Plagues of Spiritual Darkness

  • What are the 'Great Egyptian' Solar Eclipses all about? 
  • Is there a Prophetic Connection to the ones in the USA?
  • Why is there an Amazing Numerical Count about them?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Then the LORD said to Moses, Stretch out your Hand toward the Sky so that Darkness spreads over Egypt—darkness that can be felt. So Moses stretched out his Hand toward the Sky, and Total Darkness covered all Egypt for 3 Days. No one could see anyone else or move about for 3 Days. Yet all the Israelites had Light in the Places where they lived’.-Exodus 10:21-23

The purpose of this study is to present one’s Observations and Commentary of the up-coming 2 Egyptian Total Solar Eclipses, as presented from the YouTube Channel, ‘TOL’, Thinking Out Loud. It was a Very Good Presentation by Brother Stephan or better known as ‘Chooch’, regarding the Study of the Criss-Crossing Egyptian Eclipses occurring in 2027 and 2034. This will be a Deep Dive and Chart Heavy, as one found the Topic very Interesting. The Factors all correspond to one’s Research over the Years. The following is just one’s Assessment and Interpretation, nothing more. 

LOOK! A MASSIVE SIGN IS COMING! - Night Watch with Bro Chooch

TOL End Times

In the 1st Part of Brother Chooch’s Assessment, what he said was and is True. One would totally Agree with how many of us have already written about the ‘Egypt’ Association to the Heartland of the USA. And how the ‘X’ Marks the Spot, is an Ominous Sign of pending Judgment that has kicked-off, in one’s Opinion with the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. And how that same Year, by 33 Days, the Revelation 12 Sign then occurred. The ‘X’ will be completed on April 8-9, 2024, etc.

As you all know, one is of the Opinion and Interpretation that the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, along with the Revelation 12 Sign were and are the ‘Rapture Countdown’ Signs to the End of the Church Age. And that they also will coincide with the same Year, 2024 as being the possible Rapture Year that one is presently Conjecturing. But, as one also surmises, the Rapture Event is based on a Summer Wheat White Wedding Typology and Timing.

It is an ‘End’ to a Harvest and Church Age Dispensation, as one sees it. Geo-Politically, the events in Israel are exactly being situated for this coming Transfer of the Witness to Jesus. Since 1948, the Church Age is and has been in an ‘Overlap’ of Witness, much like it was before 70 AD with the Destruction of the 2nd Temple. If indeed the Church Age started with the New Wine Descent of the Holy Spirit on that Acts 2 Pentecost, it was 70 AD minus 32 AD or a Difference of 38 Years of that ‘Overlap’. 

A Destruction like in Egypt

This Year Coefficient is, by the way, the same amount of Time that the Invalid was at the Pool of Siloam, trying to get ‘Healed’. See John 5:5. It spoke, Prophetically, of the Spiritual Incapacity of Israel, as a whole and Metaphor. Perhaps that is how many Years one can Factor when Israel will begin to be ‘Healed’. However, it is if one Doubles that Time-Frame with a 38+38 Factor. Then consider the following Year Supposition of this possible ‘Restoration’ of Israel to start. How so?

It is how from that Time, the Invalid Testified of the Healing Power only found in Jesus. That is what Israel must Learn, the Hard Way, i.e., Time of Jacob’s Trouble. It is at the Door for Israel, Geo-Politically. But Israel will rather seek a False Healing from a False Messiah Savior. And that it is because the Bride of Christ is at the Door of Escape that is about to be Opened, as Promised by Jesus to the Philadelphian Type of Church, etc.

Israel 1948 + 38 Years = 1986 + 38 Years = 2024 (Year of Rapture?)

Could this Equation be then the Corresponding Year that the Church Age Ends and the Spiritual Healing Process of Israel Begins? Is it also no Coincidence that the actual Pool of Siloam has been discovered at the South-Eastern Tip of the City of David about 20 Years ago? It was formally announced on August 9, 2005, some 144 Months to the Revelation 12 Sign. The Pool accommodated 1000s of Pilgrims as they Washed to become Ceremonially Clean to then Ascend the Pathway, up to the House of YHVH, on the Temple Mount above. Anyway, the 2nd Part of Brother Chooch’s Assessment was Outstanding. Even before he ventured into his Calculations, one paused the Video to ascertain how all these Eclipses were and are tied to the Revelation 12 Sign. That is how Relevant that Sign still is.

One also then concluded that there were exactly 3,600 Days to the Great Egyptian Eclipse over Luxor on August 2, 2027 from the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017. And this is Significant in what Luxor Represents. More Details below. But one even Posted the Calculations on Stephan’s Comment Section, not realizing later, as one finished the Video that he too came to this same Calculus. Very Cool. The Equation Summaries are in the End Notes. What one assessed in the Calculations, are a bit more Details one is just contributing to the Equations and Work already done by Brother Stephan. As part of the Rapture Community one just brings Pieces of the Puzzle together. Now what one interprets the Egyptian Eclipses is that, based on one’s Learning Curve, up to this Point in Time, one would hope the Rapture occurs, indeed in 2024.

As noted, it is because one believes that the Revelation 12 Sign and the Great American Eclipse, both in 2017 are the Final Rapture Signs and Countdown in-play, currently that based on the Apostle Paul, will coincide with some sort of ‘Sudden Destruction’ Event, etc. America is indeed like an ‘Egypt’. And how the Nation has experienced, even before 2017, the Shadow of YHVH’s Judgment of the ‘Gods’ of its People in the Land, just like in Egypt. Note the 6 Years, 6 Months, 6 Weeks Countdown to the Nisan 1 or April 8-9, 2024 3rd and Final Great American Eclipse, from the one that occurred on August 21, 2017.

Gates of Eden

Note that from the 2 Great Egyptian Solar Eclipse of August 2, 2027, to the March 20-21, 2034 (Nisan 1, 5794) = 2423 Days also as Stephan realized. Note that this March 20 2034 Eclipse occurs on the Spring Equinox. There have only been 9 since Jesus. This one, hopefully occurs in the Millennial Kingdom to be the 10th, etc. See Chart Link below in the End Notes for a Visual. And if one uses the Ancient 364 Enoch Year, that would = 6.66 Years, precisely. In the case of Egypt, there were 10 Judgments that eventually Destroyed and Bankrupted the entire Nation.

There was an Exodus of YHVH’s People for the Promised land. And many End Times Students see the Prophetic Parallel of the Pending Rapture Event. It is and it can be likened to a present-Day ‘Egypt’, Pharaoh, Passover and Exodus, etc. In the case of America’s Judgment, there have been Droughts, Floods, Destruction of Crops, Mass Animal Die-Offs, Ebola Outbreak, then the COVID Plandemic Plague, Oil Spills, Radiation from Fukushima, Environmental Disasters as with the Rail Line Chemical Spills, Food Plant Sabotage, etc. In the USA, there is rampant Drug Use, a Fentanyl Epidemic, Mental Illness, Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Abortion, and now Gender Identity Confusion and Endless Wars.

The Nation is Divided and it will Fall. It is also like in the case of Nineveh, who also experienced a similar Total Solar Eclipse that occurred just before Jonah arrived. In that initial case, Nineveh Repented. America has not and sadly will not. It has instead Hardened its ‘Heart’, like Pharaoh. And that is why one believes the Prophetic Typology has been chosen with the Egypt correlation, even right down to the Mississippi River, the Glass Pyramid in Memphis, as in Memphis, Egypt and it divided the Land between the North and the South. Truly Amazing Parallels. But the Eclipses are Ominous Signs to the Nations. What the Great Egyptian Eclipse of August 2, 2027 also will have that one has noted, is where it enters the ‘Old World’, i.e., Europe.

It is Signaling the Rise of the AntiChrist Domain. The Path of the Eclipse enters Europe through the Golden Gate. This is the Gate called the ‘Pillars of Hercules’. See Chart at End Notes, ‘Gates of Eden’. They are represented by the Rock Formations on either side of Europe and Africa. It is the Gateway to the Mediterranean, which then Ends in Israel, directly opposite the Golden Gate of this Double ‘Stone’ Gate. One Rock, that being the Rock of Gibraltar is in Spain, or the British Enclave. And the other Rock is in Morocco. It is rather Amazing that the Sun’s Path on August 2, 2027 will traverse right in-between these 2 Pillars.

Then as it reaches its Maximum, over Luxor, what is so peculiar about Luxor? That is where the famous ‘Tempe of Man’ is situated at. It is a Microcosm of the Universe that is also Modeled after the Human Form. And it is a Model of the Temple of Solomon also, which in turn Models the Temple of YHVH in Heaven. Ultimately, such Buildings and Temples are a Model of ‘Christ’, as in Jesus. And how it is why Jesus said to the Jewish Sanhedrin, ‘Destroy this Body and I will raise it up in 3 Days’. And it is clear that Jesus insinuated that it pertained to His Body. So, in essence, one’s Physical Body is Truly the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Hidden in Plain Sight

It is a Living and Walking Microcosmos of the Universe, Modeled after the Creator. It is truly Amazing. And can one wonder what the Glorified Body will be like? Look like? Feel like? What will it be capable of doing and experiencing? See Charts below of how this Luxor Temple of Man was Designed with other Worldwide Temple Complexes as well. And how such Ancient Sacred Sites were Modeled after the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Triangulation Pattern. Why?  As you all know, one surmises that there reason why there are 3 Structures, is that in Heaven, wherever that may be, and look like, has 3 Corresponding Temples that are attributed to each of the GOD-Head.

This Biblical Truth in how one ascertains the Mystery and Phenomena. One will attempt to explain the Correlations. Now, one realizes that this is Deep. But consider that in other Worlds, or Planets…before the Creation of Adam and Eve were placed in Eden, Angels or other Beings, Non-Humans could have been Stationed there, like in Cydonia, Mars for example. And they then would and did also Model their Abodes with this Temple Triangulation Configuration that exists in Heaven. Thus, that same Heavenly Pattern had been and presently still is Replicated all over Earth. This Heavenly Pattern is ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ on Earth. Specifically the 3 Structures are the Massive Pentagon Fortress, the 7 Pyramid Pleiades City and the Face of Mars.

How could this be possibly Biblical? Does not the Bible say that ‘GOD is our Mighty Fortress’? Does not the Bible infer that the Face of Jesus is the Shining Reflection of the Father? Does the Book of Revelation equate the Holy Spirit with the 7 Branch Menorah? Or the 7 Stars of the Pleiades that are held in the Hands of Jesus? All these 3 Facets disclosed in the Bible are literally in Heaven. And each Structure or ‘Temple’ could very well correspond to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Question? What Testifies or ‘Bears Witness’ in Heaven?

What does the Bible teach about Heaven in this regard? Do not Temples or Structures ‘Bear Witness’ or Testify of it being a ‘Monument’ to someone or something? That they ‘Speak’ of Grandeur, Design and Purpose? So, who or what then corresponds to all that is Power and Authority in Heaven? It is the 3 Witnesses of GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Holy Spirit. Or as in other Translations, the ’Water, the Spirit and the Blood’, etc. See 1 John 5:8.

Thus, one surmises that each has this Model of Structures attributed to them, in some mysterious way. Realize that Heaven has Streets, Buildings, a Throne, Thrones, a Council, the Judicial Court, etc. One is well aware that the New Jerusalem coming down has Physical Dimensions, a Foundation, Doors or Gates. So, all that to say that these 2 coming Great Egyptian Eclipses, hopefully will correspond to Signs for the Jews and the AntiChrist World during the Tribulation Period. Note that the Path of Totality also goes over Mecca and exits the ‘Horn’ of Africa, which is the ‘Back-Door’ or Gateway of what are the 3 Main Continents that model Eden its 4 Main Rivers and 2 Gates, the Golden Gate as the ‘Front Door’, and the Silver Gate, as the ‘Back Door’. Note that the Universe has these 2 Gates at either side of its Constitution. Truly Amazing. See Charts of the Gates of Eden for a Visual and Reference to this Notion. 

Number Calculations

Realize that this is why and how the Earthly Jerusalem is also configured in this Heavenly Layout. It has the main ‘Front Door’, the Golden Gate on the Eastern side facing the Mount of Olives. It is where Jesus rode into the City as King, and Messiah on a Donkey. He will enter through them again as His 2nd Coming, but now on a White Horse to Possess the Kingdom. Thus, when the Rapture Gate or Door opens, will that Day and Event correspond to an Astronomical Alignment affecting the Golden Gate?

Ultimately, it is Jesus that is that Door, that Golden Door, the Double Arches that 1 Day, will open in Heaven as Jesus ushers His Bride to the Chambers of Isiah 26. It will be until the ‘Indignation’ passes and the Judgments upon Earth will befall all of Humanity. But as mentioned, it is for the Restoration and Healing of Israel, foremost and the Judgment of the Nations, the Egypt of the AntiChrist ‘Pharaoh’ in which Moses and Elijah will once again duel-it-out in a Contest of Power and Authority during a Time as it was for Ancient Israel, full of Signs and Wonders, Eclipse and Golden Gates. Selah. 

SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 – REVELATION 12 SIGN (Tishrei 3, 5778)
August 2, 2027 Luxor Egypt Solar Eclipse (Tammuz 28, 5787)
= 3600 Days as in ‘360’, a Full Revelation
= 9 Years, 10 Months, 10 Days or a ‘9-1-1’ Code

August 21, 2017 (Av 29, 5777)


April 8-9, 2024 = Nisan 1, 5784 (Start of 1st Month)

= 2422 Days
=  or 6 Years, 6 Months, 6 Weeks*

*From August 20, 2017, Eve of Eclipse to Nisan 1, 5784.
Alternative result: Monday, April 9, 2024. If the Smaller Units (Days) are Added 1st.

August 2-3, 2027 (Tammuz 29, 5787) – Eve of Av 1


March 20-21, 2034 (Nisan 1, 5794)
= 2423 Days / 364 Enoch Year
= 6.66 Years


The following are some further Observations when one compares the Great American Eclipses to the Great Egyptian Eclipses. It is rather Amazing that in both cases, the Starting Solar Eclipses occur on a Monday and are 9 Years and 11 Months apart. Then in terms of Months, they are 119 Month in total, being apart. Then the End Solar Eclipses, correspond to the same Jewish Calendar Day of Nisan 1. This occurs for the April 8, 2024 American Eclipse as well as the one in Egypt, on March 20-21, 2034. It happens to also be on the Spring Equinox. Likewise, the American and Egyptian End Solar Eclipses, are the same 9 Years and 11 Months apart. Then in terms of Months, they are 119 Month in total, being apart.

Lastly, the August 2, 2027 Eclipse will have its Path reach Totality, over the Ancient Egyptian Temple of Man in Luxor, right on the Nile River. The Path continues toward the Southern direction and passes over Mecca. The Cross-Crossing Total Solar Eclipse that occurs on the Spring Equinox of March 20-21, 2034 will pass right over Babylon in the North. Astronomically, the August 2, 2027 Egyptian Eclipse occurs in the Constellation of Cancer. The End Egyptian Solar Eclipse of March 20-21, 2034 occurs in the Constellation of Pisces. 

Note that it was also in Pisces that the Great American Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024 will occur also. And as Noted, on Nisan 1, just as it will be for the Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse over Luxor, Egypt on March 20-21, 2034. As to what all these Numbers and Place Correlations mean? It is yet to be fully Understood. But if the Inferences to Egypt, being very clear, are any indication, they are Signs of National Judgment and perhaps as in a Destruction that occurred in the Biblical sense.

Monday, August 21, 2017
Start of Great American Solar Eclipse Series Countdown

To Monday, August 2, 2027
Start of Great Egyptian Solar Eclipse Series Countdown

= 3633 Days
= 9 Years, 11 Months, 12 Days excluding the End Date.
= 119 Months, 12 Days excluding the End Date.

Monday, April 8, 2024
End of Great American Solar Eclipse Series Countdown

To Monday, March 20, 2034
End of Great Egyptian Solar Eclipse Series Countdown

= 3633 Days
= 9 Years, 11 Months, 12 Days excluding the End Date.
= 119 Months, 12 Days excluding the End Date.















Note how the House of the Shining Serpent, Quetzalcoatl has the exact Dimensions as the 4th Temple of Ezekiel that will constitute the Millennial Temple. And the ‘Avenue’, as there is one in Heaven that it is being modeled after, is exactly the length of the Avenue found in Persepolis and in Luxor in Egypt.



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