A Biblical Analysis of the Ancient Alien Gods

  • What is the storyline about the movie the 'Eternals' about?
  • Do this movie have a deeper hidden message that is 'Ancient'?
  • Is there a parallel Biblical narrative that explains who they really are?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And the Woman fled into the Wilderness, where GOD had prepared a place for her to be nourished for 1,260 days. Then a war broke out in Heaven: Michael and his Angels fought against the Dragon, and the Dragon and his Angels fought back. But the Dragon was not strong enough, and no longer was any place found in Heaven for him and his Angels.’ -Revelation 12:6-6

The purpose of this study is to analyze the Comic Superhero movie, the ‘Eternals’ by Marvel Entertainment. Why? It is rather interesting in terms of the timing of how the theme of a ‘return’ of these ‘Alien Saviors’ seems imminent now. Its storyline coincides with the folklore of ancient Gods like those of the Sumerians and Aztecs. In one scene, there is the account of how the Spanish Conquistadores destroyed the Aztec capital. The Leader of the Eternals tries to defend the Aztecs whom they worship this deity as the Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl. And it is also rather interesting that in the same year the movie is released, the statue or as some Religious Israelis would say an ‘Idol’ was displayed as ‘artwork’ in Jerusalem in reference to this same Aztec God.

The artwork was of a depiction of Christopher Columbus discovering the New Word but now with the motif of the Aztec God, Quetzalcoatl. As if this ‘Christ’ figure is coming back? And to Jerusalem eventually? The Predictive Programming is getting more intense as this theme of the ‘Returning Gods’ is now apparently ‘coinciding’ coincidentally with the U.S. Pentagon ‘disclosure’ in the Summer of 2021. It is a big Predictive Programming preparation for the world to explain-away the Rapture event. Is the Rapture event that close then? The release of the Official Trailer for the ‘Eternals’ gave some glimpses of the imagery although the immediate response was flat and disappointing. The Eternals movie is coming out in November. Guess what day? Their favorite, on November 6 or 11-6, which is an inverted 9-11.

As 9-11 signified a drastic change and direction for Humanity and its psyche, so too is the disclosure of ‘Ancient Alien Gods’ going to be when it happens as is the Rapture event. This study will attempt to highlight the Biblical references one sees in the movie as most may not connect the dots with. Primarily, one can infer the violation of the Prime Directive by these ‘Eternals’ in one account from Genesis 6. This is where the Sons of GOD, the Bene ha Elohim interbred with the Human Woman on Earth to produce Hybrids. These Watchers, like the Eternals were to stand guard over an emerging Humanity. As with the Eternals, they could not help themselves. These are the Demigods that ruled in the Golden Age as the ‘Creator Gods’. The other accounts are found and corroborated in the ancient books of the Giants, and that of Enoch.

Extra-Biblical Narratives

Why this study is pertinent and seeks to tie-in a Biblical narrative is that in the last book of the Bible, there is exactly the same narrative found in the movie. It is of how Spiritual Beings will be released to return, fully manifested on Earth. It will be amazing and dreadful. However, they will not be coming to save Humanity but to destroy it. They will be the Destroyers as part of the worldwide Seal Judgments opened by Jesus Christ upon a Christ-rejecting world. In fact, the ‘Ring Leader’ from out of the Bottomless Pit that is named Apollyon means ‘Destroyer’. These initial ‘Eternal’ Beings will come-off as ‘Saviors’ returning to aid their ‘chosen’ man, that is the Biblical AntiChrist that will seek to rule the world. They all will be helped and supported by a world Religious Leader whom the Bible calls the False Prophet. To this end, such Powers-That-Be, are broadcasting their usual signature narratives and symbols, as it were to the world.

The plot is as usual, right out of the ancient Creation Gods or ‘Ancient Aliens’ theory: that Alien Gods came to ‘seed’ Humanity and have returned in the end to ‘save’ Humanity from itself. If one sees the trailer, it has the ‘Alien Gods’ come out from over the Sea with their cloaked triangular Star Craft as the Sumerian account states is how their God Dagon, the Fish God with corresponding apparel came to meet them. And this Fish God costume is still what the Roman Catholic Priests use to this day. This is also the same narrative of the Sumerian Account as written by Zecharia Sitchin in how Ala-lu was that ‘God-King’ banished from the Red Planet, Nibiru. What is rather interesting is how this Ala-lu landed in water and then came out to the dry ground.

This figure parodies Lucifer in a conflict with his rival, the ‘Son of the God’, Anu of Nibiru. Ala-lu is banished from the Kingdom or Throne of Nibiru, then to Earth but then to Mars as the Son, comes and take over the dominion over Planet Earth. In Mars, Ala-lu had set-up bases to transport all the gold from Earth to then transport back to Nibiru to be used to Chem-Trail their atmosphere to repair it because it was disintegrating. And the Sumerians write that when this Rebel King died, a giant Mausoleum was made of his face, on Mars, thus, the ‘Face of Mars’. How would have the Sumerians known about this Face Mausoleum and that structures exist in Mars? And thus, one of the alternative theories of this narrative is that before the creation of Humanity, of Adam and Eve, there where the Angelic Beings, the ‘Eternals’.

Perhaps some of the Angelic Beings stationed were on Mars as they were on Earth. The Bible does say that each Star is named and has Angels watching over them. And who is to say, that such a place like Cydonia, Mars was where some of the Fallen Angels came down to Earth from or where they had ‘left their 1st Estate’. Many interpret this as to mean leaving their bodies or their place where they lived; could be both. With this Mars connection, one has surmised that the Sacred Geometry found in Cydonia, Mars where the Face of Mars is located, is also part of a triangular Pyramid Pattern. But more astonishing, is that this same triangulation pattern is found in all of Earth’s sacred sites, both ancient and modern. A few examples will be provided for a visual in the end notes, to include Babylon that is featured in the movie. Also, the purported true location of the Tower of Babel and just how high it really was in comparison. The earliest human records state that the Anunnaki, come from the Stars and introduced ‘civilization’.

Those Who From Heaven Came Down

They say they, the Anunnaki have been the ‘Watchers, the ‘Guardians’ over Humanity but will now be intervening directly, fully manifesting in physical form and ‘hiding’ no more. This is the core premise of the Eternals movie. Why? Because by that time, there will be no Restrainer to restrain them anymore. They helped build Babylon and its Gates, the famous Ishtar Gate that by the way, is next to the Altar of Zeus in the Museum of Pergamon in Berlin, Germany. In the movie, the Deviants are the worldwide threat whom the Celestials also created out of genetic experimentation with humans, as in the Days of Noah. In fact, Jesus warned that prior to His 2nd coming, the Earth would be filled with this type of condition. What condition? Mainly genetic manipulation and the LGBT Agenda, which in the movie, is why they introduce a Gay Super Hero for the first time. The other Sign would be how genetic manipulation by these same ‘Eternals’ would still be occurring in the Age of the 10 Toe-Confederation of the AntiChrist. This is suggested in Daniel 2:43 how ‘They would mix with the Seed of Men’, etc.

The theme also touches upon this Celestial War between the Eternals and the Deviants that has spilled over on Earth and what has been the cause of prior worldwide catastrophes like the sinking of Mu and Atlantis and the Flood of Noah. To those in the New Age, they ascribe this movie conflict narrative as nothing more than ‘Good Angels’ protecting Humanity and the Bad Angels seeking to control it. The Biblical variation is that these are the Fallen Angels and the Demons that are the dismembered Spirits of the Giants that were the genetic byproduct of Fallen Angels and Human Women. Both are evil but the Eternals are ‘disguising as Angels of Light’ as the Bible exposes them as nothing more than ‘Messengers of Satan’. All this is very Biblical as in the book of Daniel, for example one gets a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action in this Celestial War, which really is an Angelic War.

Then also in the book or Revelation, it plainly teachers that in the end of time, there will be a major Celestial War where Heaven will be attempted to be breached. By whom? Who is the Leader of this Angelic Conflict? It is none other and the banished Lucifer, the aspiring counterfeit ‘Christ’ or Anointed Cherub. Contrary to the movie narrative, it is the case that the true Creator of the Universe, all that was, is and is to come is Jesus as it states in Colossians 1. And He commands all the Angelic Armies of Heaven and set Watchers to ‘Watch’ over Humanity. What happened? It did not go well. This is where again; one has a glimpse as to the judgment of these Watchers by YHVH. This is seen in Psalm 82 with the Divine Council and how it is in session. It is noted in the Bible how YHVH demoted certain Watchers to ‘die like man’ because of their interference.

They lost their Immortality because they abused their Divine Authority, broke the Prime Directive of not interfering with Human Affairs and/or development, and mingled their ‘Seed’ with the Blood of Women it says, etc. This is amazing and the stuff of blockbuster movies. One is not sure if this was the judgment passed down due to the 200 Watchers that banded together with an Oath to genetically mingle with the Seed of Man during the times of Enoch. As to the Eternals’ Trailer, it starts off with a scene traveling over water approaching a coast while the song by Brenda Lee from the 1960’s is playing, ‘The End of the World’. And this is really the underlying supposition of both the movie, its Ancient Mythological Narrative and the Bible, that the ‘world is coming to an end’. It is not the actual end as in all life will parish or become extinct but would. It is about an end to an ‘Age’. This is how true history, to include prophetic time is counted.

Angelic Conflicts

However, the extinction of Humanity would occur as this is exactly what Jesus said will occur if He does not intervene and come back to stop it. To a degree, the movie’s narrative is true but wrong Savior and Alien Creators or Angels. It will be Jesus that promised to return to save Humanity from its ultimate annihilation, thanks to the Angelic Conflict. This coming showdown will come to a head. This period is called the 7-year Tribulation Period and will begin once the Restrainer is removed and the Bride of Christ, those that are the true Disciples and Followers of Jesus will be ‘evacuated’ from Planet Earth. That in itself is far better and more real than any Marvel Sci-Fi Super Hero movie. So, the Ancient Alien Gods come to a primitive Humanity to teach them the ‘Forbidden Knowledge’, warfare, abortion, building, etc. These were the ‘Secret Arts’ that the 200 Watchers taught their Wives and became the Ancient Secret Mystery Schools, etc.

Then the black triangular Star Craft or ‘Merkavah’ of the Alien Gods appears at the shore’s edge after being clocked. And is this not what the current apparition of such UFO’s are being videoed show? Many are pyramid shape, others a triangle, a ‘tick-tok’, etc. The ‘Gods’ show Humanity how to farm, cultivate and domesticate animals. They show how to build cites. This is exactly what is taught in the Bible with Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. And why if Genesis starts out with Adam and Eve as being nearly what many would call Demigods, did Humanity degenerate into hunter-gatherer Peoples? It was/is because of Sin. Adam and Eve had amazing powers and mental abilities that in comparison to the average human on Earth today would be seen as a ‘God’.

Yet, Sin deviated this condition, ability and even genetically from that point on, Death, disease, violence, murder and war rages on Planet Earth. YHVH anticipated this and GOD the Son, became a human to be the Last Adam and redeem Adam’s race, genetically through blood. This is the true Disclosure. This occurred with Jesus who was promised from the very beginning in Genesis 3:15. In fact it is at this point in time where the Human Race becomes center stage and on Earth concerning the Angelic Conflict. Since then, it has been a War of the Seeds, the Seed of the Woman, Jesus and the Seed of the Serpent, Lucifer. Both descendants have meet since Cain and Abel. But ultimately, both in the flesh will meet at the end, at the Battle of Armageddon that will make the clashes of the last scene of the Infinity War seem like a School Reunion. Then in one scene, the 5 major Eternals are in front to the Ishtar Gate in Babylon.

This is iconic and put in the movie for a reason. One would not have a clue if one has not studied the ancient cultures or mythology of the Ancient Gods. It is spectacular and again, goes hand-in-hand with the alternative narrative of the Ancient Alien God theme that is being inculcated into the minds of the World so when it does occur, it will be accepted and these ‘Eternals’ rooted for. This is the point of the all the Predictive Programming. But the Bible warns will be ‘The Lie that will be believed’. Consider that it was in Babylon or Babel more precisely that the Tower was being built by Nimrod to ‘Reach into Heaven’.

The Divine Disclosure

Nimrod is considered the 1st type of an AntiChrist but the 1st Mason to the Luciferians. It was he that sought to unify Humanity around a building. So will the coming and Last Nimrod type, the AntiChrist similarly do. What building will that be? The Jewish 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Why, it is the premiere ‘Gate of the God’, etc. What could possibly be wrong with this noble endeavor? Well, consider that if one digs deep in the word study, and extra-Biblical text, Nimrod was ‘against YHVH’ and he became a ‘Gibborim’, or Giant. Eventually, he got a hold of the technology to inject himself with a serum that changed his DNA, much like the storyline of Captain America and the mass ‘vaccination’ of the planet by the new mRNA shots with Nano-Technology.

And his attempt to unite Humanity was not to worship or pay reverence to the only true Creator GOD, YHVH. Nimrod knew, with revelation and forbidden knowledge given to him by the ‘Eternals’ that the place was a sacred Portal, a Star Gate that could pierce the dimension to invade Heaven from, to the very Throne of YHVH and ‘kill GOD’. This has also been another major theme of such movies as that is what the ultimate goal of Lucifer is. His ultimate goal is to take over the very Throne of Heaven so he can place his Throne above that of YHVH’s, on the ‘Sides of the North’, etc.

Also, the Gate of Ishtar, Ishtar is the Queen of Heaven, or Sirius, Columbia, Liberates, etc. One of the meanings of Babylon is the ‘Gate of the Gods’. Such a place of the Gods was always built on Earth’s Energy Ley-Lines and Vortexes. And the Fallen Angels know how to manipulate space and time to interface in-between the various dimensions. What energizes them is human blood. That is way most ancient sacred sites were religious in nature and carried out Human Sacrifices, etc. As it is, these ‘Eternals’ have the ability to be present in those Councils of YHVH as it is shown in the book of Job, when again, the Bene ha Elohim gather in Council and also ‘Satan appears’ too.

Yet, it is also taught that Lucifer is the ‘God of this World’, for now as he took that authority and power from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It was through deception but another reason why Jesus decided to become a human, yet fully GOD to atone for this deception. Jesus stated that 1 of His purposes was to, ‘Destroy the Works of the Devil.’ It was then at the Cross of Calvary that Jesus upon his physical death, burial and resurrection defeated, once and for all, the powers of Sin, Satan and Death. The Victory is won but like a serpent’s head once being cut off, the body still pulsates. This is the present case on Planet Earth, but not for long.

It will not be until Jesus’ literal 2nd coming that at that time, He will implement His total Power and Authority over the World, as the GOD-Man will set-up His 1000-year Millennial Kingdom. It will be a Paradise Restored, the Garden of Eden will be reopened and a time is coming where Humanity’s true potential will be realized. And to include those Resurrected Glorified Bodies promised. The world does not understand nor can accept that once a person accepts Jesus’ redemption, free of charge, one does have to willfully chose sides of this Angelic Conflict. It should be known that one has already chosen by default. One is born already in the Kingdom of Darkness and claimed by Lucifer, legally.

And this claim is genetic as that is how one is descended and is human by the mere fact that all come genetically from Adam and Eve. This is why Lucifer can legally claim to change and/or alter Humanity’s DNA. And he is presently doing this through the COVID-19 mRNA shots. It is in preparation for the ultimate one, that of his Mark, of the 666 that will be mandated and required to ‘Buy or Sell’, etc. But it is not until one then makes a pack with Jesus that really is a Blood Oath that one is no longer under the control of such a Dark Kingdom nor its authority and power, legally. Thus, YHVH through Jesus came to also pronounce a ‘Disclosure’. What Disclosure was that? It was of GOD the Son, Jesus that has now been revealed. He is the only way of redemption possible for a Fallen Humanity.

In fact, as a ‘down payment’ of what has been achieved in Jesus, that is the full Redemption of a human’s Spirit, Soul and Body, is to come in full, GOD the Holy Spirit comes to indwell a Believer until then. This is something amazing and extraordinary that no mere mortal Human has ever had or can have apart from Jesus. The point is that currently on Planet Earth, since the Church Age started, there have been 2 types of humans on Earth. There are those saved and indwelt by GOD the Holy Spirit and the un-Saved, those that are still the legal property of Lucifer. This dichotomy will also exist in the 1000-year Millennial Kingdom. How so? Amazingly the Bride of Christ collectively will return with Jesus. As His Administrators and Ambassadors sent throughout the Earth, they will have their Glorified Bodies.

They will in comparison to mere Mortals, appear like the ‘Eternals’ in the movie. Truly amazing. And perhaps a cause for envy in prompting many to come to Jesus as that is what will await them also. With Jesus, it is about a shared power and dominion that Lucifer only promises but seeks that all for himself. The Bible teaches that in the past, some individuals had the indwelling of GOD the Holy Spirit but it was constitutional on obedience and faithfulness. But in Jesus, once indwelt, the Holy Spirit is ‘sealed’ permanently, never to depart, unconditionally. The Bible does teach that Believers can ‘grieve’ it due to sin though. And with this ‘Comforter’ that comes alongside, not possessing as Demons would do, it is until Jesus returns that GOD the Holy Spirit instructs, teaches and prepares one for that day of Presentation, either at the point of Death or the Rapture event.

 He is not a New Age ‘Ascended Master’ or one of the ‘Christs’ come for the Age only masquerading as benevolent ‘Eternals’. With the Holy Spirit’s enabling, it is said that He ‘gives Gifts’ that are supernaturally bestowed on Jesus’ Believers. This has been recorded in the Bible. And what will the new Glorified Body look like? It will be like that which Jesus has now. It will be able to live in Heaven yet appear on Earth at will. It can vanish in-and-out of space and time as Jesus did with the Disciples in the Upper Room. It is able to eat and drink, yet not for nourishment or sustenance anymore, but for pleasure. And the body will be of pure energy, indestructible having Eternal Life, meaning that one is an ‘Immortal’. And this starts the day one comes to Jesus as LORD and Savior. It is such People that truly are the real ‘Eternals’.


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Official Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WVDKZJkGlY

Picture: Marvel Studios’ Eternals


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