Geography and Topography of the Divine on Earth

  • What is the Great Pyramid and why is it so Mysterious?
  • Does the Great Pyramid consist of pattern that are Divine?
  • Is there a Connection between Great Pyramid and 3rd Temple?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to consider the Pattern of the Great Pyramid of Giza, as it pertains to the Temple of YHVH that once stood in Jerusalem, in a Geographical Context. There is no Greater Topic to Investigate than the House of YHVH and the Birthplace of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. The Pattern of the Great Pyramid is a Mystery; the Great Pyramid is a key that perhaps originates from Heaven itself. The study will also hint, that this Pyramid Pattern has Cosmological Parallels.

It is a Divine Blueprint and Architectural Template of Mysterious Divine Proportions that this study suggests is directly related to the Geographical Patterns of the House of YHVH, the Birthplace of Jesus and the Land of Israel in general. The Great Pyramid is probably the most Studied Ancient Structure built by Man or with the help of Man. It is the only remaining structure of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Perhaps the Ancient Sacred Knowledge of its Mathematical Dimensions and Layout, were handed down from Adam in an attempt to Mirror the Heavenly Celestial Blueprints of Heaven itself, on Earth to some Measure.

There has already been a Correlation with the discovery of the Great Pyramid’s Christ Angle that is associated with Bethlehem. It has also been shown that the Great Pyramid is configured to Orion’s Belt of 3 Stars. Then the Great Pyramid Shafts align to Stars at certain Points of the year and Times since Creation, allegedly. The Prime Direction the Great Temple is Beckoning to, is Orion. Orion is the Celestial Keeper of the Silver Gate or Gate of Man as Ophiuchus is the Celestial Keeper of the Golden Gate. This is as far as the Mazzaroth is concerned. It is also much like the 2 Cherubim that flank the Ark of the Covenant.

It is where the Presence of YHVH was and it is a Fascicle of the Throne of YHVH in Heaven. Does the Cosmos also depict ‘Ark of the Covenant’? Yes. All that Exists in the Known and Visible Universe and perhaps the Invisible, is laid-out, in-between these 2 Star Gates of Orion and Ophiuchus. In this study, one will attempt to make a Direct Correlation of how the Great Pyramid Pattern is also Directly Associated to the Temple of YHVH. And how it even correlates to the General Geography and Topography of the Promised Land itself. The Supposition of this study is that the Creator YHVH, is the Great Mathematician of the Universe and He created the Earth. He chose Earth to eventually establish His Throne with.

As Preludes, His Divine Presence did occupy a Physical Location on Earth, as with the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temples of Jerusalem. Divine GPS Coordinates and Patterns YHVH’s Presence was situated in the Holy of Holies. Thus, there should be Clues to find that if it even pertains to Such Temple Patterns that are suggested, incorporates the Divine Signatures of Heaven, on Earth, Geographically. They should Depict this Pattern with the very Dimensions. The Primary Example, will be the House of YHVH in Jerusalem. One Argues, that this is the case with the Temple of YHVH and the Great Pyramid that this study suggests are directly related to each other Mathematically.

Geography is the study of the Earth and Topography is the study of the Physical Layout of the Geography, etc., in a very Simplistic Definition. This study also Contends that the Birthplace of the Messiah, Geographically was not merely a Random Place, but one chosen by YHVH. The Charts associated with this study will illustrate some of these possible Mathematical And Geographical Variables. They appear to correlate to Sacred Locations, Topographically. This is when one uses the Great Pyramid Pattern and Superimposed onto the Geographic Region of Israel.

It will be approximately illustrated that where the Birth of the Messiah occurred and where the Temple of YHVH stood, are in Direct Relation to the overall General Topography of the Regions consisting primarily of what is now the State of Israel, directly match the Great Pyramid Pattern in several Variations. The Great Pyramid consists of several main Compartments that are so far known to exist. They are the King’s Chamber, the Anti-Chamber, the Queen’s Chamber, and the Subterranean Chamber. There are 4 Prominent Shafts, 2 to the North and 2 to the South Side, each Protruding from the King and Queen’s Chambers.

There is the Ascending Path or Gallery and the Descending Path that leads to the Subterranean Chamber and the ‘Pit’. The Pyramid is a Marvel of Mathematics as it has been found to incorporate the Phi, Pi Relationships, the Speed of Light, the Radius and Circumference of the Earth, the Fractals for the distance to the Sun and the dimensions of the Earth relative to the Moon and so on. Its Layout and Coordinates face True North and are associated with other Ancient Mystery Places, like Stonehenge and Teotihuacán through sacred Earth Ley-Lines. It is believed that the Great Pyramid is a Physical Cosmic Celestial Clock that Keeps Time of the Precession of the Equinox, the Dispeller of the Ages.

Among other Implications is that Biblically, it can be ascribed to possibly being the Altar of Isaiah 19. If this is the case, then there is a Biblical Inference directly attributed to the Creator of the Bible. As such then there is to be found a certain degree of Divine Sacred Knowledge of Angles, Dimensions and Mathematics on Earth. It is then a Reflection the True Patterns in Heaven itself, Physically Incorporated in the make-up of the Great Pyramid. Some believe the Great Pyramid was built before the Flood of Noah, having been built by Enoch to Aliens and Ancient Egyptians. One aspect of the Pyramid’s Sacred Wisdom is that the Knowledge of its Construction has been lost. Such a Pyramid Physical Structure cannot be Replicated Today by the most Modern of Machinery.

Political Dimensions
As the Great Pyramid Pattern is placed over the Map of the Holy Land, with the anchor corner being the Great Pyramid itself and the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, as the King’s Chamber, then the Center Line follows the Earthquake Fault Line that runs North-South with Jerusalem. It is right at the Mid-Point that also consists of the Directional Flow of the River Jordan. This line also, if Extended to the Southern Extremities, would intersect the location that this study and others suggest Mount Sinai is actually located at, on the Arabian Peninsula, Jabal al Lawz.

Moreover, the Distance from North to South of the Dead Sea exactly matches the distance between the King’s Chamber and the Queen’s Chamber. The Southern Shafts correspond exactly to Tel Aviv and Ashdod. The Anti-Chamber directly correlates to Jericho and the Northern Upper Shaft has the direct markings of the delineation of the State of Jordan that was construed after World War 2. Those that Politically Partitioned the Country after the War, knew of this Pattern as the Geographical Division was made in Phi Ratio to Israel Proper on the East Bank of the River Jordan. What is peculiar about this Pyramid Shaft Alignment is that since the country of Jordan, for the most part lies in a Flat Desert Topography.

There are few Distinguishing Natural Landmarks other than the River Jordan to have had this Border-Line match exactly to the Shaft Angle that originates in the King’s Chamber. Its heading is North, on a Flat Map Dimensional Aspect. Amazingly, is that the State of Jordan and Israel both fit in a ‘Box’ based on the Golden Ratio. The Partition Plan of the U.N. sliced-out what is now Jordan, which should have gone to the Palestinians for their State, exactly in a Phi Ratio Division. This Decision and Double-Cross by the British to carve out a ‘Palestine’ out of Israel’s Portion on the West Bank of the Jordan River at the Last Minute.

This Political Betrayal has caused the Countless Death of Innocent Thousands, just on this 1 Notion of Drawing Imaginary Lines in the Sand. Many believe it was meant to Divide and Conquer and an Old Colonial Power Ploy to continue the Strife amongst local Ethnic Rivaling Factions to avert National Sovereignty and Nationalistic Movements until an Appropriate Time. If by Coincidence or Happenstance the Northeastern Boundary Line of the State of Jordan, exactly matches the Great Pyramid Ascending Shaft. Apparently, those in the ‘Know’ of such Esoteric Patterns perhaps had this as a Factor in following Sacred Patterns of Division that have to do with a Spiritual Aspect.

This study also suggests that based on a more Refined Examination of the Divine and Sacred Pattern of the Great Pyramid over the Temple Mount, where the House of YHVH once stood, the Sarcophagus that is found in the King’s Chamber, directly correlates to certain Aspects of the Dimensions of the Tabernacle of Moses. Many have believed that the Sarcophagus housed the Ark of the Covenant, but the Ark is a bit too wide to fit properly. The following are the Dimensions, in both Metric and in Inches of both the Ark and the Sarcophagus. Note that there is a slight Discrepancy as to the Most Accurate Measurement of the 7 Sacred Objects of the Tabernacle of Moses.

This is based on the Numerical Factors of what constitutes an Egyptian Inch of Measure and a Royal Cubit. A Royal Cubit is said to be 1.72 feet.

The Ark of the Covenant
Length: 1.15 Meters or 3.8 Feet or 45.3 Inches
Width:  0.7 Meters or 2.3 Feet or 27.6 Inches
Height: 0.7 Meters or 2.3 Feet or 27.6 Inches

Inner Dimensions of The Sarcophagus
Length: 1.977 Meters or 6.49 Feet or 77.83 Inches
Width = 0.677 Meters or 2.22 Feet or 26.65 Inches
Height = 0.872 Meters or 2.86 Feet or 34.33 Inches

This study suggests that the Sarcophagus of the King’s Chamber consists of this Divine Pattern, in proportion to the Dimensions of the Tabernacle of Moses. The King’s Chamber has almost a 1 for 1 Measurement Correlation by about 1 Royal Cubit in Height of the Sarcophagus to the Tabernacle. There is 1 Profound Association of the Sarcophagus, being directly related to the Ark. The Ark Geometrically faced East as the Sarcophagus does. The Ark was a Copy of the divine Throne of YHVH in Heaven’s True Tabernacle and Sacred Cube, the Holy of Holies.

The Ark is where the 10 Commandments, the Staff of Moses’ Brother and a Jar with a sample of Manna were contained. It had a Lid and was flanked by 2 Cherub Angles having Out-Stretched Wings that met at the Middle. This provided the Back Support. Interestingly, the Throne Chairs of the Popes in the Vatican use this same Pattern, especially when the Pope speaks ‘Ex-Cathedra’ or from the Throne in Latin. The Papal Throne is flanked also by 2 Angels and there is a representation of the Glory of the Presence as the Holy Spirit above the Throne Chair as it was with the Ark of the Covenant in the Tabernacle and Temples.

One interesting aspect about the subject of Priests and ‘Popes’ is that the Priests in the Tabernacle and Temples had to go Barefoot while performing the Sanctuary Service. Many speculate that this was to have the Body Grounded as the Ark of the Covenant and all the Gold that covered the Sanctuary, discharged a Current of Electricity so Powerful, it could Shock and Kill the Priests while in Service in the Chambers. This also does not take into account the actual Physical Manifestation of the Presence of Glory that perhaps Radiated the entire Structure as well.

Such a Condition based on the Physical Elements and the Topography had a Direct Affect as it pertained to Earth’s Sacred Ley-Lines on which the Sanctuary stood. It was subject to Enhanced Forms of Energy, due to the certain Sacred Angles and Degrees of the Earth. Perhaps such Energies had to do also with the Conductivity, due to the Gold Overlaying the Articles and the Inside of the Sanctuary but for example, as it pertained to the Tabernacle, for the most part, the Structure was set above Sand or a Sandy Floor.

Divine Template
The Mineral Composition of Sand, being a Form of Crystals, could have had a Circuit of Conductivity as well associated with the Metals of the Tabernacle. To this end, it has been said that during Yom Kippur for example, the High Priest would have a Rope fastened that in case there was a cause of Death in the Holy of Holies, he would be Dragged-Out by it. To reiterate, this study suggests that based on the Great Pyramid Pattern for one, the King’s Chamber is in Direct Proportion to the Holy of Holies.

The King’s Chamber, being nearly a Perfect Cube, would perfectly equal the Dimensions of ¾ the Tabernacle of Moses, that being the Holy of Holies and half the Length of the Holies. Many do not realize that, although the Tabernacle is said to be 10 Cubits High, it does not account for 2 Cubits that the Foundation was Anchored below the Ground. The Tabernacle Floor was Sand that is associated with the Sea, as in the Glassy Sea. In one sense, this served as a type of the ‘Sapphire Sea’, Under Foot as the Sand is composed of Crystals as sapphire in some cases.

This Sea Depiction correlates to how the Bible describes the very Throne of YHVH to be Suspended upon a Sea of Glass, of ‘Sand’, as if of Water…of Sapphire. As to the other Dimensions of the Tabernacle in particular, the Frontal Perspective of the Tabernacle had the same Great Pyramid Layout. As the Covering of various types of Mantels were Pitched-Over the Top of the Open Structure of the Tabernacle itself, it resembled the open Sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

The Coverings of the Tabernacle of Moses were Staked to the Ground, but interestingly the angle constituted the angle of the Pyramid, at around 52 Degrees and at a Phi Ratio to the 10x10 Cubit Façade of the Tabernacle. Perhaps in some Divine Mysterious Way such Angles and Mathematical Dimensions directly were reflecting the Dimensions of the very Throne Entrance of the Creator, to an extent. The following are the breakdown of the 7 Main Furnishings of the Tabernacle in Royal Cubits in Length, Width and Height.

ARK                        = 2.5 x1.5x2.5
Golden Altar            = 1x1x2
Table of Bread         = 1.5x1x2

Holy of Holies          =10x10x10
Holy Place               =20 x10x10
Tabernacle Court    =100x50
Brazen Altar            =5x5x3

One Fascinating Correlation, about the Triangulation of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, from Giza as a corner, when Superimposing  the entire Pyramid over Israel, specifically centered over Jerusalem, the 2 other Triangle End-Points, correlate to some peculiar Locations in the Promised Land. In the North, the Apex of this Divine Template of the Great Pyramid pattern is associated with a Town called Amioun; the Capstone would correlate to the Latitude of Byblos.

Building Blocks of the Universe
The 2nd End-Point of the Great Pyramid Base Pattern would correlate to an Obscure Arid Place that has a Swastika Type of Layout at a 72 Degree Angle. This is not to suggest that the Sacred Dimensions of YHVH’s Glory and Temple are associated with the Swastika but to mention that the Swastika, all the same, is an Ancient Sacred Geometric Configuration that has been used for Evil. As far as Byblos is concerned, it is alleged to be the 1st City built by the Phoenicians. The Connotation of the Phoenicians is that of the Phoenix and associated with Mars in some Esoterically and Mysterious Way.

Many believe that they are in some Measure, the remaining Descendants of those that survived the Atlantean Cataclysm. It is also where the Word ‘Bible’ comes from, Biblia in the Plural Form from the Greek. Their King was Cronus, who is said to have built the City. It is 1 of the Oldest Continuously Inhabited Cities of the World. Pertaining to Amioun, it is the Biblical Geval (Hebrew: גבל‎) that means Mountain Peak and from where Jabal as in Jabal-al-Lawz is derived from. It is rather befitting to have the ethereal divine pattern of the Great Pyramid have its Apex as an actual Place named, Mountain Peak.

According to some Assertions, pertaining to Gematria, it has been divulged that as far as Sacred Geometry used to construct the Universe is concerned, there were 5 Basic Elements that correlate to the 5 Basic Numbers and Geometric Structures used to form Creation, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Each corresponds to the following Geometric Configurations: the Circle, the Line, the Triangle, the Square and the Star, all in Phi Ratio. The Number Sequence goes to 9, but for the purpose of this study, the 1st 5 are Highlighted. The following is a very simplistic outline of these numerical Building Blocks of Creation.
These are even seen as the basic format of the Throne of YHVH, as depicted in Numerous Visions of the Prophets in both the Old and New Testament, of a 4-Square Throne. This Mathematical Composition of the ‘Building Blocks’ used by the Creator starts with a Point. A Singularity. This automatically will denote a Fixed Location in a Place, but not tied to Time. As with the ‘Big Bang’ Theory, there was a Point of Singularity. As it Radiated-Out, it then produced Matter, Space and Time. The Radius now produced a Circumference; that constitutes a Circle.

The Measure of a Distance from its Center to another Place now Denotes a line which speaks of Distance and now Measurement. The Dimension of ‘Time’ now configures a Division and a Principle of Duality in All Things. The Triangle speaks of Unity and is the single most Sound Structure for Reinforcement found in the Universe.

The Square correlates to the Number 4 that is the most Recognizable Structure in all things built by Man. The Number 5 correlates to a Pentagram that has within its Dimensions the Infinite Ability to Reproduce itself as it incorporates the Phi Ratio Spiral Principle found in the invisible ‘Signature of YHVH’. This Phi Ratio is found within the Great Pyramid Pattern in many aspects.

Temple Mount Pyramid Pattern
For example, the Distance from the Top of the Great Pyramid to the Base called the Apothem plus 1/2 the Distance of the Pyramid Base produces the Golden Section or Phi. Based on Biblical Observations of what the Throne Room of YHVH consists of, there is a Circle, a Square, and a Triangle at least. The Line is associated with the Temple. It is seen on several Accounts of the Heavenly Visions in the Bible.

YHVH Instructs a Line of Measurement to be taken to Measure the Temple. Such as in the case of Ezekiel’s Temple, for example. The Bible depicts the Throne of YHVH as being Encircled by a Rainbow. This would constitute the Circle as the lower Half of a Rainbow is not seen on Earth. But a Circular One in Heaven’s Throne can be. The Square is depicted by the mere Fact that the Throne of YHVH in Heaven Marks the 4 Cardinal Points of the Universe.

These Facets correspond to the 4 Living Creatures that appear to the Sentinels of them, etc. Then the Holy of Holies is a Perfect Square. Thus, the one Replicated on Earth directly corresponds to the one in Heaven itself. It is from there that YHVH instructed Moses and King David to build His Throne on Earth. The Triangle is not directly seen in the visions of the Throne Room of YHVH other than an Inference and Correlation of how there are 3 that Bare Witness in Heaven, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, etc. 

The Apex would be Depicting the 1 True GOD, YHVH. In some Biblical depictions of the Throne of YHVH, it has the 2 Lampstands or Olive Trees. There are the 4 Living Creatures, then the 7 Spirits as seen as a ‘Menorah’ of Lights. Then the 24 Elders as the Base; this makes-up the ‘Celestial Pyramid’. Each can then be counted-out Numerically as shown to make up a ‘Pyramid Pattern’.


     2 Witnesses

       The GOD-Head

             4 Living Creatures

                                       7 Spirits of GOD

       24 Elders

This study also suggests that the Temple Mount Platform has the similar Base Surface Area of the Great Pyramid. Without reading too much into these Correlations between the 2 Sacred Structures, they do have some Striking Attributes that are very similar in Perspective and Purpose. For example, the Sarcophagus is facing East as would the Ark of the Covenant, being the Throne Chair.

The Grand Gallery is indicative of how Christ ascended-up and down the Land of Israel during His ministry as He and His Disciples would travel from Galilee to Mount Zion on the North to South Longitude. The Temple Mount in the Times of Jesus had 2 Main Entrances to the South. There was the Triple Gate and the Double Gate. These 2 pathways led under and up to the Temple Mount Platform.


King’s Chamber                      Holy of Holies
Queen’s Chamber                   Court of the Women
The Pit                                    Kidron Valley

Shaft to Orion’s 3 Stars          Triple Gate on South Side
Shaft to Sirius Star                  Double Gate

Based on the Great Pyramid Overlay of the Temple Mount, one can now see why the Triple Gate had 3 Doors. They corresponded to the 3 Belt Stars of Orion. The Double Door Entrance corresponded to the Stars in Sirius, etc. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, essentially models the Design of the Great Pyramid. The 2 other Shafts, to the North, correspond to the Star in Draco. This corresponded to the Fortress of Antonia, as it was emblematic of Lucifer’s or the Dragons’ Domain and Opposition, etc.

These 2 Passage Ways correlate to the 2 Ascending Shafts of the Pyramid that are aligned to the South. So, realize that the Temple itself, is the Temple of the King of the Universe. And He has a Chamber, the Holy of Holies. By Correlation, the Dimensions of the Holies, perfectly correlates to the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Outside the King’s Chamber at a lower Elevation was the Queen’s Chamber. This correlates to how outside the immediate Temple was the ‘Court of the Women’; that of the Queen, the Bride of Christ. Below the Temple complex to the East was the Kidron Valley that correlates to the Pit of the Subterranean Chamber where the refuse was drained of the Sacrificial Blood and Waist, etc.

The Center Line that bisects the Pyramid aligns with the Golden Gate on the East Side of the Temple Mount complex itself. A Secondary Great Pyramid Template is Superimposed over a Geographical Map of Israel but with a Rotation of 90 Degrees that will illustrate some amazing Correspondences Geographically. In this Depiction, there are also some very unique Attributes that correlate to ley-lines that appear to match very significant geographical Markers directly based upon certain Topography. Again, the Great Pyramid pattern is shown with a slight Distortion to match the Earth’s Curvature. In this Depiction, if the Focal Point is made to be the King’s Chamber as it correlates to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Israel, the Throne of the LORD

Then the Queen’s Chamber would correspond to Jericho. The Subterranean Chamber would correspond to the Ancient area just outside Amman, Jordan. The Apex of the Pyramid Pattern correlates to the Gas Fields just offshore of Israel in the Mediterranean called Mari. It coincidentally has one of its Corners as the Exact Apex of the Pyramid Pattern and comprises the ‘Capstone’ of the Ethereal Pyramid over Israel.

The Base Corner Points of the Pyramid Pattern would correlate to the Shobak Castle in the South. This was the Crusader Castle built by Baldwin in the Middle Ages. The 2 Ascending Shafts to the south correspond precisely to the places called Lav Yatir and Lahav at the edge of the Negev Desert. The 2 other Ascending Shafts to the North correspond to the Orot Rabin Power Plant on the Coast and Kafr Ra’l. Is it any wonder why a particular Power Plant would be built on such a Location or Energy Ley-Line? Moreover, this particular Power-Plant is in Phi Ratio as it relates to the entire Length of Israel’s Border on the Mediterranean Coast.

There is an Alternative Theory to the purpose of the Great Pyramid; that it was a Giant Power Plant of some sort Harnessing Energy. There might be some Truth to this Notion as the Minerals and Crystal of the Granite Stones that comprise the Quartz within the Pyramid have been proven to generate a Frequency and Resonance in the King’s Chamber.

As to other Peculiarities of this Great Pyramid Layout, the intersection of where the Ascending Gallery begins converges at the Base of the Sea of Galilee, called Ma’agan. What is also interesting is that the Circumference of the Pyramid Circle bisects both Petra to the South and Mount Hermon to the North. Also, as to the Ley-Lines of the Pyramid Pattern, the overall Circle of the Pyramid Circumference defines the Length of the Gaza Strip.

One very unique Feature about this rendition of the Great Pyramid Template over Israel, at a 90 Degree Rotation, is that the Line that is Horizontal at the Queen’s Chamber denotes the Topography of Israel that spans the exact Length of the Base of the Pyramid Pattern, as if with Water is protruding from the Pyramid or is suspended on Top of it.

It would seem that the Pyramid is sitting atop a Sea of Sapphire. This water composition consists of the Dead Sea, the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee. From the Air, the lower Portion of the Dead Seas does have a ‘Sapphire’ Color to it. This has a profound correlation to the heavenly Throne as the Bible depicts the Throne Room of YHVH.

In the Heavenly Mount Zion, it is set on a High, above the ‘Waters’ of a Glassy Sapphire Color Sea. This corresponds to the Color of ‘Sapphire’ which is a Teal Bluish-Green Color. As it pertains to the Great Pyramid Pattern and the Topography of the Promised Land, this 90-Degree Rotation depicts the Grand Gallery, as the Cross-Section of the West Bank.

Nation as a Throne upon a Glassy Sea
The Ascending Shaft from the King’s Chamber has an Angle that directly bisects Bethlehem. What is most interesting about the Phi Ratio Association, as it pertains to Bethlehem in this configuration, is that if a Phi Ratio Spiral is set from the Apex Point of Amioun, in the North to the Queen’s Chamber in relation to the King’s Chamber to Mount Sinai, in the South, a Perfect Vesica Pisces is construed in the middle where Bethlehem is situated.

This has Enormous Implications Symbolically or at least Geographically. Bethlehem was the Physical Location on Earth where YHVH chose the Messiah to be Birthed from a Geographic Perspective on Earth. It would be befitting of this Region where Bethlehem is apt to represent a womb in Sacred Geometric sense. Additionally, this ‘Vesica’ spans the length of the Dead Sea, that is approximately 33 Miles in Length.

The Queen’s Chamber corresponds to the Geographic Location of the Dead Sea that bisects Northern and Southern Portions and wherein, the Division is again in a Phi Ratio Proportion. This study further suggests that the exact Place on Earth, of where in Bethlehem Jesus Christ was Born, is even directly related to a Sacred Number and GPS coordinate. More study has to be done to Ascertain this Variable but perhaps it is related to the Triangulation of the 3 Major Stars of Antares, Arcturus and Regulus that comprised the celestial Great Pyramid Pattern within the Constellation Virgo during that Time on September 11, -3 BC.

This Celestial Depiction occurred when Jupiter became ‘Stationary’, due to its Retrograde. It was in the Constellation of Virgo in the Southern Sky over Bethlehem just around the Winter Solstice in -2 BC. This is the time believed by some to be when the Magi actually came for the Visitation and Presentation to the King. This unique Time was also Highlighted by a Total Blood Moon on the 26th of December, as if to Foreshadow Jesus’ purpose for His Birth, etc.

It was, at which Time Jupiter thereafter began its Retrograde Forward Motion through Virgo. In illustrating this Perceived Sacred Divine Pattern, associated directly to the Dimensions of the very House of YHVH foremost, the Great Pyramid Pattern has been shown to correlate to Key Geographic and Topographical Locations in Israel. The Great Pyramid Pattern has had to have a slight Distortion to match the Earth’s Curvature.

The illustrated charts have shown that when the Sacred Pyramid Pattern is Superimposed over the Geographical Area of Israel, with the actual Great Pyramid as one of the Corners, there are some Amazing Coordinates and Correlations with the Temple Mount and with other Unique Geographical Attributes of the Promised Land. When the King’s Chamber and the Great Pyramid of Giza itself are Triangulated, the following Approximate Locations are directly associated Geographically. The Queen’s Chamber directly corresponds to Bethlehem. The Center Line dividing the Great Pyramid pattern constitutes the majority of the Jordan River System to include the northern border limits of the State of Israel, the Sea of Galilee, and the Dead Sea.

The Inner Dimensions of the King’s Chamber approximate the ‘Square’ that will comprise the Jerusalem City Limits, during the Millennial Reign of Christ, being 50 Square Miles or 25 x 25 Miles Long. And so, what is the Significance of all this? For one, it shows that the Creator of the Universe has intricately Encoded the very Dimensions of the Heavenly Throne Pattern onto the Earth in various Fashions to include the Geography and even the very Topography of the Holy Land.

It even Pertains to the Location of where the Messiah, the Son of GOD was to be Born and where the Temples of the LORD were to be built and situated and will be again. Hopefully, this study has given a New Appreciation for the Layout of the Promised Land that is still to be ‘Conquered’ Mathematically in Deciphering all its Sacred Geometric Values. The Working Hypothesis, is that perhaps the Great Pyramid Reflects what Heaven is Patterned after and what the Millennial Temple and New Jerusalem that are to come thereafter, will Mathematically are going to be like.

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