The Martian Motif and Pleiadian Patterns

  • All of the Americas had advance ancient civilizations.
  • As with most ancient sites, the temples were aligned with the Stars.
  • Cahokia is 1 of 9 'Stargate' portal or energy points across the USA.

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to ascertain the ancient ley-lines of the Cahokia Mound pyramid area just east of St. Louis, Missouri in the USA. This study strongly suggests that the mound configurations approximate a multilayer of sacred geometry that is from another world, literally and that of Cydonia, Mars. This location on the Planet of War is where the famous pyramid complex is situated that incorporate the 3 main structures to include the Face of Mars, the Pleiadian Pyramid City and the giant Pentagon Fortress. When this Martian Motif, as it is coined is superimposed atop the Cahokia Mounds complex, it matches with a slight degree of a slant. In the case of Cahokia, the Martian Motif is rotated approximately 90 degree counterclockwise. It is rather amazing that modern evolutionary Anthropology would categorize such ancient peoples that constructed the mounds as ‘illiterate savages’ not realized that they had more knowledge and awareness that only took the Great Enlightenment to parallel, and to a degree.

The various mathematical intricacies alone are mind-blowing. For example, from the Woodhenge to the great Monks Mount is 666 smoots. From the Monks Mound to the Mound #72 is .33 nautical miles. From the #72 Mound to the Woodhenge there is a degree heading of 314 that inferences 3.14 pi and so on. It is rather interesting that the Cahokia Mounds are situated outside of St. Louis, Missouri, one of the largest metropolitan urban areas of USA. Or rather should it be how St. Louis is situated near the Cahokia Mounds. As St. Louis became and was the ‘Gateway to the West’ or the continent, such was Cahokia Mounds the ‘St. Louis’ of its day.

According to research, the Cahokia Mounds are a pre-Columbian pyramid complex in North America that are situated just outside to the east of St. Louis, Missouri. It is believed that this ancient city had over 100 mounds and considered part of the Mississippian Culture although some of the artifacts found bear a sticking resemblance to those of the Aztecs of Mexico. It would appear that at some point in time there was a link or communication of such civilizations some 1000 years before Columbus. This earthen mound city is thus far the largest outside of the Mexica ones made out of stone in Meso-America. It is also one of the 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the USA. The origins of such buildings and people are really unknown but are believed by some to date back farther than when the first Native American tribes called the Cahokia settled in the area. The French explorers where the first Europeans to encounter this pyramid complex.

The Fortress Mound
The most prominent mound is called the Monks Mount. It was approximately 10 stories tall and divided into 4 layers. This center structure was the focal point of the city pyramid mound complex. From a top view, the complex approximated the anthropomorphic dimensions of the human body that stretched down a main causeway to the Primary Mound. There were 2 smaller plazas that flanked the Monks Mound, east to west and the 3rd plaza was situated just to the north. The Main Plaza constituted the core of the body and the Primary Mound acted as the foundation of footing of such a configuration. The length from the Monks Mound to the Primary Mound is exactly 1 nautical mile.

Nevertheless, this ‘Tree of Life’ motif is seen across the world and even in present modern capitals where the core areas have the similar ley-lines configured in a sort of chalice and/or tree-menorah type of design. This Monk Mound is the prominent one that corresponds to the Pentagon Fortress of Cydonia, Mars. As evidence, the template will show that from a top view the square structure is not aligned to the true north but is at a slight angle towards the west. This angle and slight inclination matches the direction of how that is copied from the Cydonia, Mars one when the Martian Motif is superimposed over it from a top view. Furthermore, the positon of the steps that led to the top of the pyramid is situated at approximate the phi ratio distance point of the whole length of the southern side of the pyramid mound.

Pleiadian Tombs
What is spectacular in terms of human anthropology is that the mound labeled #72 corresponds to the Pleiades Star Cluster and where a tomb was discovered there. An apparent burial site of a man was found thought to be around in his 40s and was no doubt a most important political and/or religious figure. What was very peculiar was that he was laid atop a falcon-like arrangement made up of marine shell discs beads. This would signify that this ‘Bird-Man’ wanted to mimic those ‘winged-gods’ that could fly or perhaps had the capacity of even Star travel, such as what Angels can do according to the Bible. Many ancient civilization attributed such to the ‘winged-gods’ that came down to Earth from the Pleiades and taught them civilization; case in point Quetzalcoatl of Mexico, etc. There is also an artifact found called the Cahokia Birdman Tablet that depicts such a ‘Falcon’ type of man with wings.

To some, this is indicative of Angelic Beings or Angels that had contact with humans as described in the Genesis 6 account. This Mound #72 though has a dark past in that further excavations unearthed violent sacrificial forced burials of young boys and women. In one particular disturbing site, there were approximately 50 young girls murdered that strongly suggest that they represented the feminine attribute of the Pleiades veneration. The Pleiades are considered ‘the Congregation’ of women or maidens. In the West, this mythology is attributed to the notion of the ‘Daughters of Atlas’, etc. As with other ancient civilization that ascribed their origins to such ‘Pleiadians’, there was a nefarious attributed of how these so called ‘winged-gods’ required blood sacrifices and unconditional worship. What is also observed from a top view of the mound complex is that the triangulation of the 3 main Martian Motif structures encapsulate an additional rendition of the Star cluster of the Pleiades.

It would appear that the core of the complex incorporated the subsequent main mounds to correspond to the 7 main Stars of the Pleaides. In the case of the Cahokia Mound pyramid complex, the ‘tail’ of the Pleiades is split into 2 lines. This delineation is seen in other ancient sites as well and certain stars are emphasized. In the case of Cahokia, they correspond perfectly with the Twin Mounds that relate to the lesser one or round mound of ‘Pleione’ and then to the larger square one, to ‘Atlas’. Another amazing discovery about the Cahokia culture was how they were very well versed in the astro-alignments of the seasons and times. Archeologists found the circle of timbers posts and thus named it after Stonehenge. This knowledge included the understanding of the Procession of the Equinox as they marked such Equinoxes and Solstices with a circle called the Woodhenge.

This location appears to strongly suggest that it corresponded to the Face of Mars, given the Martian Motif template. With such a structure, it provided the triangulation of the entire Martian Motif to suggest that the people before the Cahokia had an understanding of the common worldwide culture that attributed their ‘origins’ from the ‘gods’ that came from such Star clusters in the sky. What is spectacular about this Woodhenge Circle is that the Cahokia used it as an ‘Astronomical Clock’ that kept time of the Solstices and Equinoxes. They knew when the Summer and Winter sunsets and sunrises would occur. They knew of the 12 constellation and apparently how this Martian Motif template was of another ‘world’, etc. When excavations were made of the area, what the circle revealed is that the 4 posts that where aligned to the Sun’s seasonal journey depicted a ‘cross’ alignment.

To the ancient cultures, the formation of the ‘cross’ was indicative of not only the 4 directions on Earth but the 4 Cardinal Points of the Cosmos. The mystery of why all ancient centers of political, social and religious orders contrived their ley-lines according the Martian Motif remains to be fully disclosed. On one hand, some venture into the Ancient Alien Theories. Others suggest a conspiracy of nefarious Fallen Angels of the Biblical kind. One can, however piece together what is known through modern technology and science to corroborate to a large degree why the Martian Motif is such an extremely important motif that virtually all world capital of the modern era and all the ones of the ancient record laid out their cities in such a way. First of all, the planet Mars signifies the ‘God of War’ as in one that is forcefully, blunt and decisive.

This association with such a ‘god’ of the Stars insinuates strength and resolve against the weaker forces that allows one to rule over subjects with absolute despotic power. More astonishing is the mystery of why all modern centers of political, social and religious orders likewise contrive their ley-lines according the Martian Motif and it remains to be fully disclosed. In part, these studies strongly suggest that the people who make such architectural city plans and mapping of the grids are still in contact with such entities of the ‘winged-god’ type that bestow power and dominion on Earth, for the meanwhile until Jesus Christ returns. Such are the ones that at the core, function at the spiritual level, or if one allows, the Fallen Angel type that are very much still involved in the direct affairs of humans on Earth.

Taking the Biblical narrative, one is convinced that the Bible teaches that Fallen Angels did come to Earth and taught mankind the art of war, political, social and religious orders. Such entities perhaps came or left such Star clusters as the Orion and Pleaides Stars that to some, are indicative of how Heaven itself perhaps has similar layout designed by the Creator, YHVH. This is not far-fetched as in the book of Revelation, it has probably the most insight into what Heaven is like and laid out. It does describe a city-like place of habitation of those that are saved by Jesus Christ and where such will walk the ‘transparent streets of gold’, etc. The narrative speaks about a ‘Main Street’ where there is the River of Life and the Tree of Life will be situated there.

The Bible also speaks that those redeemed are given ‘Mansions’ or houses within the Temple or ‘House of GOD’, etc. Thus to have the various places all over the Earth since from ancient times mirror the Stars of the Pleiades, Orion specifically as they are even in Cydonia, Mars depicts perhaps where the Fallen Angels ‘walked’ the streets of their ‘heavenly estates’.  The mirrored configuration laid out on Earth in such places like the Cahokia Mounds perhaps gave humans a glimpse of what a ‘piece of Heaven’ looked like as they walked, literally the expanse of such a blueprint of Heaven on Earth, if for but a short season. Back in 2013, the 13 Crystal Skulls made their way across the USA to the Cahokia Mounds from Chichen Itza.

In the USA, they started out in New York City’s Edgar Casey Center and from there, various indigenous witch-doctors performed rituals with the Crystal Skulls that conjured up the ‘sleeping spirits’ of the Giants. The 13 Crystal Skulls traveled in a ‘serpentine’ descent across the USA that mirrored the Feathered Serpent that is configured on the steps of the Chechen Itza pyramid. Since then, the demonic and Luciferian evil spiritual powers have been unleashed across the USA in a diabolical plan to take down the ‘Phoenix’ to make way for Lucifer’s last World Order and usher in his AntiChrist, etc. It is rather amazing that from that time, such movements as Gay Marriage, Transgender issues, the rise in overt Satanic movements and Baphomets statues surfaced. At such a point, various 10 Commandments monuments were run over to taken down and an upsurge in mass shootings and chaos has been induced, as designed.

Pertaining to such Martian Motifs, more astonishing is the fact that only from a top view or the sky could one really appreciate the configuration mirroring the design, angles and symmetry occurring at such places. Only those, such as the Fallen Angels, those ‘winged-gods’ could relate to and appreciate. Perhaps it is giving them a measure of solace as such have been expelled from such a former celestial abode of spender because they await to be sentenced. The Bible and the book of Enoch, for example speak to this forthcoming judgment against these ‘Watcher’ due to their allegiance to Lucifer and his rebellion against the Creator of the Universe, YHVH.

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