Encrypted Word Study of Isaiah 14 Fall of Lucifer

  • Is there a message in Isaiah 17 when AntiChrist appears?
  • Is the possible prophetic implications tied to Allah?
  • Does the Matrix reveal  when the Tribulation Starts?

by Luis B. Vega
for PostScripts News (PSN) | www.PostScripts.org
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‘How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, Son of the Morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, you who destroyed the Nations of the world!’  –Isaiah 14:12

​The purpose of this study is to investigate the Numerical Indices ascribed to the Hebrew Holy Scripture based on the Strong’s Hebrew Concordance that converge on the Year 5776. Will this Year see the Countdown begin of the ‘Phoenix’ AntiChrist? It appears that certain Hebrew Words are Prophetically Associated with certain Word-to-Year Coefficients. This Evaluation will be based on Isaiah 14. This is the chapter exposing the Identity, Quest and Nature of the Fall of Lucifer, or Helel.

The Primary Supposition is that there are several Key Pivotal Words specifically from verses 12 to 15 that have such words as Lucifer in Hebrew that interestingly has the Strong’s Concordance Number of 1966. Another Hebrew word that will be evaluated will be what the encrypted, ‘I will Ascend’ that Lucifer extols. The other Word that has a peculiar Strong’s Number indexed in 2022 is the Word, ‘On the Mount’. This encryption of Years renders the Code of 7-5776-7 in the verses.

Could this encryption suggest that the Year 5776 is when a Countdown of initiation of sorts of the New ‘Phoenix’ is to make way for the AntiChrist? It is understood by Bible Scholars that the Strong’s Concordance or Index Numbering System is not Divinely Inspired by the Holy Spirit, on the whole. Neither is the Delineation of Verse Divisions for the entire Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament. Nonetheless, perhaps there might be a slight Prophetic Inspiration or suggestion based on particular passages like the Fall of Lucifer.

Perhaps the section of the verses from 12 to 15 is a Matrix of Hidden Codes. This study suggests that this Matrix alludes to the Timeline of the last AntiChrist of Lucifer, Countdown begins after 2015. The Timeline that this study suggests that the final and last AntiChrist correlates from 1966 to 2022. It also divulges a Crypto Identity of Lucifer and the Year that the Last AntiChrist is to be revealed to the World. The

particular Matrix configured will show an Encrypted Code of 5776, the Jewish Year corresponded to 2015, the Year of Light and ‘Liberty’. To the Luciferians, it was Anno Lucis, the Year of Lucifer. The word study will bring out the notion that the 5 ‘I Wills’ of Lucifer in Hebrew found in Isaiah 14:12-15 are centered and commence with the Semitic word ‘Allah’. Moreover, it will be shown that in terms of the Calligraphic Rendering of Allah in Arabic, it is consistent with a depiction of a ‘Serpent in the midst of a Tree’ or a ‘Baphomet’.

Countdown to AntiChrist
This is the Crypto Identity of Lucifer that encompasses the Spirit of Iniquity. This study strongly suggests that this Depiction is also encoded as a Motif of the Constellation of Ophiuchus and Serpens. It mirrors, on one Esoteric and Astronomical level, the Contention between Lucifer and Ēl ʿElyōn, the LORD Most High. There will be other Occult and Luciferian Symbols that will be looked at associated with the Hebrew word of Lucifer, Helel aka ‘Allah’.

The section of Isaiah 14 revealing the Fall of Lucifer could be Prophetically Encoded with the ‘Season’ that could correlate to the advent that will lead to the unveiling and Final Countdown to Lucifer’s Last AntiChrist, the 3rd World War, the building of the 3rd Time and the Return of the True Christ, Jesus. This study presumes that the Strong’s Concordance of 1966 to 2022 found within the Matrix of Isaiah 14:12-15 passage could very well be an encrypted Code to a Word-to-Year Correlation.

It is rather intriguing to consider such a Prophetic Hypothesis as some interpret Scripture. In terms of the Year 1966, it is a monumental Occult and Luciferian Watershed Year. This study suggests that the Year 2022 could thus correlate, to some Measure, when the start of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years and the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ at Armageddon are to occur. At the core of the Matrix, it appears that the Hebrew Year 5776 or 2015 is encoded into the very ‘DNA’ of the Isaiah 14 Matrix based on the word order and count. By one estimation, the Year 5776 constituted the last 120th Jubilee Cycle specifically and could be the Countdown Year that the AntiChrist in 2025.

This would mimic Jesus’ Ministry commencement and Proclamation of the Jubilee Year. Based on previous Research, by some interpretation 1966 might have started the Countdown to the last Sabbath Cycle. This means that the whole Economy of the 6000-Year span of Human History is to conclude with the remaining extra Minutes to run out the Prophetic Clock of Israel that is remaining to finish the Prophet Daniel’s last Week of Years is to start. According to the Sabbath Cycle, it would correspond to 2025-2032.

Thus, this timeline from 2015 that spans a subsequent 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle from 2022-2029 could be the long- Prelude to the Tribulation Period that many suppose could be a possible scenario of the Last Days. Regardless, this AntiChrist will be the last and final one, the Son of Perdition, the False Messiah and counterfeit Jesus Christ in every way possible, the Antithesis Mystery of Iniquity. The last AntiChrist of Lucifer will be the one in which Lucifer will indwell in Bodily Form, to confront the true Christ, Jesus at His 2nd coming on the Last Day of the Battle of Armageddon ‘On the ‘Mount’.

Not only was the fall of Lucifer inferring to the Mount of the LORD in Heaven, the Heavenly Zion but also is a double entendre to infer to the one on Earth. This will be ironically ‘On the Mount’, Strong’s number 2022 of the LORD which is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It is the Temple on the Mount in which the last AntiChrist of Lucifer will occupy, sit in and defile during the 2nd Half of the Tribulation Period. Perhaps this Strong’s Number-To-Word Association might hint at the Prophetic Significance of a 3rd Temple.

Strong’s Numeration of Lucifer
It speaks of how it comes with the contention for the ‘Mount of the LORD’, the Earthly Zion or Jerusalem during the Battle of Armageddon. The Isaiah Matrix is insinuating a Timeline that focuses on the Year 2022 with the battle of the 2 Christs, the showdown of the 2 Incarnations of each respective Christ’s, Lucifer’s and YHVH’s. This will be the time and in space where the Thesis and the Antithesis in every sense of the Word converge to bring the True Balance to the Universe; a New World Order.

According to the Bible, it will be Jesus’ ‘New World Order’ of the true Christ that has already won the victory against Lucifer’s insurrection before the foundations of the World were made. Jesus is the slain Lamb of GOD that took the Sins of Humanity upon His physical body as GOD the Son became a Man and Died on Calvary. The return of this ‘Pierced One’ will distinguish who the real Christ is. This encrypted word study of Isaiah 14:12-15 is predicated on the notion that the Strong’s Numerical Index ascribed to the entire Hebrew Codex perhaps has some hints of Prophetic Association in having certain Numbers ascribed to their corresponding Hebrew Word.

In the Strong’s Numerical Indices, each word is assigned an Index Number for reference and in Alphabetical Order. In other words, the Word for Lucifer, Helel, occurs for the 1st Time in the Hebrew Bible at the 1,966th Word Count based on its Alpha Order and Rank. If by Coincidence or Random Chance, nonetheless the specific reference to the Hebrew Word for Lucifer, Helel is striking.

The Strong’s Number of 1,966 that this study suggests perhaps is suggesting the Year 1966. The Strong’s Concordance was initially derived by James Strong and over 100 Colleagues that numerated each Letter of the King James Bible. Based on the Research, the Strong’s Concordance is not meant to be a commentary of the Scriptures but provides a more technical and impartial explanation of the Words. The following is the Strong’s Hebrew Concordance in reference to the Isaiah 14:12-15 passage that will be converted to a Word Matrix.

The AntiChrist Matrix is construed with the following parameters based on the natural Hebrew word order and sequence from the rendering of the Fall of Lucifer as disclosed in Isaiah 14:12-15. The Matrix follows the Word Parameter of the 7 Word Stanza as the limit of the number-to-word placements. The Strong’s Number is at the top of the Matrix. The phonetic pronunciation constitutes the next line. The actual Hebrew Lettering follows with the English Translation associated with each Word. Hebrew is read right to left.

Each square is assigned a counting number, from 1 to 42, which constitutes the 7 Places x the 6 Stanzas. Thereafter the Words are only ascribed a number in each stanza. For example, in the 2nd Stanza, there are 7 Places or Ranks but only 5 words are numbered, etc. Another indirect observation of the Isaiah AntiChrist Matrix is that the Hebrew Word Order on numerous occasions such as with the Word Order of the passage in Isaiah 14 can be seen as a Menorah Type Pattern.

AntiChrist Matrix
This depiction has the Center Stem of the Menorah as the most prominent attribute that delineates its whole symmetry much like a ‘Tree’. It is within this 4th Ranking or center stem of the AntiChrist Matrix in Isaiah 14 that the Encrypted ‘Codes’ of the Lucifer Timeline, Identity and Year are based on. Surprisingly, the center of the center stem is Lucifer’s ‘I Will Ascend’, which is rendered ‘Allah’. It is his declaration that starts his 5 ‘I Will’ statements against YHVH.

How befitting in this rendering of the Matrix imagery of having Lucifer, with his declarative defiance of ‘I Will Ascend’ aka Allah depicted Calligraphically as the Serpent that it is in the midst of a tree. The Matrix also suggests that the Mile-Marker of the AntiChrist was reached in 5776. The Tribulation Period will be as if Lucifer is once again as the Shining Serpent in the midst of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden promising Humanity ‘Eternal Life’ and defaming the Word and directives of YHVH. Interestingly as the Hebrew is read right to left, the Word Count for the 1st I Will Ascend of Lucifer which means ‘Allah’ corresponds to the 18th Word.

This Word in the Rank and Order Numerically has a further encryption of a 6+6+6, the Mark of the Beast or ‘Code’ of the AntiChrist, the Dragon Serpent that is how Allah is depicted when written in Arabic. This Isaiah 14 Encryption of Lucifer being the serpent Allah that was cursed by YHVH in Paradise for causing the fall of Adam and Eve is reminiscent of the shining Bronze Snake on a pole of the Old Testament. In contrast, its duality is that of Jesus that became Sin and took the Curse of Adam and Eve’s fall upon Himself on another Tree, that of the Cross of Calvary. 

This event of the crucifixion of Jesus was foreshadowed and illustrated by the Shining Bronze Serpent of judgment that Moses lifted up in the Wilderness as the Serpents, like Lucifer, Poisoned the People of YHVH. The cure would only require a look toward the ‘Shining Snake’ in belief to be made whole. The hot Sun of the desert radiated the Bronze that made the Emblem shine like a Beacon. It is now Jesus that is lifted up at Calvary, as He stated, ‘Will draw all Men and Women to Himself’; if He is presented as the LORD Crucified. Even many so-called Christian Churches don’t and the Religion such as Islam negates it and in the Spirit of AntiChrist puts those that do to Death for it.

It only takes a glance and in faith believing that Jesus died on a ‘Pole’ that provides the cure for Lucifer’s Venom, Death, etc. Jesus is the Light of the World and is the only Beacon of Hope for Eternal Life and Forgiveness of Sins Humanity has. In terms of the Encrypted Timeline, the 1966 to 2022 Timeline is also derived from this 4th Center Column in the AntiChrist Matrix of Isaiah 14. The Matrix is divided into 2 halves horizontally also with the Strong’s Number of 1966 being the Apex that starts with the word Lucifer. The 2nd bottom half corresponds to the Word ‘On the Mount’ at the Apex that correlates to the Strong’s Number 2022. This 2nd Axis produces a ‘Cross’ Depiction of the entire Matrix. The center of the ‘Cross’ would be Lucifer’s I Will Ascend statement or Al-e-lah.

This again depicts the Curse of the Serpent that Jesus took the place of the Curse on the Cross of Calvary to not only forgive Humanity of Sin but to destroy Lucifer by it. This study thus suggests that the Matrix not only renders the Encrypted ‘Code’ or Numerical Coefficient of the Timeline 1966-2022, the Crypto Identity of Lucifer but the actual Year in which Lucifer’s Last AntiChrist is to be revealed after Fall of 2025. What will cause the Revealing could be a factor of the coming Rapture or World War 3 or the New World Order. One is arguing that a 3.5 Year Transition Gap is in play before Daniel’s Last Week of Years begins.

The assertion of the Codes is based solely on the Number-to-Year association and on the word rank and order of the Isaiah 14:12-15 Matrix from Glory to the Pit. The verses themselves from 12 to 15 could even correlate to 2012 to 2015. To reiterate, the Year 5776 is derived from the following AntiChrist Matrix associations in the Isaiah 14 passage suggesting that Lucifer’s ascent or descent depending on one’s Eschatology will occur by way of the unveiling of the AntiChrist.

He will be the ‘Savior’ who comes on the Scene to create a New World Order out of the Orchestrated Chaos. The 5776 Code is configured by the 7 Words across and 6 Sentences deep. One particular amazing Code comes forth, 7-5776-7 with 2022 as when Lucifer appears ‘on the Temple Mount’. In the Matrix, the 1st Sentence has 7 words. The 2nd Sentence has only 5 Words. The 3rd Sentence has 7 Words as well as the 4th sentence. The 5th Sentence has 6 Words, and the last Sentence has 7 Words.

If these Numerical Values are written from left to right, the following Code emerges: (7) 5-7-7-6- (7). Could this be the Hidden Code in the Matrix and a clue that the Jewish Year of 5776 is when the AntiChrist is to be revealed exactly 7 Years later? This man will be unveiled as the long-awaited Messiah of both the Jews and the Muslims. It will be Lucifer who Descends to Indwell or Incarnate into this Body during the last 42 Months of the Tribulation or the Time of Jacob’s Troubles. The following is the summary of the Encrypted Pattern that emerges from Isaiah 14:12-15.

1st sentence  = 7 words
2nd sentence = 5 words
3rd sentence  = 7 words
4th sentence  = 7 words
5th sentence  = 6 words

6th  sentence = 7 words

As it has been noted, the descent of AntiChrist has a season association, that of 1966 to 2022. The revealing of this Man of Sin will coincide with a 3.5 Year Gap from 2022 if the Matrix is valid and reliable. This Year could see the End of the Church Age the Year before only to have thus be the Initiating Year of sorts. Thus, could it be that in 2025 is when this AntiChrist will be initiating the Daily Sacrifices on the newly rebuilt 3rd Temple and Altar of Sacrifice? Regardless of this Speculation, the Return of Jesus with the Bride will occur on the Last Day of the Battle of Armageddon precisely, ‘On the Mount’.

Jesus’ Return was confirmed by the Angels to the Disciples as they looked-up when Jesus was taken up in a Cloud 10 days prior to the Jewish Shavuot of the Feast of New Grain. If this AntiChrist Matrix is truly an Encryption, then could the End of the Church Age occur on a Pentecost, Feast of New Wine, 50 Days later. Nevertheless, the Descent of Lucifer is overtly seen Cryptically. It speaks to the quest and Subsequent Destiny of Lucifer, his Progressive Fall that will end-up in the Lake of Fire. To reiterate, this Hypothesis of a certain Timeline being Prophetic, is based on the 7-77-7 Delineation of the Isaiah 14:12-15 Hebrew Word Matrix. The 1st Sentence has 7 Words; the middle 2 Sentences have 7 Letters and the last one has 7 Letters.
If the Strong’s Numbers are thus rendered to only the beginning of each, then the following Pattern is configured.

7 words           O Lucifer                     1966    time of Ascent…
7 words           Allah                           

7 words           On the Mount              2022    time of Descent
7 words           Will be cast down

‘O Lucifer, Allah, on the Mount you will be brought down’

A 2nd Matrix is taken from the Strong Hebrew Bible specifically related to the Word-to-Year associated time from 1966 to 5776 as suggested by the Isiah 14:12-15 verse composition. This Time Period is delineated based on the 7-fold Sabbatical Cycle Pattern that corresponds to the 7 Cycles of Time that comprise 49 Years from 1966 and the subsequent Liberation of the Temple Mount in the Earthly Zion in Jerusalem.

Based on the Strong’s Indexed Numbers corresponding to the subsequent Years from 1966 to 5776 that constitute 56 Years to 2022. The following is another Encryption within the Matrix. The possible Interpretation and Inference are as follows. ‘O Lucifer, coming from far away and back in Time has come forward to go forth up and down as the Smiter that prolonged his Timing, like Haman will on from that point forward, come to Overturn, Pervert and Convert.’

SH 1966 heylel hay-lale'
Lucifer, the Morning-Star from SH 1984. (32 AD death of Jesus to end of Jubilee 2016 = 1984)

1) SH 1973 - halah haw-leh-aw'
From far away; back in time thus far thence forth goes forward.

2) SH 1980 - 1980 halak haw-lak'
To walk along, behave (self), come out, continually marching, speedily.

3) SH 1987 - Helem hay'-lem
He is the smiter; Helem, the name of two Israelites.

4) SH 1994 - himmow him-mo'
He prolonged {him- mone'}; them, those.

5) SH 2001 - haw-mawn'
Like Haman, the Persian vizier.

6) SH 2008 - hennah hane'-naw
On this side, since that way, thitherward.

7) SH 2015 - haphak haw-fak'
Come to turn about or over; to change, overturn, return, pervert, change, and convert.

Religion of Lucifer
This is of course Conjecture, but this same type of Encryption has been found in the names of the Patriarchs in the Book of Genesis solely based on the Definition and Meaning of the Names. The theme of this Encryption would appear to be consistent with the nature and Spirit of AntiChrist. According to the Bible, the AntiChrist cannot be revealed until the Church Age has ended. This means that the Last Gentile has to be Saved, to complete the Count. Moreover, the speculation of 5776 is that it is a ‘Capstone’ that has to be completed. And perhaps the Matrix is a 7-Year Sabbatical Prelude to 2025 then.

The Year 2022 was ‘New Beginning Sabbath Cycle though. Currently, it is about a World Transition that will be the greatest Economic Collapse in Human History. This is in reference to the Catalyst that will be the Fall of the USA that in turn will tail spin all other Global Markets and initiate the ‘Overturning’, ‘Change’ and New World Order needed thereafter. Then the Jewish Year of 5776 could be interpreted as being the Year of the AntiChrist in ‘Preparation’ for the coming Week of Years with a 10-Year Countdown. Thus, the following 7-Years + the 3.5 Year Gap is seeing the transition to the coming New World Order as a result of the Rapture, World War, and the end of the Church Age, or all the above.

The word Matrix is consistent with a Jubilee Cycle from 1966. Will events surrounding 2025 see such a Manifestation or a Prelude to the actualization of the Prophetic Pattern based on Sabbath Cycles? The Year 2025 would also collaborate with the Bible Prophecy and other Astronomical Signs that speak of a Synchronization of the various Timelines that appear to converge. To the Luciferians, the Timeline is in sync with the completion of their Great Work of seeing the ‘Capstone’ come into place in preparation for the AntiChrist debut shortly thereafter.

In terms of the Spirit of the AntiChrist, current World Events attest to the fact that the AntiChrist spirit has had and has its AntiChrist and AntiChrist Religions since Paradise to thwart the plan of YHVH to crush Lucifer’s head through the Seed of Eve. At this Place and Time, Lucifer has his particular Religion, the Sons of Mohammad that have opened wide Lucifer’s Gates of Hell upon the World. Their onslaught specifically is against the true Church and Bride of Christ, particularly in the Middle East. The so-called Religion of ‘Peace’ has been Merciless and Relentless in the Genocide of Christians and Jews since Mohammad.

Lucifer has used ISIS, ironically consisting of CIA, MOSSAD and Saudi backed Marauders to carry out this Religious War in preparation. ISIS, aka Lucifer, the ‘Son of the Dawn’ usurper is being used by the Muslims to decimate the Witness of Jesus, the True Christ to clear out Spiritually any Godly Influence for the coming of the AntiChrist. By some estimations, it will ultimately be the Confederation of ISIS and the other Jihadist factions that will comprise the Psalm 83 War against Israel, perhaps in order to coincide with the Isaiah 14 Matrix Timeline of 2025. One believes it is s Sign of pending Judgment.

This could be the led-up to Daniel’s 70th Year Tribulation Period. It has to do with the Atonement, and whose Sacrifice will be accepted. It is a throwback to Abel and Cain. The Jews have theirs on Yom Kippur. The Day of Sacrifice or ‘Slaughter’ of the Muslims is called the Feast of the Sacrifice. This feast is based on the False Interpretation of the Quran that Abraham attempted to sacrifice Ishmael and not Isaac. It will be a striking ‘Picture’ of the Spiritual Warfare between the 2 Seeds, which is that of the Woman and the Serpent. It is the way of Cain or the way of Abel’s regarding YHVH’s Sacrifice of Worship.

Could this ‘Time Coincidence’ be a foreshadowing as ISIS is inflicting a similar ‘Slaughter’ of YHVH’s People as in the days of Easter during Purim? This has happened before as the Yom Kippur War of 1973 saw the Egyptian army attack Israel on its Holiest Day while knowing that most Observant Jews and even Secular ones would be observing Worship Services that Sabbath. What is peculiar about the Yom Kippur war is the following. It occurred 7 Years after the Yom Kippur Date of 1966. It caught Israel off-guard as the Muslim Armies converged to attack Israel on the Holiest Day of YHVH’s Feast Days.

The Muslims know that many Devout Jews would be at the Synagogues and would not fight on this Day. Even though Israel lagged in putting-up a Defense in Time, it captured the Golan Heights, the entire Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank and Gaza. This was a 300% increase in the Land. What this study suggests is that the coming Prophetic Pattern will likewise mirror that of the Yom Kippur War. The coming War will likewise be attacked on its holiest day but perhaps cause Israel to expand its Territory as in 1967 and 1973. As this Prophetic Pattern follows the Phi Ratio of Growth, Time and Space, it would appear that such a scenario could be possible.

It is also based on the rise of the Spirit of Baphomet. Astronomically, ISIS is called the Syrian Sign. This Star, specifically Procyon, rose on Pentecost the 50th day when the Pope, Abbas and Peres were at the Vatican, adjacent to the Field of Mars ‘Praying’ for Jerusalem. Currently Lucifer is using Islam’s ISIS, the Moon God most appropriately and Lucifer’s inferred Pseudo Name as being one in the same as Allah, the God of the Muslims to make War with the Christians to make way for his ‘Savior’ AntiChrist. The elimination of the Christians will facilitate the Spirit of AntiChrist to ‘Confirm’ the Covenant with such Parties of the Many to include the U.S., the E.U., the U.N., and Russia.

On an aside note, Jesus will help facilitate the elimination of Christians as He will evacuate that Last Generation by way of the Rapture in preparation for the breaking of the Seal Judgments to literally be fulfilled in Space and Time. This Scenario among many will be after the ISIS-Israeli war that most likely will be Nuclear. Perhaps Syria will be the Flash-Point at a juncture that will demand Israel’s Samson Option, ergo the 3rd Masonic World War.  This War, according to the Masons is to complete the advent of the so-called ‘Pure and Luciferian Doctrine’ upon Humanity, devoid of Christianity or Christians in the World; there is to be no ‘God but Allah’.

In actuality, it is the God of the Masons, the Shining One, the Serpent, aka Lucifer himself as the I Will Ascend pronounced Al-e-lah. Again, this is reflected in the Encryption of the Isaiah Matrix. Allah is the Crypto Identity of Lucifer based on the 5 ‘I Wills’. It will be the prescripts of the Mandated Religion during the Tribulation. At the core of the Matrix is the particular rendering of ‘I Will Ascend’ in Hebrew. It can be pronounced Al-e-lah or Allah. Tribulation.

At the core of the Matrix is the particular rendering of ‘I Will Ascend’ in Hebrew. It can be pronounced Al-e-lah or Allah. Thus, this study strongly suggests that in essence, when Lucifer, ‘ben Shahar’, the Shining One, the serpent of old says, I Will Ascend, Lucifer is showing his coded or veiled identity as being ‘Allah’, the God of the Muslims. The 5 ‘I Wills’ of Lucifer are the following from Isaiah 14:12-15 that interestingly can correspond Geometrically to the 5 Points of the Pentagram. It is the Luciferian Manifesto. For thou hast said in thine Heart…

1. I will Ascend into Heaven,

2. I will Exalt my throne above the Stars of GOD:

3. I will Sit also upon the Mount of the Congregation,
    in the Sides of the North:
4. I will Ascend above the heights of the Clouds;

5. I will be like the Most-High.

Such a religion as Islam is in line with the Protocols of the Spirit of the AntiChrist as it specifically denies and negates the Physical Death of Jesus on Calvary and the Deity of Jesus. Islam emphatically Negates that Jesus is the Son of GOD, that Jesus is GOD the Son, and that the New Testament is the Final Revelation of YHVH. To the Muslims, Jews and Christians although Hypocritically called the ‘Children of the Book’, are considered Heretics and as such, subject to either Forced Conversion, Death or to be Taxed to death. To Mohammad and his Religion that was given by the supposed Angel Gabriel, it Negates the Gospel of Jesus as presented in anticipation in the Old Testament and realized in the New Testament.

It is ‘Another Gospel’ of which the Apostle Paul warned the Church Age of such Fallen Angels. That they would attempt to present along with Doctrines of Demons. Also, another observation of Helel in Hebrew is that the ending with the double LL. Pictorially it can be rendered as 2 Lightning Bolts. This was the Symbol of the Waffen SS Nazis. It might be a Stretch of the Imagination but when the Nazis Salute each other the compulsory greeting was called the Hitler Salute of Sieg Heil or ‘Hale Victory’.

The Root Word is ‘Hel’ that is the beginning of Hel-el, or Lucifer, thus ‘Heil Satan’. The SS wore not only this Ensign of the Double Lightning Bolt but the Skull and Bones as well. This is the same Symbol of the American branch of the Clandestine Nazi Fraternity of Yale University. Other Occult Symbols associated with Lucifer are the Pentagram and the Star and Crescent of the Muslim god Allah.

Last Religious World War
Such Symbols are Ancient and privy to the Luciferian Mystery Religions of Money and Markings. These Symbols of Power, of Spells and Magic are used to conceal and reveal the Mystic and Esoteric Wisdom of the ‘Serpent’ that teaches his Plebiscites the Dark Rites of Satan’s Kingdom. Thus, their Temples or Lodges are ‘Temples of the Serpent’ and Baphomet that mock the Temple of YHVH. This is in direct inference of how Jesus Christ was as the Bronze Snake. 

The Baphomet is used Clandestinely in the Satanic Occult White and Black circles but are also overtly used in Lucifer’s Masonic religion of so called ‘illumination’. Such Symbols of the Star, Blazing Torches and Crescents are used for example in the Shriners Organization. Technically the Shriners ascribe to the tenets of Islam. Their Symbol or Ensign is the Star and Crescent of Islam with the Sword of Subjugation if necessary. It is one clear example of the duplicity of the Religion of Lucifer that, on one hand, provides free Health Care to sick Children that may be seen as a noble and just cause for the betterment of Society.

All the while their Satanic counterparts sacrifice Little Children to Torture and drink their Blood as Vampires to induce Ecstasy. This State is induced by all the released Hormones of the Innocent and Terrorized Children that are sacrificed to acquire Demonic Power from Lucifer’s various Ranks of Fallen Angels. The supposed ‘Witness’ of Mohammad being the ‘Last Prophet’ of YHVH and the Angel being Gabriel that brought the Quran to Mohammad is a clear case of ‘Impersonation’.

It is how the ‘Spirits’ were not tested and the Angel not ascribing to Jesus all that Islam now negates about Jesus. For those Christians that erroneously believe that the ‘God’ of Islam is the ‘same’ so called GOD YHVH is Preposterous and Blasphemous. If YHVH is Allah, which nowhere once on the entire Old or New Testament is YHVH ever referred as the I Will Ascend One, how can Christians placate to the Muslims in an attempt to appease.

YHVH does not need to ‘ascend’, He already is. Muslims would not be slaughtering entire Christian communities presently in the Middle East thinking that they are doing ‘Allah’ a favor if they thought YHVH and Allah are the same, they don’t. It is Lucifer that based on the Root Definition, is referred to as being Allah, the ‘I Will Ascend One’. Nowhere in the Quran is YHVH referred to by such a Name. The Judeo-Christian Name of GOD, YHVH among many is not Allah and Muslims will never say nor can say ‘YHVH is Great’.

There are Foolish and Stupid Christians insisting that Isa is the Jesus of the Bible and Allah is the ‘All Merciful God’ of the ‘Peaceful’ Muslims. All the while the Muslim Texts call for a Protocol of Terror and Genocide of those Worshipers of YHVH and Jesus. Their Religion codifies Murder of Jews and Christians at the earliest opportune Time. In comparing Jesus and Mohammed, one only has to understand their Textual Source.

For Jesus and Christians, it is the New Testament. It exhorts such Disciples to, ‘Put on Christ and take up one’s Cross’.
The End Result will be People that Act, Think and do as Jesus. Jesus did not Condone Violence or Forced Subjugation of His prescripts upon People as Islam insists. In direct comparison, those that likewise are admonished to immolate Mohammed and his Actions, Thoughts and Prescripts, his Disciples will resemble ones exactly like Mohammad.

It is a matter of Historical Fact that Mohammad Killed, Raped, Pillages and Terrorized anyone not Submitting to the False Satanic Religion of Islam, the God Lucifer, ‘Allah’, the I Will Ascend One; not then and not now. No, the God of the Muslims is Lucifer Incognito. Islam is one of the Religions of Lucifer in which he has been using as a Tool to attempt to Destroy the True Witness of the Gospel that Jesus is the True Christ and Son of GOD. Realize that to the Kabbalists and Luciferians, Lucifer, is God is a ‘Christ’.

He is described as being ‘Anointed’ Cherub, and thus the rightful Christ. Islam is replete with the Spirit of the AntiChrist, of Baphomet. Islam is the Religion of Murder as their true ‘God’ is the Murderer from the beginning according to Jesus Himself who exposed Lucifer and for being the Father of Lies. This study suggests that even Jesus alluded to such Religions as Islam in that such Men and Women would be slaughtering the Witnesses of Jesus and thinking they are doing Allah a Favor.

The former Crypto Muslim President of the USA was a supposed ‘Christian’. If a True One, he would never have defended Islam or invited the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House nor bow down to Muslim Monarchs as he did all the above. The Muslim Brotherhood have burnt down almost all the Coptic Churches in Egypt during the Arab Spring. It seems that World Liberals in the West placate everyone exempt True Bible Believing Christians that know the Sacrifice of Jesus and History.

They are well aware of the Murderous Muslims that invaded the Middle East from Arabia. On the other hand, the ‘Right’ in American’s Government still appoint Golden-Sachs Money Changers to high offices that dictate Public and Foreign Policy. These False Jews, Edomites and Enemies of the Cross of Jesus cannot even mention His name but use it as a Curse Word. These are the very ones that have Orchestrated the Foreign ‘Bank Wars’ and use U.S. Soldiers as their Army to fight Illegal Wars.

These are the ones that have imploded the U.S. Economy and finally will perhaps by 2025. In terms of History, it was Mohammed and his Muslims that were in fact the first ‘Crusaders’ that slaughtered the Jews and Christians, and to this Day. The Comparison has to be observed at the Textual Level, despite what certain People or Groups or Denomination do in the Name of such ‘Prophets’. Jesus’ Gospel is that of loving one’s Enemies, feeding the Poor, looking after the Orphan and the Widows.

Jesus told Peter to put away the Sword at the Time of His Arrest and subsequent False Trials before His Crucifixion. Jesus did come to bring a ‘Sword’ but it would be a Spiritual Sword in that His Gospel would divide Families and People but unite Humanity through the Message within the Gospel, not the Literal Mutilation of the Body by a Literal Sword that the Muslims glory in.

Contention Point, the Temple Mount

Of such Religions like Islam, they are a Death Cult that are opposed to Life and Liberty; ‘those who hate Me love Death’ as stated in Proverbs 8:36. This context is of Wisdom that is attributed to the Christ. In 1 Corinthians 1:24, it is taught that Jesus Christ, crucified, is that Wisdom of YHVH. The Last Word for consideration of the Strong’s Number-to-Word Association in the Isaiah 14 Matrix is that of 2022, which is On the Mount and pronounced ‘Behar’.

The supposition is that 1966 is the start of the Countdown by the word ‘O Lucifer’, then the Last AntiChrist is to appear perhaps after the corresponding 60-Year Code within the Timespan. Thus, the End Date corresponds to 2022 that delineates the Matrix in half. It will be that Year possibly in which a Countdown to the coming AntiChrist is to be revealed along with the False Prophet to the World. And this path, prepared by the rise in the Spirit of Baphomet.

What may be occurring in the Text, is prophetically the Principle of the Duality of the Depiction in the Fall of Lucifer. Realize that in the Jewish reckoning of Time, a Year overlaps the Gregorian, etc. Lucifer is the one that with his AntiChrist seeks to sit on the Mount of the Assembly in the North. It will also be the case at the Return of Jesus as He cleanses the Temple Mount and is crowned King and sits perhaps on the Ark of the Covenant itself or a different Throne Chair. It is the case of 2 Christs vying for the same Space, the same Throne on Earth; the real Game of Thrones.

This was Lucifer’s literal Ploy in Heaven to set up his Throne and sit in the House of YHVH as ‘God’. Since Lucifer cannot do that in Heavenly Zion, his efforts to do so are made on Earth with the Earthly Zion by way of his AntiChrist throughout Time. The point of this study is suggesting that based on the Isaiah Matrix, there will a last AntiChrist and the 3rd Temple. Since Lucifer seeks to be like Ēl ʿElyōn, he desperately is a Copy-Cat in attempting to have a Messiah and be subjected to an Incarnation a Mortal Wound and Resurrection.

It could be a reason to actually know and feel what it is to be ‘human’. Perhaps Lucifer out of Envy, Pride and Jealousy, wants to know what it feels like to have the favor of YHVH that are to be bestowed on Humans. This will be the Honor and Glory given to Jesus above himself and his Fallen Angels. One thing is for sure, at the time of Jesus, the true Christ’s return, the AntiChrist will be occupying the whole of the Temple Mount and defending it against the arrival of Jesus with His Warrior Bride, the raptured Church. According to Zechariah 12-14, it will be on this proximity, the Mount of Olives to be precise that Jesus’ Feet will touch down across the Kidron Valley.

The AntiChrist will seek to match the encounter only to realize that as the Book of Revelation states the mere Parusía. The appearing of the Brightness of Jesus’s Holiness and Righteousness will destroy the AntiChrist by the mere Brightness of His Glory. Could this event be corresponding thus for the battle ‘On the Mount in Jerusalem soon after the 2022-2029 Shemitah Cycle starts. And with one’s 3.5 Year Overlap from 2022, it points to 2025 as being the Year the AntiChrist could be Revealed. Perhaps.

Return of the Jedi
This would correspond to the latest theory of the timeline beginning after 5776, a timespan from 2022 will perhaps constitute the 7-Year the Covenant of Death with the AntiChrist. The study does focus on just Words for the consideration using the Isaiah Matrix 1966-2022 Timeline, as just a possible countdown to the AntiChrist. Could it be actually that close? What is so monumental about this last rendition of Lucifer’s Types of Men as Candidates of the AntiChrist is that this Last AntiChrist is the one, will be the one that Lucifer choses to specifically Incarnate and Indwell in Bodily Form. He will need to do this as he will sit on the Ark of the Covenant built by Moses that will be revealed and placed in the 3rd Temple perhaps. 

What is amazing to consider about this Place and Time, is that the Precise Location of the Holy of Holies is paramount to the placing of the Ark of the Covenant because as the Throne Chair Facsimile of the Original and True One in Heaven. It has to match without error because it is the ‘Key’ to the Portal into Heaven, as well. The Contention of Lucifer against YHVH, Jesus the true Christ existed way before Humanity was to be literally created on Earth in the Garden of Eden but the Notion and Thought originated in Eternity, void of Time and Space. The Scriptures hints that even before the Foundations of the Creation and the Earth, Christ was ‘already’ Slain for the Sins of Humanity.

Perhaps there was a reason why Lucifer rebelled against YHVH that in his Pride and Jealousy of mere Humans, had to do with them being made ‘a Little Lower than the Angels’. Lucifer would not accept that all Power and Dominion was to be co-shared with Jesus as a Consort, a Spiritual Bride made up of Humans. This could have been one of his Justifications to rebel, as Lucifer was the Anointed Cherub, perhaps as a Master, a Mahdi, Me-dhi, Jedi even? This plan by YHVH to elevate a perceived less than and an Inferior Creation in comparison to Lucifer was more than Lucifer could stand for.

It may be part of the cause of his Rebellion as he decided that he could do a ‘Better Job’ and make Decisions on his own, like a ‘God’. His Argument was enough for 1/3 of the Angels to follow him in the Rebellion against the Empire. Since then Lucifer has deceptively portrayed YHVH as the Villain, the ‘Dark Vader’ or Dark Father of an ‘Evil Empire’ and that the True Rebels have the Moral and Just Cause. The Masters of the Crafts of Magic, the ‘Jedi’ were the ones Expelled and Hunted Down through the Universe for Crimes of Conscience.

He seeks Human Conscriptions in his War Effort and Wages Genocide on those that Pledge Allegiance to the ‘Emperor’. What inevitably will occur is the ‘Return of the Jedi’, the Fallen Angels and Lucifer. The precise spot of the Ark within the Holy of Holies transcends Time and Space as it is one of the places on Earth where the veil between the material Earth that exists in Time and Space fuse and can pierce the Spiritual Realm. Such is the implication as Scripture attests to the Temple of YHVH being a Meeting Place between YHVH, the GOD of Israel and Humanity’s Representation of Adam as seen in the High Priests of the Order of Aaron. This Office id now Permanently held by Jesus. The point why this is critical is that Lucifer knows where Heaven is and where the Temple must be constructed.

Lucifer if privy to the Sacred Knowledge of the Crafts that can Operate and Pierce such Dimensions at certain Places and Times. In other words, to sit physically on the Ark of the Covenant thus necessitates the need for a 3rd Temple. This study suggests that the 3rd Temple will be the Center Piece of the ‘Confirming the Covenant’ with the AntiChrist after a Major Regional War between the ISIS Confederation of Muslims and the State of Israel. It is amazing to contemplate that the actual Ark of the Covenant will reemerge in this Last Time Frame of Human History.

It is the one built by Moses that will still have the Blood of Jesus as purported by Ron Wyatt in this alleged discovery of it. Perhaps this act by Lucifer to finally sit in the Throne of YHVH will transcend Time and Space and will thus mimic this ‘overthrowing’ at the very Throne Room of the Heavenly Temple where the LORD is seated. This would amount to a Coup d’État by proxy. If Lucifer is cast down at the probable Mid-Point of the Tribulation, it could correlate to the Time that the Heavenly War ensued as Lucifer is not going to be Expelled from Heaven without a fight.

This Event coincides with the Promise of the other Arch Angels Gabriel and Michael that will also return in the Last Days to reengage in the conclusion of this facet of the Angelic Wars of the ‘Empire’ by fighting with the Prince of Persia once again. This is just one facet of this coming Angelic War. As the Fallen Angels of Lucifer are cast down, the Titans or ‘Watchers’ of the Bottomless Pit will be released up.

Another Mathematical Variable of the 1966 to 2022 Timeline is that if the Timespan was 56 Years long, then the time can be divided into 7 Cycles x 8 Year = 56. In one aspect, 56 Years can be divided equally into 8 Year Segments 7 Times along the Timeline. What is striking is that this Timeline appears to converge on the Year 1990 when the 7 Cycles of 8 Years are interposed onto the Timeline starting from 1966.

Coincidentally or not, the number of Year Variables from 1966 to 2022 could be a 2nd Witness and confirmation that this Matrix is valid and reliable that Prophetically, it is a deciphering of when the AntiChrist is to be initiated and thereafter revealed in the subsequent Years; in 2025 perhaps based on the 3.5 Year Transition. If so, this has been the Key all along Hidden In Plain Sight to be revealed in the Last Days, perhaps the Last Hour, the Last Year even of the Church Age in 2025, then being the start of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years.

If 6000 Years is the allotted time for Humanity of the 120-Year Jubilees and the Jewish Numerals Value of the Year is then the possible Seal Judgments of the Tribulation Period is to start soon. Interestingly if one subtracts 5776 Years from the 6000-Year timeline, the difference would be 32 Years. There are those that believe that Christ Jesus died in the Year 32 AD.

- 7 words across x 6 sentences down
= 42 placing of 39 Code Matrix words = 7-5776-7
- 6000 Years - 5776 = 224 then 224/7 Divisions = 32 Years

Based on this calculation, it is the very Age of Jesus at the Time of His Sacrifice. Astonishingly, 32 Years from 2032 is 2000 Years that is also the factor of the 56-Year Isaiah Matrix. Was there something monumental related to the progression of the AntiChrist’s footsteps that highlights the 7-Year Countdown? Could this mean that the AntiChrist may not possibly be also 32 Years old at the time of the Confirming of the Covenant but at the end of the 7-Years.

As noted, the Observation about the Word Allah, ‘I Will Ascend’ of Lucifer is that the Calligraphic Depiction of the word for Allah is that of a Snake or Dragon in the midst of a Tree grasping for a Crown. This very same word set on its side can be depicted as the Number of the Beast, 666 when the Gematria of its Numerical Value is surmised.

It also depicts the intersection of the Matrix ‘Cross’. The term Allah can be divided into 3 facets that comprise the Greek letters Chi, Xi and Stigma. Chi has the Numerical Value of 600, Xi has the value of 60 and the Stigma is that of 6 for a summation of 666, the Calculated Number of the man, the Son of Perdition, the AntiChrist. Coincidentally, the number 666 is a Favorable Number of Fortune and Luck in the Muslim World. هللا‎

χ          Chi                   = 600
ξ          Xi                     = 60
ϛ          Stigma             = 6

This is clearly a very Powerful Inference that the Number of the Beast, of the Snake, will somehow be associated to a Muslim or Islamic Precepts, the Mahdi even. This Calligraphic Rendition of Allah, the ‘I Will Ascend’ direct quote from Lucifer himself is the Dragon that seeks to Devour and Destroy the work of the True Christ. This ‘Allah’ was the Snake that beguiled Eve into disobeying YHVH with the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden.

The Iconoclastic Rendition of ‘Allah’ is also seen in the Cosmos near the Golden Gate of the Cosmos, which is between the Constellations of Sagittarius and Ophiuchus. It is believed that the ‘Gate of GOD’ is one of the Entry Points to the Celestial Realms. Thus, it is befitting that the Dragon, Lucifer is seen as attempting to overrun the Gates of Heaven, knocking on Heaven’s Door, if one wills.

There is a Duality of the Constellations that has a Light and Dark Side association to it. It is part of that Duality and Antitheses of all that is. On one level for example, Ophiuchus can be seen as the Christ, Jesus as the GOD-Man Hero that wrestles with the Serpent, Lucifer. It is Serpens that seeks to usurp the Crown, Corona Borealis.

Ophiuchus on behalf of Adam’s Race vanquishes the Satan as his Foot crushes the Head of Scorpio, at the point of Antares, the Giant Red Sun. In turn, Lucifer, as depicted in Scorpio’s Stinger, stings Ophiuchus at his Heel. This is the exact Biblical Prophecy of the Proto-Evangelium of Genesis 3:15. It was in the Garden of Eden after the fall of Adam and Eve that YHVH proclaimed that there would be a Cosmic and Human Struggle between the Seed of the Woman and the Seed of the Serpent.

Astronomical Allah

It would be a Contention between the True Messiah Christ and the False Seed of Lucifer, the AntiChrist that started with the way of Cain. There is no Biblical assertion that Lucifer had Sex with Eve and produced the Seed of the Serpent through such means. In another Misconception, pardon the pun; it is assumed that Cain and Abel were of different Conceptions. If one reads the original Hebrew, the rendering is that there was 1 Conception but 2 Births as one whole event, meaning that they were Twins. This is an Alternative Interpretation and not widely taught or accepted in the Church.

The Point is that it would have been impossible for Cain to have been the literal Prodigy of a Union between Lucifer and Eve. Now as to there being an actual Bloodline from Lucifer that has tapped into the Royal Lineage of Christ, which is probably as the AntiChrist is a Prince that shall come and the Jews expect a Royal Messiah, a Direct Descendant of the Kings of Israel during the coming New World Order that will be Initiated and Ruled by him. On the Dark Side of its Duality, Ophiuchus is ascribed by the Luciferians as being the AntiChrist that is coming to usher in the New Age.

The very composition of Serpens with Ophiuchus depicts the Calligraphic Rendering of Allah in Arabic. This Age of Aquarius will supposedly be one of Illumination, Peace and Harmony. It will be the AntiChrist that promises Humanity that he can create more, beyond its Bodily Limits and scope to be like the ‘Gods’. Astrologically it is Serpens, the Serpent that supports this AntiChrist as they both work in concert to obtain the Crown of Creation and all Dominion and Authority to rule the Universe. He was also lifted up by Scorpio who is its foundation. This same Imagery is Prophetically Depicted in the Great Sign of Virgo Revelation 12 Scenario of the 7-Headed Red Serpent or Dragon that seeks to devour the Man-Child delivered by the Woman, Virgo. 

On multiple levels, as it is with Biblical Prophecy, Virgo speaks of Israel as she birthed the Messiah but of also the ‘Bride’ as she is ‘Birthing’ many Sons in the Likeness and Image of Jesus Christ. The Astronomical Association is that of the Constellation Virgo that approximately every fall in September the Sun and the Moon can be juxtaposed in such Prophetic Alignment. What was significant in 2017 was that Jupiter had a Retrograde of 9 Months in Virgo that culminates in an Astronomical ‘birth’ of Jupiter, the King Planet of the Messiah. Would this be the Initiation of the AntiChrist being ‘Birthed’ instead as in a Debut?

This ‘Sign’ does not occur in the whole decade but it will again in 2029. It will approximate the positions with Jupiter in the ‘Womb of Virgo. And it occurs on September 11, 2029. The Red Dragon suggested rendition of ‘Allah’ the I Will Ascend One, aka Lucifer is Astronomically juxtaposed in front of Virgo. What the ‘Sign’ of Revelation 12 is in essence is the contention of Genesis 3:15 of how there is a State of War between Lucifer and Humanity, that of Eve’s Descendants and 1 in particular, Jesus. It was Jesus that would be born and destroy Lucifer, thus as it was in the Beginning, so shall it be in the End. According to the Bible, both Old and New Testament there is also A Duality Principle in the Known Universe that is in Contention for Balance.
Constitution of Lucifer
The Notion is that such Entities are Equal in Value and Attributes, perhaps such is the case with most Assertions considered except when it comes to Christ Jesus. Some obvious examples of this Duality are Cold and Heat, Light and Darkness, As Above, So Below, Good and Evil, etc. Even though there might seem to be a Duality of Equals, inevitably one will overcome the other as in Water will quench Fire and Good will prevail over Evil. This Assertion can be seen in the Revelation of Jesus to the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos (Earth). John heard the sound of Rushing Wind (Wind). The Appearance of Jesus was as Flames of Fire (Fire).

There was also the sound of Rushing Water (water). The 5th Element is considered by most to be Love. The 5 Elements were also manifested on Pentecost in the Upper Room when the Church Age was commissioned and sealed with the Holy Spirit. This Principle is taught by Jesus Himself in that He truthfully states that Evil can be overcome by Good and that Darkness can never overcome the Light. This same Principle is the case between the True Christ, Jesus and the False Christ Lucifer. The True Christ, Jesus has overcome Lucifer, the Lamb over the Dragon. The word ‘Christ’ means the Chosen or Anointed as in being selected above all others.

The Bible teaches that GOD the Son, is the Christ or Chosen and Anointed of THVH, the Triune Deity, which is 1 GOD with 3 Distinct Persons. Because of this, the Worshipers of Lucifer believe that he is the rightful Christ and ‘Chosen’ that was wrongfully expelled for asserting his Free Will. Contrary to popular belief, Lucifer or Satan which means ‘Adversary’ as his name was changed after his fall is not in Hell, nor the Lake of Fire. In fact, Lucifer will not be thrown down to the Lake of Fire until the 1000-Year Millennial Kingdom is over. It will be at that Time that he will be Unbound to Rally the Nations one Last Time for the final Gog-Magog War 2.

Jesus Christ                          Lucifer AntiChrist
Christ of YHVH                       Cherub Christ
Lion of Judah                          Raging Lion that devours
Savior                                      Savior
Promises Eternal Life             Promises Eternal Life
Promises New World              Promises New World Orders
King of Zion                             Wants Zion, Heavenly and Earthly
Has a Throne                          Has a Throne
Is King                                     King of the Abyss, Lord of the Flies
Has Disciples                          Workers of Iniquity
Has a Kingdom                       Prince of the Power of the Air
Messiah of YHVH                   Will produce False Messiah
Has Holy Angels                     Commands 1/3 of Fallen Angels
Incarnation of Jesus               Incarnation into the AntiChrist
Resurrected in 3 days             Will mimic false resurrection
Has a Mark                             Will mark the whole world 
Assemblies                              Synagogues of Satan
Has a Woman, Bride              Has a Woman, a Harlot
Ecclesiastic Church (Body)    False counterfoil church on Earth
Light of the World                   A false light masquerading

Contrasts of the Christs
All this is basically an inference to the Doctrine of the Trinity. The Bible teaches that Lucifer was a Created Being but had the Highest Rank of Angels presented in that he was the ‘Anointed Cherub’. The following are just the major attributes for the Antithesis of Christ for consideration. This Final Event of the Celestial Rebellion or Contention between Lucifer and Jesus Christ shows the disparaging difference of Power, Might and Authority. The Bible states that Lucifer will be cast down as fast as he had fallen like ‘Lightning’ from Heaven to the ‘Clouds’. This is the present realm of his Authority and Dominion, the Prince of the Power of the Air.

Yet administratively the Bible depicts the State of Affairs that allows Lucifer to still have access before the Judicial Throne of Heaven. Lucifer is currently the Accuser of the Brethren as seen in the Bo`ok of Job. As noted, this is the ‘Office’ of ‘Satan’ that means the Adversary. Of all the created Angels, the Bible describes Lucifer as being the most beautiful. Based on limited glimpses into the Heavenlies, the Bible describes Lucifer to that of the Orchestrator of Worship in the House of YHVH. Lucifer had at his Leisure the Control of Musical Conduits for the Worship of YHVH as it is implied that the Stars of the LORD sing unto YHVH.

Not only was he presumably the ‘Conductor’ but the head ‘Cantor’ as the Scripture implies that he had Vocal Cords for such a Commissioning. It is also believed that at his fall, Lucifer took such Crafts with him and bestows such Knowledge as part of the Seduction of the Human Race, through Music and Magic because it is a direct conduit to the very core of the Soul of a Human. Lucifer was the ‘Christ’ or Anointed Cherub that covered. This is a Singular Title and Position no other Angel had or has. In essence Lucifer functioned much like the Jewish Chuppah.

Perhaps with his Multi-Wing Dimensions in some Majestic Way, extended the expanse of the Holy Ark of YHVH, the very Throne Chair of the Creator of all. Furthermore, one other important Attribute of Lucifer is that he was arrayed in a Body that had a splendid Covering. The Bible can only depict this rendering in terms of Human Understanding. The actual Appearance of Lucifer no doubt pales in comparison to what he must have appeared as. In Ezekiel 28, the Bible gives the glimpse of such a Covering that was ‘Radiant’ in Precious Jewels, truly the ‘Shining One’. Thus, the Misconception that Lucifer is a Red Devil with a Tail and Horns is perhaps true to an extent in that it epitomizes the Sinister Side of his Evil.

‘Thou hast been in Eden the Garden of Elohim; every Precious Stone was thy Covering, the Sardius, Topaz, and the Diamond, the Beryl, the Onyx, and the Jasper, the Sapphire, the Emerald, and the Carbuncle, and Gold: the Workmanship of thy Tabrets and of thy Pipes was prepared in thee in the Day that thou west Created.

Thou art the Anointed (Christ) Cherub that Covered; and I have set thee so: thou West upon the Holy Mountain of Elohim; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the Stones of Fire’.
-Ezekiel 28:13-14

The Bible is very clear that Followers of the True Christ, Jesus must be on their guard against this deceiving Arch Angel that Masquerades as an Angel of Light. The Bible teaches that Lucifer as another Antitype of Christ, is too a Lion, a ‘Roaring One’ that seeks to Devour the Rebellious and Lost Sheep. Lost Sheep are not in the Fold of the LORD in which there is a Covering of Protection and that the Great Shepherd of the Sheep has already demonstrated that He, Jesus, has given His very Life and Body for their Redemption.

This is something Lucifer will not do, nor desires and cannot perform for his Disciples. Lucifer will never Die for the Sins of his beguiled and deceived Followers nor does he possess the Authority or Power to Forgive Sins. Contrary to the notion of a merciful God Allah, nowhere in the Quran does it allude or state that Allah ‘loves’ his Followers as does Jesus. Jesus in the New Testament calls his Disciples ‘Friends’ and in John 3:16, it states that YHVH Loves the World so much that He gave the Son as a Sacrifice.

This was a willing one, out of love itself. Thus, this state of being, of Love and Sacrifice alone Disqualifies Lucifer from ever being the True Heir of all that YHVH is and has because such a position required Humility; a Willing Sacrifice. The following is the ‘Way of Jesus’, as taught in Philippians 2:5-11 that demonstrated this Humility of the Son of GOD. ‘In your Relationships with one another, have the same Mindset as Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature GOD, did the following as listed.

(The Descent of Jesus) – the Humility of Jesus

1. did not consider Equality with God something to be used to his own Advantage;
2. rather, He made Himself Nothing by
3. taking the very Nature of a Servant 
4. being made in Human Likeness.
5. And being found in Appearance as a man,
6. he Humbled Himself
7. by becoming Obedient to Death - even Death on a Cross!

(The Ascent of Jesus) – The Exaltation of Jesus

Therefore God
1. exalted Him to the Highest Place
2. and gave Him the Name that is above every Name
3. that at the Name of Jesus every Knee should bow,
4. in Heaven and on Earth and under the Earth,
5. and every Tongue acknowledge
6. that Jesus Christ is LORD,
7. to the Glory of GOD the Father.

This is the main Contrast between Jesus and Lucifer, between True Christianity and Islam. Jesus chose willingly to Die for the Sins of Adam’s Human Race due to the Love for the Father. Allah does not do this, nor desires nor can. Philippians records accurately the factual demonstration of Jesus’ Life and Mission of the Father. Jesus willfully Humbled Himself 7-fold to the point of Death at Calvary. Because of Jesus’ Humility, the Father exalted Jesus 7-Fold to the point of assigning Jesus the Right Hand Position of the Throne.

Descent of Lucifer

To the contrary, Lucifer sought to Ascend, based on Isaiah 14 and other Passages to this precise Place, but based not on Humility but Pride. With such a Backdrop of the Basic Understanding of who Lucifer is and wants, one can have a Better Understanding and Grasp of the overall Big Picture of what is in play especially in these Last Days, Prophetically. This is of course, contingent if the Isaiah Matrix does suggest that perhaps 1966-2022 is that time specifically that will see the descent of Lucifer’s AntiChrist on the World Stage, perhaps started in the Fall of 2022 will begin his ‘Ascent’ to 2025.

Basically, Humanity is in the midst of this Angelic Rebellion. It is a Contention with Jesus, the True Christ, and the ‘Anointed’ Messiah and Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. Since the Rebellion of Lucifer, the Spirit of Iniquity of Baphomet has existed because Lucifer was created Perfect and without Sin. The Bible teaches that Lucifer willfully chose to Rebel. This is one of the main tenets of the Luciferians in particular, Atheists and Agnostics that if there is such a thing as an All-Knowing and All-Powerful loving ‘GOD’, why doesn’t He allow dissent?

Moreover, if YHVH has such Attributes, then ‘GOD’ is ultimately Responsible and to Blame for being a ‘Perfect’ GOD that made an ‘Imperfect’ Creation and then Blames and Judges it. This amounts to the Age-Old Argument of ‘How a Loving GOD can cast His Creation into Hell’. These are Valid Questions as this amazing Mystery of Iniquity will be revealed and come to its fruition and conclusion during the Last Days, which is the Tribulation Period as taught by the Book of Revelation.

Why is there Sin or Evil in the Universe? Or who created Evil or where did it come from? Why does YHVH allow Evil and bad things to occur to good people? In Isaiah 45:7 it does say, ‘I form the Light and create Darkness; I make Peace and create Evil: I am YHVH that does all this.’ The Luciferians and the like make the MISTAKE that they ‘Know Better’ than YHVH and then turn to Lucifer as the more Logical Alternative.

What is this Mystery of Iniquity?

Such People believe Lucifer’s Lies that he is the True and Rightful ‘Christ’ that should sit in the Throne in Zion, the Holy Mountain in the Sides of the North and would not sentence ‘Good People’ to Hell for all ‘Eternity’. Such Disciples and Ordinary People seek an Alternative Salvation, but there is none. Such gravitate to the Luciferian Theology and Spirit of Baphomet because of the Sin Nature.

The Fall of Humanity has infected the Race with the same Spirit of Iniquity working in their Heart, that they are the Arbitrators of what is Good and Bad. Moreover, this Spirit is naturally against the Precepts of a Holy Creator. Even Jesus stated, ‘If you are not for Me, then you are against Me’. The Bottom Line is that Humanity at the Core, seeks ‘to be like God’ as Lucifer does; as they chose the Way of Cain. This is the Path of Lucifer that is based on Pride instead of Humility so as to have All Power and Knowledge at the Expense of the Innocent to get it.

The Error with Humanity that seeks after Lucifer’s Way is that they do not accept the notion that they are just Pawns to further Lucifer’s Diabolical Agenda. His plan is to Invade Heaven and dethrone Jesus as the Rightful Christ and Heir of at this is and will be. If Lucifer cannot do that in Heaven itself, he and his Human Minions and Fallen Angels will attempt this feat on Earth at all costs. Thus, the Rise of the Spirit of Baphomet. To this end, Lucifer’s Synagogues of Satan that is the Masonic variations of the Luciferian religions are embarked on the quest of their Master’s Great Work to prepare the World and a Temple for the ‘Dark Lord’ to come.

This quest started in the Heart of Lucifer and his action has reverberated from Eternity through Space and Time to also affect and infect the Heart of Humanity that started in the Garden of Eden. This same Lucifer is Satan, contrary to some Occultists and to the chagrin of the Luciferians who are in denial that Lucifer could ever be ‘Evil’. The Bible is very clear that it was Lucifer that was in the Garden of Eden that caused the subsequent Fall of Humanity based on his Lies, Desire and Spirit of Pride.

To this Day, there are many Eve’s still believing in the Shining Serpent and make the ‘Adams’ go along with it. This Spirit of Baphomet led to the 1st Sin and Murder in the 1st Human Family. The Worshippers of Lucifer, Luciferians are blind in that they believe the Lie that was presented to Eve. The Lie is that Lucifer was given a ‘Bad Deal’ by a jealous and vengeful YHVH that has no place for ‘Independent Thought’. Lucifer is the cause of all the Evil on Earth at least in this Domain. In the Book of James, it is very clear that YHVH is not the one that can be tempted Himself nor tempts others. 

Lucifer detests Humanity because it was a human, the Last Adam Jesus of Nazareth that sealed his Doom to the eventual Descent to the Lake of Fire. This Descent of Lucifer is a 4-Tiered Fall, 1st from the very Throne of YHVH to the Clouds, 2nd from the Clouds, which is the Principalities of the Air to include the Cosmos to the Earth. The 3rd is from the Domain of the Air to the Earth that will take place literally during the Tribulation. It will be during the 1260th Day Midpoint as Lucifer is denied and Expelled, Permanently from the Judicial Courts of Heaven as the Bride of Christ is raptured to take its place, i.e., the 24 Elders around the Throne, etc.

Descent of Lucifer
1. From his covering to the Clouds
2. From the Clouds to the Earth
3. From the Earth to the Pit
4. From the Pit to the Lake of Fire

The Final and Last Thrust of the Descent of Lucifer will be from the Pit where he was chained for 1000 Years to be Released for the Final Campaign to the Lake of Fire where the Book of Revelation describes that the Smoke from it will be forever. Lucifer has prepared Men and Women of Wicked Hearts and intention that oppose the Gospel and YHVH’s People and Plan of Jesus in every Age since Adam and Eve. This is through the Rise of the Spirit of Baphomet. This Spirit of AntiChrist has taken many forms from False Religion, Doctrines of Men, Women, Movements, Legislative Laws, Demonic Activity and in particular, World Leaders that have been ruling the World Empires. Last AntiChrist

Perhaps the Mystery of Iniquity that is to be fulfilled in the Last Days has to do with the last AntiChrist of Lucifer. One thing is for sure, the Spirit of the AntiChrist will be vanquished at Jesus’ 2nd Coming, no longer able to Murder and Harm the Saints of YHVH. Until that time such AntiChrists seem to Promise the ‘World’ and they do but beneath the Façade of Good, Righteous and Enlighten Intentions is nothing but Luciferian Evil, Murder, Genocide, Darkness and Enslavement. History can attest to this. Despite such Evil in the World, there is the Counter Force that is Good and that is greater and can overcome Evil.

This is how Jesus destroyed Evil through His Good. Jesus came to serve Humanity; Lucifer would never do this. The Services and eventual Sacrifice of Jesus, GOD the Son was credentialed by ‘Signs and Wonders’. He was like a Joseph Prophetic Type. He was handed over to the enemies of YHVH’s People by His own People. Such were full of the Spirit of Baphomet which they were partakers of as they feared losing their Seat or ‘Throne’ of power given to them by Herod through Caesar.

The True Christ was Crucified, Pierced as He received a Mortal Wound, in this case after the fact that Jesus had given up the Spirit. Since He had no Sin in this Physical Body, He could not have Died Physically. Moreover, it was He that determined the Time of His Death, and it was given, not taken. The Sign of Jonah testified of His Messiahship and Rose on the 3rd Day as he was ‘Cut off in the Midst of the Week’, that being on a Wednesday. This was a High Day Sabbath or the Preparation Day of the Passover and Rose on the Sabbath, 3 literal 24 hour days later or a total of exactly 72 hours.

In contrast, such AntiChrists of Lucifer seek to overcome Good with Evil. In the Modern Era, the AntiChrists would be those of the ranks of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. In the past other AntiChrist types have been Napoleon, the Roman Catholic Popes with the Inquisition, the Roman Caesars, like Nero, Caligula, Diocletian, Alexander the Great, Xerxes, Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar, Nimrod, and Cain, etc. Since the Inception of the Human Race, Lucifer has instilled the Spirit of Baphomet in the very DNA of Humanity, Metaphorically Speaking, because Humanity shares the same Essence of Rebellion against YHVH. This Spirit of AntiChrist is spoken by the Apostle in 1 John 4:1-4.

‘Beloved, believe not every Spirit, but try the Spirits whether they are of GOD: because many False Prophets are gone out into the World. Hereby know ye the Spirit of GOD: Every Spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the Flesh is of GOD: And every Spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the Flesh is not of GOD: and this is that Spirit of AntiChrist... Ye are of GOD, Little Children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in You, than he that is in the World.’

These Personages, Past and Present were all infused with the Spirit of the AntiChrist but there will be one AntiChrist in particular, the last one that Lucifer will use for his last Celestial War Campaign that will take place centered around the Earthly Zion, which is Jerusalem and the 3rd Temple. This last AntiChrist of Lucifer will counterfeit all the attributes of Jesus during this Earthly Ministry. The last AntiChrist of Lucifer will literally be a Human.

This study does take the position that this coming Man will be revealed and introduced after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. It is this Man that will ‘Confirm’ the Covenant with Israel for 7 Years. This Affirmation of possibly the Oslo Accords will be as a result of Major Confrontation between the Muslims and the Jews in a Regional War. Many believe that this Conflict is presently conforming to the assault of Israel on all fronts that will constitute World War 3 with the spearhead comprising of those Muslim Inner-Ring Nations of the Psalm 83 War confederation.

The Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus will have Israel that will come out victorious. This will set the Stage for a False Sense of ‘Peace and Security’ to be Guaranteed by the AntiChrist. It will allow for Un-Walled Cities during this time initially. As such, now the various Jihadist  Component are coming into clear focus, who they will be. They are the ones that conduct Atrocities and Evil. They Religiously perpetrate them with Pride as the Sons of Mohammad. They will be the Catalysts that will, at some point aim all their Satanic Wrath at Israel.

Until that Time, many Disciples of Jesus have been allowed to be Martyred and Decimated as the Muslims complete their Obligatory Protocols of the Elders to terrorize and continue to decimate Christians until the end of the Church Age. If in fact the Year 5776 was the ‘Capstone’ descending, based on the Isaiah 14 Matrix, it would thereafter initiate such a time for a Confirming of a Covenant 7-Years later then. Thus, if this Lucifer Matrix has any Merit, it is a Sign of the Prelude of when the AntiChrist is to Appear. Based on the Timeline, the year 2022 concluded the Matrix.

But one is of the Opinion, that there is now then a 3.5 Year Gap of Time that is Synchronizing various Timeline Countdown to 2025. There is the Countdown from 1948, from 1952 that was the 1sst Shemaiah Israel experienced since Independence. Then there is the 1967 Countdown, the 1973 Countdown. Then the 2022 Countdown as the current Shemitah in play. Thus, if the 3.5 Year Time Gap is what is Synchronizing all these Timelines, then the following.

Spring 2022 +
3.5 Years = Fall 2025 

Thus, 2024 might however coincide with a Release, i.e., the Deliverance, the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. Jesus already proclaimed the Jubilee, the ‘Year of Release’ from Sin and Eternal Death. Jesus only completed the 1st half of the Jubilee Year Proclamation. The point is that the full Restitution of All Things is yet to be completed, this includes the remaining ‘Judgment’ part of Jesus’ Jubilee Proclamation.

The 2nd half to complete all Prophecy as revealed to Daniel will be implemented at Jesus’ 2nd Coming. Thus, the Year that Jesus is to return regardless of when it is could also be seen as a Jubilee. Why? It is because Jesus is coming back to ‘Liberate’ and Save the Jews, not the Bride of Christ as she will be coming back with Jesus.  

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