The Death of the Lamb of YHVH

  • Was there a total solar eclipse during the crucifixion of Jesus?
  • Some suggest such an eclipse was due to Planet X's passing.
  • No total solar eclipse could have lasted for 3 hours.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘From noon until three in the afternoon darkness came over all the land. About three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani? which means My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ –Matthew 27:45-46

The purpose of this study is to show the astronomical occurrences that happened during the time Jesus was on the Cross of Calvary. The study will assume the following. Based on some evidence and celestial patterns, Jesus was born on September 11, -3 BC. The second supposition is that Jesus was 33 years old but was crucified on Passover, April 13, 32 AD. Given this timeline, it appears that some peculiar astronomical alignments did occur during the actual day of the crucifixion that this study will examine. Based on prior studies of the crucifixion, it is established that Golgotha or the Place of the Skull that is adjacent to the Garden Tomb was where Jesus was crucified and the correct location.

This area is just north of the Damascus Gate and outside the ancient city walls of Jerusalem. The prior studies have established that there is a mathematical relationship that incorporates the phi ratio factor. This factor even delineates the degree of time and distance of all things created as the essence and construct of all things. Contrary to many historical and artistic renditions of the crucifixion, based on the work of Ron Wyatt, the crucifixion spot was between the Skull Façade that makes up the pinnacle of Mount Moriah and the Garden Tomb. The crucifixion spot was not atop the Skull Façade or just any arbitrary place but it was against the rampart that made-up pinnacle of Mount Moriah. Mathematically this spot approximates the phi ratio proportion of the distances that made-up the 3 points of the crucifixion events and localities that day.

Other phi ratio factors will be disclosed regarding the celestial alignment that was present during the crucifixion as well. If in fact it is the case that the actual crucifixion date was on Passover in April 13, 32 AD, what is unique to the other contested dates such as April 3, 33 AD is that there was a planetary alignment juxtaposed to the cross. This is the case if one renders the Ecliptic to show all the cardinal points in the same illustrative frame. Many cite the fact that that there was an eclipse on this date; although true it was a lunar eclipse. Also it was a partial one and occurred at the ‘feet’ of Virgo. However, there was no solar eclipse as would be impossible to have both at the same day. Thus the eclipse was not considered a Blood Moon one as it was the case in Egypt where the 1st Passover commemoration started.

The Passover Alignment
However, there was a full lunar eclipse or Blood Moon on April 13, 32 as it turned into Midnight. This Passover Day Blood Moon was as it first occurred in Egypt and when the Hebrews evacuated or were taken out as a type of the Rapture. Although the Blood Moon occurred at midnight and in the constellation of Libra, the Balances or more accurately the Altar as it was depicted the ancient Mazzaroth, was not seen over Israel but descended below the horizon. Pertaining to the Passover planetary alignment, if one were standing at the foot of the cross facing north as Jesus was facing east and looked up at the sky, the following is what one would have witnessed. This scenario is assuming that from 12 noon to 3pm, the total darkness covering the whole land was due to a solar eclipse.

According to the planetary software models, directly in line with the cross in which Jesus was crucified was a planetary alignment of Jupiter with Capella in the constellation of Auriga, the Pierced Shepherd and Polaris, or the North Star in Ursa Minor. If one studies Astronomy to any degree, the elementary knowledge will teach that the North Star is from where all other stars of the known Universe revolve around. If one studies Jewish Eschatology related to Biblical Astronomy, one will realize that Jupiter is considered the Planet of the Messiah or the King Planet. In fact, the ancient Jewish name for Jupiter was Melchizedek or the King of Righteousness. However, as with the Mazzaroth, the attributes of the planets also have an antithesis in terms of esoteric and Luciferian meaning as well. As it pertains to Jupiter for example, in the occult world, Jupiter is attributed to the AntiChrist, the anti-type of Jesus Christ, thus Lucifer, etc.

The star Capella in Auriga the Shepherd means the ‘Pierced One’. This astronomical depiction is seen as the horn of Taurus does pierce the heel of the Shepherd Auriga. This speaks prophetically of the eternal struggle and battle of the 2 Seeds pitted against each other since in the Garden of Eden by YHVH. This disclosure to mankind was in fact the 1st Biblical Prophecy given to mankind, Genesis 3:15, a proto-Evangelism or Gospel. What is rather interesting is that Jupiter, the King Planet happened to align on this day with Jesus on the Cross and the Temple Mount in direct alignment by the 3pm hour. It was at the exact time Jesus died. Based on the Gospel accounts, Jesus after having been up all night. After celebrating the Passover with His Disciples in the Upper Room, Jesus was arrested and tried 7 times during the night.

After being sentenced to be crucified by the Romans at the bequest and insisting of the corrupt Elder of Zion, Jesus was nailed to a cross or ‘tree’ in the midst of 2 other males. The center piece was believed to have been reserved for the vilest of offenders of Rome and were made to be an example, tortured, naked, and exposed outside of Jerusalem. In essence, the Gate of Damascus served as the ‘crossroads of Humanity’ as it was the point in which the trade routes of the ancient world and continents converged. If any message was to have the maximum effect and dissemination, this would have been the place and time. During any given feasts of which 3 were required Moedim of YHVH such as Passover, the population of Jerusalem would have swelled-up to hundreds of thousands. Also consider that the Jews came from the 4 corners of the then known world and spoke many languages.

The Death of the Seeds
What is also interesting about the Jupiter alignment to the cross was that not only did it accent the crucifixion of the King of the Jews, the King of Righteousness but Jupiter was exactly in the midst of the 2 horns of Taurus. According to the research of E.W. Bullinger, the constellation Taurus represents the ‘Wrath of the Judge’ on one level but also the ‘Beast’ that sequestered ‘Eve’ as typified by the Pleiades. The other unique aspect is mathematical in that the distance at that time when Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary was thus in approximate phi ratio from the distance of the actual cross to the North Star Polaris to the star Capella in Auriga and to Jupiter in Taurus. Thus the astronomical tapestry accented this section of the story-line of the Mazzaroth in that Jesus, died, the King of Righteousness, as the North Star from which all things seen and unseen revolve around.

When the phi ratio spiral from the base of the cross of Jesus is applied for illustrative emphases, and the spiral fulcrum is set upon Polaris, the North Star, then the terminal point intersected Jupiter and then ultimately the ley-lines of the Pleiades. Jesus at the cross was pierced as the Good Shepherd, Auriga that laid His life down for the Sheep, His People Israel but not only those but that of the whole world. It was at the Cross of Calvary that Jesus took the full wrath of the ‘Beast’ Taurus as YHVH required to redeem Adam and Eve’s fallen race as a man. This cosmological correspondence is attributed to the Redeemer, Jesus as the Groom, redeeming His Bride, the ‘Pleiades’ bound by the ‘Wrath of YHVH’, and subject to Lucifer’s domain that was, is and is to come, etc. Another interesting observation about this particular time and place of Jesus’s crucifixion was that the Sun was in the constellation of Aries, the ram-goat.

Nothing would seem significant about this position of the Sun as it is in this House or Sign every springtime. However, what was unique on this day was the following. First if one took the angle of the Sun to the base of the Cross of Calvary where Jesus was suspended between Earth and Heaven, literally the angle was at a 33° arc from the Skull Façade. If one also took this same angle and juxtaposed it symmetrically from the Skull Façade, the angle directly aligned itself to Saturn in Cancer. This arc of degrees from the Skull Façade also was in direct alignment vertically to the mysterious star of Draco, Thuban. This star is from where the Great Pyramid of Giza has one of the shafts aligned to.

If it is understood that the crucifixion site was at street level more or less and in-between the Skull Façade and the Garden Tomb, if one looked up just over the ledge of the rocky wall directly in front of the crucifixion spot that had edged on its ledge the 3 signs of Jesus’ offense, then one would see the constellation Draco just crest above the Mount Moriah pinnacle. What was interesting about this depiction was that Draco was in an upside-down depiction as it was sitting behind the pinnacle of Mount Moriah towards the north. This has echoes of the ‘Sides of the North’ that the actual Draco, Lucifer wanted to elevate his throne above that of YHVH in Heaven. What the constellation also would have shown is the foot that was adjacent to the head of the ‘dragon serpent’. This celestial depiction at the cross accented the death of the Seeds as Jesus crushed the ‘head’ of the serpent at the cross by using the same instrument and power of sin, Death.

The Array of Celestial Bodies
It was also at the Cross of Calvary that by the same death of Jesus, the Seed of the Woman so too did the Seed of the Serpent, Lucifer die as well. Jesus as the Seed of Eve resurrected back from the state of death in the ground or Garden Tomb. Jesus taught with parables in that except a seed fall to the ground and die, it cannot bear fruit. The crucifixion of Jesus sealed the doom and defeat and ultimate destruction of Lucifer. In ancient folklore that even pre-dates the creation of Adam and Eve, there is said to be the ‘Gods of Atlantis’ on Earth and so much that Saturn was even considered a ‘Sun’ and associated with the Watchers, as in the Fallen Angels and Lucifer, etc. Although all these astronomical depictions occurred on this day and time, normally such alignments would not have been able to be seen.

However, the court astrologers of the royal palaces of the then known world empires would have as would the evil Elders of Zion that had usurped the Sanhedrin or the Seat of Moses. In fact, such a Secret Society within the ranks or the ruling class elite was known as the Sons of Jupiter in fact. This study however suggests that in the Biblical context and definition of the planets during the day of Jesus; crucifixion, in all there were 7 celestial bodies present that made-up the array of the astronomical story-line that accompanied and accented the crucifixion of Jesus that day. Out of the 7 celestial bodies, 6 can be verified by the latest and amazing software models and the ancient peoples could have only dreamt about using. The 6 celestial bodies that fanned the crucifixion site from the west to the east that day were the following.

Planet             In Constellation
1. Mercury       Pisces
2. Venus          Cetus
3 .Sun             Aries
4. Jupiter         Taurus
5. Saturn         Cancer
6. Uranus        Leo
7. (X) ?            Aries

Another amazing observation pertaining to the array of the planetary bodies on the supposed day of Jesus’ death is how the 7 bodies on the Ecliptic suggests a ‘menorah’ pattern. There are 3 bodies to the left of Jupiter and 3 bodies to the right. What this study is suggesting is that astonishingly, the arrangement approximates the order of the Solar System with 2 exceptions. It is assumed the Earth is omitted as that is the point of reference. The Sun replaced Mars as the planet and the ‘God of War’. This would make theological sense as Christ Jesus came to bring peace and make peace with YHVH.

More astonishing, the atonement of Jesus’ death as the King of Righteousness, as ‘Jupiter’ provide through His blood atonement the amazing and divine aspect to have the Peace of GOD. Neptune was replaced by Regulus, the Giant Blue Star that is known as the Heart of the Lion. What is also spectacular is that Uranus is in Leo; a very rare conjunction. Uranus means the Heavenlies. Since 32 AD, including the conjunction of Uranus within Leo, there have only been 12 occurrences of such an alignment. Does the 12 signify the 12 Tribes of Israel?

The Cosmic Serpent
The planetary alignments and those on the Ecliptic at the time of the crucifixion displays the approximate spectrum of visible light. The planet’s colors based on their resonance or frequency approximates the color of the Rainbow. The Sign of Noah was YHVH’s promise not to ever destroy the Earth by water. Jupiter takes the position of the Servant Stem, as Jesus did on the Cross of Calvary. This Ecliptic planetary array was as a ‘Celestial Rainbow’ in full view. What this study suggests is that what made this particular day unique and the Sign of Aries stand-out among all the other Passovers consists of 2 factors. One factor deals with the amazing account that there appeared to be a total solar eclipse for 3 hours during the crucifixion of Jesus. This occurred according to the Gospel accounts from 12 noon to 3pm. Jesus was placed on the cross though from 9am to 3pm when Jesus died.

As no normal solar eclipse can last mathematically more than approximately just over 7 minutes, there has been much speculation as to what could have caused this phenomenon. Some speculate that it was a miraculous solar eclipse, others believe it was a severe storm. What is telling according to the Gospel accounts is that a great earthquake accompanied this darkness over the entire land. It has been proven scientifically that at times, the planetary alignment of various bodies does affect the gravitational force-field of Earth and in turn triggers earthquakes as pressure from the tectonic plates shifts as the core is also affected, etc. This study does agree with the work of Gil Broussard in that his models strongly suggest that a heavenly body 7 times the size of Jupiter eclipsed the Sun during the crucifixion of Jesus, Planet X or more accurately, Nemesis.

Broussard proved mathematically that such a size of a celestial body would have exactly eclipsed the Sun for 3 hours. Thus, if this would have been the case, then there were indeed 7 celestial bodies spanning the sky from the west to the east having Jupiter as the key and center celestial body in direct alignment vertically to the cross of Jesus. What this then further suggests pictorially is that such an array of celestial bodies composed a ‘celestial menorah’ or sorts. This is only to the degree that the planets, the constellations and the starts could have been seen for the 3 hours of darkness and the stars could have shown above the stratosphere. This study assumes that it would have been the case.

This ‘celestial menorah’ would be in keeping with the theological understanding that as Jupiter was the Center Stem, it represented the Servant Stem; ‘As Above, So Below’. On Earth below, Jupiter corresponded to the one crucified between 2 males. As above, the Jupiter was juxtaposed between 2 male constellations in the heavens, that of Orion and Auriga.If the conjecture of the research from Broussard is valid, then the phenomenon of Planet X, the Red Dragon, Nemesis, etc., does exist. In fact the 1st axiom of such a mantra has been hijacked by the Luciferins. Originally, it belongs to Jesus and He provided the matrix of such a stricter in the LORD’s Prayer, ‘Your kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven’, but in reversed order even.

It would also corroborate the many ancient recorded accounts of such a celestial body approaching Earth that coincide with worldwide catastrophes of varying degrees. The degree to which the severity of the flybys affected Earth was determined on the angle, the place the mini-solar system interjected the planetary planes and on which side of the Sun the Earth was on. What is also interesting is that based on this angle, the planet Jupiter is approximately 33 degrees from the Earth-Sun alignment. Given the scenario that indeed the 3-hour darkness was attributed to the solar eclipse of the Sun by Nemesis, then the following can be conjectured based on the angle and alignment of the planets. For one, if the Earth was seen from a bird’s eye view of the Solar System as being the vertical axis in alignment with the Sun, then this means that the Nemesis heavenly body was in-between the Sun and the Earth.

This would have and could only have produced the 3-hour solar eclipse. Will such a time approach the reappearance of Nemesis and be the variable that will likewise cause the darkness of the coming Kingdom of the Antichrist due the 5th Bowl judgment? Also, this means that Nemesis would have been somewhere in the planetary orbital planes of Venus and Mercury. Based on current speculation and from mathematical models it is believed that Nemesis, that is the Red Dragon is coming from the south in a clockwise direction. In this possible modern approach, the perihelion will be reached behind the Sun based on the Solar System Scope model.

Lastly if one was present at the 3pm hour when Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary towards the north of the Temple Mount and looked directly towards the west just above the Temple proper as the afternoon sacrifices of the Passover Lambs were being slaughtered in the darkness of the solar eclipse, the following would have been depicted in the stars that the eclipse would have allowed the throng of the multitudes to see. The planetary alignment of Mercury, Venus, the Sun and Jupiter would have been at an exact vertical alignment. Moreover, the distance from Mercury to Venus and the Sun would approximate the phi ratio of distance between each other, which is amazing. The constellation just showing above the pinnacle of the Temple was Pisces that perhaps suggested the Age of the Fish to come that has encapsulated the Church Age. Next if one drew a line from the Holy of Holies to the star Capella in Auriga, the 'Pierced Shepherd' and symmetrically juxtaposed it, the corresponding star was Alnitak.

This is the largest of the 3 stars of the Belt of Orion and the star that is always corresponding to the Great Pyramid of Giza. As with the physical crucifixion, Jesus was placed in-between 2 other males, corresponding to Orion and Auriga. There are several layers of Biblical significance as in 1 aspect, such typifies the duality and 2 missions of Jesus. The first being the Suffering Servant, Messiah-ben-Joseph. The 2nd one that of Orion, foretells the Messiah’s 2nd coming as the conquering warrior, Messiah-ben-David. That mission will be to establish the Eternal Kingdom on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Consequently, this angle is approximately 72 degrees which echoes the degree of Precession of the Equinox and other sacred numerical association with hidden knowledge. Specific to Israel, the Elders of Zion were 70 plus Moses and Aaron; the Sanhedrin was 72 Elders, etc. What is very prominent is that the Sun is directly aligned at that hour Jesus died as the ‘Lamb of YHVH’ just to the north at very same hour.

To reiterate, as Jupiter was in-between the horns of Taurus, that in itself in many other astronomical renditions suggests a ‘menorah’ type of stand. From the Torah, the Menorah was a facsimile of an Almond Tree, thus Jupiter suspended in-between the horns of Taurus signified the King of Righteousness pierced or ‘nailed’ to the ‘tree’; even so the Cross of Calvary. However, a more prominent depiction of the crucifixion, astronomically is seen as Jupiter is directly in-between the constellations of Orion, the coming Redeemer, Hero and Auriga, the 'Pierced Shepherd' that gave his life for the Sheep. Here again, if those that knew how to read the celestial markers that YHVH set in place according to Genesis as for times, seasons and signs, it would have been evident that on this day. Those that like the Wise Men of Persian could have early correlated that the King of Righteousness, the Redeemer that had come would be pierced as a shepherd to die for the sheep. The parables that Jesus spoke in a common knowledge of the day were and are all corroborated astronomically.
Astronomically, this crucifixion would liberate the ‘chained woman’, Andromeda and the fish, Pisces that were bound by Cetus, the Sea Monster, Leviathan, aka Lucifer. As the Church Age closes, will there be such an astronomical alignment at the return for the Bride of Christ? Since the 1st Pentecost, the Church, the Bridge of Christ specifically has been in a state of humiliation of sorts. Perhaps based on the Feast of YHVH and the menorah pattern, if Jesus was indeed born on the Feast of Trumpets or Rosh HaShanah, perhaps that is when He will return. The present ‘Pentecostal Feast’ interim is not over yet; it is still in play until the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. Thus in turn by 2 witnesses, if the Church was ‘born’ on Pentecost, many speculate that the Church Age will end on a Pentecost. Then if one count from the Rosh HaShanah birth of Jesus, the 7th Feast typology would correspond to Pentecost as well.

This study strongly would argue that the Church Age cannot crossover to the last 70th Week of Years to complete Daniel’s prophecy and that the Matthew 24 passage is addressed to Israel, the Covenant of Abraham’s physical seed and descendants, not the spiritual body of Christ Jesus. This condition is a mysterious dichotomy and primarily due to the reality that as Believers in Jesus as the Christ, such still live in their mortal bodes. The question is, will there be still such a planetary alignment that will correspond to the Rapture event where the ‘Pisces’ , the ‘Pleiades’ and the ‘Andromeda’s’ throughout the Church Age will be liberated of the chains of sin once and for all? Will the completion the 3-fold redemption of the Saints that occurs at the Rapture thus likewise will occur when Nemesis comes around as it possibly during the crucifixion of Jesus and caused the Eclipse of the Cross?

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