A Picture of the Coming Carrying Away

  • Is there any Prophetic Significance to Comet SWAN?
  • What does the Constellation of Perseus signify Prophetically?
  • Is there Cosmological and Esoteric Inferences to the Rapture?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Listen, I tell you a Mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed— in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the Last Trumpet. For the Trumpet will sound, the Dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality.’ -1 Corinthians 15:51-53

The purpose of this study is to consider the astronomical, Biblical, and esoteric nuances of the newly discovered Comet SWAN C/2020 F8. What is noticeable about this comet is its trajectory and how it meets-up with another comet, Comet Atlas to conjoin in the constellation of Perseus on May 20/21, 2020. Thus, could this celestial rendezvous have a ‘message’ it is divinely being conveyed and pertaining to what? If one goes by the mere nomenclature of the constellation, the Stars it will traverse by the 2 comets, it does then depict a very unique communique. A brief astronomical description of the Comet SWAN C/2020 F8 will be given from what is presently known so far. Then an interpretation of Perseus with its Stars will be suggested based on the research of E.W. Bullinger. Lastly, a prophetic overlay will be applied to see if there are any correlations.

What is rather unique is that in the rendezvous of the 2 comets in Perseus, Comet SWAN, traverses exactly through the Star Algol at that time. This Star has the depiction of the ‘eye’ of Medusa whose head is severed by the sword of Perseus that is grabbing it by the hand. Medusa is the mythical demigod that had snakes for hair and anyone that glanced at her eyes would be immediately turned to stone and die. She represents the ‘Serpent’ Enemy factor and it is rather interesting then how that eye has been deemed the ‘Eye of Lucifer’ of the ‘Ha Satan’ head. It is a prophetic picture of Genesis 3:15 of how the Seed of the Woman, Jesus Christ would one day be the conquering Redeemer -as a ‘Perseus’ type that would ‘break forth’ onto the human stage on Earth and decapitate the ‘head’ of Lucifer, and ‘carry away His Redeemed, etc.

In this case, the 2 comets, comet SWAN C/2020 F8 and the other comet, Comet Atlas C/2019 Y4 do not crisscross at this precise ‘Eye of Lucifer’ point, as 2 other comets did in 1997-1998. It is Comet Atlas that will then proceed to conjoin with the Pleiades on May 28, 2020 which is the traditional Pentecost or the 1st installment of the counting of the 7 Sabbaths or 49 days from Leviticus 23:16. Thereafter, there is still a count of 50 days to be had, which is the true Pentecost. This suggests that in this Algol-Comet SWAN intersection, the emphasis is not on Lucifer but Perseus and what he represents then. Astronomically, it is significant that the 2 comets do rendezvous in the Sign of Perseus. Both comets are on the demarcation lines that correspond to its connecting Stars that make up the constellation ‘body’ of ‘The Breaker’.

Comet SWAN
If the comet conjunction in Perseus is of any prophetic inuendo, what is it conveying? If the trajectory of the Comet SWAN through the Eye of Lucifer, Algol has any suggestion, it is perhaps alluding that the ‘Season of Noah’ have come to an end. That is what the prior comets in 1997 and 1998 with Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake conveyed as the start of the Season and Days of Noah. Thus, could this 23-year span of time then be the mutual ‘bookend’ of such a time span being astronomically delineated by the trajectory of the comets going through the Star Algol? Astronomically, this is no mere coincidence as the odds and chances of the 2 prior comets crisscrossing Algol in 1997 and 1998 respectively and on Passover precisely is beyond coincidence. Then to have another comet not since then intersect this same Star of Algol but with another comet in conjunction likewise in Perseus is likewise beyond mere coincidence.

What is going on there? Comet SWAN C/2020 F8 is a comet that was first discovered through images taken by the SWAN camera on March 25, 2020 that is aboard the Solar Heliospheric Observer (SOHO) spacecraft. It was detected from the constellation of Cetus, aka, the Leviathan. It comes up from the Southern hemisphere. It has an apparent magnitude of 5.1 and will be visible to the naked eye from a dark site but twilight glare may obscure it. It will pass through the Ecliptic on May 7, 2020 headed northward. On May 12, 2020, the comet passes about 0.56 AU (84 million km) from Earth. It then intersects through the Star Algol on May 20-21, 2020. At the end of May, it will be near the Star Capella before crossing down the Ecliptic again. On May 27, 2020, the comet comes to its Perihelion 0.43 AU (64 million km) from the Sun.

It is rather interesting that it is at this precise time that the other conjoining Comet Atlas, will then have its own rendezvous with the Pleiades on May 28, 2020. This does then suggest a unique astronomical synchronization if not a prophetic one. In a Biblical sense, given what is occurring on Earth presently worldwide with the planned pandemic, the year 2020 in which it was initiated can be transcribed from its numerical significance given the Strong's Concordance interpretation of it. With that being established, then consider that ‘20 20’ means ‘Rescue’, ‘Deliverance’, and this is exactly what Perseus signifies. Perseus, like Jesus is the ‘Breaker’ as in to come forth and rescue to ‘carry away’. The following is the Biblical inference from the research and interpretation of E.W. Bullinger. It is paraphrased in its explanation.

According to Bullinger, Perseus signifies and depicts Jesus Christ as ‘The Breaker’ coming to deliver His Redeemed. In the Dendera Zodiac, His name is Kar Knem which means, ‘he who fights and subdues’. The depiction is one that sees this character appear suddenly and rapidly as a Special Forces Operations Unit Soldier in a covert assignment and appearing within Enemy territory to rescue hostages as though ‘invisible’ or undetected. Bullinger goes on to describe the attributes and significance of the Perseus constellation pertinent to its Star’s names. Prophetically, this ‘Breaker’ as a type of Jesus Christ is to ‘come and take His place before His Redeemed’. He is one who is to ‘break forth at their head, that will break down all barriers to get to his Redeemed’ and to ‘carry them out’. He then severs the ‘head of Lucifer’, in this case depicted by Ha Satan’s ‘Eye of Lucifer’ attributed to the Star of Algol of Medusa, etc.

The Breaker
In his right hand, Perseus has His ‘great and strong sword’ lifted up to smite and break down the Enemy with. This is reminiscent of how the risen Jesus Christ now has a double-edged sword with which to vanquish His Enemies at His 2nd Coming. Perseus then has wings on his feet, which tells that he is coming very swiftly and thus has overtures to the coming Rapture event that will take place in mid-air. The following are the main Stars and their names from where Perseus’ attributes, purpose and Biblical interpretation are derived from according to Bullinger. The Star α in the waist of Perseus is called Mirfak which means, ‘He who helps’. The next Star, γ in the right shoulder is named Al Genib which means, ‘He who carries away’. This is the strongest tie to the coming Rapture event as conveyed what happens when Perseus ‘breaks forth’.

Jesus will be swift to meet the Redeemed in mid-air as He breaks forth from Heaven for the purpose of snatching away or ‘carrying away’ His Bride. This is exactly as the Apostle Paul taught about the nature and composition of the coming Resurrection/Rapture event, invisible and in a flash of time. The bright Star in the left foot of Perseus is called Athik which means, ‘He who breaks’. In the left hand, Perseus is carrying what the Greeks called the ‘Head of Medusa’. In the Hebrew it means, ‘to be the trodden under foot’. It is also called ‘Rosh Satan’ or the ‘Head of the Adversary’, and Al Ghoul, the ‘Evil Spirit’, etc. The bright Star, β in the Head of Medusa has the name of Al Gol, which means ‘rolling round’. This is also attributed to the ‘Eye of Lucifer’. It is rather interesting that this Star seems to pulsate as its brightness diminishes and returns giving it a ‘beacon’ effect of sorts.

This effect appears to suggest how it mesmerizes those who would be looking into the ‘Eyes of Medusa’ to be then entranced by her ‘magic spell’. This then has some overtones of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden in how he subdued and deceived Eve. To this effect, the Star Al Gol is continually oscillating about every 69 hours. It changes from a 4th magnitude of brightness to the 2nd magnitude of brightness. During the effect period, it gradually diminishes in brightness, which then recovers it in the succeeding cycles, etc. In Greek mythology, Medusa is also called Gorgo. She was 1 of the 3 monstrous sister Gorgons on Earth. They are described as being winged human females with living venomous snakes in place of hair.

Those who gazed into their eyes would be turn to into stone. Medusa was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who thereafter used her head, which retained its ability to turn onlookers to stone, as a weapon. He later gave it to the goddess Athena/Minerva to place it on her shield. In classical antiquity the image of the head of Medusa was used as an evil-averting device known as the Gorgoneion. Perseus, who was sent to kill Medusa by King Polydectes had help from the ‘gods’ to accomplish this task. He received a mirrored shield from Athena, winged sandals from Hermes, a sword from Hephaestus and Hades's power of invisibility. With some poetic liberty to take here, one can actually correlate 2 main attributes from this mythology to the coming Rapture event. In what ways? First, the vanquishing of Lucifer, in the form of the severing of the head of Medusa serves to avert the evil upon the Bride of Christ that is to come once the Tribulation Period starts as the Redeemed are ‘carried away’ by the Rapture.

The Rapture Rescue
Then second, the Rapture event is said to occur ‘as a thief in the night’ type of event that will not be manifested on Earth. It will not be seen as it will be ‘invisible’ and unexplainable to the whole world. What is the prophetic message possibly then being conveyed by the conjunction of these 2 comets in Perseus in 2020? Can it be indeed the astronomical announcement that the Seasons of Noah and Lot have indeed now come to an end? Had YHVH put the whole world on notice that since 1997 and 1998 with the similar crisscross of comets in Perseus, which are bad omens for the world, that judgment is about to begin? Have these 2 astronomical comet conjunctions with Algol thus served as celestial ‘bookends’ to delineate such a time has come? If such an astronomical construct is conveying a Biblical one, it would then follow the belief that it was Comet Hel-Bopp that was last seen during the time and/or Season of Noah.

If in fact Comet SWAN is now the end ’bookend’ with the Star Algol intersection, then it is an inference of the pending Rapture of the Bride of Christ. It means that the ‘Perseus’, Jesus is to come and ‘carry away’ the Redeemed in a swift manner soon perhaps. This is not to say that the Rapture event will take place at this comet rendezvous time and place but that perhaps this generation is to witness its fulfillment. Nonetheless, if this is then a nice picture of the Perseus constellation being attributed to that of the coming of Jesus for His Bride, then it has arrived. The Resurrection/Rapture event will be as fast as the twinkling of an eye and millions upon the Earth will vanish as they will be ‘carried away’. It is no coincidence that the world finds itself in a ‘shelter in place’ as Noah was too in how YHVH instructed Noah to enter the Ark to shelter in place for 7 days. It was not until then, thereafter that the rains of judgment came down as the Ark floated up.

Is it no coincidence then that for the past 10 years or so, nearly every major motion picture and TV series that dealt with future scenarios involved the disappearance of multitudes? It has been and is a Predictive Programing scheme going on as Lucifer is well aware of the swift and invisible Rapture event to take place. The Enemies of the Blood of Jesus Christ have readied the world with their coming fake explanation for the ‘Rapture Rescue’. They are now set to beguile, control, and induce the masses with a scientific death as a process of turning all of their followers to ‘stone’ that will be for all eternity. It will be as the oscillating Star Algol or ‘Eye of Medusa’ seeking to turn everyone to ‘stone’ that has been deceived into gazing at the Adversary’s ‘vision’ for their New World Order to come. This will figurately occur during the coming 7-year Tribulation Period that will unleash the judgment of the likes of Days of Noah and the Days of Lot upon them instead. Finally.

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