Based on Sacred Mathematical Gematria

  • Can the Rapture Date be Calculated to the Day?
  • What is the actual Date of Pentecost in the Year?
  • Is using Sacred Gematria able to determine the Date?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘In those Days Peter stood-up among the Brothers (a Gathering of about 120) and said, Brothers, the Scripture had to be fulfilled which the Holy Spirit foretold through the Mouth of David concerning Judas, who became a Guide for those who Arrested Jesus. He was 1 of our Number and Shared in this Ministry’. -Acts 1:15-17

The purpose of this study is to highlight the possible Prophetic Significance of the Number 120 as it could relate to the Timing of the Rapture. How so? One will use a Triangulation of the Acts 2 Event, the Number 120 of how many Core Disciples were associated with that Event, and Sacred Gematria. This Triangulation will suggest that the 120 Day Calculation considered, when using Geometry shows, that indeed, the Pentecost of Acts 2 was on or near the 120th Day that Began the Church Age. And?

Such a similar 120th Day Count could be when the End of the Church Age is to occur with the Rapture Event. And although many People will automatically Argue, ‘No One Knows the Day or the Hour’. That Verse, does not pertain to the Rapture Event or Date, if at all. One is only Speculating using this aforementioned Triangulation Approach. Nothing more. And note that there will be 2 Start Days from Passover presented. Nonetheless, it will be one’s best attempt to show this 'Triangulation' Theory, to suggest that the Acts 2 Pentecost corresponded to or near the 120th Day. And the Start Date?

The Day Count will be taken from the Spring Equinox, using a 360 Day-to-Degree Circle of Time Template. It involves the 120 Disciples, the 4 PM Position on this ‘Circle of Time’, that could point to the Timing of the Day of the Rapture, from a Passover. Realize that this 360 Degree Circle is the same Transposed to the Mazzaroth, as in Space or the Cosmos with the 4 Celestial Coordinates that are Synchronized to the 2 Solstices and the 2 Equinoxes and the Gates of Heaven. This is Amazing and how the 4 PM Time Marker of 120 = .33 of the 360 Degree Circle of Time and Degrees, etc. Perhaps it is alluding to the Trinity by its 3 Delineations. The following Notes are a Preface.

NOTE 1: The 1st Day of Nisan, if pegged to the Spring Equinoxes of March 20, will have the 120th Day in the 4 PM Position and the 4th Month being the Dalet which means ‘Door’.

NOTE 2: This 360 Day-to-Degree Model works for the Synchronization to the 120th Day on the Circle of Time, if the ‘Day After’, on the 15th of Nisan, is counted from the Weekly Sabbath.

The Rabbinical Count to the Feast of New Grain, starts on the 15th of Nisan. The Day Difference will be 5 Days to reach the 120 Day-Degree on the Circle. That difference would be Rectified by the 364 Day Calendar to essentially coincide with the Same Day of the 120th Day.

Symbolism of 4 PM?
So, what is the Prophetic Significance, if any of 4 PM, which is the 10th Hour? What does that have to do with the possible Rapture Timing and Change in Dispensations from the End of the Church Age to return to Israel’s Last Week of 7 Years worth of Tribulation? Consider the following Biblical Associations. One believes that there is an Inference to it being a Transitory Period, a Changing of the Guard, if one wills. And that it is an Approximation, as the 2 Charts configuring the 360 Day-Degree Circle of Time suggests.

There is an ‘Approximation’ in counting to the 120th Marker on the 360 ‘Circle of Time’. As alluded to, if one uses Nisan 15 as the Start Date to the 100th Day or Double Count of a Shavuot, that Day Count lands on the Feast of New Wine. This is the 2nd Shavuot that one has argued was the Pentecost of Acts 2. Consider the following Dialog of the 2 Men Walking and Talking as they left Jerusalem going to a Village called Emmaus. It was about 7 Miles from Jerusalem. (Echoes of the 7-Year Tribulation.) As they Talked and Discussed the Events of the Passion Week with each other, Jesus Himself came-up and Walked along with them. This is after the Resurrection. Notice.

A) John 1:39 (KJV)
He saith unto them, Come and see. They came and saw where He dwelt, and abode with Him that Day: for it was about the 10th Hour.

B) John 1:39 (NRSV)
 He said to them, Come and see. They came and saw where He was staying, and they remained with Him that Day. It was about 4 o’clock in the Afternoon.

Note: It says, ‘About or Almost the 10th Hour. It suggests a sort of Anticipation building or indicating of a New Beginning, or something that is about to happen. And? Realize that the Modern-Day State of Israel was established at exactly 4 PM on May 14, 1948. Astronomically, the 10th Hour is 2/3 of the way from the Apex of the Sun, being Noon or the 6th Hour to Sunset, when the next Day starts in the Jewish Reckoning of a Day or Time. This can be Prophetically Extraposed, how from the Acts 2 Pentecost, the New Covenant was Initiated after the Rapture Event. Consider the Prophetic Order,

The Dispensation of the Church Age Began, as a Dawn, as the Nation of Israel was to have Set as in a Dusk. Conversely, when the Rapture Event happens, it will Reverse the Dispensations. The Church Age will ‘Set’, and the New Era of Israel will ‘Arise’ as in a New Dawn. But it will be the Dawn of the New World Order ruled by their coming False Messiah, etc. Now, this Triangulation Theory is not ‘New’ to this Researcher.

Back in 2020, one presented this same Argument, of there being a Pentecost ‘Double Count’ of 49+1 Days, using the Circle of Time, the 360 Day-to-Degree ‘Circle of Time’ Theory. But at the Time, one did not further Elaborate on its Numerical Correspondence to 120. This study is now a Continuation of that Thought and Extrapolation of how the Numerical Factor of 120 is tied directly to the 4th Month, Tammuz, and to the Letter Dalet, meaning Door, as the 4th Letter in the Hebrew Alef-Bet. And as noted, this 360 Circle of Time, the Number 4, as at the 4 o’clock Position, corresponds to 120.

Circle of Time

What is so Special about the Number 120? Well, the World Renowned Physicist, Dr. Hugo De Garis acknowledged that the Anthropic Principle does look very plausible. The Anthropic Principle is how Physicists Surmise that the Fantastic Probability of the Universe, Existing or just ‘Being’ by mere Chance is: ‘1 Part in 10 to the 120th Power. So, one thought that one better look into this 120 Numerical Connection to the Timing of the Rapture. Why? It is because it is Linked to the Rapture Date, as the Evidence will suggest. The following is a Simple Assertion that might lend, as to the Timing of the Rapture. It is only a Working Theory but based on Mathematics and Correlated to Scripture in terms of an actual Event, i.e., the Acts 2 Pentecost Event.

360 Degree Circle / 3 Divisions =
120 Factor

That Event is when the Holy Spirit came down to initiate the Church Age. The Supposition is that, as the Church Age Begins on that Pentecost of Acts 2, it will End on a Pentecost, and on a 120th Day Count, or near it by 5 Days. This Theory does not have to occur. One is just Triangulating the Event, the Pentecost of Acts 2, to the Number 120 Identified with the Event, and the Geometric Correspondence of the 120th Degree and of Time, per the 360 Degree-to-Date Association.

In the Bible, a Numerical Value occurring or attributed to an Event, especially a Prophetic Event, is Monumental and Extremely Significant, in one’s Assessment. And what is that Number? The Number is 120. According to the Sacred Geometry of the Essenes, the Number 120 is Associated with the Place of the Cosmic Geometry of the ‘Without-Name’, to the 1/3 of His ‘Force of Creation’: 360 Degrees / 3 = 120. Meaning? As noted, it is Amazing how the 4 PM Time Marker of 120 = .33 of 360. Perhaps alluding to the Trinity. Consider that the Sacred Name of the Creator YHVH really only has 3 Letters, YHV.

YHVValue = 10-5-6 = 21 or Encrypted (7-7-7). = Trinity

Here is your Trinity. As to the 360 Day Year of equal 30 Day Months, starting from Nisan? There will be 2 Mathematical Charts that will attest, that indeed, in Mathematical Terms, the Pentecost of Acts 2 occurred in the Mid-Summer Feast of New Wine. How so? It is Encoded in the Number of Disciples, the Core of when the Holy Spirit came down. This 120 Numerical Coefficient is directly Attributed to the Pentecost Event of Acts 2. One is Extrapolating that Number from the same Group of People and the Apostle Peter that the Bible does Number, approximately 120.

One has Written Extensively about how one has come to Understand that the Pentecost of Acts 2 occurred in the Summer Minor Feast of New Wine. What pegs the Pentecost of Acts 2 as being on New Wine, is that one correlates that Specific Day with the Golden Calf Event on Mount Sinai. That is when Moses came down with the Stone Tablets. This Day can be determined from the Book of Exodus. Thus, the Prophetic Correlation is in how 3000 Died at Sinai, but 3000 got Saved on Moriah. Thus, those Core Disciples that gathered at the Temple Precinct, on the Temple Mount, on a Daily Basis, were those that were consistent in being the 120 that are Precisely gathered in Acts 1.

Some Biblical Context

So, also realize that in using a Mathematical Model of a 360 Degree-to-Date Circle of Time, the Day Counts do not factor-in, either a 364 or 365 Day/Month Calendar. However, for the purposes of this Presentation, the Day Count from the Spring Equinox, having the subsequent 1st 3 Months of the Hebrew Months does work. The Days in the Jewish Months are 30 Days that this study will use. These 2 Months have 29 Days in the Modern Calendar. Nonetheless, the 1st 4 Months would have 120 Days.

4 Months x 30 Days/Month =
120 Days

But presently, in the Modern Era, the 1st 3 Months of the Jewish Hillel Calendar II have a Discrepancy of 2 Days, being off for a total of 118 Days. In the Modern Jewish Calendar, the Months of Iyar and Tammuz have 29 Days each. However, this Timing of the Feast of New Wine is what Aaron had proclaimed the Day before and Moses, seeing the Revelry, alluded to New Wine. This is the Rationale behind the Core Theory of this Triangulation Correlation to 120. It has to do with how the Golden Calf Event occurred on a Feast, a Wine Feast as was the Pentecost of Acts 2. And? That Feast was on the 4th Month, near or on the 120th Day from the Spring Equinox.

Pentecost 4th Month Witness of a Double Witness of a 360 Day Circle of Time
1. Beginning of Nisan to End of Tishrei
= 7 Months with Tammuz as the Middle Month (Menorah Pattern)

2. Tammuz stats the Summer Equinox

= 6 Months prior cover Spring and Winter
= 6 Months after cover Summer and Autumn

Here you have again an Astronomical Association with the Numerical Factor of 4, as in the 4 Seasons on Earth and the 4 Celestial Coordinates of the Cosmos, etc. One is suggesting that this 120th Day, Approximate Timing, is when the Rapture could or will occur. What Year? That is to be Determined. But one does have a Working Theory about that as well. The Theory suggests that the 7-Year Tribulation Period is pegged to the Crucifixion Year. And that Year is 32 AD, based on one’s Calculations.

One is just interjecting it here for Reference. Why? That Theory and Year Calculation is also Paramount in determining the more Approximate Year of the Rapture. But as to the Specific Rapture Date? This is contingent on the Mathematical Principles of 120 Days derived in proportion to the Jewish Month Count that have a 30 Day Month. This Pentecost 120 Rapture Date Theory is then, just an Approximation. But what about the Differences in Days?

In the Jewish Calendar, it is just 5 Days, and the 5 Day Differences is then Rectified by adding a Month of Adar II to Synchronize the whole Calendar back with the Equinoxes. Consider the following in how the 4th Jewish Month of Tammuz, where one Surmises the Pentecost of Acts 2 took place, is as the Menorah Center Stem, the 4th Branch in the Menorah. And? It could be Prophetic and tied to the Rapture Timing. See the following.

JEWISH MONTH – Menorah Pattern in 1st 7 Months

1 Nissan                      30
2 Iyar                           30
3 Sivan                        30

4 Tammuz                  30  120 (The Middle Month and Feast of YHVH – New Wine.)

5 Av                             30
6 Elul                           30
7 Tishrei                      30

NOTE: The rest of the Months are in the Golden Section Type of Pattern of Time.

8 Marcheshvan           30
9 Kislev                       30
10 Tevet                      30
11 Shevat                    30
12 Adar                       30

12 x 30 = 360 Days

One further Conjectures that the Rapture Year and Day is based on the 7 Churches of Asia, who are Patterns of the Menorah that are also associated with the Number 7. In this case, with the 7 Months of YHVH’s Calendar, Nisan to Tishrei. How so? Here you have a total of 7 Months of 30 Days each…assuming. Why this becomes Prophetically Significant, is that the 120 Day Span of Time or the 4 Months, Corresponds precisely to a Harvest Event that Jesus related to. And that of the 4 PM Summer White Wheat Harvest. This in turn, has Incredible Rapture Month Timing Implications as it was in the Summer that Jewish Wedding took and take place.

|-----Spring Equinox --------------------------| Day
   1                     2                  3                 
4                  5            6                7
Nisan               Iyar            Sivan         Tammuz           Av         Elul          Tishrei
 Alef                 Bet             Gimel          
Dalet             Vav       Zayin         Cheth

From the Nisan 15 Day Count
The 120th Day of Tammuz 24 is only 5 Says before the totality of the 120 Days completes the 4 Months, from the Beginning of Nisan to the End of Tammuz.

From the Nisan 19 Day Count (Day after Weekly Sabbath)
The 120th Day of Tammuz 29 occurs at the totality of the 120 Days that completes the 4 Months, from the Beginning of Nisan to the End of Tammuz.

Despite this 5 Day Discrepancy, the 120 Disciple Numerical Coefficient is the Key and Signal that on the 120th Degree Marker of the 7 Month Span of Time, from Passover to the end of Tishrei, is the Mathematical probability of when the Rapture is to occur. Again, one is using the Pentecost Event of Acts 2, correlating it with the Mathematical Value of the 120 Disciples pegged to the 360 Day-to-Degree Circle of Time.

Significance of the Number 120
Now that one has presented the Theory, the following Portion of the study will delve into the Significance of the Numerical Factor of 120. And why one believes it is Pertinent to the Timing of the Rapture Day. The Points will cover a wide range of Assertions from the Biblical, the Esoteric, Mathematical and Mythological Implications. The following will develop the Connotation of why 120 and what is Biblically and/or Prophetically Significant about it. The following  is how the Number 120 is Biblically Significant.

The Meaning of Numbers 120 from BibleStudy.org. The Greek Word Dunamis (Strong's #G1411) appears 120 Times in the Original Text of the New Testament. The meaning of number 120 revolves around it being a Divinely Appointed Time of Waiting. The Number 120 also played a Role in the Exodus when Israel left Egypt. Scripture states that the Israelites who left Egypt had 600,000 Men. Pharaoh then amassed 600 Chariots to pursue the children of Israel,

 600,000 is (
120 x 5,000) and 600 is (120 x 5).

-Noah had 120 Years to build the Ark.
-Moses lived to be exactly 120 Years Old.
-The Height of the Temple was 120 Cubits
-The Great Assembly 120 Jewish Men Canonized the Tanakh.
-The Israeli National Legislature, the Knesset, has 120 Seats.
-Queen of Sheba gave Solomon 120 Talents of gold in Tribute.
-King Darius set over his Kingdom 120 Princes.

The Number 120 means Force, both Literally and Figuratively, or Power in a Miraculous Sense. Think Acts 2 Pentecost. Dunamis is used to describe the Unlimited Power (Omnipotent), i.e., the Holy Spirit. It is exactly what Jesus bestowed to the Body of Christ to enable His Disciples to be Endowed with Power to Witness to the World in each Generation, etc.

The Ark of Gilgamesh, the Noah Mesopotamian, is said to have been measured at 120 Cubits, on all its Sides, forming a Cube. Think, the New Jerusalem, etc. The Number 120 playing a part in the Book of Revelation. In the End Time, YHVH will Seal 12,000 Jewish Evangelists from each of the Tribes of Israel. The Equation is as followers.

144,000 (
120 x 1,200)

Although this Pentecost 120 Theory is presented as Evidence for why the Rapture cannot be or will not occur on ‘Any Day’ or Time or is Imminent, one cannot Negate the Possibilities. But. One is using Logic, Reason, Mathematics and Scripture to Triangulate the 120th Degree or Point on the Circle to a possible Day Count. And that given this Triangulation, the Precise Rapture Event will or could occur in a Given Year.

’But as the Days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be. For as in the Days that were before the Flood they were Eating and Drinking, Marrying and Giving in Marriage, until the Day that Noe entered into the Ark, And knew not until the Flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the Coming of the Son of Man be’. -Matthew 24:37-39

End of the Church

One will see from the following continued Association of the Number 120, and how it is associated with Judgment, as in the Days of Noah. This Notion of Judgment is based on the Numerical Factor of 6. How so? There is the Jubilee Count, the Number 6 of 600 or as in 6000 being the Dispensation Model of a 7000 Creation Week Prophetic Template.

One finds it Extremely Concerning how the Warning given to Noah by YHVH in Genesis 6, was in Response to the Blatant and Open-Air Manipulation of Humanity’s Genome. This condition is now a Reality. That is, how the Fallen Angels and Lucifer Conspired to Mingle the Seed of Mankind with their own. The Verse in Daniel about who the ‘They’ would try to Mingle the Iron and Clay with their Seed’, can now be Clearly Understood.

1. Iron: Graphene Oxide as in Nano-Technology as introduced by the COVID Plandemic.
2. Clay: A Euphemism of how the Flesh of Adam was formed by the Dust to signify Red Clay.
3. Seed: This is clearly an Inference to the Genome that constitutes Life and Propagates itself.

One is suggesting that the World on Earth, presently, has now culminated or fulfilled the Days of Noah Conditions. That the 6000 Year Allotment since Adam has come to an End. And why the End of the Church will experience a Noah-Type ‘Flood’ or Judgment to come, in the form of Daniel’s Last Week of Years. Then, the Age to Come, that of the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus will come, as the New World came after the Flood of Noah.

It concerned Genesis 6, when Noah was 600 and this End of Jacob’s Trouble will close-out the 6000 Year Prophetic Days of Adam, Noah and Jesus. Consider the following Typology and Imagery associated with Wine and Judgment. In Genesis 7:6, Noah was 600 Years Old when the Flood was upon the Earth. At most, the Flood took place 100 Years after the Prophecy. To what does the 120 Years refer?

‘When Human Beings began to increase in Number on the Earth and Daughters were born to them, the Sons of God saw that the Daughters of Humans were Beautiful, and they Married any of them they chose. Then the LORD said, My Spirit will not Contend with a Humans forever, for they are Mortal; their Days will be a 120 Years’. -Genesis 6:1-3

So, is the 120 Numerical Coefficient the Key to the Bride’s Rapture Timing? One thinks so. This Judgment is viewed by most, that due to man’s Sin, YHVH announced a Judgment on Humanity. And that was that they would no longer live more than 120 Years. Not so. Others believe it deals with the Number of Years Allotted since Adam.

Days of Genetic Manipulation
600 Years to 6000 Years Ratio of Human History since Adam. X 120 Factor.

What if the 120 Years in Genesis 6:3 are Jubilee Years? The Jubilee in the conventional sense, is arrived at by Multiplying 7 Sabbath Cycles of Times x 7 Times + 1 = 50. Another way of explaining this is to count 7 Shemitahs. Once the 7th Shemitahs is complete, this begins the 50th Year or Jubilee. If one then Multiplies the 50th Jubilee with the Numerical Factor of 120, this is how one gets to 6000 Years. But here too is a Year Discrepancy. Do you count the 120 Factor with 49 Years or rather the 50? Why?

It is About a Judgment to Come Like Noah’s
Many End Time Students of the Bible believe YHVH has set the Limit to 120 Jubilees (6000 Years) to Judge Mankind's Disobedience. This 120 Jubilee Pattern along with the 1000 Millennial Week will be an exact copy of the 7 Days of Creation, as in the 7 Days of the Week, the 7 Branch Menorah and the 7 Churches of Asia, etc.

So, one is just employing the 1st 7 Months of YHVH’s Calendar from Nisan to Tishrei to Depict how the Middle Stem, that is the 4th Center Stem, is when the Rapture Month and Day could be had. Perhaps. So, when is the End of the 6000 Years since Adam? That is where the 50 Year as in Pentecost Jubilee Counts and Noah’s 120 Day and Factor Count come into play.

120 Jubilee Cycles x 49 years = 5,880 years A.C.
6000 - 5880 = 120
6000 = 5993 + 7
= Why 7 Year Tribulation is left for Last, the Last or Terminal Generation.

1- In Isaiah 63:3-5, one sees a Type of Jesus being Stained with the Blood of others, as in Crushed Grapes. He tied it to the Imagery of Jesus’ Robe when He and the Bride come back at Armageddon, as depicted in the Book of Revelation, etc. There will be definitely some Grape Crushing going on that His Return, in Judgment.

2. Jesus to the Cup of Wine and offered it to the Bride, i.e., the Disciples at that Last Supper Meal the Night before Passover, etc.

3. Take Note. From the Chabad Jewish Website. What Time do the Jews Crush the Grapes? September. Discovering Life Lessons in the Making of Organic Kosher Wine. ‘Finally one day in September …when von Krosnick determined that the weather and vintage were just right, the rabbis and vintners got together to pick and crush the grapes’. And?

In Conclusion, the Number 120 is a Mathematical and Astronomical and thus a Biblical Focus on the Inference to a Harvest, a Wheat Harvest based on the 120th Day. How so? As noted, it was Jesus who stated the following. ‘Say not you there are yet 4 Months, and then cometh Harvest? Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your Eyes, and look on the Fields; for they are White already to Harvest’. Some Observations.

-Notice that the only Harvest that turns ‘White’ is the Mid-Summer Wheat Harvest.
-The Number 4, as in the 4th Months alludes to the 4th Letter in the Hebrew Alef-Bet.
-The Dalet in the Hebrew Alef-Bet corresponds to a ‘Door’, i.e., Philadelphian Door.
-This 4-Month Count is assumed by many to be from the Spring Equinox, which one agrees.         

Israel is Pointing to the 120 Prophetic Timing of when the Church Age is to ‘End’ and Israel’s Time to be Dealt with will begin. If this 120 Numerical Correlation, in using the Triangulation of these 3 Factors are valid and True, then one can perhaps narrow-down, not only the Season of the Rapture in a Given Year, but one would be able to then Mathematically, Astronomically and Biblically Pinpoint the Actual Day, based on this Triangulation Presented. One thinks that these ‘Data Points’ are more Evidence to consider how the ‘Shavuot’ of the Pentecost of Acts 2, was on the 100th Day.

This 100th Day was from Nissan 15, and Approximately 120 Days out from Nisan 1, pegged to the Spring Equinox with a Day Tolerance of 5 Day Difference. Thus, as to the Probable Rapture Timing? This study has only attempted to show that based on this 'Triangulation' Theory, suggests that the Acts 2 Pentecost was on near the 120th Day, from the Spring Equinox, using a 360 Day-to-Degree Circle of Time. The 120 Disciples, and the 4 PM Position on the Circle of Time, could very well be pointing to the Timing and/or Position of the Day of the Rapture, perhaps.

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