Body of Jesus Christ Conceptualization

  • Is the Lifespan of Jesus a Cosmic Blueprint of what is Prophetic?
  • Can such a Pattern of Christ's Body predict the Solar System?
  • Is there a factor how Cosmic Frequency is subject to Sound/Logos?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘In the Year of King Uzziah's Death, I saw the Sovereign Master Seated on a High, Elevated Throne. The Hem of His Robe filled the Temple.’ -Isaiah 6:1

The purpose of this study with illustrations, is to present Evidence, to suggest that the Measure of All Things Created is indeed Christ Jesus as the Bible proclaims. He is the Measure of Man, the Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, and the Universe; All that is Seen and Unseen, etc. The Bible states that He, Jesus Christ is the Creator, GOD the Son who made All Things, by Him and for Him, Invisible and Visible. This study will nonetheless be combining the Esoteric with the Sacred Biblical, to show that even the Principle of the Chakras of the Body are also infused in the very Dimensions of the Solar System. And also the Ark of Covenant, as rendered by the Eyewitness Account of Ron Wyatt, which this study agrees is probably the Most Accurate Depiction of the actual Configuration of how the Ark looked like.

As it pertains to the Ark of the Covenant, it is not just some Random Furniture built to an Arbitrary Scale or Dimension. It is a Facsimile or Copy of the Divine Blueprint of YHVH’s Throne Seat in Heaven that is proportioned to the Human Form, that of a Body. Or one should rather say, the Divine ‘GOD’ Body of which the Human Form or Body is Patterned after. It is none other than that which is patterned after Christ, the Truly Divine Visible Portion of the GOD-Head as is the Visible Light. Visible Light is just 1 of 3 States of Essence and Attributes of Light. Jesus Christ stated that, He is the ‘Light of the World’. He is the GOD-MAN, in Hypostatic Union. It was because of Christ’s Incarnation and Bodily Resurrection as the First Fruits of His Kind, that He is the Only Human in true Human Proportions as a Man that is in Heaven currently in the Flesh, in a Glorified Body. As Prophet, Priest and King, Jesus is currently presiding over the Office of Priest.

Jesus promised His Followers that 1 Day they too will likewise have a Glorified Body at the Point of the Resurrection and Rapture of His Bride, the True Church. Realize that the Bible declares that Jesus Christ, ‘Sat Down at the Right Hand of Majesty on High’ after He conquered Sin, Satan and Death at Calvary. This means that, for all the Unfathomable Expanse and Vastness of the Universe, and all of Heaven that itself cannot contain the LORD, GOD the Son has restricted His Physical Size and Being to that of the Proportions of a Human Body and for all Eternity. It is Jesus of Nazareth that presently is Enthroned in the Temple of the Holy One of Israel, the Creator in Heaven. For the purposes of this study, the Christ Form that is the measure of All Things, will be used to illustrate that the Solar System, the Ark of the Covenant and the Constellation of Orion, approximate this Sacred Dimension of the Creator’s Form, that of a ‘Body’.

Solar System

To help decipher and illustrate this Principle, the Cosmic Star Man of da Vinci will be Superimposed onto these Models of the Solar System, the Ark of the Covenant and the Constellation of Orion. This study suggests that such Proportions are a Reflection of YHVH’s Heavenly Pattern that is also seen on Earth. These Patterns on Earth are seen in the Human Body itself, the Layout of Jerusalem with the Pattern to its Gates, Orion, the Tabernacle, the Temple Mount, the Temple, etc.

To reiterate, based on these amazing Correspondences of Measurement and Proportion, it appears that such Models presented in this study are but a True Reflection of the Divine Form found in Jesus Christ, and in Approximate Phi Ratio Proportion to His Body. Moreover, there exists an accompanying Mystery that is related to His Bride that is ‘Called-Out’ as the Church that is being ‘Built’, as Eve was to Adam to compliment his Body and therefore, Christ’s Body, etc. It is a Mystery as is Christ’s Hypostatic Union is what combines the True Essence of GOD and Man in 1 Body.

The Bible refers to His Church that He is currently nearing Completion, as His ‘Body’. It is composed of individual ‘Living Stones’, which are fellow Believers in Jesus. That which will be completed fully, will be the Bride. To reiterate, the Bible states that the Church is ‘His Body’ in that all the True Followers of Christ Jesus, collectively. They are those throughout the Church Age. They have been specifically privileged to be part of this Mysterious ‘Body’ of Christ that is about to be Resurrected and Raptured to meet the Groom in the Air, i.e., the Rapture Event. The Bible teaches that Jesus will meet the Bride half-way in the Air, to then usher the Bride back into the Father’s House. It is until the 1 Hour of Trial starts on Earth and the Lamb’s Wrath passes on the Earth thereafter.

As already stated, the individual Physical Bodies of Believers are to be Metamorphosized into Eternal Bodies of Light, of Pure Indestructible Energy that are able to inhabit Eternity and enter the Gates of Glory. The Vitruvian Body or that of a Man is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, made around 1490. It is of a Man in 2 Superimposed Positions with Arms and Legs apart and inscribed in a Circle and Square. The Drawing is based on the Correlations of the Ideal Human Proportions using Geometry. Vitruvius described the Human Figure as being the Principal Source of Proportion among the Classical Orders. Such a Drawing is said to be an example of the blend between Art and Science that characterized the period of the Renaissance.

Obviously, Leonardo da Vinci had a deeper Esoteric Understanding of Proportion and Sacred Knowledge and also blended the Esoteric with the Sacred. He believed that the Proportions of the Human Body were Analogous to the Workings of the Universe. Thus the Illustrated Charts are but 1 attempt at depicting this Divine Form as configured from the Human Body. Another spectacular Geometric Factor of the Cosmos is seen in the Solar System. It relates to the various Retrogrades of the Planets that configure the Flower of Life Pattern as the Planets revolve around the Sun. For this study the Illustrations will attempt to model Christ’s Divine Form as a Symbol of the essential Symmetry that extends beyond the Universe because all Patterns originate in Christ.

Divine Energy Points

Although the Notion has been well established since da Vinci’s Time that such Human Proportions of the Human Body corresponds to the Cosmos, as in the Planetary Orbits of the Solar System, due to the lack of Sophisticated Instrumentation, the Measure of such Expenses between Planets precisely could only be hinted at and their positions have only been alluded to. With the aid of Modern Computer Software Models of the Solar System, exact Distances have now been calculated amongst the various Orbits of the Planets, thanks to Modern Powerful Telescopes and GPS Tracking Satellites. Using the Realistic Model from SolarSystemScope, an Approximation of the Orbits of each Planet can now be designated and illustrated.

What the Evidence suggests is rather amazing, in scope of this Assertion that ‘All Things’ are a Signature of and in Proportion to the Creator, i.e., Christ in proportion to the Dimensions of a Body. Thus, this study strongly suggests that the Distances of the Planetary Orbits are not only in Phi Ratio to each other but Patterned after the Human Form. These Relationships thus, also correspond to a peculiar Sound, Frequency, Resonance and Color even, the Rainbow. As with its Chakras that correspond to the Positions of the Planets, this study also suggests that the Dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant and the Constellation of Orion are set to such Proportions as well.

The Chart Illustrations attempt to show that indeed the Planetary Orbital Proportions are pegged to the Anthropomorphic Dimensions of a ‘Body’. As it pertains to the Solar System, when the Cosmic Christ or as the da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is Superimposed directly to the Solar System Model, its Proportions correspond to the Spacing of the Planets that match their respective Orbits around the Sun, with the Sun at the Position of the Navel, etc. Additionally, the ‘Cosmic Chakras’ are associated with the particular Color Order of the 7 Light Spectrum corresponding to the 7 Planets with their specific Frequency or Sound and Vibration.

Thus, such a Pattern and Cosmic Design is but a Marvel and Examples of the Celestial Order. This Cosmic Pattern also has an Electric Circuitry of Resonance that aligns such Cosmic Energies and are held together by Jesus Christ according to Colossians 1:17. The illustration of the Solar System’s side-view also approximates this Depiction of the Positive and Negative ‘Eclectic Cosmic Currents’ of the Planets that literally are the Energy Point or the Chakras of the ‘Cosmic Man’. It shows that the Planetary Orbital Proportions are indeed pegged to the Anthropomorphic Dimensions in Phi Ratio.

To reiterate, the illustration of the Models strongly suggest, to a certain degree, that the Planets are literally the Energy Points of the Cosmic Man i.e., the Christ in Proportion to the Human Form in Direct Relation to the Solar System and Cosmos beyond; perhaps even Heaven itself. When the Vitruvius Man is Superimposed against the Dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant, based on Ron Wyatt’s Accounts and in one Rendition of the Order of the Chakra Points, the 7 Planets from Earth’s Point of View, correspond to the 7 Chakras running-up the Spine of the Human Body. In turn, these 7 Planets correspond precisely to the Color Spectrum of Light itself. Mercury is at the Base, the closest to the Ark, from where the Mercy Seat begins, as it is the closest to the Sun.

Ark of the Covenant
Then Venus is at the Point of the ‘Sexual’ Area, which is exactly in the midst of the ‘Square’ configured by the Outstretched Wings of the 2 Flanking Cherubs of the Ark. Mars corresponds to the Base of the start of the Capstone that centers on the Navel. A 2nd Rendition of this Cosmic Pattern occurs when the Model of the Human Form is set to the Solar System Orbital Pattern. The Navel precisely corresponds to the Sun, the Center of man’s Proportion that matches the Center of the Solar System. Jupiter is at the Apex of the Geometric Pyramid Solar Plexus. Saturn’s Rings, corresponds to the Outstretched Arms of the Vitruvian Man and Chest Area corresponding to the Lungs.

Neptune corresponds to the Forehead or 3rd Eye Pineal Gland Region with its Trident of 3 Prongs. Then Uranus with its Halo or Ring is the Planet that corresponds to the 7th Chakra. This could very well signify the Heavenly State of Bliss. To reiterate, the Vitruvian Man imprint over the Ark of the Covenant corresponds to the very dimensions of the Solar System in phi proportions with the Human Form. Against this backdrop of the Vitruvian Man Model, the Height of the Box, the Lid, and the Angle of the Cherub’s Wings pointing Downward and Upward are in direct Human Body Proportions.

Very significantly, the Outstretched Wings of the Cherubs pointing Upward are approximate to the Angle of the Great Pyramid that sits atop the Mercy Seat. In turn, the 3 Inner Solar System Planets appear to correspond to the 3 Pyramids of Giza, starting with Mars, Venus and Mercury. Each is also corresponding to the size of the Pyramids as well. Cairo is a direct Translation that means the ‘Plains of Mars’ and Giza means a Gate or Altar. These 3 Planets also came into this same Alignment in Leo for the spectacular September 23, 2017 Virgo Alignment that many attributing to it being the Revelation 12 Heavenly Sign of the coming Rapture Event.

1st Pyramid: Great Pyramid   - Mars
2nd Pyramid: Khufu                - Venus
3rd Pyramid: Menkaure          - Mercury

Beyond that, Jupiter corresponds to the Tip of the Capstone as the King Planet and that of Messiah. For Egypt, this Pyramid Alignment would also allude to the entirety of the Nile River of Egypt. The Nile is also a type of layout that would incorporate such Proportions and Dimensions of the entire Milky Way. This is the case as the Nile Delta portrays the Orion Constellation or the ‘Man’ that is of the Christ and the Body Form. The other Pyramid Complexes correspond to similar Star Alignments in the Cosmos.

One example is that of the Cosmic Man Pattern Proportion demonstrated even in the Temple of Man in Luxor, Egypt as mapped out by Schwaller de Lubicz. As to the Ark of the Covenant, it also appears to follow the Geographic Angles, if and when a Hexagram is configured within the Circle and Square corresponding to the Vitruvian Dimensions is Superimposed. The Direction of the Cherub’s Wings pointing Downward are at the same Angle of the Inverted Triangle of the Hexagram with its Apex at the bottom of the Circle. The Cherub’s Wings pointing Upward, configure the Angle of a ‘Pyramid’ that correlates to the same Angle, as the Great Pyramid of Giza and converge at the Solar Plexus of the Chakras of the Vitruvian Man.

Cosmic Throne of Christ - Orion
The Angle of Inclination of the Cherub’s Head, looking Downward onto the Ark of the Covenant, appears to match that of the Angle of the Ascending Triangle of the Hexagram. Are these assertions a stretch of the imagination? This study also presents the Case that the Vitruvian Man Dimensions correspond to the Ark of the Covenant’s Dimensions while standing and sitting. If the Ark represents the Throne of the Creator, then perhaps its Location also corresponds to the Location of Heaven itself as well. Thus this study further asserts that the Vitruvian Man Proportions can also be seen in the Constellation of Orion as many purport it is the location of the Throne of the Creator.

Many purport that this Place in the Heavens corresponds to where the Portal or ‘Gate’ to Heaven or GOD is situated at, on the Sides of the North as the Bible claims. When the Ark of the Covenant Model is Superimposed to the Constellation Orion, amazingly it also has the same Bodily Proportions as the Vitruvian Man. Orion since Ancient Times has always been attributed to the ‘Coming One’, the Messiah. He is a Type of Christ, the Overcomer. On Earth, the Ark of the Covenant was the Throne of the Prince, the King where He met Face-to-Face, with Moses initially and with Israel in general.

The Ark of the Covenant represents YHVH’s Meeting Place with His People, Israel and thus it was the Gate to Heaven on Earth, i.e., in the Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle and then on the Temple Mount. Thus it would make sense that Orion in the Cosmos is situated at the Silver Gate denoted by the Galactic Meridian and the Ecliptic of the 7 Stars of the Pleiades. Thus, he is the Gate-Keeper of Heaven as Jesus Christ is the ‘Door’ that no Man or Woman can come to the Father, except by Him. Orion represents on the Positive Side, the Cosmic Christ, Jesus the Protector.

He is the Groom coming to ‘Rescue’ His Bride by going up against the Wrath of YHVH in Taurus. It is a Type of Celestial ‘Bullfight’ that has Captured the Negative or Feminine Aspect of the Bride, as in the Pleiades of 7 stars. Orion vanquishes the Advisory, victorious over Satan as Lepus is Underfoot at the Heel of Orion’s Foot. From a purely Geometric Comparison, Orion as related to the Vitruvian Man Model upon the Ark has some very Distinctive Correspondences Geometrically. Orion ‘Standing’ as the Vitruvian Man is in Phi Ratio and has the same Dimension when the Circle and Square are also attributed to this Depiction. The Stars of Alhena of Gemini and Aldebaran of Taurus flank Orion as the 2 ‘Celestial’ Cherubs.

The Expanse of Orion across his Out-Stretched Arm to his Bow approximates the Width of the Ark of the Covenant. The Out-Stretched Arm of Orion to the Base of the Ark of the Covenant precisely measures Orion’s Expanse in the Sky. The 1 Out-Reached Arm of Orion touches the Circumference of the Circle as the Vitruvian Mans does. The Arm in turn, is in Phi Ratio to the Elbow, the Shoulders, the Arch and the Belt of Orion which is in Phi Ratio Proportions to its Height. The Base of Orion’s Constellation ends at the Point where the Mercy Seat begins. Amazingly, the Center Star, Alnilam which corresponds to Venus or the Sun of the Solar System, and that of the Giza Pyramid, is at the precise location of the ’Navel’ of the Vitruvian Man. The Ancients knew of this Proportion as in the Mexican version of Giza, Teotihuacán is also aligned to Orion.

Story of the Stars
Remarkably, the Middle Pyramid that corresponds to Alnilam, is appropriately called the Pyramid of the Sun. More astonishing, is that the 3rd Pyramid Complex at Teotihuacan is called the Temple of The Feathered Serpent or the Shining One as in ‘Shekinah’. It precisely has the exact same Dimensions as Ezekiel’s Temple and Floor Plan. More astonishing, Nair al Saif, where the Orion Nebula is at in Orion corresponds to the Male member that is Geometrically the center of the Geometric Pyramid constructed by the Upward Wings of the 2 Cherubs in the Ark Model, etc. According to some, the Concave Aperture and Conical Pyramid Configuration of the Orion Nebula is attributed to being the ‘Gate’ to the Entrance and Way into Heaven itself that pierces Space and Time.

Moving on, it is from the position of Mercury at the ‘Base’ of the Geometric Pyramid that the Mercy Seat is corresponding to the Dimension of the Length of the ‘Box’ or Ark. The Intersection of the 2 Triangles that configure the Hexagram within the Circle of the Vitruvian Man and Orion, produce a smaller Triangle or Pyramid that is inverted at the bottom. This ‘Pyramid’ appears to exactly correspond to the Height of the Ark of the Covenant and to where the Arms of the Cherubs are holding in place, the actual Mercy Seat or Lid for the Ark Box. As this study has alluded to, the Divine Pattern of 7s is seen in the Planets, Chakras, Continents, Colors and the Human Form. They are but some of the Primary Blueprints of YHVH.

Light is the Signature of YHVH and the Measure of All Things, in Space, Time, on Earth as it is in Heaven and emanating from YHVH Himself. He is the Source of what is Good, Holy and Righteous. There is no Evil in YHVH, no ‘Shadow of Turning’, but Pure Light and Love. The Bible declares that Jesus spoke of this Attribute, about Himself in John 8:12. ‘I AM the Light of the World. Whoever follows Me will not Walk in Darkness but will have the Light of Life’. As to where Evil comes from and why? That remains one of the Supreme Mysteries and Unanswered Questions of the Human Condition.

Because of Evil, Mankind has Fallen in its Net. But the Gospel is that Christ came in a Human Body, to be the Light to the World and save Humanity from the Darkness of Eternal Damnation, due to Sin. The Bible declares in Genesis that YHVH made Mankind in the Likeness and Form of YHVH ‘themselves’…as in the GOD-Head that spoke of ‘Let Us make Man in our image’, etc. The Appearance and Attributes of the Physical Human Body are but a Reflection of the Divine, as the Bible attributes Elohim as being Plural, as Light is. Light has 3 Properties; that which can be Heard as in Radio Waves, that which can be seen as White Light.

Light can be Delineated further into the 7 Primary Divisions of Color, i.e., the Rainbow that is ‘Hidden’ within White Light. Then there is the Light that can be felt as the Heat of Microwaves, etc. It is very ironic that the Flag of the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Population has Hijacked the 7 Primary Colors of the Rainbow. They have omitted 1 Color that comes from the Pure White Light Spectrum. It was YHVH who gave the Rainbow to Noah after the Flood as a Visible Sign to Pledge not to Judge and Destroy the World by Water, ever again due to such Sins. This is the 1st attempt at illustrating the Direct Correspondences of the Planetary Orbits with the Chakra Colors.

Rainbow Revelations
They would relate to the rainbow and with the Human Form as it correlates to the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant and the constellation of Orion. In the incarnation, the invisible GOD, became visible, the white light came to show Humanity the literal rainbow of His character, i.e., the multi-color coat of Joseph, etc. The judgment came to the ancient world because of the perversion and abomination done with the body to include genetic manipulation by Fallen Angels that produced the Nephilim among other things. According to the Bible, the next Time the Earth will be Destroyed; it will be by Fire and Jesus will return to a World as in the ‘Days of Noah’.

Many in the Esoteric Community, as well as in the occult, worship the Colorful Chakras, as a way to Reach the ‘Bliss’ that the Planet Uranus typifies, Nirvana. It is a State of Pure Light where coincidentally, the White Light Beings exist and live. Many New Agers attempt to make their Minds a ‘Clean Slate’ so as to Commune and become joined or ‘One’ with such ‘Light-Beings’ and be filled or ‘Reprogrammed’ by such ‘Light Workers’ that are all too eager to share their Illuminated ‘Knowledge’ with Mankind.

Such are called Ascended Masters, Avatars. But according to the Bible, they are the Fallen Angels that can appear as ‘Angels of Light’. They presumably seek to ‘Help’ Humanity, out of its Flawed Humanity through Meditation and Breathing Exercises, etc. The Bible warns Mankind not to venture into such Places. As described in the Bible, these places are Abodes of Demons, the Clouds….where Dismembered Spirits from the Pre-Diluvian Times seek a Bodily Host. This is what Transhumanism is all about.

This quest to Transform Humanity comes from Lucifer in the Realm of the Principalities and Powers on High of which the True Spiritual Warfare is waged against the Bride of Christ on Earth. On the contrary, the Bible extols the Virtue of ‘putting-on’ the Mind of Christ, of Thinking on that which is Pure and Good. The Word gives Warning, of not giving oneself over to a Reprobate Mind to do Evil. The Bible declares that the Human Body belongs to YHVH, On-Loan and not meant for Sexual Immorality or to be relinquished to Spirit-Beings to be Possessed and be Controlled by.

In contrast, the Holy Spirit is Indwelling, not Possessing the Believer of Jesus Christ as the Body becomes the Temple of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit Leads, never Controls as Lucifer’s Demons do to People. Most in the New Age Movement, for example, do not realize or refuse to realize that in such a Spiritual Conspiracy. Not only are there ‘Good’ Angels but Fallen Angelic Beings seek to Deceive Humanity into Possession and Control of the Human Form that is the Body for their Evil Pleasures.

Such Principalities and Power on high, are in League with Lucifer that seeks to Destroy any Vestiges of what is Pure, Holy and Righteous made in YHVH’s Image and then Impressed within Humanity’ Spirit, Soul and Body, that is the Image of Christ. The Bible clearly Warns that Lucifer ‘Trans-Forms’ into an Angel of Light, even though he is the God of Darkness, the Angel of Death, and all that is evil, a False Light that seeks to ‘Transform’ Humanity into his ‘Image’ or Form. Thus the Knowledge and True Application of the Chakras has been a Lost Sacred Art and Knowledge.

Supremacy of Christ
Only during the Earthly Restoration, during the Kingdom will Christ perhaps teach Humanity the Correct Interpretation and Application of such Creative Energies. Colossians 1:16-17 states that, For by Him (Jesus) All Things were Created. Things, both in the Heavens and on Earth, Visible and Invisible, whether Thrones or Dominions or Rulers or Authorities, All Things have been Created through Him and for Him. He (Jesus) is before All Things, and in Him All Things hold together.

The Throne of the Creator, YHVH and the Ark of the Covenant that is fashioned after are one of the most Fascinating Topics to consider and contemplate. It is Echoed in the Sentiments of King David in Psalm 27. In that Psalm, the King longed to Inquire and See the ‘Beauty of the LORD’ in YHVH’s Temple, i.e., where GOD’s Throne is at. As YHVH is pure Light, it is but one of the Dimensions or Attributes of YHVH that Jesus, as the Son of GOD displayed on Earth. It is when the ‘Glory’ of the Creator was beheld by Mankind as Jesus took on the Limitations of Flesh and Blood, a Human Form. The Bibles states, ‘A Body hast thou Prepared for Me’, etc.

Such was the case at the Mount of Transfiguration where this Divine Essence of Jesus pierced through His Flesh. Jesus unveiled the Pure Light of Life of His Divine Form to the Disciples as He discussed the possible End Time events with Elijah and Moses for a yet a Future Assignment. Throughout the Bible, there have been various Accounts of Prophets that have been given this Privilege of seeing YHVH’s Throne and its Glorified Christ Dimensions and the Form of who is sitting on it. The most prominent ones will be highlighted from an array of Biblical Accounts from Job to John. What is emphasized in these illustrations is the ’Form’ or Measure of the Man, Christ Jesus in that Jesus in His Pre-Incarnate State was/is that Form in Bodily Proportions that was seen.

This, for example was not the case with Mohammed in Islam. He did not see Jesus but an impostor Fallen Angel assuming the name of ‘Gabriel’. Perhaps it was Lucifer Masquerading as he often does to Deceive Humanity. The very Writings of Islam describe a Portion of the Dictation of the Koran as being given directly by Satan himself. This is what is referred to as the Satanic Verses of the Koran, for which Writers who dare expose, it are threatened with Death by the all Peaceful and Merciful Followers of Islam. Nonetheless, you have Jacob’s Ladder. The Direct Revealing of the YHVH’s Glory in Christ is called a Theophany.

This Divine Manifestation is one of the most Critical Authentications of who is a True Prophet of YHVH, in that His Directives are given by YHVH Himself, as it pertains to Direct Revelation, not just presented by an Angel. Since Jesus Christ’s Resurrection, whenever He appeared to His Disciples, in His Glorified Body, before His Ascension is now called a Christophany. Since Ascending to Heaven, any claim of seeing ‘GOD’ has to be a Glorified Jesus, if at all. This is Authenticated in the Book of Hebrews in that it teaches, ‘That in Times Past, YHVH spoke to Mankind in Various Forms but now in this Last Days, only Speaks as Son or through the Son’, not Mary, Mohammad or other False Prophets. As it pertains to Jacob’s Vision of a Gloried Man, Jacob was asleep on a Stone and saw a Ladder go up to Heaven with Angels.

Throne of Heaven
Esoterically, the Angelic Lights moving Up-And-Down the ‘Ladder’ of Jacob can be attributed as Celestial Chakras of sorts, of Energy Points, as Angels moved up and down the Celestial Spinal Column of the Cosmic Christ. This Notion is that it is a Model of the True Christ, Jesus, the Son of GOD, i.e., GOD the Son. The Bible does also state that likewise, even Believers function in this Spiritual Dimension, in similar and Mysterious Fashion. How so? As to the Notion of a Door or Portal to Heaven and a ‘Chakra’ Type of Movement, the Bible states… ‘In which we Move and have our Being’… in Christ perhaps is found also a type of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ even.

The Point is what was at the Top of the Ladder? This portion is overlooked. It is Jesus as a Theophany and in the Body Form. This is what the New Agers and those that ‘Astro-Travel’ should really encounter. In the Book of Hebrews, the writer extols the Supremacy of Jesus as being better than all the prior Prophets and ‘Forms’ as in types of salvation, the Temple, etc. It will be Jesus, not Mohammad or Vishnu nor Krishna, nor a Pope that will sit on the Throne of David after the Return of Jesus at the Battle of Armageddon. YHVH promised an Eternal Throne Chair on which a Physical Descendant of King David would rule the World from Jerusalem for a 1000 Years.

This King is Jesus Christ, the Son of David. The Bible declares that thereafter, there will be 1 more Administrative Throne Chair that Jesus will sit on after the Millennial Kingdom ends. This will be the White Throne that is all about Judgment where Jesus will Judge all those whose ‘Names are not found Written in the Book of Life.’ Thus, this study presents that Christ is the Measure of All Things. All else is but a Reflection of this Design and Order that can be seen in the Cosmology of the Universe; the Solar System, Light, Color, planets, the Earth, the Human Form, and the Ark of the Covenant.

Yet YHVH took it upon Himself to restrict Himself to the Limitations of Space and Time within the Physical Human Form, that of a Body of Flesh and Blood for the sole purpose of Redeeming the Race of Adam through it. Why? There had to be a Genetic Equivalent and Uncontaminated by Sin. The Savior did not come to Earth to redeem Fallen Angels or other Beings not yet known, perhaps. This is the Gospel Jesus Christ came to proclaim but was rejected, Nationally by Israel and so many today because it is an Offense to the presumed Wise and Learned and those seeking Signs that the Creator has no ‘Son’, nor would require a Human Sacrifice, etc.

Nonetheless, in the Bible, such prophets as Jacob, Isaiah, Ezekiel and John did see the ’Form’ of a Man seated On-High and lifted Throne in Glory. Jacob saw the Form of a Man at the top of a Ladder. Ezekiel saw the Form of a Man seated on a Chair Throne Merkavah. Isaiah saw the Form of a Man seated high and lifted-up on a Throne, etc. What is very interesting is that in most cases, YHVH is depicted as being seated down. In Jacob’s instance, the Form of a Man was standing, at the End of the Ladder. As noted, this ‘Ladder’ was a type of Causeway for the Ascending and Descending of Angels of Light, as it were a ‘Spinal Column’ of a ‘Body’ in pure Spiritual and Typological Terms. The Ladder extended to Earth from Heaven as Jacob rested his Head on the Stone near Bet-El, as it was called by Jacob, the House of GOD, Bet-El.

Rock of Offense
Some purport that this was the actual location of the very place where Abraham attempted to sacrifice Isaac in the past and where the Ark of the Covenant would eventually find its resting place in the future. It was the Gate of and to Heaven that YHVH revealed to Jacob. Was it at Beth-El or at Mount Moriah? More astonishing is the Speculation that this Spot was where YHVH performed the 1st Sacrifice of an Animal, perhaps a Lamb to shed Blood to provide the Skins to Cover the Nakedness of Adam and Eve’ Bodies as they were Expelled from the Garden of Eden. Some purport that it was thus the Gate to the Garden.

Such a Place, thus also perhaps correlated to where the Altar of Abel was, on which Burnt Offerings were made at the Gate of Paradise that was Closed-Off due to the Fall of Adam was located at. It was at that Place that the 1st Murder took place on Earth as Cain struck Abel’s Body to spill his Blood. As to the Depiction of a Head resting on a Stone, as in the case of Jacob, Echoes the Stone Tablets of Moses on which the Covenant Relationship rested upon; between YHVH and His People and placed in the Ark of the Covenant. And? The Holy of Holies corresponds to the Head.

This is the case if on Anthropomorphizes the Human body to correlate it to the Temple of Solomon, for example. In terms of the Typology of Jacob’s Head, resting on the Stone, it was at this Time and Place that a Transformation of the Mind occurred and occurs as Followers of Jesus approach His Throne, etc. And this is the Point, that it is only at the Foot of the Cross where one sees the YHVH and acknowledges Sin and the Willing Sacrifice, not a Human Sacrifice, provided by YHVH. In Jesus, the Lamb of GOD is the one that Sinners can only be ‘Transferred’, from Sinners to ‘Saints’, to a Prince of GOD. Jacob, at this Place and Time was Transformed by YHVH to Israel, a Prince of the YHVH but not without Travail.

As mentioned, in the Tabernacle and Temples, a Side View rendering of the Temple in Proportion to an Anthropomorphic Man, likewise corresponds to the Head resting on the Ark of the Covenant within the Holy of Holies. It is a Type of Jacob that in essence, is Israel, the Prince, even Messiah with His Feet upon the Altar of Burnt Offering. This Typology can figuratively be referenced to the Scripture that states that Heaven is YHVH”s Throne and Earth is His Footstool. This Notion of a Stone being associated with when Christ is seen or depicted as standing, can be seen in the Gospel Account of the 1st Christian Martyr; Stephan. Many Speculate, that Stephan’s Stoning was at the Hands of Saul, later to be called the Apostle Paul.

When Stephen was being Stoned to Death and in Translation into the Spirit, Stephen was allowed to see and relay the Account of the Heavenly Reception to the Murderous False Religious Jewish Leaders of Israel that surrounded him to Stone him. This Heavenly Welcome of Stephan is given to such, by none other than the Son of GOD. Jesus stands to receive His Martyrs. Just as Jacob, resting on a Stone, Stephan saw Jesus standing rather than sitting as is most often the case with the Throne of YHVH when it is depicted in the Bible. Why? It is a Transition Time when a ‘Jacob’ becomes an ‘Israel’. It is a time when a Prince has completed the Transformation as a Graduate.

The Book of Hebrews states that the Followers of Jesus are currently a Kingdom of Priests and Kings. This will be fully realized during the Millennial Kingdom on Earth as such Offices will be operating for the purpose of the King’s Service. These specific Models of the Overlays of the Solar System, the Ark and the Constellation of Orion are but some Examples of the incredible Measures and Proportions that correlate to the Dimensions and Cosmology of Christ Jesus.

This Measure can be seen in the Heavenlies themselves and in all things corresponding to YHVH’s very own Dimensions using Sacred Geometry, that can be related and associated to the Creator, on Earth, as it is in Heaven, etc. Presently, the Satanic Armies have been busy unleashing their Fight, at the Gates of Hell against the Christians on Earth. But Christians can at least take a Measure of Solace, in that Jesus Christ will Stand to Receive His Martyrs. Although the Gates of Hell will try to Prevail over the Church, Lucifer cannot Destroy it because Jesus is amongst her, for now until the Rapture. It is Jesus that has overcome Death, Hell and Lucifer’s Conspiracy.

Until the Consummation of the Church Age and the Glorification of the New Physical Body takes place at the Rapture Event, such Times are upon the Bride now; it is a prelude of what is to come upon the Christ-Rejecting World during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Nonetheless, this study with illustrations has attempted to point-out that Jesus Christ is on His Throne and that soon He will Vindicate His Followers by the Reward of a like Resurrection and Rapture, as Jesus was the 1st to go through. Jesus as the Lamb of YHVH will soon pronounce His Wrath upon the World for such Atrocities committed against His Bride, His Body.

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