Encoded Year of the Rapture?

  • Is there a prophetic day-count to the Revelation 12 Sign?
  • Did the Revelation 12 Sign come and go without any significance?
  • Was the 'Great Sign' a countdown to the year of the Rapture?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And she gave birth to a son, a Male-Child, who will rule all the Nations with an iron scepter. And her Child was caught up to GOD and to His Throne. And the Woman fled into the wilderness, where GOD had prepared a place for her to be nourished for 1,260 days.’ -Revelation 12:5-6

The purpose of this study is to examine the notion of the 1260-day factor that the Revelation 12 Sign is tagged with, scripturally. This study strongly suggests that the 1260-day count is the length of the prophetic time or ‘shelf life’ that the Great Sign is to have. Meaning? Could the Revelation 12 Sign actually have been insinuating the year of when the Harpazo or Rapture event is to occur? This ‘shelf life’ would be then 3.5 years from its astronomical occurrence on September 23, 2017. Not necessarily to the day, although that is a factor too. But rather could the Great Sign be signaling the year of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to occur soon after this 1260-day count?

If this assertion is to be true, it would put the year of the Rapture occurring sometime in 2021. And this is exciting. This would not mean though that precisely on January 1, 2021, the Rapture event occurs or even on the 1260th day, which would be March 6, 2021. For one, the prophetic time-clock is not contingent upon the Gregorian Calendar nor is the 1260th day either. As ‘Signs’ go, they are signaling an event in the future. This mis-interpretation is what led many to be misguided as to the whole Revelation 12 phenomenon and sensationalism that the Rapture was to occur ‘on that day’. It did more harm than good although many were ‘woken’ to Last Days events. And perhaps that was one of the major prophetic intentions as a result.

When the ‘Revelation 12 Sign’ came and went, many if not most who were the proponents of the Rapture day marked it as just another disappointed Rapture date statistic and the mockers and scoffers made sure of that. And this was and still is the folly of all those that insinuated, hoped and trusted that the actual Rapture event was to have occurred on September 23, 2017. What this study is proposing, first of all is that the Great Sign of Virgo did and does have a 1260 day prophetic ‘shelf life’. What this study however strongly suggests is that the Revelation 12 Sign was not over and is not over just yet. How so? It has its 1260-day prophetic ‘shelf life’ intact still. Meaning? As prophetic typologies go, consider that the Man-Child that many correlated and still do to the Bride of Christ does not get ‘raptured’ out until after the 2nd Great Sign appears. This 2nd Great Sign is the Red Dragon. Thus, there will still be a time where pending danger occurs first, then the Rapture event and then the ‘Prophetic Clock’ shifts to Israel.

In its Time
So, when would this scenario take place? At this point, it is somewhat of an educated guessing game. Certain things are known, and one can start with that. One does know that it will be after the 1260th day. Thus, if within the 2021 year window of time, then after March 6, 2021. Consider that the Spring Equinox occurs on March 20, 2021. This is 10 days after the ‘shelf life’ of the Revelation 12 Sign ‘expires’ or is it set into motion? It will be
72 days to the eve of the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2021. The coefficient of 72 is indicative of a cycle of astronomical time related to the Precession of the Equinoxes in how 1 degree is achieved every 72 years, etc. It will also be 200 days to the Fall Equinox of September 22, 2021.

The point? The point is that perhaps the 1260-day ‘shelf-life’ coefficient has to do more with an astronomic sequence and/or factor in play. After all, the Revelation 12 Sign was said to have appeared astronomically. This is by the way another mis-conception of the Sign itself. How so? The Revelation 12 Sign occurs and will have its actual prophetic fulfillment at the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation Period. This is where the actual 1260-day count starts the countdown to Jesus’ return with the Bride. It is where the 2 halves of 1260-day counts converge. It is clearly described Biblically as being the ‘halfway’ marker. It is also an interesting time marker, as the Mark of the Beast will roll-out. And this is the time marker when the true Remnant of the Believing Jews will flee to the mountains as Jesus warned them to do. This is the fulfillment of the Olivet Discourse.

That is what Jesus was foretelling His Disciples or Israel to do when the Abomination of Desolation was and will be erected on the Temple and the AntiChrist enters the Holy of Holies. He will then sit on the Ark of the Covenant and proclaim himself ‘God’ and demand absolute worship and allegiance by what the Mark represents, etc. This is also relevant to the other misconceptions of, ‘No one knows the day or hour’, of the Rapture. This is a misnomer. The context and question was not about when the Rapture was and is to take place. This was not the topic of Jesus was discussing with His Disciples that represented National Israel during the Tribulation or Jacob’s Trouble. This 2nd half starts with the Revelation 12 Sign. The discourse was not about the 2nd coming of Jesus either. Jesus gave clear prophetic indicators leading up to that and the 2520-day count would precisely count when Jesus would be returning with the Bride alongside.

The question posed was that of the beginning when the Disciples asked, ‘when would Jesus set up His kingdom?’ This was what was qualified by Jesus as, ‘No one knows the day or the hour’, etc. Thus, the 2 sets of 1260-days would equal the whole of the time sequence to be 2520 days or 7 years. The 7-year timespan is based on a Biblical 360 day per year calendar. Mind you, these are prophetic years of 360 days per year. The counting of the days then will be shorter than the Gregorian Solar Year. This is why many will always be ‘wrong’ in counting the years of the Tribulation. For example, if one states that the 7-year Tribulation Period using the 365 days/year, the count will be 2555 days, not 2520. The difference in days will be 35 days but within the same year count.

The Sequence
However, there does then appear to be a synchronization to occur as Daniel speaks of a 35 and 75 day count thereafter. Many suspect these are the time intervals for Jesus to purify the Temple and set up His ‘Transition Team’ for the Millennial Kingdom much like a Presidential elected official sets-up a Transition Team to install the next Presidential Administration, etc. Thus, this will involve the Bride in helping set that up as ‘she’ will be the ‘Transition Team’, etc. As far as the Revelation 12 Sign was and is concerned, the astronomical fulfillment that occurred in 2017 was perhaps a prelude and ‘wake-up’ call to put the Church on notice of this 1260-day prophetic ‘shelf-life’ countdown. It is a foreshadowing as the ‘Sign’ will occur at the halfway marker of the 7-year Tribulation Period where it will occur literally.

What that will be or look like will remain a mystery until then. Nonetheless, the Sign’ will be to Israel, to flee. Israel will flee to the mountains, or to Petra as many suspect for those 1260 days. Meaning? That it was at the 1260th day marker that a Rapture event happened. This is now why this study strongly suggests that the Rapture event associated with the Sign was and is pertinent to the day count given, that of 1260 days is ‘prophetic’. And thus, the ‘Rapture’ of the Bride occurs, as a ‘mirror image’ before the coming of Lucifer by way of the Dragon and then the fleeing of Israel will occur after. The ‘Great Sign’ is thus indicative of a ‘transference’ or perhaps a change in Dispensations? It is a dispensational change as that is the time the Adversary is introduced, or the AntiChrist is unmasked at the point of the Revelation 12 sequence.

Presently, YHVH’s spiritual People of the Church Age have taken center stage prophetically. But as the Bride of Christ goes up to Heaven by way of the ‘secret; rendezvous’ Rapture, YHVH’s earthly People, Israel goes outwards to the Earth, and takes center stage etc. It is the reason for the major misnomer of the timing of the Rapture event. As many see this ‘Rapture’ scenario at the halfway marker of the 7-year Tribulation, most thus believe the Rapture of the Bride is/will be mid-Tribulation because of it. Such only narrow down on this segment of the overall storyline or timeline and ascribe then the Rapture event to this time stamp marker. In reality it is true to an extent because it is just 1 of 7 Raptures that occur in the book of Revelations, the book of 7’s.

And coupled with this mid-Tribulation theory will come along the other erroneous theology of having the Church replacing National Israel. If one does this, one can see the logic behind such thinking, but it is error. The Church has not replaced National Israel nor is the mid-Tribulation Rapture of the Man-Child therefore the Church. It is of Jesus as a euphemism. And usually those that espouse the mid-Tribulation Rapture theory, and the Replacement Theology will also be Anti-Semitic. Such will see and do see the current and present National State of Israel as nothing more than a ‘Satanic’ ploy of the Illuminati Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and others. Although this might be true, consider the prophecy that in Ezekiel and the Olivet Discourse itself, the exact sequence of Israel’s apostasy or falling away will occur in its reverse order and is.

The Route to Restoration
As such, since 1947, Israel has been reconstituting itself from Ezekiel, back to the Promised Land but in unbelief and is still. But this timeframe and marker is indicative of just how close the Rapture event is then. As the generation that sees this ‘Fig Tree’ reborn will not pass-away until Israel says, ‘blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD.’ Realize that most that say they are Jews or identity as being Jewish are mostly secular. In fact, for example, Tel Aviv is considered the Gay Capital of the world. In Scripture, this is why Jerusalem is inferred as ‘Egypt’, ‘Sodom’ and thus is indicative of the spiritual state of YHVH’s Earthly People. This will only change nationally when Jesus returns. And this is not to say that there is currently a sort of revival occurring in Israel with the younger generation especially when it comes to social media platforms.

It is estimated that Israelis are the ones that spend most time online and view content as such. It has been a great inroad to have them know about the ‘forbidden’ Scripture passages and see the deliberate mis-information about Jesus, their very own Messiah. Nonetheless, what will startle may if not most Jews and the world at large will be the Rapture event itself of the Church Age Believers of Jesus. Although the coming of the ‘Dragon’ that will appear thereafter, that is the AntiChrist will explain the Rapture away with his own ‘Lying Signs and Wonders’. Sadly, he will bring a coming Holocaust of the Jews much more horrific than what occurred during World War 2 and it is coming. While 1/3 of all Jews perished then, 2/3 will perish in the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’.

No doubt, the many Jews then that will come to knowledge and faith in Jesus as their true Messiah will take to heart the words of Jesus as prescribed on the Mount of Olives. It was and is for that Last Generation that those words in the 1st century were stated by Jesus, as He confirmed the time markers of Daniel and John the Revelator. The key? The 1260-day count that coincides with the Great sign of Revelation 12. Now what that means or will mean, remains to be fully understood. Presently, for the Church Age Saints who are eagerly waiting for the Great Escape, the Blessed Hope, obviously  will be looking or should be looking at this 1260th day shelf-life that occurs then on March 6, 2021. So, perhaps that is the year when then a Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to occur. As noted, perhaps sometime in 2021.

Now, based on human nature, many will no doubt, once again put their mis-guided hope and trust on the actual 1260th day to be the Rapture event itself. And once the day comes and goes, it will leave many disillusioned and prophecy having another ‘black eye’ in terms of its veracity and credibility. However, this is just part of the outcome that inevitably has to occur. The next question would then be, if the Rapture event is to occur in 2021, then what day, week, month or season? One is and has always been partial to the Pentecost season based on its prophetic typology. However, there is within that assertion also a debate as to when does Pentecost actually occur. Does Pentecost occur on the 50th day after the 1st Sabbath after Passover or as it has been discovered that based on a new understanding of Leviticus 23?

Starting Points?
Is there in fact a double-count to then be on the 99th day, when ‘Pentecost Fully Comes’? Consider that, as Pentecost is the ‘middle’ Feast of YHVH and corresponds to the 4th or middle stem in the Menorah typology, it has to then have its 2 halves. There is a 2-fold segment of Pentecost corresponding to the Feasts and Menorah branches. Thus, the start of the Pentecost Season corresponds to the Spring Feasts. And its end of the Season of the Wheat Harvest or fulfillment as in ‘when Pentecost Fully Came’, in mid-July to mid-September timeframe corresponding to the Fall Feasts.

Now circling back to the rebirth of Israel as a nation? Consider the following thought about this prophetic time marker. Many believe it is the single most prophetic piece of the ‘Prophetic Puzzle’ to date and has been a sort of countdown to the Rapture event and eventually the 2nd coming of Jesus. This study however would present the notion that the rebirth of Israel was a trifecta of events or more precisely of years. There was a 3-stage reconstitution of Israel, the Biblical Israel of the Bible and it occurred in 3 successive year. It was on November 29, 1947 that the U.N. Partition Plan was ratified by the General Assembly. This essentially created the Nation of Israel and Palestine.

1947: Partition Plan    1948: Declaration of Independence   1949: General Assembly

However, this 2-State Solution was rejected by the Palestinian Muslims and total war was declared against Israel. It was then on May 14, 1948 that David Ben Gurion declared Israel’s independence. It was Israel who accepted the U.N. Partition Plan and in its defense, embarked on the War of Independence and won. This occurred after defeating the well Soviet equipped 7-Muslim armies, etc. However, it was not until May 11, 1949 that the U.N. passed the motion to admit Israel as a full-fledged Sovereign Nation into the Family of Nations. The point? Many who study End Times have started the ‘countdown’ from either 1947 or 1948 primarily attributing the 70 years from 1948 making 2018 as the start of the Psalm 90 prophetic countdown.

But what if the count is actually from 1949? 70 years from 1949 is 2019. However, if 72 is an astronomical time marker, then 72 years from 1949 would be 2021. However, the year 2021 has some other round-about way of synchronizing with the Revelation 12 Sign. Based on Sabbatical Cycles since Jesus’ birth in -3 BC and 28 AD reading of Isaiah as being the Jubilee Year Proclamation, it would make 2021 the end of a cycle. Then consider the following, if in 32 AD, Jesus was 33 years old, it would be 39 years to the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. Then if one took 1949 when Israel formally joined the Family of Nations plus the 39 years difference, it would be 1988. Then if one took 1988 and added the age of Jesus, 33, that summation would lead to 2021.

- 32 AD – 70 AD = 39 year difference
- 1949 Israel among Nations + 39 year difference = 1988
- 1988 + 33 years age of Jesus =

Noticeable Dates for 2021

Revelation 12 Sign:    March 6, 2021
Spring Equinox:          March 20, 2012

Passover:                    March 27, 2021
                                   (April 3 = 1st Sabbath)
+ 49 days =                 May 22, 2021
+1 day =                      May 23, 2012 = Pentecost Start
+ 49 days =                 July 11, 2021 (711 is the proportion of the Great Pyramid)
                                   127 days from 1290th day of Revelation 12 Sign or 18 week (6-6-6)

Israel                           May 14, 2021
Shavuot:                      May 16, 2021

Pentecost:                   May 23, 2021
Blood Moon                 May 26 , 2021
Solar Eclipse               June 10, 2021
Summer Solstice:        June 21, 2021
Yom Teruah                 September 8, 2021
Fall Equinox:               September 22, 2021

Lunar Eclipse              November 19 , 2021
Solar Eclipse               December 4, 2021

1 January                    5 Shevat
2 February                   6 Adar
3 March                       7 Nissan
4 April                          8 Iyar
5 May                          9 Sivan
6 June                         10 Tammuz
7 July                           11 Av
8 August                      12 Elul
9 September               1 Tishrei
10 October                  2 Heshvan
11 November              3 Kislev
12 December              4 Tevet

March 6, 2021 1260th day to Pentecost May 23, 2021 = 77 days, excluding end date
To Shavuot is on May 17, 2021 =
72 days

The point is that an end of a time cycle is occurring in 2021 and a beginning of a new one will begin in 2022. In the same vein of thought about numbers then, if one adds 120 days or the proverbial 4 months to the Revelation 12 day of March 6, 2021, the end date would be July 4, 2021. This timeframe could very well be the ‘season’ or window of when the early Wheat Harvest starts. The date is associated with the rise of Sirius the Dog Star of Summer or Isis, the Queen of Heaven, etc. The question is, what if it is the Bride of Christ, the true ‘Queen of Heaven’ that she will be one be that which will be rising as in the Rapture? One will nonetheless be looking at these segments of time in the year in 2021 as that is the end of the ‘shelf life’ prophetically of the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred astronomically on September 23, 2017. March 6 , 2021 is the 65th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar with 300 days remaining until the end of the year.

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