1st Eclipse of the Tetrad

  • Will there ever be a 2-State Solution and a Palestinian State?
  • Did the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-15 signify this to come?
  • Does this cosmic configuration signal a coming 'Covenant'?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.’ - 1 Thessalonians 5:3

During the Blood Moon on April 15, 2014 there was a planetary alignment in the Solar System that accompanies the start of the Tetrad series as the chart illustrates this configuration. There are several convergences of events with numerical values around this start of the Tetrad that appear to be significant and perhaps monumental if the implications are realized prophetically for Israel, the Palestinians, and the world at large. Such events will be plotted on a timeline for reference and examination. The events and numerical values of particular events are noted on the timeline as they lead-up, during or soon thereafter this Blood Moon phenomenon that is the start of the Tetrad, which is the 4 consecutive total lunar eclipses to occur in 2014 -15.As it has been made well aware of by many, the significance of this particular Tetrad is that the lunar eclipses occur precisely on the Holy Biblical Feast Days of Passover and Sukkot or Tabernacles.

From a Biblical perspective, the Palestinian Peace Partition Plan appears to be enveloped in this timeframe of the start of the Tetrad phenomenon. The chart seeks to illustrate that such a Peace Plan’s numerical values has the markings of the Luciferian occult signatures of how world events, either war, peace treaties or declarations are sought out and/or carried out based on star alignments. For example, since the Oslo Accords, incremental steps have been taken by the Luciferians who are in control of this world’s organized religions and governments to set the conditions for the eventual partition of the Biblical land of Israel as predicted by the Bible in Joel 3:2. Many Biblical scholars believe that the Oslo Accords might be that prophetic ‘Covenant’ that is to be ‘confirmed’ by the ‘Many’ in the Last Days that could thus also set the stage for the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple and the advent of the Biblical AntiChrist.

If this is the case that this latest attempt at an initiative is that culmination of the ‘Covenant with Death’ as Isaiah 28:18 calls it, then the timing appears to be coinciding with some amazing astronomical signs in the heavens. This is not to predict that by the start of the Tetrad itself or the end of the U.S. led 9-Month timetable will be that ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ but that the calculated time and inference to a ‘9 -month’ period alludes to an anticipated and expected ‘birth’. What this ‘birth’ will look like or of ‘what’ remains to be seen but Biblically speaking, it will not be good. Although the resent push to implement the final and ultimate ‘peace’ solution between the Palestinians and the state of Israel has largely been ushered in by the Secretary of State at this point, the reception has been less than expected.

The 9-Month Peace Timetable
This in itself shows that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict goes much deeper than a political solution merits and it is ‘another’ agenda. On July 28, 2013, U.S. Secretary of State and Bonesman (322) kick-started the ‘Road to Peace’ plan specified by the Oslo Accords since the 1990s between the Palestinians and the state of Israel. What is interesting is that the Accords started in 1993 and has had a 7-Year incremental time sequence of progress and implementation. From 1993, there has been now a triple 7 or 777 pattern that culminates in 2014.


Diplomat met with leaders of respected sides and made a public announcement the next day. On July 29, 2013, the U.S. Secretary of State announced that the final stages for a ‘solution’ were to be implemented, without intermediated steps in a 9-Month timetable. Based on the observations of this specific choosing of timing, it is not hard to see the esoteric rationale for choosing this ‘impregnation’ as it where, hidden in plain sight. Exactly 9-Months from July 29, 2013 is when the paired annular solar eclipse to the 1st Blood Moon lunar eclipse occurred on April 29, 2014. This is just 14 days after the total lunar eclipse that starts the Tetrad on Passover that occurs on April 15, 2014.

The hidden clue of this ‘chosen’ date to culminate in a solar eclipse is that, not only is it exactly 9 months from the July 29 John Kerry announcement of the ‘failure is not an option’ peace timetable but it is numerically associated and tied to a pregnancy beyond the obvious. How? July 29 is the 212th day of the year, leaving 153 days to the end of the year. Thus, this numerical value of ‘153’ is geometric and mathematical associated with the Vesica Pisces and alludes to a ‘womb’. With such events set in motion, an eventual ‘birthing’ is about to take place according to this timetable. Celestially, there is a confirmation of such a ‘birthing’ as the Tetrad starts in Virgo, Mar’s Retrograde will end in Virgo also on May 20th and be ‘birthed’ in Virgo later on July 13, 2014. The following are some numerical observations of this time surrounding the start of the Tetrad, the ‘birthing’ and the Kerry Peace Initiative.

-Kerry’s 9-Month Peace announcement July 29, 2013 to April 29, 2014 = Annular solar eclipse
-July 31 is the 212th day of the year with 153 days remaining until end of year.
-Geometrically, a Vesica is within 2 equal intersecting circles, width/height = v3 265/153
-April 29 is the 119th day of the year, a reversed 9-11 code.

During the time that the Tetrad starts on April 15, 2014 and the culmination of the Kerry Peace Initiative ends on April 29, 2014, there will be several comets that are within or in proximity of the inner Solar System. What is significant about these comets is the amount. Normally comets inter the Solar System in frequency but not 7 all at one time and not including comet ISON. Some will either sling-shot around the sun like ISON did or others called ‘grazers’ will disintegrate into the Sun directly due to the gravitational pull. The oddity of this comet phenomenon within the Solar System is that it appears that the 7 comets are converging all the same time.

7 Comets
The accompanying chart illustrates the 7 comets that are within the Inner Solar System and will approach perihelion at various times. If the Tetrad of April 15, 2014 is in fact signaling a war or strife to come upon Israel as it was the case in the Tetrad periods of 1949-50 and 1967-68. Metaphorically then the comets can be depicted the ‘missiles’ being fired upon Israel as it is often bombarded with by the Muslims and perhaps will again as a major offensive by Hezbollah, Hamas, and/or Syria perhaps. Why?

If what these converging comets signs in the heavens are insinuating in conjunction with the Retrograde of Mars, the start of the Tetrad Blood Moon on Passover, and the Annular Solar Eclipse corresponding to the end of the 9-Month Peace Initiative. Then with special reference to the Retrograde of Mars and ‘birthing’ of Mars means a period of ‘war’ or serious strife will come upon Israel at some point within the span of the Tetrad. This Retrograde of Mars has a precedence as it occurred in Virgo and Leo during the prior 2 Tetrads that occurred on the Biblical Holy Days of Passover and Sukkot during the periods of 1949-50 and 1967-68.

The 7 Comets are:
1.         Panstarrs
2.         67P
3.         Encke
4.         Lovejoy 2013
5.         Siding Spring
6.         Linear 209P
7.         Lovejoy 2011

What is also peculiar is that one of the comet’s name is ENCKE. This is a variation of the name ENKI, the ‘Lord of the Sea or Waters’… as in Neptune, Poseidon, the King of Atlantis, Lord of the Trident, etc., associated with Aquarius. Enki was the Luciferian ‘Creator’. Many in the esoteric and occultic circles are insinuating that this specific comet, that of Encke is signaling the Return of Enki, the Lord of the Underworld, Lucifer himself. It would appear that these comets converging at the apparent same time possibly are signaling that this ‘Lord’ or Beast is about to come back up from the metaphorical ‘sea’ as the Bible predicts in the End Times it will occur-the Antichrist? (Revelation 13:1) Will this debut of this ‘person’ be in accordance with the Kerry Peace Initiative timetable at some point?

During this timeframe of the start of the Tetrad on April 15, 2014, Mars will be in Retrograde; that is, it will appear to move back across Virgo from Earth’s perspective. This is due to the varying degrees of speed planets has going around the Sun because of their orbit and size. Around the Feast of Unleavened Bread, Mars will start to proceed forward on around April 20th. The Blood Moon lunar eclipse also approximates the phi ratio ‘golden section’ of time from the Equinox of March 20 to the April 29, 2014 annular solar eclipse. Exactly 7 days later from the end of First Fruits, on April 29 is the annular solar eclipse. This is 9 days from April 22nd, on the eve of May 1 or Beltane Day. This is the occult and a high holy day for the Luciferians.

Mars Retrograde
The following numerical association is taken from the start of the ‘birthing’ of Mars after its Retrograde phase (Mar 1 - May 20) ending in May 20. In terms of the Retrograde during of time, there is some unique attributes to its numerical values. The Retrograde is from March 1 to May 20, 2014 which is 80 days. Then 55 days later or 7 weeks, Mars crosses the threshold of Virgo’s ‘womb’ or ‘Vesica’ on July 13, 2014. As the Planet Mars is associated and attributed to the God of War perhaps it is prophetically signaling that war is going to be birthed. In terms of this timing, the ‘birth’ is almost 1 year from the July 29, 2013 Kerry 9-Month timeline.

The timing of this ‘birthing’ of this War Planet is within half of a Lunar Moon Cycle of 27.3 days (13 days). From the birthing of Mars on July 13, 2014 to the July 28, 2014 World War 1…the 100th Year Anniversary is 15 days and a year by a day to the initial Kerry Peace Timetable of July 29, 2013. What is also interesting is that on July 31, 2013, the Israeli Knesset started to debate the Peace Initiative and is demanding a national referendum before any final arbitration will be made. Interestingly, 13 is a mirror of 31. The pattern produces a 666 numerical value directly linked to these 2 events that are linked by mathematical time. During the lunar eclipse, the Blood Moon of the 1st in 4 of the Tetrad series on April 15, 2014 will be part of a planetary alignment. This involves Mercury, Sun, Earth, Moon and Ceres.

-13 = 18 or

The lunar eclipse will occur in Virgo opposite Pisces in the Zodiac, near the star of Spica. This conjunction of the Blood Moon with the star Spica denotes the beginning of the Wheat Harvest as in the Feast of First Fruits. In mythological terms, Ceres is ascribed as a maiden but also a ‘goddess’ of agriculture and particularly of wheat and of marriage. So, to have the Moon be in a planetary alignment with Ceres and Virgo, that is specifically with Spica, the ‘star of wheat’ on the beginning of the wheat harvest as the total lunar eclipse happens is utterly amazing; coincidence? Not likely. Biblically speaking, this has a huge implication as far as a Rapture type is concerned. This is not to say that the Rapture will occur on April 15, 2014 as the subsequent total lunar eclipses will alternate in a 7-year successive cycle between Virgo and Pisces.

The Rapture could possibly occur during such a time of an eclipse that is associated with a start of a festive 7-day or 7-year time period. Interestingly, Ceres was given a 7-Day feast that started on April 15, which so happens to be on Passover and for 2014, the start of the Tetrad in Virgo, specifically in conjunction with the alignment of Ceres with Spica. Spica, which means ‘wheat’ in Latin thus, has a direct correlation with Ceres, the goddess of wheat and a harvest. In terms of a wedding type, in ancient Roman times, the way of a bridal procession was lit up by Ceres wood torches. Although such a convergence of celestial phenomena is occurring around the start of the Tetrad, this time and place may not be when the Rapture is to take place. It is just another indication and specificity of how the signs of the heavens are functioning as ‘signposts’ of what is to come eventually according to the Biblical End Times.

A Birthing
Ultimately, such planetary alignments, and locations of eclipses and the Zodiac are all created and positioned by the Creator. These celestial configurations are part of the Psalm 19 declaration of the glory of GOD in the Heavens. Nonetheless the imagery is sticking as it pertains to the notion of the Rapture of the Church because it has all the major ingredients as it were of the Biblical notion of what the Rapture Doctrine is associated with; a Bridal procession, a 7-day long festival, a harvest, the Church being a type of a Virgin and Bride, etc. Perhaps if the Rapture is not to take place at the beginning of the wheat harvest, then maybe at the end which would correspond to the season of Pentecost.

What this convergence of time and space -determined by YHVH is that it is being tail-coated by the ‘world leaders’ to be a means in which they will be using such a ‘birthing’ that is about to take place nonetheless for their own evil purposes and timetable. As the chart will attempt to illustrate, it is a convergence of a birthing on many levels; it could be the birthing of the Palestinian State at the end of the 9-Month peace timetable. It could also be the ‘birthing’ of war in Israel related to Mars being also ‘birthed’ in Virgo where the Tetrad starts. Moreover, such heavenly signs could allude to the ‘birthing’ of the AntiChrist that will be involved with a confirmation of the Peace Accords.

Consider also that right after the start of the Tetrad in April exactly 1 month later will be the 66th Anniversary of Israel’s ‘birthing’ or Declaration of Independence on May 14. There is a recurring significance of the variable ‘66’ as it denotes the duration from when the Tetrad cluster from 1949 -2015 starts and finishes, which is 66 years. Is it a coincidence that the 66th Year anniversary of Israel being ‘birthed’ happens on the beginning of the 3rd and last Tetrad sequence of the cluster to end in 2015, a 66 year timetable? The following are some other related numerical associations dealing with this Tetrad timeframe of 2014-15.

April 15 to May 14 = 29 days or 696 hrs
From the Annular Solar Eclipse of April 29, 2014 to May 14 is also very interesting in terms of time. April 29 to May 14 = 15 days or 360 hrs

Israel celebrates the Declaration of Independence on May 5 of every year with a 2 day observation called Israeli Independence Day. From the Annular Solar Eclipse to this day of also has come interesting Biblical overtones to the 144,000.

April 29 to May 5 = 6 days or 144 hrs

This Kerry Middle East timetable depiction can thus be seen and understood as that of a ‘birthing’ canal and befitting of how the Luciferians tie their timetable of a ‘9 -Month’ peace initiative to eclipses that in this case, is just days away from May-Day, May 1, 2014. This day is one of the most evil and Satanic days of the year for the Luciferians. Will such heavenly signs and events signal the ‘birthing’ of the Palestinian State based on the Oslo Accords that stipulates the partitioning of the Biblical Land of Israel– which is exactly 9-Months apart?

Will instead of this or despite the Peace efforts, ‘Sudden Destruction’ will come upon such parties involved if the Biblical land of Israel is partitioned? Does Mars signal an eventual ‘birthing’ of their evil Luciferian War in the Middle East, i.e., Israel during this Tetrad timeframe as it was around the times of the Tetrads of 1949-50 and 1967-68? Consider that July 28, 2013 when Secretary Kerry started this Peace Ultimatum that it was the 99th year Anniversary of World War 1.

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