Vaccine Mandate Legislature people, I became a hero in the natural food stores of all the homeschoolers, you know. It is like, oh wow this is exciting you know. I have my own community right here in my backyard. It was lovely when you were talking in Maine, what happened with the legislators. Did you come face to face with them? Oh yes and I even met with them and I gave them books and I realized that none of it mattered. But in the last week, we at the grassroots collected 100 000 signatures to reverse the mandate of our Governor. When she was elected, said she would never mandate vaccines. She turned around immediately and mandated them. Then the week before the final vote, Merck and Pfizer came in and spent $750,000 dollars to silence our voices. And they won, the mandate stayed by 1 vote. But guess what that did? That made a whole community of us who are all aware of each other. So, it is no longer individual people.

It is an entire army in a little state, all acting together. So, what we are doing now is individual people are running for office and we're just flipping seats and that is our plan. And it does not matter how long it takes. Some people are moving away from the state. I mean, look at the state of Florida; just removed all masks, all coveted stuff, you know. Meanwhile, our Governor still has us in a State of Emergency. In the UK, they are telling you are locked down until March. 6 feet, 6 people, 6 months. Hello? This is insanity. But what it does, we are moving from a Carbon-Based Species to an Energetic Diamond Species. We are going to rise under pressure. The more pressure, the more we rise as the new human species, ‘Homo Luminous’. So, people watching this now, share this video. They will take it down. We are going to take snippets of this video and cut it up to send to our parents and the people, who just do not get it about this covert agenda.

They listen to the BBC news or whatever, CNN and they think, ‘well if it is on there then it must be correct.’ So, we are going to slice and dice this interview up. We are going to take sections of it. People are going to go over and start following you and everybody is thanking you so much. But do you have any last words for everybody? I think also the loneliness thing coming up as well. And I think everyone should know you are all immensely loved. That is what people do not understand how much they are loved. I am going to hand that last line over to you. That is really, really true. You would be amazed at how much Light is pouring into the planet. Have heart. In fact, your loneliness, your depression, your fear is how you are in the words of Lori Ladd ‘alchemizing the darkness’ that has been controlling us for centuries.

Alchemizing means taking lead and turning it into gold. You would not be watching this if you were not an Empath Healer. You just would not never be watching someone like me. So, what that means is you are like me and your very energy field holds enormous amounts of Light. And therefore, just by feeling these emotions you are dissolving them. But ask for help. I have I ask my 4 Guardian Angels. I figure, we have at least 4 and I ask them when I go up against something really, really heavy. I say, okay Angels, lift it out of me and then put it in ‘Violet Fire’. That is the Violet Fire of Saint Germain. Send it over to the Central Sun which is the ‘Heart of the Creator’. And it comes back to me as grace. So, you just need some of those practices every day or do the Rosary every day.

Also, very effective, bring in the Divine Mother. Anything like that, that speaks to you. Yeah, whatever it is good for you. For me it is my Jesus. Everybody has that thing.  Yeah, that is it and my name is Christian-e for heaven's sake. So, we are very tight, so thank you and once again just to reiterate for everybody this vaccine, this COVOD vaccine Dr. Northrop is warning you. We have been warning you. I do not know how many Doctors or White Coats it is going to take for you to hear this well. This is a very, very, very dangerous time. And this vaccine is in my personal opinion, suicide. And I am going to say it the way it is because we do not have time. No and we do not also have time to argue about Democrat-Republican politics, no, no, no. You go for freedom, liberty, health, immunity strength. That is all you want to hear. All this other BS about, ‘oh you are doing this for me, I am doing this to protect you.’ That is BS. It is baloney. That is not anything we should ever listen to. And also, do not underestimate the power of you, anybody, all of you…and the power of women.

I am just going to put it in there. We started this fight when our children were injured. We stood up and we screamed, and we yelled. And I think we are going to finish it off. Women love another. Do not attack each other. Love one another. Yes. Right. I have kept you for long enough. And I am so, so grateful to you for coming on…and telling the people. They are already sharing it like crazy and we are going to get this out more. But thank you and anything that you have to say to the people let me know and we will go back out and tell them. And they will take it to where it needs to be. I love it all. Right. Thank you so much.

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Stop World Control: www.stopworldcontrol.com/planned/



The Doctor clearly has some New Age beliefs and has referenced some people, Spirits and agencies/organization. In the context of the conversation and topic, the purpose of this transcription is to consider solely her incredible expertise and experience in the field of medicine.

Her commentary and assessment on the dangers of the coming COVID-19 mandatory vaccine is valuable and a much-needed narrative to the prevailing one. It is enough to take note of with discernment despite her leanings and how the Interviewer, being a Christian interjected a balance approach when it came to seeking divine help.

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