A Matrix Date Comparison of Various Concepts

  • What is the True Date and/or Feast of Pentecost?
  • Why is there such Confusion as to the Concept?
  • What are the varying Discrepancies of the Feast?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to present the various Calendar Calculations that are used, as well as their Rationale based on Pharisaical Judaism and Church Tradition for determining when Pentecost is and how it is counted. As the Summer Months approach each Year, many who are Watching for the Blessed Hope, surmise that Pentecost could be a Prime Candidate for the Rapture event to occur, at such a Season. The portion of Scripture that 1st mentions and gives Ecclesiastical Instruction about Pentecost is found in Leviticus. Pentecost is very much tied to Moses, Sinai, a Rebellion, a Golden Calf and Redemption. There is a Debate that has been as old as when Pentecost 1st started but one does believe it has not ended or completely been fulfilled. How so?

The present Church Age is what comprises this amazing Time. But Jesus stated that 1 Year, 1 Day and 1 Hour, the Church Age of ‘Pentecost’ will end. Although the exact Timing may never be known, Jesus has left enough Clues and Prophetic Patterns to conjecture.  Although it is Speculation on one’s part to do so, one can sense that in studying all the major 7 Feasts of YHVH, one would say that out of all of them, Pentecost is the most fitting for the Church Age and what Jesus is presently doing on Earth. This is not to say that all other 6 Feasts could not be a Candidate, just the same.

They all do, in fact, have a Rapture Element to them that can be argued. And it is assumed that one is ascribing the Resurrection-Rapture event to be fulfilled at a Feast, or ‘Appointed Time’. What one has persistently and consistently presented in various Articles, Charts and Studies is that if the Rapture were to occur on a Feast Day of YHVH, Pentecost would most likely be it. And thus, for the past Decade or more, one has surmised that at any given Year, Pentecost is the height of the Watch Times. And this only because one is then inferring that in determining when True Pentecost is, then perhaps the Rapture event might correspond to it.

Thus, one cannot with 100% Confidence, as others do, say that the Rapture will occur on a Pentecost Day. One can only suggest a High Watch Day, as every Year, when calculating the Double Count Theory from Leviticus, that is what one focuses on, no more, no less. It is in the Book of Leviticus that the Protocols of Pentecost are laid-out. And this is where the ‘Confusion’ starts. How so? It is about what is the True Count and from when? One would agree, in general, that if the Resurrection-Rapture event is to occur, it would or could most likely happen on a Feast Day of YHVH and not just on a random Day and Time. Before going any further, one will present the various pre-conceived Notions, Suppositions and Interpretations as to why one believes the current concept of what is Pentecost and how to count it is not what is presently understood.

1st Supposition is about the word itself, Pentecost. It simply infers the Number 50. The Root Word comes from the Greek, Penta or 5. The Jews, up to the Birth of the Church on Pentecost in the Year 32, as one calculates, counted the Day after the Feast of Weeks. But there is now Evidence, as surmised by Ken Johnson, who studies the Dead Sea Scrolls that the Jews had observed 3 Minor Feasts during Summer to culminate with the Feast of Wine, and that correlated to when Pentecost occurred.

2nd Supposition is how Pentecost is incorporated in the Economy of YHVH’s Feasts in that it is 1 of the 3 Main Feasts Israel was to Gather. That is, all the Military-Age Men would be required to present themselves in Jerusalem and the Temple. It was sort of a Military Drill of ‘Reporting for Duty’ and being Counting in the Ranks, etc. Ken Johnson surmises that the Jews, upon comprehending the significance of the Pentecost Age being initiated, after the Resurrection of Jesus, re-interpreted the Term from being the 99th Day, to the Day after the Feast of Weeks, called Shavuot.

3rd Supposition is that, as it stands now, the Traditional Interpretation of when is Pentecost and how to count it, is predicated on what one does believe, how the Pharisaical Jews re-defined what and when Pentecost is and when it occurs. Further, the Roman Catholic Church has continued in this Rendition of the Day Count that just adds 1 Day after the Feast of Weeks or Shavuot. Herein lies the problem, in one’s estimation and the following Evidence and Rationale will be presented.

These Suppositions not to try and convince People to stop Believing and Practicing the Celebration of the Traditional Pentecost as it is presently understood. But the main focus of such a Rationale, does go contrary to the Tradition of the Church, at least since the dominance by the Roman Catholics. It is to just present the Arguments as to why one believes that the True Count of Pentecost is what one and many others have come to understand is a Double-Count of 49 Days plus 50 subsequent Days. It is adding to the Feast of Weeks an additional 50 Days that determines True Pentecost. This would then be a total of 99 Days. But from what time? 

4th Supposition is that Pentecost, as the Jews Count the Feast is derived from then the ‘Sabbath after the Morrow’ is defined as. The Jews, considered Passover as a High Day Sabbath, and that is corroborated in the Gospels. This is why any ‘Criminal’ Crucified on a Cross, had to be ‘Died’ before Sunset or else all of Israel would be Cursed. This is why the Romans were ordered to break the Bones of the Men, so that their Frame could collapse and not be able to exhale and thus Asphyxiate and die. But when they came to Jesus, He was already Dead and ‘No Bone was Broken’, as that is what Prophecy foretold about the Messiah, when put to Death, etc.

5th Supposition is that the Jews use the ‘Counting of the Omer’. It had to do with the Barley Harvest. This has been the Traditional Jewish Starting Point of the Day Count. But only the 1st 49 Days plus the 50th Day, etc. The 7 Sabbaths or the 49 Days are counted from the Day after a Passover. Then adding just 1 Day, is thus considered ‘Pentecost’. To add the additional 50 Days would Verify and Legitimize the Church Age.

It is about Legitimizing the Church Age

6th Supposition, even based on this Logic, is clearly discerning in that the 7 Sabbath Count or the Feast of Weeks, Shavuot is not Pentecost. Pentecost is not part and parcel to this 49 Day Count. Presently, Pentecost, obviously is attributed to and Celebrated by the Jews and Traditional Church on this Day after, the 50th Day. This is how the present Count of Pentecost is derived from. One will not be emphasizing the Calendar Debate, in so much as one is only attempting to focus on the Day Count itself.

7th Supposition is that, in so much as Calendars go, the prevailing Notion of the Seasons and how they are corresponding to the Feasts of YHVH are without Argument, except when it comes to Pentecost. Here is the current Logic used. The Spring Feasts of YHVH, Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits occur in the Spring. Ok. Then the Fall Feasts of YHVH, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot occur in the Fall. Ok.

This leaves Pentecost as some arbitrary, unassigned ‘Season’, but is then ‘Tagged’ to the Spring Feasts as that is when the Feast of Weeks occurs, still within a Spring Season. Thus, Pentecost is always attributed to a Spring Fulfilment. This is an error. Here is where one presents the Argument that Pentecost is a Summer Feast Celebration.

1st Supposition is that the Day Count as interpreted by one, is to be an Additional 50 Day Count and not just 1 Day after the Feast of Weeks. This will always put True Pentecost in the Summer Season, some Time in July Wheat Harvest of Tammuz.

2nd Supposition is that YHVH uses the Astronomical Calendar to Delineate and Calibrate the Seasons of the Year into 4 Quadrants of Time for this precise reason. What He created and uses are the Demarcations of the Solstices and Equinoxes. These also were to be for Appointments of His Feasts and for Signs. Thus, the various Cycles of Planting and Harvesting were also pegged to these Yearly Demarcations as Israel’s Agriculture depending on it, as well as the World for that matter.

3rd Supposition is that the Astronomical Demarcations of Time, is what dictates the True Calendar of YHVH. And in so understanding, it is how the Feasts of YHVH are to be determined. It is not based on some Physical Observation of when Man thinks any Grains are Mature enough to then start a Calendar. This is absurd.

4th Supposition is that the Feasts of YHVH were also pegged to these 4 Quadrants of Time. Meaning that the Calendar, as far as YHVH is concerned, defines the Start and End of Seasons, and Feasts. This is to suggest that the 1st Month of YHVH, as instructed to Moses, is determined by the New Moon after the Spring Equinox.

5th Supposition is that by correctly delineating the Calendar Year by such Astronomical Bench-Markers, the Feasts of YHVH will always be in sync with the Seasons. Thus, the Spring Feasts occur after the Spring Equinox of March 20-21. The Summer Feasts, that of Pentecost, will always occur in the Summer after the June 20-21 Summer Solstice. And the Fall Feasts will always occur after the Fall Equinox, etc.

What is the Starting Day?

6th Supposition is that the current Jewish Calendar, the Hillel 2 is only based on the Lunar Cycles that are Mathematically calculable but are not in sync with the Solar 4 Season Time Markers as outlined above. This is why, in any given Year, the Jewish Feasts, as celebrated by the Jews, currently and the Church to some extent, will always be off. This means, that for example, the Fall Feasts may occur before the Fall and thus, the ‘Fall’ Feasts are technically still Summer Feasts.

7th Supposition is that, purely based on the Day Count of Exodus, of when the Hebrews and Company left Egypt, Nisan 15, the Scripture Accounts exactly determine how long it took for the Multitude to reach Mount Sinai, 15th Day of the 3rd Month. This was 60 Days total. According to YHVH’s Command, the Trek and Day Count started the Day after Passover. And the Bible is clear as to what specific Month and Day it took. With this Pattern and that of the Prophetic Pattern of the Menorah, one believes that Pentecost occurred on the 99th Day (40 Days Later) for the following reasons.

This portion of the Study will focus on why Pentecost occurred on the 99th Day, once the Hebrews and Company arrived at the Foot of Mount Sinai, in Arabia as the Apostle corroborates this Supposition that is still debated within the Church, etc. First, one has to state that this Double-Count Theory can have 3 End Dates, based on the Start Dates. The 1st Day Count is strictly taken from the Exodus Nisan 15. The determination of when Pentecost truly occurred is based on the following Day Counting.

The Exodus Account in the Bible states that it was on the 15th Day of the 3rd Month, Sivan that Israel arrived at the Foot of Mount Sinai. This means that it took 60 Days or 3 Months of 30 Days each to accomplish that feat. Notice that the Feast of Weeks passed, being the 49 Day and not yet arrived at Mount Sinai for another 20 Days. The Feast was not even known, given or observed by Israel at the Time.

Then once at Mount Sinai, a Preparation of 3 Days elapsed, as that is when YHVH came down in Full Glory to ‘Meet’ Israel. It was from Sivan 15 that the 40 Day Count starts and Moses goes up the Mountain. He does not return until that 40th Day corresponds to the 99th This is corroborated in how Aaron proclaimed in Exodus 32:5 that the Next Day would be a Feast. The 60th Day was neither Shavuot nor Pentecost. What it was is the Marriage Proposal by YHVH to Israel. YHVH basically Proposed, by figuratively saying, ‘Ok, I Rescued you, now will you Marry Me?’ Israel said ‘Yes’. This is amazing as no Peoples or a Nation has this Relationship-Status as only Israel does.

However, due to its Messiah, a Son of theirs by Birth, Jesus and the Son of GOD, by Divine Decree, has made it possible for Individual People to enter this ‘Marriage Covenant’. Although there is a Delineation in who is the Groom and who is the Bride. Meaning that this Marriage Contract made by Jesus and the Disciples at the Upper Room constitutes the ‘Bride’ for the GOD the Son. It is Israel that is the ‘Wife’ of GOD the Father, etc. This to say that GOD the SON has a Bride and that is now composed of all those individual ‘Stones’ or ‘Jewels’ that make-up the Church Age Believers. And this includes Jews and non-Jews, up to when the Commission is completed at the Rapture.

Prophetic Pattern

This Completion of the ‘Bride of Christ Jesus’ will occur at the Last Day when the Resurrection-Rapture will conclude this ‘Pentecost Intermission’ as GOD the Father, YHVH deals then with His wayward Wife, Israel in the Last Sabbath Cycle. And so, the Rationale is that it will be at a Pentecost Feast Day, that would most likely have the Resurrection-Rapture event occur. Why? It is because of the following Suppositions.

1st, based on the Menorah Typology, the Prophetic Symmetry of YHVH’s Feasts must maintain their ‘Prophetic Symmetry’. In the Menorah, there are 3 Branches on either side of the Center ‘Servant Stem’. It is what brings Balance and Equilibrium to the whole integrity of the Form. If any side is stacked, it will collapse. This is the same Prophetic Principle dealing with the Feasts of YHVH and their corresponding Prophetic Fulfillments. This to say that Pentecost cannot be assigned to the Spring Feasts.

2nd, based on this Symmetry Principle, the Feasts of YHVH in the Spring, start after the Spring Equinox. The Fall Feasts start after the Fall Equinox and this would then stand to reason that the Summer Feast of Pentecost, corresponding to the Servant Stem, that being Jesus really occurs after the Summer Solstice of June 20-21. This is why any assertion of the Rapture corresponding to the Traditional ‘Pentecost’ that occurs before June 20-21 will always fail to materialize

3rd, based on these Assertions, this is why, every Year, those that are seeking and expecting a Pentecost Rapture are ‘Half-Right’. In one’s Assessment, they have the Right Feast but the Wrong Time. One has to also emphasize that the Day Count on the Jewish Calendars, as far as Day Counts are concerned, always stay the same. Or in other words, the Jewish Calendar Count is more standardized as Nisan 1 and the 14, being Passover is always the same. It is when the Jewish Calendar Count is transposed onto the Gregorian Calendar that it adds a layer of further Confusion. Why? It is because it is Solar based and the Jewish Hillel 2 is Lunar based.

4th, based on the Jewish Calendar, regardless of when it is determined to start, is fixed in so much as the 1st Month has fixed Days of 30 Days each. But there are Discrepancies even in this consideration due to the Hillel 2 Calendar. Some Jewish Months have 29 Days, etc. But in Theory, the Months should have 30 Days each.

5th, based on this Supposition, as noted, the Jewish Feasts are always on a Prescribed Day. Meaning that Passover always is and will be on the 14th Day of the 1st Month. Yom Kippur will always be on the 15 Day of the 7th Month, etc. What complicates the issue, is how the Jewish Months translate and correspond to the Gregorian Calendar.  

6th, based on these Assertions, so far, there are those that would rightly argue that Jesus only spent 40 Days right after His Resurrection and Ascended into Heaven on the 40th Day, just 10 Days prior to the 50th Day. But what if the 40 Day Time-Span pertained to a different start Day other than when Jesus resurrected? Nonetheless, one argues that the 50th Day was not Pentecost nor were the Disciples at the Upper Room with only 120 when the events of Acts 2 occurred, rather at the Temple.

Traditional Interpretations

7th, based on the Traditional Interpretation of this Scenarios above, it would mean that all of the Male Fighting Men of Israel, not only had to present themselves during Passover, but now, just 49 Days out, just over a 1 Month period, they had to all return again to Jerusalem. This would not make sense as a great Financial Burden would be required, that one does not think YHVH would have Sanctioned that.

Thus, based on all these prior Points of Argument, one leans more to Comprehend that Pentecost, 1st corresponded in the Mount Sinai Narrative, that being 99 Days from when they left Egypt, the Day after Passover, Nisan 15. They reached Sinai on the 60th Day and from there, on the 3rd Day, YHVH came down to proclaim His 10 Commandment. But the 2 Tablets were not presented to Israel by Moses at that Time. There were 7 more Days to prepare and then Moses went up to meet with YHVH, Face-to-Face for a duration of 1 Week. All these Day Counts were the Period of 40 Days.

The Total Days surmised since Nisan 15 were 99 Days. This is why Israel grew weary of waiting for Moses, being gone for over a Month and thus turned to the Golden Calf as their New God, etc. It was on the 99th Day then that Moses came down the Mountain with the 2 Tablets of the Law. However, it was the occasion of the Golden Calf and how Moses struck the Tablets because of it and 3000 People Died. Here is why one then corresponds this 99th Day with being Pentecost or what would be celebrated thereafter, the Giving the Law and a Marriage Covenant, etc.

It is why the connotation of Sinai being connected directly with Pentecost in the ‘Giving of the Law’ is correct. This part is True, but not the actual Day Count. Tradition holds that the Feast of Weeks was when YHVH came down and the Day after was Pentecost. This does not ‘add-up’. Given this precise Jewish Day Count, the 99th Day will always fall on Tammuz 23-24 in any given Year. Now it will vary when that Day is transposed onto the Gregorian Calendar. For example, in the Year, 2021, that 99th Day corresponded to July 20. In the Year 2022, it corresponds to July 23, etc.

Now to reiterate, the Double Count Theory is based on the 49 Days and then the +50 Days to determine True Pentecost. However, this Pattern will then vary when being transposed onto the Gregorian Calendar also. And again, it will depend on which Day one will use to determine the ‘The Morrow after the Sabbath’. What is this Day, the Day of Unleavened Bread? Was this Day, the Sunday, after the Sabbath in which Jesus rose in the afternoon, corresponding to the 72 Hour Count, precisely?

Or is the Day Count to start on the Sabbath, the Week following? Thus, the following Matrix will be provided to show these 3 Primary Day Count Assertions based on the Evidence presented. At the end of the ‘Prophetic Day’, the Discrepancy is just over 1 Month of a difference. However, based on one’s understanding, as it still stands and how most Christian Watchmen discern the Timing of Pentecost, still connected to the old Pharisaical Jews and Roman Catholic reckoning of Time, will always be wrong, in one’s Assessment. Although one whole-headedly agrees that if the Resurrection-Rapture event is to take place, it will occur on a Pentecost Feast Day.

Pentecost Day Matrix

To reiterate, one believes that the current Interpretation of when Pentecost is really to be determined has been obfuscated, deliberately recalibrated to take-away from what Pentecost signified in the Book of Acts. Why? Pentecost is a Harvest Festival. It is the ingathering of the Summer Wheat Harvest. Jesus alluded the World as a Wheat Field and a Harvesting of Souls at the End of the Age. What Age was that? The Church Age. In anything that all the different Pentecost and/or Rapture Camps would agree on, is that the World is ready now for this Harvest, this Transition back to Israel.

Many, even in the World are sensing a coming Climax, a Transition, a ‘Birth’ as the World is spiraling out of control. Precisely. The following is the Pentecost Matrix of Day Counts. Realize that the 99th Day Count Theory, will fall on 3 different Dates, but within a Weeks’ difference only in this consideration. And finally, to surmise that the Resurrection-Rapture event does not have to correspond with a Feast of YHVH, that being primarily, Pentecost and it could happen at any Time or Day. This is the Doctrine of Imminence, but one doubts it.

1. Pentecost Sinai Pattern: Counting from the Day after Passover in Egypt.
Nisan 01 Spring Equinox                   New Moon.
Nisan 14 Passover Nisan                  Full Moon.
Nisan 15 Feast of U. Bread               Starts Day Count of 49 Days = Sivan 7 But Israel is still in Route to Sinai.
Sivan 15 Arrival at Sinai                     Jewish Days start prior Day, the 14th at Sunset and staddle Gregorian.
Sivan 14,15,16                                   Prescribed 3 Day of Consecration. Start of 40 Day Count.
Sivan 17-23                                        7-Days Moses consults with Elders/Instructions/Preparations.
Tammuz 23/24                                   40 Days later, on the 99th Day Moses came down with Tablets, Golden Calf.

For the Year 2022, Tammuz 23-24 = thus
 Pentecost is on July 23, 2022 (A 49 day + 50 Day Count) Scenario.

2. Pentecost Omer Count Pattern: Counting from the Day after Passover in Hillel 2 Calendar.
Nisan 14 Passover Nisan                  Full Moon.
Nisan 15 Feast of U. Bread               Starts Day Count of 49 Days or 7 Weeks.
Sivan 3 Feast of Weeks                    Traditional Date ascribed. Date Varies in Gregorian Calendar.

For the Year 2022, Sivan 3 Feast of Weeks = thus
Pentecost on June 2, 2022

3. Pentecost Sunday Count Pattern: Counting from the ‘Morrow after Sabbath’ or Sunday.
Nisan 14 Passover Nisan                  Full Moon.
Nisan 18 Morrow after Sabbath        Starts Day Count of 49 Days or 7 Weeks.
Sivan 6                                              Traditional Date ascribed to Feast of Weeks. Date Varies in Gregorian Calendar.

For the Year 2022, Sivan 6 Feast of Weeks = thus
Pentecost on June 5, 2022

4. Pentecost 1 Week Count Pattern: Counting from the Sabbath of the following Week.
Nisan 14 Passover Nisan                  Full Moon.
Nisan 25 1 Sabbath Later                  Starts Day Count of 49 Days or 7 Weeks.
Sivan 13                                            Traditional Date ascribed to Feast of Weeks. Date Varies in Gregorian Calendar.

For the Year 2022, Sivan 13 Feast of Weeks = thus
Pentecost on June 13, 2022

Those that are teaching that Pentecost, in 2022 is on June 15 and that is when the Rapture will take place will be disappointed. First of all, from Nisan 15, the 49th Day corresponds to Sivan 3-4. There is a 13 Day Count Discrepancy. As one can perceive, the Day Count is off by 13 Days. This Day Count would not even correspond to any of the 4 Day Count Scenarios that are used to determine when Pentecost would occur.

Calendars Synchronize
From:              June 15, 2022
Subtracted:     49 Days
Result:             April 27, 2022


The point is just to show that those who are teaching that June 15 will be the Rapture are starting the 49 Day + 1 Day Count on April 27, 2022, or Nisan 27. This does not make sense and the Rapture will most likely not correspond to this Day Count either, unfortunately. Note that for the Year 2022, amazingly, both the Jewish Hillel 2 Calendar and the Gregorian Calendar are in sync. Jewish Days start on the prior Day, the 14th at Sunset and staddle Gregorian Calendar by 2 Days.

14 April 2022 After Sunset = 14th of Nisan, 5782
י״ד בְּנִיסָן תשפ״ב
Ta'anit Bechorot
Erev Pesach
Parashat Pesach
Show Hebrew Nekudot

Convert from Gregorian to Hebrew
After sunset:

Convert from Hebrew to Gregorian


In summary, one is only conveying why one has come to believe Pentecost is a Double Count, based on the 49 Days and then a subsequent 50 Day Count. It is the Minority Opinion and does go against Centuries of both Jewish and Christian Tradition. With each passing Year, one surmises that Pentecost corresponds to the Mount Sinai event of the Tablets of the Law being brought down by Moses. And that this Day corresponds to the event and circumstance of the Book of Acts. And that in any given year, this 99th Day Count, starting 1 Day after the Passover is more precisely the correct Day Count.

To reiterate, it is understood and proclaimed by those Watching for the Blessed Hope that the Law was given on Pentecost. This is the Key Truth. Yes and No. YHVH came down on the Mountain and iterated the 10 Commandments on the 3rd Day of their Assembly. It was the Marriage Vows. No Stone Tablets from Moses were presented that Day. This was not Pentecost. It was 40 Days later, that Moses went-up to Receive the Physical ‘Receipt’ or ‘Certificate’ of the Marriage between YHVH and Israel. Being absent so long, that is why the People gave-up on Moses and built their Golden Cave instead.

This 50th Day, which would be the 99th Day since Nisan 15 and one argues, is Pentecost when Moses came down with the 2 Tablets. It symbolizes the Judgment that is coming upon those of the World that will be ‘Worshiping’ the ‘Golden Calf’ of the AntiChrist instead. This will occur during the 7-Year Tribulation Period as a ‘Golden Image’ will literally be built by the Orders of the 2nd Beast. This will be the Abomination of Desolation and occurs at the Mid-Point of the Sabbath Cycle.

This Double Count is just a Theory that seeks only to consider and determine the true Date of Pentecost. It is assuming a lot of Variables, like Shavuot is not Pentecost, that there is Prophetic Symmetry in the 7 Feasts of YHVH and the Argument is based on 3 main facets or ‘Witnesses’. There is the Astronomical Delineation of Time. There is the Start Date of being either the Day after Passover or the Morrow after the Sabbath. And that if the Rapture event were to occur on a Feast of YHVH, Pentecost would most likely be it. If not in 2022, then the Double Count Theory persists and will be applied to 2023, 2024 and so on.


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