A Synchronization of Time

  • Do 'Ghost in the Machine' Effects exist and happen?
  • Is there a 'Delay' or 'Hold' in the Rapture 'Call'?
  • Will the Rapture Event occur still in the Year 2022?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘So also, when we were Children, we were Enslaved under the Basic Principles of the World. 
But when the Time had Fully Come, GOD sent His Son, born of a Woman, born Under the Law, to Redeem those Under the Law, that we might receive our Adoption as Sons’. -Galatians 4:3-5

September 19, 2022, was an 'Odd' or a Day of an Evil ‘Report’ for me. One got a Message that Day from where one Publishes one’s Books, Lulu Publishing, all 35 of them so far. Now, to say that based on ‘Infringing Community Standards’, one's Account has been totally Suspended. Odd is that they only referenced 1 Book Title, but then Banned every other Book as well. It is Collective Punishment in one’s Opinion. Go figure. But perhaps it gave them a chance to read and see all the other Titles. If so, then it was an Excuse to Blanket Ban all the other Titles, etc.

We know Censorship is coming against the Gospel, the Bible or other Moral Norms in today’s Noah’s Time. It is here. Many Christian and Medial Websites have also been banned, no matter how Encrypted one becomes at attempting to avert Censorship. One is attempting to plead one’s case of Administrative Over-Reach and see if one’s Account and Books can be Reinstated. One doubt it will happen though. In the meanwhile, as the Account is Banned, some of one’s Books are still posted on Amazon, for now. It might take some Time for all the Platforms to catch-up on the Book Ban.

Then on that same Day, another ‘Bad Report’ come to light. One found-out another Reason why one’s Testing Office at the University was closed, having used the Excuse of the COVID Lock-Downs to close it. Note that every other Office and Student Service re-opened, except Testing. It was to Cover-Up the Money taken, one had generated from the Student and Community Proctoring Fees. One’s Supervisor found out that the Trust Account one had racked-up, to about $7,000-$10,000/Year, was Swept-Away.

It was used to cover other Office Budget Shortfalls of the University. Realize that the Money Generated was not the State's. The State did not give one a Budget or Money to start the Testing Center, run or maintain the Office and provide such Testing Services to Students, which amounted to about 1000 Students/Academic Year. And it was just a 1-Person ‘Shop’ Operation, although one contracted-out, up to a 14-Person Staff for Weekend Exams. One had a Self-Sustaining, Revenue Generating Operation. One bought the Computers, Equipment.

Foggy Time

One paid for any Conferences one wanted to attend, and it did not cost the State nor Tax-Payers anything. But, true to Marxism, they had to take from those who Work and give it to those that do not. Even though the Demand for Testing Services increased due to the COVID Lock-Downs, and one serviced both Campus Students and the Local Community -that the University Administrators Champion and one made a Profit from it, the Reason given to Shut it down was that 'It was non-essential'. Go figure. So, the University basically Stole the Money, and Killed the Golden Goose that makes Money in a Budget Crisis.

But here is the crux of the Oddity of that Day. Then, the other Odd Thing that happened that today, had to do with one’s Wrist Watch. The Screen, with is Digital got totally Foggy. It is a 1990 Timex Expedition type. The Fogging-Up of the Screen could be most likely from the Humid Weather at this Time of Year. But around Mid-Morning, it started Beeping and started to Flash. And when one looked down to stop the Beeping, the Panel or Screen said/read: 'HOLD' ‘CALL’.

One said to oneself, that is ODD. One tried to reconfigure it, and it worked although Foggy still from the Moisture that got inside of the Wrist Watch. But then about 5 Minutes later, it happened all over again. It started Beeping, Flashing and all sorts of Numbers and Letters appeared. But had that End Message: 'HOLD CALL' as it Froze.

So, not sure what to make of it. Call who?...One suspected that Moisture just got into one’s Old Watch and its 'Time' has come and gone now? It was Weird. One presented this Oddity to one’s Online End Times Watcher Community, Revelation12Daily Blog. The following is that Correspondence of how Fellow Watchers assessed the Possible Implications of the Day and specifically what occurred with the Wrist Watch.

September 20, 2022 at 8:00 AM
Dear brother, there is no coincidence huh? "Maybe" it's a call waiting from above. A sign like many others after all. In my translation from English, HOLD CALL means call on hold. So, we're waiting for the Lord's call to leave, lol.


September 20, 2022 at 9:38 AM
Carole, I agree--and calls on Hold are usually, no matter how long, short! Maranatha! Praying for you Lu.

Sheila B2

September 20, 2022 at 9:44 AM
Blessings, Lu…and Praying for our Lord’s Protection for you!
As soon as they get their digital money going, these financial ‘wipes’ are going to be hitting everyone who “infringes on their community standards”. And I think we’ve just seen a good example of the reprobate mind at work in this Martha’s Vineyard episode. Here they just quickly booted the undesired folks from their self-proclaimed ‘sanctuary’ presence with military assistance while lauding themselves with praise for their ‘virtuous’ act and ‘community standards’.

Can you see this same mentality when it comes time to rid themselves of the Trib Saints under the reign of the AC? They will hug each other in joyous celebration as the ‘undesirables’ are permanently eliminated from their presence.

BUT GOD…those ‘tables WILL be turned’ in due time. And we just keep sharing the Truth and praying for as many as will to call upon The Name of Jesus for their Salvation NOW so as to avoid finding themselves at the deadly ‘mercy’ of the ‘virtuous’ Reprobate minds that will soon be coming on steroids.

Sheila B2

September 20, 2022 at 10:15 AM
About your foggy watch and your mention of “since 1990”…

G1990–epistemon—knowing, skilled, experienced, wisdom
Used 1x in James 3:13
re True Wisdom from above.

This is about to be removed from the earth or put on “hold” so to speak as the Restrainer is removed. Going to get very foggy here as the Light is removed and earthly wisdom will consist of every evil work (per James 3:15,16).

H1990–Ham—used 1x in Gen.14:5 in re to the War of the kings at the time Lot was taken prisoner from Sodom and then subsequently rescued by Abraham.

Very interesting incident when we consider that God is about to end the Age of Grace and basically put all calls on “hold”. Beep Beep…time for folks to Call on Him right now while that line is still open!

Bob D.

September 20, 2022 at 11:17 AM
So, folks, I think we may have solved the mystery of why Lu is such an expert amateur astronomer and Bible Prophecy scholar…That Dick Tracy two-way wrist radio watch enabled him to have a direct phone conversation with YHVH! So, regarding that 'Hold Call' message, you better get that watch fixed soon as YHVH is wanting to let you know that something "BIG" is about to happen! Keep the "Watch", Brother! Lol! I have tried to recreate the scene as it looks and placed the Words on top of the Screen that is still Foggy, and the Numbers/Letters have faded-out on the Screen.

This has not ever happened to me before, since I have had the Watch, circa 1990. I suspect because it is ‘old’, the Humidity had gotten to the Circuitry. But out of all Words or Number that could have come up, it was/is odd, So, for me, the ‘Time is Up’ as the Watch no longer is telling Time. :) But maybe a ‘Sign’ that our Time is indeed up now. That would be wonderful. I tend to think it is a Personal Confirmation of the ‘Fogging-up’ of my Wrist Watch with the Theme of the Posts and Article I had made about the Fogginess of Prophecy. How so?


It was about Mid-Morning when it occurred, California Time PST. So, between 1030-11am or so during Work at one’s Office on Campus. One did not post the Report about it until one got Home around 930-10pm or 11pm, thereabouts.


The only other Reason why this could have happened, in all Honesty is that with those Posts and Article about the ‘Fog of Prophecy’ and hard to tell where the Rapture Event is at, one’s Wrist Watch did the same. Was it an Illustration? An Object Lesson? Perhaps. One thought in one’s Mind, well, in the case of Fog, Humans trust in what People in Cars, Boats and Planes do, they ‘Trust’ in their Instrumentation, right? Naturally. This is true in Navigation, Aviation. etc. People see the Light of the Lighthouse. People hear the Fog-Horn at Sea. Pilots trust the Instruments when there is 0 Visibility in the Air. But what about for Biblical Prophecy? Wrong Answers.

At least in terms of Prophecy, as in the Rapture Event, the coming 7-Year Tribulation Start Time, and the Return of Jesus. Sure, one can see the Signs, Hear the Chatter of Wars and Rumors of War, experience the Pestilences and Famine. And as Watch Men and Women, one can Discern in one’s Heart and Mind of what such Signs mean, to an extent, thanks to the Fog of Prophecy... But one believes the Holy Spirit reminded one that, No, No… It is not ‘Walking by Sight, Sounds or Senses’, that one Discerns through the ‘Fog’ of Prophecy that one should Trust in or rely on. No.

It is Jesus and when He is to Call His Bride out… Sure enough, one was reminded that Prophecy is about Jesus, per Revelation 19:10. So, one had to be reminded that the ‘Call’ depends not necessarily on what is going on ‘Out There’, but what is going on ‘In Here’, Individually and Corporately. So, perhaps the ‘Call’ of the Rapture Timing is on ‘Hold’… a bit. Especially since Summer, which one and others surely thought the Rapture would converge on Pentecost. But now that Summer is over, one just has to go down the List of Possible High Watch Days. And perhaps even into Next Year.

In Anticipation, one has been thinking about when that Rapture Trumpet Blast sounds and the Frequencies will change in one’s Bodies and Existence. Where and when will one be at? At the Office, at Home, Walking on Campus, at the Gym. One hopes it will not be during one’s Sleep as one will then tend to think it might be a Dream or Trip, no? One would prefer to be Walking so the next steps one takes will be then walking-up to that Glorious Rendezvous with Jesus and all those gathered around the Clouds in the Air. And how at that Moment, one will get that New Body Promised, of Pure Light and Energy, Indestructible. Then all those Gathered will go on to Heaven for 7 Earth Years. Then to come back with Jesus to Rule and Reign for that 1000 Years on Earth.

The Enemy will no longer be able to Steal from Jesus’ People. Lucifer has sure Stolen a lot from one’s Life and Work, and from many like me, and worse. Lucifer has stolen one’s Health, Wife, Potential Sons, Promotions, Office, Budget, etc. And now come to find out that in the move to my new Demotion, one has been paid about $8000 Dollars less a Year than one’s other Colleagues doing the Same Work. In one’s Situation, it is the classic case of that U.S. Country Song needing to be played backwards to get everything back. Oh, forgot one’s Truck, and the Wife took the Dog too. But in Jesus, the Thievery will be Reversed, moreover, the Curse of Mankind has been Reversed. It is all worth it and nothing to be compared. But will 2022 be, ‘it’? Here is the Replies from the same online Blog of Fellow End Times Watchmen.


Sheila B2
September 21, 2022 at 9:10 PM
Thanks for sharing, Lu and you are certainly right about the “fog” of prophecy that we are as yet wading through by faith in Christ and Christ Alone. And I think we are all just imagining daily the sweet release of getting Home to Him.

This world truly does oblige the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy whatever he can from those who persist in their pursuit of Jesus Christ. But we do know for a surety that he can take nothing good from us that our Lord and Savior will not restore

10-fold or better ala Job’s experience, Amen.

And at any moment now, Brother, this WILL be IT!


September 21, 2022 at 9:55 PM
Lu, Blessings
Your post arose in me, heading to rest time, a point I made here some time back concerning the spirit being a reflection of BE-ing not DO-ing. It's like why Strong's associations work. In the spirit, the essence of a thing is like its wavelength. Thus, everything about that thing radiates that wavelength. Boiling down the essential (essence) nature of the thing (name = nature) by driving past the letters to numbers then seeing where they resonate in God's Alphabetic order of words, He Who IS THE WORD. You boil away the dressing and get to the essence.

There are parallels here in the laws of attraction but much too deep waters for this venue. In any event, your watch experience symbolizing a picture of so many layers of your experience, our collective experience, and also individual ones aligning with that one, and so much more are as much a manifestation of a thing as a type of it. That group of experiences HAD NO CHOICE. Your moment required them to BE. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND. Diligently dig for Our Lord And Even The Rocks And Stones Will Cry His Name For You, amen. Your watch is, being minerals & plastics, literally 'rocks and stones'. Maranatha!

That's all I got. Good night.


After reading the Comments and about the Enemy coming to ‘Steal, Kill and Destroy’, one had then resumed to listening to, ‘God’s Roadmap to the End’ Video Teaching. And here is where it picked-up. He mentions how YHVH will require Lucifer to pay back 7 Times the Amount Stolen from YHVH’s People. Nice. One received a consolation of sorts.

‘God's Mighty Arm is about to Harvest the Barley or Faith Harvest’.


It was like a Confirmation. One had forgotten that YHVH will require a 7-Fold Restitution for all that has been Stolen. This Restitution is not just pertaining to Humans, but the Earth, Creation and the Coming Age. And is not the coming 7-Year Tribulation just that, in a Collective Sense for the Bride of Christ? It will be a bit of a ‘Pay Back’ Time. So, that Reply was like a Cool Splash of Water on a Hot Day. Or in this case, the Odd and ‘Evil Report’ Day of September 19, 2022, that was a Day of Evil Reports. Then on the same Day, driving Home from the Gym around 9:30pm, a Car cuts right in front of one’s Path, trying to cross over from the Right Side of the Street.

Luckily, one was not going that fast but had to break hard to avoid a T-Bone Collision. Now, since I have a 4X4 Truck that is Lifted, the other Driver and Vehicle would have been in bad shape. They may not have realized the Size Difference of impact. But having come to a complete Stop, one had to motion the Driver to just follow through and keep going to get the Vehicle out of the middle of the Intersection. The Replies follow.

Sheila B2

September 22, 2022 at 8:27 AM
Blessings, Lu and what I can say about that picture of your watch is that you have certainly “Taken a licking and kept on ticking” as you’ve been a leading force for this entire Rev.12daily “Expedition” toward our Heavenly Home. Your Spirit-led compass has done its job and now we are standing at that Door on “Hold” and just waiting for His “Call”. Thank you for your determination as well as your dedication!!!

Maranatha, Brother and this journey has been what I can only call Truly Amazing…and it will only be getting More So. And much Love and Blessings to All the Brethren who have traveled these often tumultuous and yet so blessed waters with us!

<*)))><. <*)))>< <*)))><


In Summary, that particular Day, September 19, 2022 had many ‘Bad Reports’ given that normally has not happened that concisely and consecutively in one’s Life. It was sort of a Job Factor is how ‘Bad News’ or an ‘Evil Report’ came upon Job on 1 Day. But as to 2022 being the Year of the Rapture after all? Now, 2022 is a Platinum Jubilee of 70 Years since that Sabbath Count of 1952. It also coincides with the start of the Queen of England’s Reign. But again, what was and is ‘Odd’ is now the Burial of the Queen also took place on September 19, 2022? Coincidence? Or an Omen?

So, as to the High Watch Days from now? They are coming and going and fast for 2022. One would honestly say that if by Yom Kippur, the Rapture Event does not happen, one has to consider a Total Recalculation for the next Year, 2023 and so on. But it is ‘Foggy’ out there. One Example here. As in the case of the YouTube Icon that appeared a few days later. YouTube was celebrating, ‘Give Me a Sign’ Day on September 22, 2022. It was on the Eve of the Revelation 12 Sign, and it happened to be the 5-Year Anniversary of it that ‘Woke-Up’ many Sleeping Believers out of their Slumber, etc.

One was watching the Brothers at, ‘End Times Dreams and Visions’ YouTube Channel. One happened to notice the YouTube Icon, as they have for certain Celebrities and Dates. As they were discussing the Revelation 12 Sign, one noticed that Icon was about ‘Give Me a Sign’. It is a clear reference to the International Day of Sign Language, but one thought that was neat to share. A Prophetic Wink, perhaps like the Wrist Watch ‘Hold’ ‘Call’? See Screenshot below. So, that is the ‘Oddity’ of what happened on the Way to the Rapture one Day.


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