COVID-19 Shot Approval

  • Big Pharma wants Priority Review to have their shots fully approved.
  • Is there a Conspiracy to require People to be forced 'vaccinated'?
  • Predictive Programming of a virus to de-populate and sterilize.

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.’ -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The purpose of this study is to make one aware that the Experimental mRNA COVID-19 shot Manufacturers are seeking a Priority Review to have the mRNA COVID-19 shots fully approval by the FDA in the USA. Priority Review means these Private Companies want the FDA to approve their applications within 6 months. This will then set the worldwide precedence of having the WHO endorse such a Priority Review for the entire world. This condition will then left the Emergency Use Authorization constraints on the COVID-19 shots. Thus far, it has given those not willing nor wanting the Experimental new mRNA shots to be taken. One can legally consent not to take them. And despite the pressure and coercion of Private Corporation and Universities for example to mandate their Staff, Faculty and Students, one can opt-out. No more will this be the case if the Priority Review is granted and the shots are given full approval.

This Priority Review will be granted and the COVID-19 shots will no longer be considered ‘Experimental’. Thus, ‘Shot Mandates’ will be legal and enforced. There will be no Exemptions allowed. Even for the stipulated ones currently in place, those being for Medical and Religious Exemptions. If such will be required, it will only be stated for Legal Cover but the granting of these 2 types of Exemptions will be a whole other story and challenge. The argument and rationale by Fauci and his Frankenstein cadre state that the reason why the USA, in particular is having a hard time reaching ‘Herd Immunity’ is that not nearly everyone is getting the COVID-19 shot. And this is despite 4 million People getting the shot a day, on average.

The surveys given suggest that nearly 40% of those that have taken the 1st dose in the USA do not and will not return for the 2nd dose. Thus, having a Fully Approved COVID-19 shot will relieve any legal restrictions to force those who have ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ or basically those who are called ‘Anti Vexers’ to take the shots. Full Approval will allow these Big Parma manufacturers that have never made a vaccine before, like Moderna to market and directly distribute their vaccines. So, now is the window of opportunity these companies have to act. Why? It is because when the COVID-19 Virus is no longer considered a 'Health Emergency', these Privat Companies will have to file a separate application for vaccines to be fully licensed as they will no longer be mandated. This involves submitting a Biologics License Application to the FDA. The solution or Conspiracy? It is to perpetually have a ‘State of Emergency’ never lifted nor count the COVID ‘pandemic’ over.

A Shot in the Dark

Most organizations, companies and schools, for example have held-off in making the COVID-19 shots mandatory because they are not Fully Approved yet. Their Lawyers know the ramifications of law suits if they would proceed. However, the intent is there and will be there and will be mandated as soon as the Fully Approval is ratified. This new forced COVID-19 shot mandate would make, for example the 40% of Marines that declined to take the Experimental new mRNA COViD-19 shot in the USA to take them. Most forget what happened during Desert Strom in 1991 when an estimated 35,000 Soldiers died when the then Experimental Emergency Use Authorization Anthrax Vaccine was mandated. More Soldiers died of this type of shot than being shot to death in the entire war campaign. 

Already, most Private Companies like Amazon, Airlines and others have conditioned their Staff and Employees to take the shots or be dismissed from their employment. The granting of Full Approval is only a minor technicality as it seems it is the next step in the plan that has been orchestrated in years past. Such a Game Plan had been already drawn-up in such Reports as the Rockefeller Lock Step 2010 or Operation Dark Winter and as recent as with ID 2020. It is where a simulated release of a Pathogen managed to Reset the Order and mass vaccination of the world was the outcome. This is the intention. The COVID-19 Virus has just been the ‘Primer’. Is there then a Conspiracy to have everyone on the planet take these Experimental mRNA shots? Yes. Why?

Fully Approved COVID-19 vaccines could open-up the States and Private Companies to mandate the COVID-19 shots, never mind any alternative Treatments. This is the plan. It has always been the plan or Conspiracy that is now fact, not a theory anymore. How so? As noted in what the likes of Dr. Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer have said incredibly. It is not about the money. These types of Private Corporations have billions already. He however believes that something evil is going on presently on Earth and it involves a Control Grid and De-Population Agenda against Humanity. It is a Military involved mass Genocide and Holocaust in the making. And all because un-elected Officials in the FDA, the CDC, and the WHO will give Full Approval of dangerous Experimental mRNA shots that have skipped the Human Trials for long-term Adverse Effect studies.

To reiterate, this Full Approval will give the necessary Legal and Constitutional Authority to require all People, at least in the USA to take the COVID-19 shots. And those not willing still to get the shots? Off to the Camps! The spin will be that the FDA and the CDC along with the WHO report that the COVID-19 shots as ‘Safe and Effective’. Yet the CDC's own VAERS data base shows otherwise. Let one consider the country of Israel, the ‘Vaccinated Nation’ that mandated the COVID-19 shots and Vaccine Passports. How did they fare? According to research, the Experimental COVID-19 shots had a Death Rate for Israel's Elderly 40 times higher than the COVID-19 Death Rate. It was reported in LifeSite News that the Pfizer COVID-19 shots killed about 40 times more Elderly People and 260 times more of the Young People than what the COVID-19 Virus would have done in the given time frame. 

Utopia World Order

As Dr. Yeadon has stated clearly about getting a COVID-19 shot, ‘It is a Killer Vaccine.’ Can it get any more Conspiratorial than this? Yes. It is a Conspiracy, the most profound in world history against an unsuspecting Humanity. Yeadon further states that the new Experimental mRNA COVID-19 shots are a Pharmaceutical Product that has a possibility of causing Infertility, severe Allergic Reactions, unreasonable Side Effects and even Death. Is this ‘Conspiratorial’? Not according to Hollywood who apparently had a measure of foreknowledge of the coming COVID-19 pandemic. They made a TV serious called Utopia.

This TV series was released on September 25, 2020 by Amazon Prime Video. It was cancelled in November 2020 after only Season 1. The series was ordered on April 18, 2018 with 9 Episodes. The filming started in the Fall of 2018 and the filming was completed by October 2019. What was astounding, was that the series finished filming in October 2019, just before COVID-19 hit the world stage. The amazing timing was much like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s ID 2020 Virus Pandemic Scenario. What is this TV series about? A COVID-19 Conspiracy.

1) World Governments and Agencies convinced the General Public that there was an outbreak of a ‘deadly new virus’. The Powers-That-Be sold the ‘Official Scientific Narrative’. They poisoned or otherwise killed People. Then they attributed their deaths to the Fake Virus.

2) Once the ‘Fake Pandemic’ was ‘broadcasted’, the General Public became terrified and paralyzed to think critically and challenge the Official Scientific Narrative. The Authorities then announced that there is a ‘vaccine’ that can defeat the virus.

3) With the help of the Global Elites, NGO Private Companies, and World Governments, planned to inject everyone on the planet with their vaccine as quickly as possible.

4) However, the Conspiracy was that the ‘new’ vaccines were designed to permanently sterilize all but a certain percentage of the People who took the shots. As a result, the global population drops from 7.8 billion to about 500 million in a single generation. To the Global Elites, Mission Accomplished as they ushering in a New Era of ‘plenty’, for themselves.

This per chance is the exact number of People needed to bring down in order to be controlled effectively. It is the 1st of the 10 Commandments of Lucifer that are etched in the Georgia Guide Stones. Is the COVID-19 a Conspiracy? Let one have a good comparison to the Amazon TV series, Utopia.
1) the WHO, CDC, FDA and World Governments made people only take the PCR Tests for COVID-19. They were recalibrated to be made sensitive with an initial 70 cycles. The correct cycle rate was designed to be about 17. With a cycle rate less than 30, 80% to 90% of Positive Tests would have actually been Negative Tests. 

The PCR Positive Tests results were called ‘Cases’ to make the General Public think these People were sick. World Governments report a high COVID-19 Death Rate due to Heart Attacks, Pneumonia, Car Wrecks, Gun Shots, Diabetes, Renal Failure being counted as COVID-19 ‘Deaths’. Doctors and Hospitals falsely reported and attributed to increase the Death Rate. The Globalist Elites, ‘sold’ the COVID-19 ‘Official Scientific Narrative’ via their Mass Media new outlets to induce Fear that suspends Critical Thinking Skills. The sources will be listed in the endnotes.

2) A Military Operation called ‘Warp Speed’ was introduced to roll-out a new COVID-19 ‘vaccine’. It would be Experimental as it had never been given to humans. This new ‘vaccine’ was supposed to take several years but is suddenly available in months. Various vaccine manufacturers started producing their version of a new Experimental mRNA COVID-19 shot that is not technically a vaccine. And based on their own Fact Sheets, the so called ‘vaccine’ does not prevent Infections, does not stop Transmission and does not provide a measure of Immunity.

3) The WHO, CDC and World Governments conspired to forcibly Lockdown all People and businesses, expect their invested ‘Big-Box’ companies whom they deemed as ‘essential. They mandated Masks and Social Distancing. Funding for this undertaking and Military Operation was provided to respond to COVID-19 by the following entities.  Private Foundations funded over $29 billion dollars. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation alone funded some $11 billion. The Rockefeller Foundation funded some $3 billion. The Ford Foundation funded about $380 million. The Soros Open Society Foundations funded some $322.6 million. World Governments have funded $12 trillion dollars’ worth. The U.S.A. alone has funded over $19 trillion dollars. The CDC has funded around $10 Trillion already. The Global Affairs Canada has funded over $6 trillion. The German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation has funded over $4.5 trillion. NGOs have funded over $23 trillion, etc.

4) Private Companies that mainly own the Mass Media to include the Social Media began censorship of any Anti-Vaccine information. Any research and/or search engine finds for the COVID-19 vaccine associated with Deaths, Adverse Effects, Sterilization will result in only webpages espousing the following catch phrases, ‘debunked’, ‘false claims’, ‘no evidence’, ‘fact check’, etc.

There have been numerous articles, papers, interviews and conferences about the Adverse Reactions and the dangers of the Experimental new mRNA type of shots for COVID-19. It is essentially a severe Flu and comes from the Corona Virus family of Influenza. And those that have contracted it have a greater chance of survival rate than 99%, if no secondary conditions exist. There have been numerous Doctors, Researchers and Scientists calling for a halt to these vaccines. For example, in a public comment to the CDC, Molecular Biologist and Toxicologist, Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., called for the immediately half of the COVID-19 shot production and distribution. She cited concerns over fertility, blood-clotting, Coagulopathy, and Immune Escape.

COVID Conspiracy

Another Doctor, Dr. Lindsay explained that based on Scientific Evidence, the Corona Virus shots are not safe. Dr. Lindsey has stated on record that there is credible reason to believe that the COVID-19 shots will cross-react with the Syncytin and Reproductive Proteins in Men’s Sperm, the Woman’s Ova, and Placenta. This will lead to Impaired Fertility and Impaired Reproductive and Gestational Outcomes. Respected Virologist, Dr. Bill Gallaher, Ph.D., corroborated this direct association. He argues that there would be an expected Cross Reaction due to Beta Sheet confirming similarities between the Spike Proteins and Syncytin-1 and Syncytin-2. Is there a COVID Conspiracy in play? Yes. Consider all the pregnancy losses reported to VAERS.

Women who are pregnant have been recommended to take the shots and have experienced miscarriages, sadly. Yet, the order to ‘vaccinate’ all Pregnant Women and children is well under way. The Conspiracy is over the next generation, the Children. The CDC is still doubling-down on requiring all Children to take the COViD-19 shots and wear Masks. Even those personas that have contracted COVID-19 and fully recovered and have Acquired Immunity are needing to take the shots. Why? It is because it is a Conspiracy. Children have a 0.002% risk of COVID mortality, if infected. Why is it being done? There is a COVID Conspiracy to sterilize the Child-Bearing Age population and sterilize an entire generation, thereafter, starting with the Children.  

One for the most part has read about the ‘Usual Suspects’ that are behind such a Conspiracy to de-populate the world. These are Luciferian Lunatics, Eugenicists hell-bent on a psychopathic quest to cull Humanity. They are the Bill and Melinda Gates, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and so one. What about the Big Teach Giants and Mass Media Moguls? They are in on the Conspiracy as well. Consider Jeff Bezos of Amazon. According to research, President Joe Biden received a letter from Amazon on his 1st Day of office that said that the Amazon Company wanted to assist with the national rollout of the COVID-19 shots, according to Reuters. 

The letter stated that Amazon was prepared to leverage their Operations, IT, and Communications capabilities and Expertise to assist the Administration's vaccination efforts. It further stated that Amazon’s scale allows it to make a meaningful impact immediately in the fight against COVID-19. And that Amazon stands ready to assist the U.S. President in this effort. In the related news source, it was stated that Bezos told his Investors that the $4 billion dollars in profits they were expecting would be reinvested. Where? In the ‘Fight against COVID-19’.
How? It was said that Bezos outlined a vision of the future’s New Normal, where People could have At-Home COVID Tests, Plasma Donors, PPE, additional Compensation, and Protocols to adapt to a ‘New World’. Amazon is essentially developing the Earth's 1st ‘COVID Vaccine Supply Chain’. Eventually the plan is to inject or inoculate every human on the planet. Essentially, Earth will become a ‘Prison Planet’. Since doing this by the traditional vaccine will not be practical as some of those ‘vaccines’ have to be stored in below freezing temperatures, the logistics will not be possible.

Enter the Quantum Micro-Needle Array Patches. Problem solved. Now everyone will be able to administer their ‘vaccine’ at home, safely and without a Health Professional on site. The Vaccine Patches, no bigger than a band-aid will be self-administered, and delivered by whom? Amazon. Amazon could deliver 'easy-to-access' COVID-19 band-aid Vaccine Patches, and Test Kits all across the world efficiently and effectively. It has mastered the art of home delivery as its competitors where forced shut down. Amazon only became the ‘Prime’ and ‘Essential’ business to be allowed to operate. The whole Earth has now become the ‘Company Store’.

It is a ‘Plantation’ at play and all of Humanity is seen and considered as ‘Slaves’ and ‘Prisoners’ to Brand, Tag, Contract Trace and eventually Exterminate as Amazon’s TV series Utopia envisioned. It was a Eugenicists’ Block-Buster and vision for their future or it is it a COVID Conspiracy? Mere coincidence? Bezos had to have known this. Was his TV series on Amazon cancelled because this part of the series was just too close to what they are doing to America and the world’s population? Yes. The TV series, that finished filming right before Covid-19 was released, is eerily similar to what is going on today. Or it is just another ‘coincidental’ Conspiracy? Yes, it is and that of the COVID kind, Dummy?

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