Reason for the COVID Plandemic

  • What is the Great 'Cosmic Secret' about
  • What is the Next Human 'Evolutionary' Step?
  • Will the Rapture have to do with one's DNA? Yes.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘While People are saying, Peace and Security, Destruction will come upon them Suddenly, like Labor Pains on a Pregnant Woman, and THEY will not Escape. But YOU, Brothers, are not in the Darkness so that this Day should Overtake you like a Thief. For you are all Sons of the Light and Sons of the Day; we do not belong to the Night or to the Darkness’. -1 Thessalonians 5:3-5

One hesitated to share this next study and Reference because it deals with a Movie-Documentary called the ‘Cosmic Secret’. It features the New Age Gurus that are propagating what they believe will be the next Human ‘Shift’ or Ascension in Consciousness that is coming soon. To them, this is like the Great Re-Set. The Reason why it is Dangerous to share is that it is about 30% Truth and ‘80%’ Dis-Information. So, for the Followers of Jesus, Pray-Up if one does decide to see/hear it. So, why has one decided to share it? The Body of Christ is Commanded to not be ‘Ignorant of the Enemy's Devices’.

But if one is not well Grounded in Biblical Truth, one can get Confused Theologically with this 30-80% Documentary, perhaps. The Key? Remember the Analogy of the Principle of how to Counteract Money Counterfeiting. Know, Smell, Feel, Touch, Taste the Original. Jesus. One can pick apart the Truth from what is False or is being Dis-Informed as ‘Fact’ and what is the ‘Real Cosmic Secret’. For one, it has taken a lot of Years of Study, and even then, some of these Arguments can suck a ‘Seasoned’ Student’ into a Rabbit Hole. So, beware. And what is their ‘Great Cosmic Secret’?

And that is? That a ‘Rapture’ Type Event is at the Door, Pun intended that will take Human ‘Evolution’ and ‘Consciousness’ to the Next Level. And at the center of this Change? One’s DNA. No doubt about it. As in the Days of Noah. One is not disparaging the Speakers as they seem Sincere and Credible, especially with their Amazing Claims. But it is the Age of Deception. As the Bride of Christ, she is to know the Theology of what is coming Eschatologically. Most of what is called the Professing Church is Clueless. There is a New World Order coming. A Segment of Humanity will Ascend with Glorified Bodies that will have the Marvels of Amazing DNA Upgrades to include Immortality in a New Physical Body, yet fit for Eternity, etc.

The Coming New Age is the Millennial Age. But the Difference? It is not about Jesus. They never mention Jesus as the True Creator, Arbiter and Solution to Earth’s Problems that will Rule this New Human Re-Set and Order. To these People in the Film and World, Jesus is ‘1’ of the Solutions. He is just a ‘Good Teacher’ who comes to show how ‘Christians’ have ‘Mis-Interpreted’ the Bible. And especially the New Testament. These People, in the Movie, adhere to the Gnostic Gospels and explain-away the Creation of Mankind and the Angelic Rebellion of Lucifer with only 1/3 of the Fallen Angels at his Command and Service, in Terms of a ‘Star Wars’ Version and Interpretation. Thus, the 30%-80% Truth.

4th Reich Re-Set

They do touch upon the Ancient Texts that speak of a Super Earth Planet called Tiamat that Orbited between Mars and Jupiter. That is where now, the Asteroid Belt is what remains of that Planet. What Happened? According to Ancient Lore, a Cosmic Chaos or Battle ensued in which Bad ‘Aliens’, the Reptilians and the lesser in Numbers Rebelled against the Good Aliens that looked Human-Like or Pleiadian. The ‘Bad’ Aliens used the Sun’s Micro Nova as a Weapon of Mass Cosmic Destruction in an attempt to Destroy the ‘Good’ Aliens. In the Attack, the Atmosphere of Mars was stripping-away and Tiamat became the Asteroid Belt.

The Induced Chaos got out of hand and the ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Aliens Evacuated to Earth before the impending Doom. The 'Bad' Aliens set-up Underground Bases, and a sort of Pact was agreed upon to ‘Co-Exist’. The Bad Aliens found Humanoids and started to perform Genetic Manipulation on them for Hybridization. What resulted were the Giants and Hybrid Humans written about, down the Millennia, etc. If one is a Fan of the Work of LA Marzulli, one will pick-up the ‘Trail of the Nephilim’ in that Native Americans and all other Cultures corroborate such Cosmic Chaos Narratives, etc.

What the Movie’s ‘Cosmic Secret’ initials then is that they say that what is in Genesis 6 is really a ‘Handed-Down’ Version of a ‘Sanitized’ Mis-Interpretation of the Truth. Wrong. Or how Organized Religions, like Christianity are ’Holding Back’ the Real ‘Secret’ of the Cosmos. And that is? That Humans will become ‘Gods’ with the Help of the Alien Genetic Manipulation of one’s DNA. How? Through Viruses! So, here is the Main Reason one is sharing this study. At the 1 Hour and 9 Minute Marker, one can now understand better why the whole World will go alone with the ‘Ancient Alien’ Theory of the Return of the Martian Saviors. One has heard these Arguments before though.

It is even 1 of the Titles of one’s Books. One would venture to say that about half the Planet is not Christian and in fact, more People are prone to accept the False Narrative of ‘Alien Gods’ that did Genetically Interfere with the Seed of Humanity. And? They will come down and show-up promising a Perfected Genome that will and can make Humanity, ‘Gods’. They will say, ‘We know what is wrong with your Species’ DNA!’ ‘And we can fix it’. How? What 1 of the Men stated how it would be done, gave one an ‘Ah-ha’ Moment in Life. And that is the purpose of why one wants to share that now. It is related to why COVID came about. It had to. It is part of the Grandiose Luciferian Plan. One argues that Lucifer and his 1/3 Fallen Angels are Masquerading as ‘Aliens’.

Realize that the Movie was released in 2019, just 1 Year Prior to the COVID Plandemic whose ‘Solution’ is? Injections. Governments have now administered over 5 Billion Injections of mRNA. This is how the ‘Aliens’ would be ‘Changing Humanity’ or in actuality, ‘Re-Setting’ it at the Genome Level. This COVID Plandemic is really not the start of the 4th Industrial Revolution but the 4th Reich Re-Set. And does one know how the ‘Aliens’ would prepare and have been preparing Humanity for the next Stage of Evolution? How would the DNA be changed? Through Viruses. What? In part, one now Understands more, why the vast Majority of People in the World will welcome this Genetic Manipulation of their DNA. Everyone wants to become a ‘God’.

Cosmic Chaos

Lucifer will attempt at delivering the Lie said to Eve in the Garden. Again, this 30%-80% Truth and Dis-Information has Prophetic Corresponding Points. Consider one’s ‘Temporary Tent’ of a Body, and of a Sinful Flesh. Once the Glorified Bodies are given Exclusively to the Bride of Christ at the Rapture, those New Bodies will be like having become ‘God’-like in Constitution and Function in comparison to what one has now.

And this next ‘Great Evolutionary Leap Forward’ depends on one’s DNA. Here is the Point. It will be at the Resurrection-Rapture Event that this occurs. This is why Lucifer is Attacking the DNA of Humanity. It is War. He and his Fallen Angels detest the Rapture and are attacking the Pre-Tribulation Doctrine. It has to occur before His ‘Ancient Alien Gods’ can be revealed. Here is the exact excerpt concerning the Virus Delivery System.

The Cosmic Secret
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Some of the examples of how they would
make these Genetic Changes is that they would use Viruses as Delivery Systems.

They would make Changes to Certain Genetic Markers, or Genome in this Virus and use the Virus as a Delivery System.

And not only did
the Virus deliver the Genetic Changes to the Civilizations they were working on,

but they also were used to Cull-Off the Weaker Genetics and allow the Experiment to thrive.

These Genetic Programs were developed to Boost or Enhance the Natural Evolution or Ascension

of the Beings on the Planet. And what they would do, is they would
take a Genetic Approach, where they would Tinker with our Genetics,

and instead of allowing Eons of Time for Genetic Changes to occur, they would cause them almost instantaneously.

So, on our Planet, we have all of these Different Genetic Experiments that are, in some cases, competing with each other.

To prevent these Experiments from mixing with each other, or wiping each other out, they
began to develop Social Norms

and different ways for these Cultures to self-Police, and Protect their own Genetic Experiment

Into the Prophetic Corner

But True, instead, it is the Bride of Christ that will be ‘Leaping Forward’ in the so-called Next ‘Evolutionary’ Stage to be with Jesus, as He is and where He is at. This is what the Speakers in the Cosmic Secret Movie reject. It is Jesus, Exclusively that Was, Is and Will Be the Solution for Humanity. And Jesus is the one who will be coming to Pronounce the True ‘Re-Set’ and keep His Promise of returning for His Own, i.e., John 14. It is Jesus that Re-Establishes the Garden of Eden on Earth Again. It is Jesus that can not only Save the Soul, Spirit and Body of Humans but can ‘Save Mother Earth’ too.

 Thus, one wanted to share this Piece of Information because one just got News also that the Nations of the World are going forward with having the WHO Supersede their Nation’s Sovereignty when it comes to having a Centralized Protocol for Plandemics. For? For determining who needs to Lock-Down, Not Work, is Essential and needs to get Injected’, i.e., Green Passports. It will mean the Digitization of ‘Everything, Money, Minds, Faces, and Bodies, etc. ‘The Internet of Bodies’. These New UN Protocols will most likely abandon any form of Medical and/or Religious Exemption Requests.

So, as Pastor JD Farag amply noted and recognized Prophetically, the Bride of Christ is Intentionally and Methodically being ‘Pinned’ against the Prophetic Corner. As one told one’s Supervisor at Work, ALL that one Predicted came True. Yet, even in the Movie about the Plandemic, the Scientists and Doctors are baffled. At what? At the Apathy and lack of Critical Thinking Skills the majority of the People do not have or care to have. In the case of the German Legislature, they did not ask any ‘Further Questions’ of the Doctors sounding the False Alarm.

Perhaps, soon, things will start to Coalesce, as they have to, for their Great Re-Set to finalize. But take Heart, that it is all under Jesus’ Permissible Will, as it is playing right into His Hands. It is much like the Principle of ‘Bait and Switch’ Jesus did on the Cross against Lucifer with. The coming DNA, no, the current DNA Manipulation Efforts are serving their Purposes now, sadly. As written about these before, it is a 3-Prong Approach with COVID to do the following.

1. Contaminate
2. Cull
2. Control

This is what is happening now, and People do not see it. It is a case of how, truly Lucifer has blinded the Minds and Eyes of all those being Rocked to Death in their ‘Proverbial Sleep’. Why? Because People are expecting a ‘Better Deal’ or Gospel than Jesus’. Below is the Link to that Movie-Documentary on the Causes and Rationale for the Plandemic. What is scarry is that the Scientists and Advocates that saw through the Façade the 1st time, recognize that the Powers-That-Be, this Next Time Around have Perfected their Protocols. And astonishingly, it is becoming harder to ‘Wake’ People Up.

If only the COVID Spell could be broken and most of the USA and the World for that matter, would come to their Senses and a Right Mind to realize what is being done to them. But as with one’s Colleagues, they think one is the one that is ‘Spell-Bound’, Crazy, an ‘Idiot’, Science Denier, etc.
Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)        

They refuse to connect the Dots of all the Sudden Deaths to the Injections, but to the Variants. Thus, they are Doubling-Down and this next Go-Around will have all those that are not or refuse the Injections to blame for the continued ‘Plandemic’. Why? It is a Genuine Spirit of Deception that has been cast, a Mass Psychosis even. Bible Students know that as the Apostle Paul foretold, the Last Days would be going from Bad to Worse and GOD would give the World over to a Reprobate Mind.

Not that it is an Excuse to just ‘Give Up’ and not Preach the Gospel still. This the 11th Hour and when one should be doing that the most. One really likes Pastor JD Farag’s Message. In one instance, he featured in a ‘But GOD’ Testimony of 4 Sisters from the United Kingdom. One loves the ‘But GOD’ Testimonies. It makes Faith Real and seen in action in People’s Lives and in their Everyday interactions. When one was studying at the University of London back in the Late 1980s, going to all the Museums was a Treat.

One was astonished to see just how much Egyptian and Occult Motifs the City had and has. And how they incorporated a lot of the Egyptian Artifacts and ‘Gods’ into their Art, Architecture and Motifs. Every Time one would come across such an Art Piece, a Dark Echo or Feeling was sensed.  One Conjectures that the British not only brought over such Relics but their Dark Spirits as well. And with all the Royal Bloodlines of the Monarchs, they do even claim Rights to such Dragon Blood as with King Charles, who admitted publicly that they are directly Blood Related to the real 'Count Dracula'.

Vlad the Impaler, as in Dracon or Dragon…They veil it in such Novels as the Game of Thrones Storyline, for example. So, one can relate to the Sister’s eeriness about the Headquarters of AstraZeneca that was visited there in London. And by the way, its Logo is a Veiled 666. Most Medicine, Media, Money and Military Motifs are portrayed in similar fashion. It is their Luciferian Signature of Ownership and Control. It is no Wonder that the Gate of Ba’al, that of Palmyra in Ancient Syria was replicated and placed in every Major World Capital.

Remember that? This Door or ‘Portal’ became a Venue as they were set on Earth’s Sacred Ley-Lines to actually activate a Spiritual Opening to these Fallen Angels and Demons that were Dormant. That Enterprise was in Preparation for the Worldwide Pharmakeía ‘Medicine Spell’ cast upon the whole Peoples of the Earth, with what became known as COVID. The Bride of Christ needs to keep Praying against these Open Doors that the Luciferians are Engaging with and Opening. One supposes they will eventually have to be opened and one may not be able to stop what the Bible has decreed will occur. But one can attempt to Awaken Many to this Spell that has been Broad-Cast and Break that in Individual People now.


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