Commentary on 50th Year Yom Kippur War

  • Why was this Attack a 'Surprise' to MOSSAD?
  • Was this "Attack' allowed to occur and for a purpose?
  • Did Israel not learn from its Yom Kippur 1973 'Attack'?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Those who forget their History are condemned to Repeat it’. -Jorge Santayana

The purpose of this study is to provide a Philosophical Overview of what occurred on the Feast of Shemini Atzeret in Israel, or the 8th Day Assembly. It so happened that on all 3 Fronts, Air, Sea and Land, the Muslims attacked Israel in what has been narrated as a ‘Surprise Attack’ of the likes of the Yom Kippur War, exactly 50 Years to the Day. Or was it? Shemini Atzeret began at Sunset on Friday, October 6, 2023. It was immediately followed by Simchat Torah, which began at Sunset on the Sabbath, October 7, 2023. One will be providing a Commentary as a Political Scientist and a former Volunteer in the Israel Defense Force IDF Sar El Program.

If one has been in the Military, one can venture to also say that what is being portrayed in the Main-Stream News, especially in Western Controls ones, is not what may have occurred or is occurring. They are selling you a Narrative. One is not denying the Muslim Attack as that is obviously ‘Real’ and Tragic. One points-out that this was allowed to be a ‘Surprise’ Attack. Why? It is portrayed as a Surprise Attack based on what one will suggest in the following Assessment. It will not be popular or accepted, but History has proven one Right in that such ‘Surprises’ are used to galvanize the Citizens that are Divided right down the Middle in terms of Ideology and Focus.

Such has been the case with Israel and its biggest Supporter, the USA, up until Obama and Biden. As it is also the case, the USA is also Divided down the middle in all aspects of its Politics, Religion, Civil Discourse, Education, Economy and Medicine, etc. One’s Main Point is what better Narrative, that is being ‘sold’ and told in the Main-Stream Headlines of what is expected to be said. Why? To ‘Unify’ a Divided People. And what usually works? An Attack, and a ‘Surprise’ one at that. One will use these 2 Nations as examples. In Historical Terms, the USA had an Isolationist Stance in both World Wars.

The Americans did not see, nor particularly wanted to send their Young Men in their Prime to die in the Nerve Gas infested Trenches of Europe. Nor did they want to fight for an American ‘Empire’ in which the Military Industrial Complex basically benefited from the Blood of its Youth to buy Oil and sustain a Global Market Share. Yet, when the Japanese Ambassadors were Recalled from Washington and the Imperial Fleet whisked-off to Attack the Hawaiian Islands, do you not think the American Military Intelligence knew about it? They did. Declassified Documents from what was then the U.S. Military Intelligence intercepted Communications that Japan was to Attack the USA. Ratio Stations in Hawaii confirmed such Communication but was stifled.

Governments Allowed it

Was it a ‘Surprise Attack’? No. On the very Day of the Pearl Harbor Attack, confirming Transmissions were made sure they did not reach High Command on the Island so as Not have the People Prepare. Ironically, only the most Advanced Warships, to include the 3 Main Aircraft Carriers, were sent out to Sea. Most of the remaining Battleships docked at Pearl Harbor were obsolete for their Time. And what was allowed to happen? A ‘Sneak Attack’ Torah! Torah! Torah! The Luciferians that Rule and Control the Nations, the Militaries and Media, to include the USA, are calling the Shots. It is not the supposed Publicly Elected President or the Prime Minister, etc.
At that Time, then as now, they knew that only a ‘Sneak Attack’, would Young Americans line-up to join the Military and die for ‘Their Country’ as they saw Sailors washed ashore with Flesh cooked-off their Bones. Or see the Twin Towers systematically come down in a Demolition. This same Principle occurred and was used again on 9-11 to Invade Iraq, a Country that did not ‘Attack’ the USA. Yet the Muslim Hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. But who was Oil Partners with the Bush’s that build the U.S. Military Bases in Saudi Arabia? The Bin Laden Family. They were involved in Oil Deals in the Bush Zapata Oil Company. And conveniently, on 9-11, all the Bin Laden Family flew out of the USA.

Yet, Iraq got Invaded? One is thus comparing this same Military Psychological Operation that has been allowed to occur in Israel, in one’s Political Science Assessment. Why? As with the USA, Israel is at the Breaking Point. As it has Maturing since 1948, it is now Divided, down the middle as to what Identity and Path it will be taking for the Next Generation(s). This is to say that the Division, that of the Far Left against the Far Right, has portrayed Israel as being Weak to the Muslims. And the Muslims have sensed this Weakness. In reality, this ‘Sneak Attack’ is just a major Move in the Problem-Reaction-Solution Psyop that is used to usher in the eventual Daniel 9:27 Peace and Safety Protocol.

Disunity within the Jews has allowed it to be Attacked from within and without by increasing Muslim Attacks. So, how is this ‘Shemini Atzeret War’ a Surprise? Realize that back in 1973, on that ‘Surprise Attack’, Moshe Dayan ‘knew’ of the Pending Attack coming in Unison by Egypt, Jordan and Syria. What was needed is the Unity among the Jews. Was that not that case? Not entirely. It was in Isarel Proper, but after the 6-Day War in 1967, the World and the Jews living outside of Israel Proper did not Support National Israel. So, it took a ‘Sneak Attack’ and Golda Meir to rally Support among World Jews to foment the Unity needed to ensure Israel’s Survival. It worked.

Again. Problem-Reaction-Solution. Of course, like in the case of Esther, it was YHVH Behind the Scenes ensuring Israel would not be blotted-out. In Modern Israel’s case, the Prime Example is the Debate over the Judicial Reform Issue. It has revealed this Deep Divide amongst the Jews. And like America, the very Soul of Israel, YHVH’s Earthly People by Covenant through Isaac and Jacob is in the Balance. On 1 Side, you have the Liberals that side with the Sodomites and want to keep their Secular Way of Life. This is ensured by the Appointed Supreme Court Judges that can Nullify any Law.

A Failure of Intelligence? No.
This pertains to any Law that is Passed by the Knesset and they do. This is how the Left keeps the Jewish Religious Right, on the other side from imposing their Mosaic Covenant of the Law and Prophets upon their Society. Realize that most of the Jews have come from a Liberal and Secular USA and Europe. Prophetically Speaking, one realizes that in the End, the Sanhedrin, the 70 Elders of Zion of the ‘Many Rabbim’, will win over. And it will be because of these types of ‘Surprise Attacks’ that will be allowed to occur to maintain that ‘Induced Unity’ by the real Entities that Rule Israel from behind the Political Curtain, etc. So, what can ‘Unite’ the Jews? A Multi-Front Attack.

But when it comes to wanting to be ‘Defended’, the Left always opts to support the Right in that regard. Why? They know a Left-Wing Israeli Government will always Appease the Muslims with ‘Land-for-Peace’ that does not work. The Left fails to learn from History as it repeats its Mistakes. They fail to learn that in the Muslim Religion, they are Irreverent of other Religious that they intentionally Attack on other’s Most Holy Religious Days, i.e., Yom Kippur and now Shemini Atzeret. It is also the Muslims that attack the Christians on Christmas Day all over Europe. etc. It is truly a Satanic Religion.

For all the Deep Division that exists among the Jews because of differing ‘Denominations’ of what constitutes being a Jew, only their Existential Existence is what becomes crucial in setting aside all Differences, for the Time Being. Thus, this is one’s Point of View and Assessment, being in 2 Armies and a Political Scientist by Degree. Do you think that Israel, the most Advanced Military in terms of Cyber Warfare, Espionage, that can track single Iranian Drones the size of a Model Airplane cannot see what is occurring in Real Time from its Spy Satellites and Network of MOSSAD and Shin Bet Operatives beyond Muslim Lines? By the way, Shin Bet, Israel's Internal Security Service Acronym is ISIS.

All one is saying is that like Pearl Harbor and 9-11, Governments use such ‘Surprise’ Attack and the Media to sell their Narrative and what they want the People to hear and believe. The Media Outlets repeat it so many Times, that their Narrative appears to become ‘Truth’, i.e., COVID. It is such Events that are Psychologically Traumatizing that People will accept any ‘Deal’. Case in point. Form a Biblical Perspective, Israel is so Shell-Shocked that it will be ready and willing to make a Deal with anyone that will guarantee them ‘Peace and Security’. And if that means a Deal with the Devil? Then so be it, i.e., Daniel 9:27. The coming Man on the Scene, after the Rapture Event, will allow them to ‘Unite’ the Base and seal-up the Deep Divisions that paralyze the Jewish Nation. Consider also this Piece of Intel.

Realize that it had been MOSSAD that created Hamas. What? Yes. The Israeli Intelligence Services designated Assets in the Palestinian Cause to ‘Divide and Conquer’. It is another Military Psyop Ploy used in Warfare, etc. The Effort was to support the Counter-Measures of those opposed to the PLO of Arafat in the 1980s. It is straight out of the Propaganda Text Books. However, Hamas, like a Genie coming out of the Bottle, took a Life of its own. So, be Warned. The Hamas ‘Surprise’ Attack was allowed to be a ‘Surprise’ Attack. This is one’s Main Point.


And that is what the Controlled Media is selling you to believe. It is really no different than the COVID Narrative. Quik! Take the ‘Vaccine’! Put on a Mask, even though you are Healthy! You could be Asymptomatic! Do it for the sake of others and Grandma! Trust our Science! The ‘Vaccines’ are Safe and Effective! Trust what we say in the News! Do not do any Research on your own! If you go against our ‘Official Narrative’, we will Cancel you as a Conspirator! Do not Question the Government! This happened with Pearl Harbor in getting the USA to join the Fight in World War 2.

This also then occurred on 9-11 and how American Young Men and Women again lined-up to go fight Israel’s Wars against Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran. Countless came back in Body Bags, were Maimed, suffer permanent Psychologically Damages, were Contaminated by Depleted Uranium Shells, Damaged by the Anthrax Vaccine that by Official Pentagon Report, more than 50,000 Servicemen Died because if its Adverse Events, etc. But Dick Chaney sure made Billions with his Halliburton Company in ‘Reconstructing’ Iraq on the Dime of U.S. Taxpayers. Ukraine is no different.

These Nations, Iraq and Afghanistan did not Attack the USA, etc. In fact, 1 Positive Outcome, if there can be one, was that the Taliban shut down all the Opium Cultivation and Distribution. And what did the USA do? They stationed U.S. Miliary Soldier to guard the Poppy Field so the Globalists could continue in the Flow of Drugs being shipped to where? To be put into the Veins of Young Boys and Girls in Europe and the USA.  Problem-Reaction-Solution. And the List goes on. Realize that the USA has a Military Base in nearly every Nation on Earth. Is it to ‘Protect’ and Defend the USA from Enemies? Who is attacking the USA Homeland? If that were to be the case and conditions, the Border would not be allowed to be wide open. No, the Wars that the USA has perpetrated have been not to ‘Defend’ the American Way of Life or to Support ‘Democracy’.

Presently, the USA is so Divided and so Confused, that Young Men and Women do not even know which Bathroom to use. Children cannot Read or do Basic Math but are being taught what Gender they can prefer, etc. Realize that the People that are presumed to be ‘Elected’ to the Head Positions of the Political Apparatuses, in the USA and in Israel are an Illusion of Choice. Realize that, for example in the USA, during the John F. Kennedy Administration, the CIA was basically a Shadow Government declaring Wars on behalf of Globalist Corporations that had Financial Interests, Assets or wanted Recourses that other Nations had.

Case in Point was the Bay of Pigs Fiasco. The CIA declared War on Fidel Castro, when he was not even a ‘Socialist’. Yet, Kennedy, being the Highest Elected Official, was not informed of this. And as an Aside Note, also realize that the U.S. President does not even have the Highest Top Clearance to visit Secret Military Bases like Area 51 that was not acknowledged as even being recognized that it existed until recently. It is for this Reason, among others, the Kennedy Brothers took on, not only the CIA that the President forewarned would Close, but they took on the Italian Mob, the Jewish Mafia that had Cuba as a ‘Disneyland’ for Mobsters.

Battle for the Birth-Right
So, one is NOT ‘Buying’ the Narrative that the 50 Year Anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, to the Day was a ‘Surprise’ Attack. Although in 1973, the Attack on the most Holiest Day for the Jews did have that going for its Argument, to an extent, the same Condition existed then in that the Israeli Intelligence knew of a Pending Attack. Their MOSSAD Spies behind Enemy Lines kept the Top Generals abreast of the Muslim Military Maneuvers. Yet Top Generals like Moshe Dayan, keep the Possibility of such a ‘Surprise’ Attack at bay.

The Point is that He and Israeli Leadership had Advanced Warning as one believes the Israeli Top Political and Military Leader had also on this Account. Now what one wishes to correlate this next Move in the Luciferian Chess-Board in Israel, is that this ‘Surprise’ Attack will lead to the Justifiable Action on the Part of Israel to further attack Gaza and the West Bank. This will eventually lead to the Psalm 83 War where the Full Force of this Coordinated Muslim Attack will not be so Secret.

In so doing, in Self-Defense, despite it, Israel will still endure the Wrath of the Nations as the Bible predicted, as Jerusalem has become the Cup of Trembling. And it is how the Nations are now Drunk in attempting to Cease YHVH’s Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. All that is happening in the Middle East, and in Israel in Particular is a Spiritual War. It is the Age Old Struggle of who will get the Birth-Right. It is All or Nothing, Winner Take All. This has been the Stance of the Muslims in Palestine that rejected the 2-State Solution since the Beginning with the U.N. Partition Plan.

They rather not have a ‘State’ of their own, that had never existed before, than to see Israel have theirs Back? And why not? As one has written countless Articles on this Subject. It is because if Israel is allowed to Exist and the Temple to be Rebuilt and Jerusalem to be the Capital once more of an Ancient Kingdom, sanctioned by the GOD of Heaven, YHVH, then Islam and Allah are False and not the Last Revelation nor Mohammed, is the Last Prophet. And? And this Spiritual Struggle will have to be fought to the Death.

This is why the coming Jewish AntiChrist Messiah will be the only one that will appear after the Rapture, to ‘Pick-Up the Pieces’ to make Good on the Illusive Quest to have Peace in the Middle East. What is at stake here now is how the delicate Balance for the Saudi Arabian Abraham Peace Accords will be affected. Israel is caught in a Web of Diplomacy in that on 1 Hand, it may not retaliate in Full Force as to not offend the Saudis and derail them from joining in their Peace Accords. Yet, on the other Hand, the Average Jew, both Liberal and Conservative are demanding to be Protected.

As all the above has been from purely a Political Science Point of View, one has had the Privilege of seeing 1st Hand on the Ground from beyond IDF Military Lines. And this is why one is saying this is not an IDF or MOSSAD ‘Failure’. No, it is a Classic Problem-Reaction-Solution Ploy. One will now shift to the Eschatological Implications of what is happening and will according to one’s Biblical Interpretations. The Bible describes the Road to Armageddon and the Return of Jesus, the True Messiah of Israel.


Realize that presently, the State of Israel is ‘Partially Blind’ because of their Rejection of Jesus. And Jesus Judged Israel as He by using the Assyrians, the Babylonians and the Romans, presently, in the form of the EU and the USA, etc. The Divine Discipline has not even started with the 70th Week of Daniel that is yet to begin. What is happening now, is that since 1948, Israel is being Prepared for its Redemption and Rendezvous with Jesus, at last. But as with all prior Dealings with YHVH’s Earthly People, they rather look to the Nations for their ‘Peace and Security’.

And Israel, ultimately will when the Man of the Hour or the Man of Sin, will show up. This will occur after the Rapture Event, and the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus and the Inner-Ring of Muslim Psalm 83 War. If anything, that this ‘Sneak Attack’ on Shemini Atzeret has shown all of Israel and the World, is that for all that the IDF has as an Advantage, it can be overrun. And. This is where the Samson Option of using a Nuclear Device, such as on Damascus will Equalize the Deficiency in the lack of having sufficient Military Personal to defend Israel’s Borders on all 4 Sides, at the same Time.  

But the Jewish False Messiah will guarantee this to the Jews and the World. It will be a False Sense of ‘Peace and Security’. But the Point is that it has to get so Bad, that all of Israel will demand and accept anyone, even if it is the Devil to make a Deal with them to stop these ‘Surprise Attacks’ by the Muslims, etc. This may require the implementation of the 2 State Solution of a Land-for-Peace Deal that Israel has always lost in that aspect. The Muslims will never keep their Word about that.

The Muslim is allowed to Lie in the Quran to further their Advantage and Agenda. For example, the Muslims ‘Promised’ they would never again ‘Attack’ Israel from Gaza if only the Jews would withdraw from Gaza and give-up that Claim of the Land. To that End and Agreement, Ariel Sharon give-up Gaza in 2005 and Forced-Evicted all the Jewish Settlers from Gaza. How did that turn out for Peace and Security, Land-for-Peace? What will eventually occur is that at some Point in Time, Israel will have to go Nuclear on the Inner-Ring of Muslims because Israel is surrounded and out-numbered.

For example, out of the 100s of 1000s of Rockets both Hamas and Hezbollah have, if all of them are fired, only 10% would or could be intercepted with the Iron Dome. One surmises that it will not be Gaza, but in the North where Iran has its Proxies that the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus will occur. As Iran is amassing Weapons to include Biological and Chemical Stockpiles, Israel will have to go the way of the Samson Option on them. This will eventually deal with the Inner-Ring of all these Muslim Para-Military Factions that threaten Israel daily.

However, that will then set-up the False Peace and Security brokered by the AntiChrist and later on, invite the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog War that will be led by Russia, etc. Remember that to the Luciferians, they have to allow for their Chaos to foment, so they can then introduce their ’Order’. Remember that Netanyahu is a Mason and it has been said by him, that one of the Objectives in Life, he believes is that ‘GOD’ has bestowed upon him to Deliver the rebuild 3rd Temple to the Jews.

He will essentially give the Keys to the City of Jerusalem to the AntiChrist, as the 70 Elders of the Sanhedrin give him the Temple. It will be the Daniel 9:27 Edict that will give Legal Ground for the AntiChrist to then set-up his ‘Tents’ in the Beautiful Land. Mission Accomplished. Lucifer by way of the AntiChrist acquires the Promised Land, the Capital City of Jerusalem, and the Temple. Realize that it was Netanyahu, like Trump, that rolled-out the COVID Kill-Shots to the Nation and gave all the Medical Information to Pfizer in Israel to be a Case Study. Do not Trust the Media’s Narrative that are paid to sell you. Do not trust your Politicians who are Bought-Out at the Top.

In the USA, the COVID Roll-Out was a Military Operation, led by a General. Do not be fooled. You are being Played. Yes, Innocent People are being Killed, have been Killed and that is exactly how they, the Luciferian Powers-That-Be want it to be seen as a ‘Surprise’ Attack being Repeated, over and over until it become the ‘Official Narrative’ that cannot be Questioned, just like COVID. Why? It is so as to Unify a Divided Israel with the High Moral justification to accomplish their next Step. Hello Mr. AntiChrist. Nice to Meet You. Jewish Savior. Do you Know My Name?



Burden of the Nations
This Book ascertains Events surrounding Israel as the Fig Tree Nation and how it is being contested by the Nations and coming from the Muslim Arabs who call themselves ‘Palestinians’. It is a ‘Battle over Zion’ and who will get that as the ‘Winner takes All’. This was not the case initially when the Palestinians had a chance at having their own State. They rejected the U.N. Partition Plan in 1947. This book will examine the Political, Social, Religious Factors of how Israel is fast approaching its ultimate Rendezvous with its Prophetic Destiny as the Nations contend for the Promised Land, Jerusalem and Temple in this last Fig Tree Generation.


The War In-Between Wars
The purpose of this book is to chronicle the volunteer experience through the Sar-El Program in partnership with the Israeli Defense Force, the IDF at the Anatot Military Base outside Jerusalem, Israel. The following are items documenting the short incursion to Israel in November of 2019. Sar-El is the Hebrew acronym for ‘Service to Israel’. The details consisted of logistics with furlough weekends to Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv in one’s case. Sar-El’s purpose is to bring supporters of Israel to Israel and contribute to the security of Israel in Israel.


He Who Comes in His Own Name
The purpose of this Book is to correlate the first 13 Kings of both the Kingdoms of Judea and Israel with that of the first 13th ‘Kings’ of Modern Day Israel in terms of its Prime Ministers since 1948. This study suggests that perhaps the 13th Person to Rule the Modern State of Israel will have a Parallel Destiny in terms of what the Number 13 means, what the Term might represent, and if it could be associated with the last Ruler of Israel before the Rightful King returns, Jesus.


Prophetic Keys to Israel's Restoration
The Olivet Discourse basically consisted of a Prophetic Outline or Blueprint that would involve the Restitution of 3 Factors that have to be in place before Jesus' 2nd Coming. The Factors disclosed by Christ start with the Temple, then Jerusalem and ended with Israel. Christ foretold that these 3 Factors would be Destroyed, in that precise Order. The Olivet Discourse went on to disclose that miraculously, the same would involve a Reinstitution, but in Reversed Order at the End of Days signaled by the budding of the Fig Tree.


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