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by Luis B. Vega
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One received a Video Link from a Readers to Review and provide Feedback about Elon Musk’s supposed Nanny and what she saw and had to say about Elon, growing up. One thought the Video was Interesting to Respond to. The Video is also from a Person, a man that one does not know but from the content of his YouTube Channel, appears to be a Christian, and with a large Following. So, Discretion is Advised. Thus, this is a ‘Review of a Review of a Review’. The man goes over and Discusses a Video Interview of Elon Musk’s Nanny. Apparently, she has given many Video Interviews about this.

The Nanny has come out on Video, talking about some ‘Strange Occult Occurrences’ that she claims happened while she tended to Elon while growing-up. It is the 1st Time one has heard this ‘Testimony’, so one is not sure if it is True. But hearing the Nanny out, what she said would make sense based on the Occult Research one has done. The Video is of the Nanny that became a Christian, according to her, around the Time she was called to be Employed to watch over Little Elon.

Based on all that she said, if True, she probably will not be going live much longer, if she still keeps on giving Interviews about her Direct Observations, she is claiming. Unless she is a True Christian, Jesus is Protecting her, to not be Touched nor harmed. What was very convincing, is that ‘There is something here about her Experience'. From the Video Interview of the Nanny, the following concerns what occurred when Elon was around 13 Years Old, or so. Again, this is according to this Woman who claims to be Elon Musk's Nanny.

She stated that on 1 occasion, she was leaving Elon’s Room, alone, apparently needing to go to bed, but he did not want to do that. As she closed the Door, the Nanny said that she pretended to have left. But Elon then rummaged through his Mother’s Luggage Bags where she Kept African Type or Small Statues or Idols that the Natives make. Nothing out of the Ordinary here. But she goes on to say that Elon then took the Idols all out and fixed them all in a Round Circle Formation, ‘Much like Stonehenge’, she said.

And then, all of a sudden like a ‘Portal’ opened-up and he was essentially having a Conversation with some ‘Entities’. Or was he just Playing ‘Pretend’ to talk to People that were not there that had just been invented, etc. At that Age, it is Perfectly Normal to do. But, if one knows anything about the Occult and Witchcraft, a Circle is made to ‘Define the Space’ and Hollow it. The Circle has to have a Hexagram Type of Points, and perhaps at least 6 of the Idols in the Circle had to be Equidistant. When Activated, it forms a Tesseract or 3-D Cube or Chamber, or a Portal, etc.

‘Circle of Idols’

Sure, the Small Statues could have been in Storage and considered and treated as Souvenirs, as they did move from South Africa. But one would Naturally Presume that he saw this ‘Circle’ being made and learned it from seeing his Mother, who perhaps did the same thing, or from other Adults. So, one was asked by the Reader, if All That was True? Most likely.

From what one has Read and Researched into Luciferianism, that Family is Spirit Energized and Connected to the Occult at the Highest Levels. Making such a Circle of Idols is from where this ‘Space’ and Time, is opened up to Demons, Fallen Angels. They use Sacred Spaces to Enter-Exit Dimensions, etc. Here are one’s Questions. One is assuming the Testimony of the Nanny to be Credible but cannot be Verified.

1. Where did Elon know how to Configure such a Circle Symbol, Motif or Alignment?
2. Why would African Small Idols be stored in a Luggage type Bag in a Closet?

Consider that Men like Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Altman, are the Bill Gates of this Last Generation. Like Gates, they do not get Propelled to World Power Status at such a Young Age, just by mere Intelligence, Ability or Intellect. They are plugged-in to the Dark Forces of whom they have made ‘Deals’ with and are ‘Blessed’ by the Beast, one would Conjecture. For example, Elon’s Family came from South Africa, but before that, they came from Canada.

His Parents and especially his Grandfather started these Weird Societies and some of them had ties to Genetics…the always will go there. Like Bill Gates’ Father, he was on the Board of Directors for Planned Parenthood, etc. Elon’s Mother is said to be involved in the Occult. Note that in the Book, the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier. The Powers-That-Be, Imprisoned him for writing it. He Exposed that such Family had and do have Occult Connections to Luciferianism. And it is Generational.

Such Families, not only sell their Soul to Lucifer for Power, but they offer-up their Children in the same Service. It is really no different than a Christian Family Dedicating their Children to the Care, and Protection of Jesus. They, hoping they will Serve Jesus when they grow up. Here was one’s Immediate Reaction to the Video regarding Elon’s Perceived Involvement with the Occult, based on the YouTuber’s Reactions and Supposed Nanny’s Witness of Elon.

1. He Plays both sides?                                                                      Yes.
2. His True Colors came out with that Baphomet ‘Costume’?           Yes.
3. They ‘Look’ too Comfortable in such Dark Satanic Dress-ups?    Yes
4. He will help implement the Mark of the Beast.                              Believe it.
5. Had Occult Phenomena witnessed by Nanny as a Boy.               Believe it.
6. Married a Professional Performer associated with Satanism?      Yes.

‘LORD Most High’
No doubt, there are Types of People that do Dress-Up regularly, Weekly for the Luciferian Meetings. It is like going to a Bible Study or attending a High Church Services. In this case, the Baphomet Costume with Upside Down Cross worn by Elon was due to Halloween, as a mere Costume. Sure. But what Cover to have and use to show His True Colors. The Upside Down Cross is to Mimic and Mock Christ, and Christianity. And that is why it is an Up-Side-Down Cross.

It is the Antithesis of all that Jesus Christ stands and did. Yet many Christians are being Swayed by his Charm, and support for Free Speech, and other Libertarian Ideals. One would say, 'Beware of those who bring Gifts’. But to Reiterate, this Family is one of the Most Powerful in the World, presently. Musk controls Twitter, Starlink, SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink and A.I. Research. Are you kidding? It is the Powers-That-Be, behind the Veil. Such are Facilitating and have Orchestrated all that is possible, only through such Families and Men like Elon.

It is rather interesting also to note that the Nanny said Elon went by a Different Name growing up, Elelyon. It is El Elyon, which happens to be 1 of the Many Names attributed to YHVH. It means, ‘LORD Most High’. Elon is coming across as a ‘Friend’ or Sympathizer for those who aspire or Believe in Libertarian and seemingly Christian Values. But it is he that by Stealth is introducing, all this time in the Background the Quest to Control all Social Media, Transportation, Internet Connection with 100s of Satellites to ‘Connect’ all the World with.

They have to, in order for their Fusion of the Body with the Machine or Nano-Technology for the Mark of the Beast System to work and Surveil and Track every Human on the Planet. And with the End Goal? Of Deceiving People to take the Mark of the Beast that will Damn them to Hell. And that is what Lucifer wants, to take as many Down with him and Deprive of all the Souls that he made to willfully Reject Humanity’s only Hope of Salvation, Jesus. But let us consider the Public Evidence.

1. Wears an Anti-Christian Baphomet Satanic Attire?                       Check.
2, Dons an Anti-Christian Upside Down Cross?                                Check.
3. Married a Person who flashed a Book that ‘Satan is Real’?         Check.
4. One of his Names, growing-up was ‘LORD Most High’?              Check.
5. Mother is believed to be involved heavily into the Occult?            Check.
6. Nanny was told he helped usher-in the Mark of the Beast?          Check
7. Has the Technology, Finances and Resources to do that?           Check.

When you are talking about launching Rockets, Satellites, Cars and Chips into People’s Brains, and A.I.? All that cannot be done by mere ‘Venture Capital’ or Charm as mentioned. You have to have a Coordinated Effort and Partnerships with the most Prominent of Federal and Global Agencies for all this to be occurring, and it is. And all those at the Top in such cases, are Globalist Luciferians, on track to usher-in their Dark Lord, Lucifer, whom they think is to come back and Rule the Masses. Such Families and Persons have been given the Power to Rule the World by Lucifer, for the Time being.

Demigods of Deception
Presently, they ‘Own’ Everything and want you and me to ‘Own’ Nothing be Happy. So, based on the mere Evidence of the Supposed Nanny of Elon Musk and Strange Occurrences witnessed, one would say it is a ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ type of thing going on here, perhaps. As one can see, using Deductive Reasoning, a Reasonably Assertion of what Elon Musk’s Religious or Spirituality is inclined to be, or come from or perhaps is willfully involved with, can be made.

Many who defend him in wearing the ‘Prince of Darkness’ Attire say that he was just ‘Spoofing’. Really? Why go out of the way to insult Billions of Christians on the Planet, about it.  One is talking about 1 of the Most Powerful and Influential Humans on the Planet Presently. He is not just a ‘Celebrity’ that Owns a ‘Shop’ or has a really Popular Tik-Tok Channel. No. He is Affecting and Influencing, not Millions but Billions of People on a Daily Basis. So, that Supposed Nanny Statement that he will be instrumental in rolling-out the Mark for the Masses to Take? The Prince of Darkness?

LORD Most High? It is not beyond the realm of Possibility that because of his Worldwide Notoriety, his Charm and Influence will or can achieve that. Now, one is not saying or suggesting he will be the ‘False Prophet’. But like the Spirit of the AntiChrist’, so too are People Operating in that Spirit, just the same. In one’s Opinion, such Personalities are the New High Priests of the Coming AntiChrist Religion, which will be in part, fused with A.I. And that is another Venture he is desperately trying to get ahead of the Curve. He is practically helped-out now set-up the Internet Grid, that has canvassed the whole Globe, with his Starlink Network to do it with, once it all comes down.

The Sky Net of the Terminator Movies was not Fiction. So, why all this and go to so much Trouble? The 13 Families that Rule the World on behalf of Lucifer, think they will become Demigods over the 500,000,000 People they will have to Reduce the World Population to. They do this by their Mandated Poison Vaccines, Chemtrails, GMO Food, Toxins in virtually every Product consumed, War, Immigration, Money Manipulation, and Social Re-Engineering of Morality and what is Sex and Gender, etc.  One can go on and on, but it is just what the Bible said, the Last Day’s Hour would look like. It is here.


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