The Reason for the Tribulation is for

Salvation of the Jewish Nation

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider how, given Biblical Prophecy, there will come a Time and a Place where the Nascent Sanhedrin of Israel will Rule not only Israel but the entire World. How so? One is coming from an Evangelical Christian Interpretation of the End Time. So, meaning that based on the Pattern of the Dispensations of Ages, the present Church Age will need to afford Israel to conclude its 490-Year Punishment. This is Biblically referred to as Daniel’s 70Th Week of Years or that being a 7-Year Sabbath Cycle.

It will be during that Time and Place, that the World will focus on the Promised Land, the City of Jerusalem and the 3rd Temple. And leading the Charge or Takeover will be what the Bible describes as the AntiChrist Figure or that Man of Peace, a Solomon 2.0 that will in some way, bring eventual ‘Peace and Security’ to the Middle East. In essence, the Headlines will read, ‘Peace has Broken-out in the Middle East’. Imagine that. And all that is contingent upon 1 particular Aspect of who will be Ruling Israel at the Time. How so?

As written, one interprets Daniel 9:27 ‘Confirming the Covenant’ with that being made by the False Jewish Messiah Israel will accept in ‘His Own Name’. That is what Jesus stated would be the case. Thus, the ‘Many’ would be inferring the 70 Elders of Zion or the Reconstituted Sanhedrin. This means that all of Israel will be under the Covenant once again. And what Covenant is that? It is primarily the Mosaic Covenant given at Mount Sinai. It is reasonable to suspect that as all prior Dedication the Jews made after their Diaspora, i.e., with Babylon in particular, the Leaders Read the Law to a Congregated Assembly to ‘Confirm’ the Covenant in their Hearing, etc.

This is why one is of the Interpretation that in a similar fashion, the coming Solomon 2.0 will likewise Dedicate the 3rd Temple and start the Daily Sacrifices. All that under the Blessing and Designation of the Sanhedrin 70. What this means for Non-Jews in Israel is that the Noahide Laws will then go into Effect as well. And as the World’s Focus will be on the Promised Land, about Jerusalem and because of the 3rd Temple, the AntiChrist will extend the Authority of the Sanhedrin to all the World. This will be how the Sanhedrin will Rule the World, in the New Beast System to come. How so? The Mark of the 666 Beast. Realize that it is not the 1st Beast or the AntiChrist Solomon 2.0 Figure that mandates the Mark. No, it will be through the Sanhedrin as a Religious Act of Obedience, and ultimately what Lucifer is wanting of Humanity, Worship.

End of an Age
Of course, as a Dispensationalist, one is assuming that all that has been said and interpreted is based on the Rapture concluding the Church Age. Realize that the 70th Week, that is to finish Israel’s Judgment does not and cannot involve the Bride of Christ subjected to that Punishment, on 1 Hand it does not deserve, nor on the other Hand, has nothing to do with or is tied to the Terrestrial Obligations that Israel was and is held to. In other words, the Bride of Christ cannot be forced, nor will be in Paying what she does not owe. And even if she did, Jesus on the Cross of Calvary has ‘Paid’ all that in Full, Past, Present and Future, etc.

So, that is the Reason why Israel is still to be Judged, it has been ‘On Hold’ during the Church Age. Once the Church Age concludes its Witness or Commission, then the Witness of YHVH and of His Christ, Jesus will be transferred to the 144,000 Jewish Evangelists and the 2 Witnesses. This is another Proof how it will be ‘Impossible’ for the Church to enter into the 70th Week of Israel’s remaining Discipline is because of how the Time will revert back to the Law of Moses. And that is where the AntiChrist Solomon 2.0, his False Prophet and the Sanhedrin come into the Picture.

If anyone has seen and heard the Weekly Prophecy Updates by Pastor JD Farag, which one highly recommends out of Calvary Chapel, Kaneohe, https://www.jdfarag.org, one will hear the phrase he uses to explain in simplistic terms, the Reason for the 7-Year Tribulation Period. ‘The Reason for the Tribulation is for the Salvation of the Jewish Nation.’ It is the Time-Frame that one Understands will be encompassing Daniel’s 70th Week of Years yet to fulfill the Prophet 490 Year Punishment of Israel. It is for not keeping the Sabbaths of the Land, etc.

What one wishes to draw Attention is that given the Hamas Attack upon Israel on October 7, 2023, few Students of End Times are considering as JD Farag has asked, ‘Why Israel? Why Now? As one has written on the Topic from a Political Scientist and Sar-El IDF Volunteer Perspective, it is just the next Step and Move of how things are not falling apart but falling into place. For what? Biblical Fulfillment of Prophecy. Realize that the Hamas Attack, in one’s Estimation is what will lead to the coming 3 World Wars that Israel is yet to Fight? What?

1. Psalm 83 War
2. Ezekiel 38 War
3. Battle of Armageddon

What one wishes to highlight is that during the Tribulation when the Sanhedrin will ‘Rule the World’, it will be based on how it was in Jesus’ Day. The Sin of Blasphemy was punishable by Death. And how is that pertinent to the Sanhedrin? Well, only that the 1st Commandment of the Noahide Laws is that ‘GOD is One’. It sounds ‘Right’ and Christians would and do agree to this. But when a Follower of Jesus, during that Time will say, ‘Jesus is LORD’, to infer Divinity or ‘Jesus is GOD in the Flesh’? That is and will be Blasphemy according to the Sanhedrin. That is how they will Persecute Jesus’ Disciples during the Tribulation Period.

And in their Talmud, guess what form of Punishment is administered for those that Blaspheme the ‘God of the Jews? The Punishment is by Decapitation. Wait. One might say, ‘You cannot be Serious?’ The following is a portion of a Verbal Exchange of how the Israeli Security Forces confront a Group of Messianic Believers in Jeshua, ‘Jesus’ as the Messiah. What the Jewish Man states is the ‘Obvious’ of how most Religious Jew think about Christians. And what they will do once the Sanhedrin will be in Power. It will be the ‘Godly thing to Kill them’ as they did, starting with the 1st Martyr, Stephan.

…’We do not do anything Illegal. You cannot take us to Jail. If you are not involved please go. Shalom my Friend. We Bless you.

You are in my Country.

You come to United States, you can say whatever you want to say. That is the Free World, yes?

You are not in the United States. You are in Israel.

I understand.

You cannot say whatever you want to say here.

Yes you can.

It is illegal.

it is legal to Preach about Yeshua. We Preach at Damascus Gate. The Police said it is OK. We preach at Jaffa Gate. The Police say it is OK. Please stop. I Respect you, you Respect me.

We do not have to Respect you…

Is that the Right Thing? Are you Jewish? Do you want to honor GOD? That is the Godly Thing to do. We respect one another.

The Godly Thing is to Kill you.

The Godly Thing is to Kill me?

That is Right. That is what the Torah says.

The Torah says to Kill us?

The Torah says that People who Worship Idols, such as yourself… when there is a Sanhedrin…

To Kill us?
Yes. That is what the Torah says.

OK, so we know how the Jewish People feel about Christians. Yes? You are discriminated against Christians!

Christians are Idol Worshipers.

You are discriminating…

The Torah says that Christianity is Idol Worshiping.
The Godly Thing To Do Is To Kill You.
Middle East Eye


As one can sense, the Religious Jews are waiting in Expectation the Day will come when the Sanhedrin Law will be the Law of the Land, the Promised Land. But not only the Promised Land, but the entire World. This will now be possible thanks to Modern Bio-Metric mRNA Technology. They cannot wait then to ‘Cleanse’ Israel from ‘Idol-Worshipping Christian. One rather is appalled, of course, not that they wish the Death of Christians for being ‘Idolaters’, which some are.

Can I get a Witness?
This the case of those that do Pray to Statues, i.e., Roman Catholicism or of Icons in the Orthodox Church. But it’s the Hypocrisy of how it is them that were, are and will be the True Idol Worshipers. How so? Realize that since the very beginning, Israel Sinned the Sine of Idolatry. This occurred on the Very Day of their Marriage Covenant at Mount Sinai with the Golden Calf incident. And yes, YHVH decreed Death to those that rather broke their Marriage Vows. That is called Adultery. Israel then, once in the Promised Land continued to worship Idols like the Nations around them that YHVH told them and Warned them not to be like them.

Or else they too would be Evicted from the Land. This happened twice to Israel and Judea, all-Inclusive. Then during the coming Tribulation Period, the Faek Solomon 2.0 will erect a Golden Statue, much like the one during Daniel’s Day. And the False Prophet will demand all of Israel and the World to Worship by Proxy initially, the AntiChrist Solomon 2.0, etc. The Direct Worship will come at the Middle of the 7-Year Time-Frame when Solomon 2.0 enters the Holy of Holies and sits on the Ark of the Covenant he had 'Confirmed' to the Elders, Israel and the World to witness.

The Point is that there is enough Sin to go around, as it is said. But it seems ‘Everyone’ is Waiting for their Savior and how that Savior is going to Kill everyone else. The Jews are waiting for their Geo-Political Messiah and the Sanhedrin to Kill all the Christians. The Muslims are waiting for their Mahdi to Kill all the Jews and Christians. The New Agers are waiting for their Enlightened Master to Reincarnate to bring True ‘Peace and Harmony’. But in order for that to happen, Mother Earth must ‘Kill’ or ‘Abort’ all the Bad Energy and People, i.e., mainly the Christians from off the Planet.

Then the Luciferians are waiting for their Dark Lord to take over and usher-in their restored Golden Age, etc. And of course, for the Evangelical Christian Point of View and Interpretation, the Bride of Christ is also waiting with all these others for Jesus to Return for her, initially. Then Jesus will Return with the Bride at the Battle of Armageddon and Deal with the Muslims, Jews, New Agers, Luciferians, the False Solomon 2.0 and the False Prophet. Will the Real Jesus, Please Stand Up?



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