Ancient Pleiadian & Menorah Astronomical Patterns

  • Is the monolith fortress built by the Giants of Genesis 6?
  • The fortress appears to be pegged to astrological coordinates.
  • The complex is patterned also after Taurus and Stonehenge.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘No one has ascended into Heaven except the One who descended from Heaven—the Son of Man. Just as Moses lifted up the Snake (on a cross) in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up (on a cross), that everyone who believes in Him may have Eternal Life…’
–John 3:13-15

The purpose of this study is to suggest some possible amazing correlations that associate the ancient Sacsayhuaman fortress overlooking Cusco in Peru to some other very ancient motifs in the Bible and Mars. This study seeks to add some additional astro-archeological aspects to this amazing site. The Martian motif has already been applied and configured around the world to other ancient pyramid sites. Other researchers have also discovered the correlation and pattern of the famous Cusco citadel of Sacsayhuaman that corresponds to the head of a Jaguar or Puma street layout of Cusco. Cusco is probably one of the most studied regions in the Americas especially concerning Machu Picchu and Sacsayhuaman, which by the way is attributed by some of being a pre-Noah Flood construction; they do suggest such a legacy.

It is rather amazing also that the pre-Columbian civilizations of the Incas, the Maya, Aztecs, etc., all had a similar creation storyline. It includes a world-wide flood account with the destruction of the then known world of the ‘Golden Age’ of the gods. These were the beings perhaps before Adam and Eve if one subscribes to the Genesis Gap Theory. Then there were the Giants as a result of the ‘Star-People’ mixing with human women. The Giants as a result of such forbidden unions were said to be red-headed, blue-eyed, white and came from the area of the East near Lake Titicaca. This supposed Atlantean civilization had amazing advanced technology. There are stories of ancient Indian flying Vimanas and incredible masonry of how to mold monolithic stones together using resonance or vibration and levitation. Then there are the now famous Inca ‘bird planes’ that flew when replicated by German engineers in keeping with the exact scale.

Perhaps space travel by such civilizations could explain the notion of Stargates like that of Amaru Muru, the pyramids and anomalies on Mars, the Moon and other planets. There are satellites like Phobos where monoliths and light sources have been also discovered. All these remnants of the pre-Flood suggest the pre-Adamic ‘Golden Age’ of Lucifer that appears to validate the Genesis 6 Prime Directive that was violated against Humanity by Lucifer and his fellow Fallen Angels. This supposition is substantiated by the books of Enoch and the Giants. It is for such suppositions and evidences that such information and relics are intentionally suppressed because the timelines extend thousands of years. Such notions collaborate and validate the Biblical narrative of a ‘re-creation’ and negate the current politically correct Darwinian world view.

The Incan Theology
Such a civilization as the Incas also had a religious cosmology similar to that of the Bible. As in many other ancient cultures, the Incas had/have a Creator God that had/has a ‘Son’ that came and will come again from the region of Orion in the heavens and that would die like a snake on a pole or cross. As it relates to the Inca sacred religious precepts, they also have a similar conceptualization of a Trinity like the Christians. This Trinity is consisting 1st of the Puma for which the Inca attributes it to the Father Spirit. The 2nd person of their Trinity was/is the God Snake on a Cross. This motif is found all over the Americas and for example, the Aztecs specifically ascribed this personage to a ‘flying shining serpent’. This was Quetzalcoatl or Viracocha, as he is known in South America and was crucified on a cross. This is reminiscent of the Bronze Snake YHVH commanded Moses to uplift for the nation of Israel to see and be healed in faith.

Thus to the ancient Americans, the concept of a Christ redeemer having to die to atone for Humanity was well established and understood before Columbus and the Christian Missionaries arrived. The Gospel came to synchronize with such a legend of a cosmic redeemer figure associated with a snake on a cross. It is Jesus Christ that is the ultimate fulfillment of the God on the Cross that like a snake was cursed due to sin but provided the remedy to the fall of Humanity due to his death and resurrection. Perhaps part of the cosmic contention is that Humanity, starting with Adam and Eve are the only ones to be chosen to be redeemed and created in the likeness and image of YHVH. The 3rd personage of the Inca Trinity is the sacred Condor. This is the national emblem and symbol of the Andean republics. This flying creature has the connotation of the majestic dove representing the Holy Spirit.

The next supposition is that the entire Cusco city core is laid out to mirror the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex. The Martian motif of Cydonia pyramid complex on Mars has 3 main components. The 1st motif comprises the Face of Mars. The 2nd Martian motif is that of the 7-star cluster Pyramid City complex or fortress. The pyramid-like structures configure the Pleiades alignment with a hexagram core. The 3rd structure of the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex is that of the D&M Pyramid. The D&M Pyramid is a massive 5 sided structure that configures a pentagon. These 3 main structures produce a hexagram with amazing symmetry and mathematical precision. The Martian pyramid pattern is found in ancient pyramid complexes around Earth. This pattern was apparently extremely important and thus replicated throughout the globe.

Perhaps this was as a direct result of Earth’s Golden Age that had possible direct connection and transits to such places as Cydonia on Mars and other planets before Atlantis fell or the Flood of Noah destroyed the world from Adam’s creation. To scientists it is evident that Mars lost its atmosphere and experienced a traumatic cosmic cataclysm that ravaged its surface and civilization. Perhaps this cataclysm was caused by a cosmic war of the Angelic kind or the flyby of Nibiru with its mini solar system. This Martian motif is also incorporated into modern city layouts of the major world capitals of which the Luciferians control. They usually involve a fortress type structure, a financial banking center and a mausoleum or monument of some sort. These 3 aspects of the Martian motif pattern found in Cusco are a clue as to who has ruled planet Earth.

The Biblical Typologies
This study also suggests a possible Biblical correlation to not only the motif of the Snake God on a Cross but a Menorah due to the street layout of Cusco that encompasses the street layout Puma motif. The street layout of Cusco with a star map constellation has an astro-archeological association that this study suggests has to do with the Pleaides and the Menorah pattern of the Bible. The subsequent supposition is that the core of the Cusco city street layout configures a Menorah pattern when seen from a west to east vertical alignment and when the respective street ley-lines are compressed. This possible Menorah motif has the Pleiades crowned at the top like ‘lights’ that are within the Sacsayhuaman fortress ‘head’ of the Puma. Mainly the theory is that within the ‘head’ of the Puma pattern of the Sacsayhuaman ‘Fortress of the Giants’ is the Pleiades pattern.

This Biblical motif is reminiscent of the Golden Candlestick of the House of YHVH the Creator in which the 7 Spirits are before the Throne in Glory. This Menorah motif is also representative the risen Christ, Jesus of the book of Revelation in which He is personified as the Menorah. This typology of Christ is as a ‘tree’ or ‘vine’ that sustains, is nourishing and tending to the care and evaluation of the ‘light’ given off from the 7 Churches of Asia. The street ley-lines of the Puma motif leads to the 7 hills at a distance that represent the 7 Pleiades. This Menorah pattern of Cusco leads to the ‘Pleiades’ star complex that corresponds to a Sacsayhuaman Puma head. The presumption is that the Puma motif can also be contrived as an astronomical mirror of the constellation Taurus. The street layout aspect has a connection with the angles of the constellation of Taurus.

From an aerial view using GoogleEarth, Cusco is laid out in such a celestial composition that mirrors the stars of Taurus. The depictions of the Taurus constellation can be superimposed as the Puma pattern. The illustration will show that there is nearly an exact correspondence to Taurus and the various surrounding landmarks to the outline of Taurus in the Cosmos. One such ley-line corresponds to the Eye of the Bull or Aldebaran. This star marker approximates the Plaza of the Sacred Garden next to the Avenue of the Sun. This juxtaposition represents the brightness of the rays coming from the light of the eye as in illumination and sight.

There is also another ‘Eye’ motif. It is believed that the ‘Eye’ of the head of the Puma of the Fortress of the Giants of Sacsayhuaman was and is an astronomical clock that tracks the Equinoxes, Solstices and constellations for example. It tracks the stations of the Sun, Moon and the Stars, etc. The Inca calendar also functioned as an astronomical clock of time. The various ‘crosses’ are also associated to the cardinal stars that rule the 4 quadrants of the Cosmos. Was or is Sacsayhuaman a Stargate point of reference? Such minions behind such advanced knowledge are the Luciferians. They control the military, financial and social aspects of the world that seek only to enslave the masses now. These same ancient and modern Luciferians seek to keep the masses of Adam’s descendants dumbed-down and discredit the Biblical narrative with an alternative false Christ and Gospel of salvation.

From, Sacsayhuaman to Statue of Liberty = 6000 km
From, Sacsayhuaman to Teotihuacan = ~2520 nautical miles
From, Sacsayhuaman to Chichen Itza = ~333⁰ heading
From, Sacsayhuaman to Temple Mount = 111⁰ (7711 miles)
From, Sacsayhuaman to Giza Pyramids = 12000 km

Since the destruction of their Golden Age and expulsion of their Lucifer, their various minions and now with the collaboration of deceived and sinful human help, seek to re-establish their Golden Age on Earth once again. This will be their last New World Order under the leadership of their chief Cherub, Lucifer and with the help of his False Prophet and AntiChrist charismatic world leader. This is in part the Lie that will be believed in that such beings negate the validity and singularity of Jesus Christ work on the cross and mission to save Humanity from their sins. As it is, most alien abductions and so called channeled ‘ascended masters’ refute the Gospel intentionally. Such emphatically state that Jesus Christ was just ‘one of them’ and for ‘His time’ only and that others take up the ‘mantle’ of the ‘Cosmic Christ’ to save Humanity.

Such an ‘Apostasy’ or falling away will coincide when the love of most Christians will be growing cold as the moral issue of the day is sexuality, transgenderism, transhumanism, abortion, rise in witchcraft and sorcery and genetic engineering. This coming Luciferian plan of deception will be initiated in part by the alien disclosure and deception is to discredit Jesus Christ and Christianity. The ‘Lie’ in part is that it was such ‘enlightened beings’ that seeded Humanity and they have come back as promised to help Humanity evolve into the next stage of illumination towards godhood. This cosmic contention will culminate in cosmic battle of the Christs, Jesus and Lucifer. It is Lucifer that is doing and will do all he still can to prevent Heaven from being established on Earth, as the LORD’s Prayer foretells will happen.

The Luciferian directive End of Days alien disclosure is now coming to fruition with their coming Masonic and Synagogue of Satan New World Order that negations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is by their secret knowledge handed down by the Fallen Angels of Lucifer that continually conspire against YHVH and His People for cosmic domination and worship. The book of Revelation already declares the outcome that Jesus’ Kingdom will be establish one Earth, as it is in Heaven. This is one of the primary reasons for Jesus’ second coming. The Luciferians however have been actively seeking to silence, purge and criminalize the witness to Jesus Christ as the last Church Age; that of Laodicea sadly closes out the last light of the Menorah testimony to Jesus Christ. That being said, this study has suggested that the Martian pyramid complex pattern can be seen in Cusco but that there is a direct correlation to the core of the Cusco city street layout.

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