Enemies of the State

  • Why does one say Biden's Speech was Satanic?
  • Who was behind this Demonization of his Opposition?
  • Was a Declaration of Republic's End and War declared?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Today is the End of the Republic. The End of a Regime that acquiesces to Disorder. At this very Moment, in a System far from here, the New Republic lies to the Galaxy. Was secretly supporting Treachery of the Loathsome Resistance. This Fierce Machine with you have built, upon which we stand, will bring an End to the Senate. To their Cherished Fleet. All Remaining Systems will Bow to the 1st Order…and will remember this, as the Last Day of the Republic’.
-Star Wars: General Hux's Speech to the 1st Order before destroying the Hosnian System.

The purpose of this study is to offer an Assessment of the Joe Biden September 1, 2022, Speech to the Nation, which one will expose as having Satanic and Prophetic Innuendos. It was given in front the Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a Political Scientist by Degree, one will offer a Critique of the Philosophy of the Speech that Demonized Half the Nation. As a Graphic Artist, one will break-down its Esoteric Imagery, and Luciferian Undertones, as it relates to Biblical Prophecy. Why?

America has lost its Morality, its Mind, its Soul and now its Republic. The ‘Life Cycle’ of the New Atlantean Republic has come to an End. This is what the Biden Satanic Speech was really all about. It was a Verbal Declaration of War and its ‘Finality’ given where it all began, in Philadelphia, 33 Sabbath Cycles ago. It was there where the Declaration of Independence from Tyranny and the Constitution were Signed.

The Context will be based on both a Biblical World View and how that Day and Time coincided with an Astronomical Alignment, related to the God of War, Mars. And where it occurred, pertaining to the Biblical Notion of the Church of Philadelphia, in a Spiritual Sense. As one who has done Internships at a State and National Capitals and who has traveled to nearly 20 Nations Abroad and Interviewed with the State Department and the CIA, one can say that what Biden did is Sedition. Here is the Dictionary Definition.

Sedition is Overt Conduct, such as Speech and Organization, that tends toward Rebellion against the Established Order. Sedition often includes Subversion of a Constitution and Incitement of Discontent toward, or Insurrection against, Established Authority.

Before delving into the Crux of the Critique, for Context, one will touch upon a few Biblical Themes that are related to the USA. Why? Presently, the USA is the Head of the Nations. As the ‘Head’ turns, so does the ‘Body’. What happens to the USA, will and does affect the rest of the World. But on this occasion of September 1, 2022, why now? 

Hidden in Plain Sight

September 1 is the 244th Day of the Year in the Gregorian Calendar with 121 Days remaining until the End of the Year. It has to do with the November Mid-Term Elections on November 8, 2022. It will be exactly 69 Days, including End Day or 9 Weeks from the Biden Satanic Speech. And? It so happens that there is a Total Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon on that same Election Day. The Blood Moon will occur Dead-Center over the Pacific Ocean. The Name Pacifico, in Spanish means Peace. One would suspect that the Opposite Effect will occur in that Peace will be taken from the USA and Israel.

As one who studies the Satanic and Luciferian Occult, Red and Black, and the Speech done at Night, signifies the Opposite Effect desired. In that, Peace is not what is being Broadcasted, but what is to be taken instead as that is what the Protocols of the Satanists prescribe. They will of course deny it. But in their Decrees, they plainly state that whatever they speak Forward is meant to be taken Backwards, etc. Is it or was it any coincidence that the Backdrop to Biden’s Speech was lit in a Satanic Red?

One would have thought one was at a Satanic Temple Meeting or hearing Commander Hux’s Speech declaring the End of the Republic and the Rise of the 1st Order. This is what one argues exactly took place. And as Politicians do, Biden went back on his word that he would be the President that would Unite the American Union. A Kingdom or Nation Divided will Fall. This is what Jesus stated during His Ministry on Earth. One believes that the USA is under National Judgment and will Fall. It is being allowed the Leaders it is being Appointed as it descends into Chaos, by Design. If you think the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Trump’s and Biden’s have been ‘Elected’, you are being Fooled. The U.S. Presidents are not Elected but Selected.

The USA has gone the way of the Whore of Babylon as true to its Statue of not Liberty but Bondage. The USA was once a ‘Christian Nation’. Although not Perfect, it rose above the rest in the World. But that is not what the Statue of Liberty was originally portrayed as. If one notices the base of the Statue, there is a Chain binds the Hermaphrodite God-Goddess of Apollo and Diana. Originally, there was to have been a Cup that the ‘Lady Liberty’ or Libertas would be holding up. It would be the Motif, just as the Whore of Babylon is depicted in the Bible. And what is in the Cup?

According to the Biblical Narrative, the Babylon System, i.e., the Synagogue of Satan along with is Masonic High Priests are culpable of drinking the Blood of the Saints they have Martyred since Abel. This is who and what is really in control of the U.S. Government and the World. Their Signatures are all over their Federal Buildings in their District of Columbia, as in Columbine and the Statue that sits atop the Capital Building.

In his Weekly Prophecy Update, John Haller brought-up a Point of a Correlation based on Jewish Politics and how similar the Underhanded Tactic was utilized in the giving of the Biden Satanic Speech. It was used to Slander and Demonize the Political Opposition with great Effectiveness. Haller quotes from an Article at the Jewish News Syndicate by Ruthie Blum. In it, she clearly stated now the Handlers of Biden, giving him the Words to say came right out of the Israel Bashers Playbook.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

One can Ascertain then who is really behind the Imagery, War Declared and Division… the Synagogue of Satan. What is the Play? Overtly, it is the Demonization of the Political Opposition, while imposing their Double Standards. It was a Delegitimization of any Citizen that identifies with Republican Party Politics. It is based on the 3 D's that Natan Sharansky proposed as Proof of what is ‘Real’ Anti-Semitism is and not what is portrayed through their owned Media. This Thesis came out in the 2004 Fall Issue of the Jewish Political Studies Review, published by the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs.

It is a Tactic, again used to accuse a Political and/or Religious Opposition of what they are actually doing themselves. But Covertly, one will show that this Biden Satanic Speech was crafted by the same Synagogue of Satan. They Declared War on those that do not agree with the Government in Power. But one will show that they have Declared War on the Philadelphian Church Type of Christians. Look for an increase in the Labeling and Media Narrative of the ‘Rise of Christian Nationalists’. It is a Divide-And-Conquer Tactic. One argues that the Division of America started with the Great American Eclipse of 2017 that ‘Parted’ the Continental Nation, Astronomically.

And at its ‘Core’ or Phi Ratio Distance of the Eclipse, occurring in the Heart of Leo, was the Temple of Isis, in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a Replica of the Parthenon in Athens. It houses the Goddess of Prostitutes, Isis or Diana. She is the Force that turns ‘Men to Women and Women to Men’. Since 2017, the USA has experienced a Dividing and Transitioning. It has been a Polarization on all accounts, Political, Social, Moral, Sexual, Religious, Economic, etc. The Blue, the White and the Red. Some Pundits go so far as to insinuate a coming Civil War 2.0. As a Political Scientist, one would argue that the USA is currently in a COLD CIVIL WAR. And it will not correct itself. It is too late.

One will now entirely dissect the Parameters of the Biden Satanic Speech. The entirety of the Speech Transcript will be provided in the End Notes for Reference. To reiterate, one will only be addressing the Aesthetics and Prophetic Innuendos that were clearly and intentionally Predictively Programmed. The Orchestrated Event was not a White House Function as Stated that it was. What Biden did was to further Divide the Nation, intentionally. First, if one thinks that Biden crafted the Speech by himself and came up with the Rhetoric and Rendition of the Context, you are greatly Deceived. It is well known that most if not all the U.S. Presidents, at least in the Modern Era had and have Speech Writers.

This was the Case of Bush Jr., and now Biden, the more Intellectually Challenged Types, etc. The 1 Exception was Trump. And at Times, that is what got himself into Unwanted Controversy. Now that the Name of Trump has come up in the Context, one has stated that one is not a Trump Supporter. One is a Libertarian. One was once a Communist even. One even lived in the former USSR because one was Brainwashed to think that Marxism and Communism would usher-in the Worker’s Paradise. Lies. If the USA is such a Racist and Capitalist Exploiting Nation, why do Millions risk Life and Limb to cross its Borders? You are being lied to. It is in the University Campuses across the Nation where this Cancer is being Taught and Perpetrated.

America Was Great Again

One would say, if all those Marxist and Communist Nations that still exist, like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea are such the Model of their Socialist Utopia, why in GOD’s Green Earth do they not Immigrate to those Nations now and not Destroy the USA? That is the Plan. That is the Red Dragon’s Luciferian Agenda. Why? America is the Last Bastian of Christianity, as a whole, collectively. More Professing Christians with Political Power live in the USA than in another Nation on Earth. Perhaps China stands to surpass the Numbers. One was a Democrat when one Proudly became a U.S. Citizen.

In those Days, the Democrat Party stood for the Working Class, and espoused Working-Class Values that centered around the Family, Community. They stood with the Unions to protect the Vulnerable and disenfranchised from Greedy Corporation in bed with the Federal Government. Now the Democrats are a Party of Extremist Leftist who have lost their Moral Compass and espouse all that is Evil, Corrupt, Perverse and Violent. Yet it is they that accuse their Opposition, the Alt-Right, of doing the same. One had to relinquish one’s Former Citizenship of one’s Birth Nation. This is what all those that seek U.S. Citizens should do. No Dual Citizenships. No Dual Loyalties. This is 1 Main Reason why there is Treason in the U.S. Government at the Highest Levels.

When Trump took Office, the Democrat Pundits feared Nuclear War, North Korea firing Nuke Missiles, the Middle East Blowing-Up, Oil Prices skyrocketing, Unemployment Doubling, Violent Crime Exploding, Gun Shooting rising, etc. No. Under Trump, despite his Moral Failing did the following. And again, one is not at Trump Supporter as it was him who rolled-out the COVID-19 Injections that have now killed and injured countless unsuspecting Guinee Pigs.

-Secured the Borders where know Terrorists used to smuggle who knows what.
-Visited North Korea and freaking crossed over the Demilitarized Zone line.
-Made the USA Energy Independent and Exporter.
-Made Peace break-out in the Middle East with the Abraham Accords.
-Lowered the Unemployment Rate in General but specific to Blacks and Hispanics.
-There were hardly any Mass Shootings as they are now under Biden.
-Trump got NATO to pay for Securing and Protecting Europe.
-Took the USA out of the Paris Climate Accords.
-Took the USA out of the WHO, World Health Organization.
-Took the USA out of the Iran Nuclear Deal.
-Froze Iranian Assets that went to fund Terrorism around the World.
-Supported Evangelical Christian Interests.

Although Trump was not ‘Initiated’ into the Luciferian Secret Societies, he ‘Ran with the Dogs’, as they say. And when you ‘Lie Down with Dogs, you come Up with Flees’. Trump is no ‘Saint’ nor True Christian. The Operation ‘Q’ was a Psyop from within the various Intelligence Agencies to funnel the Christian Response and Resistance to Obama. But, although America Elected him for his Popularity, Familiarity and Leadership Skills as a Business Man, a bad one at that with multiple Bankrupt, he always got the ‘Get Out of Jail’ Cards. Trump was and is a Populist. What is a Populist? It is one that seeks the Interests of the Nation 1st. Thus, ‘Make America Great Again’.

Fool Us Twice, Shame On…

Trump did make America Great Again. And he, in Hind-Sight, epitomized all that Biden is not, can never be and. By design of the Luciferians behind Biden, Biden has totally undone the Greatness that was amazingly achieved in such a short time under Trump. But in likewise fashion, all that was Constructed by Trump, has been Demolished by Biden and Fauci’s COVID Bio-Weapon. Or rather those behind Biden as it is really Obama’s 3rd Term. Biden is just a Stand-In. If you believe otherwise, you are Deceived.

According to the CDC’s VAERs, there have been over 1 Million Reports made as of Biden’s Satanic Speech. And consider that based on the Harvard Study, only 1% is being Reported. This means that in actuality, a more accurate Count would be over 10 Million Cases of Reported Adverse Effects from the COVID-19 Shots. And tragically, the Mainstream Media is still extolling the ’Safe and Effective’ False Narrative. According to the VAERs States, the following Numbers have been Reported as of Biden’s Satanic Speech.

-30,000 Deaths from the COVID -19 Shots.
-5000 Mis-Carriages
-16,000 Heart Attacks
-51,000 Myocarditis
-57,000 Permanently Disabled

This is an aside Tangent, but an important one to note. One does not have a TV. One has not had one since the 1990 and one has been all the better for it. It is a Propaganda Tool of Satan. It is. Those that wrote the Satanic Speech for Biden are 1 in the Same that own the Cameras, the Media, Money, Military, the Magic, the Pundits, and Doctors, etc. Conspiracy? You bet. And one ought to know who has interviewed with the State Department and the CIA. No thanks, after seeing what goes behind the Scenes. So, as all of you may have heard/read, the CDC has done an ‘About Face’ regarding ‘Vaccination Status’, Mask Mandates, Social Distancing and Testing Required.

They basically stated ‘Oh, Yeah, you do not need to do all that anymore’. Really? So, all that one and other had been saying all along was True. Does not matter. But one has a feeling that the World will go through this again in the Fall and Beyond. Remember, they said, that ‘We are not going back to Normal’. And they mean it. It feels like, what, Normal is Back? As school began for most in Mid to Late August, the Students come back in droves. There is an Excitement in the Air, but something is up. As the Saying goes, ‘If it is too good to be True’… It is a Set-Up if one ever has seen one.

As soon as America will let down its Guard, they, the Evil Satanic Powers behind Biden and that Warlock of the Angel of Mengele Death, Fauci will pull the Rug from under the Unsuspecting People, again. It is called Problem-Reaction-Solution. ‘Fool us Once, shame on You, Fool us Twice, shame on us’. It brings one back to the Spiritual Condition of how in the Days of Noah, the People were all, Drinking, Marrying and Given to other types of Marriage, i.e., Same Sex Marriages. It seems Life was Normal. And is not this Year, 2022 the Year of Marriages? So, one wonders what the next Virus will they release and excuse the World back to a Worldwide Lock-Down?

Their Economic and Currency Reset

This Next Time, will converge with the Digital Currency and need for Biometrics and thus, need for ‘Updated Booster’. The Peoples of the World are conditioned now and will do ‘anything’ to avoid another Lock-Down, etc. With every passing Day, the U.S Republic Falls, closer to their Luciferian desired End. Seems the Powers that Be are now so brazen as to just about Arrest a Former U.S. President. Despite one’s View or Opinion of the Man, the Office was considered ‘Sacred’. Why not Subpoena and Raid the Homes of the Clinton’s, Hilary, Bush’s and Obama’s? Hunter Biden? No.

If they can do that to Trump, what can the Average American expect. Where is Jared Kushner? He knows all those that Run the World. Why did not his People to ‘Save’ and ‘Hands Off Trump?’ No. Is it for no Reason that the 87,000 New IRS Hires will be asked to use Deadly Force? Against Criminals? No, against You. And where are the Republicans? Keven McCarthy? He is probably the most Powerful Republican in the Nation, and from one’s Home Town of Bakersfield, California and same Age.

One remembers him doing TV Ads when running for US House of Representatives and how he used the University Campus, where one worked at as a Backdrop. He got his 2 Degrees from there. But what convinced me that ‘he is on it’, the Swamp, is what happened to House Representative Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C. If you all remember, he made the Comments during an Appearance on the Warrior Poet Society Podcast with host John Lovell. In the Discourse, Cawthorn insinuated that [Republican] Legislators basically invited him to a Personal House Sex Orgy full of Cocaine, etc. And Why?

Keven McCarthy had to know about these ‘Events’. You do not get to be the Top Republican in the Nation and say, ‘I Know Nothing’. This is how the Game is Played. They lure the Young, New House Representatives and Senators to entrap them in Sexual Acts, Drugs or other things if it need be with Minors, both Boys and Girls to leverage Political Control and Votes. This is how the Luciferian Secret Societies, the CIA work with their Luciferian ‘Initiations’. Once Cawthorn ‘Spilled the Beans’, he was targeted. And unfortunately, his Closet Skeletons got him. As one has shared before, from 1st Hand Experience in one’s Political Science Career Journey, they will either:

1. Ask politely to Join in exchange for Insider Trading, Contracts, and Committee Positions.
2. If not, will either be Voted out after the 1st Term.
3. Or be Killed.

Now that the Context and Backdrop has been discussed, one will now delve into why one is convinced, beyond a Reasonable Doubt that that Biden did in giving the Speech to America was Sedition and Satanic. And that the Time and Place is really aimed at not just the Half of America that disagrees Politically with him, his Democrat Party and Agendas. But that it was Spiritually and Satanically aimed at the Christians. And specifically, the Church of Philadelphia. How so? Consider that it is the Church of Philadelphia, 1 of the 7 Churches of Asia to whom the Letter from the Risen Jesus Christ is sent to. It spatulates no Condemnation of the Little Flock that had Little Strength. These Types of Christians kept the Words of Jesus and did not Deny His Name. It was in contrast to most of the other Types of Christians that became Apostate.

Their Brotherly Love

But to the Church of Philadelphia, a Door of Escape was and is Promised by Jesus. An Escape from What and Whom? From the Wrath of the Lamb that is on its way and from the Clutches of the Red Dragon of War, that is also coming, Lucifer via the AntiChrist, etc. Is it no Coincidence that Biden was placed in front of Independence Hall, in the City of Brotherly Love, which is what Philadelphia means in the Greek? No. It was no Coincidence. The Biden Satanic Speech was just a Mouth-Piece for Lucifer to threaten the Philadelphian Type of Christians that he knows are about to Escape.

But during the 7-Year Tribulation, the Bible does state that Lucifer, through his Proxy ‘Son’ of Perdition will ‘Make War with the Saints and Overcome Them’. What? How can this be? It is because it is not the Church Age. It is during this Present Church Age or Dispensation of Grace that the Disciples of Jesus cannot be Overcome, nor Jesus’ Body can be Killed while on Earth still. Why not? Since the Church Body is that of Jesus’, it is His Extension of His Being and Essence.

And since Jesus Died already, was Buried and Rose from the Dead, Jesus is Indestructible and can never be Killed again. It is because Jesus Destroyed him, Lucifer who had the Power of Death over Humanity, Adam’s Seed due to Sin. The other Piece of Evidence for why one is convinced Biden’s Speech was Sedition and Satanically Inspired and targeted to the Philadelphian Type of Christians is when the Speech took place, Astronomically. How so? Consider that the Celestial Motif for the 7 Churches of Asia is referred to as the 7 Sisters or that which constitutes the Pleiades Star Cluster. It is these 7 Stars that Jesus holds in His Hands in the Book of Revelation.

It is Jesus who is the ‘Atlas’ and the Holy Spirit, Pleione that ‘Shepherd’ the Little Flock that is held ‘Captive’ by the Mad Bull of Judgment, Taurus. It is Orion, the Champion that confronts the Bull in the Celestial Bull Fight in the Stars for the 7 Maidens, etc. And? Well, it so happened that on September 1, 2022, the Planet of War, Mars was near the Ley Line of the Pleiades that is connected to the Neck of Taurus.

As one who is also an Amateur Astronomer and has studied the Ancient Mazzaroth and its Meanings, the 7 Stars of the Pleiades echo the Prophetic Metaphor of the Little Flock, that of Philadelphia that will Escape the Bull’s Judgment. It will be Liberated by the Greater Orion, Jesus who Died for Her to present her Holy, Blameless. And suited to be Jesus’ Wife and Co-Heir of all that Jesus has been given by GOD the Father. And that is Everything in Heaven, on Earth and under the Earth. This occurs at the Rapture.

As a Political Scientist, one can tell you that the USA is no Democracy. The Notion of Democracy is based on the Ancient Practice of what is called ‘Direct Democracy’. It was only the Landed Gentry, who were ‘Citizen’ who could vote only. Women and the ‘Common Folk’ could not. The USA is a Constitutional Republic. And what Biden was told to say, and because he agrees with it, is exactly the Opposite of what is True, much like the COVID-19 Narrative. And now, if any U.S. Citizen disagrees with the U.S. Federal Democrat Party Agenda, you are an ‘Extremist’ and Dangerous to America.

Enemies of the State

This means that at least Half if not more of all U.S. Citizens are now in the FEMA, FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, Lists of Terrorists who are a ‘Threat’ the U.S. Government. This Speech was not just a White House Function. He used the Cover of the Presidency and Satanic Red for War Backdrop, in the Darkness of the Night to put the ‘Philadelphians’ in Check. The Innuendo was and is that War has been declared on them. It is they that will perpetrate Political Violence. It is they that violate the Constitution. It is they that disregard the Rule of Law. It is they that foment Disorder. Where were their Democrat Speeches when Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA rioted and burnt down the Cities?

In fact, it was Democrats like Maxine Waters, caught on video inciting Crowds that encouraged Sedition against Americans through Threats and Intimidation, not Peaceful Protests, etc. Biden’s Satanic Speech was meant to ‘Warn’ America of how half its Citizens are now ‘Dangerous’ and a ‘Threat’ to Democracy. But it shows just who they really have declared War against. To Reiterate, in one’s Political Science Estimation and based on the Esoteric and Luciferian Signaling and Motifs that is correlated to the Planet of War, Mars, a War is coming against such ‘Philadelphian Types of Christians.

Essentially, Lucifer has declared War on the Church of Philadelphia. It is a Shame that the Commander in Chief, or Commander in Thief used the Marines for his Political Persuasion of the American People that disagree with his Notion of Democracy. It is a Lie. If you believe that it is about ‘Protecting Democracy’ in America, you are Deceived. This Spiritual War has already been won, by Jesus. But He had to leave. In part, the Reason is that Jesus is preparing a Place in His Father’s House for His Bride. This ‘Bride’ is a Metaphor for all those who have but their Faith and Trust in Jesus.

He also had to leave because that Departure allowed for GOD the Holy Spirit to come to Earth and Indwell each Disciple of Jesus from within as a Token of the Permanent Sealing. It has only been a ‘Down-Payment’ of what is to fully come at the Time of the Great Escape. When? At the Rapture Event. It is a Rapture, as in a Forceful Removal from a circumstance of Danger. Danger from whom? Lucifer, the Synagogue of Satan, the Freemasons, etc. It is Lucifer that knows that although, presently during the Church Age, he can still Persecute and Martyr the Disciples of Jesus, Lucifer cannot Destroy the Church while on Earth. And in fact, this Body has all the Power and Authority of Jesus, being given to it. It is the Restrainer that is Retraining Lucifer and his Minions like Biden, Fauci, the Klaus Schwab’s of the World, Trudeau, Macron, Boris, etc.

Was it Trump that called-up the National Guard to be stationed around the Federal Buildings in the District of Columbia and have them fenced-off when all those Women and Men came out with a Vagina Motif on their Heads to protest Trump’s Election? Since when was, ‘The Donald’ become a Villain? It is when he came into Political Power. It is much like the Lot Effect. No, not the Fauci Effect. Lot chose to live in Sodom. That was fine. But as soon as he became a Judge at the Gate, the People turned on him. Why? The People of Sodom and Gomorrah did not what any Godly Man telling who to Sleep with or who to Marry. They did not stand for the Types of Lots that would pass Moral Laws. So, what has the USA descended to? Sodom and Gomorrah.

It has ‘Slouched’ to the level that even the Biden Appointment to the Supreme Court, being a Woman and a Judge, could not define or ‘Judge’ what a Woman was or is. This is how Demented, at least Half of the U.S. Population has become and chosen to Slouch towards Gomorrah. A Nation Divide will Fall. The Issue? It is the other Half of the Nation that holds the Power. And the USA is being deliberately Demolished like the Twin Towers on 9-11. It is a Controlled Demolition. And as one has written, the Fall of the Phoenix is set to occur in the 33rd Sabbath Cycle or Shemitah.

This is predicated on the Coin Act of 1792, just 3 Years from when the USA became a Constitutional Republic. It will be the 230/231st Year in 2023 wherein one Projects the U.S. Dollar will Crash. It will make way for the Digital Centralized Dollar and contribute to the worldwide Economic Reset. This in turn will set-up the World for Billions of People around the World to take the Mark of the Beast and its System. It has been reported that Biden has signed Documents that would make this New Digital Dollar possible starting in December of 2022, going into 2023, etc. And?

This New Digital Dollar will be Centralized or Managed not by either Decentralized Corporate Banks or Credit Unions. No. It will be a Business Merger of the U.S. Federal Government with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is not part of the U.S. Government, and it has no Oversight by Congress. It is really a Conglomerate of Private Banking Bloodlines, like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, etc., that lend the Government the Money with Interest.

The USA has defaulted its Constitutionally Mandated Printing of its Currency to the Federal Reserve. And? The New U.S. Digital Dollar managed by the Federal Reserve will now serve as the Direct Bank for every Person living in the USA. And? Such Entities can cancel one’s Bank Account at will as Trudeau did to the Canadian Truck Drivers for refusing the COVID-19 Kill Shots. Or for having the ‘Wrong Political Thought or Idea’, Vote, Tweet or Post made that is deemed ‘Hate’ or Sedition.

So, for example, all those ‘MAGA’ Republican Americans, about half of the Population, overall, that are now deemed Extremists, and a Threat to the U.S. Government will have their Bank Accounts Frozen. These Families will not be able to access any Funds to pay for Food, Shelter, Travel and Clothing, etc. All by Design. Unless of course you get the Mandated Shots and Obey Big Brother. Welcome to USSA, Comrade. 



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