How to Make a Nation Implode from Within

  • What is and Example of a 5th Generation Warfare?
  • Why did a Former KGB Spy Defect to the West and Warn?
  • How do you Destroy a Nation from within its Society?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Citizens of the Democratic Societies should undertake a Course of Intellectual Self-Defense to Protect themselves from Manipulation and Control, and to lay the basis for Meaningful Democracy’. -Noam Chomsky

The purpose of this study is to provide a Transcript of a long-circulated and older Interview of a former KGB Soviet Agenda operating in the USA. It was during the Cold War, that ramped-up in the Mid-1980s. Why one is revisiting this Interview is because the Tactics used to Subvert the USA, had not stopped with such KGB Agents nor with the End of the Cold War. Looking back, these Tactics divulged by the Spy in the USA are still being used against the USA. 

And it is essentially what would be constituted as a 5th Generation War, against America by Americans on the Front Lines. But whose Superiors are the Usual Suspects, the International Banking Cartel that controls all aspects of what affects every Ordinary Person, in any Country for that matter: Money, Media, Medicine, Food, Water, Air, Education, etc. And why has the USA been largely Targeted? One is coming from a Biblical Narrative that is, in part, how, especially during the 1980s, the USA had the largest Concentration of Christians on the Planet. And?

The Bible teaches that Believers in Jesus are Specially endowed with the ‘Indwelling of the Holy Spirit’. This means that they are as Jesus, a Point of Light in a Dark Fallen World, and the Salt of the Earth, in that their mere Presence and Existence is having a Preserving Effect on the rest of the World. Such a Spiritual and Corporate Organic Entity on Earth is keeping it from going entirely to Hell. The Holy Spirit, is thus the Restrainer that is keeping Full-On Evil from succeeding. Thus, to Lucifer and his Fallen Angels, Demons and Useful Human Idiots, the Take-Down of the USA is required.

What one is arguing is that in the Present Day, these Dark Forces have essentially now Succeeded in their ‘Great Work’. Although the Interview is Dated and the Characters, Names and Circumstances are in reference to the 1980s and the Cold War, such Circumstances have re-emerged again as the World is now currently in a Cold War 2. And the Luciferian Globalists are Hell-Bent on taking the World to World War 3. To a large extent, it has been possible, because in the USA, now in the Mid-2020s, the Christian Light has Dimmed and the Salt has lost its Preserving Effect. And it is because of what the Former Soviet KGB Spy in the USA, who Defected and became a Christian will speak to. The widely Posted and Circulated Interview was done by a G. Edward Griffin’s.

Enemy From Within

The Interview is titled, A Shocking Interview, Soviet Subversion of the Free-World Press (1984). He  interviews Former KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti), which is translated in English as Committee for State Security, Yuri Bezmenov. Yuri’s Public Interview openly revealed how the KGB’s was using Subversive Tactics against, not only the USA, but the Western Society as a whole.

Thus, now in the Mid-2020s, the Interview will provide the Rationale of what has been the Outcomes now Seen and Realized in the USA and Western Europe. The following are the Main Take-Aways of this 5th Generation Warfare. But what one Argues is that then, it was the Soviets doing all this to Americans. Now, it is the U.S. Government that has essentially taken over this Warfare against its very own People.

-Infuse Marxist Ideology to Destabilize the Economy.
-Purposefully push the U.S. into Numerous Crises.
-Place ‘Big Brother’ Tyranny into place in Washington.
-Most Americans will not even realize that they are Under Attack.
-Provide a Façade of being a ‘Free Democracy’ with ‘Fair Elections’.  

What is rather disturbing, is that the Implementation of the Apparatus to carry out what the Bolsheviks in Soviet Russia did, is now in place in the USA. This is thanks to the Orchestrated Attacks like 9-11 that resulted in the Patriot Act and others. And what does that look like now? The FBI visits Parents who object to LGBT Porn Literature and Books in their School Libraries. It is when Pastors in Canada get Arrested for Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour at their Public Libraries. Is it Arresting, without Legal Representation and Indefinitely of U.S. Citizens that were involved in Protesting at the National Capital, etc.

And all this is really a takeover of the so-called Elites or the Oligarchy in the USA, that like in Russia, took over. And how did they do that? Marxist Leaders used Informants  to Track People. This is now even more Possible thanks to Social Media. The Bolsheviks made lists of those People who were Anti-Communist or Politically Incorrect. They were Surveilled and once the Revolution Succeeded, they Executed their Opposition. Also, realize that it is a Public Historical Fact, that about 90% of those People that made-up what was known as the Bolsheviks were Jewish. Essentially, the Soviet Revolution of 1917 in Russia was a Jewish Revolution. And it had a Vengeance against the Orthodox Church. It Destroyed it, as they are doing in the USA and the Western Europe.

Yuri explained that, usually, most World Revolutions throughout Human History have never been the Result of a Majority Movement. Rather, it has been the Result and Efforts of a Small Minority. Such were the Bolsheviks of Russia. Or how, in reality, the Judeo-Bolshevik-Communist-Marxist Government was happy that Hitler had been Defeated by the Allied Forces. Why? It is because they remained in Power. And that Template is what has been implemented in the USA and now Realized. And one would Argue that such an Oligarchy has done the same in the USA, now Successfully.

Yuri also disclosed how many Americans in the U.S. Federal Government are Communist, or Socialist Inclined. He explained, how many American Embassy Employees, for example, stationed Abroad, betrayed Soviets attempting to Defect to the USA. Another Tactic used to Subvert the USA was to use Influential and Recognized Stars and/or Personalities to Undermine the Morals and Values, that at that Time, were based on Judeo-Christian Values. The following is the Transcription of most of the Interview, with a Video Link to listen to it Online. The complete Interview is available at www.realityzone.com. Emphasis added.

Griffin (0:00):
Our Conversation is with Yuri Alexander Bezmenov. Mr. Bezmenov was born in 1939 in a Suburb of Moscow. He was the Son of a high Ranking Soviet Officer. He was Educated in the Elite Schools inside the Soviet Union and he became an Expert in Indian Culture and Indian Languages. He had an outstanding Career with Novesti, which was the, and still is I should say, the Press Arm or the Press Agency of the Soviet Union. It turns out that this is also a Front for the KGB. He Escaped to the West in 1970 after becoming totally Disgusted with the Soviet System, and he did this at Great Risk to his Life. He certainly is one of the World’s outstanding Experts on the Subject of Soviet Propaganda and Disinformation and Active Measures. Mr. Bezmenov, the Soviets use the Phrase ’Ideological Subversion’. What do they mean by that?

Bezmenov (0:54):

Ideological Subversion is the Process, which is Legitimate Overt and Open, you can see it with your own Eyes. All you can do, all Americans need to do is to unplug their Bananas from their Ears, open up their Eyes and they can see. There is no Mystery. It has nothing to do with Espionage. I know that Espionage and Intelligence Gathering looks more Romantic, it sells more to the Audience through the Advertising, probably. That is why your Hollywood Producers are so crazy about James Bond type of Thrillers. But in Reality, the Main Emphasis of the KGB is not in the area of Intelligence at all.

According to my Opinion and the Opinion of many Defectors of my Caliber, only about 15% of Time, Money and Manpower is spent on Espionage, as such. The other 85% is a Slow Process which we call either Ideological Subversion or Active Measures, or Psychological Warfare. What it basically means is, to change the perception of reality, of every American, to such an extent that despite an Abundance of Information, no one is able to come to Sensible Conclusions in the interest of Defending themselves, their Family, their Community and their Country.

It is a Great Brainwashing Process which goes very slow and is divided into 4 Basic Stages. The 1st one being Demoralization. It takes from 15 to 20 Years to Demoralize a Nation. Why that many Years? Because this is the Minimum Number of Years required to Educate on Generation of Students in the Country of your Enemy, exposed to the Ideology of the Enemy. In other words, Marxism, Leninism Ideology is being pumped into the Soft Heads of at least 3 Generations of American Students, without being Challenged or Contra-Balanced by the Basic Values of Americanism, American Patriotism.

Most of the Activity of the Department was to compile huge amounts, Volume of Information on Individuals who were Instrumental in creating Public Opinion. Publishers, Editors, Journalists, Actors, Educationalists, Professors of Political Science, Members of Parliament, Representatives of business Circles. Most of these People were divided roughly in 2 Groups. Those who were told the Soviet foreign Policy, they would be Promoted to the Positions of Power through Media and Public Opinion Manipulation. Those who refuse the Soviet Influence in their Country would be Character Assassinated or Executed, physically…Contra-Revolution. Same was as in a small town named Hewa in South Vietnam. Several thousand or so of Vietnamese were executed in 1 Night when the City was captured by Vietcong for only 2 Days. And [the] American CIA could never figure out, how could possibly Communists know each Individual, where he Lives, where to get him. And they would be Arrested in 1 Night, basically in some 4 Hours before Dawn, put on a Van, taken-out of the City Limits and Shot.

The Answer is very simple, long before Communists occupied the City there was Extensive Network of Informers, local Vietnamese Citizens who knew absolutely everything about People who are Instrumental in Public Opinion… including Barbers and Taxi Drivers. Everybody who was Sympathetic to the United States was Executed. Same thing was done under the Guidance of the Soviet Embassy in Hanoi, and same thing I was doing in New Delhi. To my horror, I discovered that in the Files, where People …who were Doomed to Execution. There were Names of Pro-Soviet Journalists with whom I was personally friendly with.

Griffin (5:02):

Bezmenov (5:03):
Yes! They were Idealistically Minded Leftists who made several visits to USSR and yet the KGB decided that [they were] Contra-Revolutionary or made Drastic Changes in the Political Structure of India, they would have to go.

Griffin (5:17):
Why is that?

Bezmenov (5:18):
Because they know too much. Simply because, you see, the Useful Idiots, the Leftists who are Idealistically Believing in the ‘Beauty’ of Soviet Socialist or Communist or whatever System, when they get Disillusioned they become the worst Enemies. That is why my KGB Instructors specifically made a Point, never bother with Leftists. Forget about this ‘Political Prostitutes’. I am Higher.

This was my Instruction: Try to get into Large Circulation, established Conservative Media. Reach Movie Makers, Intellectuals, so called Academic Circles, Cynical Egocentric People who can look into your Eyes with ‘Angelic Expression’ and tell you a Lie. These are the most Recruit-Able People, People who lack Moral Principles, who are either too Greedy or suffer from Self-Importance. They feel that they matter a lot. These are the people KGB wanted very much to Recruit.

Griffin (6:21):
To Eliminate the others? To Execute the others? Do not they serve some Purpose? Would not they be the ones to rely on?

Bezmenov (6:27):
No. They serve Purpose, only at the Stage of Destabilization of a Nation. For example, your Leftists in the United States? All these Professors and all these Beautiful Civil Rights Defenders? They are Instrumental in the Process of the Subversion, only to Destabilize a Nation. When their Job is Completed, they are not needed anymore. They know too much. Some of them, when they get Disillusioned, when they see that Marxist Leninist has come to Power obviously they get Offended.

They think that they will come to Power. That will never happen of course. They will be lined-up against the Wall and Shot. But they may turn into the most Bitter Enemies of Marxist Leninists when they come to Power, and that is what happened in Nicaragua. You remember, most of these Former Leninist Marxists were either put to Prison or one of them split and now he is working against Sandinistas.

It happened in Grenada with Maurice Bishop. He was already a Marxist. He was executed by a new Marxist, who was ‘More Marxist’ than this Marxist. Same happened in Afghanistan, when 1st there was Tariki. He was killed by Amin. And Amin was killed by Karmal, with the help of KGB. Same happened in Bangladesh with Mujibur Rahman.

A very Pro-Soviet Leftist was Assassinated by his own Marxist Leninist Military Comrades. It is the same Pattern everywhere. The Moment they Serve their Purpose all the Useful Idiots are either Executed entirely, all the Idealistically Minded Marxists, or Exiled, or put in Prisons like in Cuba where many forms of Marxists are in Cuba, I mean in Prison.

So, basically, America is stuck with the Demoralization unless, even if you start right now, here this minute, you start Educating huge Generation of Americans, it will still take you 15 to 20 Years to ‘Turn the Tide’ of Ideological Perception, of Reality back to Normalcy and Patriotism. The Result? The Result you can see. Most of the People who (were Re-Educated) in the 60s, Drop-Outs or Half-Baked Intellectuals are now occupying the Positions of Power in the Government, Civil Service, Business, Mass Media, Educational System. You are stuck with them. You cannot get rid of them.

They are Contaminated. They are ‘Programmed’ to Think and react to Certain Stimuli in a Certain Pattern. You cannot Change their Mind, even if you expose them to Authentic Information, even if you Prove that ‘White’ is White and Black is Black. You still cannot change the Basic Perception and Illogical Behavior. In other words, [for] these People, the Process of Demoralization is Complete and Irreversible. To get rid Society of these People you need another 10 or 15 Years to Educate a New Generation of Patriotically-Minded and Commonsense People who would be Acting in Favor and in the Interests of the United States Society.

Griffin (9:37):
And yet, these People have been Programmed? And as you say, in Place, who are favorable to an opening to the Soviet Concept. These are the very People who would be Marked for Extermination in this Country?

Bezmenov (9:48):
Most of them. Yes. Simply because [of] the Psychological Shock, when they will see in [the] Future, what the Beautiful Society of Equality and Social Justice means in Practice? Obviously, they will Revolt. They will be very Unhappy Frustrated People. And the Marxist Leninist Regime does not Tolerate these People. Obviously, they will join the likes of Dissenters, Dissidents. Unlike in [the] present United States, there will be no place for Dissent in Future Marxist Leninist America. Here you can get popular like Daniel Ellsberg and …like Jane Fonda for being Dissident, for criticizing your Pentagon. In future [of] these People will be simply ‘PFFFT’. Squashed like Cockroaches. Nobody is going to pay them nothing for their ‘Beautiful Noble Ideas’ about ‘Equality’. This, they do not Understand and it will be [the] Greatest Shock For Them Of Course.

The Demoralization Process in the United States, is basically Completed already. For the last t25 Years, actually it is over-fulfilled, because the Demoralization now reaches such areas where previously, not even Comrade Andropov and all his Experts would even Dream of such a Tremendous Success. Most of it is done by Americans to Americans, thanks to lack of Moral Standards. As I mentioned before, Exposure to True Information does not matter anymore. A Person who was Demoralized is unable to Assess True Information. The Facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with Information, with Authentic Proof, with Documents, with Pictures. Even if I take him by Force to the Soviet Union and show him [a] Concentration Camp, he will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a Kick in his Fat Bottom. When the Military Boot crashes his, then he will Understand, but not before that. That is the tragic of the Situation of Demoralization.

The Next Stage [2nd] is Destabilization. This Time, [the] Subverter does not care about your Ideas and the Patterns of your Consumption, whether you, Eat Junk Food and get Fat and Flabby, does not matter anymore. This Time, and it takes only 2 to 5 Years to Destabilize a Nation. What matters [are the] Essentials, [the] Economy, Foreign Relations, Defense Systems. And you can see it quite clearly that in some areas, in such sensitive areas as Defense and economy, the influence of Marxist Leninist Ideas in the United States is absolutely ‘Fantastic’. I could never believe it 14 Years ago when I landed in this part of the world, that the Process will go that Fast.

The Next Stage [3rd] of course is Crisis. It may take only, up to 6 Weeks to bring a Country to the verge of Crisis. You can see it in Central America now. And after [the] Crisis, with a Violent Change of Power Structure and Economy you have so-called, the ‘Period of Normalization’. [The Next Stage 4th is Normalization.] It may last Indefinitely. Normalization is a Cynical Expression borrowed from Soviet Propaganda. When the Soviet Tanks moved into Czechoslovakia in 1968, Comrade Brezhnev said, ‘Now the Situation in Brotherly Czechoslovakia is Normalized’.

This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all the Schmucks to bring the Country to Crisis, to Promise People all kinds of Goodies and the Paradise on Earth. [It is] to Destabilize your Economy, to Eliminate the Principle of Free Market Competition and to put Big Brother Government in Washington DC, with Benevolent Dictators like Walter Mondale. Who will Promise lots of Things, never mind whether the Promises are fulfilled or not. He will go to Moscow to Kiss the Bottoms of [the] New Generation of Soviet Assassins, never mind. He will create False Illusions that the Situation is ‘Under Control’. The Situation is not ‘Under Control’. The Situation is Disgustingly, ‘Out of Control.

Most of the American Politicians, Media and Educational System trains another Generation of People who think they are Living at the Peace Time. False. The United States is in a State of War. Undeclared Total War against the Basic Principles and the Foundations of this System. And the Initiator of this War is not Comrade Andropov. Of course, it is ‘The System’. However ridiculous it may sound, the ‘World Communist System’, or the ‘World Communist Conspiracy’, whether it Scares some People or not I do not give a Hoot. If you are not Scared by now, nothing can Scare you. But you do not have to be Paranoid about it. What actually happens now, that unlike myself, you have literally several Years to Live-On, unless the United States Wakes-Up. The Time Bomb is ticking. Every Second, the Disaster is coming closer and closer. Unlike myself, you will have nowhere to Defect to, unless you want to live in Antarctica with Penguins. This is it. This is the Last Country of Freedom and Possibility. 

Griffin (15:23):
OK, so, what do we do? What is your Recommendation to the American people?

Bezmenov (15:27):
Well, the Immediate Thing that comes to my Mind, is of course, there must be a very Strong National Effort to Educate People in the spirit of Real Patriotism, 1. Number 2, to explain the Real Danger of Socialist Communist, whatever, Welfare State, Big Brother Government. If People will fail to Grasp the Impending Danger of that Development, nothing ever can Help the United States. You must, ‘Kiss Goodbye to your Freedoms, including Freedoms to Homosexuals, to Prison Inmates. All this Freedom will Vanish. It will Evaporate in 5 Seconds, including your Precious Lives.

The [next] Thing, the Moment, at least part of the United States Population, is convinced that the danger is Real. They have to Force their Government. And I am not talking about sending letters, Signing Petitions and all this ‘Beautiful Noble Activity’. I am talking about Forcing United States Government to stop Aiding Communism.

End of Transcript.

The following Segment is one’s Observations about what were the main Take-Aways. One agrees that the Outcome of the Globalist Reset has been primarily Perpetrated through the Educational Systems. And especially in Higher Education, where one works at. The Aim has been to Suspend Reality, change Reality. This is clearly seen in the National Debate about what is Gender, what is a Man? What is a Woman? Trans-Gender Sports, Uni-Sex Bathrooms, Hormone Blockers given to Children at Schools without Parent’s Permission. And the List goes on. What if the Schools decided to Forcibly Teach Islam and Read the Koran every Morning? And they did not inform the Parents? Exactly.

But what one is seeing in the USA and in the Western Culture is that this Stage of the Demoralization and Destabilization, Crisis and then Normalization is exactly what happened with COVID. To this day, despite showing Scientific Studies, in Print and Waving at Fauci, the Denial of Reality is slowly coming out.

Normal is not Returning, ButJesus is
To that Effort, one wrote about 6 Books, exposing the Mass Psychosis that is COVID. Yet, despite the Mounting Evidence that the Shot, Mask and Distancing Mandates were a Farce, People, especially those on the Left, continue to Believe the COVID Narrative, the Pseudo Science that is COVID. The Average College-Going Student, at least from 1st Hand Experience and Observation has Lost their Mind and Ability to Reason.

And therefore not able to even engage in a Civil Debate or Apply Critical Thinking Skills. They have ‘Fact Checkers’ for that, as they are Encouraged not to ‘Do their own Research’. One also noted how the ‘Apparatus’ of collecting Meta Information is following the same Protocols of the Soviets. And with the Advent of Social Media, that has made the Jobs of the CIA, NSA, MOSSAD, that much easier. What the Former KGB Spy has Warned the USA about has come true.

Americans are now ‘Stuck’ with at least 3 Generations of the Demoralized and Destabilized that are in Crisis and have no ‘Way Out’. And this Condition is reflected in the Real Statistics across the Nation in how among the 3 Generations, X, Y and Z, the Suicide and Depression, and Anxiety Levels are Off-the-Charts, as they say. Consider the Pattern of how there has been a ‘Good’ and then a ‘Bad’ Generation Pattern of a 20-Year Education Process, from Birthing 1 Generation to the Next in a 20-Year Timespan.

20s – This Generation Suffered the Bank Failures and the Great Depression. Birthed the Greatest Generation that Fought in World War 2 in the 1940s.

40s – This ‘Greatest Generation’ came back from the Horrors of War and succumbed to the ‘American Suburban Dream’. They relaxed Morality and Civility. They Birthed the Hippies of the 1960s.

60s – This Generation Experimented in Free Love, Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. They were Drafted into the Vietnam War and got ‘Lost’ in Lust. They Birthed the Generation of the Yuppies of the 1980s.

80s – This Generation, coming of Age, was the most Conservative in most Aspects in the USA. It included Politics, Religion, Faith and Finances. Yet, they Birthed Generation X.

00s – This Generation grew-up with ‘Winning’ a Trophy for every Achievement they did not Want, Earn or Deserve. This is the Generation that then Birthed Generation Z.

20s – This Generation is one in which had grown-up entirely on Electronic Devices, the Internet and Social Media. They rather prefer Socialism, not Work and are Questing who they are, a Man? Woman? Gay is OK, and Climate Change is the Greatest Threat to them. This is why the USA is Doomed.
As the Former Soviet Spy correctly Assessed the Inevitable for the USA. Now, there is no Turning Back. The USA, and the World for that matter, has reached a Critical Mass of sorts. And that has been the Plan. Crisis. And has it not been a ‘Normalization’ after the COVID Demoralization? But as the Spy said, it is a False sense of Believing.

This Last Generation has been totally Programmed to Believe that they are Living in a ‘Time of Peace’ and that ‘Everything has gone back to Normal’. And that those things are ‘In Control’ again. Far from it. And that is the Psychology of this Programming. No amount of COVID Facts or Scientists, even when the actual Inventor of the mRNA Shot, goes Publicly to Warn Parents not to give the COVID Injections to their Children, the Response goes Silent.

This Last Generation is not Seeing and Realizing that their Leftist Politicians, whom they see as their Standard, and that of ‘Science’, their Version of it, will be Betraying them 1 Day. And true, when the Storm Troopers come knocking down their Doors, and as they are also hauled into the Cattle Trucks and Rail Cars, they will be Shocked. But by that Time, it will be too Late. The New World Order System will not Tolerate Real ‘Woke’ Generation Z’ers who have come to see the Light and the Deception of their ‘Saviors’ in this World.

And the Primary Culprit has been how the Universities, the Media, Hollywood have Subverted the Morality of the Generation, of the Nation. Introduced Confusion and Depravity to Corrupt what is Moral and Good. The issue is that at this Stage, according to the Soviet Spy, is that it is now virtually Impossible to Dissuade or Un-Plug such People from their Matrix. They have come to the Psychological Place where, like in Plato’s Cave, they rather return and place their Shackles back on and just be Mindlessly Entertained with TikTok all day. But GOD… But Jesus.

It is the Word of GOD, the Bible, the very Words of Jesus that can Penetrate that False Psychology. Thank Goodness, there is a Chance. But that Chance is dwindling because Time is Running-Out. Why? This World, in this Last Generation has reached Critical Mass now. What the Luciferian War-Mongering Agents have done, is not only in the USA, but the entire World this time, i.e., COVID, etc.

Lastly one took note how the Leaders of the West cow-down to the Tyrants of the World. You have Congress Representatives and even the President visit, for example Zelensky and promise to Aid them, and give, as of this Writing, over $150 Billion Dollars. This is more than most Nations make in their Annual GDP Gross Domestic Product Index. This is a Tell-Tale Sign that flies in the Face of Generation Z, that ought to have ‘Woken’ them up because the President will not Pay for their Student Debt. Yet, that will not Phase them. They are Programmed not to.


Real World Interview with a Soviet KGB agent about they have subverted the US
Free Republic


GBPPR2 on YouTube

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