Place of the Skull and the Cross of Calvary

  • The Garden Tomb is in phi ratio proportions to the Holy of Holies.
  • The tomb had to be chiseled to accommodate a taller man.
  • 2 Angels that appeared at each side mirror the Ark of the Covenant

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Mary stood outside the tomb weeping. And as she wept, she bent down to look into the tomb, and she saw 2 Angels in white sitting where the body of Jesus had lain, one at the head and the other at the feet. Woman, why are you weeping? They asked. Because they have taken my LORD away, she said, and I do not know where they have put Him.’ -John 20: 11-13

The purpose of this study is to investigate the alternate crucifixion site of Jesus Christ as researched by the late Ron Wyatt. There is no definite location attributed other than what the Bible states that the crucifixion took place outside the city walls of Jerusalem at the Place of the Skull or Calvary. This word is ‘skull’ in Latin and Golgotha in Aramaic. This study seeks to show that there are some unique mathematical relationships based on time and distance and are specifically related to the phi ratio from the purported site that Ron Wyatt researched and dug up. One possible location of the crucifixion site of Jesus is naturally believed to be on top of the skull-looking grotto adjacent to Jeremiah’s Cave. This location is just outside the Damascus Gate to the north of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The grotto Skull Façade does appear to be that of a ‘skull’ although it has been defaced by both Muslims and Jews over the centuries. Presently, the Skull Façade borders a bus terminal parking lot. If this was the locale of where the ‘gate’ and or altar that was set up by YHVH in the Garden of Eden, it would be remarkable. It would coincide in that it was the ‘gate’ from which Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden and flaming Cherub where stationed there as Sentinels. YHVH sacrificed the first animal, perhaps even a lamb to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve. This realization became sin due to their disobedience and failure to ‘pass the test’ of temptation. If this locale was and is such a prophetic place, then they truly have ‘covered-up Parasite and put up a parking lot’ as a popular song stated a few years back. .

In terms of this Place of the Skull, there are some unique measurements that are approximate but telling. Given the schematic layout area of the Garden Tomb, it appears that there are 3 main prophetic points of interest that will be examined. These 3 locales are the Skull Façade, the purported true crucifixion site of Jesus and the Garden Tomb. Amazingly, all these 3 points appear to be geographically in phi ratio distance to each other. If one starts with the Skull Façade, it would prove that the endpoint, that being the Garden Tomb would triangulate to the crucifixion site. This study does suggest this mathematical correlation based on the phi ratio spiral depiction is valid as it would incorporate the divine templates and the ‘Signature of the Creator’ as seen in other prophetic venues.

The Cross of Calvary
The approximate phi ratio and triangulated crucifixion site does appear to be corroborated and be the precise location where Ron Wyatt, the amateur archeologist purported to have discovered the place where the carved out ‘billboard signs’ would have been. This location is now just below street level as the centuries of debris and war have accumulated. These public notices served to humiliate the executed for the crime they were sentenced to death for. Based on the Biblical account, the signs were written in 3 languages, Aramaic, Greek and Latin. Thus this study does concur with the findings of Ron Wyatt that the actual crucifixion site was in-between the grotto Skull Façade and the Garden Tomb. What is rather interesting is that the Skull Façade is approximately 777 meters above sea level.

It is just situated below the pinnacle of Mount Moriah that is an extension to where the Temple Mount is situated. Given the phi ratio correlation, possibly then the true crucifixion site of Jesus would render that elevation at 2520 feet above sea level. What is the significance of this? For one, it shows that the places where the Skull Façade, the purported true crucifixion site and the Garden Tomb are subject to prophetic placement of distance and even geographically. This means that their location is/was not random and subject to the prophetic template of the phi ratio and divine mathematics.

This phi ratio is understood to be the ‘Signature of YHVH’, the Creator and perhaps it is even incorporated in the very acts of the implementation and execution of the Plan of Redemption. For example, from the Garden Tomb to the Skull Façade is approximately 360 feet. This 360 coefficient speaks of a complete circle and of time. From the Garden Tomb to the Ron Wyatt purported true crucifixion site is approximately 2520 inches or about 72 yards. All these numerical coefficients are a recurring theme in Biblical prophecy based on sacred Gematria that is used in such building of ancient pyramid and sacred temples. Ron Wyatt did extensive archeological digs and purported to have discovered the actual crucifixion site and the cave that hid the Ark of the Covenant.

From the Dome of the Tablets that this study suggests is where the Holy of Holies once stood and will there are some unique mathematical distance linked to it. For example, it has a 322 degree heading to the purported true crucifixion site as postulated by Ron Wyatt. There are approximately .72 km to the site as the sacred numbers suggest and also used by esoteric secret societies. The angle to the Skull Façade is at a 33 degree angle also. It is thus suggested that on 32 AD, Jesus at an approximate age of 33 was crucified on a Wednesday from 9am to 3pm, and on a technical Sabbath. He was buried that same day before sundown and rose at that same time before the Sabbath on that subsequent Saturday. The following is from the purported Dome of the Tablet, the true the Holy of Holies.

To the Skull Façade         = 33 degree angle
To the Crucifixion Site     = 322 degree heading
To the Garden Tomb      = approximately .72 km

The Skull Façade is approximately    = 777 meters above sea level.
The Crucifixion Site is approximately = 2520 ft. above sea level.

The Place of the Skull

Currently the pinnacle of the Skull façade is occupied by a Muslim cemetery. In terms of the nefarious association with the Skull Façade is that the Luciferians incorporate several motifs in an attempt to blaspheme the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary. One such prominent motif is the Skull and Bones with their skull and cross bones insignia and the number 322. This fraternal order came from Germany and has its branch in the USA where selected prominent people are positioned into power to rule the present but temporary Luciferian world order.

The skull represents the Place of the Skull. The 2 cross bones represent the cross on which Jesus was nailed and was executed. Notice however that it can be also construed as a Swastika as the cross bones can be make out to configure that. Then there is the number 322. This is the number of degrees of the ley-line from the Holy of Holes on the Temple Mount to the Skull Façade. Of course this argument and theory is suggesting that the true Holy of Holies is situated where the Dome of the Tables currently is at. The number 322 is also attributed to March 22 around the Spring Equinox and also the 322nd day of the year falls on November 17 which many commemorate when Noah entered the Ark and judgment feel upon the world with the Flood.

The Luciferian motif is a mockery of the death of Jesus as the Bible attests to the fact that Lucifer and his fallen minions gathered on that day of Jesus’ crucifixion site to witness what they thought was the doom of GOD the Son’ through death and victory over YVHH. Little did they realize that it was through death that Jesus as the promised Messiah destroyed them by death. Many believe the purported crucifixion site as discovered by Wyatt could have been the place where Abraham as the type of GOD the Father attempted to sacrifice Isaac, the type of GOD the Son. This location would have been more adequate for goats and sheep to wander as the Temple Mount platform was a threshing floor for the wheat harvests. 

This study purports that the 3 locales have essentially served as Stargate or portal entries into the divine. These are the Garden Tomb from where Jesus Christ stepped back into time and space to one’s dimension from the state of death. The second place is that of the Holy of Holies in that it was where YHVH meet face-to-face with the High Priest on Yom Kippur. Then there is the Dome of the Ascension where according to the book of Acts, Jesus was lifted up to Heaven as through a door or ‘portal’ in the presence of His Disciples. The combined ground length from the Garden Tomb to the Holy of Holies on the Temple Mount to the Mount of Olives Dome of the Ascension point is a total of the following.

Distance combined from Garden Tomb to Holy of Holies to Dome of Ascension.
= 1666 yards
= 5555 feet
= 111 degree heading
= 120 degrees combined angles
= 999 smooths

The prophetic typology of the crucifixion site echoes how Isaac cared the wood as a prophetic foreshadowing of the Son, Jesus also caring the wood of the cross to that altar, perhaps the very same site of Calvary. It would be a place of a test much like that of Adam and Isaac. In the case of Jesus, He was also put to the test as the 2nd Adam. In this case, Jesus like Isaac resigned to be the sacrifice; it was not a murder and thus not a human sacrifice as Abraham was prevented from doing so by the Angel. However, it was a place perhaps the precise spot where Abraham had set-up the altar that another Father and another Son performed the act in their place. This altar was the crossroads of Humanity in a sense where the Silk Road convened and the 3 continents met, of its peoples and commerce, languages, religions and politics, to this day.

Concerning Wyatt’s theory, it would make sense that the crucifixion site did not take place atop the Skull Façade but facing east at the street level at the entrance of the Garden which belonged to a rich man named Joseph of Arimathea. This location would have drawn the crowds and would have had maximum exposure as the Jerusalem was packed with Jews from around the world to observe the Passover and the subsequent feasts of Unleavened Bread and the Feast of First Fruits. The Roman crucifixion method was designed to inflict the most pain and duration possible in a public setting for maximum exposure and humiliation, and being stripped naked. This crucifixion site just outside the Damascus Gate was and to this day is the busiest intersection of Humanity there is in Jerusalem.

The study agrees with the timeline that the Passover is considered a High Day Sabbath and the Preparation were made beforehand as no crucified men could be left on the tree on Passover. Thus everyone had to ‘die’ that day and buried in haste. This is why the Roman Soldiers took a hammer to break the knees of the executed ones on the cross so they could asphyxiate faster and die. The Roman soldiers were surprised that when they got to Jesus, He was already died. This corroborates the Biblical account that Jesus was not ‘killed’ but that He chose the place and timing of giving up His life as a sacrifice.

If the theory of the crucifixion site according to Ron Wyatt is valid and accurate, then the theological teaching of the book of Hebrews and that of the typology of the Redemption Plan for Humanity as taught in the Old Testament was literally fulfilled at that point in time and space geographically. Based on Ron Wyatt’s theory and eye-witness, the blood of Jesus ran down the crevasse some 40-yards deep to where the Ark of the Covenant was hid in a casing. The lid fractured due to the earthquake as recorded in the Bible of how the rocks were split open to include the base of the cross. Furthermore, the blood sample that was taken by Wyatt and analyzed produced only a set of 24 total chromosomes. A normal human being has a total of 46, half from each parent. The blood sample had 23 XX chromosomes but also a 24th male Y chromosome. This is essentially a ‘virgin birth’ as the Y chromosome determines the sex of the child
The Ark of the Covenant
According to Ron Wyatt’s eye-witness account, he dug through to the cave where the Ark of the Covenant was and the other main Temple furnishings were hid-away before the Babylonians came and led Judah to the Captivity or 2nd Diaspora. Out of the inventory described of what was taken to Babylon in the Bible, the Ark of the Covenant was not listed. Also during Belshazzar's drunken revelry when he brought out the various Temple objects to admire and drink out of, the Ark of the Covenant was not depicted as it would have been the highlight of the revelry to glory in. The Ark of the Covenant portrays a typology of the 3 prophetic and atoning works of GOD the Son. Jesus was as Prophet, Priest and King. Jesus came as a Prophet, is interceding as a Priest and will return as the King. The Ark of the Covenant contained the 3 elements that typified the main judgments against Israel.

They were the broken Law Tablets, the Staff of Aaron and the Jar of Mana. Theologically, Jesus Christ as GOD the Son was and is the Law Giver. He is the Bread of Life from Heaven that came down and is called the Branch that budded as the Fig Tree was foreshadowed to bud as the nation of Israel in the Last Days. As a type, it was the prerogative and heart of King David to house the Ark of the Covenant, King David and Solomon are the standard and the Jews are looking upon a coming Messiah figure that will likewise build the 3rd Temple in time of ‘peace’. This would follow the prophetic and celestial types as the true one is above Earth in Heaven according to the Bible.

It was as in the one that YHVH told Moses to fashion the Tabernacle, the Ark and other furnishings after. The facsimile that Moses built and subsequently King David prepared all the materials for the son to build in the time of peace, as his name Solomon means that it was the type on Earth. This study thus suggests that the 3rd typology is found in the literal fulfilment of Jesus’ physical body as being the true representation of the Ark of the Covenant portrays in the Earth when it was placed in the Garden Tomb. Perhaps it has ancient prophetic overtones to the Garden of Eden. However, according to prophecy, the Jews will capitulate to the coming AntiChrist as the usurper false Messiah instead that will ‘confirm the Covenant’ of peace and build them the 3rd Temple.

Perhaps at that time the converging prophecies will be such that the Ark of the Covenant will be reviewed. The coming false Messiah perhaps will be of the ‘Mason’ kind as the craft will be that of the likes of Hiram Abiff. In actuality the coming false Messiah will be preparing the Holy of Holes to be occupied by the AntiChrist as he will be physically possessed of Lucifer. He will sit on the Ark of the Covenant in the 3rd Temple to proclaim himself ‘God’ and demand worldwide worship through this 666 numerical grid system. This total surveillance grid will be tied to one’s financial and medical records. It will essentially be the literal Caduceus of Mercury the God of Medicine and Money. What is very unique as already alluded to was that the place where the blood of Jesus was purported splattered on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant parallel the phi ratio to that of Jesus’ side wound. Moreover, if the testimony of the late Ron Wyatt is accurate, even the distance of the crucifixion of Jesus to the cave below of approximately 40 feet deep is composed in approximate phi ratio.

Many researchers have also concluded that the entire Tabernacle and Temple blueprints follow the mathematical proportions of an ‘anthropomorphic body’ or form of a man. Coincidentally, the blood samples taken from that of the Shroud of Turin is also a XX 23 + 1 Y chromosome type. This is the same type as found in the Shroud of Turin and the Ark of the Covenant from Ron Wyatt’s account and sample. It was in this small inconspicuous Garden Tomb that functioned as the ‘Temple’ with specifically the Holies and Holy of Holies chambers that ‘housed’ the body of Jesus Christ. There is an antechamber much like the Holies. Then there is the place where they laid the Dead, in this case a new carved out tomb of a rich man Joseph of Arimathea that alone with Nicodemus, the Teacher of Israel, who were members of the Sanhedrin and secret Disciples of Jesus. They asked Pontius Pilate for the body of Jesus to be buried.

This study suggests that like the very site of the crucifixion to the supposed cave where the Ark of the Covenant was hidden is in phi ratio proportion of distance. If one takes the height of Jesus to have been 5’11’’ based on the modification of the Garden Tomb, and then the 4 feet elevated crucifixion spot, then one can approximate the distance mathematically to conclude that indeed the cave right below the Cross of Calvary where the Lamb of YHVH was sacrificed was approximate 40 feet below.

5 feet 11 inches:         height of Jesus (speculated)
4 feet:                          cross elevated from ground level
9 feet 11 inches = 9.91 inches or 119 inches (9-11 code) or 3.3 yards (33) or 3.022 meter (322)

Did this event also record as a mathematical signature of month and day of Jesus’ birth of September 11, -3 BC and the age He would die on April 14, 32 AD?

+ phi ratio factor applied = ~ 40 feet or approximately 13.33 yards = 480 inches

What is astonishing is that if the distance that is implied is extrapolated and elevated to a possibly prophetic significance, it speaks volumes of recurring sacred Biblical numbers and echoes the approximate dimension of the Ark of Noah. If the top of the head of Jesus is the edge and the feet of Jesus is the fulcrum of the phi ratio, then the terminal edge corresponds to precisely the area to the upper left corner of the Ark of the Covenant that according to the late Ron Wyatt’s eye-witness account, the blood of Jesus flowed down the earthquake crevasse of the split rock to splatter through the removed lid encasing that covered the Ark of the Covenant.

This study suggests that the Garden Tomb configures the same space dimensions as that of the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temples of YHVH. Such were a facsimile of the true one in Heaven. This study also suggest that it appears that mathematically the place where the body of Christ was laid to rest corresponds to the phi ratio spiral depiction. It’s as it were a ‘Holy of Holies' tomb. If the Garden Tomb is that of Jesus’, then His body faced east as did the Temples and the Ark of the Covenant. This study suggests that as a prophetic typology, the Garden Tomb is where Jesus was laid to rest and became a blueprint of the Temple of YHVH in the Earth.

The Garden Tomb
This study suggests thus that the burial chamber of Jesus Christ functioned much lake a literal ‘Holy of Holies’ in the heart of the Earth. The burial layout of where the body of Jesus was laid had an original incasing slab and upon that Sunday, after Jesus had already risen the Saturday at around 3-4pm, just before the end of the Sabbath. As the promise of the Seed to come from the woman, Eve was given in Genesis 3:15, it rather interesting that the first human to witness the resurrection of the Seed, Jesus was a woman. This has echoes of how in a similar ‘Garden’ Jesus before His incarnation fulfilled His promise to Eve.

When both Mary’s had initially seen the empty tomb, there were 2 Angels sitting at each end or the encasing as a side and top lid were probably placed already. It is interesting that the Biblical depiction is that of the Ark of Covenant in that 2 literal Angels, on each end and where sitting, resting as it were and not sanding. It suggests that the work of the atoning blood of the Promised One, the Messiah the Son of GOD accomplished its task and physically atoned for the sins of Adam and Eve as promised the Seed of the Woman would do. The burial chamber where Jesus was laid had to be chiseled out in haste to accommodate for a slightly taller body, that of an approximate height of a 5’11’’ body.

This height also amazingly matches that of the body found on the Shroud of Turn whose image is reversed in terms of the exposure that imprinted the image as if with a radiated and extremely high frequency light source. With new modern technology, the topography of the Shroud of Turin has been mapped out. It has been found that amazingly the image on the Shroud conveys a 3-deminsional depiction. From a side view the artwork by Akiane Kramarik has a sticking correspondence to the 3-deminsional portrait. Based on the overlay, it appears that it is a 100% match. Is this the face of Jesus Christ after all?

This would stand to reason as Jesus Christ admonished the corrupt Jewish religious leaders of this day when they demanded a ‘Sign’ to authenticate His Messiahship. Jesus said none would be given to such an ‘adulterous generation’ except the Sign of Jonah and that if they ‘destroyed the Temple, He would raise it up in 3 days’. This was literally 3 days of 24 hours long as prescribed and what a day is defined in Genesis. The ‘Good Friday’ timeline and theory is not possible and in fact impossible. The Scriptures are very clean in that ‘when He had risen’ on the 1st day of the week’ does allude that it was on that day but upon deeper critical thinking, Jesus rose also on the Sabbath, because He is LORD of the Sabbath. Will He return in one?

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