Encrypted Word Study of Isaiah 14 Fall of Lucifer

  • Is there a message in Isaiah 17 of when the AntiChrist appears?
  • Is the possible prophetic implications tied to the notion of Allah?
  • Does the Matrix reveal the timeline when the Tribulation Starts?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, Son of the Morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, you who destroyed the Nations of the world!’  –Isaiah 14:12

The purpose of this study is to investigate the numerical indices ascribed to the Hebrew Holy Scripture based on the Strong’s Hebrew concordance. It appears that certain Hebrew words are prophetically associated with certain word-to-year coefficients. This evaluation will be based on a word study from the Old Testament book of Isaiah 14. This is the chapter exposing the identity, quest and nature of the Fall of Lucifer, or Helel. The primary supposition is that there are several key pivotal words specifically from verses 12 to 15 that have such words as Lucifer in Hebrew that interestingly has the Strong’s Concordance Number of 1966. Another Hebrew words that will be evaluated will be what the encrypted ‘I will Ascend’ that Lucifer extolls. The other word that has a peculiar Strong’s Number indexed at 2022 is the word ‘On the Mount’.

It is understood by Bible Scholars that the Strong’s Concordance or index numbering system is not divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit, on the whole. Neither is the delineation of verse divisions for the entire Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament. Nonetheless perhaps there might be a slight Prophetic Inspiration or suggestion based on particular passages like the Fall of Lucifer. Perhaps the section of the verses from 12 to 15 is a Matrix of hidden codes. This study suggests that this Matrix alludes to the timeline of the Last AntiChrist of Lucifer. The timeline that this study suggests of being the last AntiChrist correlates to 1966 to 2022. It also divulges a crypto identity of Lucifer and the year that the last AntiChrist is to be revealed to the world, 2022. This study also suggests that the year of the unveiling of the last AntiChrist could be prophetically encoded in this passage. The particular Matrix configured will show that the encrypted code of 5776, the Jewish year corresponding to 2015-16, the Year of Light and ‘Liberty’.

The year 2015 will be the 7-years countdown to the unveiling in 2022 of the AntiChrist. The word study will bring out the notion that the 5 ‘I Wills’ of Lucifer in Hebrew found in Isaiah 14:12-15 are centered and commence with the Semitic word for ‘Allah’, the God of the Muslims. Moreover, it will be shown that in terms of the calligraphic rendering of Allah in Arabic, it is consistent with a depiction of a Serpent in the midst of a Tree. This is the crypto identity of Lucifer that encompasses the Spirit of Iniquity. This study strongly suggests that this depiction is also encoded as an imprint of the constellation of Ophiuchus and Serpens that mirror on one Esoteric and Astronomical level the contention between Lucifer and Ēl ʿElyōn, the LORD Most High. There will other occultic and Luciferian symbols that will be looked at associated with the Hebrew word of Lucifer, Helel aka ‘Allah’.

Countdown to AntiChrist

The section of Isaiah 14 revealing the Fall of Lucifer could be prophetically encoded with the ‘season’ that could correlate to the advent that will lead to the unveiling and final countdown to Lucifer’s last AntiChrist, the 3rd World War, the building of the 3rd Temple and the return of the true Christ, Jesus. This study presumes that the Strong’s Concordance of 1966 to 2022 found within the matrix of Isaiah 14:12-15 passage could very well be a code encrypted to a word-to-year correlation. It is rather intriguing to consider such a prophetic hypothesis as some interpret Scripture. In terms of the year 1966, it is a monumental occult and Luciferian watershed year. This study suggests that the year 2022 could thus correlate to the Coming of the False Christ and the construction of the 3rd Temple. The Matrix appears to have the Hebrew year 5776 encoded into the very ‘DNA’ of the Isaiah 14 based on the word order and count.

The year 5776 constitutes a Sabbatical Cycle specifically and could lead to the subsequent Sabbatical Cycle starting in 2022 that the AntiChrist is to be revealed to the World. This would mimic Jesus’ ministry commencement and proclamation of the Jubilee Year. Based on previous research, by some interpretation 1966 might have started the countdown to the advent of the AntiChrist. This means that the whole economy of the 6000-year span of human history is to conclude with the remaining extra minutes to run out the Prophetic Clock of Israel that is remaining to finish the Prophet Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. Thus, this timeline from fall of 2015 to fall of 2022 that spans 7-year could be the long-anticipated prelude to the Tribulation Period that many suppose could be a possible scenario of the Last Days. Regardless, this AntiChrist will be the last and final one, the Son of Perdition, the false Messiah and counterfeit Jesus Christ in every way possible, the antithesis Mystery of Inequity.

The last AntiChrist of Lucifer will be the one in which Lucifer will indwell in bodily form to confront the true Christ, Jesus at His 2nd Coming on the last day of the Battle of Armageddon ‘On the ‘Mount’. Not only was the Fall of Lucifer inferring to the Mount of the LORD in Heaven, the Heavenly Zion but also is a double entendre to infer to the one on Earth. This will be ironically ‘On the Mount’, Strong’s number 2022 of the LORD which is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It is the Temple on the Mount in which the last AntiChrist of Lucifer will occupy, sit in and defile at the midpoint of the Tribulation. Perhaps this Strong’s number-to-word association might hint at the prophetic significance of a coming 3rd Temple along with the contention for the Mount of the LORD, the Earthly Zion or Jerusalem will converge in 2022.

The Isaiah Matrix is insinuating a timeline that culminates in the year 2022 with the advent of the False Christ. It will set the showdown of the respective Christ’s, Lucifer’s and YHVH’s. This will be the time and in space where the Thesis and the Antithesis in every sense of the word converge to bring the true balance to the Universe; a New World Order. According to the Bible, it will be Jesus’ World Order of the true Christ that has already won the victory against Lucifer’s insurrection before the Foundations of the World were made. Jesus is the slain Lamb of GOD that took the Sins of Humanity upon His physical body as GOD the SON became a man and died on the Cross of Calvary. The return of this ‘Pierced One’ will distinguish who the real Christ is.

Strong’s Numeration of Lucifer

This encrypted word study of Isaiah 14:12-15 is predicated on the notion that the Strong’s Numerical Index ascribed to the entire Hebrew codex perhaps has some hints of prophetic association in having certain Numbers ascribed to their corresponding Hebrew word and year. In the Strong’s Numerical Indices, each word is assigned an Index Number for reference and in alphabetical order. In other words, the word for Lucifer, Helel occurs for the 1st time in the Hebrew Bible at the 1,966th word count based on its alpha order and rank. If by coincidence or random chance, nonetheless the specific reference to the Hebrew word for Lucifer, Helel is striking. The number is 1,966 that this study suggests perhaps is suggesting the year 1966.

The Strong’s Concordance was initially derived by James Strong and over 100 Colleagues that numerated each letter of the King James Bible. Based on the research, the Strong’s Concordance is not meant to be a commentary of the Scriptures but provides a more technical and impartial explanation of the words. The following is the Strong’s Hebrew Concordance in reference to the Isaiah 14:12-15 passage that will be converted to a Word Matrix. The Strong’s Numeration is at the top. The phonetic pronunciation constitutes the next line. The actual Hebrew Lettering follows with the English translation associated with each Word and Number. Hebrew is read right to left.

                                                                             AntiChrist Matrix

  1438                          7837                 1121             
1966                   8064                     5307                        349  
niḡ·da‘·tā                    šā·ḥar;                ben  -               hê·lêl              miš·šā·ma·yim           nā·p̄al·tā                    ’êḵ      
are cut down!         of the morning         son         
O Lucifer        from heaven          are you fallen               How

                                     859                  1471                  5921                     2522                       776       
                                wə·’at·tāh          gō·w·yim.              ‘al-                     ḥō·w·lêš                 lā·’ā·reṣ,
                                  For you           the nations!          
on               that did weaken       to the earth

   410                       3556                     4605                 5927                       8064                      3824                        559          
    ’êl                   lə·ḵō·wḵ·ḇê-             mim·ma·
‘Al ·‘ĕ·lah,  haš·šā·ma·yim         ḇil·ḇā·ḇə·ḵā             ‘ā·mar·tā       
of GOD              the stars               to heaven         
I will ascend          into heaven            in your heart            have said   

   6828                      3411                     4150              2022               3427                      3678                        7311
ṣā·p̄ō·wn.            bə·yar·kə·ṯê            mō·w·‘êḏ             bə·har-               wə·’ê·šêḇ                   kis·’î;                      ’ā·rîm           
of the north        In the recesses       of assembly   
on Mount         and I will sit             my throne                I will exalt     

     5945                      1819                      5645               1116                      5921                     5927
 lə·‘el·yō·wn.        ’ed·dam·meh                ‘āḇ;              bā·mo·ṯê                   ‘Al             -         ‘ĕ·lah  
the Most High        I will be like           of the clouds    
the heights             above              I will ascend

      953                        3411                      413                 3381                     7585                      413                        389
     ḇō·wr.                yar·kə·ṯê-’el-               ’el-                  tū·rāḏ                 šə·’ō·wl                     ’el-                         ’ak
  of the pit:                the sides                  unto      
be brought down           hell                       unto                        Yet
                                                     (Midpoint of Tribulation - Abomination of Desolation)

Prophetic Menorah – Tree Pattern of Scripture
Another indirect observation of the Isaiah AntiChrist Matrix is that the Hebrew word order on numerous occasions such as with the word order of the passage in Isaiah 14 can be seen as a Menorah type pattern. This depiction has the Center Stem of the Menorah as the most prominent attribute that delineates its whole symmetry much like a ‘Tree’. It is within this 4th ranking or Center Stem of the AntiChrist Matrix in Isaiah 14 that the encrypted ‘codes’ of the Lucifer timeline, identity and year are based on. Surprisingly, the center of the Center Stem is Lucifer’s ‘I Will Ascend’, that is rendered ‘Allah’. It is his declaration that starts his 5 ‘I Will’ statements against YHVH. How befitting in this rendering of the imagery of having Lucifer, with his declarative defiance of ‘I Will Ascend’, aka Allah depicted calligraphically as the serpent that it is in the midst of a Tree.

It is as if Lucifer is once again as the Shining Serpent in the midst of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden promising Humanity ‘Eternal Life’ and defaming the Word and Directives of YHVH. Interestingly as the Hebrew is read right to left, the word count for the 1st ‘I Will Ascend’ of Lucifer which means ‘Allah’ corresponds to the 18th word. This word in the rank and order numerically has a further encryption of a 6+6+6, the number of the Beast or ‘code’ of the AntiChrist, the Dragon Serpent that is how Allah is depicted and written in Arabic. This Isaiah 14 encryption of Lucifer being the serpent Allah that was cursed by YHVH in Paradise for causing the fall of Adam and Eve is reminiscent of the shining Bronze Snake on a pole of the Old Testament.

In contrast, its duality is that of Jesus that became Sin and took the Curse of Adam and Eve’s fall upon Himself on another Tree, that of the Cross of Calvary. This event of the crucifixion of Jesus was foreshadowed and illustrated by the shining Bronze Serpent of judgment that Moses lifted up in the Wilderness as the Serpents much like Lucifer, poisoned the People of YHVH. The cure would only require a look toward the ‘Shining Snake’ in belief to be made whole. The hot Sun of the desert radiated the bronze that made the emblem shine like a beacon. It is now Jesus that is lifted-up on the Cross, as He will draw all Men and Women to Himself; if He is presented as the LORD crucified. The point is that even many so-called Christian Churches don’t and the religion such as Islam negates it and in the Spirit of AntiChrist puts those that do to death for it.

It only takes a glance and in Faith believing that Jesus died on a ‘pole’ that provides the cure for Lucifer’s venom, Death. Jesus is the Light of the World and is the only beacon of hope for Eternal Life and forgiveness of Sins Humanity has. In terms of the encrypted timeline, the 1966 to 2022 timeline is also derived from this 4th center column in the AntiChrist Matrix of Isaiah 14. The Matrix is divided into 2 halves horizontally also with the Strong’s Number of 1966 being the apex that starts with the word ‘Lucifer’. The 2nd bottom half corresponds to the word, ‘On the Mount’ at the apex that correlates to the Strong’s number 2022.  This is the advent year. This 2nd axis produces a ‘cross’ depiction of the entire Matrix. The center of the cross would be Lucifer’s ‘I Will Ascend’ statement or ‘Al-e-la’h. This depicts the curse of the serpent that Jesus took the place of the curse on the Cross of Calvary to forgive humanity of sin but to destroy Lucifer by it.

This study thus suggests that the Matrix not only renders the encrypted ‘code’ or numerical coefficient of the timeline 1966-2022, the crypto identity of Lucifer but the actual year in which Lucifer’s Last AntiChrist, is to be revealed, in 2022. What will cause the revealing could be a factor of the Rapture or World War 3 or both beforehand then. The assertion of the codes is based solely on the Number-to-Year association and on the word rank and order of the Isaiah 14:12-15 Matrix from Glory to the pit. The verses themselves from 12 to 15 could even correlate to 2012 to 2015. The year 5776 is derived from the following AntiChrist Matrix associations in the Isaiah 14 passage suggesting that Lucifer’s ascent or descent depending on one’s eschatology will occur by way of the unveiling of the AntiChrist in 2022. He will be the ‘Savior’ come on the scene to create a New World Order out of the orchestrated chaos that will lead up to it.

The 5776 code is configured by the 7 words across and 6 sentences deep. Based on this Matrix, it is the 7-year prelude to the year 2022, 7-5776-7. In the matrix, the 1st sentence has 7 words. The 2nd sentence has only 5 words. The 3rd sentence has 7 words as well as the 4th sentence. The 5th sentence has 6 words and the last sentence has 7 words. If these numerical values are written from left to right, the following code emerges: (7) 5-7-7-6- (7). Could this be the ‘hidden code’ in the Matrix and clue that the Jewish Year of 5776 is when the countdown to the AntiChrist is to be revealed? This man will be unveiled as the long-awaited Messiah of both the Jews and the Muslims. It will be Lucifer who descends to indwell or incarnate into this body during the last 42 months of the Tribulation Period or Time of Jacob’s Troubles. The following is the summary of the encrypted pattern that emerges from Isaiah 14:12-15.

1st sentence  = 7 words
2nd sentence =
5 words
3rd sentence  =
7 words
4th sentence  =
7 words
5th sentence  =
6 words
6th  sentence = 7 words

As it has been noted, the descent of AntiChrist has a season association, that of 1966 to 2022. The revealing of this Man of Sin will coincide with the beginning in 5776 if the Matrix is valid and reliable un unveiled in 2022. Thereafter at the midpoint of the Tribulation will be 2026 where Lucifer will be cast down to Earth at which time he possesses the False Christ. Thus, it will be in 2029 when this same AntiChrist will be cast down to the Lake of Fire at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. This will occur on the last day of the Battle of Armageddon precisely ‘On the Mount’. Jesus’ return was confirmed by the Angels to the Disciples as they looked up when Jesus was taken up

If this AntiChrist Matrix is truly an encryption, then it could also come with a prophetic message of the Descent of Lucifer overtly but the ascent of Lucifer cryptically. This message speaks to the quest and subsequent destiny of Lucifer, his progressive Fall. To reiterate, this hypotheses of a 1st year, being 2022 is based the 7-77-7 delineation of the Isaiah 14:12-15 word Hebrew Matrix. The 1st sentence has 7 words, the middle 2 sentences have 7 letters and the last one has 7 letters. If the Strong’s Numbers are thus rendered to only the beginning of each, then the following pattern is configured.

7 words           O Lucifer                     1966    time of Ascent…
7 words           Allah                          
7 words           On the Mount             
2022    time of Descent
7 words           Will be cast down

‘O Lucifer, Allah, on the Mount you will be brought down’

A 2nd Matrix is taken from the Strong Hebrew Bible specifically related to the Word-to-Year associated time from 1966 to 2015 as suggested by the Isiah 14:12-15 composition. This time period is delineated based on the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle pattern that corresponds to the 7 Shemitahs that comprise 49 years from 1966 and the subsequent liberation of the Temple Mount in the Earthly Jerusalem. Based on the Strong’s Indexed Numbers corresponding to the subsequent years from 1966 to 2015 that constitute the 7 Shemitahs, the following is another encryption within the Matrix.

SH 1966 heylel hay-lale'
Lucifer, the morning-star from SH 1984. (32 AD death of Jesus to end of Jubilee 2016 = 1984)

1) SH 1973 - halah haw-leh-aw'
From far away; back in time thus far thence forth goes forward.

2) SH 1980 - 1980 halak haw-lak'
To walk along, behave (self), come out, continually marching, speedily.

3) SH 1987 - Helem hay'-lem
He is the smiter; Helem, the name of two Israelites.

4) SH 1994 - himmow him-mo'
He prolonged {him- mone'}; them, those.

5) SH 2001 - haw-mawn'
Like Haman, the Persian vizier.

6) SH 2008 - hennah hane'-naw
On this side, since that way, thitherward.

7) SH 2015 - haphak haw-fak'
Come to turn about or over; to change, overturn, return, pervert, change, and convert.

The possible interpretation and inference are as follows. ‘O Lucifer, coming from far away and back in time has come forward to go forth up and down as the Smiter that prolonged his timing like Haman will on from that point forward come to overturn, pervert and convert.’ This is of course conjecture but this same type of encryption has been found in the names of the Patriarchs in the book of Genesis solely based on the definition and meaning of their Names. The theme of this encryption would appear to be consistent with the nature and Spirit of AntiChrist.

Moreover, the speculation of what is to occur in the fall of 2015 echoes the much sentiment that 2022 will be the year of the greatest economic collapse in human history. It will be the cause and excuse for a ‘Reset’ or a New World Order. This is in reference to the catalyst that occurs after the Rapture event. There will be the fall of the US Stock Market that in turn will tail-spin all other Global Markets and initiate the ‘overturning’, ‘change’ and New World Order needed thereafter. The Isaiah 14 Word Matrix is suggesting that 1966-2022 is a viable timespan that is perhaps prophetic based on the Strong’s Numeration.

Then the Jewish Year of 5776 (2015) would be the year of the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle countdown to the AntiChrist that would come as a result of the Rapture, World War, the global economic collapse or all the above, sometime in 2022. Events that will lead to such an advent of the Last AntiChrist will remain to be seen but the supposition and assertion based on the Isaiah Word Matrix is short of astonishing. The Isaiah Word Matrix is consistent with a Jubilee Year cycle starting from 1966. Will events surrounding the year 2022 see such a manifestation or a prelude to the actualization of the prophetic pattern?

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