MARCH 22, 2022 (322)
Mars Triple Conjunction in Capricorn

  • Will World War 3 breakout sometime in 2022? What Month?
  • What is so special about the Occult nuance of March 22, 2022?
  • Will the Triple Conjunction of Mars in Capricorn be an Omen?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘In the Spring, at the Time when Kings March out to War, David sent out Joab and his Servants with the whole Army of Israel. They Destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah, but David remained in Jerusalem. One Evening David got up from his bed and strolled around on the Roof of the Palace. And from the Roof he saw a Woman Bathing - a very Beautiful Woman'. -2 Samuel 11:1-2

The purpose of this study is to mark an Astronomical Observation dealing with Mars on March 22, 2022, that might be a Turning-Point in how it is signaling an eventual War that will come right after the Spring Equinox. One is not saying that ‘World War 3’ will start but that it is a High Watch Time for when the ‘Drums of War’ will either manifest or signal its proximity. Of primary concern is that this Date and Planet Mars enters Capricorn is occultic. The Planet Mars, as a Euphemism for the God of War crossed through the Golden Gate of the Cosmos on January 24/25, 2022. It is as if it made its Grand Entrance and has set itself on a War Footing. The trajectory leads to the Triple Conjunction in the Constellation of the Slaughter, Capricorn then 55 Days later. It will be at the Heart of the ‘Sacrifice’, on March 22, 2022. What is so unique about this Date?

This is a code for 322 as with the Luciferian Secret Fraternal Order of the Skull and Bones. Who are the Skull and Bones? They are an offshoot Masonic Luciferian Secret Fraternal Order that has 1 of its main Headquarters and Temple on the Campus of Yale University in the USA. It is from this Temple and Chapter that many National and World Leaders are ‘Chosen’. Prospective Students get ‘Tapped’ on the Shoulder to become an Initiate or Neophyte to go through the Rigors or ‘Hazing’ of their Occultic Magic Rituals and Regalia. Upon Graduation, such Members are groomed to be ‘Captains’ of Industry, Commerce, Banking and Government. For example, in the USA, such Members saturate the State Department, Key Positions in Federal Agencies, Congress, NSA, the CIA, Corporate Media and Financial Wall Street, etc.

Many U.S. Presidents have been such Members as were notably the ‘Chosen’ Bush Presidents and many prior ones. Why? These ‘Brothers’ are but part of a Luciferian Cabal. They are Front Men of the AntiChrist Beast System that rules the World, by Proxy on behalf of the God of War, Death and Destruction, Lucifer. But only until Jesus returns. To this end, also many of their Public Monuments are constructed and consecrated with the coordination and Brotherly Fraternal cooperation of other Masons and Kabbalists. Evidence? Hidden Patterns can be seen in main city layouts all over their World Capitals. For example, the District of Columbia in the USA is essentially a Tribute and Glorification to the Ancient Gods of Earth, Fallen Angels, etc.

It All Adds-Up
In Europe, there are counterpart Fraternal Orders whereby their future World Leaders are also groomed to positions of Power and Prestige. For example, it was revealed in 2020 as some investigated the ‘Reset’ Protocols outlined by Klaus Schwab. It was discovered that he is also the ‘School Master’ of 1 of a very prestigious Centers of producing ‘Young Globalists’. It boasts a long list of European Presidents, Prime Ministers like Macron, and even U.S. State Governors like Gavin Newsom. So, as to the Fraternal Secret Luciferian of Skull and Bones? Not only do they have the Layouts of Buildings based on Sacred Gematria, these Orders also make their Decision based on Astronomical Conjunctions, Equinoxes, Solstices and Planetary Alignments.

In the case of the Skull and Bones, they chose as their ‘Sign’, among many the Number 322. What is so special about this Number. There are several layers of meaning. The 1st notion has to do with the Month and Day of the Western Calendar. In this case, the interpretation would be correlated to the 3rd Month, March and the 22nd Day. This is also 1 or 2 days after the Spring Equinox. And depending on the Century, in Ancient Times, the Spring Equinox was on March 22, etc. Thus, the 1st Quarter of the Solar Year is significant because it is from this time that Winter ends and Spring, begins Astronomically. The 2nd iteration and correlation of this Number deals with Numerology.

322 + 233 = 555 when inverted (Microcosm) Death and Resurrection - Pentagram
322 x 233 = 666 when inverted (Macrocosm) where (3x2=6) (2x3=6) (2x3=6) - Hexagram

NOTE: These Calculations are based if one inverts the Numbers or Digits as in the 3 is to the 2 and the 3 is to a 2 as in a Chiastic Pattern. 

If one adds the Numbers, the result is ‘7’. In the Latin/Western Alphabet, ‘G’ is the 7th Letter. But if one adds the sequence in reverse, 322 + 233, the result is 555. This is code in the Occult for the Process of Death and Resurrection. This is what is incorporated in their Lucifer Rite of the ‘Rising of Osiris’. This Magic Ritual is performed by the Masons whenever there is a New U.S. President, for example. It is really casting a Spell to control the Fall and Rise of whomever presides in the White House.

Why 555 is associated with ‘Death and Resurrection’ is that it is a Mockery of Jesus Christ, who is the only GOD-Man that has died and resurrected. The Luciferians believe that they will possess the Power to do the same once the AntiChrist, their Dark Lord will be killed and needed to be resurrected as the Bible teaches will occur to the AntiChrist. The 3rd rendition of the hidden meaning of the Number is seen in how if one multiplies the Number 322 x 233, where (3x2=6) (2x3=6) (2x3=6) individually as its inversion, the result will be 666. Here lies 1 of the deepest Occult Secrets in the Cosmos. How so? 

The 555 to 666 ratio echoes the 5 to 6 Ratio seen in Mathematics, Geometry and Creation. It is the ‘As Above, So Below’ incorporated in Numbers that signifies the direct relationship between the Microcosm with the Macrocosm of all of Creation. But this is the Work of YHVH, as the Creator and how Lucifer has tried to usurp such Knowledge and Power associated with it and to take from it. This translates in Sacred Geometry or Gematria as the Pentagram affixed to the Hexagram, etc. For example, when Skull and Bones ‘Brothers’ take their Class Picture, they ingeniously incorporate this construct.
It is Cosmic. They will have 6 ‘Brothers’ to the Left of an Old Time Click, pegged to 6pm.

What Time Is It Mason?
Then there will be 6 ‘Brothers’ to the Right of the Clock. This portrays the 6-6-6 ‘Mark of the Beast’. Note that the Time Clock that is used has ‘Horns’ on its ‘Head’ and also serves to disguise that it is the ‘Eye of Lucifer’ and Pyramidion construed by the Center arrangement. The Center has 5 ‘Brothers’ with 2 sitting in Chairs. The Clock Motif at the Center of the Picture portrays Lucifer as Saturn. It is then a Motif for Father Time, Death, the Grim Reaper, etc. And this is how then the Planet Saturn will play a role then as Mars enters Capricorn to join-up with Venus, on March 22, 2022 (322).

They construe the 5-5-5 alignment with 5 ‘Brothers’ on the Left, 5 ‘Brothers’ on the Right are balanced by the 5 ‘Brothers’ at the Center. The 2 Seated Ones have legs crossed and 1 Center ‘Brother’ is reclining forward with arms apart affixed to the Center Temple that has a real Skull and Bones, etc. This arrangement construes the Compass and Square of the Luciferian Masons and also of the Truncated Unfinished Pyramid or ‘Tower’ of Nimrod. It is a copy and depiction of the Reverse Seal of the USA in essence. And by the way, this is also broadcasting that they rule, Politically all aspects of Government, the Right, the Left and the Center.

That is exactly how they then position their ‘Brothers’ in those respective Flanks, Politically in said Party’s for example. The next hidden innuendo is the mocking of the Death of the Son of GOD, Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. Calvary is Latin for Skull as that is the exact Spot where Jesus was taken to be Crucified on Mount Moriah there in Jerusalem, on April 14, 32 AD. In fact, to this day, that ‘Skull’ formation on the Ridge is just outside the Damascus Gate. It is across where the present-day Bus Station is at, and where the Ridge depicts this ‘Skull’ Motif. It is also adjacent to the Garden Tomb, where many suggest the Crucifixion took place and Jesus was buried, etc.

It is said in the Bible, that starting at the Noon Hour, the whole World plunged into Darkness for 3 Hours when Jesus was on the Cross. Many suggest it was a unique Solar Eclipse phenomena but also how the Powers of Darkness came to the Spectacle thinking they had ‘Done Jesus in’. But Lucifer did not realize that Jesus out-witted the Fallen Anointed Cherub that Covered in that by Death, Jesus sley him who had the Power of Death against every Human. Thus, the reason for the background is to provide context in that given such Occult Protocols, what is very intriguing to consider is how then the Planet Mars will be in Capricorn, exactly on March 22, 2022 or 322. And?

Based on one’s experience in Astronomical Observations, one believes that the Luciferians will take this as their Sign to initiate War upon Humanity, more so than they have already with their COVID Soft Genocide. Many World Events have been based on this Date. The Decisions such Luciferians, Masons, Kabbalists make on such ‘Special’ Days is to capture the full Satanic Cosmic Energies and make their Endeavors succeed. Here are some examples. On March 22, 1983, the Pentagon awards a Production Contract worth more than $1 Billion Dollars to AM General Corporation to develop 55,000 High Mobility Multipurpose, of Humvees, etc. The 2003 the Ground Invasion of Iraq had its 1st Stage begin on March 20, 2003, on the Spring Equinox. The ‘War’ lasted just over 1 Month or 33 Days. The War formally ended on May 1, 2003 (Beltane Day).

Spring Equinox
Thus, the Triple Conjunction involving Mars, the God of War will consist of Saturn and Venus on such a similar Date, March 22, 2022. Saturn is a Euphuism for Satan and as 1 of the 2 Gas Giants, whatever enters the Constellation it is in will magnify that much more to the greatest extent the Planet that it conjoins with. In this case, the God of War, etc. Venus, also in the Occult is a Euphemism for Lucifer. Venus to them is the Anti-Type of Jesus Christ whom He Himself describes to be like Venus, ‘The Bright and Moong Sat’, in the Book of Revelation. Thus, one could expect a Turning Point after the Spring Equinox of eventual War.

Now how that will be or look like remains to be seen. But there are present 3 War Theaters currently about to escalate to a full-blown Major Regional War. They have to do with Russia, China and Israel. Now how the Planet Mars plays an Astronomical Factor is that as mentioned, such a Conjunction March 22, 2022 (322), converging in the Constellation of Capricorn will enhanced and its Powers, amplified by the Conjunction of the other 2 Planet that it will join there, Saturn and Venus. So, how will all this context, the 322 Occult Background serve to interpret the Triple Conjunction with Mars, the God of War?

Based on what the Article opened with, the Bible states that in the Ancient World, it was in the Spring, once the Spring Equinox turned that the ‘Kings went off to War’. Such was the case with King David, although in this case, he did not and it was cause for his downfall as he became distracted and vulnerable. One would suggest that at this present Time in the World, the ‘King’ that has been the USA has also succumbed to not being the Leader of the Free World, an Example as the ‘King of the Nations’.

But instead, it has been ‘distracted’ and grown weak and it will result in the Sin of King David, just as much. At this Time, the Enemies of the USA will perhaps make their move as strategized by the Luciferians that will use the Cosmic Alignments, and their Occult Magic to make their ‘moves’ on the present Chess Board of the World. And what primary moves will those be? Consider that presently in the World, on Planet Earth, there are currently 3 major War Theatres on the ‘Board’.

Russia-Ukraine War
Russian Military Forces could cross over into the Self-Proclaimed Republic in Eastern Ukraine. This could involve NATO and the USA but not likely as NATO and the USA are weak and its Post World War 2 Alliance is wanning.

China-Taiwan War
China is the New World Super Power that has Eclipsed the Wanning USA Military Might. With this new found Economic and Military Potency, the Chinese may very well take over Taiwan without a fight; not even from Taiwan nor Japan.

Israel-Syria/Iran War
The ever-escalating Israeli Raids into Syrian and Iran may very well prompt an all-out
Regional War in which Israel will eventually prevail. Based on Biblical Prophecy, the following sequence could commence. The Isaiah 17 Event will lead to the Psalm 83 War.

Cut it Down
Given these 3 major War Scenarios, one is of the belief, as Political Scientist that anyone of these 3 Theaters or all 3 will make a major move going forward from March 22, 2022 (322). Why? It is because the Bible says so. All 3 Nations are mentioned precisely as End Time Players that will plunge the World into the next Major War that will affect the entire World. In fact, this is the stated and publicly disclosed plan of the Masons, per their Grand Master, Albert Pike. They designed the Luciferian Plan to have 3 World Wars that would usher in their New World Order, as stated by H.W Bush’s Decree on September 11, 1991 during his Address to Congress and the Nation.

What will be the coming Critical War, in one’s estimation, will deal with Israel. Many Bible Scholars and those who study the End Times believe it is next on the Horizon. That perhaps, starting on March 22, 2022 (322), a War will breakout with the Muslims will seek to destroy Israel, ‘once for all’. It will be the Psalm 83 War, fulfilled. And the significance of this? It will be because of this War that the AntiChrist will come on the scent to thereafter ‘Guarantee’ Israel ‘Peace and Security’ for 7 Years. This will then allow for the building of the 3rd Temple and the start of Daniel’s 70th Week in that case, if one’s scenario is actually in line with what the Bible has laid-out will occur regardless.

Thus, one will be observing with much anticipation from that point forward on March 22, 2022 (322). Will it turn out to be the escalation and eventual Military Confrontation, energized by the Cosmic Powers and Alignment with the God of War, Mars? And this due to its Powers being amplified by the Planetary Conjunction of Saturn and Venus in the Constellation of the Slaughter, Capricorn? But to reiterate, the main rationale for why one believes that the main contingency of how the coming War will playout has to do with Israel is based on the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree in Luke 13:6.

‘A certain Man had a Fig-Tree planted in his Vineyard, and he came and sought fruit thereon, but found none. Then he called to the Gardener who attended to his Vineyard, and said to him, Behold these 3 Years I come seeking Fruit on this Fig-Tree, and find none. Cut it down. Why does it encumber the ground? The Gardener answered him and said, Lord, let it alone this 1 Year also, till I shall dig about it and Manure it. And if it bear Fruit then, it is well; but if not, then, after that, thou shalt cut it down’.

 Note then that the 70th Year Anniversary since the 1948 Rebirth of Israel was in 2018. Then 3 years have passed since that amazing Prophetic Mile-Stone. Now in 2022, Israel will have ended its 73rd Year Cycle, or 3rd Year ‘Probation’, being 2018 + 3 years to equal 2021. Meaning that the additional 1 Year of Grace would be the 2022th Year within the 4th Year Cycle. Meaning? Israel has not produced the Fruit of Repentance, nor can it, at this time; not until Jesus returns at His 2nd Coming.

It means that the 2021-22 Year in the Rabbinical Calendar corresponds to the 7th Year of the current Sabbath Cycle. To which then, Israel will be ‘Cut Down’ during the coming Tribulation Period. This then strongly suggests that by the end of 2022, Israel will go into the 70th Week of Daniel. This is if one is interpreting and reading not only the Biblical Parable, Daniel’s Prophecy but the Astronomical Alignment that deals with the God of War, in Mar’s Trible Conjunction in the Sign of the Coming Slaughter, Capricorn.

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