Based on the Retrogrades of Jupiter

  • When was the 1st Christmas concerning Christ Jesus?
  • Why were the Magi following a Star to find Jesus?
  • Was Jesus really born on December 25? No.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Hear what YHVH says to you, People of Israel. This is what the LORD says: Do not learn the Ways of the Nations or be terrified by Signs in the Heavens, though the Nations are terrified by them. For the Practices of the Peoples are worthless; they cut a Tree out of the Forest, and a Craftsman shapes it with his Chisel. They Adorn it with Silver and Gold; they fasten it with Hammer and Nails so it will not totter.’ –Jeremiah 10:1–4

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the Astronomical Array of Conjunctions and Alignments that spanned the probable time from when Jesus was born on September 11, -3 BC to when the Magi of the East came to present themselves before the King of the Universe, December 25, -2 BC. Every Christmas Time, that is December 25 the Followers of Jesus Christ have a debate whether such should celebrate Christmas on this day that commemorates the supposed birth of Christ Jesus. There are basically 3 Schools of Thought that present evidence for varying degrees of participation in this ‘Celebration’ of the Birth of Jesus. The range is from not commemorating the 25th at all as being Pagan in origin, to celebrating it whole-heatedly, to those in-between.

Others believe that although perhaps there might be some Pagan Roots to the Holiday, it is arbitrary at best and the significance is inferred and thus celebrated due to Personal Conscience. This study will seek to layout a distinction that the Nativity Scene is always confused with when the actual Visitation and Presentation of the Magi occurred. What most Followers of Christ, at least in the West do is that they blur the line between this distinction and thus cause confusion that is purely based on ‘Traditions of Men’ or the Tradition and Practice of the Roman Catholic Church. The Planetary Movements that occurred during this time-span from the probable birth of Jesus on September 11, -3 BC do appear to corroborate the notion that the Nativity Scene was a different and separate event foremost than when the Magi visited and were presented to Jesus.

Why is timing an issue? This benchmark of the actual date of Jesus’ Birth also would thus corroborate when Jesus was Crucified, Buried and Resurrected; at the age of 33 in the year 32 AD. It would be specifically on April 14, 32 AD as a Blood Moon Eclipse occurred in the Constellation of Libra nearing Midnight over Jerusalem. The December 25, -2 BC assertion is solely based on the Astronomical Sequence of when Jupiter appeared to ‘Stop’ over Bethlehem. This study takes the position that the current rendition of Christmas as passed down from Church History based on Tradition is not Biblical and contrary to what Jeremiah 7 and 10 state according to YHVH’s Perspective. Jesus Himself directed His Followers to commemorate not His Birth, but His Death.
A Pseudo Christmas

This study will address the 3 main arguments and deal with the many fallacies surrounding Christmas that celebrates the supposed ‘Birth’ of Jesus on December 25. This study however will present evidence that the 1st Christmas was in fact on December 25, -2 BC. It was not however, the time associated with the Nativity Scene of the actual birth of Jesus, rather 13 Months later and that, based on the Retrograde of Jupiter, the ‘Planet of the Messiah’, etc. Do realize that in the Orthodox Faith and most cultures in Latin America for example, the theme and Celebration of Christmas is more attuned to the ‘Day of the Kings’. This commemoration is celebrated around the beginning of January of each year. This notion is celebrated without having the ‘Santa Claus’ figure but the coming of the Magi bearing Gifts long after the actual Birth.

The term ‘Christ-Mass’ is just that, a tradition from the Pagan Origins of a High Occult Ritualistic ‘Mass’ performed at Midnight or the ‘Witching Hour’ with incantations to ‘Rise’ the ‘Christ’ Spirit, etc. It was and still is in the Occult a time where Human Sacrifices were/are performed in a religious context and the ‘Body and Blood’ of an abducted innocent Human Being becomes a Sacrifice whose Blood is Drunk and Body is eaten. It was and is a Mockery of the Symbolism installed by Jesus at the Last Supper. There is ample evidence that as the Roman Empire ‘converted’ by Constantine’s Edict of Milan of when the Dual Office of the Caesar was transformed to the Pontifex Maximus as the Roman Catholic Church emerged, that the various Pagan Practices where just enveloped with a ‘Christianization’ of the very same Practices and Rituals.

Although the Nativity Scene from the accounts of Matthew and Luke are minimal, there is enough evidence to piece-out a tapestry of the correct events and their timing thanks to the Astronomical Array based on NASA’s sequences of Lunar and Solar Eclipse Patterns. The timing does show that the Magi were not present shortly after the Birth of Jesus but approximately 13 Months later based on the Retrograde Cycles of Jupiter. Why is it important to distinguish on which day Jesus was born? Well, as noted in one aspect it is important because the Creator is specific to His timing and promise to have done so. It appears that a ‘Signature’ of Authenticity of Jesus’ Birth was in tandem with such a Celestial Schedule. This would in one aspect validate the study of Biblical Astronomy as it would lend credence to other Prophetic Events pertaining to Jesus. The other time specific Prophetic Events of Jesus yet to be fulfilled would not only be His Baptism, Death, Burial and Resurrection, but His 2nd Coming, etc.

This study puts forth the theory and notion that the current Western Interpretation and Practice of celebrating Jesus’ Birthday is not Biblical and/or Scriptural. The Birth of Jesus did not take place on December 25. And for that matter, neither would it be Politically Correct as Santa Claus is white, at least in the USA with its Psychosis of wanting to be Politically Correct, selectively. There are, however, alternative reasons for celebrating the 1st Christmas on the 25th of December in terms of when Gifts were presented to the Child Jesus by the Royal Ambassadors and Astrologers of Babylon and Persia. This reason is based on the Astronomical Array of what took place over Bethlehem. The Magi came and converged on the scene as they were tracking the ‘King Planet’, Jupiter that appeared to ‘Stop’ over Bethlehem as noted.

A Different Place and Time

The Magi did not arrive at the Nativity Scene to commemorate the Birth-Day of the Savior come to take on Human Form and Flesh to be the ‘Last Adam’, to redeem his Fallen Race. The Magi, either being just 3 of them or many were not present at the Nativity Scene on that actual Day of the 1st Advent of Israel’s Messiah. There are several suppositions that will be discussed that have been misconstrued in terms of the actual and factual account of the Nativity Scene. In the first place, Jesus Christ was not physically born on December 25th. There have been well established arguments that infer that in the Jewish context and timing, no Sheep or Shepherds could have been out in the cold of such a month of December. By this time, all the Sheep would have been kept from the Elements in Mangers or Stalls. Thus, such a timing would corroborate with a Feast of Trumpets birth around the beginning of a September Month and timing.

This timeframe would also keep in mind the reason for not having ‘Room in the Inn’ as the Population of Jerusalem swelled 10 times for the Appointed Feasts of YHVH such as Sukkot in the Fall that was 1 of the Mandatory Assemblies for all Jewish Men of Military Age. The need for Housing would have spilled-over to the neighboring towns around Jerusalem that were a Day’s walk from. What one sees prophetically in having Jesus being born in a Manger because the Animals were still out in the Fields. It was a picture of how the 1st Adam came to be in the World and what He was ‘Housed’ with. As Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden, so too was Jesus, the Last Adam surrounded by such, apparently to some degree in the Stall or Manger built where the Animals were kept. Others have also pointed out that as Jesus was born, perhaps He was placed in one of the Animal Troughs where some of the Animals feed from.

Most notably, it is suggested by the language that the ‘Swabbing Cloth’ that Jesus was wrapped around with is that which foreshadowed His burial ‘Shroud’ in which He would be also wrapped with at His Death. The account in Luke is very clear that there was a distinction as to where Jesus was at the time the Magi came to be presented to Him. The term, ‘House’ is used as opposed to the ‘Manger’ language of the Nativity Scene. Thus, this study strongly suggests that the Magi came at a later time and at a different place within Bethlehem. The conjecture, to a degree, would imply that the anticipated travel back to Nazareth after the Roman Census during the winter season would have been harsh and perhaps even life-threatening to undertake with the newborn Jesus. It could have been the reason as Joseph and Mary had Extended Family there that they abided with such for a short period of time. Also, Herod was actively trying to find Him.

This other place and time that is apparently pegged celestially to Jupiter is what links the ‘Christmas’ time with the Magi. The Gospel Account paints a picture of a Royal Cadre of Court Ambassadors and Astronomers, the Magi that were tracking the ‘Star of Bethlehem’, Jupiter. They understood from Biblical Astronomy that the advent or ‘Birth of the King’ had occurred and had planned to seek Him out to present themselves as Ambassador-Astrologers to pay their respect but above all, to give their Worship to Jesus. In such a time, the Royal Court Ambassador-Astrologers like the Prophet Daniel were a fused Occupation of the Disciplines of Science and Religion. Sadly, today such are at odds with each other.

Royal Conjunctions

The Magi from Persia, and/or from Babylon perhaps echoes the Influence and Teaching that the Prophet Daniel no doubt had instilled in such at the High Courts of both the Babylonian and Persian Empires. What this study is suggesting is that these Magi instituted the 1st Christmas, and that it was celebrated on December 25, -2 BC, some 13 Months after the Nativity Scene timing and place. The qualifications are the following. This study strongly suggests that the Magi visited and presented themselves before a Toddler Jesus of 13 Months later from the proposed September Birth. The place was at a ‘House’, a different locale than the ‘Manger’ of the Nativity scene. Although still in the town of Bethlehem, the Magi were led to a House where Jesus and Family where staying until perhaps Jesus was able to travel back to Nazareth, after fleeing to Egypt.

In an aside note, but in keeping with the theory that Jesus was born on 9-11, that is September 11, -3 BC then to the December 25 date would have been 470 days. Interestingly, another way of marking the time would have been 1 year, 3 months, 14 days. This Numerical Factor, in passing suggests the coefficient of pi, 3.14…and on into Infinity. How appropriate a Coefficient or ‘Signature’ of Jesus coming from the realm of Eternity and the Infinite. What this theory of the December 25, -2 BC presentation of the Magi is hinging upon is the movement of the King Planet. To reiterate, this study strongly suggests that the 1st Christmas was determined by Jupiter’s Retrograde Cycle that converged on December 25, -2 BC. This Planet is known in Jewish Tradition as the Planet of the Messiah. This is the Planet that the Magi noticed in the East. These Royal Planetary Conjunctions occurred just before the September 11, -3 BC date.

The Royal Ambassador-Astronomers, no doubt had noticed the 1st of the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter with the ‘King Star’ of Regulus in Leo as well as the Jupiter Conjunction with Venus also in Leo. Jupiter had been the determining factor and was the ‘Sign’ of the King and determined the timing of Jesus’ 1st Advent. The Magi observed this array of Astronomical Alignments, Conjunctions and Eclipses occurred within Leo and then Virgo which lends credence to the Feast of Trumpets Birth on September of -3 BC. This study has plotted such Astronomical Alignments, Conjunctions and Eclipses pertinent to the Jupiter Patterns. They do appear to corroborate an alternative place and timing as suggested along with its Retrograde Cycle in particular that determined the subsequent Journey of the Magi.

To reiterate, the Presentation to Jesus appears to have occurred 13 Months later, on December 25, -2 BC from the September -3 BC probable Birthday of Jesus. In terms of the Magi Visitation and Presentation to Jesus, why December 25? This was the time the Magi approximately arrived in Jerusalem just shortly before and when Jupiter became stationary in preparation for its Retrograde segment to conclude. The Retrograde of Jupiter amazingly occurred in the Constellation of Virgo. This effect of having the ‘Star of the King’ appearing to ‘stand still’ over Bethlehem is what this study strongly suggests was the reason why the Magi came to Bethlehem to present the 3 specific Gifts that are mentioned in the Bible. Such ‘Biblical Astronomy’ was and will always be corroborated with the Bible, as the High Priests confirmed to Herod.

As Above, So Below
They knew that the Messiah was to be born in a specific Bethlehem in Judea, according to the Torah. What one can ascertain, Astronomically and link it to the Biblical ‘Christmas’ Narrative is that on that date of December 25, -2 BC, the Heavens and Earth were mirroring each other. The imagery or picture on Earth was portrayed by Mary as Virgo, Leo as from where the Messiah, Jesus came from as the Lion of Judah, etc.  

The Celestial Tapestry over Bethlehem was accented by Jupiter, the ‘King Planet’ that was ‘held’ by the arm of Virgo. It was in the Arm of Virgo where the Planet Jupiter ‘stopped’ briefly before starting its Retrograde. Amazingly, the various Conjunctions of the 3x Jupiter-Regulus and 2x Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions occurred in Leo. The 1st of 2 Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions exactly occurred 1 month from the argued September 11, -3 BC Birthday of Jesus as if to give a 1 Month alert.

1) Jupiter-Venus Conjunction
King Planet w/Mother Planet in Leo the brightest Planets in the Sky = August 11, -3 BC

2) Jupiter-Venus Conjunction

King Planet w/Mother Planet in Leo the brightest Planets in the Sky = June 17, -2 BC

The Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions presented the Masculine joined to the Feminine to produce the ‘Christ-Child’, etc. There was also a very unique Alignment of 4 Planets right at the border of where the Signs of the Heavens are delineated between the ‘Beginning’ and ‘End’ of the Mazzaroth, Virgo at the beginning and its End with Leo. On August 24 -2 BC the Planets of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury were in Alignment at this Astronomical Delineation of the Heavenlies. It is as if the Heavens were signaling. ‘The Beginning and the End’ has come, has been Born as promised.

1) Venus-Regulus Conjunction
Morning Star w/Royal Star 1 hour before Sunrise = August 17 -3 BC

2) Venus-Regulus Conjunction
Morning Star w/Royal Star 1 hour before Sunrise = June 11, -2 BC

The following are the highlights of the other Astronomical Occurrences from the probable September -3 BC Birth of Jesus to the presentation of the Magi on December 25, -2 BC. Moreover, astonishingly, the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter- Regulus in Leo occurred in approximate phi ratio of time.

1) Conjunction Jupiter - Regulus on September 14, -3 BC
King Planet w/Royal Planet 1 hour before Sunrise

2) Conjunction Jupiter - Regulus on February 17, -2 BC

King Planet w/Royal Planet at Sunset

3) Conjunction Jupiter - Regulus on May 9, -2 BC

King Planet w/Royal Planet 1 hour before Noon

There does appear to have been some unique Eclipses occurring during this amazing timespan. What was unique was that out of the 4 Solar Eclipses that occurred from the Birth of Jesus to the Magi, 2 Solar Eclipses were of the Hybrid kind which is the rarest type. What is further interesting and unique is that the next day, after the Visitation and Presentation of the Magi on December 25, -2 BC there was a Solar Eclipse the next day on December 26, -2 BC. This Solar Eclipse occurred in the Constellation of Capricorn that perhaps Prophetically Signaled that this child, Jesus would be the coming ‘Scapegoat’, etc. Also, from the probable Birth of Jesus on September 11, -3 BC to the December 25, -2 BC visitation and presentation of the Magi, there were the following types of solar eclipses. 

1) Solar Eclipse
Annular in Leo
August 10, -3 BC

2) Solar Eclipse
Hybrid in Aquarius
February 4, -2 BC

3) Solar Eclipse
Hybrid in Leo
July 31, -2 BC

4) Solar Eclipse
Partial in Capricorn
December 26, -2 BC

What is interesting is that 16 days after the Magi Visitation on the 25th, the Total Lunar Eclipse of January 10, -1 BC was a Blood Moon. As to its possible prophetic significance, that remains to be seen, however it did occur in Leo, which is rare. It also is in keeping with how the Leo-Virgo quadrant of the Mazzaroth was teeming with excitement, Astronomically it seemed.

1) Lunar Eclipse
Penumbral in Pisces
August 26, -3 BC

2) Lunar Eclipse

Partial in Leo
January 20, -2 BC

3) Lunar Eclipse
Partial in Aquarius
July 17, -2 BC

4) Lunar Eclipse
(Blood Moon)
Total in Leo
January 10, -1 BC

Roots of ‘Christmas’

The theory of this study that the Magi made their visitation and presentation 13 month later from the Nativity Scene is in keeping with the notion that Jesus would have been approximately 13 Months Old and in a greater cognizant state of appreciation of what exactly was occurring. The language is distinctive as it types how Jesus was described at the Nativity, His birth and how He was attributed to a different age in the ‘House’ as mentioned before which is crucial. Thus, the notion whether the Followers of Christ should or should not celebrate December 25 as the ‘Birth’ of Jesus can have more substance for the Body of Christ to make clear discernments and decisions as to such a Celebration and why. Clearly in Jeremiah 7:17-19 and 10, it states that the following Pagan Practice that is commemorated on Christmas, albeit by Tradition should be avoided. But with this new understanding, the actual significance is revealed perhaps.

‘Do you not see what they are doing in the Cities of Judah and in the Streets of Jerusalem? The Children gather Wood, and the Fathers kindle the Fire, and the Women knead Dough to make Cakes for the Queen of Heaven; and they pour out Drink Offerings to other Gods in order to spite Me. Do they spite Me declares YHVH. Is it not themselves they spite, to their own Shame?’ One does have to take the opportunity to contrast the origins of the Pagan Origins of how the Luciferians and the Occult venerated December 25th and why and how the Roman Catholic Church eclipsed this Pagan Holiday. In the first place, the Occult Origins of Christmas were set-up by the 1st AntiChrist architype, Nimrod after the Flood of Noah.

Nimrod is the one that in some way discovered the secret of altering his DNA to ‘become’ a Giant, a ‘Gibborim’. It was the practice of mixing with the Fallen Angel and taking-up their prerogative of defacing the ‘Image and Likeness’ that Humanity distinctly has with its Creator, YHVH. Nimrod in other ancient accounts is the character of the Epic of Gilgamesh. In such a telling, the narrative speaks of a sidekick Enkidu that is sent to be an ‘Adversary’ and depicted as Devilish in form. Later on, many of the attributes of Nimrod are associated cryptically with Christmas and December 25 as that was supposedly his Birthday. Nimrod, in many Ancient Stone Reliefs was also portrayed with a cut portion of a Tree, a Deer, etc. Thus, a clear connection to the Santa Claus and the Devil duo can also be likened to the Epic of Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

As Christianity mainly spread to Europe, the Natural Pagan Practices were incorporated. For example, the Germanic notions of how St. Nicholas is accompanied by an ‘Enkidu’ type which is rather fascinating. However, the notion of a St. Nicholas is based on an actual person, as he is ascribed to giving Gifts to Children. The actual St. Nicholas did exist and is attributed to being Nikolaos of Myra as he tended to gift-giving. Later on Nimrod also took on many forms of deification such as with the Satanic God Molech of which Children are given over to his Lap to be consumed by its Fire. This practice of Infanticide was something YHVH judged Israel for. Nimrod was and is still Deified and is to Resurrect from the Dead according to the Luciferians as their long-awaited AntiChrist. This is not to say that any Followers of Jesus who practice the current rendition of ‘Christ-Mass’ on December 25 are actually worshipping Nimrod or in essence, Lucifer. However, the Followers of Jesus need to have discernment.

Dichotomy of Opposites

The Luciferians do attempt to usurp Worship away from Jesus in a sublime attempt into fusing the seemingly innocent with the Pagan Practices that have nothing to do with the Birth of Jesus. A legitimate question for Followers of Jesus remains. What does the association of a Red-Dressed Man invading the Homes of Families as ‘A Thief in the Dead of Night’ comes from? What does cutting Trees and Decorating them have to do with the supposed Birth Day of Jesus on December 25? Based on ‘Tradition’, this Red-Dressed Man that takes Children on his Lap, to one’s horror in many cases of Children’s experience has his chariot pulled by a Team of Beasts. In all Ancient Folklore, such a Personage was attributed to the ‘Princes of the Air’ that were pulled by either flying Goats, Feathered Serpents or Winged Horses. The Tree-Cutting and placing it into one’s Home was an Ancient Practice of how it was adored with ‘Eggs’ depicting Fertility and Potential Life to come as in a ‘Resurrection’ from the Shell. The Ancient Peoples also prepared Baked Cakes and Libations and offered them in accordance, etc.

Many Biblical Theologians over the centuries have argued that Followers of Christ have no business celebrating a Pagan Holiday like Christmas and Easter for that matter that appear to be identically descripted in Jeremiah 7 and 10. In fact for example, no Christmas Trees were ever seen in any Evangelical Protestant Churches in the USA at least until the ‘Tradition’ slowly crept in starting with Immigration. The Christmas Tree is wrapped by a ‘Serpentine’ type of Shining Glitter that echoes the ‘Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’. This Tree was also wrapped by the Shining Serpent, Lucifer that through deception caused the Fall of Humanity through Eve. Is Christmas such a similar deception in play? One of the Luciferian Occult Motifs is a Trunk of a Tree with a Coiled Serpent. It is also reminiscent of the Luciferian Kabbalah Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life Motif has many Points of Energy conventions or ‘Light Bulbs’ as the ‘Kundalini Serpent’ must ascend the various Stations. These Points of ‘Illumination’ are as the spheres and Lights on a ‘Christmas tree’ with the spheres or egg-shaped nodes. The Serpentine Décor directs the ‘Worship’ to the Top Node or ‘Star’. This ‘Star’ is the Capstone as one reaches the state of ‘Enlightenment’. This same concept is actually believed to be taken from the Astronomical Array of the Constellation of Ophiuchus, who is to the Luciferians the Antithesis of Christ. It is the depiction of Nimrod, Osiris, etc., that has a Hexagonal Center Body in which one of the ‘Triangles’ even hints as to the shape of a Christmas Tree, triangular in form. Then Serpens would thus represent the Coiled Decor leading up to the ‘Star’ or Capstone Crown of Corona Borealis.

The Stars themselves would suggest the Twinkling Glitter of Lighting Decor all throughout, etc. Why the Luciferians celebrate December 25 as the Birth Day of their AntiChrist is that it is the 3rd day after the Winter Solstice. In the Luciferian Occult, it is celebrated as Saturnalia in which Human Sacrifices are required. This is where such take liberty to mimic and usurp the Gospel of how the true GOD, Jesus upon His Crucifixion and Burial would Rise from the Cold Death on the 3rd Day. In this case, the literal Sun would Astronomically ‘Rise’ from the ‘Dead’, the Shortest Day of the Year on the 21st. Then 3 Days later, on the eve of ‘the Christ Ascension’, a Satanic Ritualistic ‘Mass’ would ‘magically enchant’ the rise of ‘The Christ’ from the ‘Dead’ to New Life.

Every Christmas time, that is December 25 the Followers of Jesus Christ have a debate whether such should celebrate Christmas as the day that commemorates the supposed Birth of Jesus Christ. This study takes the position that the current rendition of Christmas, especially in the commercialized West has been passed down from Church History based on the Traditions of Men’ and is not Biblical. It is contrary to what Jeremiah 7 and 10 state according to YHVH’s Warnings and Perspective against such Pagan Practices. What most Followers of Christ, at least in the West do is that they blur the line between such pagan distinctions on one hand. On the other hand, there is confusion that is purely based on ‘traditions of men’ or the tradition and practice of the Roman Catholic Church and not the Bible.

For those Followers of Jesus, one should try to filter-out the Santa Claus, Yule Logs, Mistletoe, the Christmas Tree, and the celebrating the ‘Birth of the Christ’. However, the December 25 celebration should be based solely on the worshipping of Jesus as patterned after the Visitation of the Magi. This study attempted to show that indeed, the Magi came to Venerate and Present themselves and their gifts to Jesus 13 Months later on December 25 -2 BC, but not at the Nativity Scene as all accounts presumably portray. There are those that present evidence for varying degrees of participation in this ‘Celebration’ of the birth of Jesus. The range is from not commemorating the Birth at all as this date has Pagan Origins to the Worship of Nimrod, or Lucifer by proxy, to those that wish to Celebrate it whole-heatedly to those in-between. Others believe that although, perhaps there might be some Pagan Roots to the Holiday, it is arbitrary at best and the significance is inferred and thus celebrated.

This study has, foremost, sought to present the distinction, Biblically, that the Nativity Scene is always confused with when the actual Presentation of the Magi occurred; they were 2 different events in terms of place and time. The purpose of this study has been to ascertain the Astronomical Array of Conjunctions, Alignments and Eclipses that spanned the probable time from when Jesus was born to when the Magi from the East came to present themselves before the King of the Universe. This study however presented evidence that the 1st Christmas was in fact on December 25, -2 BC. It was not however the time associated with the Nativity Scene nor how the World and Luciferian celebrate it, alternatively.

Thus, the Followers of Jesus can have a Clear Conscience when such information and evidence is taken into consideration if the question remains, should Christians Celebrate Christmas? There is a more correct account of what happened and the prime directive of any given ‘Christmas’ should rightly be noted, that the 1st Christmas was about worshipping Jesus, on December 25, but not because of His ‘Birth’. Thus, Christmas should be commemorated as a time appropriate to Worship the King of the Universe, Jesus and give Gifts, perhaps as Signs of that Worship for the benefit of others. It is a time to tell others, as ‘Royal Ambassadors’ of Jesus, as were the Magi who knew the purpose of Jesus’ Mission. Jesus came to redeem Adam’s Fallen Race and Humanity has been granted the greatest gift of all, Forgiveness of Sins and Eternal Life. One day, one will be able to partake of the true Tree of Life in the coming restored Paradise of GOD to be in Perpetual Communion and Fellowship with the Creator. 


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