And Pythia, the Goddess of Prophecy

  • Are Ancient Greek Temples configured according to the Stars?
  • Who is Apollo and why is he the 'Serpent God' of Prophecy?
  • Do Spiritual Energies open 'Starm Gates' at such Sacred Places?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘They had tails with stingers like scorpions, which had the power to injure people for 5 months. (3600 hours) They were ruled by a king, the Angel of the Abyss. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek it is Apollyon.’ –Revelation 9:10-11

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the Sacred Ley-Lines of the Ancient City of Delphi in Greece. In the continued quest to use Astro-Archeology as a Tool to discover such Ley-Lines, Delphi will prove that such Ancient Sites and those around the World had a common and single Source of Knowledge and Meaning. This template appears to keep recurring in such ANCIENT SITES, that of Orion and the Pleiades. Although highly suggestive, Delphi will be shown that such a Geometry exists to corroborate this Theory. Delphi is a fascinating place where supposedly Apollo, the Son of Zeus killed the Python or ‘Dragon’. This Ancient Mythology has Biblical Prophetic Overtones as it mirrors the Eternal Struggle between the Christ, which of the ‘Son of GOD’ and the ‘Python’ of old, the Devil as identified in the Book of Revelation, Lucifer. Genesis 3:15.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that Apollo was the ‘God of Prophecy’ as Jesus Christ is said to be likewise in the Book of Revelation 19:10; that all ‘Biblical’ Prophecy is about Jesus, the Christ, etc. Why this study may also be relevant in these Last Days is also that the Bible teachers that just before Jesus’ returns, this ‘Apollo’, Angel of the Abyss or ‘Bottomless Pit’ will be released from Tartarus to Earth, to raise Havoc as part of the Seal Judgments of the Lamb of YHVH. Lastly the portion the Book of Acts will examine the incident where Paul, on his 2nd Journey through Asia Minor along with Silas encountered a Slave Girl with this similar Pythian Spirit of Apollo. Based on research, it is believed that the place of Delphi dates back to around 1400 BC.

Delphi contained the Temple of Apollo was where the world-famous Oracle of Delphi. At the entrance of the Temple of Apollo was inscribed the famous axiom, ‘Know Thyself’. This Temple was the most important Shrine in all Greece at the time as the Cadre of Virgins were employed to utter the ‘Prophecies’ of Apollo. This is the first ever case where a ‘God’ or more likely a Fallen Angel or Demon, spoke as a Woman. Also according to Greek Mythology, it was said that Zeus wanted to measure the Known Universe and set out with 2 Eagles on either side and they met at Delphi. Thus, Delphi was considered to be the Omphalos or the Center and literal ‘Navel’ of the World. People came to Greece and the Known World to have their Questions about the Future answered by the Pythia, the Priestess of Apollo. This, to an extent, also echoes what occurred in the Garden of Eden in how Eve is associated with a ‘Serpent’. It whispered to her and she, in this case, misinterpreted the Message based on Lucifer’s Deception.

A Deceiving Spirit

It has been recorded that the Pythia would sit atop an Elevated Tripod over a Crevice in the Ground to the side of the Inner Chamber or ‘Holy of Holies’, where she would be induced in a Trace due to the Gases that came up. She spoke in ‘Voices’ and different Languages or in ‘Tongues’. This is plainly Divination and what YHVH in the Bible forbids as coming from Evil Familiar Spirits. These are Demons that seek to embody Objects and People as a prize. It is stipulated that these Demons are the Disembodied Spirits of the Prodigy between the ‘Gods’, those Fallen Angels and Human Women that were destroyed in Noah’s Flood. Based on some accounts, it was said that the Answers of the Pythia were usually Cryptic and Ambiguous. A famous example of this Discrepancy relates to the famous incident before the Battle of Salamis, when the Pythia first predicted Doom and later predicted that a 'Wooden Wall' would save the Greeks.

This was interpreted by the Athenians to mean their Ships would win the War against the Persians. Delphi became a very rich and prosperous city. The City-States of Greece in particular would send Treasures to Apollo at Delphi. For this purpose, Treasuries were built, 7 main ones that this study will correlate as corresponding to the 7 Stars of the Pleiades. It was not until the Christian Era and the work and effect of the Apostle Paul that the Oracle came to disuse and disrepute. A local village sprang-up on top of the Lost Oracle and its Temples. It was not until the start of the 20th Century that it was rediscovered. The whole town had to be relocated and the remains of Delphi is what can be seen and visited to this Day. In terms of its Topography and association to the Cydonia, Mars layout? The Ley-Lines and aspect of Astro-Archeology is possible with such modern software as Google Earth and Stellarium.

Although Astro-Archeology is not an accepted form of ‘Science’ yet, it is Scholarship nonetheless and a whole new area of unexplored possibilities. It is a new Field that hopefully, one Day will be recognized for its contributions to helping unlock the Archeological Secrets of such Stone Temples, as with the Oracle at Delphi. From a Top View, using Google Earth, the tapestry will involve the core Temple Area of Delphi. With this perspective, the following observations are presented. The entire Sacred Site appears to incorporate the 3 Main Mars Structures of Cydonia. The 3 Stars of Orion’s Belt. The layout of Delphi is situated on a very steep slope of a hill and has a Serpentine Walkway called the Sacred Way, very appropriate for the theme given the ‘Prophecy of the Python’, etc. The point at the main entrance to the Temple of Apollo appears to correspond to the Great Pyramids of Khufu and the Orion Star of Alnitak.

It is a dual layer of Sacred Geometry and Astro-Alignments working together although the angle of the 3 Orion Stars appear to be reversed. The area where the Halos was about halfway up the terrace appears to correspond to the Pyramid of Khafre and the Orion Star of Alnilam. The 3rd area of Delphi that also appears to correlate to the Pyramid of Menkaure and that of the Orion Star Mintaka is the Votive area at the foot of the entrance to the whole Temple Complex. If one superimposes the entire outline of the Constellation of Orion over the Delphi temple complex, what is notable is that the Orion Dragon or ‘Serpent Nebula’ just south of the Orion Star of Alnitak corresponds to the Amphitheater, etc. And? In Ancient Civilizations, Apollo was ‘Orion’, etc.

Orion, the God of the Bow

It is also rather interesting that Orion is depicted in some cases, as an Archer, but there is never an Arrow depicted with the Motif. It is just the same rendition of Apollo being likewise an Archer, but just with a Bow. This has Biblical Implications as Apollo, in this Motif correlates to the White Rider Horseman with only a Bow, i.e. the coming AntiChrist, etc. Another correlation is that as the Galactic Equator runs through the Orion Belt Stars, so does an apparent earthquake line or fault that runs North to South at Delphi. As noted, an Astronomical Association has the small Treasury Houses line the Sacred Way leading up to the Temple of Apollo. Starting from the Votive Spot, these 2 protruding Rotundas that start the Sacred Way, approximately outline the Face of Mars in the Triangulation Theory. It is also understood that in every locale that such studies seek to correlate the Astro-Alignments to Cydonia, Mars.

One has to also account for the Topography of the place but thus far, it has been amazing how despite how areas are uniquely different from one another, the geometry is the same when it comes to incorporating the exact proportions of the Cydonia, Mars 3 Main Structure’s Geometry. Another Biblical overtones has to do with the Temple of Apollo itself. How so? The Floor-Plan is identical to that of the House of YHVH on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Temple Design was given by YHVH, 1st to Moses at Mount Sinai in Arabia and then with King David and Solomon. It had a very simplistic design. There were 2 Columns in the Portico. Then the Main Chamber was called the Holies. And then the Inner Chamber called the Holy of Holies. This was also in Phi Ratio Mathematical Proportions and of the most simplistic Geometry and Sophistication.

This is exactly the case with the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. If one superimposes the Spiral Rendition of the Phi Ratio for a better visual effect, starting from the Portico to the end of the Portico, on the opposite side, the Fulcrum converges on the exact spot the Pythia would be Forth-Telling. It was in the Holy of Holies that the Ark of the Covenant was placed and from there the High Priest could come and as the Presence of YHVH was said to be in-between the Cherubim, a voice would ‘Speak’ and ‘Answer’ from in-between them. This is not to correlate that YHVH could be likened to this Pythia Divination, but on the contrary. It is the Fallen Angel, named Apollyon, which is of Lucifer that seeks to always mimic the Protocols of the Creator, right down to the details in order to deceive Humanity with a counterfeit and alternative narrative and ‘Prophecy’.

This was the case with Lucifer in Eden and with the Apostle Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey. As he was with Silas in Philippi, as noted, a Slave Girl prophesized about Paul and Silas, that they were teaching the ‘way’. This is of the same type of ‘Snake’ Demon that are of the ‘Familiar Spirits’. They exist to this Day and the Bible warns not to be involved with. In this case, the Deception was subtle. If one does a Greek word study, on the surface, it would appear that the ‘Spirit’ testified that Paul and Silas were ‘Teaching a Truth’, not The Truth, etc. In the Greek, the Pythia was actually saying that Paul and Silas were teaching a Way, not The Way or The Truth, etc. It was implying that the Gospel Message of Jesus is just Relative and ‘One Truth among Many’. Paul rebuked the Pythia Spirit. It then left the Body of the Slave Girl for which her Handlers brought Charges against Paul for ruining their ‘Prophecy’ or Fortune-Telling Business.

Apollo Rising

Yes, Christianity will ruin many a Business. The Bible clearly teaches that in the Last Days, specifically during the Tribulation Period of Daniel’s last Week of Years, that being 7 Years, at around the Mid-Point, the Bottomless Pit or the Abyss will be opened. Why? Christ Jesus has reserve the Time for the 200+ Fallen Angels that descended on Mount Hermon for such a Time at the End. One can see it as releasing the Titans of old form Tartarus. And more importantly, here is the Biblical Connection to Delph, Pythia and Apollo. Their ‘King’, is Apollyon or Apollo no less, a Mighty Fallen Angel.

According to some interpretations of the Book of Enoch, such were the Contingency of Angels that ‘Left their 1st Estate’ and co-mingled with Human Women. The Fallen Angels also taught Humans the Forbidden Secret Knowledge of Heaven. This became part of what later became known as Witchcraft and Sorcery, War, Abortion, etc. Because of this violation of the ‘Prime Directive’, YHVH sentenced these types of Fallen Angels, which Humans called ‘Gods’ to their Detriment and Imprisonment. But not before they are commandeered to be part of the Seal Judgments against a Christ-Rejecting World and Lucifer himself.

These Angels are aside from those of the .33 that joined in Lucifer’s Original Rebellion in Heaven. The Bible does teach in the Epistles that such are reserved for Judgment but will be to be released upon the World as part of the Seal Judgments during the Tribulation Period. With such Pinned-Up Angst, Anger and Revenge against Jesus and Humans, the Legion of such Fallen Angels, will be led by Pythia or the Power of Prophecy of Apollo. He and his Fallen Angel Legions are depicted in amazing terms and what their effect will be upon Humanity. And Apollo will be leading the Charge their King. It is rather amazing that one of the Ancient Depictions of Apollo is that of the Serpent.

In doing the Research for Ancient Sites that might be construed with the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation, one came across such a Depiction. It is that of Apollo’s Throne. It is a magnificent Work of Art. The Apollo Throne Chair is made of pure Marble. It depicts a Royal Dress, draped across the Seat. And it has Apollo as the Serpent on the Throne, but curiously with only a Bow. It is the Moniker of Apollo. And as mentioned, this is where it gets Biblical. How so? In the Bible, it teaches that in the Last Days, after the Rapture event, the World will clammer for a Savior, a ‘God’ that will come to Save the Planet and Humanity. This will be Lucifer by way of Proxy.

This Proxy will be an Apollo Figure, the AntiChrist. The Bible describes him as come on a White Horse, and curiously, only with a Stephanos Crown and a Bow with no Arrows. And in this manor, he Conquers the World through ‘Peace’. But it is a False Peace and a Deception, just like the nature that is Pythia, the Serpent that Speaks. How the Throne Chair of Apollo is also relevant to End Times Prophecy is that Lucifer, who is called the Old Serpent, the Devil, will seek to sit in a Throne Chair also. What Throne Chair? The Ark of the Covenant. Realize that this has been Lucifer’s greatest desire and reason for his Rebellion and Insurrection, currently in place. Consider that Heaven is in a State of War, presently.

And as Lucifer has failed to Sit on the Throne Chair of YHVH, as he sought to elevate his Throne above all that is in Heaven, he will attempt that, with success on the Earthly Facsimile of the Temple that will be built in Jerusalem. When? It will most likely occur right after the End of the Church Age that concludes it by the Resurrection-Rapture of the Bride of Christ. This Body is constituted of the Believers and Followers of Jesus, since Pentecost and when the Last Gentile Believer is Saved. This Timing is based on the Cryptic Numerical Coefficient of the 153 Fish caught in the Net of the Disciples after the Resurrection of Jesus. It was a token of just how many Gentiles need to be saved before the Catch is brought-in to the Shore where Jesus was, etc.

Realize that the Temple that the Jews Had, that of the House of YHVH does not need to be rebuilt to conduct the Daily Sacrifice that YHVH had required as Object Lessons of what Sin does and requires, Blood. It was a smelly and bloody work. However, the House of YHVH or Temple was to house the Ark of the Covenant. One believes that after the Rapture event, the Jews will rally around the cause to built their 3rd Temple. AN that being because, at last, the Ark of the Covenant, the Throne of YHVH will be revealed. One believes that based on the work of Ron Wyatt, the Ark is secured in the Underground Chambers beneath Jeremiah’s Grotto.

It will be an amazing site to behold for those left behind in the Rapture and see the actual Piece of Archeology revealed. This is the Throne that the Serpent, this the AntiChrist will literally sit on, by Proxy when Lucifer then directly possesses this Body, fur that purpose. Realize that Lucifer can Shape-Shift from what he is to an ‘Angel of Light’. But he cannot take-on Flesh like Jesus did. This is the best Lucifer will achieve in mimicking the Incarnation of Jesus. Why? To sit on the Throne of YHVH on Earth, in the very House of YHVH, as a Man of Human Flesh.

But it will be, in reality the Pythia, Apollo, the Destroyer, Lucifer that will accomplish this feat at the 1260th Day of the 7-Year Sabbath Cycle Tribulation Period. It is from that Time forward, that Lucifer, through the AntiChrist will seek to Destroy the Remnant of Israel and all those that Proclaim Jesus as LORD and GOD. Because the Noahide Laws will be in place and implemented, the Punishment for such a Stance and Conviction is Capital Punishment. This is already in the Books and just waiting to be enforced. What will ‘Seal the Deal’ is that at that Time and Place, the 2nd Beast, on behalf of the 1st Beast, will require all Humans to ‘Take the Mark of the Beast’, etc.

And this is why the World will be taken over, is being taken-over by the World Health Organization WHO. Consider its Logo, a Serpent on a Pole or ‘Tree’. It is not reminiscent of the Bronze Serpent that Moses lifted up in the Wilderness, as that is what foreshadowed the coming Messiah, Jesus. But to the Occult and Luciferians, it is through Medicine, Sorcery and the Power of Pharmakeía that the World will be taken over, by Deception, etc. And this is the work of Pythia, the Serpent of Prophecy, Apollo Rising.


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