A Sword Coming to Divide the Nation(s)

  • Was there a message in rare Hybrid solar eclipse of 2013?
  • Is the prophetic implication tied to the division of the USA?
  • Where is the USA in prophecy? A modern-day type of Babylon?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘But you did not honor the God who holds in His hand your life and all your ways. Therefore He sent the hand that wrote the inscription. “This is the inscription that was written: Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin  “Here is what these words mean: Mene: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end. Teke: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. Pere: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.” – Daniel 5: 25-28

The purpose of this study is to provide some possible Biblical interpretation of the very rare Hybrid solar eclipse that was seen in New York City (NYC) on the morning of November 3, 2013. Why NYC? 1) It is the première city and often labeled as the ‘Capital of the World’. 2) It is also the main financial center with its Stock Market. 3) It is the symbol of commercialism with 5th Avenue, etc. The city is a representation of the nation, the USA or America as a whole as it was its 1st Capital. Why this eclipse? It is because it is the rarest of Hybrids in that only 7 prior to this precise type have occurred since Christ and it is very significant as to its timing and location.

If what the Solar Hybrid Eclipse portrays prophetically against the sky is a ‘writing on the wall’ figuratively speaking for NYC and the USA, then both in particular are about to experience its demise, a judgment and division. At what time? Perhaps it is tied to the dividing of the Land of Israel through the Peace Initiatives. This study is only postulating that the imagery that accompanies this rarest of Hybrid Eclipses in Libra, in the morning skies over the NYC skyline and from the Statue of Liberty, is prophetically echoing the ‘writing on the wall’ as it was for Babylon, that Great City of old during the time of the Prophet Daniel. It is an omen to the ‘City’ and to the ‘Nation’ being weighed in the balance of GOD YHVH i.e., the Balances of Libra and found guilty; this is the ‘handwriting on the wall’ if you will; of a message of judgment, demise and division.

It is interesting that what came up first from the horizon over NYC was Virgo, the very same ‘Woman’ that represent virtue, morality and purity that was America. Then the sky is followed by Libra, the Scales of Judgment. Then the Hybrid eclipse occurs around 6:30am local time as it breaks the horizon. Most interestingly is that the Hybrid solar eclipse occurs at the apex of Libra’s Balances, right in the middle as it is also flanked in the midst by the planets Mercury and Saturn. With this combination, it is a prophetic depiction of Lady Justice, with a Balance on one hand and a sword on the other. Mercury rises first, as it is just above the Sun when the eclipse occurs. It is pronouncing this coming ‘weighing in the balance’, judgment and demise of the Great City; Great Nation that once was, but now to be divided with the sword prophetically. The other planet that follows the eclipse is Saturn.

Handwriting on the Wall

Many People attribute Saturn to Kronos, or Father Time as in a time to end and begin, a conclusion of an episode. Perhaps this is the very divine message to this Great City of America. A message to note that America, Babylon has been given over to Satan and is to be weighed, judged and divided by a sword. Many believe that literally, the USA will be physically divided down the middle due to some natural catastrophic event. Others go so far as to assert that this could be for the very act of supporting the division of Israel’s land in giving up land to accommodate a Palestinian State.

This will possibly occur due to the 9-Month Kerry Peace initiative in April of 2014 if not sometime perhaps in 2015, if at all. This will remain to be seen. To reiterate, the imagery of where this November 3 Hybrid solar eclipse took place is profound, in the midst of the Scales or Balances of Libra. Perhaps this Hybrid eclipse is highlighting the ‘writing on the wall’ that the City and Nation of America has been placed on these Scales, weighed and found short of the expected standard and thus judgment is to follow by the Sword of Lady Justice. What is this demise? It is of a national judgment and division of this Great City and Nation. If this is to be a literal judgment, as in another attack like 9-11 or a natural catastrophic event like a tsunami, EMP or nuke that remains to be seen as well.

 What is rather intriguing to consider is that this ‘writing on the wall’ had to do with giving the City over to the Persians, mainly Darius. Given the current geo-political climate of the USA with Iran and Israel seeking to stop the Iranian nuclear program, is it not far-fetched to consider that a coming judgment upon NYC and/or America could very well involve some sort of EMP, nuclear detonation if and when Israel attacks Iran nuclear reactors. This could cause massive black-outs to the grids across the USA, etc. The ‘writing on the wall’ or ‘the handwriting on the wall’ is just an idiom used to convey a sense of imminent doom or misfortune.

This comes from the Old Testament Book of Daniel where there and then, the Great City and Nation, Babylon was given a similar divine omen by YHVH. Perhaps this Hybrid solar eclipse in Libra is just that. It could be a message, a writing in the constellations – if you will, to the City of New York and Nation of America of a coming future that has now been predetermined. For Babylon, the element used to judge the city was water. The armies of Medo-Persia blocked the water supply of the Euphrates River and came under the water gates.

Perhaps in some way or manner, water will be used to judge and overtake such a city as NYC and America as whole. Interestingly, the solar eclipse begins near the Longitude of NYC and it ends near the Longitude of Babylon in Iraq. Since 9-11, and because of this attack on NYC, the USA and the world have changed forever how the USA views the world and how the world views NYC and America. Many believe that 9-11 is when America lost its innocence. Because of this event, an inside job or not, it forever changed how America treated its own people, its own citizens and how the USA went back on the Promise engraved on the very Statue of Liberty. Too many, she ironically stopped being the ‘beacon of hope and change’ and the light that she once represented.

Virgin America

For the purposes of this study, NYC represents 3 types of women metaphorically throughout the history of the City which is an embodiment of the USA as a whole. The 1st Woman is Virgin America as in Lady Liberty, the 2nd Woman is the Harlot of Babylon and 3, Lady Justice. This study postulates that this 3-Woman stage typology has been and will be the pattern of the City and Nation in terms of its evolution and sad conclusion. There is a past, a present and future condition; the Virgin, the Harlot and the Justice. Sadly, NYC and America has presently become the Whore of Babylon that once was the Virgin America and will now experience the wrath of GOD and be divided by the Sword that Lady Justice has.

With some poetic license here, the Statue of Liberty will morph into the Lady Justice that will hold up the Scales of Libra as the Torch is represented by this Hybrid rare solar eclipse. What she has on her other hand as the Book of Promise will be morphed into a Sword that will divide instead. The 1st Woman represented NYC and America through the Statue of Liberty with the Torch of Liberty as a beacon to aid those seeking freedom from persecution, be it religious, social, or political. She provided hope and change for the down-trodden steeped in poverty that allowed untold many a chance at a new beginning and life.

She represented compassion and all that is right about America that is the USA with its law and order based and founded on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. These documents that are heavily based on the Judeo-Christian moral precepts changed the world for good.  Since the Republic’s inception, New York City was the 1st National Capital in which George Washington was first inaugurated, in fact on the church just adjacent to Ground Zero across from the new Freedom Tower, that by the way is 1776 ft tall when including the enormous mast. The young republic grew and faced many challenges and it faced the evils that had plagued prior and ancient nations, republics and empires of the Old World.

Due to its creed, she has, not like many others, made things right with the evils of human slavery and equality under the law. She abolished serfdom and the exploitation of Monarchs, Dictators and Popes, of the Old World etc. Yet over the decades, the successes and prosperities become her own undoing. What once was a ‘Virgin America’ in the true sense has now become a ‘Prostitute’. The 2nd Woman now represents both NYC and America as a whole metaphorically speaking by the Whore of Babylon. What goes on in the underground of NYC and in the homes across America is totally unimaginable, downright Satanic.

There is much evil and sin but the growing numbers of circumstances merits an alarm. There has been increases and not decreases of such a condition of the heart, soul and minds of the people abound; child and slave-trafficking, drugs, illicit sex, violence and corruption, greed, over 50 million abortions and counting, etc. This typology of the Harlot of Babylon is a true representation of what is currently wrong with America. Because of this current immoral condition, there is judgment coming as pronounced in the Bible to any City and/or Nation that does not repent.

Harlot of Babylon

Like in the times of Nineveh, the cries, prayers of the innocent in that City and Nation went up before the Throne of YHVH. This moral condition of the heart and minds of such also echoes the Writing on the Wall that befell Belshazzar during the time of Daniel.  As the city of Babylon was in revelry and enjoying the spoils of the LORD’s articles of the Holy Temple, the LORD wrote a message to the Ruler of that city Babylon. It is basically a pronouncement of an evaluation of the worth on the Scales of Justice (Libra) and found short of the measure or exception.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin or  מנא, מנא, תקל, ופרסין.

NYC and America, like the Babylon of old, have come to their own full measure of sin in that as then, the city and nation became apostate due to its riches, wealth, military power and prosperity. They became victims of their own blessings bestowed upon by the Creator. Over time, the moral decay and change of heart led the people, led their Rulers to cross the line to profane the very ‘holy things of the LORD’s House’. NYC and America are at this point now. For example, with such issues as same-sex redefinition of what marriage is now no different than how it was in the Times of Noah.

It was a time of ‘marrying and giving into marriage’. Once can infer from a word study of that passage of Scripture that, not only was traditional marriage operative as in a man with a woman, but there was rampant divorce and then a condition that many were just redefining what ‘marriage’ was and entered marriage unions regardless of the LORD’s directives. In the coming future, the Statue of Liberty will now soon become Lady Justice for this Great City and Nation. Why? Because when a City and/or Nation turns its back on its Creator it will then next turn and be against those that stand for GOD’s godly principles and morals.

This condition is now being seen and this is now in cities all across America. As the Stenographer rightly spoke by the Power of the Holy Spirit during Congress, a City and Nation cannot serve 2 Masters. It was a verbal warning to the Rulers of America. What crossed the line for the LORD at that time in Babylon was how the Rulers of that City and Nation treated the Holy things of GOD, and His People. It is when a City and or Nation gets to the point that it mistreats GOD’s People that GOD will then ‘write on the wall’ the pronouncement of judgment for that nation and/or city.

In the Book of Revelation 18, there is a depiction of how the world will weep and mourn the destruction of such a Great City that was once rich beyond measure yet drunk with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus Christ. How does this national condition presently go against GOD’s People? Foremost by having a Patriot Act that renders the Bill of Rights null and void, by militarizing the Police forces, by having DHS eclipse the National Guard and changing its mission for domestic purposes. It involves unrighteous laws and acts of government like having the IRS target Christians, for having the US Army label Evangelical Christians as Domestic Terrorists, on and on, or the NSA spying on law abiding Americans. It is not that GOD’s People need a government to protect them or laws that favor their rights but that it is a symptom of a much deeper Satanic agenda to persecute GOD’s People.

Freedom Tower

It will be to the point of extermination as it has been down the halls of human history. Ground Zero in NYC is basically America’s Giza Plateau. It is almost now an exact proportional replica of the Pyramids in Giza, especially now with the completion of the Freedom Tower. This Freedom Tower completes the 3 main Pyramids that are mirrored from those in Egypt that in turn mirror the constellation of Orion. It also has the inverted and mirrored elongated Hexagram design. What is fascinating about this Tower is that it is an elongated tetrahedron meaning that it has a perfect ‘cube’ in the midst.

Moreover, the Freedom Tower has an 8 sided Octagon shape in the middle; derived by 2 equal squares. (Masonic). This is the very case structurally as at the mid-section of the edifice has a square situated within its design. This mirrors the architecture of the Trans-America tower in San Francisco; same principle. If one takes the designs of both and condenses it, the result will be a hexagram. This area also has several unique structures that allude to its occultic grid configuration. The new 1776 foot, with Antenna, Freedom Tower will not be celebrating the USA’s Declaration of Independence but a birthing of the Illuminati Messiah as the old destroyed Twin Towers helix morphs into the ‘One’ new Tower.

 It is in the midst of this ‘hidden Pyramid complex’ like Giza dedicated to Osiris/Apollo/Nimrod to be ‘resurrected’ hybrid humanity of the coming New World Order. This Tower One was completed in 2013, when the Age of Osiris is said to begin in some sort of mystical occultic fashion and from which the Georgia Guide Stones were first built. Perhaps the Hybrid solar eclipse was signaling an inception or some sort spiritually. Of note, mathematically, this Hybrid eclipse conjoins NYC with Babylon in a perfect phi ratio φ when the Eclipse reaches its Maximum at 0° Latitude, 0° Longitude. What are the odds of this?

On the western side of Ground Zero, there are numerous high-riser buildings that have peculiar geometric structures atop their structures. There would not be a second thought as to its architectural significance if it were not for its occultic numerical associations to Ground Zero. For example, there is an unfinished pyramid, octagon domes, a ‘great pyramid’, the one that is complete that has some unique heading and distance associations with Ground Zero as follows. From this pyramid the following measurements are noted.

-There are .13 km or 144 yards to the Freedom Tower.
-The Freedom Tower has a 177.6 Heading to the remains of the South Tower.
-Tower is 1776 ft when included in the Antenna, same as Year on US Reverse Seal Pyramid.
-There is a 322° heading to the North Tower.
-There is a 333° heading to the South tower.
-There are 777 feet or .13 Nautical Miles from the pyramid to the North Tower remains.
-Tower’s address is ‘72’ Vesey St, same as the occultic 72 blocks of the US Reverse Seal.
-The Seal’s unfinished Pyramid has 13 steps, the Tower was finished in 20-13.

 A Nation Divided will Fall
Thanks to Hollywood’s depiction of New York City in movies, more than any other city, it has had its fair share of being destroyed by a number of disasters. NYC has been destroyed by asteroids, tidal waves, nukes, Godzilla even, and has even portrayed ‘Gotham City’, etc. Although all these are fictitious, the solar Hybrid eclipse over NYC is very real and very pronounced in where it begins and how it begins. Aside from Boston, NYC is where at sunrise around 6:30am, the Moon will be eclipsing the Sun for about 45 minutes. North America is where this Hybrid eclipse began but it won’t be a Total Eclipse. Is NYC or America prime of judgment? Realize that in no other time since the Civil War has America been at a point of being so politically, socially, religiously, economically divided.

Why judgment on this City and America? Consider the current state of the USA. Some would argue that it is business as usual, nothing is wrong and just go back to sleep. On the other hand, many have for some time sounded the alarm of just how perilous the times are for America with its national debt, moral decay and misguided policies and erosion of its Constitution and Bill of Rights.  This study is not insinuating that every person in NYC or America for that matter will be subject to this perceived judgment solely based on this astronomical assertion of a 45 minute partial eclipse from NYC’s vantage point. But that as a whole, metaphorically speaking this celestial event and at this place and time is very significant and very prophetic as in a warning and perhaps sentencing has already begun.

In Revelation 18:4, GOD in the Bible is beckoning His people even during such times of pronounced national judgment to ‘come out of her and not share in her punishment.’  This has always been true of any national judgment, the GOD of the Bible has befallen on a city or nation; such was the case as in Sodom and Gomorrah, Nineveh and Jericho for example. May this Great City and Nation turn from its current moral state of affairs and avert this Judgment, this Demise and Division by the Sword that this Hybrid solar eclipse is depicting. May NYC and America do as Nineveh did and hope in the LORD YHVH and change their ways. May it be so for the sake of those prophetic 120,000 that cannot tell their right hand from their left and the many animals found there as well.

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