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  • What are Chinese Balloons doing over the USA?
  • Why was it allowed to Traverse across America?
  • Will China eventually invade the USA? 

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On February 5, 2023, Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, based in Southern California gave a Report, before his Sermon. The Report was about those Spy Chinese Balloons that came traveling across the USA and other Nations in the Western Hemisphere. He talked about how China is positioning herself as a Direct Military Threat to the United States and its Allies. As a Political Scientist, all the ‘Right Bells’ went off, on hearing Pastor Jack Hibbs’ take on the Chinese Spy Balloon Event. One realizes he may not be everyone’s ‘Pastor’ or liking as he, along others like Don Stewart, dissed on the Revelation 12 Sign back in 2017. But in this case and Topic, he is Right-on-Target, Pun Intended about this particular Political Points of View.

So much so that one thought that a Transcript of the Report had to be made available for Reference, in this case, about the Chinese Spy Balloon Events. Why? Well, if one heard and/or saw the Biden State of the Union Address, the USA is pretty much Done. Its Highest Political Institutions of Governance has now been transformed into a Circus, like many other 3rd World ones. And all this, in one’s Political Science Opinion, done by design in how the Traders at the Top, of whom the Biden Family has been one of them, has sold-out the USA. Does anyone remember when Biden was 1st shuttled around during his Inauguration Address?

And in the many Months following his taking Power in the White House? Why was there a Chinese National Security Bodyguard assigned to him? ‘They’ had and have their ‘Man’ in place. Biden is the True ‘Manchurian Candidate’. How can a Spy Balloon be allowed to travel across the USA and gather Sensitive Intel of all the Nuclear Silo Sites to be related back to Beijing in Real Time? It is Treason. ‘Judas’ is on the loose and made the Deal with the Devil. In this case the Chinese. If an Invasion of the USA is coming, like the Visions of America, by none other than George Washington are to come to pass, then China is Preparing for War. It has now scoped-out America’s Military Assets, to know where precisely to bomb them.

Why is it that countless Followers of Jesus have had similar Dreams of both the Chinese and Russians invading the USA? In one’s Estimation, China is enacting a Prolonged Revenge Campaign against the West and particularly the USA for the Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion. Those were the Incidents where the West, the USA and the UK forced Terms of Trade against China that did not favor the Chinese. Introducing Opium into the Chinese Population weakened China for Centuries. Now it is Pay-Back Time. Following is the Transcript of the Geo-Political Summary. Portions Emphasized.

Let us talk about, …before we get into the Book of Romans. Today let us talk about, Balloons. So, listen, the issue is not that the Balloon Issue had various types of, now we know, Sensing Capabilities, Data Gathering Capabilities. Obviously Photographing Capabilities…But the Balloon was or could have been Platformed for an Electron Magnetic Pulse Bomb. Which is exactly a Perfect Delivery System for an EMP. The Problem is it was at 62,000 Feet. The Balloon… I am assuming you all know what I am talking about? But also that Capability is also able to carry a Tactical Nuclear Weapon.

Tactical, meaning instead of a Nuclear Bomb blowing up an entire Country, a Tactical Nuclear can blow up say like a state. It is used to Intimidate, By the way, a Tactical Nuclear Weapon would be used to Pinpoint a Devastating Blow to a small area. And that is how you would get your Enemy to Capitulate or to Surrender. It is a very smart way of Modern Warfare. They did not invent it. We did. We had Tactical Nukes 1st. In fact, more on that later. But with all of that said, let us remember that for the course of the last 6 Years, China has been sending Balloons over various parts of the World

This is not new. It is just that you are never told. There are Websites where you can find out on your own. But I have a Website where I can actually track it. It is posted. You can track various Balloons from various Nations.  Russia does it. We do it. We did it 1st. China does it. It is nothing new to hang a Balloon over a country and spy on them. I just want you to know that he said how could they do that. We taught them how. We have been doing this for a long time. But it does not mean you fluff it off either.

So, the United States Air Force started tracking the balloons, plural, shortly after takeoff deep in Chinese Territory. They were launched from a Military Platform, at a Base, a Military Base in China. Just like we have our Critical… our most Critical Military Bases are in the Inland interior of the United States. Anybody know why? For not only Protection Reasons, but for Geometry, Geologic not Geological Geometry or Telemetry Reasons. It is best for us to have our Nuclear Arsenal be launched from the Center of the United States because from the Center of the US you can go over the globe or under the Globe, much quicker.

So, they have the same thing in China. We were told that they were ‘Weather Balloons’, not to worry. Remember that. Do not worry, they are just Weather Balloons. But our Air Force knew better. In fact, there were quite a few. A little over a Week ago, where the United States Air Force based in Alaska…Announced to the Department of Defense and to the Biden Administration. That these Balloons had been launched. It is Routine. But it is part of the Announcement. It is part of the ‘Guardians’ of American Interest.

The Balloons traversed into Alaskan Airspace. Alaska, as a State, notified the Department of Defense, who already knew about it. But as you know, every State has its own Air Force. And the Alaskan Air National Guard wanted to take it out as is Protocol. You are supposed to do this. Does anybody remember Francis Gary Powers? Do you remember he was shot-down by the Russian-Soviet Union? Our Guy got shot-down over the Soviet Union. Do you remember that he was  flying a U2 Spy Plane. And he got shut-down. He was in Prison. He was in a Russian Gulag.

What could we do about that? Answer? Nothing. Why? We were spying. We were in a place, we were not supposed to be. And you just got to roll with it. It is what Nations do every Day of the Week. And so, what you do when somebody invades your Airspace, that is a Hostile Nation? Or you detect that it could be a Hostile Nation, in this case China is a Hostile Nation? Just ask Japan. Just ask Singapore. Just ask Taiwan. Just ask South Korea. They are a Problem. Alaska should have taken it down.

The Biden Administration refused to give Orders. Tragically, it floated into Canadian Airspace. And the Canadians just found out that it had come and gone from their country. But Canada's not worried. Because Canada knows in a ‘Normal America’, we would protect Canada, at all costs. Because we would never let a ‘Bad Guy’ take over Canada. So Canada leans on the United States. The problem with Canadians, this morning is they do not have an America to lean on anymore.

So, they are pretty much on their own, as is Japan and South Korea…But the Air Force did know. Let us not Slam and Bash our Military. They knew and they notified the Proper Authorities. They notified Barack Obama and Bill Gates and George Soros. They notified the Deep State. Do not get upset with Joe Biden. That is not fair and I mean that. I am being, I mean it. Do not get upset with Joe Biden. It has nothing to do with this stuff. No, I am serious. If you think I am kidding, you go look and see what Barack Obama said.

He said, prior to the Election. ‘The Greatest Thing for me, is if somebody else could be Elected and I could run the Country from the Basement of my House’. -Quote, Barack Obama. Joe Biden? Listen, honestly… I am not joking. Have you watched the footage of him lost on the White House lawn? Literally lost? I am not making fun of him. People, you need to know. Stop blaming him. It is not right. It is, in fact… it is mean. The Man? It is Sad. It is sad. I feel Bad for him. He is being used.

Back to the Balloons. The United States continues to operate with the same and greater Capabilities of our Balloons. And it is no secret. I say in this sense, that what is happening or what has happened is that, in a lot of my Sources …I will give you in a moment, but not all of them. But one of them is in Media and that right now, the Expert in China, Gordon Chang …Listen to everything he says. He does not mess around. China successfully launched and completed a Mission, which not only gathered Data once it left Chinese Airspace, but all along the way, in route to Communicate and Record Military Intelligence back to Beijing.

We are currently, as of this Moment, we are out, off the coast of the Carolinas, retrieving the Key Vital Parts of the Debris. But the Damage has already been done. Because this was not a Data Gathering Device, it was never intended to land somewhere and get picked-up. This constantly communicated Data back to Beijing, via satellite. You all get that? Whatever it was gathering had already delivered. So it is worthless. Frankly, it is good for nothing. China was successfully able to penetrate Canadian Airspace without a Deterrent issued by the Canadian Military. China was also able to Penetrate U.S. Airspace without any Deterrent being issued by the Biden Administration.

Or the Department of Defense, conveniently enough. China was successfully or was successful at getting a Weather Balloon to stick in the Atmosphere and pause and stay stationary over Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, for many Hours, as it gathered Data. Which is our Key Location for our Nuclear Silo or ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Sites. The Number 1 Defense Site for the United States is Minot, North Dakota and Montana. And there is a third and I am sorry, I am forgetting… which one? it is…by the way, there is their website you can go to.  

The Air Force Base's Website, right there. It tells you all about their Mission. Their Mission is to Protect us against Dangers that this Balloon could have been. To us, if the Age-Old additive is true, ‘You are what you Eat’. then America is a Sucker. Yet again, we are a sucker. On December 7, 1941, we were a Sucker. On September 11, 2001. And we are… we have been a sucker again because our Government is telling our Military, ‘Stand Down’, Stand Down…

Regarding this issue? Again, our Military did what they are supposed to do. But they can only go so far. And then they need Presidential Direction. China did Apologize to the United States for Invading our Territory. But Confronted us by saying that the Weather Balloon posed ‘No Threat’ to the United States. Did you get that Quote by Gordon Chang this Morning? China is systematically showing the World that the U.S. has no Will to act like a World Leader. And may even lack the Capability of Defending itself.

Chang went…on to say that China has already, in the last 18 Months exerted its Pressure Authority and Dominance not only in the Pacific, but also in South America and North Africa. We have watched this. China has created the fastest growing Military on Earth today. This is just the latest Display of Beijing Testing our Resolve. Testing our Response … which left unchecked, could lead to War It is quite a Statement. But he is the Expert. And there is …I want to show you this Quote by Admiral Michael Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations. ‘The United States may only have a few Years to prepare for a War that could decide the course of the remainder of this Century’.

I do not like that quote. The United States should never have to ‘Prepare’. The United States should ‘Always be Prepared’ You do not get ready, you stay ready. And that is a very Un-Nerving Quote, in my Opinion. You guys want to turn the video? Turn the tape. The Enormous Balloon drifted for Days, 1st entering American Airspace over Alaska, before heading Southeast over Montana Missouri and the Carolinas.

In the wake of the Balloon Shooting, the Chinese Government threatening ‘Repercussions’, calling it a ‘Serious Violation’ of International Practice. That is just TV. That is both Political Sides laugh at those comments. You are supposed to make those comments. It is Meaningless. The certain Domestic… The Present Domestic Situation in China is what is leading to all of this. I know you are gonna find this hard to believe. When everything in your Closet is, ‘Made in China’, you are gonna to say, ‘No wait a Minute’. in fact, including your Computer. You know, Apple boasts itself… Yes, I do not know if you ever look at …take a close look at Apple's Packaging.

‘Apple Computer’, it says, ‘Created or Designed in Cupertino in Silicon Valley, California.’ And then beneath that, it says ‘Made in China’. And that is the Truth. And as so many others…In fact, much of the Computer Industry that you and I know of? It is not even really made-up in Silicon Valley anymore. If you want to see the ‘New Silicon Valley’, you have to go to Israel. You have to land in Tel Aviv and head North, And you will go-up the main Highway and you will see Apple and Hewlett Packard and Raytheon… And that is where all the Brains are at, in Israel.

But it is a ’Weird Deal’ that is going on in the world right now. But check this out Everybody. This is why Russia or excuse me, China's got to do something. China is in a severe Economic Position right now. Severe. They are doing everything possible to Spin it as though they are OK. They are not OK, at all Economically. China has a Radical Horrific, in fact …it is Unsustainable Population Decline. ‘Genociding’ them for Decades. China killed their Children for Population Control and you cannot do that long until it turns around and bites you and it bit them. And so China does not have enough People. See Jack, you have got Billions of People. China is a huge place.

But a lot of those People are dying from Malnutrition and Immune Diseases and Sicknesses because they are so Poor. It is a real Big Problem. They not only did not make Babies, they got Sick and Died. And they are Dying this Drives. And you can read more about this, again in Gordon Chang's latest Book. Most in China are Under-Nourished and there is a current… I just mentioned that lack of Food Production. Does not take an ‘Einstein’ to put that together. Why is California leading all 50 States the Number 1 State in the United States selling land to China? In California, what kind of land are they buying?

Are they buying Downtown L.A? No. Farms and Dairies. I had one of America's largest Beef Producers who is a Christian, very Wealthy man, tell me to my face. He said, ‘Jack, we raise our Cattle here in the Midwest and the Chinese have bought all of the Food Processing Plants’. 1 head, 1 Steer or one Cow, I do not know what the Terminology is… ‘Cut-up into 4 Pieces, Packaged, Shipped to China, Wrapped into Chuck Steak, Pork Loin or not Pork, but Beef and Ribs and Philemon and Shipped back to the United States’. And he said, ‘All within just over a Week's Period of Time and it is sold in your Local Store.’

After taking a Trip to China, it says, ‘Made in America USDA Approved’. It is Amazing. So it makes sense why they are buying so much land. To produce food. They need Food, really bad. He said, ‘Well, that is Weird’. Yes, it is Weird. It is Weird unless they have Malicious Ideas about knowing that we are such a ‘Woke Culture’, that if they showed up in San Francisco and Los Angeles and San Diego and Seattle, we would probably Surrender. And if we would not Surrender, then all they have to do to our Young People is say, We are taking, we are going to take your Cell Phone. And you have to Work for us all Day and then you can have it at Night. ‘OK sounds Good to me’. We have no Will to Defend ourselves. Clearly, we have sent a Message to the World. That we are not interested in Defending our Allies Airspace. We cannot even, will not even Defend our Airspace.

I was somewhat embarrassed this morning, as maybe you were again, I am not taking this away from our Military. A pretty Sad Day when Politicians and Military individuals at the Pentagon say, including our President, ‘We need to recognize the Brave Pilot of that F-22 Fighter, who took-down that Balloon. Any 5-Year-Old with a BB Gun can take down a Balloon. Are you telling me that is a ‘Military Achievement’? Are you hearing what I am saying? To use an F-22 to shoot a hole in a Balloon and then we did it wrong, on top of it? It is made of Hydrogen. You do not shoot a Missile with an Explosive Warhead on the Top-Tip and blow-up a Balloon, that you are concerned what it carries?

Do you know that we could have sent that same Sidewinder Missile right through that Balloon, unarmed and it would have just put a hole in it? And it would have gently just come down to Earth. And then, Bottom Line is this …Why would we wait until it is completely Traversed the entire 50 States, including Alaska and then it gets out over the Ocean and then the President says, ‘Shoot it Down’? Because it had gathered the Data it needed to get. And here is the most Un-Nerving Thing at all… Roll the Tape. We are seeing for instance, the Communist Party cadres are going to Factory Owners.

And telling them to switch their Production from Consumer Items to Items for the Chinese Military. A Matter of Fact, there have been so many of these Orders to Domestic Manufacturers, that the Communist Party is actually running Factories once owned by Private Entrepreneurs. Because the Private Entrepreneurs do not want to stick-around for Stages of the Ping's War, as they put it. So, we can see that this is starting to be a Total Society Effort. And we are just not Paying Attention. That is one of the real Risks. And that is, that China is Preparing to Go to War.

And we are being Oblivious. What do you think of that? Do we believe that? We do not want to believe that China has confiscated Private Industries and converted their Production Lines into Military Production. We did that when we were getting ready to go to War against Adolf Hitler… in the Japanese Empire. China's doing it now. You better make sure your Soul is right with Jesus, 1st of all OK? Second thing, is all of this is right and correct. For those of you who hang around me, I do not make this Public.

But everybody I know close, I have been saying for Years. Now you know what when I see what is happening in our schools or our Military being Taught this, instead of that. If I were China, you know? I have been walking around saying, if I were China why… if I were trying to what? I would take advantage of it. But it is more than that. Have you ever read your Old Testament? A lot of People do not want you to read your own Testament. Well, according to the GOD's Word, that when his People, who are called by His Name, that includes you.

That is America… Israel and America. They are the only 2 Covenantal Nations on Earth. Our Founding Fathers made a Covenant. The Pilgrim Fathers, with the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And apparently, GOD blessed it because you have been living in it for the last, technically 400 Years. According to GOD's Bible, when a Nation that knows Him, Departs from Him, He Dries-up the Rain. He sends Locusts or Bugs to consume their Crops. He says their Women will Miscarry.

And wherever you go, you will be terrified because you will feel as though you are constantly under Attack. You will be looking over your Shoulder, all the Time, in Paranoia. And here is, ‘The Clincher’. And He said, ‘If you do not listen, I will send your Enemies to Invade you’. That is what GOD's Bible says. Will America be invaded? The Answer is not, if it is when… No Nation lasts forever. And the only country or Nation that will, is Israel. And America had better get back to its GOD.


Has China been at ‘War’ with the USA already? Yes, in one’s Political Science Opinion. China has sought to Slowly, Methodically, and Systematically, Poison the USA. How so? Most of the Fentanyl is coming through the Open Border with Mexico and nearly 95% of it is coming from China. Since the mid-1990s, Construction Materials were deemed to have been laced with Toxic Chemicals that renders many Homes being the cause for causing Cancer in Families.

They also deliberately tainted the Baby Formula, in Powder Form to Damage Toddlers. And as the Transcript will bring-out, Meat coming from China is processed with Poison that are being re-sold to the USA. It is one thing that the Luciferians are doing to the USA and the World in general with all that: Poisons in the Air, Water, Food, Medicine and COVID Injections, but the Chinese are in the Frey, just as much.  

Once, China’s Billions were riding Bicycles instead of Tesla’s. It was Kissinger and Herbert Walker Bush, then U.S. Ambassador to China that brokered the Deal on behalf of the World Ruling Luciferians to Prop-Up China and shift all Manufacturing from the USA. This Industrial Transition started to occur soon after the Reagan Years in the Mid-1980s. Now China has become the World’s Factory and Supply Line. And because of its accumulated Wealth, the Chinese Communists have amounted to Power.

Power to buy Farmland, Ports, Infrastructures of entire Nations like in Africa. It holds the U.S. Debt in Bonds and owns the U.S. President through paid Bribes and Kick-Backs that have been linked to his Son’s Dealing and selling-off of this ‘Access’ to the U.S. President. Now, China has the Technology to Spy on the USA, in the USA and being allowed by those in Power in the USA. It is Treason.

The Pastor’s Geo-Political Assessment is one that will not be written about or talked about in the Main-Stream Media. Why not? They are not the 4 Estate guarding the Citizenry against the Government, they are not the 5th Column undermining its Constitution and Viability. Their Puppet Masters and Puppets like Biden are going along in seeing the USA be destroyed. Consider what StephE, a Blogger with Revelation 12 Daily posted.
Our son’s Pilot Friend, is National Guard. And a few Days ago, he told them that his Higher-Ups said to Prepare a Will and Prepare for War with China, within 6 Months. Right after one Son told us that, I read about it on Twitter (Similar Story) and then on Hal Turner. One of our Sons said one method might be to launch at least 100 Missiles towards our Nuclear Missile Sites. And the Fighter Jets would not be able to take down all 100 of them. They would be overwhelmed.

‘The LORD shall bring a Nation against thee from far, from the End of the Earth, as swift as the Eagle flies; a Nation whose Tongue you shalt not Understand’. -Deuteronomy 28:49 

What this Chinese Spy Balloon fiasco has demonstrated is that the Powers-That-Be, currently ruling the USA and the World for that matter, will not Defend the USA nor its Citizens from any Enemy, Foreign or Domestic. The Balloons could have been a Rehearsal to see just how far they could ‘Pull it Off’. It seems the USA has been ‘Sold-Out’ to be taken over and the Chinese have now reached Critical Mass in how they have achieved such a Capability since the 1980.


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