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Pentecost New Wine Leo New Year

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Yes, the Title is a ‘Click Bait’ of Sorts and Bold in its Supposition. But it is based on what one will be sharing from the following Research to Date, regarding the possible Timing of the Rapture Event. As one has gotten Time to work on the various Timelines for the Year, 2024, and what is coming-up in the Years thereafter, one is more convinced of how that 723 ‘Open Vision’ Number or Code, one had back in 2020 and shared with the End Times Watching Community, pertains to the Rapture Timing. Here is wthat one saw and said about it in this Write-Up for Reference and Context.

#517: 723
A Correlation of the True Feast of Pentecost

After further Research, one just wanted to share one’s latest Findings and Evidence for a July 23 Day Significance, pertaining to the possible Rapture Date Timing. It is just Conjecture. It is factoring in, or how it is connected to, the Revelation 12 Sign, Leo, the Summer Harvest and particularly a July 23rd Date. It is based on a Synchronization of the Numerical Fractal of 120, Astronomically, Agriculturally and Calendar Calibrations.

This is a follow-up to the Article posted. The study was a ‘Deep Dive’ Investigation into all these Prophetic Facets that appear to ‘Tell a Story’ and of a Beginning and an Ending, and of an Ending and a Beginning. This is the Key to the Rapture Timing in one’s Estimation. It is perhaps 1 of one’s most Profound and Important Pieces of Research to Date, in attempting to ascertain the Rapture Window Timing.


When a July 23rd Day Ends the Summer Wheat Harvest, Astronomically​​

Is the Statement made above even possible? One cannot say that the Day of July 23 is precisely when the Rapture will occur. But as one reads and studies the following Rationale and Evidence, see if it makes sense. And one will probably have to re-read this few Times. So carve out a Study Time. One realizes that others are sharing their Calculations, Day Counts and Suppositions too. No Problem. One is not Dogmatic about one’s Assertions. And as one often says, Time will Always Tell the Truth’.

It is about a Summer Wheat Harvest

And one’s Theories, to be proven about such as this 120 Rapture Theory is included in that Mix. But here is what one believes is what one has called the ‘120 Day Rapture Theory’. That July 23 or ‘723’ Clue is really a Countdown to the Last Day of the Summer Wheat Harvest. It is amazingly connected to the Sign of Leo, which makes sense. The Day is an End and Beginning of a Season or Cycle of Time. It is of a Summer White Wheat Wedding Harvest that one is convinced Jesus referred to as the Church Age Typology.

This is pertaining to the ‘4 Month or 120 Day Time-Frame’ Jesus characterized as being ‘White and Ripe’ for Harvesting, etc. One just then juxtaposes this 120 Rapture Theory, to the Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Event to be the possible Timing Scenario of when the Church Age will end, as it began. And again, this is based on Astronomy and the Sign of Leo. Leo is the Sign of the End to the Summer Wheat Harvest, as if and LORD of the Harvest, etc. It is thus considered the Astronomical ‘New Year’ of the Mazzaroth. Not much has ever been written about this supposition, if all in one’s Research.

If 1 Prophetic Attribute about Jesus resonates with the Study of the End Times, it is that He Himself delineates what is Prophecy and how to ‘Read’ Prophecy. It is based, in one’s Assessment in His Definition of a ‘Beginning’ and an ‘End’, as the End is from the Beginning. This is the Prophetic Template. Jesus said of Himself, ‘I AM the Beginning and the End’. In Greek, it is noted as the ‘Alpha and the Omega’. However in the Hebrew, it is the Alef and the Tav, etc. And with any Move of Prophecy on the Part of YHVH, all aspects of Prophetic Events have started at a Beginning and have had an End, without Exception. This is one’s Conjecture and Supposition.

This is why one holds to the Notion that based on this Prophetic Template, the Rapture Event cannot be ‘Imminent’. The Rapture Event is the ‘End’ of something that ‘Began’. And what was that? The Church Age. And that Church Age began on that Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Feast of First Fruits. It commemorated the End of the Wheat Harvest, Astronomical, exactly 120 Days out from the Spring Equinox. Thus, it then ‘Began’ a New Cycle of Time or Season. And more importantly, it began a New Dispensation.

And in fact, this New Dispensation of nearly a 2000 Year Old Church Age will have its End. One is arguing that the Church Age, that began on a ‘Ending and Beginning’ Cycle followed or is following the 4 Season of 120 Day Counts, Prophetically. This Numerical Value is then calculated in how the sum of its 4 Parts make the Whole of a Circle of Time, of a Season consisting of 360 Days. These Days can thus be correlated to Degrees. Is there any ‘Evidence’ of this 120 Day Factor that is possibly tied to the Acts 2 Pentecost and thus, the Timing of the Rapture, perhaps? Yes, see the following Article.

#753: PENTECOST 120
Based on Sacred Mathematical Gematria

End of the Church Age
Note also how, during the Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Event, when the Holy Spirit came down, the Numerical Value of how many Disciples mentioned in the New Testament was exactly 120. It was a Prophetic Fractal of the Whole 120 Degrees and a 4pm Hour. This would correlate to the 4th Month of Tammuz, etc. The Point is that a July 23rd Day, is the 120th Day from the Spring Equinox. Coincidence? No.

This 723 Code is the Day associated with the End of the Wheat Harvest, and the Beginning of the Wine Harvest, thus the New Wine connotation of the First Fruits that Day. Thus, one’s 120 Day Rapture Theory is that, perhaps the Rapture Event that will close-out the Church Age Dispensation could occur in its Anniversary, to End as it Began?

‘In those Days Peter stood-up among the Brothers (a Gathering of about 120) and said, Brothers, the Scripture had to be fulfilled which the Holy Spirit foretold through the Mouth of David concerning Judas, who became a Guide for those who Arrested Jesus. He was 1 of our Number and Shared in this Ministry’. -Acts 1:15-17

Here you have a Triple Correlation on the exact Day, Degrees and Disciples that corresponded to 120. And that these Fractals delineated a Time of an End and of a Beginning. The End of the Dispensation of the Law, per the quote of Joel and the Beginning of the Age of Grace., ‘Those who call upon the Name of the LORD will be Saved’. No Temple Sacrificial Ordinances Required. July 23 was and is the End of the Agricultural Summer Wheat Harvest and the Beginning of the Wine Harvest.

And that it was the End of Cancer and the Beginning of the Sign of Leo, for approximately 120 Days also. So, this is why one correlates the possible Rapture Event based on Astronomical, Agricultural, Biblical and Calendar Synchronizations. It is to strongly suggest that the Rapture Event is an ‘End’ to a Beginning, as the Church Age was a Beginning to an End. And as one has shared in the past, the Church Age has been all about a Commissions or Duty commanded by Jesus.

Think of a Military Commission as Officers have or the Enlisted enter into a Contract, for only a specific Period of Time. A Commission has a Start Date and it will then have an End Date based on the Years one signed-up for the Service, etc. Then on that Last Day, it is called a Separation. This Military Scenario is exactly what the Rapture is all about. On the Last Day, the Separation will occur from this Evil Wicked Jesus Rejecting World. And thereafter, the Beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week will begin.

However, one supposes that there will be about a 1 Year Gap of Time to position all the Factors that the False Jewish Messiah will need to implement with the start of the Daily Sacrifices being offered in the New Rebuilt 3rd Temple, etc. Now, as to when will the Tribulation Period start? When will the 70th Week commence after the Rapture Event?  One has considered this Calculus and it is based in the Year 28 AD. That is the Year, one estimates, was the Baptism Year of Jesus and the start of His Ministry. One presents the Calculation that it was exactly 483 Years in the making. How so?

It is about the Order of Resurrection Types

It was a Fractal of (69 Years x 7 Shemitahs = 483 Years) after the Walls of Jerusalem were finished in -455 BC. This is based on Nehemiah 6:15, where it states that the Walls of Jerusalem were completed in 52 Days. This is 30 Days and 22 Days (322 Code). The Month and Day was Elul 25. 

It was recorded in the Month of Nisan, in the 20th Year of King Artaxerxes II, per Nehemiah 2:1. The Decree was made then in -455 BC. But according to jewishvirtuallibrary.org, it was from -445 BC to -425 BC when Nehemiah the Prophet Rebuilt the Walls of Jerusalem. Thus, it was in the 483rd Year that Jesus started His Ministry. Coincidence? No.

March 23, -455 BC Spring Equinox Decree to November 1, AD 28 Jubilee Proclamation
= 482 Years, 7 Months 9 Days
= 25,182  Weeks
= 176,274 Days
= 483rd Year = Start of Jesus’ Ministry Year

Jesus' ministry begins after He turned 30, on September 11, 28 AD. This corresponds to the 1st Year of a New 7-Year Sabbath Cycle corresponding to Day #1 of Creation. The following is one’s Day Calculation of when Jesus started His Ministry, the after Proclaiming the Jubilee in the Synagogue of Nazareth. One also presupposes that His Minister was exactly 1260 Days or 3.5 Years. This puts the 1260th Day on April 14, 32 AD, which one argues is the more correct Crucifixion Year. And?

November 1, AD 28 to April 14, AD 32
= 3 Years, 5 Months 13 Days
= 180 Weeks 0 Days
= 1,260 Days

If one then superimposes the 1 Day = 1000 Year Prophetic Template to this Equation, a 2000 Year or 2 Day Dispensation Time-Frame would be 32 AD + 2000 Years = 2032. Then if one adjusts for the 7-Year Tribulation Period, this would mean that 2032 - 7 Years = 2025. This in turn would suggest that the Year 2024, about 1 Year prior to the Fall 2025 start of Daniel’s 70th Week would be in the Summer of 2024. This Calculus is then correlated to one’s 120 Day Rapture Theory that corresponds to a July 23rd Leo New Year, being the Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Event.

The other Royal Decree that is pertinent to the Rebuilding of the Wall of Jerusalem that also incorporates the 483 Year Factor has to do with Suleiman, the Muslim Ottoman. If one considers the Year that the Walls were completed, as much as they were during Nehemiah’s Time, then the following Year Count becomes very interesting. According to Research, the Wall of Jerusalem during the Muslim Ottoman Occupation was from 1537 to 1541. If one factors in the 483 Years, from when the Wall was completed in 1541, then the following.

1541 Wall Completed + 483 Prophetic Year Factor of Daniel = 2024

Does this Equation and Calculus show in a Parallel Prophetic fashion, the ‘Walls’ of the Heavenly City, the Bride of Christ that Jesus has been building for nearly 2000 Year is the Year that she will be ‘completed’, just the same? But this is why one presents this Research, only as ‘Evidence’, not as Proofs. As to deducing the Pentecost of Acts 2 New Wine Event because of it?

One is only attributing it to the Astronomical and Agricultural Synchronicity that does point both to a July 23 Date. And that is Amazing. Now will that correlate to the Rapture Timing? That is when Conjecture comes into play, but in one’s Estimation, it is very compelling. However, that is as much as one can claim or suggest.


Pentecost 120 Day Rapture Timing

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