COMET C/2022 E3

Omens of Change

  • What is a Green-Back and why will it Fall?
  • Does the 'Green Comet' have anything to do with it?
  • What is the CBDC and why is it coming?

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The purpose of this study is to follow-up with an Addendum to a previous Article, titled, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​#704: COMET C/2022 E3 - OF AN ANTICHRIST. One would like to incorporate an additional Insight and Prophetic Inference from a fellow Researcher, one that was  referenced in the Article. As they say, it is always good to have a 2nd Opinion. The Addendum is Keen and one would totally concur. The Researcher, End Times – Darkness Descending, thinks that the Green Comet’s ultimate Sign and Significance, could very well also be, the Fall of the Green-Back U.S. Dollar. This is based on the Constellation where the Comet was 1st Discovered, in Aquila, the Great Fallen Eagle.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​#704: COMET C/2022 E3 - OF AN ANTICHRIST
Trajectory Interpretation of the Coronation of a Dragon King

As a General Understanding, Comets are Bad Omens of a Fall or Rise of Someone, Place or Thing. If Aquila could be the Motif of the Falling of the USA, it would be its Prime Symbol. Many Researchers realize though, that in reality the U.S. Eagle is a Cloaked Phoenix. To the Luciferians that took over the Nation, a Phoenix is the Motif of their ‘Orders’. And for the next one to Rise, that New Order must feed-off of the Fall of the prior or current Phoenix Order. So, is the Strength and Power of the U.S., its Dollar being Signaled that it is to Fall, based on this Green Comet’s Pont of Origin?

Why one would concur with this additional Comet C/2022 E3 Innuendo, is based on several Conjectures. In general, the Trajectory of this Comet, is Signaling the Fall of the Majestic Eagle and the Rise of the Beast, (Draco) System. And if so, it would ring true to what is being rolled-out with the Digital Money. It will be replacing the Reserve Currencies of the World, but specifically, that of the USA that is artificially propping up the whole Pyramid Scheme. All this ‘Signaling’, is for sure, all just Prophetic Stepping Stones to the Rise of the Beast System of the Mark that the Bible says is coming.

If one takes a look at the Date Stamp one took of the Chart Screenshot, at the bottom Ledger, it is Clocked at ‘2023-03-22 21:21:21 UTC -07:00’. Not sure why that Date happened to be captured, other than one decided to use that specific Screenshot. Well, it is a Numerical Factor of the March 2, 2022 Discovery Date. A Derivative of 3-22. And? This Number happens to be the Signature Number associated with the Skull and Bones of that Luciferian Yale Fraternity. Thus, it is highlighting the American Branch of the Illuminati and its Direct Inference. This would allude that the Comet would appear to confirm that this ‘Majestic Falling Eagle’, is associated with the USA and about to Fall.

Green Comet

The following will be the Addendum to one’s Article and then one Follow-up Commentary to that. One would like to incorporate this new Perspective of the Comet’s Trajectory, in Prophetic Terms. It is a continued Discussion and Interpretation of the Meaning and Significance of this Comet’s Message, which are many. To reiterate, the Omen pertains to the Fall of the Green-Back as in the US Dollar and the Rise of the Beast System CBDC, Central Bank, Digital Currencies. This is what End Times Darkness Descending surmised.

Very interesting take on it. When you revealed the constellation in which the comet started in (Aquila), it rang a bell or two. In fact, this bell has been ringing in my mind for the last couple of days ...

"Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) was discovered by Astronomers in Aquila, using the Wide-Field Survey Camera at the Zwicky Transient Facility. Since then, this new Long-Period Comet has brightened substantially and is sweeping across the Northern Constellations in Pre-Dawn Skies. Aquila depicts the Fall of a Majestic Eagle."

In line with that thought, America's national symbol has always been said to be an eagle. I do realize that many recognize the symbol on the back of the dollar bill to be that of a Phoenix bird. But the mere fact that in most people's minds it is the eagle is still quite significant. It seems that if God were sending out a message to the entire world through this comet, he would use clues and concepts that most would recognize regardless of the technicality of the Phoenix bird.

With that thought in mind, let's go back to the prophetic idea of Title "42" and the New World Order replacing the American World Order and the "Green" back in our observance of the "Green" comet.

It is probably no secret to many, if not most half-informed Americans that the absolute assault on America's traditional culture seems to be very much an intention to take down the United States through mass migration of other cultures via the open border. This takes us right back to the "Title 42" policy discussion and much talk of it being lifted - thus merging Mexico and Canada.

This idea has always been recognized as a necessary step in the implementation process of the New World Order. America must be taken down from its position as the world's global dominant power in order to have a New World Order, or global government.

This, of course, takes us right back to the idea of the Antichrist ruling over this new hellish world order - which in turn takes us back to the peculiar sign of the current comet making its way through our inner solar system with its ominous prophetic signs in tow - which in turn, takes us right back to the Rapture as the true Church will be gone before this system emerges.

The idea that the current and prevailing American world order must be taken down and the "42" "number that speaks of judgment seen in 2 Kings chapter 2 as a typology for the Rapture, it should give us pause and consider the fact that, as the world's reserve currency since 1944, the American dollar is known worldwide as the "green" back - just as this comet is known as the "green comet." There has been much talk in the news as of late that the "greenback's" days as the world's reserve currency are numbered.

There is much talk by the powers that be through their mouth pieces of implementing a digital dollar or digital currency for the world. By all prophetic measures considering what such a system would mean, we are looking at the implementation of the Mark of the Beast system headed up by the Antichrist after the "greenback" system is taken down. This certainly squares with the observation of the constellation path that this "green" comet is traveling through the heavens - and quite peculiarly, starting out in the constellation Aquila - thus a "fall of a majestic eagle."

Fall of the majestic eagle" (Aquila) via the fall of the "green" back as depicted in the travel points of the "green" comet.

In Summary, Comets are Omens of Change. Thus, if what has been collectively surmised so far, 2023 will be the Year that this Transition, from the USA Hegemony of the Green-Back then is to occur, sometime perhaps. But for how long before then the Phoenix has to be ‘Killed’ or Imploded to make way for the New Phoenix Order? 33 Cycles of 7 Sabbaths. One had initially thought that as the current Sabbath or Shemitah Cycle ended/began in the Fall of 2022, that the Crash of the U.S. Green-Back would have been at that time.

1792 + (
33 Cycles x 7 Years) = X
1792 + 231 Years =

But the 33rd Cycle is currently in Progress. It could be the Year After, as in 2024, etc. Many ‘Financial Experts’ were actually Predicting this Scenario and Timing. However, there is that ‘Transitional’ Time or Gap-Time that one then believes it going on, presently. Or in other words, it is a ‘Soft Crash’ as to not rile-up the Masses and have them be “Woken-Up’ to see that they have been ‘Slowly being Boiled’ in the Pot, Cliché. Here are some References to prior Articles about the 33 Cycles of the USA’s Coinage Act of 1792.

It was initially done through the Treasury Department as the Constitution mandated and still does. This was before the Mandate was Contracted-out to the Federal Reserve Central Banks of the USA, etc. One’s Hypothesis, is that since the Luciferians own the ‘Printing Presses’, they had enough of a Demonic Foresight given to them that, at that Time, the Majestic Eagle that is the Motif of the USA, although, true, more so a Phoenix…would be Rising. So, there you have it. From what one is reading and hearing, the Major Powers in the World are buying-up Gold. This trend has been occurring because many know what is coming. See Video Interview.



We’re Entering a Major Crisis; CBDCs Coming in 2023, Serfdom is Upon Us







Master Plan for America in Prophecy
The Fall of the Phoenix chronicles the code of the 33 Sabbatical Cycle countdown since 1776 for America’s demise. Various celestial signs are taking place that appear to also be signaling a prophetic countdown to the coming Fall of the Phoenix, America. This book will also focus on key spiritual signs of the times that appear to have also clocked America’s destiny that have sown the seeds of its own destruction. It appears that the fall of America, the fall of the Phoenix in Biblical prophecy will be the resetting of this new beginning.



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