Planetary Pentagram Alignment Portal

  • Are there Astronomical Time-Markers signaling Changes in Ages?
  • Is there a Pre-Determined Timeline of when certain 'Times' start/end?
  • How long are such supposed 'Ages' and when is the next one?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Therefore Jesus said again. Very truly I tell you, I am the GATE for the Sheep… whoever enters through Me will be Saved. They will come in and go out and find Pasture. The Thief comes only to Steal and Kill and Destroy; I have come that they may have Life and have it to the Full’. –John 10:7-10

The purpose of this study is to highlight several Celestial Occurrences that happened during the Summer of 2013 and present an illustration of these unique and cosmic Planetary Alignments. This concerns the Celestial Imagery of the ‘Birthing of Venus’ at the Lion’s Gate. This Gate occurred in the Midst of the Start of the ‘Twin’ Star of David Planetary Alignment of July 22 and August 25, 2013. The Grand Cross Alignment started around August 17, 2013. What was of interest is that this ‘Birthing of Venus’ occurrence featured the formation of a Celestial Pentagram that encompassed the whole of our Solar System. Planet Venus was not on one of the End-Angles or Points that made up the Planetary Celestial Pentagram. The other Planets did but Venus was what was birthed from this Lion’s Gate Pentagram. A Pentagram is often associated with a Gate or Portal to other realms.

This study will show that Venus was positioned in such a way that it is strongly associated with a celestial ‘Birth Canal’ at a Celestial ‘Portal’. It is the same concept as when a Delivery occurs; a Baby pushes through at the moment of Birth out of the Womb. This Celestial Pentagram can thus be Anthropomorphized as a ‘Women in Labor’ giving Birth; in this case a ‘Birthing of Venus’. It is from the Solar System’s 3D Perspective that there is an illusion of a ‘Birthing’ Canal that protrudes from Earth where Venus was in Conjunction at this Time. It is as though Venus was traversing the Birth Canal to be ‘Born’ in-between the 2 Legs of the Celestial Pentagram. The Earth appears to function as this ‘Womb’, of sorts at this Juncture. This is the astronomical depiction according to the positions of the planets around July 22, 2013.

Furthermore, not only does it appear that the planet Venus is being ‘Birthed’ out of the Celestial Pentagram but that on July 22, 2013 Venus was situated dead-center at the ‘Lion’s Gate’ in the constellation Leo. The Imagery of the Celestial Pentagram was that of a ‘Birth Canal’ along the Ecliptic from Earth’s Perspective. It clearly involved the Lion’s Gate, a ‘Gate’, Door, or Portal in the Constellation of Leo. Perhaps the corresponding and actual Celestial Lion’s Gate is where it opened, based on Planetary Alignments that functions as the ‘Key’. In this case it was the Pentagram Planetary Alignment and that pushed Venus through the Lion’s Gate, etc. This was the Location where 3 major Celestial Signs occurred that ended with the Grand Cross Formation.

Lion’s Gate
These 3 ‘Signs’ were of the Star of David, the Pentagram and the Grand Cross. What is the Lion’s Gate? One interpretation is clearly Biblical. It is the ‘Gate of the Great King’, the Messiah. It is a Door into the Heavenly Mount Zion. This Principle and Concept is mirrored on Earth in Jerusalem, with an actual Gate called the Lion’s Gate in Israel. The very Coat of Arms of Jerusalem a Boxing Lion on the Wall of the City’s Gate. In another association, the Earth and Venus Celestial ‘Birth Canal’, if you will, was aligned with Neptune which was at the Apex of the Celestial Pentagram.

This also perhaps may have a possible connection to the long-awaited and anticipated Aquarian New Age God of Sea to come, the AntiChrist, etc. Aquarius is one of the 4 Cardinal Points of the Universe and that of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac. Perhaps this Conjunction was alluding to the coming of the New Age also or as some would rather state, New World Order that is about to be ‘Birthed’ Metaphorically Speaking. Where and When? At the Lion’s Gate, on a July Month. The Celestial Pentagram Planetary Alignment of July 22, 2013 also thus provided the Celestial Concept of a spectacular Opening of a possible ‘Gate’, a Celestial Portal, nonetheless.

This ‘Gate’ is known as the Lion’s Gate in which Venus traversed through the Ecliptic in the Summer of 2013 but specifically on July 22, 2013 when Venus was at the Heart of the Constellation Leo, at the King Star, Regulus, etc. This imagery is as though Venus is coming out of the Lion’s Gate and perhaps others will be going in. The Constellation Leo is associated with Kingship, Royalty, a Man, a King, Messiah, Christ, the Divine Male, etc. This Date is not suggesting that such an event took place but that it may be alluding to a Type or Picture as the ‘Combination’ Key to the Lion’s Gate as it did with the culminate with the Star of David on August 25-26, 2013. Of note, from the July 22nd beginning of the Star of David Alignment to the August 25th one was exactly 33 Days.

A Historical Tidbit about the Earthly Lion’s Gate in Israel follows. During the 6-Day War of 1967 for Old Jerusalem where the Earthly Zion is located, the Israeli Defense Force IDF broke through the Lion’s Gate of the Old City’s wall to recapture the Temple Mount for the 1st time in nearly 1900 Years. This same Gate is also referred to as the Sheep Gate by Jewish and Christian Theologians alike. Biblically speaking, this has a Direct Reference to Christ’s Disciples, as His Followers are described by Christ as ‘Sheep.’ In John 10, Jesus declares to Israel that He is the ‘Gate’ and the ‘Lion of the Tribe of Judah’ that leads the ‘Sheep’ in and out of the Sheep Pen.

The Symbolism is striking; that the Messiah has gone out and sought out the ‘Lost Sheep’ as the ‘Good Shepherd’ to gather them first into the Sheep Pen, i.e., ‘Church’ like a Bee-Hive or Cluster. The Bible further describes this Figurative Association with Christ as having set Aside a Sheep Pen or Cluster as in the ‘Church’ where the Sheep are kept Safe until He calls them Home through a ‘Gate’, the Lion’s Gate. Many Bible Scholars believe this will occur at the Time of the Blessed Hope, that is the Rapture when the Call comes from the Shepherd-King to come out of the ‘Sheep Pen’ on Earth to be led through a ‘Heavenly Gate’ to the Halls of Majesty on High. Many believe that this ‘Sheep Pen’ corresponds Celestially to the ‘Bee-Hive’ of the Constellation Cancer.

The Congregation
However, one is convinced that it has to do with the Lion’s Gate. It so happens that precisely on a July Month, the Sun was stationed in the Constellation of Cancer. It is there that the ‘Eclipsing’ the ‘Bee-Hive’ happens, as if to gather the Sheep as in a ‘Snatching-Up’ of the Church, as a Type and Shadow at some Point in Time. It was a Powerful Symbol of the Sun entering the Sheep Pen to lead the sheep out, as the Good Shepherd did by way of the Cross at Calvary, or historically as the IDF went through the Lion’s Gate to get to the Temple Mount of Mount. Zion. The Scriptures say in Ephesians 4:8, ‘When He (Christ) ascended to the Heights, (Heaven) He led a Crowd of Captives (Old Testament Saints) and gave Gifts to His people (the Holy Spirit)’.

Again, this Symbolism is not to set a possible Date for the Rapture, but to illustrate that perhaps the Celestial Planetary Configurations, due to their Alignments strongly suggests, at least a picture or type of what Prophetically has to be in place, as described in the Bible. Nonetheless, it yet has been a Profound Prophetic Foreshadowing of the Major Planetary ‘Combination’ Symbols as being the possible ‘Key’ that just might be used to perhaps unlock the Lion’s Gate and usher in the Saints to Glory. As to Keys? It is very interesting that the only Church the LORD did not rebuke in the last Book of the Bible, Revelation, was the Philadelphian Congregation.

To this particular Type of Believer and Church Age Dispensation, the Risen Christ revealed Himself as the ‘Lion of Judah’ having the ‘Key’ to the Sheep Pen to Mount Zion. He is the One having the Combination to unlock or Open the Door or ‘Lion’s Gate’ set before them to go through. Why? It is because the Risen and Overcoming Savior promised a like Resurrection and Glorification to those Followers that did and was as Jesus Christ. This particular Church Type, in Principle, is to be spared the coming Wrath of the Lamb after the Rapture takes place because the Sheep from the sheep Pen/Fold (Church Body) have to be Evacuated 1st.

‘To the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia write: These are the Words of Him who is Holy and True, who holds the KEY of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. I know your Deeds. See, I have placed before you an Open Door that no one can shut. I know that you have Little Strength, yet you have kept my Word and have not denied My Name. I will make those who are of the Synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are Liars—I will make them come and fall down at your Feet and acknowledge that I have Loved you. Since you have kept My Command to Endure Patiently, I will also keep you from the Hour of Trial that is going to come on the whole World to Test the Inhabitants of the Earth’. – Revelation 3: 7-10

What was striking about the Lion’s Gate occurring on the Ecliptic from Earth’s Perspective in July of 2013, was that the Major Giant Gas Planets of Jupiter and Saturn flanked the ‘Gate’ or Portal during this Time. Both Planets will be illustrated by 2 Pillars for a better Visualization. It was at this Time and Place, at the ‘Center’ of Leo where Venus was positioned on July 22, 2013. What does Venus signal to be Birthed? On Earth or in Heaven? What does Venus represent? A Good or an Evil Omen, maybe both? Was a Heavenly Door or Portal opened-up during this Time due to the Celestial Pentagram encompassing the whole of our Solar System?

Will it involve an exchange between a ‘King’ associated with the Lion’s Gate and a ‘Queen’ figuratively speaking of the ‘Birthing’ of the Planet Venus? That will remain to be seen, at least Prophetically. The Bible is clear that at some Point in Time, the Great King of the Universe, Jesus Christ will open the Gate to Heaven, at which Time, ‘Christ will have been ‘Birthed’ in the Believers, as Galatians 4:19 declares one day it will occur. The Lion’s Gate could very well be alluding to this metaphorical ‘Gate’ that Jesus has provided for a Way of Escape, at least to the Philadelphian Congregation Types and/or Followers of the Lamb of GOD, Jesus Christ.

The Lion’s Gate Configuration has occurred at various points in Times past. But could this ‘Birthing of Venus’ be heralding the soon actual reality of the opening of Heaven’s Gate, as Venus that is to be Birthed, is a type of the Church then? To reiterate, perhaps it will be when the Good Shepherd will open the ‘True Celestial Gate’ to Heaven. It might be the Time when the ‘Gate’, Jesus Christ, as the Door of the Metaphorical Sheep Pen, will lead the Hive through the Lion’s Gate into Glory, i.e. by way of Rapture at some Point in Time. Will it be the Moment, at which Time YHVH’s People are taken, snatched-up and are ushered into the Heavenly Mount Zion on the Sides of the North?

Will a Time-Frame in which such a Planetary Configuration is made, trigger the Time in which the whole Body of Christ is ready and called to be presented as a Bride to the Groom, the SON of GOD before the Father? The Bible does provide an example of such a Calling of Disciples through ‘Gates’ in the Bible. Scripture shows the Apostle Paul being called-up to the 3rd Heaven. We also read about the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation chapter 4 being called-up through a ‘Door’ as well. ‘After this I looked, and there before me was a Door standing open in Heaven. And the Voice I had first heard speaking to me like a Trumpet said, Come up Here'. –Revelation 4:1

Astronomically Speaking, there are 4 Constellations: Virgo, Leo, Cancer and Gemini that make-up the Celestial Spectrum of the Lion’s Gate Configuration along the Ecliptic. This Celestial Gate in 2013 was accented by 2 ‘Pillars’ that were book-ended by the Giant Planets of Saturn and Jupiter. Together, they made-up like the Door or Portal that is known as the Lion’s Gate itself. The Center-Point of the Door or where the ‘Gate’ is situated in the constellation Leo, thus the Name Lion’s Gate. These 4 Constellations are but a Microcosm of the whole Zodiac or Mazzaroth. It depicts the Gospel Witness of the Sky per the research of EW Bullinger. His Research presents the case that each Constellation is a Facet of the Redemptive Work of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel.

According to the Order of the Mazzaroth, Virgo is the Beginning of the Zodiac and Leo is the Culmination of it. It is a ‘Storyline’ starting with Jesus’ Virgin Birth, then that of the Triumph of the King, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah that has redeemed Mankind by the Blood of the Lamb of GOD, Jesus Christ. We see in these Metaphors as a glimpse of the Dual Nature of the Messiah, the ‘GOD-Man’. Christ, as the Lamb, 1st had to come to be a Willing Substitute and Offering to pay for the Sins of the World. The Bible declares that a certain Time, Christ Jesus will ultimately come back to Earth, as the Risen Conquering Lion to set-up His Celestial Kingdom on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

Heavenly Sign Posts
If this is plausible, Prophetically then there is a ‘Door’ at the End of the Mazzaroth, or Zodiac, that perhaps has to be opened and closed for such Heavenly Occurrences to take place. Again, this Door happens to be at the End of the Zodiac in the constellation Leo, i.e., the Lions’ Gate. This study also seeks to touch upon several of the Meanings ascribed to Venus. A short Segment of this study will present the Mythology and Esoteric Associations attributed to Venus. There is a profound amount of possible Symbology ascribed to this Planet. This study only seeks to briefly ascertain the possible Significance and meaning in a Prophetic Context and Biblical nuances associated with the planet Venus.

Such Concepts, Beliefs and Venerations range from a Noble and Chased Virgin, as in the Bride and Jesus Himself, to the ‘Light-Bearer’ or Lucifer. Depending on one’s Angle of Interpretation, the Concept of Venus has a Dual Construct of Personalities and Metaphorical Allegories to consider. This study will interweave the 2 Main Points of view about Venus, a ‘Christian’ Roman Catholic one and an Esoteric one. It is a Dichotomy in that the one in the same Personifies are ascribed to both Jesus Christ and Lucifer. Venus is associated with the ‘Divine Feminine’ as in a Maiden, Bride, or Woman.

The Church according to some Interpretations of the Bible does allude to the Church, the Body of Christ. It is often described as going through Labor Pains of the ‘Walk of Faith’ as a Delivery Process much like the Typology of Venus being ‘Birthed’ through the Celestial Pentagram. On another level, Christ Himself stated that He is the ‘Bright and Morning Star’, i.e., Venus per Revelations 22:16. Venus is also attributed to Lucifer, that is Satan bringing the Light of Knowledge and reason to a Dark World and Fallen Humanity.

Ironically, in both Camps, Venus is nonetheless venerated as the ‘Queen of Heaven’. Although some Persuasions of Christianity, mainly that of Roman Catholicism, venerate and worship Mary as the Virgin. But the Bible strictly forbids this per Jeremiah 44. The Precepts of this Cult of Mary Worship goes so far as ascribing the Virgin Mary a Sinless Nature, an ‘Immaculate Conception’ and a Co-Redeemer, along with Jesus Christ.

‘We will certainly do everything we said we would: We will burn Incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out Drink Offerings to her just as we and our Fathers, our Kings and our Officials did in the Towns of Judah and in the Streets of Jerusalem. At that Time we had plenty of Food and were Well Off and suffered no Harm.’ –Jeremiah 44:17

Venus is the Latin Version of the Name of this the most Ancient of Deities in regard to Human History. It has actually originated since the beginning of Mankind’s Consciousness. Through the Ages and various Civilizations, Venus has been given different Names such as Semiramis, Ishtar, Isis, Aphrodite, Diane, even down to the Modern Era as she has been deemed, the ‘Virgin Mary, Mother of GOD’ most notably by the Roman Catholics. She is even believed to have been Immaculately Conceived. For such, she is a ‘Religion’ that ascribes to her Power over the ‘Heavens’ as she is titled, ‘Queen of Heaven’. In the primal and base essentials of what Venus is all about, it is associated with sex, fertility, is a Force, a Concept, a ‘Goddess’ in the occult.

Origins of the Venus Religion

Perhaps this ‘Birthing’ of Venus in 2013 was signaling like that of the Birth Pangs of a Woman, a Time on Earth that so too has begun to be characterized by very intense Delivery, Frequency of Pain, Turmoil and Shedding of Blood. But what is to be ‘Birthed’? To some, it is the New Age, to others, the New World Order. Many are expecting Major World War or Strife. Yet, to others, it will be all one in the same. But because of such Planetary Configurations, it is alluding to the possible coming of the long-awaited Messiah, Mahdi, Krishna, Jesus to save the Earth from its current state. Furthermore, those with Esoteric Belief Systems see such Planetary Alignments as a ‘Birthing’ of a ‘Force’ or Spirit that has been unleashed upon Mankind on Earth.

To the New Agers, this ‘Force’ or Power will be for the ‘Cleansing’ and ‘Ascension’ of Mankind. It is needed before they can Ascend to the next Level of what they call ‘Higher Consciousness’. It is basically a Belief that Mankind is said to be on an Evolutionary Path that 1 Day will enable them to reach ‘God-Hood’. What this ‘Force’ will bring will be the Help needed for this Process, that is seen as a ‘Good’ to occur. It is thus, allegorically seen through the ‘Birthing of Venus’ with such Planetary Alignments that is bringing forth the Light of a ‘Venus’, aka, Lucifer. This ‘Force’ will be Personified in a ‘Man’ that will usher-in their ‘New Age’ or New World Order.

Perhaps this Well-Wishing of Peace, Love and Harmony is desirable at the outset, but according to the Bible, this ‘Venus’ Bringing ‘Light’ to enlighten Humanity is none other than Lucifer transforming himself as an ‘Angel of Light’. Lucifer’s Light is a False Light according to the Bible. Lucifer may appear to have all the Answers when he comes as the AntiChrist upon the Nations. But he will still use this Power of Persuasion, Reason, Logic and Provision as he did with Eve in the Garden of Eden. As he did with Eve in Eden. He always approaches Humanity, as one wanting to stoke the Ego of Mankind, but deceiving them that they can be like ‘GOD’ but without needing GOD.

To others that ascribe a Biblical Interpretation of Lucifer, aka Venus… the True Christian Interpretations of Venus exposes the False Façade of Lucifer as a Usurper and Destroyer of all that is Holy and Good. The Bible states that Lucifer, who is Satan, contrary to some that adamantly negates this Truth, according to Jesus Christ, only comes to ‘Steal, Kill and Destroy’ based on John 10:10. Lucifer is in all actuality, the Ancient Fallen Angel, Satan. He is the ‘Accuser of the Brethren’ that sought and still seeks to overthrow the Father from His Throne. Nonetheless, he is venerated as a ‘Venus’, the Celestial ‘Divine Feminine’.

According to the Mythology associated with Venus, she married Mars. Mars is the God of War, who was one of the Original 12 Olympians of Old. They had among many Offspring, Cupid. During this Celestial Pentagram configuration, Mars and Mercury are ‘Square’ with Earth and Venus, meaning that perhaps a major War or Military Action will come forth from this ‘Birthing of Venus’. The very Root Meaning of ‘Venus’ connotes an ‘Opening’. Also, most interesting, is that ‘Poison’ is also derived from its Name. Venus as in Ven-enum. But this is in a Context of its use for Chants or Magical Spells. She is the former Aphrodite of the Greeks.

Pentagram of Venus?

She is the former Ishtar, as in ‘Star’ or Bright Light of the Morning, as in ‘Lucis’. She is also ascribed the attributes of the Sexual Drive. Her Symbols are of a Sea-Shell that some say alludes to a Female’s Sexual Body Part, etc. Because of her Strong Association with Sexuality, she is the ‘Patron Goddess’ of Prostitutes, for example. Furthermore, Venus is said to come out of the Sea or Mari, thus ‘Mary’. April 1st is one of her ‘High Holy’ Days of the Year where she is celebrated. The Geometric Form of a 5 Pointed Star or Penta-Gram is derived from the Number 5 that can multiply itself on to Infinity. At the core of its ‘DNA’ is the Coefficient of the Phi Ratio that allows it to become an Infinite Spiral in Motion.

As to its Connection and Association to Venus, many Ancient Cultures from the Dawn of Recorded History had observed that the Trajectory of the Planet Venus traced the Mazzaroth or Zodiac with an 8-Year Cycle that forms a Celestial Pentagram, etc. This Celestial Journey of Venus takes a Period of 8 Years, if one plots each Station upon the Zodiac. Interestingly, the Pattern of the Trajectory produced by the 5 Pointed Star or Pentagram Motif, is referred to as the Pentagonal Synodic Cycle. If the Trajectory is allowed to be configured beyond that, it produces the ‘Flower’ often ascribed to as the ‘Rose’. Because of its Atmospheric White Color, it is very Bright, often being ascribed to as a Light or Torch. Thus it has been attributed to a ‘Torch’ or Light-Bearing as in Lucifer. Why? It is because depending on one’s Orientation on the Earth, it will always be the 1st Bright Light at dawn or the last at Dusk.

This study has presented the Accretion, that the 3 Consecutive Celestial Planetary Alignments in July of 2013 were actually a continuum of the same Phenomena that configured the 3 Distinct Celestial Symbols. These Symbols were the Hexagram, Star and Cross in the Heavens, in that particular Order. It started with the Star of David Alignment around the 22nd of July and phases-out around the 22nd of August. This is actually considered to be a ‘Twin’ Star as it was back in 1996. It so happens that this ‘Twin’ Configuration actually were 33 Days apart. The Time between the 1st ‘Twin’ Star of David of 1996 to the ‘Twin’ one before the Tetrad of 2014-15 was 7-Years. What then becomes Significant, is the Number of Times these Star of David Alignments have occurred in the recent past.

Since 1990, there have only been 13 that have been recognized as such. With this in Mind, a brief Synopsis of what the Number 13 represents or is associated with, will follow. It will be taken from a combination of Christian Number Studies and Esoteric Interpretations. The Number 13 is one Number above 12. The Number 12 speaks of Harmony, Union and Accomplishment. So 13, being 1 above that Condition and Order is associated with disturbing what is Complete, Chosen and Harmonious. On a Darker Level of Interpretation, the Number 13 is associated with Rebellion according to the Bible. In Hebrew, the 13th Letter of the Alphabet is Mem –which means Mother, or of Water. Thus an Association to Venus, as in ‘Mother Earth’ and the Sea. Depending on the Culture, it is either a Lucky Number or one of Bad Luck to the extent that many Modern High-Rise Buildings do not have a 13th Floor, for example. But as it pertains to this study, the Number 13 connotes a New Cycle and an Opening.

Celestial Key Combination

It is said that 13 has the Power to open ‘Gates’ and unlock Mysteries related to a Birthing and thus a beginning of a New Cycle. Perhaps a ‘New Age’ that the whole world, it seems is anticipated and is at a Threshold of bursting through the Gates, Figuratively Speaking. This study has only sought to illustrate that the 3 specific and Consecutive Celestial Alignments from July to August 2013: the ‘Twin’ Star of David,  the Pentagram and the Grand Cross appeared to function as a sort of ‘Combination Key’ that perhaps was set to open the Lion’s Gate, at some Point in Time. In principle, a Key is designed to either Close or Open a Door. In the Biblical Context, the Key is Jesus Christ to the Lion’s Gate. And He is the Gate where, ‘No one can go to the Father, if not by Him’. –John 14:6.

By Definition, a Key can be a Noun. ‘A small Piece with incisions to fit the Wards of a particular Lock that is inserted into a Lock on a Door to Turn and Open.’ It can be an Adjective. ‘Of Paramount or Crucial Importance.’ It can be a Verb. ‘Enter or operate on.’ And it can be a Synonym. A ‘Principal - Primary - Cardinal - Leading – Prime’. But what of these 3 Celestial Configurations in 2013: the Star of David, the Celestial Pentagram, and the Grand Cross? What was the ‘Event’? What did it mean? Perhaps they were alluding to and heralding a Profound and Prophetic Opening or of a ‘Birthing’ soon to occur in the Near Prophetic Horizon.

Perhaps these 3 Celestial Key Combinations, during the July Summer of 2013 that began and ended with the Star of David, the Pentagram and the Grand Cross were all a sort of a Combination to the ‘KEY’ to the Celestial Door of the Lion’s Gate that was being turned and unlocked. To reiterate, perhaps at some Point in Time, when such Configurations occur, is when such a Celestial Portal or Door as the Lion’s Gate is to be Activated and Opened. What added intrigue was that it was combined with the ‘Birthing of a ‘Venus’. One subscribes that the Lion’s Gate is where and when the possible Rapture of the Church will occur in such a Time and Place.

According to some Interpretations of Biblical Scripture, Christ promised to come and usher through a Gate a Segment of Humanity. It will those that ‘Follow the Lamb wherever he goes’, even through the Portals of Glory. Christ did after all declare, ‘I am the Door -of the Sheep Pen’. -John 10:7 In summary, perhaps these 3 Celestial Signs of the Hexagram, Pentagram and Cross were but a required ‘Combination’ Sequence needed to Unlock the Celestial Portal into Glory, at some Point. It is interesting that when one considers the Old Fashion Deal Safety Locks, how many Numbers were required?

It is only 3 like the 3 Primary Geometric Heavenly Signs that occurred at the Lion’s Gate. One would clear the Number Dial 1st, then for example, Dial 10 to the Right, 34 to the Left and 4 to the Right and Boom, Click… and it is Unlocked as the Door can now be opened. Perhaps these 3 Celestial Configurations, back-to-back like a right-left-right turn of the Safety Lock’s Knob, was the Combination that made the Wards of a Celestial Key unlock the Lion’s Gate. Again, only considering the Symbology here, it would allow for the ‘Celestial Venus’, as in a Woman or ‘Bride’ to go forth to the other Side.


Perhaps an Exchange even, a Bride going in, and a ‘Light-Bearer’ Lucifer coming out? This study and chart is not intended to set Dates for such an Exchange or perhaps the Rapture, but that such Celestial Occurrences may be either a Precursor or a Herald of what is to come in the Near Future, perhaps as a Warning of it. As this study has focused on the Heavenly Types of Doors or Gates based on the Planetary Configuration of Summer of 2013, it is incumbent upon those that profess Faith in the King of Glory, the Lion of Judah, to remain in Fellowship with the LORD. The Bride of Christ should not allow Personal Love of Sin, Temptation and/or Circumstances to put the Savior as LORD outside the Door or ‘Gate’ of one’s Heart and Lives.

This Context is not inferring that one can lose one’s Salvation but that what is at Stake are the Rewards, the Joy, Peace and Confidence before YHVH. It will be those Elements of Faith and Works in Jesus Christ that will be tried by the Fire at the Bema Seat after the Rapture. Followers of Christ can become so engrossed with one’s own ‘Fellowship’ that there is no Room to allow Jesus to come and join that. This Condition has always plagued the Church Body as the Daily Cares of Life and Circumstances can rob the Joy, Peace and Commitment to Christ Jesus, either because it is going too Good or too Bad in one’s life.

This was the Condition for the Church of Laodicea in Asia Minor, according to the Prophetic Diagnosis of Jesus in the Book of Revelation. The Condition of the Laodiceans can also be seen as a Church Dispensation as the Word of GOD has an Echo and Multiple Layers of Meaning and Application. On one level, it is the overall Time Dispensation spanning the last Condition of the Church Age just before the Rapture. It is also the Condition of Individuals and Local Churches. Lastly it can be the Personal Condition that reflects the Walk of Faith as Disciples of Christ. The Laodiceans had a form of ‘Christianity’ but no Power or Presence of Christ within her.

They had a Fellowship amongst themselves but not with Christ Jesus. Why? It is because Jesus was placed outside the Door or ‘Gate’ of Fellowship and Headship. The Laodicean Church, on the outside, appeared to have it all together. They were prosperous, Sophisticated, and Wise in their own Estimations. How many of Jesus’ Followers go to Church pretending all is Right, all the while one is Hurting, Lonely, Abused, Heart-Broken, Sad and perhaps Depressed? Yet many refuse to be Healed and allow the LORD to come in and Fellowship and/or Help. Many Followers of Christ put up a good Façade because they want no one to know or be seen as being Needy in an Affluent Church Community and Country where those in Need are somewhere else.

It has gotten to the Point in some levels of Faith, that Christians have to be ‘Perfect’ in order to attend ‘Church’. The Church i.e., Body of Christ is intended to be that ‘Sheep Pen’ where Jesus has put the Sheep in the meanwhile until the ‘Call’ of the Blessed Hope. The Church is to function much like a Hospital and Teach as in a School Room. Its Function is to Edify and Equip the Saints for the Battles between one’s own Self, Heart and Mind and for the Spiritual Warfare true Followers of Christ experience outside in the World.

The Ironic Condition, for many Personally and perhaps for some Denominationally, is that the very one that is the ‘Door’ or Gate that opened Heaven for the Church to salvation, was and is to have Fellowship with the King of the Universe. This is seen in the Book of Revelation as Jesus is knocking, trying to get back into the Church to be with His Redeemed. What will drive Jesus from our intended Intimacy, Fellowship and Communion is very simple. Jesus Himself, as the Great Physician does a Check-Up and tells us what the Condition is that will do that and most of all, what has to happen to remedy it. For this, such a Spirit of the Last Days has crept into the Churches: Wealth and Prosperity, Complacency and the lack of Persecution has softened the Church’s Witness.

It has gotten to the Point that Professing Followers of Christ, Behave and Believe are no different than those in the World that are Un-Churched, as they say. May the Virgin Church not succumb to the Trappings of Wanting and seeking Security and Comfort in her own Fellowship, as Laodicea did and is the Rampant Condition of this Last Day’s Churches. May the Bride of Christ not conform to the Thinking and Ever-Changing Standards of the Society we happen to live in because it is Affluent or Comfortable. May the Body of Christ not be Proud enough to allow Jesus to help it, for it does not see all that Jesus sees and knows. May she not have a Rugged Self-Reliant Attitude towards what she does not have.

May she come back to the Basic Tenets of Fellowship and her ‘Frist Love’ with Jesus. Realize that it was YHVH who 1st had Mercy and Grace to those outside His Gate of Glory and then Eden. Perhaps Jesus left Glory on High and went through the very ‘Lions Gate’ Himself when He entered this World as a Babe. Jesus left Glory to go to the very place where the Human Needs were at; to provide Reconciliation. Beyond that, Jesus bestowed the Joy of enjoying His Presence through Fellowship. What greater Honor and Privilege is there to compare sharing a Meal and enjoy Company with the King of Glory. This is what the LORD’s Supper is all about. What is the Virgin Bride of Christ exchanging this Glory for?

May she be humbly Walking with her LORD, continually having Short Accounts before, still in Love with the Savior until the ‘Call Upwards’ comes. The Admonition for the Church, in these very Last Days, regardless of there being a ‘Celestial Gate’ or Door possibly being opened, is to presently know that Christ Jesus is Knocking and wanting to open our Door to Himself. May she bring her Concerns, Doubts, Fears, Reservations and Heart, in all its Pieces, if it be the case, to Christ Jesus the ‘Lion of Judah’ who made the Heart and can put it back together with Love, Healing and Restored Fellowship like The Good Shepherd. Do you hear Him knocking now?

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