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  • What is the Tabernacle of Moses Pattern about?
  • Is there a common encrypted pattern for the USA?
  • What role do the USA play prophetically in these Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘See, today I am setting before you a Blessing and a Curse. There will be Blessing if you obey the Commandments of the LORD your GOD that I am giving you today, but a Curse if you do not obey the Commandments of the LORD your GOD and turn aside from the path I command you today by following other gods, which you have not known.’ - Deuteronomy 11:26-28

In the continued studies of the Tabernacle/Temple pattern, it has been demonstrated that such a pattern seems to be universal as it correlates to the dream of Nebuchadnezzar’s ‘Statue’ of world empires, the Temple Man pattern by Toni Badillo, various Masonic temples, the Vitruvian Man, and now perhaps even nations. The purpose of this study is to consider further and compare the USA, being superimposed topographically with the Tabernacle of Moses pattern and with the national judgments of Israel. As to the topographical correspondence of the Tabernacle of Moses over the USA, it is not a new theory but there has been very little written about it. The USA has long been compared to ancient Israel, Rome and Egypt to name a few world empires.
With its similar symbols, architecture and laws; they also mirror their development, rise and fall. In terms of Rome, the USA has been as the New Rome, the New Atlantis, its successor. Washington D.C. was originally called ‘New Rome’, etc. With Israel, the USA has its religious roots and heritage tied with the Bible and Israel. There are peculiarities such as having 13 colonies that mirror the Tribes, etc. With Egypt, it is very interesting that both the Nile and the Mississippi converge at the approximate same latitude as the Mississippi flows toward the Equator and the Nile away from the Equator. (This cannot be explained nor should occur if the Earth is ‘flat’.) Also, the Mighty Mississippi has many of the same names correspondent to those of the Nile.

This study proposes that there also appears to be a similar pattern of ascent and decline of such Nations as a pattern that has repeated with every major world power to include, Israel, Egypt and Rome. In the case of the Tabernacle of Moses pattern for the USA, what has blessed the USA and made her a Super Power, its natural resources are now turning into a ’curse’ and its downfall. There were 6 elements that constituted the accouterments of the Tabernacle that YHVH prescribed Moses to build as a ‘facsimile’ of what was in Heaven. These 6 items were the Altar of Sacrifice, the Laver of Water, the Menorah, the Table of Bread, the Altar of Incense and the Ark of the Covenant. Each item represented a means to which the redemption of Humanity could be attained in a progressive approach to the ‘Throne of YHVH’ in the Holy of Holies, etc. Each element represented a blessing by which Humanity regained its ‘Humanity’. This was ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ at the Cross of Calvary that embodied the Tabernacle.

Divine Facsimiles

Israel over time abandoned such a system of approach for ‘other gods’ YHVH warned Israel not to do. YHVH then employed various levels of national disciplines to turn Israel back. These ‘Divine Disciples’ constituted the judgments of how the blessings of the Promised Land became a curse and eventually ‘vomited’ Israel from it to be exiled as the 5th and final stage of national discipline. Many believe that the USA has reached this level of pending judgment as the ‘Tabernacle Republic’ is imploding from within. As the Tabernacle of Moses, it faced East as the USA does. There was an Outer Perimeter of 2 equal squares. The Tabernacle was actually very mathematic in its construct. There was the 1st Veil or Curtain that allowed the People of YHVH to enter into the ‘Outer Court’. This is where the Altar of Sacrifice and the Laver of Washing where situated.

They speak of a Blood Sacrifice and Purification needed to approach a ‘Holy God’, etc. For the USA, the 1st Veil or Curtain was that of the Atlantic Seaboard. The entire length is as a ‘Veil’ that constitutes the Appalachian Mountain Ridge from north to south. What is unique about this correlation to the Tabernacle is that the Altar of Sacrifice could be associated with the coal or the ashes of the fire. Such is the region in the USA that is famous for the deep coal mines that sustain the ‘fire’. Next, if one traverses toward the West would be the Laver of Water for washing in the Tabernacle of Moses. This would thus correspond to the Mississippi River of which the USA has been enriched by the trade that has been facilitated through this waterway. This river is also amazingly at the phi ratio proportion of the entire breathe of the continental USA. It is as though the physical construct of the land mass was also fashioned in a mathematical relationship.

What is also notable about the Mississippi corresponding to the Laver of Water is that St. Louis, Missouri is where approximately the Laver would be associated and the next ‘Veil’ or Curtain would be situated. This Curtain was to enter the Holies of the Tabernacle of Moses. It so happens that in St. Louis, there is actually a ‘Doorway’ or ‘Curtain, that of the Grand Arch. This Archway is considered the ‘Door’ to the West or the interior ‘heart’ of the Nation, the heartland, the ‘Bread Basket’, etc. Next, in the Tabernacle of Moses, the Holies contained the Menorah of light and the Table of Bread. Correspondent to the topography of the USA, the Menorah would relate to the oil the lambs were feed with to light the chamber. This speaks of the vast oil field of Texas, Oklahoma, etc. The heartland of the USA would also be found in this region as the Table of Bread would correlate to the Bread Basket of the Nation.

Then further to the West would be the foot of the Continental Divide or ‘Veil’ as in a Curtain, the Rocky Mountains. The Altar of Incense would be here as the various minerals are mined as a type of ‘spices’ that went up in smoke as worship of YHVH. Next, the Holy of Holies would thus correspond to where the Ark of the Covalent was placed. As it was overlaid in pure gold, such a furnishing would thus correlate to the gold deposits and discovery made out in the Californian foothills. These 6 Tabernacle of Moses accouterments signaled the blessings Israel had and were given by YHVH, but on a conditional basis. YHVH gave them the condition of having them be a ‘blessing’ or a ‘curse’. With each successive falling-away from the Faith of YHVH, Israel’s judgment became more severe to the point of exile and on 2 occasions as noted.

Divine Accouterments
YHVH touched the Land of Israel to be a curse that led to drought, debt, famine, death, and invasion, etc. Many who study the End of Days, see a similar prophetic pattern occurring with the USA in particular because of the Divine Blessings and Providence bestowed on this amazing Nation is now turning into a curse of judgments. Why? The tenants of the USA Constitution were founded on Biblical principles of self-rule and individual freedoms and rights that are based on Christian morality and character. Although the USA attempted to separate itself from the Old World Order of governance and subjugation of the Peoples, the rulers of this evil world and planet, the Luciferians have basically coopeted the USA with its 6 accruements of blessings of natural resources. The following are the approximate correlations of the topography of the continental USA to that of the Tabernacle of Moses pattern.

1. 1st ‘Veil’ Entrance
Eastern Seaboard, Appalachian Range -Immigration issues/secure borders/’terrorism’.

2. Altar of Sacrifice
Coal mines closing down/nuclear radiation from Japan over the USA.
3. Laver of Washing
Mississippi flooding the Midwest.

4. 2nd ‘Veil’ Entrance
‘Doorway’ to West, St. Louis Archway.

5. Table of Bread
Bread Basket poisoned with GMOs.

6. Candle Stick
Oil region causing Gulf oil spills.

7. Altar of Incense
Mineral wealth owned by foreigners, mega fires in West.

8. 3rd ‘Veil’ Entrance
Continental Divide Rocky Mountains.

9. Ark of the Covenant
The Gold Rush and subsequent ‘wealth’ looted by International Banksters.

Each article within the ‘Tabernacle’ is representing a specific element corresponding to a natural resources and its subsequent blessing and judgment. As to the cooping of the USA from within? Is it any wonder why the Reverse Seal of the USA is a Luciferian Masonic Talisman of the truncated unfinished pyramid? Such are the ones behind the scenes, in the shadows, the ‘Deep State’, that have sought to legislate the teachings of Jesus from the People, etc. This mystical motif is an encrypted image of the ‘Unfinished Tower of Babel’ that Nimrod, the first ‘Mason’ and type of AntiChrist seeks to finish for Lucifer. The symbol prescribed a mathematical stepping-stone of years to achieve this ‘Great Work’.

Foundations Falling

This study suggests that in some way or form, the Luciferian have been using and will be using the USA, its resources, wealth, people to literally have the Tabernacle or ‘Temple’ of Lucifer finished concerning Israel. This will coincide with the fulfillment of Daniel’s last Week of Years, the 70th given to him by direct revelation and answered to a request made through prayer of YHVH. This would mean that the 3rd Temple to come will be directly related to the working and decision-making of the leaders of the USA to a certain extent. This is already the case. If in some way such a deal is to ‘divide’ the Promised Land in Israel for this to occur, YHVH will ‘divide’ the continental USA in some fashion perhaps as some assert prophetically. It would be the ‘last straw’ to tip the balance of such pending national judgment upon the USA.

For so long as such a society upholds and lives by the teachings of Jesus, could the Nation continue to be blessed. However, the USA in this ‘Last Generation’ seems to have gone the way of Israel, Rome and Egypt. Why a judgment’? Consider that Nations of the world over history have come and gone, risen and fallen. What is peculiar about the USA? Realize that there will be 4 basic sins for which YHVH will hold the Last Generation that will constitute the Tribulation Period accountable for. They are that the people of the Earth did not repent of 6 practices, according to Revelation 9. They were Satanism, false worship, murder, sorcery/drugs, sexual perversion and thievery. Such practices and sins have been performed since the beginning of time and in every Nation on Earth. What is different with the USA? The difference is that none before were ‘legislated’ to be lawful as the USA has done all in this Last Generation.

It has been the USA that has legalized the murder of the unborn and selling of parts. It has been the USA that has legalized same-sex marriage and sanctioned sexual immorality and perversion. It has been the USA that has now basically legalized ‘recreational drugs’ and so on. The time has come in the USA where legislatures openly seek to dismantle any last or remaining vestiges of Christian virtue in the land through laws against the lawful. And it appears that the 6 elements of blessings that once prospered the young Nation to be the ‘Head’ of the world are being used to curse the land and its people for the sins it is committing, and without any remorse and national repentance, it would appear. This study suggests that this Divine Discipline of YHVH over nations is still operative and can be seen being implemented in the USA presently.

The relative timelines will be compared to how YHVH in the Old Testament discipled Nations when it got to the point of no-return. There were 5 Stages of Divine Disciple. The last was exile and bondage as it was for Israel and Rome was taken over by its various ethnic enclaves. Has the USA entered or about to enter the final stage of Divine Disciple? It is one thing for the common people to engage is such sinful practices, but when the Head of the Nations legislates such sin as lawful, then the ‘Divine Line’ in the sand has been made. When humanity ‘lawfully’ redefined marriage, or when and who can be ‘aborted’ up to birth, it is only a matter of time before the nation goes into some form of ‘captivity’ or ‘exile’. Human Government was and is a divine institution initiated after the Great Flood of Noah to govern the Nations with justice and fairness. YHVH composed boundaries and peoples for the purpose so that they could be saved.

The 5 Divine Disciplines
After the Flood of Noah, Nations began to form and the LORD, GOD of Heaven, YHVH sanctioned civil governance to rule the people as before the Flood based on moral and just laws. The foundation of such a society governed by just and moral laws. YHVH held a people at the national level accountable for their actions and prescribed judgments against those Nations that veered off the precepts of Divine Law, Morality and Order. According to the Bible, YHVH had 5 levels of warning or ’Disciplines’ that He measured a Nation’s morals against, at which time during any, a Nation could be saved from the Final Stage which was total destruction and captivity. According to the Bible, YHVH warned Israel about the Cycles of Discipline for a Nation that is in rebellion against YHVH. The Bible does show that YHVH did judge Nations with natural and/or social-political catastrophes. The following are the 5 levels of Divine Discipline of a Nation.

1st—Mental and physical illness, economic downturns, military losses.

2nd—Loss of influence, famine, drought, economic failure .

3rd—Domestic terror, culture and society breakdown.

4th—Disease, military invasion, national vassalage, famine.

5th—Cultural and social disintegration, religious anarchy, national destruction and exile.

Some eventful national judgments that are seen in the Bible are what occurred with Sodom and Gomorrah for their sexual immorality, Nineveh for its cruelty and wickedness, Egypt with Moses of how YHVH’s People were treated and ultimately, Israel on 2 occasions exiled for their unfaithfulness. Many believe that the USA was part of the New World discovered for a prime reason to have many of the Jews immigrate to the Americas, primarily the USA as a safe haven until such prophetic time as the Jews would be returning to Israel as a Sovereign Nation. Half the world’s population of Jews reside in the USA. In essence, the USA can be seen to have been the ‘New Israel’. The USA was the 1st Nation on Earth to officially recognize Israel’s miraculous ‘rebirth’ in1948. It has been a staunch supporter of Israel, for the most part. Nonetheless, for the USA, currently the national treasures of the Nation that made it great have been touched by divine providence – for blessing and cursing.

 As the Tabernacle Pattern of ’national resources’, America will most likely succumb to the same fate and downfall as Israel of the Bible had from within. What were the symptoms? They were national debt, increase in Demonism/Satanism, sexual immorality, the murder of babies, violence and drug addiction that have, are and will destroy the most powerful Nations on Earth despite being blessed with divine providence of favor. Consider ancient books like Enoch and others that attest that it was the Fallen Angels that taught Humanity from the beginning how to fight and wage war, how to abort fetuses, how to conjure-up demons with magic, how to mix potions from herbs and plants for drugs and so on. Such are the ones that YHVH imprisoned in Tartarus and await their release for the Last Generation that will see their resurgence to wreak havoc on the unrepentant Nations that have now ‘legislated’ all such as ‘lawful’.  


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