A Prophetic Interpretation Related to the Rapture

  • Does the 'Portal' Paintin gPortray any Biblical Innuendos?
  • Does the Timing of its Release signal the one to come?
  • What does the 'Door' signify for the Body of Christ now?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘This Portal has been on my Mind for many Months. I finally was able to depict it just the way I was seeing and feeling it. Please enjoy!’ - Akiane Kramarik

The purpose of this study is to consider the Painting entitled the ‘Portal’ by the World Famous Painter, Akiane Kramarik. The Painting is being considered because of the timeliness of its Release, September 9, 2022. It comes at a unique Conjecture of Time, that being the 70th Year Anniversary of the Sabbath Cycles, pertaining to Israel returning to the Promised Land. Also, the Timing coincided with the Queen of England’s Death, also having a 70-Year Anniversary Marker. And then what the Theme the Painting could be insinuating, based on the following Eschatological Interpretation of it.

One would like to compare the Painting to the Portal that many End Times Bible-Believing Christians are expecting, the Rapture ‘Portal’. How so? It is understood that at the point of the Rapture Event, that ‘Portal’ or Door of Escape will be opened. It is going to be a Supernatural Phenomenon that will defy Space and Time as the Dimension to the Spirit Realm will be where the Believers and Followers of Jesus Christ, in this Last Generation will be Transitioned, Transformed, Translated to, etc. It is an Evacuation or Extraction; a Snatching-Away out of the Earth. They will then Rendezvous with Jesus in the Clouds for 1 of the Greatest Miracles since the Parting of the Red Sea.

It is thereafter that Jesus will then escort all His Faithful and Loyal Followers, all collectively as a Bride Motif into Heaven. It will be to that Wedding Chamber or Chuppah Jesus went away to Prepare as Promised. One would ask, ‘Why is this Rapture Event to happen and why?’ The Bible teaches that the Rapture Event will be much like Jesus explained it. A bit of Theology is in order here. It would be as in the Time of Lot in Sodom and Noah with the Ark. It will be because of a Divine Wrath that is Pending. And the ‘Righteous’ are not appointed to Wrath and thus, must be removed before the Wrath falls. Now realize that in one’s own Standing, no one is Righteous.

That is the whole Reason why GOD the Son had to become a Man, a Genetic Human and live a ‘Perfect Life’. That is a Life, in which there was no Sin, Disobedience nor other ‘Lovers’, spiritually speaking. Jesus, GOD Incarnate was willing to become that Substitutionary Sacrifice to ‘Pay’ for the Infection of Adam’s Sin, which was Eternal Death. Jesus secured Eternal Life instead and bestows that upon Humanity, Free of Charge. But because YHVH respects Humanity’s Free Will, Jesus will not force this Free Gift of Salvation: Spirit, Soul and Body upon anyone. However, it is incumbent upon each Living Soul, Human to decide to either Receive or Reject Jesus. Why?

Not Appointed to Wrath

Jesus clearly taught that He is the Door or ‘Portal’ to Redemption. Jesus is the Only Way, Path and Means of Salvation for Humanity. It is only through His Blood that Sin is paid for. There is no other Savior or Name in Heaven, on Earth or in Hell that Mankind can be Savored from Eternal Damnation, etc. The main reason for the Rapture is to Withdraw or Depart before All-Out Calamity and the Tribulation Period commences. This 7-Year Last Sabbath of Years will be the most horrific ever known to Humanity. According to Jesus, no other Time can be compared to it, nor will it be even in the Future. It is that Severe and Serious to consider. Why?

According to the Bible, Sin has to be judged; Justice demands it. ‘No Justice, No Peace’. This Notion of an Open Door of Escaping the Coming Wrath of Jesus is given as a Promise by none other than Jesus Himself. It was given to the Philadelphian Type of Believers in the Last Generation. This Account and Provision of an ‘Open Door’ is found in the Last Book of the Bible, Revelation. It is when Jesus, as the Great Physician, is reviewing the 7 Churches of Asia as a ‘Doctor’ doing a Health Check-Up of His Bride to be. Jesus evaluated and makes a Prognosis of what is Right and Wrong.

Jesus then Prescribes the Medication or Remedy needed to be applied toward that particular ‘Patient’ of the Church Type. However, one is of the Understanding that each of the 7 Church Types also echo their particular Prophetic Theme, ‘Ailment’ and Condition relative to Time in Historical Years, i.e., the Church Age. Or in other words or point of view, the Church Age has been and can be Delineated into 7 Segments of Church History. It began in Pentecost after the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus. It will End at the Resurrection-Rapture Event to conclude the ‘Pentecostal Intermission’.

This present Church Age has been, is ‘being fulfilled’. It has been in the Present Tense of the 4th Feast of YHVH. It is the Pentecost Intermission between the 1st Coming of Jesus and His 2nd Coming after the 70-Week of Years or the 7-Year Tribulation Period concludes. This 7-Fold Church Age will 1 Day come to a Close as the Rapture Door opens. It is because, as one understands it, the Last Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle is what Israel still owes YHVH for not allowing the Promised Land its Sabbath Rests, etc.

Thus, one would like to provide an Interpretation of the Art Pieces that one believes does appear to have some Divine Inspiration. In one’s Assessment, the Artist, Akiane portrayed, in the very simple but perhaps Prophetically Propound way, some interesting Biblical Innuendos. How the issue of this Painting, the ‘Portal’ came across one’s Introspection, happened due to a Brother in Christ named Bob from the Revelation 12 Sign Daily Blog. The following is a Paraphrased Narrative of the Conversation.

Bob posted that, according to his words, ‘When Akiane Kramarik painted the World Famous Painting of Jesus, entitled ‘The Prince of Peace’ at the Age of 8, she openly admitted she could not lighten the Left Side of His face. It was presumably because the Holy Spirit would not allow her. As a result, the Right Side of Jesus' Face is Light while the Left Side is Dark’. Bob then included the Online Link of Akiane’s Work, pertaining to the Painting: https://akiane.com/product/prince-of-peace/

Presidential Portraits

There is actually also a Video on her Webpage about how the ‘Painting Discovered Itself’. It chronicles how the Painting of Jesus’ Face disappeared from the Public Eye. But then, only to be re-discovered in a most unusual way. Now, how the Painting of the Face of Jesus sets the stage for this Prophetic Interpretation of Akiane’s ‘Portal’ Painting is because of the following sequence of Timing. Bob made a correlation of the Unveiling of Obama's Presidential Portraits. Specific to Obama’s Portrait, he also had a Light and Dark Side of the Face correlation.

However, in the case of Obama, the Sides were reversed to that of Jesus’ Portrait. This is what Bob observed. ‘As many of you are aware, the Obama's revealed their Official White House Portraits in an Unveiling Ceremony on Wednesday [September 7, 2022]. I could not help but wonder if Robert McCurdy, the Artist who painted former President Barack Obama Portrait, had a similar Problem’. Bob goes on to further elaborate.

‘If you look at the Painting carefully, you all will notice that Obama's Right Side of his Face is Dark, while the Left Side is Light, or just the opposite of Akiane's ‘Prince of Peace’ Painting’. In his Opinion, the Paintings clearly contrast the difference between Light and Darkness, Good vs Evil. And that one has a choice of which Pathway to take (John 8:12). Then a short Time after Posting this Comparison and Commentary about the Obama’s New Presidency Portrait with that of Jesus, he received an Email.

He received an email from Akiane's Gallery showing her newest Painting entitled ‘Portal’. Based on his Assessment of the Painting Akiane painted, Bob believes it tied-in perfectly with the ‘Light and Darkness’ Theme he was trying to convey to the End Times Online Community. It is looking for that Rapture ‘Portal’ as many others are at this particular Time that is approaching the Fall Feasts of YHVH. There is a Convergence of some very Important Time Markers, as mentioned and will be Elaborated on. Bob also noted the timing/release of her New Painting, right after the Posting. He provided the Link where Akiane paints the Portrait of the ‘Portal’ in Time-Lapse.


Bob then went on to surmise how it could not be, ‘Pure Coincidence’ that Akiane released the Painting and named it ‘Portal’ just 3 Days before presumed Jesus' Birth Date that some believe was and is on (9/11). And that in terms of Timing, it was a little more than 2 Weeks away from the Rosh HaShanah/Feast of Trumpets. And? This is a High Watch Day for that ‘Open Portal’ or Door to open. As it has been written about already, the Fall of 2022 begins a New Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle of 7-Years. He concludes with, ‘Rapture Portal’ to the ‘Promised Land’, Anyone!

After reviewing the Portal Painting by Akiane, the following will be one’s Assessment and Interpretation based on the Biblical Rapture Door or Portal Narrative. 1st, one has to describe the Painting for those not able to see any sort of Image. The Primary Colors are Blue, Green and Turquoise. The Imagery reminds one of the Matrix Movie where the Dimensions are pierced, and one can see Numbers and Letters switching in a long line of vertical lines across the Screen. The ‘Matrix’ appears to form a ‘Cross’ Nexus.

Divine Rendezvous

The setting of this Portal ‘Dimension’ is reminiscent of how the People in the Movie, The Matrix were transported through such Conduits. People were Transported, Transfixed, Transformed to-and-from, ‘The Real’ and Apparent Reality of Dimensions they were aware of, etc. And this is precisely what will occur during the Rapture Event. There will be a ‘Crossing’ or Piercing the Veil of Dimensions as one’s Body will be Transformed, Transfixed and Transported from the Corruptible to the Un-Corruptible. The Apostle Paul describes the Rapture Event as ‘Putting-On Immortality’. It will be a Supernatural Reconstitution of one’s whole Being, as the Physical Mortal constructs of one’s DNA and Matter is Metamorphosed into the Body that Jesus has presently.

It will be a New Body in which He resurrected into, that is Indestructible and able to abide in Heavenly Realms. For all the Talk, Aspirations and Investments being poured into Trans-Humanism, for the purpose of attaining ‘Eternal Life’, Jesus has achieved this already. All such Luciferian Eugenicist efforts cannot compare to the Original Creator of the DNA. Only in Jesus is there the True ‘Trans’ and possibility of Humans achieving Eternal Life. Yes, there will be a Trans-Humanism ‘Great Leap Forward’, but that will be Jesus’ doing. But at His Place and Time, all other attempts will pale in comparison. Now a bit more Theology here.

The Bible clearly teaches that a Soul is Eternal. It is the Body that decays and returns to the Earth because of Sin. It is the Spirit that goes ‘Out’ much like a Flame that is extinguished. But it is the Soul that Sins that Dies. Now this Death is ‘Eternal Death’. The Point is, ‘Where in Eternity will one’s Soul abide in?’ It will either be, Eternal Life or Eternal Death. Once Jesus finished with the Reign of 1000 Years on Earth, Space and Time will therefore End. And after, the White Throne Judgment of those who Rejected Jesus will be sentenced to Eternal Domination. As there will be no more Space and Time, such Present Dimensions become irrelevant.

The Bible teaches that it is thereafter that Jesus will refashion the Heavens and Earth. It is called the Future Eternal Order. It will be a time where the Elements will be burned with Fire this time around, and not by Water, etc. At that Future Time, Heaven comes down to be interposed within Earth as that is where GOD, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit will dwell in that New Jerusalem. It will be an Amazing Spectacle or Dimension to behold in that Plain of Existence. Now back to the Painting of the Portal by Akiane. One would agree that it means the World will soon be going into Darkness as the ‘Lights’ are taken out, i.e., the Rapture Event. And this can be applied to the Body of Christ on Earth, in general and to Specific Believers and Followers of Jesus.

Jesus stated as He was and is the Light of the World, so too are those that truly are His Disciples. Jesus stated that His Followers are the ‘Light and Salt of the World’. It only takes 1 Match or Light to dispel the Darkness in a Room. Salt is a Preservative and keeps Decomposing Matter from Spoiling or going Bad. Such has been the Church Age Body of Christ on Earth with a similar Effect due to Sin. Once the Rapture Door or Portal is opened, the World will go into Darkness and Spoil really fast and bad. It will stink. This transition is contingent on the Rapture Event, in one’s Prophetic Understanding.

Door of Escape

One enjoyed watching Akiane paint the ‘Portal’ in her YouTube Video Channel. Over the years, her Work has been Inspirational, and some have attributed her Gift as being Genuinely Divine. And if the Portraits of Jesus are accurate, then the World has a more realized Rendition of what the Messiah of Israel really looks like. One actually did a study on the Portraits of Jesus by Akiane. One compared the Side View with the reconstructed 3-D Model of the Head and Side View of the Crucified Man found in the Shroud of Turin. The striking comparison will be found in the End Notes. Akiane has surely become an Artwork herself, as she has become a very Beautiful Woman.

The next observation of the Portal Painting, that one found striking was just how ‘small’ the Painting Canvas was/is. It is only about 20 X 25 Inches or 50 x 60 CM. The Screenshot, taken under Fair Use for Educational and Illustration Purpose allows one to show this Proportion. As a Graphic Artist, one sees that it is indicative of how the Portal or Door of Escape really is and how Jesus described it as being. The Door is Narrow, as in the Gate and few Find it…sadly. In reality, most of the World and a lot of Profession Christians outright dismiss it. In one’s Assessment, the best part of the Painting was how there is a Man and a Woman Figure, standing and facing each other.

It is as though they, or he is expecting her and they meet, Face-to-Face for the 1st Time at this ‘Cross Matrix’. It is an Inter-Dimensional Space, a Matrix type of Existence and Nexus. It is suspended from any Restraints from Earth’s Gravity and Laws of Physics, etc. That is what the Rapture will be like. It will be a State of Awe, to gaze upon the Face of Jesus. Faith will have become Sight. It will be a New Beginning. The Queen, that is the Bride of Christ will have been completed. The Prophetic Innuendo one is asking is, will that also occur in the 70th Year as was the completion of the Queen of England’s Tenure? This is what the Rapture Event is predicated on.

And that will be when the Bride is presented to the King. In the Portal Painting, this Couple is as if they are suspended in Mid-Air as the Floor is Sapphire, Transparent. It also reminds one of how the 70 Elders of Zion, the Motif of Israel, the Bride of YHVH said, ‘I Do’ to YHVH. They then meet YHVH along with Moses and Aaron. Thereafter, the 70, as a Representative of the Collective Bride of Israel, banqueted with YHVH on the Cleft of Mount Sinai. See Graphics in End Notes. They too were standing on that Glassy Sea/Floor of Burning Sapphire. They too were Transfixed, Transposed, into the Presence of YHVH, in the Banqueting Hall, where His Banner over them was Love.

And lastly, the issue of Timing. Why the Painting of the Portal by Akiane is very Relevant, Prophetically perhaps in one’s Estimation deals with that Number or Coefficient of 70. It was in this Month that the Queen of England Died. She had a 70 Year Reign since 1952 when Israel 1st had the Shemitah Count occur when she was back in the Promised Land. And that is what the Shemitahs are tied to. The Queen celebrated the Platinum Jubilee in 2022. The Painting of the Portal by Akiane, the 70th Year convergence of the 10 Sabbath Cycles also converges on this Season that ends on September 22, 2022. Note that for the Year 2022, September 22 is the 265th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar with 100 Days remaining until the End of the Year.

Summary of Prophetic Interpretation

And it is the 5-Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign that does have the Rapture ‘Escape’ theme to it. This is the Last Day of the Summer Harvest and also the Eve of the 5-Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign. And? This Sign had and has at its Core DNA, the Rapture Motif Typology.

Then consider that Prince William is 40 Years old. The Number 40 signifies a completion of a Probation as was the Wanderings of Unbelieving Israel in the Wilderness. The following is the Summary of one’s Interpretation of Akiane’s Painting, the ‘Portal’, based on Prophetic Motif found in the Bible, especially the ‘Open Door’ for the Philadelphian Type of Christians, the Rapture. It will be the Interpretation that one sees is perhaps being conveyed, as one sees it through a Biblical Framework, no Pun intended.

1-The Painting to the Portal can be compared to how many End Times Bible-Believing Christians are expecting, the Rapture ‘Portal’.

2-It is going to be a Supernatural Phenomenon that will defy Space and Time as the Dimension to the Spirit Realm will be where the Believers in Jesus Christ, will be Translated to.

3-They will then Rendezvous with Jesus in the Clouds for 1 of the Greatest Miracles since the Parting of the Red Sea. Moses Parted the Water, Jesus, the Greater Moses will Part the Air.

4-The Portal Painting, is tied-in perfectly with the ‘Light and Darkness’ Theme of the Last Generation in how the World will be going into a Period of Total Darkness, Spiritually.

5-Is it ‘Pure Coincidence’ that Akiane released the Painting and named it ‘Portal’ just 3 Days before Jesus' Birth Date of (9/11). And about 2 weeks away from the Rosh HaShanah.?

6-The Fall of 2022 begins a New Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle of 7-Years.

7-One found striking just how ‘small’ the Painting Canvas was/is. It is only 20 X 25 Inches or about 50 x 60 CM. The Door is Narrow, as in the Gate and few Find it…sadly.

8-The Painting depicts a Man and a Woman Figure, standing and facing each other. It is as though they, or he is expecting her and they meet, Face-to-Face for the 1st Time.

9-It is reminiscent of how People were Transported through the Matrix Conduits, to and from the Apparent Reality. The Painting portrayed is one that is reminiscent of the Stars in Space.

10-That Matrix type of Nexus, in-between Dimensions also reminds one of how the 70 Elders of Zion, the Motif of Israel, the Bride of YHVH said, ‘I Do’ to YHVH along with Moses and Aaron.

11-They meet in this Inter-Dimensional Space, a Matrix Cross type of Existence and Nexus; suspended of any Restraints from Earth’s Gravity and Laws of Physics, etc.

12-As to the Nexus of the Cross surmised, it is off-set. The Groom, Jesus is Looking to the Prophetic Future from the Cross looking Forward, sets His Gaze at the Woman Figure.

13-The Man, Jesus has His Back turned away in Shadow, facing the Bride. It is as if the Bride is what the Cross has Accomplished. It has the Bride at the Center, off-set to the Cross.

14-The Bride, Church, Body of Christ is looking Prophetically Back toward the Cross and the Man Figure. If one inverts the Painting, one can see the Woman having a Bridal Attire or Dress. However, if the Artist is insinuating a Trans-Gender Depiction, in line with the 'Woke' Agenda, then All Bets Are Off, as they say and this Author has read too much into the Painting and/or Akiane's true Depiction, etc. It could be however, alluding to how the Bride, at the Nexus Rendezvous has been given that White Wedding Dress thas he has then put on as she Meets the Groom, Jesus at the Portal or Door, etc. 

15-The Bride, Woman, Church is facing the Groom. It is as if the Bride is reflecting the Light and Glory of the Messiah, Jesus.

‘Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom. 18And we, who with Unveiled Faces all Reflect the Glory of the Lord, are being Transformed into His Image with Intensifying Glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit’. -2 Corinthians 3:17-18


This amazing Passage in the New Testament attests to the Present Tense Sanctification Work of how Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, is Redeeming one’s Soul. The more one allows the Deep Work of Christ Jesus to penetrate the Heart, Soul and Mind of a Believer, the more ‘Glorious’ one’s Reflection of that Image of Christ one will have in Glory. The Key? How does one attain a ‘Greater Glory’? Wipe one’s Metaphoric Mirror or Slate Clean. In that Proverbial Looking Glass, of seeing Prophetically in the Future and Heart Condition, the Key is having a Clean Mirror/Slate.

The more one ‘Works’ at “Cleaning’ one’s Heart, Soul and Mind, the more one can see clearly what Christ Jesus seeks to show and imprint. Ultimately, as the Scripture alludes to, it is the Image and Likeness of Jesus. How does one attain this? Enter through the Narrow Gate or Portal. Jesus is that Portal and He has opened that to give Access to those that come, now. However, soon, this Portal will be closing. As with the Ark of Noah, it was YHVH who ‘Shut the Door’ of the Ark. The Ark was like the ‘Chamber’ wherein Noah and his Family were kept from the Wrath’ or Indignation until it passed.

Likewise, at the Rapture Event, per Isaiah 26:20, Christ Jesus will Call His Bride to enter into His Heavenly Chamber, or Marriage Chuppah for Protection until the 1 Hour of Testing to come upon the World, Lucifer and Israel will pass. And lastly, touching upon the Timing. Why the Painting of the Portal by Akiane is very Relevant, Prophetically perhaps in one’s Estimation, deals with that Number or Coefficient of 70. It was in September of 2022 that the Queen of England Died. She had a 70 Year Reign since 1952. It is when Israel 1st had the Shemitah Count occur, having been back in the Promised Land. And as noted, it is what the Shemitahs are tied to.

Then the Queen of England, as a possible Prophetic Motif of the Church Age celebrated the Platinum Jubilee in 2022. And just about a Week away from the Death and Painting of the Portal by Akiane, the 70th Year convergence of the 10 Sabbath Cycles also converges on this Season that ends on September 22, 2022. This is the Last Day of the Summer Harvest and also the Eve of the 5-Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign. And? This Sign had and has at its Core DNA, the Rapture Motif Typology. Thus, one can sense the Urgency and Excitement that this Fall could be the Time that the End of the Church Age Probation is concluded.

And the 70-Year Jubilee, tied to Israel is about to be handed back to Israel for the Last Shemitah of Daniel’s 70th Week of Year, etc. One might have read too much into the simple Painting of the Portal by Akiane, but hat Small Portal or Door of the Rapture to conclude the Church Age is about to open and for a Limited Time, for only the Little Flock anyway, i.e., the Philadelphians. How glad it is to be found at the Door Waiting for Jesus to open it. And as the Painting by Akiane, the Portal portrays, in one’s Estimation, the Church Age Believers in Jesus have looked back through the ‘7-Fold’ Church Times.

The Bride, much like the Philadelphian type of Disciples have kept Jesus’ Word and have not denied His Name. How has this been achieved? They have kept their ‘Gaze’ upon Jesus and what the Cross of Calvary accomplished, her Redemption. Jesus has been looking forward to this Rendezvous also. He has seen, through Time, the completion of the 7 Churches of Asia that is now pending to be concluded. A Time where Time and Space will be Suspended and the Bride of Christ will finally meet her Groom, Jesus at the Portal. At the Star Gate even. 


Main Source


Akiane Kramarik 
September 9 at 6:09 AM  · 
Painting Title: Portal
Film Title: Portal
Medium : Painted with acrylic on canvas board.
Music: Ian Post


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